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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  October 1, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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their calendar. in washington, i'm sell son barber, fox news. >> the news tonight far from over. the news at 11 starts right now. this is fox5 local news at 11. first developing news tonight, the george mason university community is remember ing a student who died after officials say he took a that hallus in a general on savment according to witness withs, the student ran through a fifth floor window of a residence hall and died after the fall. fox5's evan lambert is live on campus where there is a concern that this same drug may pose a risk to other students. >>reporter: the university has warned students with this drug to call police and turn it in. tonight the university is not naming that student who died but we do know that he was a member the sigma alpha especially slon on campus. the
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at the clock tower. they lit candles and shared memories of their member. just before 5 p.m. yesterday, the student took a hallus generic drug and then ran through a window on the fifth story of the potomac heights residence hall. he fell and was unresponsive and then died at the hospital. we spoke to a witness who was outside when first responders were trying to save that student. he also said this situation is an unfortunate lesson for others. when i was walking out identify they had him on a gurney and he was in bad condition. he had a lot of blood on him and a towel over his face. they rushed him in a ambulance. it's tragic. seeing someone tragically die over nothing, it's terrible. i think you can learn something in any situation like this and this just puts more light on what substances are
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you can deal with it. tonight it is not exactly clear what drug the student who died took, but university officials are warning students that those drugs may be circulating and that they do have an amnesty policy so anyone who has it is asked to report it and turn it in. the university also offering counseling services to anyone who needs them. live in fairfax county, evan lambert, fox5 local news. >> new tonight, the charles county sheriff's office wantsz you to take a good look at this man. investigators say chef on chisly shot and critically wound ed a person overnight. chisly and two other people first met at a hotel. investigators say the victim and rate os got into an argument and then they found his victims on amber leave place and started the shooting. the sheriff's office is asking
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about dhisly's whereabouts to contact them. there are still no suspects in the death of a 19 year old from prince george's county. they continue to investigate the homicide of ashante billy. she went missing from norfolk, virginia and on friday her body was discovered. tonight her classmates gather to remember her. ashante billy graduated in 2016. they describe ashante as outgoing and kind, someone very involved in school. she was part of the dance team as well as rotc and then after high l school she moved to the norfolk area to go to culinary school. people we talked to tonight say they have no idea who would do this to her . i just can't believe this happened t her. former classmates remain in disbelief. they say ashante billy was the girl at school everybody loved, someone with so much ambition.
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set the bar for everyone. things like this are not supposed to p havment the last time we know of that ashante was seen alive was nearly two weeks ago on monday, september 18. she aprivileged to this norfolk military base early in the morning for work. she recently been hired as an assistant manager at a blimpy sandwich shop. her job would come up in conversation somewhere somehow because she was excited about it . just 30 minutes after she arrived surveillance camerases captured ashante's minute i cooper leaving the base. what we don't know is who was behind the wheel. her car was later found abandoned, windows down. her cellphone was disquoferred in a dumpster. ashante's mother made a plea for prayers. please pray foray shan take you, my daughter, my baby. she's
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everybody. bring my baby home today. a week after ashante went missing, the fbi took the lead on the investigation. we're looking for the help from the public. volunteer search crews con veed. they found braids and a sock in the area where her cellphone was found. fast forward to friday in charlotte, north carolina a landscaper at a church makes a horrifying discover rivment he went and got the foreman. the foreman cape and he identified it as a body and at that point called 911. on saturday, ahsan you take you's parents addressed the immediate yasm the body was their daughter. the person or personses that denied sided they wanted to take our baby away from us and away from everyone that loved her, you're a urd could. after the press conference the parents took no questions. no suspects have been identifie
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was someone she knew they took her niceness for granted. we still don't know how or when ashante was killed or why someone would do this. she'll always be alive in my heart. when i look at the sky at night and i see a star i will know it is her. ashante does have a boyfriend but during all of this he has been in basic training in south carolina and that's something we confirmed tonight through the family spokes woman. >> it's been finally feeling like the season, another fall- like day out there. warnl in the sun and cool in the shade . will this weather last into the workweek? fall has moved in. not going anywhere. the suitcase is unpacked and everything else. grab a light sweater or a jacket, folks if you're heading out in the ermy morning hours or at night because it's getting a little cool out there and i'm calling it nippy. let's take a look a the highs, temperatures were
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reagan national airport officially today just some three to four degrees blow the seasonal average. sixty-nine at dulles and 69 at bwi thurgood marshal and no shortage of sunshine. tonight we're talking clear skies. right now it's 6306-degrees in the nation's capital. we had a pleat ticketed event windy day. today the winds are light and they're going to continue to be light. 46-degrees at within chess templet that's chilly. fifty-one at fredericksburg, 46 at frederick. we've got 50- degrees at baltimore. fifty-eight at annapolis and 49 at gaithersburg. satellite radar showing you skies are clear as a ridge of high pressure is continuing to build in. temperatures rising into the low to mid 70s. not bad at all. i don't think we have any complaints. fall is definitely here and the nfl player is a good reflection of it. i'll
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>> thank you, gwen. he is the leader of one of mexico's most notorious drug cartels and tonight the fbi has placed a bounty on the head of fast toe mesa flores, the agency is offering a $5 million reward to leads to his arrest. the drug trafficking group is responsible for shipping large quantities of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana into the united states. and october is national breast cancer awareness month. this here is from earlier tonight, the white house mark the occasion like lighting the white house pink. take steps to reduce the risk of breast cancer and that includes getting a mammogram or other tests for early detention, nearly 250,000 american and men will like did i be diagnosed with some form of breast cancer this year. nice to see the white house lit up there. starting on day witness. q. still ahead, two apparent terror i a
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the other in france. how official in both countries are responding tonight.
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q. police in france and canada are investigating suspected terror attacks. authorities in mar say france are urging people not to travel to the city by train after a man with a knife killed two women. in canada a loan wolf is responsible for an
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officer and a handful of others injured. we get the latest now from fox's anita vogel. >>reporter: shocking footage from ed monday ton saturday night as a police officer is sent flying 15 feet into the air by a vehicle in what canadian prime minister justin true dough is calling a terror acan that. the suspect emerged from his car and began attacking the officer with a knife before fleeing on foot. several hours later a u hall was stopped at a dui check point in downtown ed monday ton where the driver's name was similar to the suspect in the attack. the truck then sped off with police in high pursuit attempting to intentionally hit pedestrians. you then concluded when the u haul flipped on jasper avenue due to police april henning, the driver was april henned and is currently in police custody. it is believed at this time that these two incidents are related. police say an isis flag was found in
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. meanwhile in france sunday morning a man with a knife attacked people at a train station in mar say killing two women. police say one woman was stabbed to death whether the other had her throat cut. soldiers fatally shot the assailant who police say shouted al yew ak bar while he carried the atafnlgt it was total panic the police, i was surprised rkts intervened very, very quick limit at the same train station four american college students were attacked with acid. the assailant in that attack was suffering from a menlt illness. in los angeles, anita vogel, fox news. >> in spain, an ugly situation unfolded earlier today as riot police raided \pole\polling stations. the day long confrontation left nearly 900 people yurd, including 33 police officers. spain's prime minister denies
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referendum vote. meanwhile police officers saying the judge s were acting to stop the process. the mayor has called on the prime minister to resign in the wake of this bloody confrontation with citizens. coming up tonight, puerto rico still trying could recover. what the governor is saying on the latest there. we'll be right back. sweet 4k tv, mr. peterson. thanks. pretty psyched. did you get fios too? no. mr. peterson, fios is a 100% fiber optic-network. what does that mean? think about it. if you got an awesome new car you'd put the best gas in it, right. so why hook up your awesome technology to anything other than a fiber-optic network? i got to go. peterson. peterson's wife. counting on you guys. your internet deserves the 100% fiber-optic network.
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are you in the mood for some pumpkin pie? a. i love some pumpkin pie. i feel like this is the time to hit the orchards and the pumpkin patches and do that whole thing. >> it's soup weather and sweater weather. >> it's still nice out in the sun. right now, if you head outsides it's pretty cool much it's refreshing. how is that? >> it's refreshing. compared to the 90s we just had a couple day s ago. it's been quite an abrupt change for us. we knew it was coming. we actually got quite a treat with those 930- degree days. definitely nippy outside right now so buntd l up in the morning hours you're definitely going to need a sweater or at least a light jacket. be prepared for that. the week is starting out with all kinds of sunshine. we had sun all weekend long. we're going to keep that unaring for you and a little bit of humidity returns very briefly so don't be surprised if you kind of feel moisture in the atmos
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. here's a look at the high s today, talk about fall weather 71-degrees at reagan national airport and we hit 69 at dulles and bwi thurgood marshal. now these temperatures are actually only about three to four greece off of the seasonal average just blow. we're really in the ballpark of where we should be. tonight, right now 6306-degrees in the nation's capital while we've got baltimore kicking in at 50, 53 to the south at quantico. that's the same at martinsburg and four at within chess templet take a look at what's happening across the country because we have some cooler air sitting here and way out to the west a really big l pool of air behind a frontal system. we're going to end up pretty much where we should be with the exception of at the end of the week we're going to get a flow in. not much happening here, a few clouds down here to the sth
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west of us and in the shenandoah rally near the higher elevations i can't rule out tonight that they won't have maybe a little bit of a patchy frost. this is for st. mary's, from one 11:00 through until 3 a.m. monday morning. if your knee this area just be aware when it comes to high tide. overnight lowe's tonight, you might want to put a little extra blanket on the bed into the 40s and 50s so definitely the cooler air, but the ridge of high pressure that's going to dominate our weather pattern right through most the week and we're going to see the sunshine as a result it we have another frontal system to deal with. overall another dry week. by midday nice 70- degrees. you can sit outside and have lunch. winds will be light as well. 52-degrees for tonight, mostly clear and for tomorrow we've got a high kicking in at 74. let's have a
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look at that fox5 seven day forecast and it's right across the board with unses. i said on friday night if i was in a casino i'd be winning because look at this, i have seven straight suns across the board. let's go hit up mgm, whatever you want to go. a couple daze of the 80s, just fantastic t. it looks beautiful. doesn't get better than that. >> thank you, gwen much there's still a long way to go in puerto rico from the devastation that was left behind by hurricane maria. more emergency aid is on the ground but distributing the aid remains the difficult task. more than the 30 percent of the island still has no power. the governor says they're expecting more resource soon. we will be receiving more supplies in the coming days both in gasoline and in diesel. we expect that we will
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diesel by today, 100,000 of gasoline the next couple of days close to half a mill barrels of diesel and close to a million of gasoline. so the flow is coming >> president trump heads to puerto rico on tuesday. >> dozens of people laced up their sneakers for a 5k run to benefit puerto rico. dozens of people came out with t-shirts. each participant had to donate at least $25 to enter the race. proceeds will go towards rebuild ing the island in the wake of hurricane maria. we've actually been in contact with small town elected officials in puerto rico. a lft small towns that aif been completely devastated. so we have specific tasks from them on what they need. anything from generators
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batteries. so we are coordinating recollectly with these small towns to give them exactly what they need. organizers say today's event raised more than $65,000. great work there. >> still ahead, going over the edge for a good cause. the disairing ways some are supporting the maryland special olympics next.
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>> some dare devils in our area came face to face with the real challenge going over the edge at a bethesda building. the brave participants repelled down 16 stories for the special olympics es. each participant had to race $2,000 for the privilege. fox5's photo journalist takes us up in the air for this extreme fundraiser if i cannot win, let
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in the attempt and stacy exudes that with every core in her body . it's the first time that we've done over the edge. we've got great support from the chevy chase land company who owns the building that we've been repelling down. what's really cool is the interface of our athletes with all of the people that have come out to support them. we've had people who have raised $2,000 or more, the highest fundraiser was over $7,000. what we're billing is dignity and respect and there's no better example than what we had here today. the people repelling our 16 stories up. the trust factor is humming. there's a lot of people they've never repelled before. there's some people afraid of heights. over the edge folks make it a friendly and save environment, the training, making people feel secure as they go over the edg
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reinforcing how through sport special olympics is creating a world not limited by disability it feels great. i'm scared. a lot of people are, but you know something, it's going to be awesome. stacy, she's a special olympics athlete from hartford county. she volunteers for us. she's always looking out for her fellow athletes. she's very independent. she drove herself down here. a the lot of people don't understand the wide range of abilities that our athletes have. stacy is more advanced in terms of some of the abilities that she has, but she's a great example of giving the opportunity. she's been in a program for about seven years now and she just loves it. she challenged herself to go 16 stories up. she put the harness s on
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to your point of her with her parents it was an emotional embrace when they got together after she came off the wall. they were proud of her. she was proud of herself and it was just another one of those things for her that's an accomplishment that she can take pride in. that's what it's all about. absolutely, no question about it . incredibly impressive and all for a good cause. it's a great cause, but man, i don't think i could do that. after the break we'll get a final check of your wake up forecast. >> stay with us.
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tomorrow morning, gwen, we're still go to need the jacket, right. >> a light jacket or early morning sweater. during the day we've got temperatures into the 70s, low 830s. it's absolutely going to be great. we have a little bit of humidity smeeking back into the picture this week, but not much. all suns. that's amazing. it's a great week. have a good one, everybody. see you at four:25.
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>> right now on "matter of fact," a humanitarian crisis in puerto rico? >> no power or electricity. >> supplies are getting to this island but are they getting to the people? >> it there is no clear organization. >> what our responders say on the grounds. plus. red carpet, bright lights and manufacturing? a hidden gem in los angeles. how one company is making the next big tech ideas happen. >> i create new ways to see the world. >> then how did one player's protest over racism explode into a debate over respect for our flag. >> get that son of a [bleep] off the field. he is fired. >> what are the rules for


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