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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  July 24, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, mother nature's fury. parts of the eastern shore assessing the damage and st starting to clean up after possible tornado touches down overnight. trees are down. at least one home destroyed. and thousands without power. we have live team coverage. >> last time that he has to talk about russia. >> jared kushner headed to the hill the president's son-in-law set to appear before a knit committee looking into the trump campaign's ties to russia and this morning he released new details about his own interactions. we'll have the very latest. also new this morning, new pictures of the royal family as they look back at the loss of their mother 20 years ago. plus why prince harry says he still regrets his last phone call with princess diana. and later a shark week rip off? the much hyped race between michael p
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white shark aired last night but fans not happy about how it went down. this morning the olympic champion is already talking about a rematch. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ actually watched michael phelps versus the shark last night. i don't regret it. i enjoy nature shows and it basically was an hour long documentary about sharks. is what it was. learning experience of the. >> were you duped. did you know why riata way. >> did you really think they were going to put him next to a shark. >> i'm with you. i didn't believe it. >> how could you possibly control a shark. >> i fell like a glass divider that's what they were going to do. >> really. >> i thought they were going to be separate like time a shark out in the wild. >> they did. that's what they did. >> and have him do it. >> that's what they d they time the shark but super em poe the shark's race with his race. >> i actually watched some shark stuff as well but i didn't watch that trash. i'll watched all the shark documentars.
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>> discovery ones. >> a lot of people watch it. two minutes past the hour. july 24th i'm steve alongside holly, maureen and wisdom. >> we continue to remember a d.c. legend. nbc anchor jim v. nce pa passed away over the weed much tributes continue to pour in. the mayor will join us live to share her memories. >> first at 9:00 we have to talk about the weather. it was another night of severe weather and parts of maryland took a direct hit from mother nature. these are pictures showing the damage left behind along the eastern shore. forecasters say a possible tornado touched down there. leaving behind downed trees, destroyed homes and thousands power power outages good officials are asking residents to shelter in in place as they continue to assess the damage. we have team coverage from the scene. bob barnard and melanie alnwick have been there all morning long and they join us with the la latest. >> melanie and i are here at the local middle school. lieutenant governor boyd rutherford getting ready to take a tour of a neighborhood that we were just
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unfortunately, because there's no power in the in this are a there's really no cell service. no way to transmit live pictures from where we were. we have some photographs we can share with you guys of what we saw there. and this is irene way off route 8 just south of 301. you cross the bay bridge get on to kent island and head south on route 8 and it's really just like a half mile down. you start seeing the damage from whatever this was, whether it was tornado or not, right away. i mean we saw farm stand with the trailer in the woods and cantaloupe and watermelon and tomatoes everywhere. you get to irene way there's a house that lost half of its roof, there's insulation and trees on the neighbor's yard and some of the roof structure in the neighbor's yard there. power lines down. there are trees uprooted and all across the street. we saw utility crews and contract crews trying to free up some of those power lines because that main thing people will want to want to get back on
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of the get the ac going. we saw a number of generators fired up and it appeared to us because they were allowing the people who lived in that neighborhood to walk around and see some of what we're showing you including cars that were damaged by falling tree branches, the people were kind of stepping over the power lines so we believe it is safe enough now for people to walk around the neighborhoods. earlier they were asking people to stay in their homes. because even the power lines that are down apparently have no juice. so it seems to be safe for people who live in the neighborhood to walk around them and look at what's going on around them, and we've seen that. you step away to where the live technology might work little better, and there are scores of first responders here with their apparatus and their personnel and again getting ready to escort the lieutenant governor into the neighborhood who just arrived by helicopter. but this is an area without power with widespread destruction so it wasn't one of those tornado
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neighbor gets it another neighbor doesn't. it hop scotches around and the damage done is what we've been able to show in you pictures. my league melanie alnwick is here. she's been speaking to officials all morning long about the recovery efforts and how that's goss to impact the people who have been direct affected. melanie, what are the people here being told about, you know, the coming hours. >> reporter: power is going to be the number one concern probably for several days. two of the three main tran mission lines were knock out. people walking around and the power lines appearing to be safe, delmarva power did come and make sure those lines were not energized. however, with the people running the generators, we were told here that there's always a possibility that they could sort of back feed one of those power lines and could end uprear energizing it people need to be very very safe. it will will be several days here maybe even longer than that withou
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as it's starting to get hot we're feeling it right now, bob, the heat is coming up a lot of elderly people in this area. they do not have air-conditioning at this point and also many of these homes have well water there are the pumps don't work they're not able to get water. so they are opening some shelters. there's one at centreville middle school. there's also the animal welfare league is opening a shelter as well so people can bring they are pets and stay there with their pets. people don't want to leave their pets behind in situation like this. the shopping center that we talk about thomas creek stopping center across route 8 we understand wind impacts there. with self windows blown out. and injuries that one injured person that we hard about that needed to be transported apparently that person was inside one of those homes that collapsed. just a puncture wound. so good news there. non-life threatening injuries. 23 different fire and ems rescue i guess sort of that mutual aid they all came here. we've seen technical rescue,
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ready to go out into the neighborhoods when they're need and it does appear that's what they're going to be able to do now. certainly we also know with the lawsuit governor here they're going to start doing a walking tour which means, yes, it is safe for people to walk around they definitely don't want people watching us and listening to us right now that have property both airplanes or family to come here unless they have an actual residence here because the traffic they said is very very bad. as people are trying to come in here and check on folks. and they want you to keep those roads open for the first responders. >> reporter: there is basically a checkpoint here as you come down route 8 from 301 where only people with official business media, has been allowed in here. if you don't live here, you're not allowed in of the people are allowed to go or if you do live here and coming back from an overnight job or you were out when this thing came through at 1:00, 1:30 in the morning you're being allowed as well. we're in the parking lot of a
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middle school -- elementary school. there's a middle school across the street. >> do these have power. >> you mentioned shelter. is it close by, people able to get to it fairly easily. >> reporter: this is relatively small community and route 8 northbound is open. traffic is crawling but people are able to get to those shelters. the one shelter they had initially identified the kent island high school you had some air-conair-conditioning issues y said that's why they moved the location to centreville middle school but, you know, we've been through these things before, bob. you know most people would prefer to stick it out in our own homes if they can. >> reporter: there's actually a breeze right now this morning so it's not awful yet but it's still early, guys, and again thankfully with skyfox up earlier and some of the photos we have been able to show you, ideally you've been able to see kind of what we're seeing here want the lieutenant governor is going to see shortly want the folks here on kent island are coping with this morning this overnight thunderstorm which in our area, you know,
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the washington was a lot of rain and a lot of lightning but the winds i guess were saved throughout here. it's done quite a number on this part of kent island and south of 301 and the recovery the cleanup is really just getting underway, guys. >> the damage from skyfox up above you can see how extensive that is. we'll check back in with bob and mel 93 in little bit. area of the island we're talking about is just to the south of the bay bridge. so literally if you're classic the bay bridge on to kent island just look to your right it's that area immediately there. tucker saying that storm apparently pick up steam over the water coming from annapolis and east port. >> you mentioned tucker barnes. for more on last night's storms or any more on the way tucker barnes is live in the weather center with more. good morning, tuck. >> wisdom, in and good morning. i want to take you back to last evening or early this morning at about 1:00 o'clock in the morning. there's our storm system, and as mentioned, it was -- it got its start across the city across midnight and started to pick up intensity as it pushed o
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across anne arundel county out in, um, east port we had wind gust of 68 miles per hour. and some reports of some damage power lines and downed trees in the annapolis area as it crossed the bay it really kind of exploded here, and looking at our radar signatures and of course looking at the damage on the ground this is like al tornado that moved through parts of queen anne's county during the early morning hours. that's attaboy am. very quickly moving out and now we're left with cloud cover and just a couple sprinkles errly. that's one of our radar signatures showing you the wind shear and the most intense part of the storm right where centered right where we're seeing the damage report. so again, an indication here that we had some very strong wind shear there as that storm moved on through likely another indicator there that we had a tornado let's talk current weather. 81 now in washington. wind out of the north at eight. we are looking at daytime highs in the low 90s. partly sunny today. more sunshine than yesterday but still very soggy out there with high dew dew points early this morning and just heads up
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this afternoon as a vigorous cold front for this time of year moves on in and that will bring us nice change in air mass in the form of cooler temperatures and less humidity by tomorrow. so one more hot and steamy day. steamer. and then it should be more pleasant tomorrow with temperatures in the 80s and lower humidity. all right. coming up we'll take another look at what we can expect later today in few minutes. back to you guys. >> thanks tucker. coming up next, the president's son-in-law heading to capitol hill. what he already says about the russia investigation. >> later on a new trend for guys popping up here in the nation's capitol. apparently bro second tommies now a thing. we'll tell all about the special party assumption patient are throwing for themselves. >> oh, just figured it out. >> ♪
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y2fwcy y16fy
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9:14 is the time right now. new details this morning in the investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election. senior adviser and son-in-law to the president jared kushner released a statement ahead of testimony today detailing for contacts with russians during the campaign. >> kushner says did he not have any kind of collusion with these contacts and he did not know of anyone else who did. this statement from jared kushner comes right as he begins two days of questioning on capitol hill in connection to the
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>> what does the president's non law know about russia? democrats anxious to face off with jared kushner. now one of the president's top advisers who played such a key role in last year' campaign. they're looking for information about meetings involving kushner, donald trump, jr., and one-time campaign manager paul manafort. >> people want to know whether those meetings took place, whether other meetings took place. we have lot to ground to cover his counsel has said they'll only make him available for two hours so we expect this is just going to be the first interview. >> the new communications director anthony scaramucci said yesterday this will help settle the melt matter. >> i'm confident that tomorrow when jared kushner and i'll keep my fingers crossed in saying this it will probably be the last time he has to talk about russia. >> the other issue for scaramucci which is tasked with improving white house messaging is trying to reign in leaks.
9:16 am
and he is promising to crack down. >> keep leaking i'll fire everybody. it's just very binary. >> meantime in theory the senate will vote this week on a measure to undo major provisions of obama care. but there's still uncertainty. and from the president last night this tweet. >> if republicans don't repeal and replace the disastrous obamacare the repercussions will be far greater than any of them understand. and as far as the questioning that begins today, of jared kushner trump's son-in-law by agreement said it will all happen behind closed doors and kushner also will not be under oath. >> all right. time right now 9:16. kevin swapping texts with the star of emoji movie one-on-one with tj miller a little bit later. >> erin what are you working. >> the driver of that tractor trailer trafficking humans in texas set to appear in court for the first time. good news for the college bound. why higher education could be getting more affordable. would you let your offic
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9:20 am
found in wal*mart parking lot in san antonio. more than three dozen people were left in sweltering conditions with no air-conditioning or water. nearly 20 of them are in the hospital in serious condition. authorities believe that at one point as many as 100 people may have have been inside the vehicle. the taliban has claimed responsibility for a horrific attack in the capitol of afghanistan. police say attacker rammed a car filled with explosives into a busful of government employees in kabul. two dozen people were killed and 42 others are hurt including several children. senator john mccain is out and about just a week after having surgery for brain cancer. he posted this picture on twitter of himself with a friend at zebra falls which is really close to his ranch in sedona where he's recovering and his daughter posted a picture of two of them enjoying a morning hike together over the weekend. the senator says he's now looking ahead to the neck steps in treating the brain tumor which could include radiation and chemotherapy. college becoming more affordable? at the a good
9:21 am
tuition is growing but it's lowest slowest rate in decades. tuition after scholarships and grants are factored in only rose about 2% this year which is pretty great compared to previous years when tuition surged average of 6% each year. so why the cost slowing down? well it's lower enroll many. healthy job mark means fewer people are going back to school. and finally, a wisconsin company has announced it will be installing micro chips in their employees. scale market the first companied to this in the united states. workers will be able to purchase things in their break room micro market. the chip will be implanted you can see on the screen right there between the thumb and the for finger unthe skin. but the company insists there will be no gps tracking and i say thanks but thanks. i don'teally want work micro chip in my hand. >> i had more than that. >> yeah, hail no. >> mine was -- >> mine wasn't hell but somethingly. >>
9:22 am
costs for the implants. >> i'm sure they are. >> of course. there's a price for everything, though. let's start the bidding, wisdom. double your salary. >> heck, no. >> um-um. >> implant -- >> you of all people i thought you would be like never, no. >> no, never. >> never. >> never. >> 10 million. >> you wouldn't even have to go that high. >> do you know the definition of never? >> never until you get the right price. >> right. >> okay. >> it's all good. >> you got to pay to play. i'm just saying. you can get me for the right amount of money. >> there you go. >> everything has a price. >> there you go. >> that's messed you. >> speaking of everything having a price, a lot of people got duped last night by this. michael phelps fin to fin with a great white. that's how discovery promoted the race kicking off shark week. but that's not how it actually went down. coming up, we have highlights from that stunt and show you why fans weren't having it. >> waiting for the rematch. plus we're standing by for another update from kent island. thousands of people still without power there. could be another 90-degree day. we'll ve
9:23 am
day forecast with some relief a few days down the road. tucker will join us for that. >> fresh at 10a princess harry and william opening up on the loss of their mother and the regrets 20 years later. plus, the royal family sharing some brand new family photos. also, chips dip and a snip we'll tell you about the new trend brosectomy. usher under fire. why the singer could be facing a series of lawsuits. kevin geeks out over the new justice league trailer will we recap the biggest moments from comicon. right now 9:23. we will be right back. ♪ ♪♪
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♪ back to the eastern shore right now. you're looking at pictures from earlier this morning just showing some of the damage after what we believe was a tornado struck overnight on kent island. this just south of the bay bridge. we're getting more information throughout the show this morning. bob barnard is there on the ground for us this morning getting the latest for us. bob, what did you find out. >> reporter: guys irene way is the main road off of route 8 that leads into that neighborhood that got walloped at about 1:00, 1:30 in the morning. we can show you some of our first video from inside there. a neighborhood that the maryland lieutenant governor boyd rutherford is about to go and take a walking tour of with other members of the media now. we happened to get in there before anybody else, and as you'll see the pictus
9:27 am
pretty devastating. the folks who live in there are rather study. most of them are happy because there was only one injury a puncture wound suffered by someone inside their home. but no other injuries despite the scope of the damage there. i mean there are trees uprooted and knocked over and branches torn apart and twisted from the trunks. there's one house that lost the back half of its roof. so the roof structure and a lot of the insulation is scattered over a wide area. there are a number of power lines down in fact delmarva folks tell us that they lost two major transmission lines that's why there's no power to some 8,000 people still in this area here on kent island, and a lot of power lines down. crossing the streets trapping cars, cars damaged by falling and flying debris. we don't believe any of those power lines that are down on people's cars and property and on the streets
9:28 am
there really is no power here, and earlier authorities here emergency management officials here in queen anne's county were telling people in these affected neighborhoods to stay in their homes. do not venture out because there are live wires down. we don't believe that's the case any more. even though there are plenty of wires down and there's no power. it is apparently safe for people who live in these neighborhoods to go out and take look at what's left behind and that's what we saw when we were in there and what the lieutenant governor is going to see shortly as he goes in on irene way and takes a look at the damage. the worst was that one house that lost half of its roof but there are homes that are kind of like buried under trees that have obviously some structural damage. and a lot of those homes people are not going to be able to stay in and are not likely to want to stay in because without the power there's no air-co air-conditioning. while we were in there we got to speak to couple of homeowners one lady who was on her back deck as a neighbor was clearing away a lot of
9:29 am
that was covering three of her cars in her back driveway and also lady who had a generator set up just outside her garage trying to bring a little electricity to her home. next to the one that lost its roof. here are those two people we spoke to earlier. >> what was it like? horrible. we woke up. i wasn't awake. woke up about 1:00. but it was scary. i thought the house -- i thought that was our house that fell. it just sounded like that. i mean everything was shaking and crashing and it was awful. >> reporter: you're okay. >> we're okay. serve okay. >> reporter: thank goodness. >> thank goodness. >> reporter: you have a generator and you've got a coffee pot. >> i'm getting coffee. i made coffee. >> $500 generator making a pot of coffee. [ laughter ] >> one cup. >> reporter: say that again. >> $500 generator to make one cup of coffee much that's all i need
9:30 am
>> reporter: so there you have it. the folks there saying that the lady who had that generator going with her husband making coffee this morning thought that it was their house that was in their front yard or at least part of their house in their front yard when they look out early this morning. it turns out it was the next door neighbor's that house has been condemn. only really one shelter here one of the nearby high schools that's going to be set up for people to come to because we're in an elementary school parking lot. there's no power here. so this is an large area of kent island that has no power. the damage from whatever it was, whether it was tornado or just very strong winds, did significant damage. not just a pinprick but widespread in this neighborhood right across route 8 right off irene way. guys? >> bob, real quick does it look like that area of the damage the hardest damage in that bay city area or are you hearing of more scattered throughout kent island? >> reporter: i think we're going to find more. i think that was the most significant and it's like kind of right
9:31 am
i mean it's as if it left anne arundel county this storm or whatever it was and just smashed into the homes in the neighborhoods right adjacent to the bay. the bay city is the one that we know of. but open up route 8 toward 301, we saw there was -- kind of like a trailer that had been a fruit farm stand that got blown into the woods. there were watermelon and cantaloupe and tomatoes all over the place like littering a football field size field and so i think we'll probably going to find there's more damage. but the key is right over here where our cameras have been this morning. >> all right. appreciate you, bob. >> still no confirmation that it was tornado tucker, you've been talking about it all morning long. certainly strong enough but no confirmation that it was. >> wait and see. they'll send the weather service outlooking at the damage and looking at some of the signatures with our radar, when we look at velocity
9:32 am
shear all likelihood it's a tornado that moved through early this morning much that's at 1:0. we heard the eyewitness there that bob interviewed say that she heard the storm coming through 1:00 o'clock and that's the heart of the storm crossing the bay. got going about midnight right across the city. wasn't a severe storm at that hour but as it pushed through annapolis wind gusts in east port pap part of the annapolis skate miles an hour and likely the winds were gusting stronger than that with possible tornadoes that pushed across kent island there early this morning. there it is. just very quickly pushed off. i mean within a half hour 1:30 you can see that very intense cell there off to the north and east. all right. i'm going to take you to current conditions, and we are off to another warm, sweaty start. 81 in washington. very very humid again this morning. 75 in leonardtown. 79 in fredericksburg. low 90s for us today and more sunshine than yesterday. but still a very sweaty day as we'll have a lot of humidity and again that heat and we'll to look out lat
9:33 am
for the possibility of a front right up here and as that sags down later today the possibility that we'll have another round of showers and thunderstorms not expecting a severe outbreak but i'll be honest with you we were not expecting a severe outbreak at 1:00 in the morning this time of year with the atmosphere juicy we got -- that's not technical term, with the atmosphere pretty juicy we got to look out for the possibility any time we get storms going they could be on the strong s side. there's your front as that drops down south and east later today we will have the possibility of& some storms but the good news here we'll get rid of some of humidity and by tomorrow much more pleasant around here with daytime highs only in the mid 80s. that's 6:30 tonight. future cast not loving the idea of storms later tonight. as the front comes through. more pleasant air. dew points in the low 70s will be in the low 60s by tomorrow morning. look at your daytime highs. tuesday and wednesday only in the mid 80s. we might touch the upper 60s here in the city for the first time in couple of
9:34 am
we'll see if that happens. 92 spotty storm later today, steve. toss it back to you. >> tuck, thanks very much 9:33 right now our next guest no stranger to washington and the power of politics and that's because he spent the last few years co-starring on netflix hit house of cards. take look. >> you ever been to the white house before? >> when i won the national book award. >> nancy was a fan. >> i'm surprised that story doesn't exactly revere family values. >> she's goss the astrology in her. >> i think she like the title more than anything. >> scorpion was a very good book. >> still pays the rent. >> have a seat. >> why am i here mr. president. >> rem my briefed you. >> he said you need add book. he didn't say about what. >> america works. >> actor paul sparks played author tom yates on the netflix thriller if you haven't watched the fifth season spoiler alert he play as key role in claire's rise to power. also met a
9:35 am
which we'll leave for the show he's back in the nation's capitol talking to congress about another issue very close to his heart and that is diabetes. this morning he joins us live in the lot of g to see you, paul. thanks for coming in today. >> hello. >> do you ever binge watch house of cards. >> i did before i got on the show. but then once i got on the show, i have never watched it since. >> really. >> i was going to ask you. go to clip if people talk about they want to see somethng. make sure you watch this one. >> i had a little heart attack just watching that. >> you mater it through. it's a good thing. you're heading off to congress this week you're in town for couple of days something near and dear to your heart raising attention for not just juvenile diabetes but diabetes in gene! general. >> it's mostly for type one diabetes. i mean that's -- i'm a type one diabetic. and i work a lot with the juvenile diabetes research foundation, and they have something called the children's congress which happens every two years. and we come and raise awareness about type one diabetes but we also are angling to get
9:36 am
to pay for the special diabetes program which is $150 million we get annually that goes toward research and clinical trials and, you know n kind of stuff, and so i'm here to do that. there's like 160 kids from all 50 states. there's kids from even around the globe that are here. >> is that funding in danger now? >> well, you know, it comes up for renewal, and so it will go -- if it's not renewed by september 30th, then we'll lose it. so we're hoping that senator collins and, um, will get her -- her fellow congressmen together to make it happen. >> this is the time to do it. in doubt. >> yeah. >> you're walking the walk. this is something that affected your live for fearly two decades. >> that's right. i was diagnosed in 1999, and i've had it for almost 20 years. i got involved with jd because i wanted to run the marathon and that was the way to sort of get in and i met someone there and whose name is aaron kowalski science
9:37 am
spirited animal of the jdrf and he got me on to really advanced things like continuous glucose monitor which is something that monitors your blood sugar like every five minutes and i'm now on an inhaled insulin, and it's just the differnce between when i started and where i am now is just massive. >> things are definitely changed in that matter but what hasn't changed finding out more about the disease itself. >> that's right. >> finding a way to i guess control it or stop it or keep it from moving on to others. >> i think that the real sort of thrust of what the special diabetes program and jdrf are trying to do not only look at finding a cure, but also how do we treat the people who have it along the way? how do we take care of those people that are there? and also prevention is has been a new thing that's kind of like started. they started to look at how to prevent and there's so many people. i mean there's i think it's
9:38 am
1.25 million people have it. there's 40,000 people a year, adults, 20,000 kids, 20,000 adults that are diagnosed every year, 110 people every single day in america are diagnosed with type one diabetes. we spend so much money on it. so it's good to like find, um, new ways to deal with it. >> more terrifying watching your itself on house of cards or going before congress? >> boy, i don't know. i think congress is going to be pretty scary. to be honest i've been panicking for about month. [ laughter ] >> we enjoy watching you on house of cards and here in washington it's just been must -- must tune in whether you're binge watching or watching an episode. what you've learned about the political system by being on the show has that changed your view at all? >> has it affected it? has it impacted it? >> you know, i don't think so. i mean at the end of the day, we're just -- we're just kind of a tv s
9:39 am
i think we love -- one of the popular things people like to say is, you know, that we somehow emulate, you know the sort of madness that is, n happens here in dc, but, you know, i have no idea. i've never been here. i don't know maybe it's close. probably not. >> you get your first crash course on wednesday. >> i'm going to find out. i'm going get to the bottom of it. >> and take it back to the riders this is what we need to do. >> listen we enjoyed you on boardwalk empire. enjoyed you in house of cards much anything else you're working on now? >> i just finish six part mini series about waco siege the branch today individual januaries which is coming up on eagles a 25th year anniversary next spring, and with michael shanahan and taylor kism tch really good script. sort of like the head of the fbi, former head negotiator for the fbi and one of the survivors both wrote books, t
9:40 am
collaborated on it. i think it's going to be good. >> that sounds fascinating one final question i like to play how accurate is your wickipedia page. my question to you, you had a scholarship to college. it was not a sports scholarship it was a scholarship in chemistry. true or not true? >> well, i had an academic scholarship to go to oklahoma state. and i studied chemical engineering when i started th there. but it wasn't a specific chemistry scholarship. >> close enough. >> close. >> paul, great to see you thanks for coming in. good luck on capitol hill. i know you're trying to raise i was lot of money awareness and in money for juvenile diabetes. paul sparks, house of cards. great to see you this morning. thank you. >> back after this.
9:41 am
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♪ you are smooth. >> just doing my duty. [ laughter ] >> what? >> what did i say? >> looking to party. >> wahoo! >> tell you aren't a little bit tempt. >> steven for the last time i don't want to buy a time share. >> come on it's high five. you know me. i'm a favorite. it's going to some sort of mistake. look at me. i'm an track tiff hand giving a high five. >> fist bump. >> come on in. >> ladies. >> fist bump he's a knuckle head literally. look at him. i can look like that. >> , oh cram. >> that's a clip from the emoji movie the film centers
9:44 am
multi expression al emoji who lives in phone. when he sets out on a journey to become a normal emoji like his parents. now it stars silicon valley tj miller alongside whose who of a listers james core din, anna ferris, sophia vergara and patrick stew war. >> kevin joins us with all the details. >> sir patrick stewart to you. >> the guy from star trek. the ball headed guy from x-men. >> this is a very dramatic role for him. look at this seriously. >> he is sir poo. [ laughter ] >> by the way nothing makes me happier being on tv and play a clip a character walks around saying i'm just doing my duty. >> nothing makes you happier than potty tee humor. >> it make me laugh. i spoke to tj miller. you know him from silicone valley and dead pool he's a big star now. he plays the lead character in the film i spoke to him about being this
9:45 am
who aren't aware. the emoji live in the text message app his character has a multiple different variety of emotions he's not really set on one. he tries to escape and the movie takes place in the wallpaper of the phone. so they jump from app to app to app to app so he can try and get out into the cloud and live his life. i know it sounds crazy it's actually kind of cool idea. >> it's clever. >> james core din is in the film i spoke to him about this and ended with him putting his cell phone in my phone and teching me with an emoji. watch this. >> welcome to my world. text op plus emojis live and work. here each of us does one thing. crier always has to cry even if he's just won the lottery. >> hooray! i'm a billionaire. >> oh me joe movie which is rated pg, why? for rude humor. we just saw that for the first time. rude how more. >> what is that? >> i don't even know what
9:46 am
means. >> somebody goes, well, you know, there is a poo emoji in it. i was like that is rude. [ laughter ] >> when someone texts me a poo emoji, rude. >> should we wash our hands? [ laughter ] >> oh, no, no. we're number two. >> down the hallway is sir patrick stewart. >> i know. >> who is playing poop. in the movie. what was your first reaction to hearing that news? >> rude! [ laughter ] >> now that's rude humor. if you think that's funny i think it's rude. i feel like pre-requisite for being in this film you are not take yourself seriously the revelation of sir patrick stewart playing the poo emoji was just so funny to me. and then my rudolph of course is hilarious being kind of always like this. it's such a strange psycho pa thick character for her. and so, nobody anna ferris doesn't take herself seriously. 91 of us james core din certainly doesn't. we've all seen his talk show
9:47 am
i'm a meh i got to be totally over it all the time. like meh. who cares. which is not as easy as it sounds. >> hello good simeons those are some sharp at thai shayeings. >> yes, we have business to attend to. what kind of business? >> monkey business. [ laughter ] >> i always want to send the meh owe me joe that's what i play. but,, what is the meh emoji on the thing. >> tell me where this thing is. looking for it earlier. >> wait. you got to do a new text. >> send one to me. here. here we go. >> am i actually texting you right now. >> you are in this moment. while i'm texting me as you. [ laughter ] >> the meh emoji everyone should know is right after the like hmm? it's the meh and it's that guy right there and i always want to -- >> put your number on camera. >> i've got so many stalkers it's a bad problem
9:48 am
>> so there's the official text right there. tj miller he tried to show his cell phone number on camera he did successfully duty but i that out. i still don't don't know where that i mow mow gee is. >> we were looking earlier. >> i think it's this one. >> we need to come up with, though. so for kevin to respond to tj miller's text with one emoji, which emoji should you respond with? >> ooh. >> what about a selfie of all of us with emoji next to it. >> one simple sweet one that he'll be like oh, man, that's good. >> poop. >> no. you need to send him kisses he's one step closer to -- >> i don't know about that one. >> next to dead pool. >> ryan reynolds. >> i can ticket him and ryan reynolds is right there. >> just reminder emoji movie hits theaters friday. >> wisdom has tickets. >> i can't see everybody's reviews in emoji form. >> 9:48 is the time. some of the must have new travel gad debts for summ
9:49 am
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9:52 am
♪ summer means vacation and vacation means a chance to travel and from compact cooler to personal bathroom kits travel oriened companies keep coming up with items that make the get away a little bit easier. here to show off some of the best travel writer pete joins us live. good morning to you. >> good morning maureen. >> i always love when you come on you have the coolest gadgets real dollar make traveling new jersey easier and more fun. >> yeah, i'm on the road a lot so i like to make it easy as possible. >> your job as a travel writer. let's start. you've got this wonderful looks to me like over the shoulder bag. >> yup. absolutely. that's what it's supposed to look like nice and simple. this is actually from louis and clark. and this is part of their secure collection. this is one of their small bags they have in it multiple sizes nice about this all designed for your safety. to be anti theft. all of this is completely slash proof so nobody can snag it a wire that runs through your handle here your strap keeps it from being cut. rfid protectio
9:53 am
stuff inside each one these little locks has extra security people pick pockets especially when you're traveling i tell this story all the time. first time i was in venice there wasn't a sign that said welcome it said watch for picket pocket. >> it sure does. these bags are really great. nice, you can throw your passport, your phone that sort of stuff in there and not have to worry about it. >> great quality. that is really good. completely waterproof, too. >> okay. >> which is really nice. >> our next goodie. >> the next goodie i love called the picture keeper. >> hmm. >> so everybody is now using their phone for everything. >> right. >> taking all your photos. taking all of your videos. i was actually down in pure tow ricoh two weeks ago out in the middle of the rainforest and my phone filled up. no wi-fi connection. i couldn't do the download because i download my photos to the cloud. >> to the cloud exactly. >> but the cloud doesn't always connect. so you keep one of these with you. you stick it right into your phone and within seconds it down loads all your photos clears it up for you. >> i love that. nothing worse you're on
9:54 am
your only mode of taking pictures your phone and it's filled. all these memories i can't capture now. we're taking video as well so it fills up quickly. >> 16 gigabyte as lot of room. >> eight, 16 and 32. >> wow. good stuff. okay. >> what is this? >> so these are just wireless ear phones. >> okay. >> now a days especially with entertainment on the airport and things like that the planes are getting rid of all the entertainment system. bring your own stuff. so the less i have wires going around somebody is climbing over me and the better. these are great, charge these up. these can last hours on one charge. they're light weight. >> they sure are the nice part the company makes a couple different ones much these are fitness ones i can wear these in the gym. other pair the tiny little bud. i'm the kind of person that will lose them. i like these. >> how much does it run. >> about $120. >> worth it if you travel a lot like you said with the -- >> seven hours and you can also split them
9:55 am
the other for seven or use them both. >> i love it. lifesaver for me as i travel internationally i'm telling you. >> when you see an item and you're kind of like why didn't i think of that. >> i know. >> this is the item. this is definitely the item. this is the restroom kit. believe it or not it was actually developed by somebody locally a guy who lives in maryland. everything you need to go to the bathroom while you're traveling. so it has an oversized toilet seat cover. >> right. >> it has your toilet paper. >> um-hmm. >> 3 feet of it. and it has two hand wipes. >> yeah. one more -- well one for your hands and, a lot of people are uncomfortable talking about this is a lifesaver. especially some places you're paying somebody for a sheet of cuba. >> i was in cuba paying her square. >> nothing to joke about. >> they're inexpensive. a pack of these for like two bucks each. >> worth it. >> definitely worth it. >> a couple of seconds left here let's talk about this. what is this? >> this is ice mule. essentially it's a cooler
9:56 am
we're oftentimes thinking about taking a cooler with us when we're traveling big bock lugging it like this is a backpack. 24 hours of cooling fill it full of ice and throw it on your back. it fix as couple of wine bot bottles. >> does it fit wine. >> fits a couple of bottles. this one you could easily fit three without problem. >> how much would something like that run. >> this one actually starts as low as 50, $60. >> not bad they make larger one. make ones for fishermen they can actually throw their fish into. >> i love that idea. >> really cool gadget. >> how can people get a hold of you. >> follow me online i'm the gay traveler across the board follow me on twitter, instagram and my website. >> always love when you're on with these beautiful little gadgets. >> love it. troy, thank you. >> thank you very much, maureen. >> see you soon. back over guys. >> throw my fish over my shoulder. >> tray saved me again. coming up remembering jim advance long time anchor here in d.c. nearly half a century
9:57 am
we'll talk with d.c.'s mayor muriel bowser coming up next hour. >> this sunday the oscars of the restaurant world much it is the rammies and we are getting a preview all week long today we're focusing on casual restaurant of the year. we'll meet some of the places that are in the running. also kevin mccarthy is going to talk about comicon. he's going to do recap and there's a new justice league trailer. ♪ ♪♪ hitting the mid-morning wall? with up to 24 grams of hearty protein jimmy dean bowls help you avoid it. shine on.
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10:01 am
justin beiber went shopping. >> also at 10a, two long awaited trailers released from the big screen the justice league and from the small, new details about the second season of stranger things. >> plus fox5 foodies unite. we're counting down to one of the region's biggest nights in grand style. this morning the chefs competing for casual restaurant of the year. let's do this d.c. the 10a starts right not. right . >> restaurant association of mel metropolitan is having their big scene on sunday night called the ram police. we will be celebrating it all week long. we're doing casual rest of the year. three of the five mom niece in the kitchen. we'll meet them and they're going to cook up little something for us. >> i love
10:02 am
great way to start and finish the show. >> exactly. don't let us prevent you from cooking. >> do your thing. >> we'll come back and visit in little bit. >> happy monday. >> happy monday. >> it's monday already? >> i know. >> how is it that the work w wes sore long. >> weekends the blink of an eye. >> or like the work weeks are long but i feel like summer -- this is last week of july. right? >> flies by. time flies when you're having fun. >> when you get older, that's what it is. >> that's it. >> i forgot. good right. >> words of wisdom. >> thanks for staying with us for the 10a. i'm steve along with wisdom, holly and maureen. >> let's check in with erin como she's back with what's making had he lines this morning. good morning, erin. >> parts of the eastern shore assessing the damage and starting cleanup and that's after a possible tornado actually touched down overnight. take look at this damage kent island took the biggest hit with many homes and businesses destroyed. just incredible images there. trees and power lines down and thousands of people have n
10:03 am
power. bob barnard has been there all morning and he joins us live right now with the very latest. bob? >> reporter: erin, national weather service will tend a team of investigators from new jersey here to queen anne's county maryland today to determine whether this was and intact tornado it will be several hours before there's any confirmation whether this was in fact tor tornado. we can show you video taped from our tour into bay city the area that's just along the bay south of the bay bridge here in kent island, and we saw one house with its roof destroyed and debris from the wood and insulation all over the place. and we've seen cars damaged by falling branches. there's power lines down everywhere. delmarva says there are about 8300 people without electricity in this area right now. they have opened up one shelter at the centreville middle sc school. pets are welcomed there as well. some people have their generators on as they're assessing the damage, but really it was tough to get around this
10:04 am
bay city area. it's a neighborhood, and like i said a lot of trees and power lines down and people just shaking their heads about what went through around 1:00, 1:30 this morning. >> it was just shook the house. it was a really nasty storm. did a lot of damage. i have no standing trees left. but the house is undamaged. my family is g it's good. it's an act of nature. there's nothing you can do about it. >> how rough was it? what were you feeling. >> i was in the middle of the night. >> i wasn't worried because one of my kids wasn't home. as soon as it passed we went and picked him up much that's all i could do. >> it was scary. i thought that the house there, i thought that was our house that fell. it just sounded like that. i mean everything was shaking and crashing and it was awful. >> reporter: you're okay. >> we're okay. everybody is okay. >> reporter: thank goodness. >> thank good he is in. >> you have a generator and you've got coffee pot. >> i
10:05 am
>> reporter: so that one family had generator going just to get coffee. there are a lot of power lines down but we don't believe any of them are hot because initially the authorities here were telling people in the bay city area and these neighborhoods on kent island that were impacted to stay in their homes because so many power lines were down but around the 8:00 o'clock hour, people were starting to venture out of their homes take pictures see how their neighbors were doing get a sense of all the cleanup that lies ahead, and even with the power lines down people are roam aig round so we believe it's safe but only folks who live in those neighborhoods and emergency responders are allowed in, guys. it's going to be days of recovery here on kent island. >> erin, back to you. >> thank you very much, bob. we'll keep updated on that progress of the storm cleanup out in kent island possible tornado there. next up white house adviser and son-in-law to the president jared kushner heads to capitol hill this morning much he's testifying before congress on meddling in the 2016 election.
10:06 am
ahead of testimony detailing four contacts with russians during the campaign he says he did not have any kind of collusion with these contacts and did he not know of anyone else who did. well if you haven't updated your iphone today make sure do you. apple says the latest ios update patched dangerous vulnerability in wi-fi chips allows hackers to take over your device apple users aren't the only ones affected google android team released a patch earlier this month as well. and finally, dunkirk declaring victory in the battle of box office. the world war ii epic exceeded expectations on its debut weekend raking in more than $50 million to easily top the box office charts. now girls trip comedy was second earning more than $30 million. spiderman homecoming took third place with $22 million. i real dollar want to see dunkirk, and i don't know if i would see it inism max but kevin says there's no other way. >> if you don't you'll hear from it him forever and he'll make you go back and see it again. i'm just saying
10:07 am
>> i'm just admitting i might not see it in i max but idle want to see it. >> i'm just saying what he'll say to you. >> girls trip looks really funny, too. >> that i'm with you on. >> i might not see dunkirk at all. [ laughter ] >> i like to laugh when i go to the movies. >> exactly. >> i heard that movie is really really funny. >> thank you. >> thanks, erin. >> 10:07. the nation's capitol and tv news business left in mourning over the weekend as you likely saw our friend and colleague nbc4 jim vance died after a short battle of cancer. he had been the face of news for four years and left his mark on everyone who new him as you can imagine the tributes have been pouring over the weekend nbc4 honored their late friend with an empty chair on the anchor desk. another memorial to vance right here in n d.c. new muriel on the wall at ben's chili ball. that's where d.c. mayor bowser joins us live this morning to share her memories of the legendary newsm.
10:08 am
>> repor.good morning, mayor. >> thank you maureen. thanks for having me this morning. >> wed heard jim wasn't doing well but stunned when we heard of his passes this weekend? >> certainly. i know everybody in washington, d.c. greatly misses him, but also we have just a great appreciation for him being in our lives for 45 years. when i think back on it, there's really not a time in my life having grown up in washington, d.c. that jim vance wasn't coming into our living rooms and he came in with candor and with humility, with a real authentic connection with the people of washington. we're going to greatly miss him. >> you mentioned his authenticity which i think is really the hallmark was jim vance was known for. as someone coming up in this business in chicago even i heard of jim vance and i knew as a woman of color here's someone
10:09 am
that he's done it for all these years with style and grace and here's someone, anyone could look up to. >> absolutely. i recall him telling a story when he first came to washington actually we were right here the last time i was with him vance end says he came right to ben's chili bowl. he wasn't a son of washington. from philadelphia. but washington quickly embraced him. and it's hard to imagine somebody doing the job and you know how tough the news business is. he was even with the same employer for 45 years. next week i'll get to celebrate my 45th birthday. so that gives you just the idea of how long this man has been at the top of the game in a town like washington. >> i think one of the things maybe people didn't necessarily know about jim vance how charitable he was. and he never -- didn't even want people to know. he didn't give because, you know, he wanted people to see how
10:10 am
he gave because he wanted to make a difference. can you comment a little bit on that? >> no. we've heard a lot about jim v amc's charity with schools and causes related to children. we know actually that he used his seat, his anchor seat, also to be charitable in another way. and that was to talk about his own vulnerabilities and his own challenges. and when people can look to a person as a a com accomplished as jim and know at times during his long career he needed help and he reached out for it and he was generous enough to share that, that he helped so many people. i got a chance to chat with him before his image was unveiled on this wall and i'm here to tell you he was very proud of it. he was proud that people in washington thought enough of him and was praying for him every step of the the way, and zenning him
10:11 am
plans to maybe have a jim vance in d.c. is that you're considering or would consider. >> absolutely. he's more than earned it, and he has been, um, celebrated in a lot of ways by the city and we will -- we will look for the best ways to honor him too. >> mayor, talk about some of -- i know you've been around for awhile and jim was here for long period of time. talk about your one of your fondest memories your encounters with jim vance. >> aisles always love to see him emcee different award shows. people would often go to the celebrations for a charity or a business organization and it turn out that jim vance was always the star of the show. he had a lot of fun. he knew people in every industry. i was just with a resident just
10:12 am
this past week had no idea she knew jim vance she whipped out pictures of jim at her wedding. he was many ways i was big queue to us. he was part of the fabric of washington, d.c. and the fact that i got a chance to see him when he knew he was ailing, but he made a special effort to get here to share in the unveiling of this mural and i got to steal a few moments with him and just tell him how much we loved him and we were praying for him and we were wishing the very best. and even then, i thought we would have a longer time with jim vance and i'm sorry that we aren't. he lived a great life. he fought a good fight and left a strong legacy for all of you who are in the profession, for his work colleagues, and for people in washington who just loved him as a real good guy and a straight shooter. you guys have a tough job.
10:13 am
so share. bad news to share. and sometimes you're the first person that people see in a difficult situation. and jim really set the bar high on how to talk to people, real clear terms how the challenges we face. >> he sure did. >> mayor, i think you sum it up very well. i know that one of the things that vance said it was his love for d.c. and people of d.c. that kept him here so long feeling like an adopted son. the other thing, mayor, we've all said this, our first dealings with jim i think to a tee everybody says, you felt like you were his friend, his acquaintance a long time friend the first time you met him that's the way he made you feel. do you remember your first time that you met him? >> oh, gosh. i don't. it was probably going on the show or being interviewed by him or it could have been at one of the many award shows that he hosted for causes around d.c. i was just remembering as i'm standing here in front of the
10:14 am
even knocked on his door one day out talking about, you know, washington and what we could do for washington. but he was always very very gracious and, you know, just been -- he was very good to me. >> the end of an era for sure. >> mayor bowser thank you for sharing your authorities about legend derr anchor jim vance. thank you for your time and thank you for your memories of our friend jim vance. >> of people didn't know this about him i had the honor of doing a story on him for a local group. he went and got his -- went to get -- he wanted to marry a couple who wrote to him. he went and got license so they can marry this random couple that wrote in to him. when he showed up and he was like, no i'm actually going to do this imagine they were blown away. jackie bradford the gm over at four told me this story. that is how cool this dude
10:15 am
[ laughter ] >> jim vance. one of a kinds. we'll be right back with what's trending. ♪ ♪♪
10:16 am
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♪ >> 10:17. it's time to check what's trending this morning and first up new documentary on princess diana tells her story through the eyes of her sons. the film coincides with the 20th anniversary of her death and airs tonight on hbo. this is the first time that prince william and prince harry have spoken publicly and alt length about their mother. diana died in a car crash in paris back on august 31, 1997. the film titled diana our mother, her lying of legacy tells the story of her live from the perspective and her friends and people close to her. >> arguably probably a little bit too raw up until this point. it's still raw. >> not many days go by i don't think of her. twentieth adversary years feels like a good time to remember lock at things
10:19 am
hopefully provide maybe different side other haven't seen before. >> nobody ever told this story from the point of view the two people who knew her better than anyone else. >> and loved her the most. >> and loved her the most, her sons. >> britt ari was just 12 years old when princess diana was killed in that car crash in paris. prince william was 14. they were staying with cousins in scotland at the time. william says they were in desperate rush to stay goodbye and continue their fun but if they had known what was to come they would not have rushed. harry saying quote it was her speaking from paris i can't really necessarily remember what i said but all i do remember probably regretting for the rest of my life how short that phone call was. the film does address a lot of the positive things diana was associated with including her work involving hiv and land mines but steers clear of controversial issues such as extra marital affairs and all the other hoopla that came
10:20 am
people's princess. but just feel for these kids. any time you lose pan but at such a young age. >> fascinating point of view. >> i was thi thinking if your cd is 12 and 15 and that's the last time they saw you. what is it that they remember most about you? good right. >> what is it, you know. >> so -- i think the world fascinated i think we were fascinated with the young boys when they passed i remember them walking -- >> behind the coffin. >> which they said they should have never made them did that. i agree. that image of these young boys behind their mother's flag draped coffin who can wis stand that kind of pressure the world watching. it's just -- >> grief in your darkest moment. >> my goodness. >> we're fascinated to see what their thoughts are now. just intrigued by the royalty as just regular real people. >> i'm sure part of it they w wanted to say perhaps this is the time to share our story. maybe it's therapy for them in way to put that information out there and fin
10:21 am
it. >> i will be watching. >> oh, yeah, me too. >> 10:21. discovery channel if you were watching last night being criticized by some fans for the phelps fake out after promoting the 100-meter race between michael phelps and a great white shark. the shark was not really swimming next to phelps at the time. it was simulated he raced against a super imposed animated great white. fans expressed their confusion it wasn't a white shark next to michael phelps. michael fels and tweeted over night rematch next time warmer water. he didn't like swimming in the cold water off south africa when the great whites live. one twitter user said i was hoping to see this. this person wrote the most ridiculous stunt pulled for shark week. waying to discovery for jumping the shark pun intend. >> call me crazy i thought
10:22 am
against a real shark, not simulation. >> you were telling us when i said i thought they were going to time shark going the same distance. but they couldn't even real dollar that because they don't ever swim p in straight line. they had to pull off these all different experiments and measurements he might swim the first part at a cruising speed of 2 miles an hour, then six, then a burst of 24. they took the measurements and made it as if it was a straightt >> that's whole lot of work for it to be fake. >> a whole lot of phony. >> a lot of learning about sharks. here's the thing. as for the race itself the shark won. the simulated shock won by two seconds. >> it's shark week. who do you think is going to win. >> i will say this. >> only two seconds. >> there was actual footage of michael phelps in shark kay cage with the great whites snout right in his face. and those teeth that are the size of his head right next to him. phelps was like that's little close. he was in the water with them. just notwi
10:23 am
>> maybe he can have swam against jaws. wouldn't that be funny like the animated? [ laughter ] >> i said last night if they really wanted him to win that race with 20 minutes to go. real shark behind you. >> all of a sudden he really kicks it in. >> yup. >> see what happens. >> disappointed. what do you think, let us know #gooddaydc. >> if you're looking to take your bromance to the next level you may want to look into brosectomy party. wonder wagon that is? >> you heard it right. a brosectomy party. according to the wall street journal there's officially a thing. for a few thousand dollars groups of men can get a have a connect thome. spend their recovery time in a lounge with snacks and snacks and bet pros. >> everybody does it at the same time. >> it's like a botox party for women. >> yeah. >> you guys in? >> you want to commiserate altogether like that? >> no. >> i'm not -- >> there
10:24 am
peas. >> i'm leaving with everything god gave me. >> there you go. >> i'll take my chances. >> 10:23. the world got its first look at the epic news? figure league trailer over the weekend. heavy on the wonder woman. you can imagine kevin geeking out this morning. he'll join us live to share his favorite moments. >> first tucker will be back to let us know if any more severe weather could be headed our way. when exactly this heat wave will be ending. the end is in sight. you're watching good day at 10a. we'll be right back. ♪
10:25 am
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10:27 am
♪ >> nice live look across the d.c. region on a monday morning. >> good so far. >> yup. >> 10:27. let's check in with tucker see how we're looking for the rest of the day. >> more sunshine than yesterday. going to be hot and humid day. low 90s expected but sweet relief in the form of cooler air and less humidity arriving by tomorrow. want to back it up to 24 hours ago. talking about the storm all morning. the storms that blossomed became a major storm about an hour's time that was last night at 11:30. there you go about 1:00, to 1:30 the storm raging across the bay out towards stevensville. and again the weather service out there later this morning they're going to confirm whether or not that was tornado i suspect it was. that hit queen anne's county it cleared out overnight. let's move on and just i want to mention really quick we did have wind gust report
10:28 am
per hour in east port there. eastern part of annapolis and again the worst of the storm really didn't take shape until it started crossing the bay about 15 minutes later. 82 now in washington. we are looking at heat index already of 86. winds out of the north northwest at 12 and we are expecting some nice relief in here overnight tonight early to tomorrow morning a cold front back into ohio which will drop down into region late this afternoon ton night. after daytime heating it is possible we could do another round of scattered showers and thunderstorms. honestly we weren't expecting severe storms overnight and any time we have at least the possibility of them this time of year they could be strong. look out for that later today. but it should be widely scattered high temperature into. let's talk about the nice weather we can look forward tuesday and wednesday. highs in the mid 80s with less humidity and storm free couple of days. we'll take tuesday and wednesday should be beautiful. into this afternoon look out forte late day storm. >> ten confidential 28. we have a jaw-dropping celebrity dish. coming up next usher in the middle of a very
10:29 am
and american idol apologizes for bringing a loaded gun to an airport. and steve, brace yourself for this one friend. >> nothing knew for me. >> we have new carrie underwood picture that is going to make your monday. number one good day d.c. back in a bling. ♪ g. ♪♪ ♪ ♪
10:30 am
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celebrity dish starting off with this. usher in the middle avenue very ugly scandal. a few lawsuits in fact. right now surrounding whether he knowingly exposed several women to herpes but it may be about to get whole lot worse for usher. well-known attorney lisa bloom tweeted out a very pointed poind accusatory message that minutes we may be beginning to learn what went down between usher and who knows how many women. here's her take on this with an admission that several women have come to her. how much unprotected sex did usher have after his herpes diagnosis? women are reaching out to me. how dare he endanger women's health that was have lisa bloom. she also says that it's a violation of criminal law to in many states to have unprotected sex without disclosure of your std as it should be. so wow. >> you know, i mean it's a scary thing. that happens all the time. >> right. >> you know what i mean. only thing i can say about that is that, um, women, you got to take control of it
10:33 am
>> yeah. you know what i mean don't trust it to someone else. don't trust it. because it's your health. >> right. >> don't trust it to someone else. >> yes. another woman has come forward saying that r. kelly failed to successfully lure her into his life. despite giving her cash and promising to jump start her career. and the young woman tells tmz she has her mom to thank. allegedly she says she met the singer back stage at one of his shows in december after getting a wrist band from someone in his crew. the young woman was 20 at the time of the meeting. r. kelly gave her his number and the two exchanged calls and texts and promised to help her acting and modeling as well. he invited her to his georgia home and told her to quote wear something sexy. she claimed she brought a friend but it got creepy no phones were loud and suppedly she was he is cored to his bedroom. r. kelly allegedly convinced had tower take some photos for which she was paid $200. tmz is reporting she
10:34 am
two more times alone but each time r. kelly got more aggressive and controlling even guiling her into posing nude. she says the last straw was him stepping her one-way ticket to be with him back in la warning her not to bring friend which is when she told her mother who put a stop to it all. >> yeah. >> so -- no. >> women you got to take control of your own personal life. >> back to my original. it's your health. >> really? >> and well-being we're toll talking about. >> somebody in hospitally wood lifestyle wants to you come to this house alone dress sexy and come to his bedroom and you keep -- >> girls, there's nothing worth it. >> $200? that's it? >> nothing worth it. nothing worth it. >> i can't say any more. ly i'll get in trouble. >> let's move on, shall we. >> please. american idol winner scott mc career ye apologized after he was caught carrying a gun through
10:35 am
he went through security x-ray checkpoint in his hometown airport on july 13 a weapon was spotted by an employee. he was issued a citation for a misdemeanor violation and he says this, i've been a concealed carry permit holder for awhile now after being rob at gun point in 2014. i take gun safety seriously. he said that in statement to us weekly. that was on saturday july 22. he said while in between tour dates last week i went to go target shooting with friend a if you days before and early flight out of my hometown raleigh durham airport unfortunately i didn't realize i left my pistol in my backpack until the tsa found it during the security x-ray screening and rightly confiscated it. there you go. he apologized after being caught with that weapon. >> pretty scary. >> you got to check it. that's the rule. >> right. >> so maybe he did forget it was in his bag. but that's just stewed did the. >> sorry. big mistake. no shirt, no problem
10:36 am
one. >> oh, boy. here we go two hands on the table. brace yourself. >> for joy. >> isn't this how you shop when you go out? >> yeah. >> oh, the biebs. he went shopping in beverly hills saturday night shirt less of course. he must not like clothes. the depacito super star hit up a 7eleven. he was going after a slushy. >> maybe he just come from the pool. >> i don't think so. i think it's just how he rolls. >> maybe it is. >> depacito. >> i don't think he was looking for attention at all. >> no way he likes attention. >> he's not an attention seeker, steve. what are you talking about. >> this one is for you, steve. >> jesus take the wheel. >> your periodic reminder carrie under wood looks amazing. this is a photo for steve schenn knee posted on instagram. she showcases her rock hard abs. >> s
10:37 am
sunshine, lake, swim sue, happiness and love for -- really does it -- let's let you take ass all this in, steve. we don't need any more words, right. >> already taking it. >> hash tag now he needs a moment. hash tag no filter. she's amazing. >> she -- >> she's 34. >> she's in great shape obviously she takes a portable gym on the road with her basically one of her tour buses. >> i never would have guessed that from that picture. >> good to for her. fine time to work out g if you got it like that. she's got a swim wear line. >> that's what it is now. >> that's what she was showing off. >> tarver recent number is part of the line. >> yes. >> you got to market it and promote. >> you got to walk to walk. >> when you've got a body like that market away. >> yes. >> thanks, guys. >> 10:37. huge weekend -- >> you're welcome. >> for all things -- >> oh, yes. >> com my books. video games and sci-fi the comicon and in san diego that's the big one
10:38 am
a sneak peek at most anticipated new movies and tv shows. you knows who loves that more than anything of us. >> yeah, we do. >> mr. kevin mccarthy. he'll share his favorite movies including the new justice league trailer. >> do you think kevin jumps up for one of these. >> the time he dresses up in his regular life. ♪
10:39 am
10:40 am
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10:41 am
world. he didn't just safe people. he made them see the best parts of themselves. [ inaudible ] >> we all have to recognize him. >> we just have to save it. wahoo! ♪ >> how many of you are there? >> not enough. >> you really think -- >> oh wow. >> you can't save the world alone. that's part of the new justice league trailer debuted at comicon just one of the new movies we got sneak peek at over the weekend and kevin joins us more on d.c.'s answer to the a jenn verse. first question for you kevin when we see this movie
10:42 am
hero do you think is going to stand out? >> wonder woman. >> really? good i do. >> next question. [ laughter ] >> it wasn't expecting a one word answer. i'm going ton hob nest. >> i genuinely think that a lot has to do with the idea wonder woman saved the d.c. universe. i mean, i really really loved man of steal like batman versus superman didn't really love suicide squad. but there's something to be said about wonder woman did. it brought back the attention to the dc universe, marvel has been kind of capitalizing on everything recently. i think they're obviously doing reshoots for people who aren't aware of this, you know zac schneider was the film maker behind this film he stepped down from the project after his daughter committed suicide. and josh wee den is taking over the project. and i know they're doing -- they're adding things. so i know that the trailer for example opens up very heavily with wonder woman because they know that's a huge -- >> draw. >> -- draw. it has to be. the other films really weren't
10:43 am
critically appraised at much and there was not a ton of interest from people who are really interested in these films. but i'm really interested in seeing this i'm very excited about josh wee den stepping in. zac schneider will have his touch on the film. he tried to come back to the project after his daughter passed away but he wasn't able to do it. i'm excited about the trailer is fantastic. i don't know why it was four minute. little bit long for trailer. i was very excited to see a lot of the images and obviously the flash. i'm very excited about ezra miller playing flash. a lot of people are upset about that there's a gentleman named grant gus son who plays the flash in the tv show. >> it's not that great. >> i haven't seen the tv show. >> fans werend woulding why he was chosen. flash i'm ex excited boreas. the whole cast is great and the poster for the film is awesome. they did really cool job with this poster a lot of these super hero posters are busy. so many things happening on them. >> at the risk o
10:44 am
ire the comic book fan who is the black -- >> sigh bore. >> he's talking to alfred. it's awesome. i think it will be cool. thor marvel's at the comicon if you're not not familiar with comicon. >> different universe now. >> we're in the marvel. >> now we're mcu. they're taking a lot of visionary elements from the guard gans of the galaxy trailers in the poster looks similar to that. mark ruffalo as the hulk. i love the comedic timing between cripples hemsworth and mark ruffalo. i'm excited about jeff goldberg excited to see what his role plays out. >> who is she. >> kate blanket is villain in the film. forgive me for not remembering her name at the moment. chris will tell me. i don't remember her name at the momnt. they say it in the trailer couple of time. i'm not too familiar with that character. next up let's move on from th there. >> what is the e in d.c. eu
10:45 am
>> d.c. extended universe. >> oh extended universe. >> okay. >> extended. >> real fast ready player one this is new -- >> universe is this. >> this is steven spielberg. >> this looks amazing if you haven't read this book, can i please recommend it it's called ready player one the idea behind the film wade watts the character he lives in search al virtual reality straps into a verge al reality world. the mick kerr has passed away and left an easter egg in the world for someone finds this they will be given his fortune. it's a really cool couldn't september. very nostalgic based a lot of '80's references, blade runner you're see iron giant in there it looks really cool. again one of the greatest books of all time being direct beside one of the greatest film makers of all time. count me n there's no question. spielberg i mean he's an absolute genius i'm very excited about this movie. it will be cool. i like how the -- i believe the lead actor is tighe sheridan who plays the league.
10:46 am
speaking of stow nostalgia. strangers things and that movie ready player one rely heavily on nostalgic element of the '80s. this trailer is great. can we listen to little bit of music. it's cool. >> ♪ terrorize your neighbor. whoever shall be found -- sometime i feel like -- >> obviously you have the michael jackson thriller theme. vicinity sent price. i love the goaf busters costume. everybody loves back stranger things they called back so many memories to your childhood and told great story. i'm interested to see how this will play out. i'm very excited. i'm sitting down with bash one of the characters from the show this coming saturday here in the d.c. area. she was a major fan favorite on the show. shannon purser is her name. the poster is very very cool. netflix again top of the their game with these shows. this is available on netflix. >> you can watch the whole thing. >> yeah. >> whole thing at one time. >> yeah
10:47 am
>> i'm for netflix with television shows like that. i just think movies should get the theater run first then go to netflix. back in the day with block blockbuster. give it theater run first. tv shows stranger things all these -- >> game of thrones. >> give that, that's perfectly fine. >> what do you think bigger thor or justice league. >> justice league. >> only because of the characters. even though the first two thors were good, but they weren't great. i think this is going to be the best thor. it looks really cool just the fifty seven walls. i'm interested in because it looks like the guardian of the galaxies meets avengers. >> thanks kevin. >> we're kicking off rammy's week. first up this morning three of the nominees for casual restaurant of the year are cooking it up in our good day cafe. >> they're all going to be winners for us, right. >> oh yeah. >> oh yeah.
10:48 am
10:49 am
10:50 am
♪ i'm getting my forks ready. we have tease the it all morning long. oscar of the restaurant world known as the ram police and all week we'll showcase a
10:51 am
nominees in different categories this morning we're hosting three of the five restaurants nominated for casual restaurant of the year. we have gerald addison of concourse rose bar and restaurant. cena poland of the daily dish and jill land, of duke's grocery. is he i just want you to know the people that come in, you get bonus point. you already have a better chance. i just made that up. listen -- you know what, drc has become such an awesome food town. do you feel that as well on your end. >> yes. absolutely. >> farce the rammies go on scale 110 how much is it for the restaurant scene that night. >> i love it. >> the most fun. >> there's no restaurant in d.c. you can go to because all the people that work at it are earning their awards it will happen this sunday night. we thought it would be fun to feature some of the nominees and so we'll start with you, gerald. you are at compass rose bar and kitchen. your first time being nominate. >> my first time nominated. >> all right. first time nominee
10:52 am
what are you whipping up. >> we falafel with hum mess on the bottom. salad with read onions and cucumbers toed in olive oil. with parsley sin hal tow and chili. >> why do you think you were nominated. >> i think we have a good atmosphere. we do a variety of different street food from all over the world. >> um-hmm. >> kind of a nice mix of flavors. >> who are you going to thank in your zest taps speech. >> i'll be thanking probably my mother. my boss rose. oh and you as well good right. [ laughter ] >> what composes casual restaurant of the year? what's the requirements? >> i think it's, you know, restaurant that is, you know, not so formal. >> um-hmm. >> casual atmosphere. somewhere where you can wear a t-shirt. >> but still get really fine food. >> yeah. >> that's the thing, right. >> that's where i'm comfortable. >> gotcha. very good. this is he can license by the way. >> thank you. >> what do you feel like your chances of winng
10:53 am
>> i think that they're fair. i think we have some good competition. definitely a lot of refronts i enjoy a lot. >> the two that aren't here decay ya and monday dc. that's all they get. they didn't come this morning. i'm just kidding. i'm not a judge. don't worry. i'll move on over jillian with duke's grocery. tell me about duke's grocery. >> duke's grocery is an east london inspired gastro pub. >> cool. is this your first time being nominated? >> last year we wouldn't for best casual brunch. >> oh, so we have winner in our midst. so she knows. what did you learn about -- from going at the rammies year in it was a lot of fun. >> do you remember it. >> i do. >> you didn't have enough fun. i'm just kidding. >> what are you making. >> i'm making our local corn which is ear of corn charred and then taken off the could be with a mexican creme. a bed of
10:54 am
>> put it altogether. this is like mexican street corn. >> it is. >> like you'd find in mexico city on the street, right. >> just kind of taken apart put together and you can share. >> what do you think the best fart part of the dc restaurant scene is right now? >> um, just that it's, you know, really up and coming, and really it's -- it's um, kind of booming now. >> yeah. right. >> i feel like there's a new restaurant opening up al u up ae time. >> have you thought about your acceptance speech, it's okay if you have. you should. >> i have not. >> you're going to wing it. what if you forget someone. >> just about the team. >> you think it's bad luck to think -- >> yes. >> before you win. >> yes. >> this looks amazing. >> topped it with little bit of siracha. i'm so anxious i just want to try. i just want to try. what would be -- what would be the one word you would use to describe duke's for people to come try it? >> it's fun.
10:55 am
>> it's a fun place. >> hmm. you can just set that aside. that whole thing for me. okay? >> okay. >> will do. >> will do. >> last but not least cena poland with the daily dish. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> we like her because she's the one that actually brought the forks. so tell me a little bit bowyer doing. we're doing our restaurant is based on we like to do a lot of farm fresh local and sustainable food, and so what i did this year with heirloom tomatoes are coming in right now and they're really pretty we have a local goat cheese from pennsylvania and farm eggs from pennsylvania as well we made this love the tart here and then we do it with a nice little house salad and we have our watermelon tomato cucumber gas pass cho when we serve it at the restaurant we serve it with one of these two sides but i brought a couple because it's refreshing and n nice. >> you're trying to sway the judges. >> i was. >> i understand. it's okay. >> have you been nominated before. >> we like duke's won the year before duke's for casual brunch of the year and so this is our second time goingp
10:56 am
>> amazing. when you got your nomination what was your reaction. >> very excited we're really big on brunch. in addition to the lunch and dinner we have really nice neighborhood and people walk on down. i live in dupont so i'm often at my other fellow nominee's restaurants. >> checking them out. what she's doing. >> but what i like about is we have a lot of customers come in be a little casual have a nice time. sit at the bar get themselves some food. >> perfect. >> you guys are all winners to me. i look forward to seeing on sunday. i'm lucky to be presenter. our own sue palka is hosting rammies it's always amazing. we'll have more rammies fun throughout the week here. back to you all. >> congratulations tonal the nominees. hopefully it's a three-way tie. >> what are we looking at weather wise. >> low 99s one more day with hot and sweaty stuff. a lot better by tomorrow. be on the look out for shower or a thunderstorm later this afternoon. fingers crossed they won't get as strong as last night. but you know this time of year be on the look out. >> all right. look at you. >> lower humidity at some
10:57 am
in the future. >> i'm still eating. >> the winner is... >> we'll see you tomorrow v a great day, everybody. bye-bye. connection... and with the new fiost you get our fastest internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of you contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to
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>> live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now here's wendy. >> wendy: thanks for watching. say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. yes! how you doin?


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