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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  October 1, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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>> more next. re next.
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>> the aclu is demanding government drop search warrants that would allow them to access personal facebook page force protesters accused of planning several inauguration day celebrations. >> three activists are at the sent he of the case and the warrant gives access to private messages, friends lists, statuses updates and more. here's "fox5" tisha lewis. >> we all remember these from inauguration day. targeting three facebook acts are tearingeting and activists
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my main concern he don't want them rummageing through my personal information. i have a lot of non protest related activity on my facebook account i don't want them to see including stuff like talking about medications and talking about mental health issues and talking about other friends' mental health issues. >> 37-year-old man is one of the protesters that his facebook account as surprised by authority sfwlz they're asking because i was media spokes person on behalf of to rome into my account alike a fishing expedition. >> there's a ton of people's lives they put on facebook will be exposed by overbroad search warrants we're seeking to have them shut down. >> others could be subject to the social media search. >> our clients are not charged for it. they are being targeted for reasons that
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seal and because the government says at least in public portion ever the warrant it is investigating demonstrations that took place here on january 206789 it's incredibly chilling to political space and association and anti-administration disowe dense were investigated by the very administration they're protesting. >> the warrants would reportedly require facebook to disclose to the government all information from the personal facebook accounts of disrupt jay 20 activisten including november 1 through february 9. it's far reaching and violation of 14 amendment with protects personal privacy. >> turn ago teping to the weather now. time to break out fall khojing we're note sfwling jacket is thicker. >> winter jacket for sure. >> yeah, it's getting chilly out there. >> it's nice you can drink pumpkin spice latte
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like it's not 90. >> i've been doing that for a month though. >> regardless. >> i just had mine hi to wait it was too hot out. it felt like summer. >> all right. will we are cooling down and i think everybody is kind of welcoming the change of the season. we had a pretty warm last couple weeks and it didn't seem like it was actually officially fall. when fall arrives you want it to arrive 100%. that did not happen. we're really making up for it. it was chilly this morning actually between yesterday and today. today was cool canest morning in about 2 1/2 weeks we had. and we now have a ridge of high pressure in charge and so we'll see fairly clear skies plenty of sunshine on the 7 day forecast and winds lighten up thank goodness because today we had gusty winds out there and all associated with a frontal system that moved through. sunday is looking absolutely picture perfect i'm happy to say and we've got dry conditions all week long. we nod the rain but there's no
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temperature-wise below seasonal. 6 7 dulles and 66 bwi thorough good. we're talking about 67 below seasonal for baltimore and dulles and 4 degrees below d.c.. 58 now in the nation's cap capitol. 48 gaithersburg and we have 5 south at fredericksburg and baltimore 54 and 61 at annapolis and cool 45 degrees for winchester. and so we're going to see cooler air settling in. temperatures will be into the 70s tomorrow and plenty of clear skies as that rinl of high pressure take over. we have a system northeast and that's producing rainfall through parts of new england. we won't have to deal with that. at the most an odd cloud or two and generally talking. sunshine. over the higher elevations to the far northwest into the valleys can't rule out maybe a little patchy frost tonight. so, that's a good indication of the season isn't it? and winds right now, timely, a lot calmer anywhere from
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to 15 miles an hour and they'll continue to diminish and so tomorrow we're talking light northerly wind flow. overnight tonight temperatures into 40 d and 50s. it will be definitely chilly and to northwest temperatures cooler as always. and then when we take a look at 2 hour temperature change gives you a good indication of direction we're going. because temperatures anywhere from 1 to even 16 cooler this hour than yesterday at this time. tropics still continue to have eyes focused on it. we have a couple of areas of disturbance here firing up. 40% chance we could see another named storm before it's all said and done. we're watching that closely. in the meantime,ment ty of sunshine as we end the wee weekend. temperatures will be just great very comfortable and here's a look at "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast for you. it gradually warms up by end of week and good news we have the son right across the board. nobody will explain tomorrow,
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outside sunday brunch. lindsay. >> thanks, gwen. middle school student is facing charges after police say he brought a gun on cool property. this happened yesterday morning brand park middle school. they found a gunned in the student's locker. the gun was not loaded and no am mission was found. the investigators think the student wanted to show off the begun and did not han to use it. diz parents were concerned. >> we should have been identified something happened at school and beef up the skeerty. >> i think it is terrible. i'm a middle school teacher and i feel like my kids are not say. i have two kids that go here. .' i'm pretty unhappy about it. >> the student was taken into custody. investigators say it's unclear who owned the gun or where it came from. >> big arrests in the district chb the woman caught on camera remember this? yeah. >> throwing
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at a metro bus drivers is held tonight without bond. opal brown was awest rested yesterday and she waes spotsed to show up for court hearing initally her attorney told a judge that brown had car trouble and was running late and then never showed up. the judge ordered her to be held without bond. racially charmed mess amid have about opening up across the d.c. area and now postal inspectors are looking into who left racist flyers at a maryland post office. take a look they're shaped like business cards and they were found edge worth drive in capital hight. one says white lives matter and another new order with swastika and "fox5" spoke to the mail handler while on their break. >> i would hope it's not a owe go worker. we have other people in the building like contractor
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other stuff like that. i'm not saying it's them or anything like that, but i've been here 23 years and never seen anything like that. i don't know where it came from i have no idea. but, yeah, it makes me uneasy definitely. >> we're told there are security s throughout the building but not in the cafeteria where the cards were found. >> an investigation is underway to find out who the is responsible for racial s slurs targeting 5 african-american air force cadet candidate at the prep school in colorado after discovering racist the message. sarah furgeson reports. >> this is our institution and no one can take away our values and no one can write on the board and question our values. no one can take that away from us. >> addressing merely 4,000 ka delts and academy officials say this behavior has no
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>> the you positiveer we all come from all walks of life and part this country and all races and all background. gender, all makeup. all upbringing. the power of that diversity comes together and makes us that much more powerful. >> surprising the crowd with what he said next. >> reach for your phones. serious. reach for your phones. >> hit record and share these words. >> you use they will and remember them and you share them and you talk about them. if you annot treat someone with dignity and respect is, then get out. >> that was sarah furgeson reporting tonight. u.s. air force academy prep school is located on the same campus as the air force academy. prep school 1 year pran for 240 cadets reddying to enter the air force academy. >> a texas cool district is fashion scrutiny for holding a moment of prayer during a
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the meeting was held at a baptist church. super intend enter rick mcdaniel add going to protect and he mentioned there may be some opposed to it. someone reported incident from redom from religion foundation. he september a letter to the district asking for the superintendent to be disciplined. it's part of what mccann dales yesterday. >> all right. i understand. for those of who you feel comfortable praying with me that's fine. adds a minimum we'll have a moment of silence for folks in barcelona and amen. >> amen. >> thank you guys i appreciate ul all very much. >> school board president released a statement saying the board has no plans to discipline the super intend enter regarding that xlaichbility. >> sports next. football teams don't react well to losing. >> imagine though losing every game for three seasons. that's what a local football team
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finally getting in that win column. story of their very first win in a long time coming up next. xt.
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>> kennedy high school kepts trying and failing and finally were rewarded. brody logan has more? three seasons it was tough. >> it was ichbd hard. >> 1079 days. >> right up the middle. >> it's ahard road it's not uzi. >> kennedy nice cavaliers went that long witho
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entire careers not even winning game when they were on jr. varsity. >> sometimes is crossed my mind to quit i could not do that. >> no matter if they lost how many times they lost they kept coming sglout finally their hard work and persistence was rewarded and september 15 a 48 to 12 victory over nor wood first win since october 2, 2 2014. >> it was out of control. set to alley out of control. it was like we won the state championship at ravens stadium. >> as the clock counted down to win there were feelings of elation
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i ways like this is look a dream. >> it was amazing i kept looking at the score is that really us. >> bus ride home that was a party. >> it was like homecoming. >> even the bus driver was route of control on the way home her kid plays for another country. >> ed boy cohad only known winning part of state champion staffs demascus and council. thrust into the job at kennedy when long time friend and colleague dan mckosy pass away after a long battle with coon cancer nev of last year. boyko was going to stay one season and pass it on he stayed because of kennedy original 18. >> we didn't have a lot of kids come out for the team
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>>. >> he was looking at the kids that never played foot ball to join a team they never seen win a sglaim it was not easiest sell but overwhelming majority of kids did not grow up with football and play football and there's a very international you know student body here. they're just learning game. >> key to turn around a culture change that began with 18 who never quit who taught teammates how to play as team and build a program. a program they hope has only gun to win. >> finally hard work is paying
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you see the kids hard at work and supporting the team and that's the goal. build the program good we have one win let's go for another. >> one down. >> wishing them more. >> after the break imagine traveling new york to tokyo in 30 minutes. billionaire elon musk wants to make it a reality we'll show you how u how
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>> you've heard of self driving cars but what about a car avap of self driving trucks. fairfax county put it driverless technology no the test. take a look the real life test was conducted on i 66 yesterday among and could have driven by that and not nope. lead truck is reportedly coming gas and brakes for
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the truck's caravanned just six seconds apart >> trucks to rocket how would you like to visit several countries in one day. you might be able to goat just about anywhere in the world and less than an hour and well that is if a billionaire has his way. space xceo of tes lay unveiled plans for a new rocker that would any on early it can take off and land vertically and go from new york to tokyo in just about 30 michbilitys. >> muvk says key is getting out of earth's atmosphere. >> the great thing about getting out of space there's no contradiction friction. wps you're out of the atmosphere it will be smooth as silk. there's no wedge weather or atmosphere. you can get to most long distance places in less than half hour.
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>> that sound night to me a new rocket would be used to bring satellite into orbit. >> terrifying. >> i like that idea the not bad at all. >> speaking of dare devils some in our area came to gather today to face a real challenge. going over the edge at bethesda building. >> brave participants repelleding for a fundraise to again fit special owe limb pkz picks and each had to raise a minimum of 2,000 for the privilege. chip basin takes us up in the air for this extreme fundraiser. >>. >> let me win if i can not win let me be brave with at text. >> stacey has in the every core of her body. >> it's first time we've done over the edge and have great support from chevy chase land company and owns the building
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which really kol is interface of athletes and with all the people that have come out to support them. so we've had people who have raised 2,000 or more and the best fund raiszer or highest was over 7,000 what we're doing is building communities and there's no better example than what we had here today. >> the people repel ring 16 stories up and trust factor is huge. i mean there's a lot of people who you know they never repelled before and some are afraid of hight and over the edge folks make it a friendly and safe environment and training making sure people feel secure as they go over the edge it was a great sense of community and reinforces how through a sport special olympics is creating a world of opportunities not limited by disability. >> stacey hall has to
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special needsage let. she always volunteers for us and she's looking out for her fellow athletes and she drove herself down here. people don't understand the wide range of abilities our athletes have. stacey is more advanced with at abilities she has and she's a great example of giving the opportunities and she's been in the program 7 years now and she loves it. she challenged herself to go 16 stories up put the harness onen came down and came down to your point about her with her parents it was emotional embrace when they got together after she came off the wall. they were proud of her she was proud of her saicht and it was just another win of those things for her that's accomplishment she can take pride in. >> absolutely. >> no question about it. >> great. >> admirable
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2,000. >> fantastic. >> awesome. great weather day tomorrow. >> fantastic. >> looking for ward to it. >> thanks for taking up with us
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