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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  August 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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somebody is always trying to get you. the news tonight far from over. the news at 11 starts right now. this is fox5 local news at 11. a staift emergency remains in effect in virginia tonight. one day after protests involving white naturalists and counter demonstrators turn deadly. thank you for joining us at 11 i'm lauren demarco and i'm mp. a total of three people were killed in charlottesville including 32 year old heather heyer who died after being hit by a car that plowed into a group of protestors. it floored on the gas directly in the path of the protestors. i was ten feet away present them and all of a sudden you heard the impact of a person being thrown over a car. i want to be very clear and this should not be hard for someone to say. this was an act of terrorism, period. you came here today to hurt
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you did hurt people. my message is clear, we are stronger than you. two virginia state troopers were also killed when responding to the violence when their helicopter crashed. we continue with evan lambert who has been in charlottesville since this all started. >>reporter: a vigil that was supposed to be postponed still through hundreds of invoices people said they had to take a stance against hate. heather heyer, heater was killed after a man slammed his car into a crowd saturday. two state troopers also died when a quopt aiding in the response to the violent responses to people chanting nazi slogans and counter protest s reached a climax. friends of anger, sunday was
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about calm and comfort for many of those who came to the site to pay tribute to those injured and killed. earlier in the day counter protestors made it clear they didn't want to hear from jason kessler. he organized saturday's rally against the city's decision to remove a confederate statue downtown. what happened yesterday was the result of the charlottesville police officers refusing to do their job. his attempt at a news conference shouted down by anti racist protestors who chaisd him out of the downtown mall. a second round of chaos erupting just blocks from where this first responder who didn't want to show his face tended to heather and the other victims. for us it doesn't matter who you supported, either side or whatever for the time being we wouldn't have asked, we
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have been there for you in whatever way we could have been and helped however we could. sunday night, the pain of mourners was eased by the out pouring of love that people who live hearsay represents charlottesville. that was evan lambert in charlottesville and across the country there have been demonstrations today including right here at home, people standing with charlottesville and opposing fastism, white supremacy and hatred. thousands of people met across the street from the the white house this evening. lindsay watts is live with more. >>reporter: we're here in front of the white house where the crowd has thinned out in the past hour. tonight there are still a few people left behind. we've seen some tourists passing through shopping to take pictures of the candles and the signs that have been left lear. you can see that one ss
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in piece heather heyer. earlier today there were a lot more people out to oppose the violence in charlottesville. there was a huge crowd of people in front of the white house and also at the world war ii memorial. it can be tough to estimate crowd size, but i would say over all there may have been a few demonstrators out in d.c. a woman tells me she was in charlottesville yesterday. she say was two blocks from the car attack. she went there to oppose the white natural isabellas and knee oh nazis who were gather ping. i'm a jew. i don't want to see nazis parading around in charlottesville. my family died in the holocaust. i'm here luckily and i'm not going to stand for it and that's why i went. did you ever anticipate that what happened yesterday would play out there? i knew that from what was going on that somebody would die eventually. i knew that. and
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my husband to me, you you know, it could have been you. the video that you're looking at now is protestorses as they marched from the white house to judiciary square this evening. they ended up right next to d.c. police headquarters where there is a statute of a confederate general. people were chanting tear it down at one point. they were chanting black lives matter . they spoke out against the kkk and also against president trump. we asked people what they thought the overall message was today. i think it's just a message of hope and love to show that we are better than this and our countries better than this. it's about love and how people should love each other and shouldn't have fights and get mad at each other because that makes our world worse. people need to get their heads out of the cloud. there are different people on the earth. no one is going to be the same.
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message people don't want to see this country dragged backwards in a fast isabella rightwing direction. >> back here live now i was speaking to secret service police who say that in the hours that people have been out here they. seen any problems. we're live tonight at the white house, lindsay watts, fox5 local news. >> meantime it could be weeks perhaps months before we learned what caused yesterday's deadly helicopter crash that killed two virginia state troopers. the chopper crashed into a wooded area shortly after terry mcauliffe declared a state of emergency in charlottesville. people have identified lieutenant jay cullen and trooper pilot burke. bates a 13 year old veteran who would have turned 41 today. both were married and each leaves behind two children. >> i'm going to switch gears to the wth
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out there. a live look at the air force memorial after a weekend of rain we pienlly had a day of some sun. how long is this going to last? let's get over to gwen with our workweek forecast. >> we have some mixed conditions , a mixture of sun and clouds and the heat coming back and a little bit of rain. let's take a look at what's happening right now. we actually have a frontal system to the south that stalled out and some of the clouds will be lingering through in the early morning as well. a lot calmer compared to what we had this weekend. temperatures today were into the low to mid 80s. we hit 86 at reagan, 83 at dulles and 84 rat bwi thurgood marshall and we should be roughly about 87-degrees. just not too far from the seasonal average. right now bdz the partly cloudy skies it's 77 greece at d.c. we have 67 at gaithersburg, the same at dulles , 64 at manassas, a warm
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sixty-nine at baltimore april we've got 65-degrees at martinsburg. winds are light and they're going to remain that way, temperatures for tomorrow will be heading to the low to mid 80s. it's going to be warm and we have a little bit of that humidity trying to sneak back into the picture. in the meantime, 730-degrees for tonight, winds from the east at about five miles an hour and as we get into the next seven days temperatures will be on the rise . get rise for a slight return of some of that humidity we'll have that a little bit later. back to you. >> still ahead, a horrific case of wrong place wrong time, an innocent teenager caught in the cross fire, the teenager shot in the district has now died and how she's being remembered. we'll have that tonight.
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our lowest price ever on this offer. but only for a limited time. call today. comcast business. built for business. in the district a teenage girl shot in the head by a stray bullet as she was driving in northeast was dead. jay cullen mar mar i situated nature died yesterday. she was not the intended target. she was hit when two men opened target northeast. she recently graduated from food row will shon highway and planned to attend college in florida this fall. she was a fantastic girl, a beautiful, lovely bright
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someone that we all could be proud of. i think we almost have become desensitized to violence, just generally violence that i guess when you hear about it so often it seems tragic and it seems unfortunate and then when it happens in your neighborhood to your child, to your student, to your family member, then it's just so heart breaking that it's impossible to even to cope. it's impossible to get around it. last week police arrested phillip mack daniel. mack daniel claims his only involvement in the shooting was dropping off two men mere the attack. police say they're still looking for two more suspects. also in the district police say a man is in custody and charged with murdering his elderly mother in northeast. officers were called to a home north street yesterday street when they arrived they found 81 year old ann cook. she had
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severely beaten. she was taken to a hospital where she later died. they arrested cook's son derek. a missing five-year old girl believed to be with her mother. joe elderly mother par ham was last seen yesterday, someone called and reported the girl missing. she is supposedly with her mother and police is asking anyone who know the pairs whereabouts to give them a call. >> we're going to have a check of the workweek forecast right after the break. stay with us.
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i loudon county my eggs and hash browns outside today because i was just so nice out. >> brun mp outdoors. finally a good end to the weekend. especially yesterday night. i'm telling you we've had so much active weather this weekend it's been unbelievable. a loft storms that fired up this weekend and a lot of heavy rainfall came with it. but dry for today. very nice. happy to say brody is just walking with some kind of undiedable package in his hand. i'm running. you never know with that brody logan . some clouds tonight and mild outside i'm happy to say. and we are talking about maybe some showers in the late afternoon on monday. not sure. it looks
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western area so we'll have to see. heat, oh, yes, the heat is up. we're going to have to see the air-conditioning quom back on when we head back to the 90s and some of the humidity. in the meantime things are all calm and quiet. we have a few low clouds that are moving in, not a whole lot to contend w. we have a stationary frontal system that's a trigger for all of that and we see a light shower by tomorrow afternoon. take a look at the highs today. we should have been about 87-degrees but low to mid 830s we'll take it. not bad at all. eighty-six at reagan airport. eighty-three at dulles for the high and 84 at bw i thurgood marshal. pretty comfortable outside also. sixty-four at manassas, 77 at d.c., 67 at gaithersburg this hour. baltimore at 69, annapolis at 75. we have 68 at fredericksburg to the south and 65 at martinsburg while cumberland is at 70-degrees. dewpoints aren't too
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pretty mild out side without all the stickiness. so we'll see a few clouds for tonight and tomorrow as i said can't rule out maybe an afternoon shower. a slight risk of it but right now everything is kind of point ing to that happening to areas of our far east. not everybody will see this tomorrow , however and could see just a little bit into tuesday, but other than that not much happening until later in the week. a warm day tomorrow, temperatures into the low to mid 830s every where and winds will be light. humidity will start to creep in every so slightly and the tropics heating up. we have tropical storm girth here. the good new is about gert is she's going to move off to the north, northeast. by monday, tuesday it will be actually located between the carolinas and beer mud actioner but it's heading right off to see. this is at least some good good news we'll watch it very closely for
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u updates on it. right here at home 81-degrees, a few clouds, but looking pretty good. it will be a warm day as we head up to the mid 80s. we could see the showers start to kick in from two to 5:00 in the afternoon. mostly clear, for tomorrow we're going to be heating it up for a 82-degrees for a daytime high. that's nothing because why, the 90s are returning. we'll hit the 90- degree mark by thursday and friday. a chance of a storm on friday. we'll watch that for you. other than that not look ing too bad as we expwet to the end of the weekend. as i said, a slight chance of a shower or two in the afternoon so don't be surprisedded if you feel a spripg l. looks like summer to me. back to august. coming up, the latest o
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harper's natural i looking injury. ♪
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i have to admit when i saw this video i thought bryce harp's knee was done. when an athlete 's leg buckles backward the way harper's did it usually ends in a season ending injury. thankfully harper defied the odds. he has a bone bruise. he's been placed on the ten-day dl. harper and the nats dodged a bullet. it's an unfortunate situation. it just happened. there's nothing i can do. not really a recovery time hour. if i feel good i'm going to go. if i don't feel good, what i do and how my mindset is, i'm going to push it to the limit and
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never scared to put worse into it or anything like that. it takes sometime to definitely let it heal. i want to be 100 percent whenever i play. the world series is definitely on my mind. >> let's get healthy and hen we'll think world series. game one without harper on the way to a world series. the giants, they get started early. aj cole , that will score one. two batter's later, joe panic, this is all we were all feeling when we saw the video. he drives one to the gap. the giants take an early three-zero lead. down four new york city anthony rendon goes deep. hunt ir strickland his 22nd of the season. that's all they get. the nats lose four-two. danny murphy trying to pick up the slack for the injured harper. the third inning, murphy, goes the other
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off of matt moore, one-zero, nats. and then in the six, ryan zimmerman goes up and out, his 22nd homerun of the lead, gives the nats the lead. and then in the seventh san bol ties the game two-two. this game would go to extra inning, eleventh inning bases leaded, the nats got him to bring some, he did, bases loaded grand slam, nats take game two, six to 26789 today the redskins wrapped up training camp in richmond and if thursday's preseason is any indication they have a lot to work on. a boring 23-three loss in baltimore. as they finish up camp jay gruden and head
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they've seen. it has to continue on into ashburn. we have three minimum wage oor pre season games left to finalize our process and that's what it is all about. establish some kind of identity and have a great evaluation. this roster still the best roster that i've seen since i've been here. some people that was here last year are not here, but i do feel like we've helped ours in a the lot of different areas. defensive line, we would like to have it thursday, but i still feel pretty good. one of the criticisms been levied against d.c. united is they're kind of cheap. at the bottom of the league in mls salaries and that's resulted in them being at the bottom of the standings. this week they broke open the checkbook paying $3 million to club tijuana and a signing. this signing and others
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is willing to t pay to dig their way out of the basement. we've seen it year after year. it's not just lip service. i've wait ed too long to think that we can make a run at this. it's how we perform under pressure. i try not to think too much about it. i try to be mietion as much as i can. that's the focal point for me, just to be myself and help the team win. the team is the most important. >> rarely do you get a rain delay in an indoor arena, but that's what happened last tonight at the verizon center, the roof leaked due to the thunderstorms. how did the mystics react, with a dance off the court was too wet for a basketball game, but not for a dancing competition. you see them facing off at center court there. going back and forth, there were a few tootsie rolls, just making it
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the best moves. the mystics won the dance off and once they got to playing, the mystics won the game. i don't understand how they keep having leaks at the verizon center. now the capital one arena. maybe they'll make some renovations like the white house. they need the capital one. it said it right there but i still kept calling it verizon. >> i was waiting. you love getting me with something like that. >> thanks gwenment we'll be right back.
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witness last quick look at our forecast for this week. we're not going to be tooing badly. tomorrow we'll see some sunshine , can't rule out maybe an afternoon shower or so. not everybody will see any of it. and then we're doing pretty good , but boy we're heating up to the reality of august. the 90s are making a come back and so is the humidity. i was getting a little nervous with the fall weather. are you ready for the pumpkins. >> yes. we'll be back tomorrow at four:25.
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>> right now on "matter of fact" -- did the civil war ever end? >> the are extremely high expense associath e statues. >> the emotional battle over civil wa>> when i look at the si feel is a part of history. >> where do you stand in the conflict mean? plus, the naacp issues a travel warning in state. should you be concerned? and, a fashion statement of the summerwhy these goofy glasses ae accesse


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