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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  June 29, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> this is fox5 local news at ten. right now at ten, president trump's travel ban 2.0 is now in effect. the new list of restrictions that could prevent your loved ones present entering the us. then an update on suspected grade fixing at prince george's county. the county's naacp is demanding action, but the county executive is not backing down. if you're
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mall this fourth of july there's a map you may want to take with you, but it doesn't fee tour your favorite landmarks. the newseses at ten starts right now . as we mentioned that trump ban 2.0 is now in fefnlgt airports nationwide began implementing the changes tonight at 8 p.m. thanks for joining us everyone, i'm ' shawn yancy and i'm sarah simmons in for tone nivment several attorneys are helping everyone who may be delayed or possibly harassed due to this ban. marina maracco is live with this story. >>reporter: there's no question that things at dulles far smooth er than they were back in january when the first version of the travel ban went into effect. tonight this first ban went into effect roughly two hours ago at 8:00. if you take some video from back in january, a completely different scene from what we're seeing out here in tonight. thats was in january. tonight this new ban, a much more
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if you will of what was in place as far as visa policies that affect these citizens from six muslim countries. libya, iran and yemin, travelers from these countries if they already have visas they'll be allow into the united states, but people from those countries who need new visas they will have to prove a close family relationship or an existing relationship like an entity a school or a business. today a much different picture from back in january. it was business as usual for the most part at dulles international, but one man we spoke with, he says he's a us citizen, but travels frequently to diseu and which is one of the countries on the list. since the initial ban he's had a the lot of trouble getting into the country. i have a global entry pass. now it's happening very often. every time when i travel. >> even with global entry. >> yeah. i wrote a letter
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homeland security a couple of time. i discuss with them. i have a us passport and also a un passport and several time i raised this issue and i was every time stopped whenever i come in the country. this doesn't happen all of a sudden. it's going to start happening in the next few days so we expect to see a loft people who are being denied visas at quon solve eights and not being allow because of their religion. the coalition of pro bone oh attorneys who were here when the initial ban took effect in january. of course tonight they have far less work than they did . the state of hawaii has issued a court judge hours before the ban went into effect asking the federal judge to clarify the administration's definition of a close us relationship needed to avoid the travel ban. live tonight at dulles interna
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house lawmakers passed two key bills designed to crack down on illegal immigration. one billion would sanctuary cities that would shield immigrants. the second measure is named after kate's law. it was named after contact rin is it a nil. it would stiffen punishments who commit crimes. both billions now head to the senate. all congressional lawmakers can be reimbursed for things like bullet proof vests. the move comes in the wake of a shooting here at a congressional baseball practice in alexandria earlier this month. they can use general office funds to purchase bullet proof vests and bullet proof glasses. it's a story fox5 a first reported and has been following closely. accusations about doctoring grades in prince george's county leading to
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rates. tonight county executive raised tonight shern baker responded to the naacp much the organization is demanding the school's ceo's new contract be put on hold during the grade fraud investigation. fox5's teisha lewis joins us now with more on the story. >>reporter: we're here at the newton white mansion and everyone is gone but we did get a chance to speak with baker and his first campaign and his run for governor. he is standing by kevin maxwell despite an investigation looking into fake grades and fake graduation rates . i made the decision that he was doing a good job for the county and when i reappointed him and sent him to the school board i have all the confidence in the world that he's moving the school system in the direction it should be. i have not changed that. my mind has not change odd that. i standby him and i standby the work that he's done. if it turns outha
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there is, in fact, grade doctor ing that led to inflated graduation rates will you recommend the termination of dr. maxwell's contract. >> if it turns out that happens there's a lot of things we'll have to deal with, not just dr. maxwell's contract, a lot of things, including the school board's role in all of this. county executive raised tonight shern baker spent moments in his run for governor defending the school district's ceo kevin maxwell. the naacp of prince george's county called on baker to put maxwell's contract on hold while reports allegedly widespread grade fraud are investigated. the investigation came on the heels of a fox5 investigative report where teachers and parents were interviewed making the alarming assertions. baker doesn't believe the grades were changed in order for what they're alleg ing to happen that means thousands of teachers would have had to participate in this. and baker tells
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believe that is what happened and there's no doubt, though, that this will be a recurring and continually topic in this gubinatorial race. we do know that the folks came here tonight donated between 25 and $1,000 to attend this first campaign event for raised tonight shern baker. >> the summer heat prompts people to flock to pools and rivers and lakes just to keep cool but recent reports about dry descrowng have plenty of parents concerned. local doctor s say the concern may be unnecessary. fox5's lauren demarco is here now to explain. >>reporter: it sounds horrifying and as a parent it's easy to become paranoid so we checked in with a local pediatrics group to clarify phi what we do and do not need to worry b. we are hearing probably a call an hour about dry drowning. calls flooding into the doctor's office after recent reports of a death of a child in texas and another possible case in colorado. it's what par
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local pools as well. they don't produce a lot of symptoms so they need to be very careful about it. it's the idea that a child could suddenly die from fluid in the lungs or around the heart days after swimming with little to no symptoms. dr. elizabeth ja last oh with potomac pediatrics, a mother of three herself is working to dispel some of the myths. she wants parents to know dry downing and secondary drowning aren't even terms. any reasonable parent would be. but when we look a little bit closer at the stories, they're very clear to say in those stories that no autopsy results have been published so there is really no clear link between the swimming event and the death of this child. she believes there are likely other factors are illness that played a role in that case. parents can rest as sure that a child w
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water into their lungs would show symptoms. a child could be walking around hours or even day s after swimming and then all of a sudden die. any child who has had to be pulled from the water by a parent or life lifeguard should have immediate medical attention even if they appear to be okay afterward. if a child is in danger of having aspirate approximated water he would look and act sick becoming progressively worse over the next three to six hours. you take your eyes off your kids for two seconds and a significant event could have occurred. that highlights of the importance of paying attention to your child. in that six to 12 hour after they've been swimming they are having difficulty breathing they're not acting like themselves. those are certainly reasons to be seen and be evaluated by a doctor. this is a good opportunity to point out basic safety not just for the beach and the pool, but any t
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baby pools and even bathtubs. no child should be in the water unattended even those who can swim. toddlers and preschoolers should be in arm's reach of a parent or adult even if a lifeguard is present. flotation devices are not a substitute foray dult supervision and parents should avoid distractses like cellphones and alcohol use there's always plenty to be worried about and to be watching your kids for, but i think you can rest assured a little bit, but this whole dry drowning isn't as big a deal as it seems online with all the stories. if it's in the a real medical term do we know -- i've never really heard of it until recent ily. i guess what happens is there's a possible of after being in water and breathing it into the lung, later on it become a problem, but that's where she was saying six t
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you would notice symptoms with breathing difficulties and things like that. this idea that you would see nothing, the child would appear to be well and then days later all of a sudden die, she just doesn't believe that that would be the case. i'm glad she cleared it up. >> exactly. >> coming up next tonight, caught on camera. police in a shootout with a gun plan with a baltimore city bus. metro trying to make good now that safetrack is over but there is a flaw in their plan. it's going to cost riders even more. we've got a muggy night out there. it's a little bit on the breezy side and we were right around 9e another hot and humid day is on tap for friday. we'll also be talking about the fourth of july weekend. it's just about here. fox5 local news at ten will be right back.
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>> caught on camera, take a look at this dramatic video it shows police in a shootout with a man who opened fire on a city bus. as you can see the video is
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watch. the shooting happened back on june 7. they release this video from three different camera angels. it shows everything from the first shots fired to the deadly take down and the rush to help an injured officer. it started as a robbery. blain herb jumped on the bus to get away, but minutes later he was killed in the shoot out. honestly i was shocked. i have in all my years never seen an individual shooting out of two guns at the same time at police in different directions. baltimore county state's attorney shows the officers were justified in shooting the gunman. the officer who was hurt is already out of the hospital. new tonight, a man caught on camera burning an american flag outside of a richmond home has turned himself into police. twenty-six year old andrew rosies was ar rested and charged with asker ren. the homeowner james tanner said he checked the
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footage when he checked the cameras on his front porch. he said he was concerned because the fire could have spread to his home. a leesburg man selling documents to china. after hearing arguments from both sides the judge agreed to release kevin palry on home con finement and a $10,000 bond. the army veteran worked as a special agent for the state department and he had top security clearance until he left that job in 2012. we now know the identity of a teenage girl who was hit and killed by a vr train yesterday. thirteen year old ray shawn sue flu was hiking near blue lawn bridge with her older brother april cousin. she was on the tracks when the train hit here. they celebrate plan to celebrate her life this weekend. new tonight, the state of massachusetts is trying to crack down on distracted driving . the state senate pass ed a billion calling for hands
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using cellphones or gps. it will also be illegal to use any functions while driving. the billion now heads to the house. if passedded violators will pass a $100 fine. speaking of driving, baltimore was ranked as the second worse city to drive in. that's according to a new report out by allstate insurance . here's a break down of the top five worst cities to drive in. number five, springfield, massachusetts, washington, d.c. sitting there at number four. number three, was ster, massachusetts and the first place to drive in the country is boston. massachusetts didn't fair so well in this whole thing h. the safest city to drive in was kansas sit particular, kansas. 700 metro employees spread out all across the system today to tell riders thank you. thanks for putting up with more than a year of safetrack delays and repairs. metro is getting ready to jack up the fairs and reduce some
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some to 25 krentsz. trains will also run less frequently during rush hour and all stations will close at 11:30 p.m. on weeknights. some more than 25 million people, they visit the national mall each year and chances are many of them will have to relieve themselves at some point. sarah, when you got to go, you got to go. and so begins the pressure to find a suitable and clean restroom. now, there are ten public restrooms located in the mall area. a few brave souls from washatonian magazine assessed each one of them. they rated them and put them all on a handy little map there. the scouts graded each public potty on smell, cleanliness and access and whether they were stocked with essentials like soap and toilet paper. rosa took one for the team. she visited five restrooms and then shared the best and not so best. most o
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them were operating pretty well the bathroom by the d.c. war memorial was in pretty good shape. not necessarily the most glamorous. main location, right by the reflecting pool that was a pretty hard hit bathroom. i think that's an awesome idea. a lot of people are down there and if you don't know, you don't know where you got to go. >> take your chances. >> you never know, that could have been a good day or a bad day that she caught those restrooms. >> that is true. the study found the bathroom at the mlk memorial is the newest with updated appliances and nicer fixture? a. good to know. >> it's going to probably pretty hot if you're going to head down to the national mall over this holiday weekend. let's check in with sue palka. i i imagine the mall will be packed this weekend . today was definitely warm. but i didn't find it unbearable. humidity wasn't too high. tomorrow we
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a little bit. it willing be at least as hot, if not hote. but it feel who ther because the humidity is going to crank up a little bit. bwi930 and yep, the bermuda high has taken its ption and we will have a hot and humid friday again for tomorrow. that's when high pressure is off the east coast. very close to the island of bermuda and clockwise circulation around the high pumps in the hot and humid air and that's in place we'll have a more humid day now tomorrow. we're forecasting low 90s tomorrow but feeling more like the mid 90s for our friday heatwave day two just about here . a check of temperatures tonight not too bad out there. it's 82 greece. compare that to the last few nights when we had believe it or not some 30s. we're 830 now. we'll obviously be much milder tonight. humidity is definitely up a little bit, but it's not
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eight t and factor in the humidity and it actually feels like 83. we've had way worse nights than what we're getting tonight. the strong flow that we're getting out of the south, the little arrows show us the direction of the wind and it's been a little bit on the breezy side. sustained winds between ten and 15 miles an hour. i think it will be a little bit on the breezy side. that's a head up for boat ers. be aware that the breezes may be getting up there just a little bit. a color code orange, what does that mean. the weather may be getting a little bit degraded and for people who have an ongoing respiratory issue want to be aware of that and limit your outdoor activities. the last thing i want to tell tu is five years ago, the door ratch oh was slamming d.c. do you remember that? 2012. i posted a link with some really good information on my facebook, sue palka
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back to you. i remember the night we were on the air late covering it and going home, there were trees down every where, the power was out. it was a mess. and then everybody found out what a door aich oh was. espn is honoring the late muhammad alley. and it may be june, but there is alreadies on jar buzz, but it's not about the performances. it's about image.
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>> welcome back, espn will host its annual humanitarian awards in a few weeks and the network is renaming the award after muhammad alley. the ma whom add ally sports award is given to
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through sports. the oscars are embracing more diversity. they invited more than 700 new people . nearly 40 percent are women and 30 percent are people of color. the academy has been historically and mostly white and mostly male entity. some new faces invited to join include ethanol fanning and betty white and rock johnson. >> coming up next at ten:30 fighting the opioid epidemic by focusing on doctors. we're going to show you how one state is trying to not over prescribe kids. they learn to scratch, mix and spin. stick around because we're going to take you to dj school. we'll be right back.
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>> this h is fox 35 local news at social media 10:30. right now at 10:30, the president's travel ban takes effect with some changes after major protest s and chaos the last time around, what's the reaction tonight? a. then h, fighting prescription drug abuse how one state is targeting doctors who over prescribe in an effort to end the opioid epidemic. and raining on the turn tables. we'll take you inside the dj school that is teaching kids in our area how on spin. the ten: 30 starts now. thanks for joining us tonight at ten:30 i'm shawn yancy and i'm sarah simmons. up first a modified version of president trump's travel ban took affect just moments ago. there was chaos and major protests. marina maracco what is it like at dulles airport tonight. >>reporter: what a different site p
10:31 pm
. this new travel ban went into effect at contact lens tonight and as you can see here it was business as usual for dulles international airport. arrivals came in as scheduled and there appeared to be no work for the coalition of pro bono attorneys who set up shop for days on end during the initial ban back in january. this new ban is more of a tightening of already tough visa policies that affect citizens from six muslim majority cunt irys, situate a diseu dan, libya and yes em. now to the latest on at allegations of grade fixing. tonight rushern baker demanded to the. teisha lewis is live with the update. reporter roar we're here at the newton white mansion, the crowd is gone, the signs are gone. questions concerning about the reports about grade fixing inflated graduation rates will likely continue and we'll speak
10:32 pm
rushern baker who was at his first and he is standing by kevin maxwell despite the nacp calls for baker to put maxwell's contract on hold. baker says he has confidence in maxwell de spite the fraud investigation. does the risk of your child drowning end as soon as they get out of the pool? lauren demarco spoke with a doctor about dry drowning. lauren. >>reporter: recent stories that have been making the rounds online, dr.s at potomac pediatricians tell us that their phones have been ringing off the hook. they want to disspell the myth that a child could be walk ing around seemingly okay and then die suddenly days later . the doctors say if a child aspirated or breathed in water they should show symptoms that would become progressively
10:33 pm
months. progressive cuff, difficulty breathing and not acting like themselves. good warning, because a lot of people are going to be hitting the pool and the beaches and all kinds of things this weekend. it's not terribly hot outside right now but i understand more heat and more humidity tomorrow. >> that's right and each day will build just a little bit. tomorrow will likely feel hotter than today did. tomorrow will feel like the mid 930s although our temperature will likely be closer to 92 or the three. just a couple of degrees than today but factor in a little bit more humidity. thunderstorms tried to back up in the mountains. the biggest day for thunderstorm activity throughout this hoil july 4 set up and celebration likely is saturday afternoon. you'll want to watch any time after 2:00 for a line of showers and storms to possibly develop and move on through right around five or 6:00. one or two o
10:34 pm
side because saturday will also be a humid day and we'll have a frontal boundary coming on through so an extra trigger. it looks like most of the holiday with the exception of widely scattered to isolated storms should be a dry stretch includ ing the fourth of july. there will be a loft people headed to the pools this weekend . it will be great pool weather. be very careful with the kids as always and with the sunscreen, the uv race really strong this year. 11 a.m., it should be as warm as 83-degrees, by 2:00 90 and by 5:00 88-degree s with possibly a few thunderstorms out to our west that we'll have to keep an eye on. that's your short ferm forecast. we'll look at the seven day forecast and the weekend in just a few minutes. >> some of the more than 200 pro testors who demonstrated on inauguration day are now facing serious prison time. when their clients were initially arrested they were only charged with one charge of rioting, but now are
10:35 pm
facing additional charges including destruction of property. the first six will stand trial in november, ate others in december and the rest of the trials are scheduled for the spring and summer of 2018. new tonight the national institute on drug abuse says more than four and a of half million dollars people are dependent on painkillers in the us and the doctors who over prescribe those drugs are part of the problem. fox's bryan llenas has the latest. >>reporter: in our view, a bad doctor, a doctor who is acting like a drug dealer. new jersey 's attorney general christopher per reno is going after dr.s after prescribing painkillers. this is a given a license someone who you walk in to see and belief. he is enforcing what is considered the toughest drug policy in the country. limiting initial opioid prescriptions to acute plan for just five day supplies
10:36 pm
prescribe 30 days worth of pills the first time. violators will face jail. they were. objection quo zone killed a new jersey man that had no need for it. the cannings sold prescriptions for 90 pills for $200. under the new law, patients must get a contagious with the doctor other the phone after five days. critics worry to could lead to patients in pain visiting the emergency room for help. patients will have to come to the emergency room and kept overnight to get pain medications. at a new jersey police drug lab forensic sign tises say there's been a 30 percent increase in prescription drugses ceased over the last several years. the tablet may be laced with something different even more poa tebt than
10:37 pm
to and that one pill or one injection could kill you. in 2016 a record new jersey prescriptions were arrested for over prescribing. >> learn how to spin and scratch . we're going to take you to the local dj school that is teaching kids how to mix and make beats coming up next. call it a tech recollect on wall street. the tech heavy nas back to be in the read for the month of june. the do you and s & p 500 also taking a being the on thursday. meantime, the economy growing one and a half percent during the first three months of the year, consumer spending was a little bit stronger than earlier reported. if you are looking for a home, mortgage rates continue to drop, a 30 year fixed falling to its lowest level, 3.9 pecent. put that phone down, if you can, accord
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>> i like this story. kids in our area are getting a chance to train on the turn tables. the ones and twos. students are being taught how to spin at back to rock music school in bethesda . fox5's photo journalist take us inside dj school. mixing,
10:42 pm
intermediate level. we cover beat making and we also teach anything turn table related, juggling, scratching, how to put together a competitive set, you know, basically having an intro, and being able to deliver wow moments. one, two, three, four i like learning new things and trying to doing something different. it's fun because i can mix music and i like little personal touches to it. and the goal is to get these kids to basically record minute i mix that they can take home with them at the end of the week and also perform live in front of their pierce and their parents. this generation, they are probably the farthest apart from living in the era of vinyl. a
10:43 pm
them have never touched or really seen a real dj set up. their eyes light up. half of them go up to it and they get comfortable and they start doing whatever they want to do and then you have the other side where they're a little bit more reluck tapt to even touch it and they don't want to break thing. i have to ease them in to let them know that this is like an instrument. you can't really play it unless you're hands on it with. when you first try it it's kind of hard. scratching, it was a learning curve, but i got the hang of it and it was actually really fun. you get nervous because of many things. you want to sound really good. it's just simple. i really like using the filter buttons and making loops. i think the biggest challenge for most is the senses being used in a multi -tasking setting. a lot of these students start to realize that it's all based on steps and we're utilizing our senses
10:44 pm
different, three different piece s of audio and keep them running in line. i recommend it because it's fun and the teachers are really nice and they're really helpful. i was awesome because i felt really proud of myself. djing and mixing and putting it together for the first time. for people who are going to come in here next year, just try your best and you'll turn out great. >> okay, that looks like a lot of fun. i was just looking it up because i went to send my youngest son. that's pretty cool. it's a different summer activity. >> absolutely. >> he said i like to learn new and different things. >> jackson, i know you're asleep . i'm going to sign you up for this. when the forecast calls for heat do you notice a change in more than just the temperature in we'll going to have details on the scientific research that
10:45 pm
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>> cvs pharmacy doesn't want you baking in the sun all summer without the proper sunscreen lotion. they will no longer sell spf under 156789 foods containing transfats with the chain removing them before a nationwide ban set to go into effect. do you notice that you are crankier when it's hot out? turns out it's more than just a koibs dense. researchers say when it's hot and muggy w
10:49 pm
irritable. researchers also found people are less likely to help and care about others when it's uncomfortably hot outside. i believe the irthat built. the humidity, you don't want to be around me. you better runaway. sue, tomorrow that means that we should sit a little bit further away from sarah. i actually like it warm as you well know because i'm always freezing in the studio. we have two settings here, artic and hell. i stole that line from you from the other day. i think most people will find it a little bit tough to take tomorrow. should we put a warning. >> if it's 95 and huh h mid, that is sort of my threshold. we're going to be close to the threshold tomorrow. >> i know what i'm in for tomorrow. i think that by and worst this isn't the worst heatwave they've had. tomorrow 91.
10:50 pm
put together six days in a row including the fourth of july, but after that maybe we can get a little bit of a break. i wanted to touch on something earlier i mentioned in our broadcast. five years ago tonight the der rake oh was moving through. this is a picture of the fox5 radar as this thing was moving through. i'm sure everybody remembers the der raich oh but it was 1304- degrees. this was a new record present june. i had been on vacation, but i was coming back from new jersey and i saw the lightening from the distance and i said that is odd and i got on the fox5 weather app and read a sentence that the national weather service put out that described a particularly dangerous situation that was coming. we got home before that thing hit and we were able to set some things down before the power went out like so many of
10:51 pm
on my facebook if you'd like to read more about the der ratch oh and why we're not likely to see it for a while. that was fired up by the insane heat we had that day. reagan 91-degrees today. not insane heat. we can handle this heat, but it will get old after a couple of days. fourth of july weekend i think we can tolerate. d.c. at 82, one of the warmest spots, new york city, 76, boston 730. a closer look at local temperatures, 79 at dulles and manassas and fredericksburg, frederick also at 79. gaithersburg still 80 here in d.c., as mentioned 82-degrees. what about chances for thunderstorms over the next few days. there is a chance that we could see a few storms to some of the western communities tomorrow but a better chance that we'll see them on saturday not everybody sees them but a 50 /50 chance that you may see them on saturday afternoon. getting i
10:52 pm
and saturday. tomorrow's planner starts out on not a bad note. it will be more huh hid with a temperature of 86 feeling more like 90 and by 5:00, 90 feeling more like the five. put a chance of a thunderstorm on there and it will be more to the west. it might be a different story on saturday. we continue with the heat pump, the bermuda high off the coast and then we had in a better trigger which is a frontal boundary that will try to get closer to us on saturday, lift the air a little bit and we could have some thunderstorms any time after i'm going to sigh noon because the computer models are trying to speed it up just a little bit. heat hit or miss storms on sunday. here's ' a look at how things are shaping up. ninety on saturday, 92 on sunday. better chance of storms now appears to be on saturday. our futurecast will kind of show that to you as well.
10:53 pm
to see in the early part of the day. there's the western storms . and then saturday morning maybe a spotty shower to start us out and this is what we'll have to watch in the afternoon and maybe 8:00 we'll still deal with this line coming through. a quick look at the beach ers. water temperature coming up a little bit. not real warm yet but the temperatures will be very nice, nice relief from the city. equal stormings on saturday, on, right now we think monday and tuesday look dry at the beachs so no storms to have to keep an eye. saturday is the best chance for any storms around here. anything we see sunday very isolated. monday we've the got storm out of nine forecast. tuesday if we see anything on independent it will be very isolated as well. after the fourth of july we've got maybe more reasonable temperatures or closer to average for this time of year as we drop back into the 80s. happy fourth of july to everybody, especially to you, brody. thank you, sue.
10:54 pm
tried to think of the most un reliable thing in d.c. which is of course the metro system. how bad is the nats bull p pen? today i put them up against the most unreliable thing in d.c. and ask which is more reliable the nats pen or the metro system . the metro has 88 percent of the votes. the nats finishing up a four-game series against the cubs. if the nats could just play seven inning baseball they'd never lose. anthony remember zone gets an elevated fast ball and elevates it. the nats lead four to two after seven. crews into a victory. take it to the ninth , just need one out to close it. blake try anyone, trying not to lose it. a rbi single, cuts the lead to one. john jay doubles to the center. the nats lose the lead and then lose the game five
10:55 pm
after star short stop tray turn er was heat by a pay droa pitch in the seventh inning, but stayed in the game before being pulled. official word is he has a broken wrist on this pitch right there. no timetable for his h return, depending on the severity it could keep him as little as six weeks or out as long as the season. he leads the majors with 35 steels. some good news for the skins. the legal department is giving up the fight for their name. the department said they are dropping legal action against the name because of the supreme court decision where a rock band won the right to copyright their name despite an offensive con notation. the soccer's pre cursor to the world cup is a big deal. this is video of doctors watching chilis penalt ies against portugal in the middle of
10:56 pm
poor woman. it is a woman. we've all snuck a peak of the game at work, but this might be taking it a little bit too far. this is what goes on in surgery right. at least the patient is knocked out and doesn't have to realize -- she's going to see h this video. i hope she is okay i don't know anything else about if the patient came out okay. but it did look like she might have been watching. it was hard to tell. she might have been not fully sedated. >> i don't think she was watching. she was out. what would you do if you woke up and you were in surger and you saw that goes on. >> who cares. i would feel pain . we have more than one problem at that point. >> you have a local anesthetic and still be awake. >> it didn't look local. >> i'm no doctor. coming up you next tonight at 11 it is a race against the clock for the gop tonight. senate lawmakers
10:57 pm
billion before the holiday break . one woman goes to extreme lengths to get her purse back. the dramatic video that shows she did not back down. after this.
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>> this is fox5 local news at 11 . right now at 11, president trump's revised travel ban is now in effect. we'll take a look at the impact it's having at airports tonight. and in a story you saw first on fox5. more fallout over alleged grade fixing in prince george's county . what protestors are telling a county executive tonight. plus the holiday weekend probably means time in the water. three parents say their kids died from dry drowning, but dr.s aren't so sure. more on how to keep your kids safe. the news at 11 starts right now. we begin tonight with the


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