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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  August 12, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> this is fox5 local news at 6:00. >> right now chaos in charlottesville, virginia, violent clashes break out between white nationalists and counter-protesters. tonight at least one person is dead and more than two dozen hurt after a car slammed into a crowd of don't on straight ers. president trump and lawmakers from a cost the country are condemning the violence. >> the hate and the division must stop. and must stop right now. >> the news at 6:00 with the latest from charlottesville starts now. and we begin tonight in charlottesville where today's clashes have prompted virginia governor terry mccullough to declare a state of emergency. thank you for
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lauren demarco. >> i'm lindsay watts in for matt. the chaos began this morning what's believed to be the largest group of white is up pregnancies cents to come together in over a decade. >> one dead, dozen hurt, after a car slams into a group of demonstrators, driver in custody while witnesses are saying it a periods to be orchestrated attack. >> we have team coverage on this developing story. >> we begin with the latest from charlottesville including reaction from president trump. >> this attempt has been declared an unlawful assembly. >> chaos on the grounds, violence breaks out in the streets between white nationalists and white protesters in charlottesville, west virginia, car runs into a crowd, injuring at least half
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dozen pedestrians. police in riot gear ordered people to disperse as hundreds faced off ahead after planned white national list rally, president trump reacting this afternoon. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms this aggregious display of hatred, bigotry, violence, on many sides. >> things got heated as protesters shouted each other down, than began throwing punches, hurling objects, sprague chemicals at each other. >> not good day for charlotte ville, not good day for the commonwealth. we were hoping it would not elevate to this level of the violence that we witnessed, amongst the participants, in the crowds, on all sides. >> it is the latest confrontation in the city since it voted earlier this year to remove statue of confederate robert e lee from downtown park, virginia governor terry mccullough declared state of emergency to response to violence at the rally with was expected to draw to up 6,000 people. politicians on both sides condemning the violence, house speaker paul ryan calling it vial bigotry, and house
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making plea to reject hate. authorities in charlottesville remain on high alert after the chaos of this afternoon's events. in charlottesville, virginia, dug mcelway, fox news. >> we bring in james north on, the president, pardon me, president and founder of play action strategist, also political consultant group, specializing in political crisis. what a day. just awful to see all of this news out of charlottesville. what do you make of it? what do you make of president trump's reaction? >> well, i think that lawmakers obviously around capitol hill, the president, obviously came out, condemned it, i think we've seen a lot of these condemnations over the last couple of years, we've had terrible events, south carolina not too long ago, under nicky hilly's watch. seen these terrible things happen. it is good that we're seeing, you know, quick reaction from the elected leadership in terms of calling out these things of what they are, terrible incidence. >> james you also have work for the department o
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security, what do you think needs to happen in charlottesville tonight? terms of security, to prevent more violence? >> temperatures obviously very high. obviously a lot going on, a lot of attention surrounding it, so i think police are obviously caught in the middle of this. the governor declared a state of emergency, so, you know, right away, calling in, you know, more officials to help on the grounds. so, you know, my guess is they're probably try to cord off the area, probably trying to clear the space they had done before. probably a lot of people watching to make sure there aren't any other incidents, like the car attack that we saw earlier today, assuming that's what it is, i mean, that's an isis-like attack if this is what it is about. so these are the type of things you have to be aware of. >> i haven't heard any talk of possibly a curfew, that would be something that comes to minds, just trying to make sure the situation is under control there during the night? >> i think the fact declared state of emergency, that's obviously also going to bring in other federal help, like the department of homelands security, like the fbi, department of justice, so i think
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discussion between federal officials and state and local off initials terms of want to go declare a curfew in the charlottesville area, how they would potentially proceed with that if, in fact, they think they need one. >> how quickly could that happen? how fast could those officials get to charlottesville? >> i mean, there are field offices actually pretty close in that area, whenever it comes to the bureau, some other things like that, so probably are officials already on the ground, atf, others that are looking at these things, so the conversations i'm sure have been underway for several hours. just matter of pulling the trigger, probably the feds want to go work with the state. >> the what are your thoughts on sort of allowing this to go on as long as it did, when you look at the way people are dressed, just on both sides, with the helmets, almost seems like there was an expectation of violence here? >> well, yes. i think there is, there is something there, and i think the idea of the fact they actually had this protest to begin with, certainly everybody has right to protest, but given the fact that temperatures are very shot, that there are so many people on the grounds that i would have liked to see what the thought process was in te
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proceed, what the areas were, if you remember some of our political conventions last year, very specific areas where protests were allowed to take place at both the rnc, d in. y. char slots ville maybe doesn't have as much practice, obviously big national attention, big organizations well funded in these protests, i think that's part of this, too. >> of course. thank you so much for joining us, james north on, with the play action group, yes. other other big story tonight, the weather here in our area. the national weather service confirms tornado hit near the community of broad run, fauquier county yesterday evening, the tornado packed winds up to 75 miles per hour, knocked down trees, power lines, caused some minor damage, fortunately, no one was hurt. well this is the first tornado it hit north virginia this summer two, twisters hit the eastern shore of maryland over the past several weeks. >> real had i some wild weather around our area recently. and we will take a live look
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we're not quite out of the woods yet whether it comes to severe weather. let's get right to gwen with a first check of your forecast. >> i've been tracking storms pretty much most of the evening hours, we have another rounds that kicked up all the result after frontal system. and i want to say that that tornado did kick up winds in there at about 75 miles an hour, and covered a path of 1.2 miles last evening, between 6:08 and about 6:10. well, we've had the storms kicking up today, as well, and take a look, we have severe thunderstorm warning until 6:45 for frederick, lowden, carol, howard, and montgomery county. and awful lot of cloud to grounds lightning in this, and a lot of heavy rainfall, as women. so here are some of the communities in the path. elders bill, baltimore, 6:19, abington, 6:26. so, just be aware that these storms are moving through the east at roughly at about 25 to 20 miles an hour.
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essex, all in the path of these storms. so, do take cover. a lot of lightning as i mentioned, a lot of heavy rainfall. we've had flood issues from last night, as well. here is a look as you can see the line all the way through from the top. not so much happening to the south, but still seeing those storms hugging the mason-dixon line. we do have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 11:00 for most of the entire area that you see here. and so we're going to definitely keep our eyes to the skies. we also have coastal flood advisory. this kicks in at 5:00. effective until 8:00 tonight. saint mary's looking at tides being at least 1 foot above normal at high tide. so some minor flooding expected there. so as we say, turn around, don't drown. 84 degrees right now at dc. but take a lock at the heat indexes, feels like it is 92, and that's because the humidity is up very high. our dew points are into the 70s, and really, feeling very thick. it is also caused anwf
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70 degrees for tonight then, scattered storms. we will be back right after the break with more. stay with us.
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>> we want to turn our attention back to charlottesville right flu, violent clashes between white supremecists and counter protesters broke out earlier today. virginia governor has declared a state of emergency and we are now waiting a press conference with additional information. one person is dead, 26 others injured, after a car slammed into a group of protesters. we want to get right to fox's joe wald man, joins us live just outside of charlottesville. joel, what's the latest there? what are you hearing? >> reporter: lindsey, lauren, good afternoon to you. we are still on route to charlottesville, just few miles outside, but we've been keeping on top of obviously all of the ongoing developments, the most recent someone quite upsetting and disturbing. apparently a state trooper helicopter was flying overhead, to ensure everyone's safety, to make sure the protesters and
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protesters were doing neither of that, since there is now state of emergency in effect and the ultimate result of that, so sadly, was helicopter crashed. none of this is absolutely confirmed at this point. there were believed to be two state police officers on board that helicopter. there are some pictures floating around the twitter sphere right now, look like it ended up in a ball of flames in the woods t would be hard to imagine that either every those two police officers would have possibly survived, but let's hope for the best. meanwhile, as you mentioned, this actually all got to motion a few weeks ago, with a person named jason kessler. he runs a blog. he wanted to hold a rag i tonight called unite the right in charlottesville, demonstrating against removal of a confederate statue of general robert e lee. that had been ongoing in charlottesville for quite some time. now, counter protesters obviously got word of that through the internet. and they planned a counter protest called
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charlottesville. and they showed up here late last night, it all seemed to erupt earlier today, that is obviously why we are en route right now to charlottesville. that's why all of this mayhem appears to be taking place, as you mentioned, also, car ramming into a crowd, more than 20 injured, and so sadly we're finding out at least one person has died as a result of that. guys? >> just so sad to hear that. and i take it that you are going to continue on your way to charlottesville, joel? >> reporter: yes, we are headed there right from here, hopefully we continue to bring you live reports. >> thank you, we will be checking back in with you. >> stay safe tonight. >> we want to get to some video now of the helicopter crash that joel was mentioning. again, this is not in the district, this is just outside of charlottesville, and near the bird wood golf course. >> see that smoke, billowing up, through the trees there. we've been trying to get more information about what exactly happened, and the condition of the two people believed to be on board of that
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>> we will continue to follow that, bring you update, as well, just a mess out there tonight. >> yes, it is very sad to see that happen. >> to the district, young man accuse the of shooting a teenage girl in northeast made his first court appearance today. philip mcdaniel told the judge this afternoon, he was not responsible for shooting the 17 year old. she was hit in the head by a bullet thursday, as she drove through the brentwood neighborhood. according to the police report, two men were trying to shoot at a group of people, across the street. at last check, police said, the girl was in grave condition, they haven't provided any new update today. mcdaniel claims his only involvement was dropping off two men near the shooting scene. police are still looking for those suspects. elsewhere in d.c., police need your help to ida gunman involved in a carjacking, it happened on july 14th, at a gas station on alabama avenue southeast. a surveillance camera caught the man as he chased his victim and stole his car. no one was hurt. police are asking anyone with information about this
6:15 pm
give them a call. >> and police want you to take a good look at this man. he's wanted for robbing a business on connecticut avenue in northwest on august 3rd. surveillance video shows the man walking into the business, and talking with a salesperson. at some point, the man pulled out a knife, demanded money. again, police want to hear from you, if you recognize him. a suspected kill here is on the fbi's ten most wanted list is now in custody arrest arrested in virginia, police arrested walter gomez in woodbridge yesterday. he had been on the run from authorities for nearly four years. he's a suspect in the murder of julio matut. that murder took place in maine field, new jersey in 2013. investigators say gomez and another man, members after new jersey gang, commit dollars that murder. the second suspect was caught, and later found guilty. we will continue to bring you more on the situation in charlottesville, again, the governor in virginia has declared a state of emergency after the rallies had turned violent. it was actually declared an unlawful right to assembly,
6:16 pm
then there was this violence, a car slamming into some of the people gathered we know one person has died, several others hurt, as many as 26 other people, is what we're hearing at this point, we are awaiting a press conference from virginia state police, police from charlottesville, as well. >> getting ready for that press conference, we will be back with the latest next. why do the best things in life create so much mess! more nights in... more gooey cheesy dishes. more pie plates... more bake sales... so many goodtimes... so many dirty dishes. tackle them all with finish® quantum. even on the toughest messes finish® gives you a unbeatable clean. and now get 25% more loads
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back now with the latest on the clashes in charlottesville. we're awaiting a press conference from virginia state police there. protests that had been planned over a statue of confederate general, robert e lee, turned violent, or at least there was some violence after protesters were dispersed. there are white national lists, then counter protesters there, as well, and at one point, a vehicle slammed into the crowd. police now investigating, as to whether that's intentional. but witnesses on the scene certainly appear to believe that that was the case. we know at least one person dead, more than two dozen others injured. so we're awaiting some more information from authorities at this point. he can actually how serious this is, right now, by all reports, things have calmed down in charlottesville. but there is a secondary issue, lindsey more, on the helicopter. >> yes, we've just confirmed that two people are dead after a police
6:20 pm
near charlottesville. a chopper believed to be responding to the scene there you can see the smoke from the chopper crash. fox5 evan lambert headed to the scene, en route to charlottesville, and just got word that two people are confirmed dead, this was confirmed by virginia state police, after that crash, just horrible, after a day of violence, people, you know, attacking each other, then to see police responding to this and two of them -- >> losing their lives, just been horrific day in virginia, state of emergency has been declared thereby the governor. and, again, we will continue to follow this, and bring you the latest as it becomes available, as soon as we get that press conference in. we want to give you update now on the war of words between the united state and north korea chinese president, urging both sides to cool the rhetoric, chinese leader spoke with president trump earlier today, and says the tough talk by the president could
6:21 pm
the situation. the president has urged china to pressure north korea to halt its nuclear weapons program. china is peung yang's biggest economic partner but it alone cannot get north korea to ends it nuclear ambitions. to the russia investigation, the new york times is reporting special council robert mueller plans tonight view former and current trump administration officials as part of his ongoing investigation, that's expected to include former white house chief of staff, france priebus, mueller reportedly asking for records including detail of specific meetings, with administration, and campaign officials. some of what he's request something related to president trump's firing of former fbi director james comey. >> we want to turn back now to the breaking news that we've been following, in charlottesville, virginia, press conference about to begin we are told thereto bring us to up speed on what's been happening. >> today was a very sad day for our great commonwealth, in the city of charlottesville. we know now three
6:22 pm
today in dicks to many individuals who have been hurt. let me start off first by thanking all of our law enforcement officials, this coup have been a much worse day today. i want to thank our local law enforcement individuals, i want to thank the first responders, i want to thank all the state police, to the national guard and everybody else involved in today's activities. we plan for a long time for today's incidence. i also want to give a special thank you to the clergy who are here today, who helped us on the streets, i also want to thank those courageous uva college student yesterday, who last evening surrounded the statue of thomas jefferon, to protect that statue. and i have a message to all of the white supremicist and the nazis who came into charlottesville today. our message is plane and simple. go home. you're not wanted
6:23 pm
great commonwealth. shame on you. you pretends that you're patriots but you are anything but a patriots. you want to talk about patriots, talk about thomas jefferson and george washington who brought our country together. you think about the patriots today, the young men and women, who are wearing the clot of our country. somewhere around the globe, they're putting their life in danger. they're patriots. you are not. you came here today to hurt people. and you did hurt people. but my message is clear, we are stronger than you. you have made our commonwealth stronger. you will not succeed. there is no place for you here. there is no place for you in america. we work here today to bring people together
6:24 pm
folks. i remind you all that we are a nation of immigrants. unless you're native american, the first ships that came to jamestown, virginia in 1607, and since that time, many people have come to our great country to unite us. our diversity, that mosaic tile of immigrants is what makes us so special. and we will not let anybody come here and destroy it. so please go home and never come back. take your hatred, and take your bigotry. there is no place. and if i could gave you a piece of advice, use your time and energy to help people. come with me to a homeless shelter. come with me to help a veteran find a job or place to live. that's what we need help on, to bring people together. i spoke to the president this afternoon and we had a conversation and i
6:25 pm
president that there has got to be a movement in this country to bring people together. the hatred and rhetoric that has gone on and has intensified over the last couple of months is dividing this great nation. we need to work together. i told the president that twice. be willing to work with you if you can work together to bring people together. but stop the hate speech. stop the rhetoric in this country. we've got to bring people together. but we are a great commonwealth. and we are a great nation. and we are even stronger today because of those actions of those people who came with their bigotry and hatred. i now would like tonight deuce the mayor of the city of charlottesville, michael singer. >> thank you, governor. this is one of the worlds' truely great cities. we've been the home of a lot of h
6:26 pm
democracy. we've over come mccarthyism, segregation, and we're going to overcome this. this tight of hate tress, bigotry that's that has come to us, that has marched down with torches, the lawn at one of the founders of democracy, it is brought hereby outsiders, and it is brought hereby people who belong in the trash heep of history with these ideas. they'll be in the trash heep of history this day will not define us. we will define this day by the story that we continue to tell tomorrow and the tomorrow after that, the week after that and the year after that. there is a very sad and regretable courseness in our politics that we've all seen too much of today. our opponents have become our enemies. debate has become intimidation watch dem okras is he about here, we know this because we are the birth place of
6:27 pm
democracy, about progress, about working together, about at the end of the day if you disagree with somebody, you don't try to take them down. you agree to move forward. these folks do not want that. they do not agree with the rules of democracy, and they are on the losing side of history. the work of rebuilding, of healing, is just beginning today. tomorrow will come and we will emerge, i can promise you, stronger than ever. with that i also want to thank the state government. i want to thank governor mcauliffe, secretary moran for all of their help, my colleagues on the counsel are all here today, thank the charlotte police department, their law enforcement partners from around the state, protecting their residents, visitors, the university of virginia, our hearts break for the casualties, the injuries that have suffered today and our prayers are going out right now. please, sends your prayers to these folks and their families and their loved ones. thank you very much. with that i'm going to turn it over to our city manager, maurice jones, i believe. thank you
6:28 pm
>> thank you, mr. mayor. hate came to our town today in a way that we had feared, but we have never really let let ourselves imagine what. i want to start today by thanking the virginia state police, and our law enforcement officers, and all of the first responders are here in charlottesville today to protect our community. the charles lots ville police department and our state partners, the virginia state police, were on the scene in our community very early this morning, anticipating large crowds, our law enforcement was on hand before 10:00 this morning, actually began around 6:00 this morning. and, unfortunately, as we went through this day, we have folks who came here to cause mayhem, and chaos, and mischief. and it resulted in three fatalities here in the city of
6:29 pm
charlottesville. in the days and the weeks to come, our city will have many conversations, and city hall, and community centers, and our houses of worship, over our fences, and at our dinner tables. i would ask that in addition to sharing our grief, and looking back at this difficult an extrordinary summer, that we look forward. i would ask that we would consider the question of who we are as a city, and who we wish to be. i would ask that we each seek opportunities to seek people who share our home here in charlottesville, but who are outside of our circles. i would ask that we work to build meaningful relationships, and foster strong connections. city hall will be working with the community to rebuild our structures, and repair damages. and we will also work to provide opportunities for our community to come together to mourn, connect, and move forward. but city hall cannot build the bonds between neighbors or
6:30 pm
create new friendships. i'm calling on each one of our residents, not only here in the city of charlottesville, but in the charlottesville area, to come together, and take all of this into our hearts, and our daily lives today. and to begin healing, as a community. if we all come together, we cannot fall apart. we will be with you, and we will be beside you, as together we right the next chapter in charlottesville's history. thank you. >> thank you, mr. jones. chief al thomas, charlottesville police department. good evening. the premeditated violence that our community experienced today was completely unacceptable, the situation escalated rapidly into violence, and we had no choice but to deploy additional personnel, virginia state police, the virginia
6:31 pm
guard, to help disperse the crowd and move people safely through the streets. none of the injuries sustained today were due to engagement with law enforce: as of late this afternoon, there have been at least 35 people treated for injuries by city personnel. fourteen people have been treated for injuries resulting from individual engagements, non-pedestrian were treated for injuries in a three-vehicle crash at the intersection of fourth street and water street here in downtown charlottesville. their injuries range from life threatening to minor. the crash also claimed the life after 32 year old female pedestrian at the intersection as she was crossing the street. we are still in the process of notified her next of kin. so we will not be releasing her information until that takes place. as a courtesy to the family. the suspect's vehicle that left the scene of the crash was located moments later, and the male driver is in
6:32 pm
with charges pending. we are currently treating this as a criminal homicide investigation. also want to extend my appreciation to the many individuals who witnessed a crash for helping us by providing statements, photos, and video evidence. again, the crash remains under investigation. so where do we go from here? for right now, we're encouraging people to return home. please let our city of charlottesville, our home, start to recover from this. what the world saw today, is not the place charlottesville is. we love our city. let us heal. this is not our story. outsiders do not tell our story. we will tell our own story. as is common place, we will be reviewing the events of the day over the next weeks and months. we are committed to providing our residents with a strong, safe
6:33 pm
in partners in our community. thank you. >> they were killed after -- >> we just heard that press conference, confirmation that three people have died in charlottesville. what's not clear, though, is where these people died. it wasn't clear if this was during that car crash, or they were including two people who died aboard that helicopter, that crash, while responding to the scene. >> charlottesville police chief there saying 32 year old female crossing the street hit by a vehicle was among the dead. we heard there were 21st responders killed in the helicopter crash, possibly the other two deaths there. and then 35 people injured, all at the hands of protesters, counter protesters, and the violence that sprung up today. also, worth noting is the governor's strong wording that he
6:34 pm
supremecist, go home, you are not patriots. >> we are stronger than you. and calling out white supremecist and nazis by name and telling them you are not welcome in charlottesville. you are not welcome in virginia. >> in contract to some of the are president has been taking he gave remarks today condemning the violence and saying that we need unity, but did he not use those terms, white supremecist, nazis, so the governor very quick to come out with that strong language and use that again today. again, we will be continuing to follow this, just horrific situation, down there. and have more for when you we come back.
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at your local chevy dealer. >> update on weather where some of the warnings are right now, right to the maps and show you, we currently have severe thunderstorm warnings in effect for lowden, montgomery county innocent 8:15. carol and howards until 6:45, a lot of cloud to ground lightning, heavy rainfall, some of the communities include columbia, a baltimore, essex, abington, as well as rockville and germantown in the path. just be aware, do take heed, just be very careful with these storms, some are pretty strong, as well. now we go back to lindsey and lauren. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms. >> this allege greening us display of
6:38 pm
on many sides, has been going on for a long time in our country, not donald trump, not barack obama back, it has been going on for long, long time. it is no place in america ... >> as you heard there, president trump denounced today's violent protests in charlottesville, but there was some criticism over the language that he used or perhaps did not use in his statements. >> for closer look we are turning to political strategist, thank you so much for joining us, tough day today. this is really just some horrific news we've been dealing with out of charlottesville, at least one person killed, and attacked there. all of this over the removal of a confederate statue, led to these rallies, protests, people coming into town there, the virginia governor used some pretty strong language, talking about white supremecist, nazis, you're not patriots, get out of our state, get out of our town.
6:39 pm
president's response today? >> i thought it was absolutely lackluster. >> i thought it was lackluster, i think it was, frankly, demeaning of the offers, and i think the deafening silence, before he even made a statement, is also incredibly telling. this is the man who campaigned in part on arguing the president barack obama wasn't born in this country. this is a man who has dog whistled his way to the white house. and if you think about who his base; many of the people marching, many of the people saying hillary clinton trump, the people who voted for him. >> common. the president's statement is so clear watch do you want him to do, use on scene language? his statement as clear as anything. look, the tragedy here is that the psychos, the nazis, all of these people will take this and use it like al quaida in a recruiting video, what i mate this. not to politicize this, the guy who dropped the ball is the governor. he knew where this was coming. there was a hearing yesterday. >> jack, jack, no, come on. >> the governor should have had the national guard there in position. the guard's job was to prevent
6:40 pm
or anybody hurting the nazis. >> i thought people -- >> them too, them too. >> how about we hold accountable -- >> interesting, prominent republicans have come out on twitter, marco rubio saying the president should call this what it is, terror attack. >> chairman, chuck lastly, said the same thing, jeb bush said the same thing. >> colorado senator. >> absolutely. >> we have a right to freedom of speech. we have a right to protect ourselves, we do not have right to violence, just unnecessary. >> well said. >> i don't oppose ramp up the rhetoric, i support rubio, terror attack, but trump's statement wasn't as strong, it is very clear, when we start criticizing trump because he doesn't choose the highest level -- >> we need to think about why piece people feel em bold ends to take to the streets in 2017. >> you want to get into deeper discussion. >> why these people think that donald trump is their president, and why they were chanting his name today? this campaign that was so vicious, and so ugly. >> sure, you're blaming trump for today, for
6:41 pm
are you blaming trump? >> let me finish the statement and then you can responds. i'm blaming this president's rhetoric, this ugly, disgusting rhetoric coming from this president, absolutely contributed to the em bold ends, people thinking it is except tonight do this in 2017. >> you're seeing the problem, i tell you one guy i thought of today and that's barack obama. he had an opportunity to move us -- >> you literally in the green room you would try to find a way to blame barack obama, now you're about to do it. >> look, we need to move to post racial society. obama had a right to do that. the black-white conflict, white-black conflict, all of that is silly olds, needs to be pushed into the past. >> i'm sorry, i'm sore. >> i we need a leaders to move us -- >> you say that to african-americans every day are affected by disproportion at, tell that to families that are dealing with structural ricinism this country, racism still affecting how black americans -- >> very difficult to argue. >> for you to say on this couch we need to put behind the black and white differ snide. >> we do. >> coming from such an incredible place of privilege,
6:42 pm
from. >> barack obama ranas unite err not divider, so did george bush, none of them succeed in the uniting the country. >> going back to the words, the words that are used, and i thought about barack obama in president trump's criticism of him, for not using the words radical, islamic terror, and how that was a big part of the rhetoric that we heard, you know, several years ago, and now, we've switched, and he's receiving criticism for -- >> it is a bit of apples and orange story, most foreign policy pro, in part, we didn't need our allies in the middle east, a lot of those alice including saudi arabia and others, i think bit after different conversation, foreign policy versus name wag the kkk is, which is -- >> on the ones hand, zero you spends a year blaming trump for always using the highest level most harsh rhetoric, now saying well he didn't. why isn't he using even more harsh rhetoric. >> which is it?
6:43 pm
rhetoric, real quickly, don't have much time, but also such a big thing right now of a situation with north korea. where do you guys see this going? this is frightening. >> yes. >> avenue proposal actually. i think what we should do, it is becoming inevitable that the chinese are going there because at some point we have to do some kind of a tactical strike to take out his capacity. can't avoid it, i think what we need is a deal with china where we essentially bring the chinese in, have everybody respect the parallel and eliminate the north korean regime without violence. >> china sent pretty strong message through published in one of their english newspapers earlier this week reminding the world they are treaty bound to defends north korea if the us were to attack, but also said in the statement they would stand provoke a us or its allies. so i think they've created middle ground, i agree china is a strategic lynch pin. no good military options. >> thank you, guys, so many for joining us, we want to get back to the situation in charlottesville. but we do appreciate it.
6:44 pm
of that breaking news, out of virginia, state police helicopter has crashed there. and we want to go to our evan lambert. he's live right now, with more information. >> lindsey, lauren, i can tell you we just got here to this scene about ten minutes or so ago. and this is about six and a half miles from where all of the activity, where that pedestrian, those pedestrians were hit by a car in downtown charlottesville, we're off old farm road, i take step out, so you can see what's going on behind me. lot of police activity here. you can see, virginia state police cruisers, and we've seen emergency vehicles going up and down this road here to gain access to what we believe is the site of this helicopter crash. now, the virginia state police has confirmed, they confirmed on facebook, that there were two fatalities in this helicopter crash. but we don't know for sure at
6:45 pm
police helicopter. but that is what's being reported by the local newspaper here. the daily progress, this is near a golf course called the bird wood golf course. you can see very thick woods here. and this crime scene tape really marking off a large area here, just behind the house over to the left where we believe this crash site is right now. the faa confirming that two people were on board this helicopter, as a bell 407 helicopter that crashed, the faa says, before 4:50, just before 4:50 this afternoon. this is about 7 miles southwest of charlottesville, according to the faa. so you can see the activity here. we are waiting for an update from virginia state police to find out more about the people on board. we also don't know if this chopper was patrolling as a result of the clashes here earlier today, if the chopper was going there or back.
6:46 pm
are working to confirm at this time. but we do know the ntsb and the faa both investigating this chopper crash, what we believe to be a virginia state police chopper crash, where, according to officials, two people on board have been confirmed dead, of course, we will be here on the grounds bringing you the latest, and we'll have update at 8:00. live in charlottesville, evan hampered, fox5 local news. >> thank you so much, evan. just horrible day there with this one death due to the protesting, in charlottesville, and now two other deaths with this helicopter crash. looks like beautiful day. do you have wonder what caused that accident. >> and the trees, fortunately didn't go into any homes or hit anybody. it was on a golf course, as ever and said, about 7 miles outside of charlottesville. so we will be continuing to monitor this situation, and we will be back after this.
6:47 pm
6:48 pm
>> have i president mike pence preparing for an over sews trip. those details and more
6:49 pm
a look at the week ahead. >> sunday vice president mike pens sets off for week every international travel. he'll meet the president of columbia before heading to argentina, chile, and panama. he returns to the u.s. on friday. wednesday theme parks across the country celebrate national roller coaster day. knottsbury farm, six flag, bush gardens hosting events, and coaster fans can expect some announcements on new rides. also, on wednesday, the anniversary of elvis zero advice presley's death, legendary singer died 40 years ago at his home in member fills. remembered for hits like blue swayed shoes, heart break hotel, jail house rock. friday, get ready to star gaze, the meteor shower starts, reach its peak saturday night, spill over into sunday. experts expect about 80 meteors per hour. and gamers grab your consoles. the 2 2017 nintendo world championship kicks off saturday. the first set of qualifying
6:50 pm
competition will be held over the weekend in new york and san francisco. and that's a look at the week ahead. mary ann rafferty, fox news. >> plenty still ahead on fox5, some thunderstorms warnings throughout the area, we'll get an update with that, and of course the latest on the situation in charlottesville. stay with us. ok honey you play with your monkey while i get your little brother cleaned up. daughter: uh oh. monkey swimming. irreplaceable monkey protection. detergent alone doesn't kill bacteria, but adding new lysol laundry sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria with 0% bleach. daughter: uh oh. lysol. what it takes to protect.
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6:52 pm
>> severe weather moving through the area, thunderstorms warnings in effect. >> look at it out there. looks just
6:53 pm
not the best weekends weather for us, and joining us again, gwen with more. >> irey active in the weather center this evening, had number every warnings, a lot of strong storms, not quite as bad as yesterday, but still, the impact on some of these neighborhoods has been pretty great. a lot of cloud to grounds lightning in the storms and a lot of heavy rainfall causing a lot of issues, so, currently, severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 7:15. that's for lowden, and for montgomery county, and we've already gotten some reports of some pretty strong winds, and also, even some hail, so, right now in the path of the towards, listbonn, columbia at 7:08, expect to see some of this activity, baltimore at 7:15, and he is innings at 7:19. and you can see, just how intense these storms are. and as i said, there is a lot of cloud to grounds lightning in them. this entire area here, is currently under a severe thunderstorm watch. it was issued earlier today, from the national weather
6:54 pm
this until 11:00 tonight. so still have threat of seeing storms firing upright through until the evening hours. also, have coastal flood advisory, in particular, for saint mary's, and here at high tide, we will talk about minor flooding issues there, so do be careful, we always say turn around, don't drown. i want to tell that you some of that heavy rainfall that we had from last night, there are some over in our neighborhoods that got excess of two, 3 inches of rainfall. so with those storms moving through tonight, we can see this becoming even more of an issue, and i wouldn't be surprised if we start to get more flashflooding, in many areas, as well. because of that. for tomorrow, it will be a different day. it will be a drier day. you might see some early morning lingering showers, but otherwise, talking 81 degrees by mid-day with mostly sunny skies, and 82 by the time we hit the 5:00 hour. here is a look at your fox5 accuweather seven day forecast, things will calm down for tomorrow. we start to get some showers by monday night. the same store my tuesday. and then wednesday, thursday, look real great. but few more storms by the time
6:55 pm
we will be back right after the break. stay with us.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
>> we want to get back positive breaking news just outside charlottesville. what's reported to be a police helicopter has crashed, the two people on board have been confirmed, as killed, in that crash. just a few minutes ago, president trump elaborated on the situation, giving us some new information. he writes deepest condolances to the families and fellow officers of the virginia state police who died today you're all among the best this nation produces, that chopper went down at a golf course, so it was around 4:50 this afternoon, the faa, ntsb, now investigating. >> we've also been dealing with this deadly situation, clash between white national lists, protesters, counter protesters, a car that smashed into a crowd, 32 year old woman was killed, driver is in custody. we continue to follow all of this for
6:58 pm
at chen p.m. this evening. >> see you at eight and later tonight. good night everyone. pro tip for fruit lovers: giant has unbelievable produce prices. so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. that's right honey. bye! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
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