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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  August 4, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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♪ ♪. i just asked marina is this the first time you've joined me at 6:30, so she said be nice, i'll do my best >> he's already tripping me off the top. >> attorney general jeff sessions said he's cracking down on leaks at the white house, first on the list? journalists >> this is the big story at 6:30. so today, i had this message for our friends in the intelligence community. the department of justin is open for business and i have this warning for would be leakers, don't do
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>> attorney general jeff sessions announced a crackdown on people who leak classified and other sensitive government information comes a day after the "washington post" reported unleaked transcripts of phone conversations between the president and the leaders of mexico as well as australia. continued leaks of classified information are quote a threat to national security and the attorney general faced increased public pressure from the president who blasted sessions on twitter for implying that he's been weak in pursuing the leakers within the administration >> it struck me yesterday that virginia mark warner, a democrat came out and said he can't believe somebody leaked those conversations the president had with world leaders. it's striking to see that you're hearing people saying now it's going too far >> seemed like this was coming. >> yes, they talked about it a good while >> it was matter of how was it going to play and when and seemed like this was the later straw >> let's bring in joe williams, at role call. before we get to talking about
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had to say about the media and where he may go with this investigation. >> one of the things we are doing is reviewing policies affecting media subpoenas. we respect the important role that the press plays and we'll give them respect. but it is not unlimited. they cannot place lives at risk with impunity. we must balance the press's role with protecting our national security and the lives of those who serve in the intelligence community, the armed forces and all law abiding americans. so when you heard that today, you know, like marina said, i think we knew there was going to be something said, something done at the administration, what do you think about what you heard >> the message from the attorney general today was very much do not leak and if you do leak, you will get caught. he said that they have tripled the amount active investigations into leaking since the start of this administration. and
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records towards investigating these leaks in conjunction with the fbi and the intelligence community. so really, what you're seeing here is as you mentioned a long time coming, there's been growing frustration among both congressional leaders as well as the white house about the amount sensitive information that is coming out of this government surrounding a litany of different things, as you mentioned this week, the leaked conversations between both mexico can and australian leaders was a tipping point where you saw bipartisan outrage >> it was a direct message to the leakers and the press and they did not acknowledge the press as they left of the first question was attorney general are you going to be prosecuting journalists? and let's be clear, the obama administration started this a couple years ago in 2015 by that investigation with the, ap they were looking into these leakers
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the journalists know of cell phone records, this is not unprecedented if you will, but the potential that journalists may be subpoenaed in cases like this brings to a forefront the shield law and there is they don't federal shield law, what is the protection for journalists in this case? >> that was a line of concern following that press conference given the minimum amount of details provided besides the comment from attorney general sessions. that's they would pursue more subpoenas for members of the media. what that means exactly remains to be seen. you could -- that could escalate into, again, issues with journalists and trying to reveal sources, obviously, would you see members of the media protective of that. as you mentioned this is an issue that the former administration ran into quite a bit including the 2015 issue with the associated press. so i think right now, there's a concern and there's a -- a desire for additional
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over what exactly the attorney general was discussing or meaning when he said further subpoenas, there are, again, protections for reporters, and in the sort of federal investigation, but as again, you see frustrtion mounting from the president further pressuring the attorney general to act. that -- that is, a growing concern within the media community of how far will the attorney general and the u.s. intelligence community go in prosecuting journalists as part of the leak investigation >> thank you for coming in, i'm sure this will not be the last time we'll have this discussion, we have a lot more to talk about >> thank you for having me >> the investigation no possible links between the trump administration and russia is expanding. >> i like we hear the ex-files theme. a grand jury has been called that means the president and others could
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the microphone. we want to bring in do you want the news editor exios. this was another busy week, i think we can say that. >> yes. >> what is your take away as president goes on vacation, where do things stand >> it's not surprising that a grand jury has been empanelled, we saw this with white water and against president nixon son, it's now surprising that this grand jury is form and i think if you're in trump world you're probably not freaking out at that news but trump is probably very unhappy this means and signal that is the russia probes are not going away any time soon, it could last until 2020 which is sent not what trump want >> this grand jury you what empanelled not in virginia the eastern district where a lot of the prosecutors, the initial prosecutors and investigation but it was empanelled here in the district, which is overwhelmingly democratic. the question now, what exactly does that mean? there's been
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issues that have been raised as opposed to crossing the river, ten miles it takes to get to virginia, having it here in dc, it also means this could potentially be an unfavorable grand jury for the president >> unfavorable so that means they're now investigating not just michael flynn which the one in virginia was doing but donald trump junior's meeting. also means that bob mueller is likely pursuing criminal charges because grand jury allows prosecutors to subpoena documented witnesses and also to indict the folks they're investigating. that's a huge deal for the trump team and for those who have potential ties to the kremlin >> we heard this morning, we know that the president has said there's that red line that if they start getting into financial issues and his family, that's a red line in his mind and we heard today, genine pier row on fox news saying if they go after any of the trump family there will be an uprising because of that. but this is all coming in the co
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where you see a lot of stones turned up. >> and we've seen time and again how thump things he can set his own rules as president and exempt from certain things because he decides how it is but that's not how the law works and not how bob mueller will operate or the grand jury. donald trump junior and his family, sure, he did something worthy of investigation, at least according to the special counsel and the grand jury. and trump can't stop that. no matter what he tries to do. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. the gop they're on a roll. state governments across the country, the republican party controls the governor ships and state legislature up 26 states, democratses hold complete control of government in only six states and in the district of columbia >> the question here, what does it mean for state of the democratic party and how did the republican party rise so quickly? hi, david. >> hi, thanks for having me. >>
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the gop, a lot of people talked about the gop is dead. this is no longer that party. now it's kind of reinvented itself and we're seeing it really happening here. >> well, you know, most of this happened in the elections of 2014 and then 2016 but with the switch of west virginia governor jim justice from the democratic party to the republicans, that ads one more state where republicans can basically make laws without any input from democrats at all. and if you add up the populations of those 26 states, that's just about 48% of the us population right there that is living under, i guess, you'd say, unified or single party republican rule. and it's only about 17%, that includes california, delaware, the district, other places, that are living under single party democratic rule >> i believe a lot of people miss when you talk about state house a
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a lot don't realize or really put the thought into it, that's what leads to restricting. most states you have the legislatures that control restricting so when you have an overwhelming show of support in favor of one party >> like the jerry mandering. >> i'm gary mandering is kind of an overrated issue. they do draw the district lines every ten years when it will be the 2020 election where that's decided. but you know, democrats have to catch up before that if they want to have a voice in that process in the union states >> as we look at the map you see a lot of red and the president likes to remind people how red it was on election day >> it was and it's only getting redder. >> and i wouldn't necessarily say that. first of all, you're going to go see governor's race later in new jersey, and democrats are likely to win that. and that would add some to the total of the s
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and there could be other, you know, washington's state senate might also change hands, there are special elections coming up there. pbut it's still this is -- the extent of the republican party's power at the state level right now is greater than it's been at any point since the the 1920's. it's -- and getting to nearly 50% of the population is kind of almost a milestone here. when you look at things happening in washington, you might think it's strange you have people jumping into the republican party. but i think the trump selection and trump presidency is proven so far, people outside the beltway don't necessarily think about or care about the same things as people on the inside. >> david from the washington examiner >> all politics is local and all weather, tonight some people are dealing with storms as we've seen this time
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last couple nights. >> gwen with what we're looking at >> things kicking up over the north northwest and near the mason dixon line. this is a line of storms starting to fire up ahead of a frontal system created an awful lot of strong storms through areas of the central portion of the country earlier today. so right now we're kind of watching it closely, because before the night is over, we could see some of these impacting the i95 corridor. that frontal system will cross its way tonight and a good news is on the back side of it, we're getting cooler air, it's been hot, sticky, humid and downright uncomfortable. we hit a high of 90 today. but once that front moves through, we're going to get a north northeast westerly flow and he we'll cool down, temperatures will go the opposite direction and go below the seasonal average. so, if you're heading to the beach, that's a good decision, we've got temperatures in the low to mid 80's, could see a few early morning showers on saturday, but after that, it will be plenty of sunshine for you. so 70 for tonight
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we're talking 83 degrees, little windy, the accu-weather seven-day forecast doesn't look too bad either. back to you >> changing the balance of power. >> you heard david ferdosa talk about the west virginia governor. 5at630 coming right back.
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♪ if you're going to be a governor and run for governor, there's no better name than i think jim justice. he's talking about his decision to file forecast flip sides to the gop. the governor made the in and out at a rally in huntington last night. he says he's a real relationship with the president. they know each other and you know they're both billionaire, jim justin is the richest man in west virginia. >> i came here to help and i came here to get something done. and when it came right to crunch
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simple. the democrats walked away from me. i didn't walk away from them. so the switch could affect the reelection chances of democratic senator joe mansion a former governor himself, president trump won 77 of west virginia, covered the state 40 points over hillary clinton and we should point out this is not a big surprise, jim justice was a republican through the years, switched to the democrat party in 2015 >> i think when you ask any west virginiian what do you think? everyone says this was not anything >> you know who runs west virginia? coal. he knows a thing or to. president trump's desire for the border wall between u.s. and mexico inspired two large murals, this is something bench net i can't hugh. an israeli
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wall telling the wall quote i'm going to build i was brother. a dispute over rent forced the secret service out of trump tower in new york. agency have any located in july and relocated to a trailer. it stems from a dispute between the government and the trump organization overtime terms of a lease. it had station the the canon post one flow below the president's condo, was about $130,000 a day? maybe they're better off in a trailer >> you figure at this point, you have milania and barren, relocated >> and the hasn't been back. this is a full time detail. regardless of who's there they're going to be there as if they were. you can understand that as well. >> coming up, spicy may have two left feet, why the former white house secretary said he will not be joining the cast of dancing with the stars when we come back.
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. welcome back, president trump left for a 17-day vacation at his own private golf club in central new jersey. he was just there last month when they hosted the u.s. women's open golf tournament. this is video for weekend and he tweeted a lot about it. for sure. it's his first official vacation, mr. trump spent almost half his weekends as president away from the white house, he won't be the only one taking off. one of the reasons they're doing this, this was kind of done in concert with the vacation, they're going to replace the white house heating and cooling system in the west wing. >> this was going to be a working vacation. most of the presidents done this for the summer >> i will say, the irony here is the number of tweets that when he was a private citizen, mr. trump, was not quite happy when we saw r president obama go off on vacation >> there's a tweet for everything out there. >> you w't
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white house spokes sean spicer on dancing with the stars, tmz reporting he turned down the offer. spicer reportedly said it was due to a quote overwhelmingly number of commitments in the fall. no comment on the report. about a week ago rumors started circulating the network approached spicy and also rulers they had approached the mooch. rick perry did it last year, and >> we know how that ended. >> ended up as energy secretary. >> what are you trying to say >> it was a spring board to something else. carlton from the fresh prince of bel air ended up being host of the >> i wonder how much cash that is >> that's not a job where you make a lot. you leave the government to go make more money. that's what happens former president barack obama celebrating 56th birthday. it's his first since leaving office in january. obamas are reportedly returning to their favorite vacation spot in martha's v
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to celebrate. and here's a tweet from former first lady saying another year older but the same phenomenonal guy i married nearly 25 years ago. happy birthday, barack we love you so much. we're talking popcorn and politics, go hand-in-hand >> i can't wait to see what this represent >> we'll show you when 5at630 comes right back. gypmes right back. gyp this is the moment. the moment you could put yourself in the driver's seat of a new mercedes-benz. come to mgm national harbor and enter the choose your ride giveaway. the more you play, the more chances you earn to win your share of $350,000 in prizes including a new mercedes-benz convertible, sedan or suv.
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taking a load off friday with a little treat presidential popcorn >> rich is the popcorn mogul of the dmv. how are you? >> excellent >> glad to have you. i lot of fact that popcorn has become this big business and you capitalized on it and you got to have a political twist on things. >> from day one we made sure all popcor
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it. capitol car mall. white house white cheddar >> i like this the cheddar is president trump >> it's congressional cheddar mixed with blaze and buffalo, you got cnn action mixed in with congress >> i can reflect jim lokay said that. . >> i've had your buffalo before, tremendous stuff. and that it's a perfect combination. >> what's this? >> dark chocolate kettle corn, one of our number one best selling >> is this bipartisan >> yes, our k street kettle corn, sweet, salted. >> there you go. >> so you have the chicago mix and we've seen it out of chicago. you have a little obama twist on this >> we have the car mall and cheddar known as the chicago mix. when we launched back in 2012, we wanted to actually honor the 45th
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mix. we could have called it jim and marina mix and it would have been the number one best seller. it's the combination of the sweet and savory >> what is your number one >> the obama mix. >> have you sent any to the white house >> we actually got the obama mix into the white house courtesy of one of our customers, who was next door neighbors with then press secretary josh earnest and he went ahead and took it into the white house >> reviews >> thumbs up, we got a letter from barack obama. it's on the wall of fame at popular public headquarters >> as a businessman, starting this business in dc, and, you know, growing, i mean, how is it, has it been easy for you or have you found there's this popcorn market that's untapped popcorn market or was it a tough climb >> i'll tell you what, any business is tough. 90% of businesses fail in the first five years.
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wins the race and that's the approach we've taken over last five years. and we're actually looking at expansion opportunities now, we hope to go nationwide >> you've grown you have a truck, headquarters, tell us about it >> we have a food truck that goes all over downtown dc. we have our website, w >> i'm sure your little bit disappointed sean spicer is leaving because spicy flavor would have been perfect >> there is a mix we're thinking about the mooch mix but only around for ten days. >> love that one, limited edition. >> thanks for coming in. >> thanks so much? appreciate it. thank you guys. >> that's going to wrap it up >> other than you
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let the record reflect, tripping >> i will see you later on tonight. i'll see you on the find 5:00 at 11:30. >> night.
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harvey: this is weird. caitlyn jenner is not letting donald trump's transgender ban get in the way of making america great again. >> she was out in malibu driving a sports car, wearing the make america great again hat. >> which matches the car. harvey: you don't go into your closet and get all of that. >> you don't know. >> ryan reynolds, his trainer for "deadpool 2" posted this photo of him throwing some shade at josh brolin. josh brolin is 49 years old and it says josh, you have more work to do. does it make you guys feel bad? these guys are in their 40's. step it up, man. harvey: jennifer lopez, do you feel bad about yourself? >> i think she's not reliable because she doesn't eat or drink alcohol. no alcohol. >> anthony scaramucci might turn his 15 minutes of fa


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