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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  August 9, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, fire and fury. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. president trump with a blunt warning for north korea. and the this morning yang isn't backing down the latest on the war of words in a live report. outpouring of support for smothers, jr. coming up we'll tell you how you can help. ♪ saying goodbye to the rhinestone cowboy. country star glenn campbell has died after long fight with alzheimer's. we'll take look back at his life and musical legacy and share his widow's message to other caregivers. and later
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dates, and now national infamy. we'll have more on the d.c. date that went viral and why the story still has a happy ending. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ we're just getting started. good day d.c. >> what are you doing allison? >> that song makes me want to do. >> you supposed to bob your head like that. >> you rock it out. you got to do that. good day d.c. it is 9:00 sorry one on this wednesday, august 9th i'm maureen umeh, alongside allison seymour and steve schenn 15 the wisdom martin. holly is off. >> d.c. hospital was ordered to stop baby deliveries and prenatal care. what does it mean for patients in the region? we'll get an update on that story coming up many. >> all right. we're going to talk about the weather at some point this morning because parts of the region feeling like fall early this morning. waking up to temperatures in the 50s. get that in the 50s.
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>> you did. >> on the ground, yes. >> like ten brown leaves. really? >> um-hmm. >> summer is over for at least one part of the region. meanwhile culpeper county schools back in session this morning. back in session. school is back in culpeper county. tucker barnes will be back with a check of the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. we were talking about it earlier glad to see the kids back in school. it seems too early for me. >> yeah. >> not unless they're getting out of school the first week of may. >> a month before labor day. >> almost. >> my nieces down south are already back. >> what? >> did they have break at all. >> i don't know. and i don't care. just go back. >> stop it. >> just go back. >> stop it. >> let's check out the big story at 9:00, though. new tensions between the united states and north korea after another war of words from president donald trump and kim jong-un the two nations edging closer to conflict this morning. after that fire and fury warning from the commander in chief of the united states yesterday, yang answered with another threat this one against the us
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thousands of americans live. overnight officials in guam have been reassuriing residents of that pacific island and our melanie alnwick is live on capitol hill with all the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning allison. and this morning on a flight back to malaysia way stop over in guam, secretary of state rec tillerson urged calm and said americans including those living on guam should stay calm and can sleep well at night. he dismissed trump's fiery language as just trump sending a clear message to north korea. usb1 bombers quickly make their way from south dakota to guam the pentagon positioning major u.s. military assets following president trump's blunt warning to north korea. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> reporter: the president
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carefully drive the threat home. mimicking north korea's own rhetoric. that's on day with two major developments concerning the north. a pentagon assessment that the country can now produce a miniature arrived nuclear war head to mary to its inter continental ballistic technology allowing them to annihilation us cities and another north korean threat to attack guam. leading the governor there to try the calm the island. >> an tack or threat on guam is a threat or attack on the united states. they have said that america will be defended report roar as the north has been testing its lo long-range missiles the us has been testing its own anti missile systems but with mixed results. un sanctions effort over the week weeknd may only go so far. best op shop would seem to involve pressuring china to lean on north korea. >> this is very much a showdown with china we're not worried about north korea in zen. they cannot stand up to the international community if they didn't have backing. >> reporter: then there's the question of kim
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how far will he go? because any north korean launch would almost certainly invite a u.s. counter strike. >> there is always a military option. that's why you pay $600 billion a year. um -- [ laughter ] >> to have military option it is an ugly, ugly option. >> reporter: and lawmakers back home during this august recess are weighing on this some of them calling the president's words reckless, blustery and provocative and possibly bringing the us closer to serious confrontation. guam delegate feels confident her island will be protected and safe. live on capitol hill, mel 93 alnwick fox5 local news. >> and thanks mel. this morning there's more president trump doubling down on his comments about north korea on twitter this morning. the president wrote "my first order as president was to renovate and modernize our nuclear arsenal. it is now far stronger and more powerful than ever
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not long after that he tweeted once again, hopefully we will never have to use this power, but there will never be a time that we are not the most powerful nation in the world. ♪ 90:00 sick is the time. breaking news from france at the moment. police in france have arrest add man after a group of soldiers run down in suburb of parrotries this morning. six soldiers were hit. two of them very seriously hurt. the vehicle took off and authorities launched massive manhunt for that car and its driver. right now, there's no word if the suspect is in custody -- suspect in custody is the driver. witnesses say the vehicle appeared to target the soldiers and the mayor of that suburb says, this was quote without a doubt deliberate. soldiers hurt are part of a security force created in the wake of several extremist attacks in france in 2015. steve? >> let's bring it back home talk about what we were talking off the top of the show. developing story about local hospital in washington, d.c. the labor unit at united medical center in southeast shut down this morni
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d.c. health department gave the order to stop delivering babies and giving prenatal care for at least 90 days. the impact of this shut down could be potentially devastating to people living in the area. >> i'm award eight member -- resident, and advocate for ward eight. i wouldn't want to see anything closed down in our neighborhood we need everything that we can possibly have. >> yes. >> in ward eight. >> especially for that long umc reportedly working oh and plan to improve services in the labor unit but it's still in the clear exactly why the unit had to be totally shut down. council member and former mayor vince gray issued a statement saying "communication by the executive branch has been unacceptablely non exist tepp. i am incredibly concerned that residents on the east end of the district no longer have the option to have their babies delivered at an east end hospital. it is far pastime to finally bring health equity to the east end of the city "that's what the former mayor had to say and by executive branch he's taking that to the current mayor taking her to task. >>
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all right. steve, thank you. okay. happening today, at 9:07, flags in maryland are flying at half staff in honor of a fallen soldier. this xavier alec martin he died back in june when the us navy destroyer he was on collided with a container ship off the coast of a zsa zsa pan. you'll remember that accident. he was from hail thorpe maryland he will be late to rest at arlington national cemetery today. sick other soldiers died in that crash on the high seas and investigation is still underway. also, happening today, crowds of people are gathering right now in support of d.c. firefighter who was injured on the job. now we gave you preview of the special breakfast fundraiser yesterday and this morning the outpouring of support is tremendous. annie yu live at the event in southeast were where people have been lining up for hours now. annie, i see you're amongst very good company. >> reporter: i am. i am. it has been an an amazing turn out so far. this is going on until noon i suspect a lot of these folks will be sticking around even longer in the day. but basically, we're out here at tune in restaurant
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now until noon. they're offering special breakfast. this is all in honor of dane smothers, jr., of course the young rookie d.c. firefighter critically injured on the job nearly a week ago after being pinned between two fire department vehicles. still fighting for his life. we understand he remains in icu in critical condition. so everybody under this roof and beyond just pulling for him, and what's tremendous, guys, we have firefighters from all over the d.c. region and beyond. even baltimore county, baltimore city fire department. we've got prince george's county representing as well as d.c. fire. bill keenan this is chris and ryan cipel. all of you here for a fellow brother. tell us what brought you here. >> just being close knit group, um, one much our brothers when they go down we all try to support everybody. >> reporter: that's right. and you made -- did you ride the train down here this morning. >> group of us came down from union this morning we wanted to show our spo
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metropolitan area people live everywhere. so there's a lot of dc guys live in baltimore. we all know each other much guys that are good friends of mine new him and, you know, we try to keep in touch and look out for each other. >> reporter: bill, you act actually new his uncles because dane' twos uncles are currently d.c. firefighters. so you personally know them. >> that's correct. i work with them. i don't know them personally but i've seen them on scenes and calls and i know of them, and a lot of the firemen here are multi generational firefighters. so, um, we're just out here to show our support for the smothers family we're keeping them in our prayers. >> reporter: what's clear no matter which engine company you belong to, you're all brothers, and pulling for him, and so here's how it work. if you can make it out at the door you pay $20 and you'll get this wrist ban this will get you all you can eat breakfast. there's drink specials available. it's basically happy hour right now, and so this place has been around for 70 years.
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firefighters. so it is jam packed in here. it's going to be this way all day long. so come on by. and we have seen people who aren't actually coming in stopping by to just donate money. so that's beautiful thing. if you can't make it out here always the gofundme site. let's show that to you now. it's a website that you can go to and donate whatever you can and all of this money, all of the proceeds going to his family to help with anything that they may need. so guys, it's wonderful thing ham happening out here. tremendous turnout. back in to you. >> looking a the that page just a little over $7,000 reaching for ten. come on guys, we can do this. that familiar confidential sure use your help. >> all right. >> it's heartb heartbreaking. first fire, too. >> right. >> critically injured. >> get well soon, please. summer still has few weeks left but it is over at least, you know, summer break for kids in culpeper county headed ba tock school today. >> it was feeling a little fall& like early this morning when we woke up for work. tucker has the first check of the forecast. it's crazy, tuck, you have kids in maryland a full month awa
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this is maybe the weather we might expect more in september than the beginning of august. >> right. we'll probably flip things around and it will be 94 degrees when everybody else goes back to school in early september usually the way it works. but we're not complaining. absolutely beautiful early this morning. 50's off to the north and west culpeper in the 50's. mid 60s here in the city. 73 at reagan national. winds out of the north here at . second miles an hour. you know what, going to be an absolutely beautiful day. get out enjoy it if you can. mid 80 force daytime highs. not a lot of humidity and a nice dry afternoon expected. and quiet satellite picture we have this morning. high pressure back into ohio going to build right overhead later today and for us that means just a few fair weather clouds. those cumulus puffy clouds we get in the summertime. but no build up to them we're not expecting any thunderstorm activity later today. and a quiet afternoon in the mid atlantic really new england, mid atlantic, getting it down to the carolinas to find cloud cover and rain showers along the coast there. all right. forecast it's a good one. 85 sunshine,
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tonight. overnight lows back into the 50s and 60s and then we do have some changes by the end of the week details on that in just a couple of minutes, guys. i'll toss it back to you. >> tuck, thanks very much. all right. in the news also this morning, the nationwide opioid epidemic hitting maryland very hard. now the free state is fighting back. a little later bob barnard will join us live for major announcement from the governor down in saint mary's county. first, though, a new name for a local sports landmark and concert venue and all that we'll tell you about it next. it is now 9:13. ♪ ♪♪ make fit happe
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>> we've got breaking news from d.c. sports scene apparently it's time to say goodbye to the verizon center. score! in the heart of the greater washington, d.c. region, a super city with a global reach. >> effective immediately the home to the wizards caps and mystics and valor as well will be capital one arena. monumental sports end inter many which owns and operates the facility make the switch official today. signs will change this fall. it's not known how much the capitol one weighed paid for the naming rights. this will be the third name change for the chinatown
9:17 am
facility. it opened as the mci center back in 1997. >> the person who writes the biggest check. >> that's pretty much it. in when the contract is up. >> i thought the business journal said $100 million over ten years. >> is that what it is? >> i'm -- i read it. i don't recall where i read it because i read a thousand thing in the last 15 minutes. >> that is big money. >> i thought it was in that neighbor. is it, though? i think $10 million a year for that much publicity is not that much money. >> you don't think so i do. every time -- of time they put it on tv they're little ads are out there. >> but that's what i mean i think it's a great investment. >> gotcha. >> for $10 million when you talk about marketing money because it's out there all the time. that's why corporations want to make sure that you get the name out there and it doesn't become caps a ren in a. you know it's not capitol one center. they don't want to go back to cap center. >> that's true. >> cap arena, who knows what people will call it they like the full name. >> i remember back in the old days it was just like you said it was a caps arena or whatever it was and then at some point they started sli
9:18 am
and making even more money. >> nationals park they've been trying. they haven't found the right bidder yet to put name on nationals park. >> i would hate to see that i like it old school. i understand that money goes a long way. >> got to get that money. >> all right. >> speaking of money -- bruno mars tickets still good. >> still good. >> i don't care what it's ca called. >> reissue all of them with the new name. >> capitol one. >> i'm playing al. they're still good. >> all right. i got news from over here. fallout continues stemming from a d.c. police officer's t-shirt that some say was racist and incentive. dc police are conducting an internal investigation now. they say the controversy has already led to one case against a convicted criminal being dismissed. now many other cases could be called no question, too. fox5's evan lambert reports. this could involve hundreds of cases potentially. >> reporter: criminal defense david ben know witnesses says one d.c. police officer's to wear a t-shirt has racist
9:19 am
hundreds of cases and that could potentially put violent criminals back on the streets. we've already seen it happen once. since an officer on 7d so called power shift was photographed wearing the t-shirt. according to a court transcript of an august 1st hearing, judge mary beth, dismissed a case against 24-year-old carlos johnson. he was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and arrested by members of the small power shift unit which patrols high crime areas. johnson was already on probation for a felony assault with dangerous weapon convict involving a gun. johnson's public defender raised the issue of the shirt. the idea behind it raising questions over whether or not the officers on the unit police based on racial bias. that led to the judge's eventual decision to dismiss the case without prejudice. which means the government could charge him again. >> i'm absolutely taking that example that i've seen and using that for my own purposes. >> reporter: ben know
9:20 am
attorney will bring up the controversial shirt in cases where officers from that specific unit have arrested their clients and point to credibility issues for those officers. >> juries are dependent been that officer's credibility. judges are dependent on that credibility. the whole system is dependent in a certain sense upon that credibility. and this type of alleged activity depending how deep it goes threatens that foundation. >> tuesday dc police chief peter newsham said he was disappointed in the judge's decision to dismiss the case against joh johnson. he says, an internal investigation is underway and promises to find out how many people were involved in buying and wearing the shirts. >> we're going to take look to see if it was more than one officer. what the inn at the present time of the off officers were they we wearing it and if there were any supervisory issues that need to be addressed. >> evan lambert reporting. chief newsham says right now there's no evidence that officers involved in the dismissed case had any role in the t-shirt. 20 past the hour now
9:21 am
ahead malia obama caught on camera carted away from big music festival in chicago. we'll go live to tmz fourths details. erin, what are you working on? >> parts of houston are underwater after heavy rains and bad news nor disney fans who use netflix. good news for anyone playing the lottery. we have a check on headlines coming up next.
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headlines this morning. erin. >> maureen, this morning we'll begin in chain n desperate search underway for survivors after a powerful earthquake killed at least thrown people and injured nearly 200 others at least five of the dead were tourists. dogs and generators arrived oh and seen overnight to help witness rescue efforts. residents in houston texas are picking up the pieces this morning after powerful flooding struck the area yesterday. crews spent most of the day making water rescues after dozens of drivers were left stranded in hoy water. several serious injuries were also reported but fortunately there were no deaths. all right. if you forgot to buy mega millions ticket last night it's your lucky day. no one won the $352 million jackpot. here's the winning numbers. 11, 17, 50, 52, 74, mega ball 14. the next drawing is friday and is now worth, get this, $382 million. just a friendly reminder the thee
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drawing tonight. that jackpot has been growing since june and i think i need to buy a ticket. listen to this disney lovers much disney cutting ties with netflix for whole new world. disney going to start its own streaming nervous expected to launch in 2019. disney content including pixar movies will be moved off netflix by next year and even future some of the disney's planned big box release that is year including toy story four, frozen two and live action version of the lion king. finally harlem globetrotters taking their trick to new heights. seriously. harlem globetrotter star bowl bowl lard making a trick shot look at this video in a helicopter. he tosses the ball while hovering over 200 feet in the air over new jersey amusement park. the ball out of the helicopter there incredible. bowl lard decides to take on the challenge to top the epic trick shot he made last summer at the sky coaster the same mews many park. how
9:26 am
like that. with the wind i'm super blown away. >> did he call bang, though? >> that's a good point. if you don't call bank it doesn't count. >> it doesn't count. >> i'm going to need the audio from the cockpit of the helicopter. >> fair enough. i'm still impressed. >> wow. >> i'm mildly impressed. >> yeah. >> if nothing but net i'd be fully impressed. >> he blew that. >> it is amazing. erin is right i don't know how you practice for that. not like you can rent heli helicopter. let's go up and practice. >> how do they do any of crazy shots they do. >> shots from the rafters. >> incredible. >> skills. >> they got the touch. >> clearly. music world loft another legend i think it's safe to say when you're in the music business for 50 years you sell 40 million albums, you're legendary status. rhinestone cowboy has passed on. well take look back at glenn campbell's live and legacy. >> tucker barnes coming back with a check of the seven day want to expect when we head down to culpeper this friday for our next zip trip. fresh at 10a, miss steel ya girl we'll tell you how one d.c. woman's bad day turned in an inte
9:27 am
girlfriends. four of them pictured right there. plus david letterman didn't stay on the side lines for too long. just two years after signing off on the late show, the -- i was about to say the beard. the beard is coming back. this time to the small screen. once again wait until you hear what he's going to be doing. and fox's answer to american idol. the network set to debut an all new talent show with wasn't big twist. we're going to have the details in the celebrity dish. plus, gabrielle union explains what keeps her motivated to stay in shape. we're going to share that with dish nation's porsha williams poverty tails. what was that, wiz. >> hmm. >> i'm not mad. i'll say it too. hmm. >> i'm not mad either. >> 9:27. we'll be right back.
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♪ >> oh yeah. >> nice. i like that. >> isn't it nice. >> downpour your love out on me baby. i like that. use that today when i get home. >> okay. >> one of those artist when you go back to the catalog oh, yeah n-1. >> what was the song we were talking about earlier al. >> southern nights. southern nights another classic. then you hear it. you're just like i like that one. too. music world mourning a legend iconic singer glenn campbell one of the first really crossover artists to go from country to pop music back in the '70's. glenn campbell died after long battle with alzheimer's disease something he's been fighting for eight years. ashley dvorkin with the live and
9:31 am
♪ >> reporter: country legend glenn campbell famous for classic hits like "rhinestone cowboy". >> ♪ >> reporter: and wichita lineman died on tuesday. a statement from campbell's family read "it is with heaviest of the hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved husband, father, grandfather and legendary singer and guitarist glenn travis campbell at the age of 81". following his long and courageous battle with alzheimer's disease. adding the family appreciates your prayers and respect for their privacy at this time. >> campbell released more than 70 albums. he won six grammys and a cma entertainer of the year award. his crossover fame into the pop world also expanded to movies. co-starring with john wayne in 1969's
9:32 am
>> i reckon i must have the wrong man. >> reporter: he host add weekly tv show from 1969 to 1972 called "the glenn campbell good time hour". in 2005 he was voted into the country music hall of fame. seven years later, he received a grammy for lifetime achievement. in 2011 campbell revealed he had alzheimer's disease. but he continued to record and perform in concert. the 2014 documentary i'll be me followed his battle with the disease on his farewell tour. he won a grammy for the film song i'm not going to miss you. just this past june, he and his family released a farewell album called adios. his long-time friend and producer carl jackson told fox, it was songs glenn had always loved but had never had the opportunity to record. at that time his daughter ashley spoke about a lesson she learned from her father. >> the main thing i think i've taken from watching my dad
9:33 am
his life on and off stage is authenticity and he actually told me one time, he said, be a super person and the super star will follow. so that's something i've really taken to heart. >> ♪ >> reporter: glenn campbell surveillance video by his wife kim, his eight chirp and ten grandchildren. >> wow. >> you heard ashley talk about glenn campbell's daughter ashley who paid tribute to her late father on twitter wis this picture. the caption reads heart broken, i owe him everything i am and everything i will ever be. he will be remembered so well and with so much love. before his death his widow kim also shared very special message with other alzheimer's caregivers. you are not alone. glenn campbell was 81 years old. it's face 98ing, too, he wrote that -- the album she was talking about adios, you know n came out just last
9:34 am
but a few years before that, he wrote and recorded another album that he thought would be his last because he knew his condition was deteriorating and he said he still wanted to get messages out there and a lot of them very personal and quite sad, but he still wanted to express himself. then he lived long enough to still put a follow-up to that out. >> um-hmm. >> i love his transparency and his honesty and just he's he's a hero in that regard to be open about going through something like this a lot of families want to insulate. >> he'll be missed. >> families are going through it. >> indeed. great message by his wife as well. >> all right. rest in peace glenn campbell. >> thanks for the music. >> tucker barnes up next with a check of our forecast. cooler day today but probably shaping up to be great day. >> yeah. i mean, by cooler you mean 85. i mean -- >> yeah. >> it's not going to be a cool afternoon it will be perfect afternoon, maureen. >> yay! >> wahoo! >> that's all i get. wahoo!? >> that's better. all right. little enthusiasm. it is going to be perfect afternoon. here's why. lots of
9:35 am
>> now it's overkill. >> lots of sunshine, low humidity and storm free later today. all right. let's see if we can fine temperatures again. 73 now in washington. quantico 73. leonardtown 72. north and west we had lots of 50s this morning. my morning shout out goes to culpeper i'll see you friday morning 71 degrees. you were in the 50s earlier this morning, hagerstown, win chef, gaithersburg waking up with temperatures in the 50s a few hours ago. all right. i don't have much to talk about here this is what you call quiet. here in washington, baltimore, within everybody looking at bright sunshine. high pressure off to our west is building across the area, and it will deliver perfect afternoon. sunshine, low humidity for this time of year, and a storm free afternoon. so if you have afternoon, evening plans, want to dine outdoors, i think it will be comfortable, little later this afternoon with high pressure overhead. again this weather pattern a little unusual for this point in august. august. humidity and temperatures warm they are than wha
9:36 am
mid 80s high pressure builds overhead and gets offshore tomorrow and then we'll start to warm it up a little bit and we'll start to notice the humidity creeping back with a chance of some showers and storms by end of the week much this is franklin. still tropical storm but it is centered over some very warm waters in the what allison? >> bay of campise! >> thank you for playing along. i know i won't make do you that again tomorrow. >> thank you. >> like our geography lesson for the day this is mexico and secondary landfall here in mexico going to be i think major rain event there as it moves inland likely as category one hurricane late tonight early tomorrow. of course, we've got to watch locally the potential forget if it develops at least one of the compute models trying to give us tropical storm off the carolina coast early next week. stay tune. we'll watch that and see if it happens. >> 85 today. sunny and nice gorgeous tonight. pleasant overnight. 50's. 60s by tomorrow morning in the tomorrow looks good with clouds late and friday, saturday, sunday, monday, unsettled, guys, that means it will rain at some po
9:37 am
back to you. >> all right. thank you tucker. 9:00 arthritic is the time right now. the opioid epidemic kills 142 americans every day. it's only getting worse and if there's not aggressive solution to fix the problem, it could be absolutely disastrous. yesterday president trump promised to beat the opioid epidemic during briefing with health and human services tom price and another administration officials president trump emphasized a law and order approach instead of new treatment or social programs. despite recommendation from his commission. president trump declined to declare a state of emergency to fight epidemic. just last week attorney attorney general jeff sessions assigned 12 prosecutors to crack down on medical professional who's loose the prescribe the pain meds. governor hogan will make big announcement in the fight against drug overdoses and fox5's bob barnard is live in saint mary's county with that story. good morning, bob. >> reporter: maureen, good morning to you. you talk about a law and order approach. governor hogan will be here in leonardtown in just about
9:38 am
mary's county sheriff, the saint mary's county state's attorney and maryland state police the indictments against these six individuals. four men and two women on murder charges. they're going after the sus suspected drug dealers. the opioid crisis is hitting this area. this part of southern maryland as well as everywhere else in the country, and basically what they're going to announce is that they are cracking down on these at least for now these six individuals because there have been already 14 deaths from heroin or opioids here in saint mary's county this year. 11 men and three women have died. there have been 106 overdoses already. and so at the end of a long-term investigation what they're calling a long-term investigation they are anno announcing second degree murder manslaughter and reckless endangerment charges against these six individuals which is basically according to officials here in saint mary's county just the
9:39 am
order approach toward this crisis which is obviously having a toll here not only in southern maryland but around the state and around the country and so governor hogan will be here shortly to help announce these arrests to try to get the word out that we're not only trying to -- the authorities are not only trying to help those who are suffering but going after the dealers as well. guys? >> all right. bob barnard with that update today. looking forward to hearing from the governor later. >> need multi layered approach to combat that problem from medical side of things to the dealer side of things. it's getting help for these who are a dicked. >> former first daughter caught on camera living it up and partying down. we'll go live to tmz for more on malia's obama time at la-la palooza. taylor swift's groping trial as the case enters day number three. what's the latest? we'll find out from tmz next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ in your cup. former first daughter caught on camera. day three of taylor swift's groping trial. >> for details on those stories and more we turn to tmz's van rantham. live in los angeles. good morning to you van. we want to start off with the taylor swift story. this is a story we've been covering all week long. taylor swift wants one dollar to put this story on the map to open upis
9:43 am
essentially talk about what the latest is with the court and what's been happening with the trial. >> yeah, trial began tuesday. like we expected like everyone expected it's become the hottest ticket in town. we haven't seen any real dramatics out of the trial just yet. i guess, the biggest bombshell was the amount of her counter suit like you said it was one buck. she's obviously trying to send a strong message. listen, it's going to be a real challenge to keep her celebrity out of this. people are hounding the courtroom. there's an over know room where people are kind of going into. they're trying to figure out how in the world they're going to accommodate all these people that want to see taylor swift an jury of people there not going sort of be influenced by her unbelievable success celebrity. it's going to be hard pressed to find but listen david mueller says
9:44 am
the butt grab ruined his career. taylor swift it's one of the most dramatic things that ever happened in her life. a lot at stake here in this trial. we'll keep you up to date as things unfold. >> we had heard she would take the stand at some point. do we have any better timetable as to when that might happen? >> no. we don't have that timetable, and the people that are trying to watch don't either so they're just showing up day after day hoping that taylor swift will get on the stand but we're not quite sure when that's going to happen. but doesn't expect to be a long trial. it should be sometime soon. >> van, how many people can actually get into the courtroom to watch the trial? >> not a lot. 32 or so? >> like their something. >> 32. 32 available per day. 32 available as s not a lot of people. they start showing up there early on to kind of get their spot in line. only loo people that can get there per day. >> that's like less than the front row of a concert. >> sounds like people are sleeping out like comicon. >> right. it's
9:45 am
studies class or something like that. [ laughter ] >> 32 kids at least where i'm from. >> that's insane moving on now the usher lawsuit. this is obviously a huge story women claiming that he allegedly gave them genital herpes. talk about specifically what's happening with the most recent allegation here and also usher saying that particular person is not his type. >> yeah. sharpton one of the ladies part of the new conference with lisa bloom made allegations against usher. usher telling people in his inner circle that he no way shape or form was ever with her sesexually hadn't any type of sexual intercourse with her he may have pull her up on stage to do his whole kind of -- usher does a part in the show he does a break down sexy moment with fan. we've seen this before. other people do this. he may have done that. but as far as anything more than that, really kind of not
9:46 am
have done. he's categorically denying he would have been with miss sharpton. >> all right. we'll see where that one ends up in the meantime end it with malia obama. la-la palooza. we were talking earlier van. it's one thing to celebrate and get caught on camera celebrating where is that friend that was like, hey, malia, you might want to real this one back a little bit the cameras are out there? >> yeah, she obviously ain't got noun of those friends. [ laughter ] >> they was getting -- she was wilding out la-la palooza. listen, we got video of her looking a little bit dazed being driven away the whole thing but i will caution people on this. malia obama is a young pup much she's a little girl. she's grown but we're talking about a teenager here. so being the fact she's a teenager she's going to party and have a little bit of fun. doesn't seem to be anything out of control and crazy just yet. just seems to be somebody out there partying and stuff man. >> yeah. that's what i look
9:47 am
i don't know why it's such a huge story. because of her name. >> she's a little dazed. >> statue. >> we don't even know, i mean she probably was just tired. do we even know what was going on specifically. >> could have been exhaustion. could have been dehydration. there's no indication of anything sal laying or anything out of the ordinary crazy she was doing. just kind of looks like a situation where she was out there partying a little bit. maybe needed extra help. by the way if i was the ex president's kid i would want to have people waiting on me if i had had, you know, a little bit too much fun out the day before. nothing wrong with what's going on with malia. >> do you know what band she was particularly rocking out to? anything she's particularly a favorite of? >> it was the killers. >> hmm. >> the killers what her going crazy. >> nice. >> around the ground i will say this her dance skills we need to be concerned about at this point. [ laughter ] >> i feel like, there's one thing to take away from whole thing maybe we need a couple of things. mali
9:48 am
>> maybe she realized that. i'm going to end it here. give me the golf cart. we're going to put an end to this. >> you know what, send her down to the campus of howard shout out to howard down here. >> hey. >> let her hank outwit kids at howard. she needs a little bit of help in that arena. >> van we love talking to you my friend hopefully we'll do so again soon. we'll it there today for now. we'll see you this afternoon. >> thanks, van. >> no problem. of course you can see van and the rest of the tmz crew 3:00 and 7:00 right here on f fox5. >> i'm going to guess she was tired. >> we'll go with that. >> that's just my guess. >> not an excuse for horrible dance moves. >> right. but she looks a little bit daze. >> not an excuse for those horrible dance moves. those are unacceptable dance moves. >> can you do better. >> absolutely i can. have you not seen -- >> i'd love no to see you dance. >> there's no music. if there was i would l i would show you. >> ♪ >> not that. >> the killers. >> this the killers. this is what she was dance to. >> it is not the killers
9:49 am
>> give me -- >> you're so confuse. >> something with a little more bass and a little bit more treble. maybe i could do a little something. in the meantime 9:48 is the t time. >> motley crew. >> coming up the ultimate sports cross over. what happened when the redskins hit the race track. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪♪ >> head bang, wisdom. head bank. ♪ >> kick start your heart. get your crew on. ♪ at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag.
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♪ >> there he is. >> you guys can go home now. wisdom has done his move. >> let's do some sports right now. good day sports reports and first up, nats. looking to get back on track after dropping game two in this week's home series witness marlins. it happens today. all right. aj cole on the mound for the nats. strong early but gives up homerun in the fourth to tie the game. then in the fifth, jim carlos stanton takes a fast pitch fast ball from cole deep for three run homer. miami wins this 17-three. geo gonzales against the starts. >>
9:53 am
panic with a team that's 20 games over 500 that's the sports culture we're in these days. >> in this area you got always got your hasn't on the panic button even when you're in first place. next up -- >> for good reason. >> you know, we've been through this several times before. >> i'm just saying. next up the ultimate sports cross over nascar meets the nfl. dane earnhardt jr. treated redskins to day they'll never forget. earnhardt is a big big fan of the redskins he took them out on the race track for an exciting day and racing in return the redskins brought him to training camp later that afternoon. hanging out with the redskins. his team. checking out super -- >> high a chance to talk about dale earnhardt about his love for the redskins. man, he is not just a casual f fan. >> he's like all in. >> i talked to him right before the season was about to start two seasons ago and he was breaking down the depth chart. >> is that right? >> it was like oh, well, ooh it mean that if this guys goes down this guy is here to back
9:54 am
up. i can eye like how they're deep here. he's all in. he never liked getting the spoiler alerts when he was during race. that's like our play off run. >> really. >> sometimes on sunday afternoon i just had to know. i have the pitt crew give me little bug in my ear. >> wow. >> he's deep. >> he's all in on the skins. >> i said to you this morning i had no idea he was skins fan. i mean -- >> he grew up in north carolina. when he grew up there -- >> carolina wasn't there. you were either a falcons fan or redskins fan if you grew up in carl china. he said he was very happy but he said as kid he had always redskins gear. when he and his friends were eight years old playing in the backyard he had enough redskins jerseys for everybody. his whole team of neighborhood buddies allred skins fans. >> that's sun peer cool. >> redskins good old days. >> that helped, too. >> that helped. >> if you had to pick between winning washington football team ant lanta team back then. >> those were not good years. >> easy. easy. finally check this out. patriots showing off their new team airplanes. >>
9:55 am
>> tweeting out overnight customized with the team logo. >> planes, yeah. team logo and five lombardi trophies on the tail one used as the main plane to find the team to away games. other will be a backup plane much that's how you know you are big time, a main plane and backup plane. they're the first nfl team to purchase their own plane. most other teams book charter flights. >> i thought daal ross would have beat them to the punch. >> in the battle of the owners the craft family took the lead there. i got in a fight with allison earlier about this. >> about? >> because i said where they put the trophies on the tail, they didn't leave room for another trophy. >> for another one. >> if they win another super bowl they'll have repaint that part of the plane. >> that's true or they could leave it like that and put it on the back-up plane. put the new trophy on the back-up plane. >> you go the to if you it on both. >> like on the nose of it. al washington do you say. >> i think i heard steve be smirching my character. >> i wasn't be smirching you at all. >> i was talking about our gentle
9:56 am
>> i sea we have a lack of consciousness as my dad would say. like poor people you take -- cover up all those lombardi statutes and lee do it. >> i understand that. >> make them smaller. >> they're playing into my point al. my point was not you have to redo it you can't add another one on there. >> sure. they got two planes you think they care about that. >> they got money. >> tom brady old man and they're not going to win another one. >> there you go. for shadowing. >> 19-zero this year. >> they're supposed to go 91 919-zero every year. let the pundants tell it. >> brady is also 40. >> at least they got planes. much month are to come on good day. porsha williams dishing with us celebrity style. >> brie larson woody harrelson is in now movie called the glass castle. were we had the author of the book the glass castle. now we get to talk to the stars. >> our girl shawn yancy about to host her next girls out extravaganza. do you have your tickets yet. we'll let you know in
9:57 am
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>> good day at 10a the show that will never stand you up. >> one local guy would. he set up six dates on the same night at the same d.c. bar. the ladies were quick to figure it out and they're sharing their story. >> serena williams sharing how she feels about becoming a mom next month what she said has a lot of people upset this mor morning. >> actress gabrielle union is dishing on how she stays in shape and t
10:01 am
that gives her motivation. >> how about girls night out. >> fox5's shawn yancy is here inviting to you great party for a great cause. count it down. good day 10a starts now. ♪ >> oh my gosh allison saturday will be so lit. >> i can't wait. do you have your ticks yet? >> we're going to shawn yancy's girls night out. >> shawn yancy. >> oh, my goodness. >> look whose here. >> listen, why did i for real just get goosebumps were she turned around. >> we've got celebrity in the hasty can walk amongst celebrities when you come to girls night out. we'll get pampered, we're going to shop we'll do it all for a good cause this is the must see must go to event of the season. shawn yancy you'll tell us all about it. >> all about it coming up. >> yayy! >> tickets still available. >> do we dolled up like you. >> minute me makeovers coming you. >> i definitely need it. >> can i get dolled up. i need a makeup refresher. >> wis wants to be dolled up.
10:02 am
>> girls night out but men, you need a night out, too. you're welcome. >> um-hmm. >> talk all about it. >> well done. >> that was tyler perry would be proud. >> he's the only one that would be proud. i watched the have and have nots and i saw you two. >> we're have not. >> isn't tyler perry's girls night out in pre production. >> i think the movie is on its way. >> starting casting right now. >> good night. thanks for sticking around for the 10a. i'm steve alongside allison, maureen and wisdom. holly is off to today. >> first day in culpeper county. up and at them. early start out there. early in the morning for used to summer vacation and earlier in the school year i mean it's hard to believe what is it aug august 9th today. >> yes. >> that first day back is -- it could be a hard transition. >> out of school before memorial day. so that's the balance of it all. culpeper don't cry for us too much. >> wait a minute. let me ask ya'll a question. >> am i the only one
10:03 am
coming up. >> i think you were. >> no my girls are excited to go back. > yeah. >> when i was coming up, i was like i'm ready to go. >> i was excited because i mean don't get me wrong i enjoyed summer more than i enjoyed the school year, but growing up rural area like you didn't see your friends. i literal woman see maybe two or three friends the entire summer. so it was kind of cool doing back and see everybody. >> i'd be panicked i hadn't done the ten book reports i was supposed to do. the final week i'm reading ten books cliff notes. >> it's a good shut down witness kids right now. mom, how about you get on that book you're supposed to read. >> that's right. >> it's like, you know. shuts them down. i hear you. montgomery county doesn't good back until after labor day. >> that's right. >> september 5th i believe. >> they can they extended it this year. >> culpeper -- >> soon enough. >> if you have book to school picks send them to us fox5 first day. we'll do this when the districts start heading back. a month long process before everybody gets back to school. >> before we check what's trending erin como i
10:04 am
headlines this morning. >> that's right. secretary of state rex tillerson says does he not believe there's any eminent threat from north korea and americans should sleep well at night. this comes after a reports that north korea's army says it's examining its operational plans for attacking guam. the us territory is home to anderson air force base. the threat was in response to president trump's warning north korea they would face "fire and fury" if they make more threats to the us. happening right now, crowds of people are gathering in support of a d.c. firefighter injured on the job. the tune in restaurant in southeast hosting a breakfast fun riser this morning for firefighter dane smother, jr., and outpouring of support is tremendous. smother social security still in critical condition after being struck by a ladder truck. the proceeds will help his family with medical expenses and the fundraiser goes until noon today. so you still have time to stop by. some sad news in the music world. iconic country singer glenn campbell has p
10:05 am
age of 81. rhinestone cowboy and southern night singer had long battle with amount alzheimer's. he was diagnose with the disease around six years. his family, fans and fellow celebrity took to social media to express their deepest sympathies. tiger woods will enter diversion program aft pleading not guilty to dui charge in florida. attorney entered the flee on his behalf this morning. the 41-year-old was arrest evidence after police found him asleep of the we'll of his car back in may. part of me deal prosecutors are going to drop the dui charge but woods will have to plead guiltyy a year's probation. the search is on for a jogger who pushed a woman in front of a bus in the uk. take a look at that video on your screen the whole thing was caught on camera. the jogger scene running across a bridge the woman walking in the opposite direction and then he pushes her. thankfully the bus was able to stop in time. the incident did happen back in may but so far no arrests have been made
10:06 am
finally, dinosaur news. move over t rex new study just proclaimed a newly named dinosaur species the heavy weight champion it's called pat at a go titan mayhem. at 76 tons it's as heavy as a space shuttle. the dinosaur's' sills were found in southern argentina in 2012. researchers say the long necked creature was the biggest of a group of large dinosaurs. titan know sawyer russ. look at that neck. >> wow. i wonder what the view is up like there. >> you get an a for pronouncing that. >> where are the pronouncers at 4:00 when i totally massacred it. >> he's not around hear. >> call them titans. >> it was a little tricky. >> not here to explain. >> thanks erin. >> thank you. it is amazing. if you saw something anything close to that walking dow
10:07 am
>> time to run. they can't chase you. they're too slow. clear physical they're that big they're not going to catch you. >> clearly. >> evolution just to think that is what was roaming this earth. just amazing. >> unbelievable. >> amazing. >> seven past the hour. let's check what's trending on this wednesday morning. first up a guy from our area making headlines for the lengths he went through to find love or maybe he just wanted to feel like a study because he booked six dates. >> or be a jerk. >> maybe. >> you're done. >> sick dates in one night at the tame bar. is that good planning? yeah if you want to get trending on social media sure it is. if that's not enough of a sitcom scenario all the girls eventually caught on to it. probably because there were seven people in the entire bar. >> we're here to see wisdom. >> date number one tweeted the whole chain of events when her date was over she was heading out trucks ton in d.c. she writes 45 minutes in and his next date shows up. little bit later she posted and then the third girl showed up. all three girls -- >> hanging at the bar. >> her part of the date didn't go so well
10:08 am
>> why she hanging out? >> maybe she -- >> she's drinking her sorrows away. >> wanted to have a beverage by herself. maybe she met somebody else or maybe she she was in on the whole thing. i don't know. i'm just saying. i don't know. >> all three girls at some point got together at the bar. found out that a date was scheduled with fourth girl and then if that's crazy enough the bartenders toll the girls that a fifth date walked in while the guy was still on date number four. still not over the girls ended up going back over to the trucks ton to find him date number six at that point he apparently knew he was busted and he left. the girls took picture together with the caption mysterious girls the whole thing went viral and got nationwide attention with headlines people are freaking out over this man. idiot man scheduled six dates in one night. hero women brings all of them together. you can't possibly schedule six dates in the same place without it being either some type of social experiment or wanting to go viral or something else. >> i'm with you steve.
10:09 am
>> i'll flowing a flag on this. >> flag on the play. >> flag on the play. >> it has to be contrived thing. i'm going to invite six women out here. i'm going see. it's like you're doing your own speed dating. >> right. >> what are you doing? >> but you're making headlines. >> that's right. >> you're trending, sir. >> speaking of trending let's talk about this. tennis star sr. recent in a williams one month away to giving birth to her first child when she expressed her excitement in recent interviews she spark outrage, some controversy, too. over what it means to be a woman. so serena williams due in september her first child with her fiance' the interview in question was australian magazine stellar. williams was asked how she feels giving birth will change her and she responded "i have so much respect for so many women for giving birth i am about to be a real woman now, you know. "those comments propertied swift backlash online. people felt williams was equating being a real woman with having a baby. here's some of the tweets. what ridiculous comment i am not less of a woman because i don't have children. then there's this one. giving birth doesn't give you strength
10:10 am
and a baby. >> and strength. >> you're showing the world that having money doesn't make you smart. and then this person tweeted serena williams stating having a child will make her a real wo woman. i know many child less women who are real women and have never doubted it. she's going to catch hell for telling the truth. we talk about this earlier. they how she felt and she responded how she felt. >> sean making a statement for women universally. >> absolutely. >> who would think a woman who doesn't have child is less than woman. that's backwards thinking. >> it's not what she said. >> right. >> those people who are putting all those negative comments out there took what she said about herself and then went in a completely different direction and made it this broad stroke which was so small minded. >> it's so small minded. when you think of serena i think of venus and serena today. do you think her sister is not a real woman. >> she's speaking for herself. >> herself. >> yeah. >> okay. >> i am like we live under that a little bit. like
10:11 am
under microscope. >> everything you is a it. >> on that level must be something that i have -- i never even want to know what that pressure must be like. so okay. we knew what you were saying. okay. the beard aside and it is a massive and bush she one. it seems like retirement just didn't agree with david letterman the former late show host coming back to the small screen instead of another late night talk show though he signed up for six episode netflix series. the show will feature conversations and in field segments with guests and it will debut neck year as for why he's coming back after just two years, well, letterman released a statement saying "if you retire to spend more time with your family, check with your family first quote thanks for watching, drive safely ". letterman hosted more than 6,000 episodes of late night tv on nbc and cbs during his three decade career but he's not the only host to still have the itch. after stepping away from the cameras his old rifle jay leno is also still working. >> sure. >> of course he has a show on
10:12 am
cnbc about cars. >> he start it on youtube and it got pick up. >> i'd like to see the guest list. he's a fantastic interviewer. >> he did it right. he was at the point where he wanted to step away. >> right. >> take couple years off. >> figure out what his passion is. >> come back to work. >> make a plan and get back to work. >> shave the beard or don't shave the beard. >> shave it. >> he said he's not going to but i wish he would for me i think he looks -- okay. >> i kind of like it. >> he can do what he wants to do. >> santa has beard. >> gabrielle union hates working out. still hits the gym every single day. what's her secret to staying so fit? >> dish nation porsha williams joins us live next with the details. >> you need to calm down. >> i just read it. >> i'm telling you this as friend and a friend of moni monique's. >> fox has its answer to the new american idol rip off. we said it. we'll have the details next when we check out the good day celebrity dish. >> encounter it with american idol. >> ♪
10:13 am
z2fwcz z16fz y2fwcy y16fy
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> 10:15 is the time it's time to dish. >> all right. this morning we're bringing in major outside help. joining us now live as dish nation co-host and real housewife the atlanta star porsha william. good morning.
10:16 am
how are you guys doing. >> doing great. >> great. >> awesome. >> good morning too. >> great. >> let's start this off by talking about what we've been talking about forever now. >> chris pratt and anna faris split over disagreements about having more children and just this whole idea of family thing. >> exexactly. you know this was surprise to everybody because they've been together for eight years and that's a long time in hollywood. but, you know, when you start having one person who wasn't as successful as the other chris he wasn't a big as star as anna was in the beginning now his star as risen and he's one of the top hollywood stars, it's taking him outside of where they live which is los angeles. so anna wants to expand the family they have four-year-old child now. but she wants more kids. she wants to be more stable keep the family together in la but chris is saying, wait a minute, right now is not the time for me because my business, me being an actor is taking off and i need to travel. these movies take him to different countries. all over the world. and so he's saying,
10:17 am
in the near future does he want more kids and that's big problem for anna it seems to be the deal breaker. seems to be the reason why they aren't able to make it work. >> didn't they know this when they hook up eight years ago? i mean i know the stars -- >> a lot of people -- >> let me ask you this. >> yeah, go ahead. >> do you remember what chris pratt, you know, he was a big guy when he first started and he was more taking more comedic roles when he first started. >> yes. >> i don't know if they could for see he would be the big star that he is right now. and so, you know, things change. but he's not bending and she's not bending either. >> it's really difficult because it sounds like regular people problems. but they're not regular people. >> um-hmm. >> it just seems like with nannies and with staff and with planes and money you'd be a toil work it out. i don't know. porsha, i'm buying that halfway. i got to be honest. >> that's so true. but a lot of these stars i have to say angelina jolie, brad pitt these are parents who are making a choice to be at their home with their kids as much as they can. >>
10:18 am
they bring them where they are. they're trying to change that fact of having helpers raise your kids. they want to be hands on themselves. >> i understand. i got we got to respect that. >> most definitely. you know, sad to hear about it. let's hear about how beautiful gabrielle union stays in shape. we hear the reason she goes to the gym of day is pretty funny. >> i know. she's fabulous she's on the cover of health magazine, 44 years old looking amazing. and you would of course think okay she loves to work out she shed nom she's tollly that girl who could sleep late, eat pancakes and enjoy her life because of the haters online, she's got to keep it together. they love to pick celebrities apart. show the cellulite show any fault in them they think there is and comment on them. she uses that as motivation and also she competes with people as she is working out. so she's pretty -- got some good reasons to keep pushing. >> and she's got cute little husband dwayne wade, too. >> oh, yeah who is much younger& than her. >> right. not that she -- >> she
10:19 am
>> not that you shouldn't do it for yourself. don't at me about that comment. she's got a lot of motivation. you know what i'm saying. >> of course when you're looking at your husband and he's an athlete it definitely makes you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the whole family. >> absolutely. >> she's doing that. >> my wife does it all the time. she cease me and she's like i'm going to the gym. [ laughter ] >> oh really? >> all the time. [ laughter ] >> yes, laugh porsha. >> porsha, you should see me with my shirt off. that's all i'm saying. >> oh, my gosh. >> stop. >> i know you it going on. i'm not going to look too much i don't have your wife to come get me. >> be safe, porsha. you're absolutely right. we need you for the next season of real housewives of atlanta and dish nation. >> right right. >> thank you for joining us today. >> thank you porsha. >> all right. you have a good one. >> you too. you can catch all new episodes of dish nation weekdays at 4:00 a.m. right here on fox5. she does a nice job on that show. >> yes, she does. >> moving on with the dish this morning. testimony resumes today in the trl
10:20 am
star taylor swift. dj david mueller is seeking $3 million after he was fired for allegedly groping taylor swift at a red carpet event before concert in 2013. now in court yesterday, mueller's lawyer said inappropriate touching is wrong and so is falsely accusing someone of it. swift's lawyer fired back arguing the evidence of the assault is overwhelming. sweet is counter suing for one dollar. >> just making a statement. >> fox will counter one time powerhouse american idol with new singing couldn't testify called "the four". what do we think about it. >> let me see. what's it about. >> network canceled american idol last year because of the dwindling ratings it's all relative they still were monster show. rising costs why they got rid of it only to see it snapped up by abc for an early 2 2001 8-day about. fox says there's room for fresh take on the contest format fourr keep in weekly challenges for wc
10:21 am
them. >> that's kind of cool concept. and viewers can up load an you audition tape and possibly get selected to compete. the four enters a field with not only american idol but also the voice which airs on nbc. you'll have four that made it all the way through. >> right. >> then newcomers trying to dethrone them. >> yup. possibly some people sending in videos too. >> will we see the preliminary run up for the four. >> they have to start somewhere. >> start with four. >> you got to fight of week for your position. >> that's right. hold on it to. >> some of the fun of american idol was the big auditions to even get to the sinking. >> we'll see what happens. good luck. >> it is an interesting concept. i wonder who the judges or how they'll handle the judges and all that kind of stuff. >> right. >> so yeah. what do they have, hooks are the ones that always get the job harvey, michael strahan. >> ryan seacrest. >> ryan has got eight other jobs. so yeah. and finally, sticking with parent network, it may be early august but we're already thinking christmas. that's because holiday classic will be
10:22 am
this morning we now know one of the stars joining the cast former snl star maya rudolph will take leading role in the musical. the em knee nominated actress who used to play beyonce' on the sketch comedy show will sink her heart out as raffle fee's mom in the three-hour product. musical -- >> three hours? >> three hours. >> oh, my goness. what are we doing. >> three hour tour. musical will be executive produced by la la land's mark platt who also previously produced fox's grease life. christmas story will air sunday december 17th at 7:00 p.m. >> who will play raffle fee i wonder? >> three hours, though. >> that's too much. >> that's a long time. >> that's a long time. >> it has to be closer to an hour. >> i can't think of many things i'd like to do for three hours. >> certainly not this musical. >> i think the shirt less beiber pictures are rubbing off on wisdom. >> he actually was going to take off shirt. >> if any paparazzi gets a picture of you with your shirt off air it every sin bell day. >> it will live in infamy. >> that's a
10:23 am
>> i got no shame in my game. >> i'm per you can'tly wacked and ready to go. >> oh! >> be careful what you ask for. i don't want any more information right now. >> ready to roll. >> oh my goodness. >> people are like oh no. >> can we save something for friday. >> i ain't doing it for free, steve. >> 10:23. oh you will if somebody gets that picture and we'll share it for free many times with everybody else. the star power continues. kevin sits down with brie larson and woody harrelson the oscar nominated stars behind the glass castle the drama about a dysfunctional family based on true story and that true story the person at the center of it lives right her in the dmv area. >> okay. didn't know that. first though we're heading to break and sharing some of your back to school pictures from culpeper, virginia. we're heading there for friday's zip trip by the way keep these picks coming #fox5firstday. you guys all look am amazing. >> good luck today. >> friday cull cup per zip trip it will be kevin, tucker and me. please come out from 6:00 to
10:24 am
10:25 am
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♪ live picture at reagan national. there's plane landing right on queue. i love it when a plain comes together. you get it? that's clever. >> pretty bad. >> 10:26 right now. there's look outside. here's what's coming up starting at 10:40 on good day d.c. so i came over here to talk to tucker. i couldn't find tucker. i found a half of bag
10:27 am
fish crackers which i'll finish. and his clicker device. the first button i push tucker appears. it's like magic. we don't have much to talk ab about. >> for once. >> i just came in from outside it's absolutely beautiful out there. >> i love it i think it's a great mix. i don't love that it's feeling this way in august. because i feel like i want to enjoy this last month of summer. but it does feel like back to school for kids in culpeper back to school weather. >> 85 degrees this afternoon, steve you won't be suffering. >> where are right now. >> shall i do weather. >> i would love to. walk me through it. >> pull those graphic. isn't do i have to push a bu button. >> yeah. >> 76 degrees right now live look there at the capitol dome. >> it's actually artist rendition. >> 76 degrees in artist rendition of the capitol dome. winds out of the north northwest just 3 miles an hour. gentle breeze out there today. it really is a gorgeous day today with temperatures very mild. low humidity. and as we look across the area right now, there's not a cloud to be seen in the sky unless you're somewhere off
10:28 am
of maryland. so eastern shore you might see a few clouds out there over the coast you'll be on the beach so who cares. you'll be having a good day today and it will be dry today. dry conditions as that giant h is over the midwest right now. the high pressure bringing us some good conditions out there today as we show you all the sunshine. tmperatures in the 80s across virginia and d.c. looking at about 85 today. as we look ahead for the seven day today there's few little blips on the radar few glitches in the system as we get scattered showers throughout the weekend but i am being told by my crack staff here fox5 weather department they will not be complete washouts this weekend or anything like that but we're putting on there to let you know there might be a little rain activity and scattered storms out there as well. sound good. >> a little clap there. >> actually that was really g good. >> golf clap i'll take it. >> i think i'm come back and anchor the rest of the show. >> please do. >> let's do it. >> i am for one am against the whole idea. >> i'll do what tucker does eat my cracker and hit back for the next half hour. >> take off your shoes too, steve. >> i didn't take my shoes off yet. >> it's com
10:29 am
>> they'll come off soon. >> you got to admit it's a pretty good gig if you can get it. >> come on over, tuck. we'll see you in the studio. >> okay. >> enjoy the show. it is the all the ultimate party with purpose. shawn yancy is back with her girls night out glam squad. they're talking about what you can expect at this year's big event. right now 10:29. we'll be right back with more on this party with a purpose. ♪ ♪♪
10:30 am
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10:32 am
♪ >> wouldn't the world. >> girls girls. >> as if we have to tell you. >> hey. it's perfect way to spend saturday with your girls. shopping, cocktails, free mini makeovers. celebrity meet and greets and innovative fashion show and that's just for starts our own shawn yancy ninth annual girls night out party with the purpose event is saturday. we're kicking off the fun right now. >> she's here to tell us all about it. i love together when i get together with my girlfriends. this is what it's all about. >> this is what it's all about. you guys have both been there. >> yes. >> yes. >> this is our ninth girls night out. >> i can't wait nine years. >> the event is all about raising money for two incredible organizations this year our beneficiaries are safe shores d.c. an organization that helps children advocates for children who have been victims of sexual abuse and physical abuse. our other beneficiary ivy foundation of washington. we're collecting backpacks for them. >> right. >> that's what this event is really i was about i like to call it ultimate party with purpose. >> i have to get serious.
10:33 am
at fox5. you're a working mom. >> today the morning show. >> a loving wife. why do you find time to do things like this. >> how do you find time. >> women just fine the time and men do too no shade but i want to know why. what's the motivation? >> i really care about women. i really care about the well-being of children and our community and that's what it's all about. >> love it. >> helping organizations that promote the well-being of women, children and families in our community that's how this all started but we wanted to of a little fun with it so that night we'll have cocktails. that's why i brought you cocktails. >> thank you very much. >> specialty cocktails. >> you know we love our drinks here on good day. >> of course i do. that's why i came this morning. another part of the fun is free minute me makeovers. charlene brown doing mini ma makers. they will be given people a chance to, upping, pop up their looks. their current styles they'll be giving new tips how to take it to new level. that's what you did this morning, right. >> yes. >> this is our fabulous -- well -- model
10:34 am
>> yes. >> alicia royal is an educator around kids all dale. we felt we'd glam her up a little bit today. >> we'll see a before and after. we're seeing the after this is before. still beautiful. >> it helps when you start beautiful. >> i was going to say. when you have flawless skin and you look like that how much more work can we do you looked amazing before certainly with the maestros here of beautification we'll call they will you look like this. my goodness. >> how pretty. >> this is what we'll look like girls night out. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> hook us up i want to remind everybody girls night out there's a host of people will be there wisdom martin, allison seymour i don't know if maureen is coming i invited her. we'll see if shows up annie yu, tucker barnes, paul wharton, sarah frasier hosting the fashion show. >> love it. >> tracy braxton. >> whole bunch of people. >> we're expecting real housewives potomac. a fashion show, local designers all kinds of fun. >> we said innovative fashion
10:35 am
>> you'll have to come to girls night out. >> i love it. i love it. >> tickets still available. >> tickets are still available. you can get tickets at the door go to our website which i believe they are going to -- this is video from last year. >> look at them. >> tomfoolery. >> caitlin roth will be on the runway. thank you very much maureen. so it's a lot of the fun. >> i love this. run away show from last year absolutely. >> you guys when you stop you do them -- twice a year. >> only once a year now. >> once year. once that event is over, i happened to know you start right away. >> absolutely. i mean it's a commit many. >> it's a big commitment. whether we're collecting toys for kids for christmas or getting backpacks or raising money, it's all about our community. >> when someone comes if they buy a ticket can they bring an item to be donated to one of these and are you encouraging that. >> absolutely. part of what you need to bring if you're buying a ticket bring in a backpac for middle school or high school student. perfect. >> i love it. >> you look flawless. >> thank you. >> how do you fee
10:36 am
>> you feel ready for school to start. >> i just want to feel like this for awhile. a couple more weeks. >> husband if you're watching she's ready for a date tonight. >> that's right. >> it might be wednesday. see. wow. i love it. saturday from 5:00 to 9:00 it's at the cats art center. easy to get here on massachusetts avenue northwest. party with purpose. >> yes. >> really fun. >> it's really fun. >> it's a lot of fun you get to meet us and we're a lot of fun we hope you think so any way. >> they're a lot of fun. yes, indeed. >> shawn yancy thank you for everything you do not just here at the station but outside as well. you are a god send to so many people. >> viewers give so much of us and it's good to see one much us giving back to them. >> important. >> thank you ladies. you're beautiful. >> glam squad. wisdom you're not so but go ahead. >> wisdom will be there. >> it's all good. >> i'll be there. >> women love wisdom. >> it is a phenomenal event i applaud -- i told before you that it's mazing you're able to pull this together. it's honor to a part of it and it is truly -- thank you for
10:37 am
i appreciate it. it's a big deal. come out and support the cause. >> invited but you still need to buy that ticket. >> allison, hold on now. >> wait a minute now. >> 10:00 arthritic is the time right now. it's the real live story of janet walls and her dysfunctional family. now it's heading to the big screen with a couple of oscar nominees attached. coming up next kev haven't sits down with the glass castle stars brie larson and wood see harrell roll son. back in a moment. moment.
10:38 am
z2fwcz z16fz
10:39 am
y2fwcy y16fy
10:40 am
>> we are going home. what? >> you're giving up already. [ laughter ] >> i'm not going to arm wrestle you. >> oh, okay. so you admit it. i'm right and you're wrong. >> hmm. okay. >> what the hell. >> this is a bad idea. >> going to be fun. >> let's do it. >> ready. go! >> come on david. >> you got to do this. >> give him what you got. >> david, come on. you're stronger than this. come on. let's go, david. what did i physical you, no fight. >> come on, david! kick his bleep. take him down. come on, david. >> let's go, david. >> come on
10:41 am
>> come on. >> i want a left hasn'ted rematch. >> no, dad. don't be a sore loser. >> left handed rematch. >> i'm ready for whatever you want to throw at me, old man. >> what the hell, dad! >> not what he was expecting. not what we were expecting either. that's a clip from the new movie the glass castle based on the new york times best selling memoir by jeanette walls. it recounts the quote unconventional poverty stricken up bringing that walls and her siblings had at the hands of their deeply dysfunctional parent. now the movie stars brie larson whose been with us before in the loft as the author who was with us here in the loft on monday. and woody harrelson as her father. kev had chance to sit down with the cast and the woman behind the story and joins us now. >> that scene gives you an idea of unconventional elements. >> and unexpect. >> very unexpected whole film like that puts through an idea of these moral things of being good and bad parents. therapy m
10:42 am
their childhoods three kids obviously the parents played by woody harrelson and naomi wh what's. the kids in one not in school. it's a amazing how jeanette walls wrote this memoir, seven years in the best seller list as a memoir. i sat down with brie larson who plays the older version of jeanette walls in the film there are two younger actors playing her. i spoke to her about that connection she had with them but woody harrelson goes into this gray area as an actor in the film you find yourself wondering is he good or bad? he's doing very bad things. he's an alcoholic. does he some very terrible things as father but really does love his kids. >> as an actor he had to love that. being able to play that role. you're just like you have everybody wondering who are you really? swimming around that element. i spoke to him about finding that gray area first they were both in london when i sat down with him. i was in los angeles. we were over satellite and i know woody harrelson is in london to shoot hans solo why was brie larson there. watch this. >> brie, are you shooting in movie in london as well
10:43 am
>> no. i just like came here to hang with him. >> yeah. >> ton meet the cast of the star wars. >> that's awesome. >> because i really wanted to meet them. >> that's amazing. >> i'm super nerdy. >> one thing i saw this movie with my wife, and we were leaving the theater, one of the things the discussions we were having was about good and bad parenting. i feel like this movie strikes an interesting balance where you have this gray area where her and i were having a discussion of like is he good father? you talk about striking that balance where you kind of do feel bad at times even though he's doing bad things. >> well yeah. i mean there's no question there's things that he does that are not great. when he drinks, he's not the greatest guy. but i also did feel like he really loves his kids. he's just nuts about his kids. and he had some unorthodox, you know, educational things but i kind of like those, too. um,
10:44 am
western medicine. kind of very similar to mine. [ laughter ] >> but, yeah. alcoholism that's something i haven't quite mastered yet although i do seem to be pecking away at it. [ laughter ] >> i think that the fear from this family they don't really know what dad they're getting. if you read the book, it's kind of similar to the movie in that way. as you're reading it there's one part of you like one minute you're like, this is the best childhood ever and two seconds later, ooh, just kidding. >> why do you think all of us ran away from you? we were drowning. ♪ >> i would never let anything bad happen to you. but i can't let you cling to the side you're whole live just because you're scared. >> it was your job to protect us. >> do you meet with the two younger versions of your character to work on the arc and do you have any say. >> yeah. >> as to it hooplas younger version of you? do you have any say in who you choose? >> in this
10:45 am
saw ella's audition tape and we were like, whoa, this is like -- >> this girl is incredible. >> freakishable. because she's so intelligent and so good at what she does, it meant that we could have really frank dial logs about it. it wasn't like -- like with room jacob was so young. i just had to kind of observe him and mimic him because i wasn' going to ask him to do that. he was, what, like seven or something. so but with ella she's so smart we can talk about it. we would just hang out sometimes and discuss and sometimes with real jeanette we would get on the phone and talk about thing with her and get into it. so that there was that sort of through line. >> it's interesting we had brie larson in studio for the movie room and the movie she mentioned. she won the academy award for that. my wife lauren host add q and a with jeanette wells walls the other night. jeanette was saying her mother has not seen the film. her father has passed away but her mother has not seen the film yet. she's watch the trailer. and a lot of her -- herom
10:46 am
water works are in the film that they actually used. >> very cool. >> but not the whole family is not happy about the story. i know her younger sister apparently did not want to be involved in the book whatsoever. i know that the older sister d did. i'm sorry older brother did. it's an interesting thing. >> i think it was fascinating too when jeanette walls was here earlier this week she said she actually loved the casting of this film. she especially loved brie larson cast in the role as her. i heard was it first offered to jennifer lawrence. >> yeah. >> and that didn't work out. >> yeah. always interesting to know those things. you never really know what happened. i know that jennifer lawrence did film movie with aaron called mother and also this new movie called red sparrow. i don't know for sure but it seems like she was interested in different project. brie larson took the role over i believe in the middle of last year i want to say. so it is interesting how that hammed. i can't imagine lawrence in that role though. >> you'll review it oh and friday. >> review the movie ron friday. the book was a massive success. my
10:47 am
times. seven years on the best seller& list. if you read the booklet us know your thoughts #gooddaydc. >> based on the book a lot people will see it and we'll get an idea whether or not it lives up to the expectations of the book. glass castle hits theaters on friday. kev will have his review then and allison proof once again jennifer lawrence is cast in every movie ever been made. >> absolutely. >> originally was cast in the role. >> we need to getzler on the fox show. >> she's on the four. >> see her in mother. the guy directed black swan will be. >> why do some actors get all the roles? when other which is not get a role. >> she's really good though. >> is she really good, kev? you know i heart you. >> i know she's a good actress. >> jennifer lawrence? >> allison doesn't like her. >> it's not that i don't like her. some are chosen that's all i'm saying. >> i tot totally understand whee you're coming from. i understand. >> good luck to her. [ laughter ] still that shade. >> shade.
10:48 am
>> 10:47. coming up a sneak peek at the all new carpool car yolk tee series featuring james corden and will smith. ♪ >> don't at me. don't at me. ♪
10:49 am
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10:51 am
>> wild wide west. >> i like it. >> now we can figure out wisdom's age. prom somebody write it down. >> i went to a lot of proms, allison. >> he sure did say my prom. >> they were all my proms just like they were all my dates. >> 10:51. >> james core din signature bit on the late late show -- god bless you carpool karaoke getting its own series on apple music and yesterday they released a sneak peek of the first episode and here it is. >> ♪ >> getting jiggy with it ♪ >> what? >> getting jiggy with it. >> i was going to say the car
10:52 am
not moving right now. i got it. i was little concerned at first. >> i hope they put it in park first. >> i'm sorry, where are they u usc. >> usc campus. >> 30 minute episode the 30 episodes are expected to be full of your favorite celebrities while corden will appear in some episodes variety of guest stars will be taking the wheel to belt out tunes. yesterday apple music put out the first nine minutes of the first episode with will smith that you're watching right now. but like the exit on the late late show it wasn't all about the music. >> i was intrigue. and then what happened. >> how many movies have you said owe hell no in? >> i put it in a couple. i haven't counted. >> i'll ask you some questions. >> right. >> you gist give me an hell no. >> ready? >> let me send you this hilarious 12 minute video of my niece at her school recital. >> oh, hell, no. [ laughter ] >> that stands from the '90's was the mack reina.
10:53 am
>> oh, hell, no. >> hey guys, guys, i ordered a pizza with extra pineapple. >> hold on now you're going too far. >> you're into that. >> pizza -- >> you like a pineapple on pi pizza. >> you dope like that. >> hell, no. [ laughter ] >> it's movie night. guys i rented wild wild west. >> hold on. >> i want to hear. >> oh, hell, no. [ laughter ] >> like i liked wild wild west. am i the only one? >> i like it. >> i watch it i made it through it. >> it was bad. >> i need to go back. >> it was awful. >> first episode new series streaming on apple music now. >> i think it's great. i love -- i don't know about 30 minutes worth. if it's going to, you know, jump the karaoke shark or not. >> i love the concept.úi think . >> i do too. real quick when i was watching the video usc couple years ago when i was out in la i went for the sag awards big production celebs and everything sigh took my buddy who work in the industry b
10:54 am
lot. let's just do this up. we had our tucks on we're going to get uber like black car and roll out up to these awards in our tucks with all the celebs and everything it was on the usc campus where it was. we forgot to get a parking pass. >> no. >> to get clearance into the road society road was blocked off. they had to drop us three blocks away and we literal hal to walk through u.s. c campus two of us in our tucks and a bunch of kids with backpacks college kids going to class and our shot greatness was shot down so fast. >> epic fail. >> such a fail. >> i wanted single shot so i can have hit -- >> i learned from my fails. >> so set up the single shot for wisdom. wisdom is that the way i should go about to make sure i'm the man. ♪ >> sure, steve. >> this is why i like wisdom as friend. >> thank you. >> he was good until he messed up. >> pop allison
10:55 am
the moment has passed now. >> here's what oy want to say. >> what do you want to say? >> i feel like will smith if he were a guest here on good day we can get all really well. >> oh, hell, no. >> i'm kidding. >> don't you think so. >> he seems like -- >> he's a person that brings everybody on the same level. >> definitely. i always enjoyed seeing him. >> i don't know. he hasn't had mitt movie in while. maybe he'll be on the couch in the loft. >> trying to resurrect his rapping here. >> oh, hell, no. >> thank you. don't try me to get to say it i love will smith. >> i do too i think he's cool. >> let's go tweets. >> bad boys one and two. great movies. >> oh, hell, no. >> just kidding. just kidding. >> here we go it was great to see you shawn yancy on the air this morning. do you such great work in the community. yes, we do agree. that's from danny boy. >> all righty. >> wisdom martin cracks me up every day on good day d.c. i love his comedic energy. >> what comedic energy? >> are you watching the show. anything funny.w i was doing- >> that's good move of a comedian. you're not trying too
10:56 am
the shade is real in the studio. >> how about this one? serena was talking about her herself. if you thought insulted by her comment check yourself and get a life. no kids not offend. >> nice job steve chenevey with the weather on good day dc giving tucker run for his money. the question can he do your job? >> oh. >> i screwed that up by coming back in the studio. i'll zip it for the ref of the show. >> this is your chance to shine. >> i think we all know that. let me try to read some script. >> okay, there you go. >> let me back that up. >> read that in front of you. >> later this afternoon at 5:00 -- >> read this right here. >> read from this part yest yesterday. >> yesterday apple music put out their fir nine minutes of the exit with will smith. like the exit on the late late show it wasn't all about the music. >> good job, tuck. [ applause ] >> no. by the way i'm over the karaoke thing. i feel like we did it. >> it's funny. i like -- >> let me stick to the weather. another thing, give me some more prompter. that was it. y
10:57 am
>> that's it. >> forecast today, beautiful sunshine high of 85. >> sunny and beautiful today. >> hey. >> oh, hell, no. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to countless patients. countless ailments. countless hours. and guess what? you can handle it all. be a leader in your field with a bsn from strayer university. a nursing program created by and for nurses. let's get it, nurses.
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