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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  October 2, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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festival. panicked fans in the crowd and on the strip running for their lives. >> at least 20 people have been killed, more than 100 have been injured and the suspect has been shot and killed by police. it is believed it was a lone wolf type attack and we're learning that the gunman opened fire from a nearby hotel and casino. >> melanie alnwick has been following this situation for hours and joins us live from the news room with the latest update from las vegas. mel. >> ♪ >> we're at that airport -- we're at that venue as well, excuse me. my microphone is turned on so we might be having some audio issues. an active shooter on the las vegas strip is something police often drilled for but this gunfire as you said came from above. jason aldean was on stage closing out the route 91 harvest festival a three day festival around 10 o'clock last night and then you can hear here in just a minute. [gunfire] that rapid succession of gunfir
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stage across las vegas boulevard from the mandalay bay hotel. you can hear it stop, and then it's going to start up again, more gunfire. some people said that it even went on for 15, 20 minutes perhaps and then the realization there's an active shooter sets in and people start to panic. they're yelling to get out or get down. people at the concert said they saw what looked like muzzle flashes from the upper floors of the mandalay bay hotel. s.w.a.t. teams did locate a shooter in a room on the 32nd floor. clark county sheriff joseph lombardi is asking for help from witnesses. >> anybody that may have cell phone video or any type of video associated with this convenient that would be of benefit to the investigation, please respond to the las vegas metropolitan police department headquarters at 400 south martin luther king and we will take custody of that video. so, if you have it, you evaluated it and you think it would be of benefit, please bring that down to the
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for this woman, marilou danley. they say she is a roommate of the shooter and they definitely would like to talk to her. the las vegas strip in lockdown road. the boulevard filled with ambulances and police response vehicles. people are being asked to stay put for the time being. also want to let you know that the red cross is setting up a center for people to be able to reconnect with loved ones let people know they were safe. jason aldean you saw him running off the stage once he realized shooting was going on. he reacted on instagram saying this is beyond horrific wanting everyone to know he and his crew are safe, thoughts and prayers go out to everyone tonight. it hurts my heart that this would happen to anyone who was just coming out to enjoy what should have been a fun night. police are also telling us that there are no shooters at any other resorts and no explosives around town except for when the s.w.a.t. teams did have to breach that room at mandalay bay. so, again, just a terrible
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situation there. that number in terms of the victims, the number of dead could possibly rise. back to you guys in the studio. >> melanie alnwick in the news room this morning. we do have others who were on the scene or one of our news managers in fact there in vegas when this was going on. lots of information coming into our news room as the story continues to develop. >> our colleague bill byer witnessed the mayhem. bill joins us on the phone with his recounter. bill, i understand that you were just one casino away from where this happened at the time but i also understand that the streets of the strip are still shut down at this hour. >> things are getting back to normal, steve. you can't move around as much as you would normally but, you know, casinos have opened up again. there is a large police presence. i can see them from the window of my -- my hotel room, still on the scene obviously. but, you know, i think people are breathing a little sigh of relief right now. i think, you know, knowing that they've gotten this one guy. >> so,
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what you saw and heard in the thick of this madness. >> well, i was at new york-new york with a bunch of my friends. i went up to get some air and there's a bridge between new york-new york and the mgm. so, when i got on the bridge, as soon as i got on the bridge, you can see mandalay bay right from that vantage point. it's only three-quarters of a mile up the street. so, you know, all the cops were already out. you see the ambulance was there. i immediately started to put on my journalism hat and went down and started shoot something video. but you could see that this was an actual staging area where they were taking, you know, a lot of people and ambulances, i tweeted out some video of the ambulances, six or seven ambulances coming down the road all at one time to the scene so they could triage these guys and get them to the hospital. all that time, while that was going on, though, in the background of this whole thing was, they hadn't gotten this guy yet, so, you know -- and it was -
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scary. it's been a really difficult scary night here in a place that's known for more fun, people come out here to relax and it's turned into chaos. >> that's my question bill. i hate to jump in on you. i've stayed at mandalay bay before, i know that area very well and that time of the night when you talk about fun, the streets are full in las vegas and there's a lot of people around, there's a lot of commotion around, a lot of things happening. at what point did you realize this was beyond that normal evening activity in las vegas on the strip. >> well, i think as soon as i walked out the door. i mean, there was such a massive presence of police and ambulances i knew something had happened. and it was big. you know, just saying to one person, hey, what's going on, everybody knew. so, you know, people are coming up, tourists at the hotel now crying with their loved ones and, you know, you just -- you know, you see the terror on people's faces. and you know, one of the big things here, too, is as
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as the hotels got locked down these people got separated from their loved ones. you couldn't get in and out of the hotels at one point. it was all locked up. bill. >> go ahead. >> i wanted to make sure that you are okay. i think we missed that whole thing. you are okay, you weren't physically in the area where the shooting was happened just to be clear, you're fine. >> well, i am fine but one of the scary parts of this whole thing was when we were on that bridge, we heard automatic gunfire. it was loud. and there was about -- i'd say there was 75 to a hundred people on that bridge and we all took off. we took off running. we ran about three blocks away from the mgm. it was -- it was very scarily. >> it sounds absolutely horrifying, bill. appreciate your firsthand account, bill. hopefully you get a chance to catch up and decompress from this as well but the headline here, 20 plus dead, 100 plus injured in las vegas on the vigas strip this morning. bill, thanks very much. do appreciate your time this morning. let's stay in las vegas now.
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live from las vegas with more on what she's learned. good morning, lauren. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, steve, maureen. so, we have been talking to folks who have been evacuated out of the mandalay bay and they have been told just to go up sunset boulevard away from the area, trying to find hotels or just basically get out of the area until police deem it safe. now, some of those folks we talked to were front row at the concert, two young girls, 25 years old celebrating a birthday. they said they thought it was just part of the concert when that pop pop started going out of and they didn't realize anything was really happening until they saw jason aldean dive down on the stage, run away. then they started to look around and it wasn't until they turned and they saw a woman with a bullet through their head when they realized something was very, very wrong and they started running. now another guy we talked to, he was across the street from this whole thing when it unfolded. he was able to look up and see the window blown out where the
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that's where officials are telling us the 32nd floor, he said he saw curtains just tattered from shrapnel, from bullets and he said it was just smoke and bullets raining down, and again, people didn't seem to realize what the sound was [inaudible] was going on and once they realized what was going on it just turned into chaos with people running and he, himself, tried to duck behind a car just to get out of the way. steve, maureen. >> lauren, are you hearing anything about the suspect that was taken down by police? we know that they are looking for a woman, her picture is out, marilou danley but have you heard anything about the suspect believed to be the lone wolf in this shooting rampage? >> reporter: well, police are telling us they do know this is someone who is from the las vegas area. at this point they are not willing to say what the motive was. they do not know or are not telling us just yet and they do not know
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sort of religious motivation. of course, a lot of people starting to speculate what this was and police are cautioning people to be safe, to be careful with that until they know more. of course they are looking for this companion, this marilou danley who they have put out a photo and of course a car and a license plate looking for her. they have a lot of questions for her. they've asked if anybody knows her connection to this incident, to call 911 and at this point, the suspect, what we do know at least confirmed by us at fox, we do know this was somebody who was from this area but we are still working to confirm a lot more details at this point. >> all right, lauren blanchard in las vegas with an update. if you hear any more information let us know so we can update our audience on what's happening on the las vegas strip. >> let's switch it up. horrhorrible start to the day. let's check in with tucker barnes. >> good morning, steve. cool temperatures, down to 41 degrees rht
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and we're in for a beautiful sunny, bright and very quiet monday afternoon weather-wise. let's get to it. 53 now at reagan national. look at your numbers. dulles 41, bwi marshall 44 degrees. so, very cool. jacket weather here. on your way to school on your way to work, taking the dog out for a walk you'll want a light jacket as temperatures have had chance to really cool off overnight. high pressure overhead and we'll be looking at sunshine and easygoing conditions around here for the next couple days including this afternoon. warmer today than yesterday. mid 70's but again low humidity and it should be a beautiful afternoon for you. okay, take a look at that seven day. we've got the nationals playoffs starting on friday. we'll let you know what the weather will be coming up. hi, erin. >> good morning to you. right now 6:10 and we have breaking news if we can pull -- we have skyfox on location having some problems with them so we'll switch to my maps. i have the crash mapped. baltimore-washington parkway on the northbound side we're dealing with a crash after 32. it's involving an overturned vehicle. speeds are down to 5 miles per hour. that is delays well past 198. if you
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baltimore beltway this morning locally here in maryland i suggest 95 northbound to get you around that one. we also have a crash just after 70. it's on 270 southbound. you're already seeing a 34 minute trip in the red zone from 70 to 121. things do open up after 121. the biggest delay again leading past that crash scene under 20 miles per hour. as you make your way out in upper marlboro avenue pennsylvania avenue northbound near ritchie marlboro a crash. metro is on time. we'll have the latest on the breaking news coming out of las vegas here on fox5 news morning.
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>> ♪ >> live video from las vegas. this is not video. this was as it was happening last night when the shooting began and that was jason aldean on stage the headliner of the country music festival last act of the evening when you heard that automatic gunfire that rained down onto the thousands of concertgoers. tragically the death toll now at 20, 100 plus people have been injured so far and there you see some of the aftermath across from mandalay bay there at the mgm on the south end of the las vegas strip. >> two of our colleagues were in vegas as this all went down and we want to get now to or kristen leone who was at the airport. we want to bring you a little bit of what she had to say and what she was seeing as this was all
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guys. i want to show you really quickly my vantage point, the mandalay bay, it's hard to tell but you can see -- i don't know if you -- how well you can see the strip. the strip is there. it's kind of hard. i don't know -- anyway, there's a window that's outside -- there's a window that's there obviously and then, yeah, the strip is just right there and it was crazy seeing all the helicopters and i saw multiple ambulance vehicles and i just, you know -- from again, my vantage point i'm just glad that we're all safe here today and i mean, we're at the safest place we could possibly be at the airport, so at one point i was told that police were starting to evacuate people over here to the airport that were over on the strip tonight but again, really, really scary. catching up with some of my friends at the country concert, one of them actually -- she took off right away when she heard the sounds
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with another couple that she didn't know, ended up hiding under a car and then making a run for it to the mgm grand hotel and she's there hiding right now still. so, it's just really scary. it's crazy being on the receiving end just wondering what's unfolding and again, you know, turning to twitter, turning to the news to get the latestup dates. >> kristen leone at mccarran airport in las vegas a short time after the shooting began. >> he's on her way safely back to this area so want to report she's safe. we have much more on this actor of active shooter investigation happening in las vegas. much more when fox5 news morning continues.
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>> ♪ >> 6:16 right now. there's pictures from l.a. we
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have a couple colleagues in las vegas this morning and we're going to be checking back at them at 6:30, we'll get you the latest. this is video from a short time ago, of course the aftermath of that horrible shooting that happened a few hours ago at a country music festival where someone fired hundreds of rounds out of a mandalay bay hotel room killing at least 20 people. >> all right, a hundred plus injured. among those dead police officers attending that concert. the gunman is dead. police now looking for a person of interest connected to that gunman a woman by the name of marilou danley, asian female 4-11, 111 pounds. her picture being circulated right now. we have much more coming from the scene and we'll update you on that. in the meantime we want to update you what's happening in our neck of the woods. tucker barnes standing by with your weather as you get your work week started. >> thank you maureen. it's easy one. sunny and pleasant work week, school week starting sunny and pleasant. it is quite cool out there early this morning. in fact for the bus stop temperatures are not going to be in the 70's before school. they're in the 40's and low
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50's. after school we're going to be in the 70's with plenty of sunshine so the good news is it's going to be a beautiful day for us and a dry afternoon. here are the cool conditions and i mean we're talking about some real chilly temperatures particularly 'cause we haven't had much of this. winchester is 37, martinsburg is 37, gaithersburg 43 degrees this morning, dulles 41. 46 in leonardtown. 49 in quantico. you get the idea. you'll want to certainly consider a jacket here early this morning as we've got -- or we're experiencing some of the coolest temperatures we've felt some time across the washington area. low humidity, lots of sunshine, high pressure overhead and it just means quiet weather not only today but for the next several days so we're featuring lots of sunshine out there a little later this afternoon and dry conditions for the foreseeable future. a little too dry. really need some rain and not in the forecast any time soon. i think it will be the end of next weekend before we get any rain. here's a quick look at the seven-day. sunny and 75 today. we'll do it again tomorrow. little warmer by the middle of the
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by thursday. friday nats game. yes. 7:30 at night i think conditions are going to be perfect for that nats-cubs series starter on friday with sort of a return to late summer temperatures by the end of the week. okay, that's the weather update. 75 and sunshine today. hi, erin, good morning. >> good morning tucker. 6:19. keeping our eyes around the road, district maryland and virginia. pete perringer tweeting out the inner loop between connecticut and georgia avenue. caution there. a little bit of outer loop volume as usual 95 over to georgia avenue about a 10 minute slowdown. big problems on bw parkway and northbound. there's a crash after 32. delays back past 198. about a 15 minute slowdown right now. if you're heading through laurel this morning, or trying to get toward the baltimore beltway best bet 95 northbound that's in much better shape this morning. as we cruise over for a look on 270 a crash just after 70. average speeds under 20 miles per hour. 30 meant trip in the red zone 70 to 21. upper marlboro northbound a crash
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>> ♪ >> back at 6:22. you're looking now at the las vegas strip in the thick of the madness this morning when a gunman perched on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel started shooting people at a concert across the street. 20 plus people dead, a hundred plus people injured. the gunman taken down by s.w.a.t. team that stormed the room that he was in a woman being sought marilou danley is the woman being sought asian female 4-11, 111 pounds. also two vehicles believed to be involved in this shooting a hyundai tucson and a chrysler pacifica both with nevada plates being sought by police in connection to this mass shooting. the concertgoers were at a concert called the route 91 harvest festival. jason aldean wrapping up that
6:23 am
ringing out. you can hear rapid, rapid gunfire, multiple shots aimed at this crowd of people who were really trapped in this venue scrambling to try to get out but again 20 plus people dead included in that are some police officers who were killed in this mass shooting incident. much more to come from vegas. we have reporters on the scene and we'll bring you the latest updates as we get them. 6:23 is the time. >> let's get a quick check on business right now. we'll check the markets in our business beat this morning. joining us from fox business network studios lauren simonetti. good morning lauren. >> reporter: what a morning. >> not the way you want to wake up. >> reporter: this is the first day of the week, first day of october, first day of the fourth quarter, the final quarter of the year and on investors plates, wow where do we begin? if we look at the geo politics we have a terror incident in canada, in france and quite frankly i'm going to call it terrorism right here in the u.s. as well with the incident that happened on the las vegas strip, right, where a
6:24 am
rained down bullets on a crowd of 30,000 innocent people watching a concert. that's terrorism. we don't know what inspired it or what branch it is but that's -- it's ugly. investors responding to all of this and, you know, the market is okay. dow futures are higher. they wrapped up friday ending the month, ending the third quarter at all-time highs for the s & p 500 and the nasdaq and they're invigorated by domestic policies. so, hope for tax reform.& the trump trade that we saw earlier in the year right after the election really carrying on. but having said that, the fact that our futures at this point are unscathed. what a disgusting event that we're responding to this morning. with thousands of friends and family are going to mourn the loss of their loved ones because they went to a concert. >> absolutely, lauren and it was absolutely just the worst thing to wake up to this morning and for folks just waking up now, obviously talking
6:25 am
vegas a few hours ago but as far as the world of business, it appears to be and you hate to say it business as usual so far. >> reporter: yes. >> they're looking at things that are far beyond these acts of terror and by acts of terror i include domestic terror in a situation like this because it's an absolutely terrible attack that happened in las vegas but the business world looking at the bigger picture. >> reporter: yeah, looking at the bigger picture. so october is an interesting month. october 1987 we saw black monday. 87. october 1997, we had a global stock market crash. >> i see where you're going. >> reporter: 2007 the financial crisis so this is october of 2017. what will happen, we don't know. in our favor, usually in the october following a presidential election, the market goes up. we had an up september which is unusual. we'll see what happens this october. >> we had an up year and hopefully on november 1st, lauren, we look back and say we broke the trend of the
6:26 am
seven's this year. fingers crossed. >> reporter: yeah. >> talk to you soon. >> reporter: bye. >> cool out there. moment i stepped out i'm like -- >> i know. >> fall has arrived. >> felt like it for sure. >> yeah. temperatures falling back into the 30's in some cases near winchester this morning you're waking up to temperatures in the 30's. 37 degrees. >> wow. >> 53, that's the warm spot in downtown d.c. at reagan national. but again, most of the area in the 40's this morning. take a jacket with you. otherwise sunshine and beautiful. what a gorgeous forecast we have to look forward to this afternoon in fact the entire week looks nice with daytime highs warming up and back into the 80's by the middle of the week. sunshine during the day. cool at night and just very, very pleasant around here for the next couple days and today should be a beautiful afternoon for you so there's some good news. >> we need it. >> uh-huh. >> all right. erin como hopefully some good news on your e end too. >> big problems on the roads unfortunately. a crash involving an overturned vehicle coming up from laurel baltimore-washington parkway
6:27 am
delays extend past 198. if you don't want to sit in traffic coming up from capital beltway 95 northbound a much better bet. the inner loop pete piringer letting us know there's a crash after connecticut avenue. outer loop delays 95 to georgia avenue. about a 15 minute slowdown. on the inner loop the ramp to little river turnpike -- excuse me the ramp from little river turnpike to the inner loop is dealing with a crash. you can still use the ramp but seeing minor delays building. 395 a little bit of volume picking up. crash after 70-270 southbound a 32 minute trip from 70 to 121 on the southbound side. upper marlboro pennsylvania avenue northbound a crash at ritchie marlboro road. delays 95 northbound through quantico. metro is on time. keep it to fox5 news morning. more on the deadly shooting coming out of las vegas as we continue here on fox5 news morning.
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>> ♪ >> back at 6:30 following that breaking news out of las vegas. right now we know at least 20 plus people have been killed, more than a hundred injured arand the suspect has been shot and killed by police. >> it is believed this a lone wolf style attack. the gunman opened fire from high above at the mandalay bay hotel and casino. melanie alnwick joins us with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we can tell you will that the gunman has not been publically identified by police. we are
6:31 am
that. two of the dead were off duty police officers. an active shooter on the las vegas strip is something that police have drilled for often but this gunfire came from above and that is what is so frightening about this incident. jason aldean was on stage closing out the route 91 harvest festival around 10:00 last night. now, this is an outdoor concert venue called the las vegas village across from mandalay bay, across the vegas strip. you can hear that rapid gunfire. music stops. then the realization that there is an active shooter sets in and then the gunfire starts again. as people start to yell to get down or get out, people at the concert said they saw what looked like muzzle flashes from the upper floors of the mandalay bay hotel. s.w.a.t. teams located the shooter in a room on the 32nd floor. police are also looking for a woman, her name is marilou danley. they say that she's a roommate of the shooter and they would like to talk to her. they did give us a photograph
6:32 am
she's short statured asian woman. they also are searching for two vehicles that were registered to the shooter. the las vegas strip still in lockdown. the boulevard filled with ambulances and police response vehicles. people are being asked just to stay put for the time being so they can finish up the investigation here. we can tell you clark county sheriff joseph lombardo asking anyone with video from the scene to please turn it into police. the red cross setting up an area to let people know they are okay. there are no shooters a the other resorts, no explosives either except for those when s.w.a.t. teams breached the room at mandalay bay. so, we are standing by for a press conference, again, an update from the clark county sheriff's office and really just i think what nobody wants to hear is whether there are more victims out there, that is one thing that we were told is that unfortunately those numbers that they're telling us, 100 injured, 20 plus
6:33 am
you see that venue there so many people, about 30,000 people is what they estimate were there in that outdoor field, that outdoor festival venue when the shooting began. we'll send it back up to you guys. >> heartbreaking and unbelievable this morning. lots of information as you can imagine coming in to our news room. >> our colleagues bill byer pulling an all nighter in lalasvegas. let's get caught up on where we are right now bill as far as what you're seeing on the vegas strip now at 6:33 here in washington. >> reporter: good morning, guys. yeah, it's 3:30 here. i apologize for my voice. been up a little late but i'll tell you what's going on here now is, went down the lobby a few minutes ago and the mgm is now handing out blankets and pillows to a lot of folks here and they're just camping out. some of the hotels you can get back to, some of them you n'
6:34 am
separated from -- from their friends, their family, they're stuck here and mgm is trying to make the best of it. >> bill, give me an idea of how far you are from where that shooting happened at mandalay bay. >> reporter: i'm three-quarters of a mile up the street, you know, dead-on shot when you go outside. you can see the mandalay bay very clearly from where we were. as a matter of fact, you know, we were just talking over here and at one point when i was on the bridge between mandalay bay and new york-new york, and that's where if you look straight up the street from that bridge, you can see -- you can see mandalay bay, so new york-new york, mgm mandalay bay about three-quarters of a mile up the street. we heard gunshots. we heard reports and very clearly and we all -- you know, we all took off from there and ran about three blocks away in the opposite direction. >> bill i-hate to -- i hate to jump in here right now and
6:35 am
apologize for interrupting you. we want to get out to a press conference that's happening right now bill. if you can stand by. let's check in with clark county sheriff's department. >> we have located the vehicles that i had put out in the first briefing and we believe -- we were confident but not a hundred percent sure we have located the female person of interest. so, i want the people to feel confident and calm in that aspect that we've accomplished a lot in a short period of time. now, the number of injured i do not know yet. but we are looking at in excess of 50 individuals dead and over 200 individuals injured at this point. i do not want to give you an accurate number and it be wrong. so, subsequently that is why i'm portraying it in that manner. now, the suspect i am going to provide you his identity at this point. his name is stephen
6:36 am
last name speld p-a-d-d-o-c-k with a date of birth of 4/nine of 1953. as far as his history and background, we haven't completed that part of the investigation yet. but we located numerous firearms within the room that he occupied and that's, like i stated earlier, is going to be a long and tedious investigation. now, we're bringing in all the resources of the fbi to assist us in this investigation, in particular, to their victim witness advocates and their csi folks to help us process the scene and ensure that we are getting all the evidence that we can possibly obtain. now, furthermore i want to provide you the phone anybody. that number for family and friends to get an update on loved ones is
6:37 am
more time 18665355654. obviously this is a tragic incident and one that we have never experienced in this valley. sole, what we're going to try to do -- so what we're going to try to do is get our first responders back on their feet and responding and conducting a proper investigation and ensure that we have the safety of this community at heart. my condolences go out to the loved ones that lost their lives and their families and we will do the best we can to make it as easy as possible for you to get information as we know it. i think it's important for you to see the fbi, county fire and commissioner behind me. it shows that we have full support of all the government entities to solve this situation as soon as possible. >> [inaudible] >> no, not yet. >> how many law enforcement officers lost
6:38 am
>> i don't know yet. because there's -- there's some officers from other jurisdictions that was attending the concert so i don't have an accurate number of that yet. >> have you gotten an update on your officers that have been injured. >> one is critical but he's stable and one of my officers was off duty attending the concert and lost his life. >> can you give any more details about the firearms that were found in the room. >> no, i don't of any more details on the firearms. alls we know is they were rifles and that's all i know at this point. we're executing a search warrant on the room as we speak. >> sheriff how are you doing? we know your guys [inaudible] >> we're holding up. we're going to do the best we can. and i don't want to say that's what we're paid to do, 'cause nobody's paid to do what we're experiencing right now. but in my preview of the police department, they're doing a fantastic job and we're going to have to look out for their well being moving forward. >> you said there were a number of firearms found in stephen paddock's
6:39 am
was that in his home or in the room. >> in the room of the hotel. we have officers at his residence and we'll be executing a search warrant there, also, shortly. >> how does the city recover from this? moving forward, is there -- how -- >> that's a hard question to answer at this point. it's too early in the process and please give us time so we can do a good job. thank you. and i would provide you an update on a regular basis at approximately a two-hour window at a time. as you can imagine, we don't get a lot of information all at once so please bear with us when i provide you information. >> excuse me several people on social media are asking where they can donate blood and if they can, do you have any idea. >> the phone number that i provided we will get that information out. but right now -- you know, i'm not comfortable providing that information because we're overwhelmed in the medical services at all the hospitals right now. but united blood services has responded. and once they get all their personnel on the ground and
6:40 am
able provide that information. >> [inaudible] >> looking for their loved ones. >> [inaudible] >> there's two locations where they have been responding. one is at the south central area command which is in close proximity to the mandalay bay and also here. preferably we would like. >> [inaudible] >> thank you very much. have good night. >> las vegas police giving an update and the absolutely horrific headline raising the death toll of what we heard from 20 dead to now at least 50 dead in this attack in las vegas on the las vegas strip, more than 200 others injured. >> tough to wrap your head around what's happening out there, the gunman taken down now identified as stephen paddock born in 53. police searching his home right n
6:41 am
multiple weapons inside the hotel room where he took aim at a crowd of concertgoers. much more coming out of las vegas on this still developing active shooter investigation. fox5 news morning back after this. >> ♪ [ engines revving ] when you drop a 603-horsepower v8 biturbo engine into one of mercedes-benz's finest luxury sedans, what do you get? [ engine stalls ] you get out of the way. 0-to-60 in 3.3 seconds. the mercedes-amg e63 s sedan.
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6:44 am
the country music festival outside of the mandalay bay across the street the las vegas strip from the mandalay bay when hundreds of gunshots rang out over that crowd. a horrible scene in las vegas. updated from las vegas police 50 plus people killed, more than 200 more injured after this shooting, what appears to be a high powered rifle. you can hear hundreds of rounds going off in the background. apparently he was firing out of a higher floor hotel room, 32nd floor hotel room in the mandalay bay hotel. >> that shooter identified as stephen paddock born in 53. police are searching his home trying to figure out what might have motivated him. they found the woman they believe was accompanies him or was a roommate or at least attached to this guy in some way, marilou danley asian female. they believe they found her and the two vehicles they were looking four a hyundai tucson and chrysler
6:45 am
again the headline this morning, 50 plus people, 50 plus people dead as a result of this gunman who opened fire on innocent concertgoers. much more to come on this still developing story out of las vegas. the investigation continuing. fox5 news morning we're back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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6:47 am
>> welcome back. let's get right to your weather forecast. it couldn't be nicer around here weather-wise. had a gorgeous weekend and we're going to keep it going. i think we're
6:48 am
without rain and it looks like most of the week is going to stay sunny and pleasant. we're going to warm it up this week. look at your overnight temperatures. take a jacket. 30's have broken out martinsburg cumberland winchester, 37 degrees this morning. 53 here in town. that's the warm spot but most of the areas waking up to 40. 49 in quantico. 41 dulles, 46 for you in leonardtown. 54 in annapolis. we are off to a very chilly start. particularly when you compare to it where we've been and after these cool early morning numbers we should be back in the mid 70's this afternoon. what a nice looking forecast we have to look forward to. much like yesterday just bright blue sky. i don't. you'll catch more than a few clouds out there this afternoon. all systems go for a very nice work week. back to work, back to school, weather couldn't be nicer. nice time of year and it should be very pleasant around here. dry conditions, high pressure and at some point we're going to talk about how much we need the rain. i guess we'll hold that off for a couple days here but sunshine and 70's around here later today.
6:49 am
80's middle of the week. good news, if you're planning going to the nationals-cubs series, 7:30 game, it should be absolutely beautiful both friday night and that game on saturday afternoon and kind of late summer feel, temperatures in the upper 80's -- excuse me upper 80's and low 80's friday and saturday. all right, that's a weather update. time for traffic. >> 6:49. keeping our eyes on the roads. a new crash in mclean. dulles toll road on the eastbound side before spring hill road caution there. we're also tra tracking delays n the inner loop. crash before liver river turnpike. springfield interchange to 66 you'll hit about a 10 minute slowdown. the taking a look at the drive times right now as you make your way out aside from the inner loop delays what you're taking a look at behind me because of that crash 95 northbound 17 to quantico is a red zone. that takes 32 minutes. from dale city to the beltway another 27 minutes yellow zone. 66 eastbound checking in nicely just a little bit slow.
6:50 am
the beltway this morning. as we look in maryland up in laurel, things back up to 46 miles per hour once you cross 198. an earlier crash after 32 involving an overturned vehicle cleared. we just have typical southbound slowdowns as you head from 198 to the beltway. now as we move over for a wide view you can see traffic on 295 slowing from visit to the 11th street bridge. inner loop between connecticut avenue and georgia avenue we have a collision reported. and then 95 a little slow from the icc to the beltway. outer loop jams with a 15 minute delay 95 over to georgia avenue. earlier crash south of 70 did clear on 270 southbound. average speeds 18 miles per hour from 70 to 121. that's going to take you 33 minutes. more volume picking up as you get closer to the spur. and then on 395 seeing that usual volume 18 minute trip from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. this view just north of duke street there. all of your metro rail lines are on time. i'll let you know if anything else pops up. we are tracking your commute on twitter as well at erin fox5 d.c. back to you. >> erin thank you very much. it is 6:50. let's talk a little bit more p
6:51 am
vegas. video gets more horrifying every time you see it and every time we learn an update, this tragedy this horrible event whatever you and want to call it but las vegas police issued a statement saying that unfortunately tragically the death toll has now risen from more than 20 dead to more than 50 dead outside mandalay bay hotel. >> making this the deadliest mass shooting in american history. 49 people were killed at that nightclub the pulse nightclub in orlando but with vegas police now saying 50 plus people dead in this mass shooting incident. this is the deadliest mass shooting in american history. just tragic any way you look out eight. 200 plus people injured. the gunman identified as stephen paddock. police found multiple weapons inside his hotel room at the mandalay bay hotel. looking for clues as to what might have motivated this shooting that took aim at concertgoers there on
6:52 am
vegas strip. a woman of interest has been located, her name marilou danley. she's been located, police questioning her as they have also located the two vehicles connected to stephen paddock. that suspect was taken down soon after that shooting began but not before he was able to kill 50 plus people injuring 200 plus others. >> absolutely horrific scene. we have several of our colleagues in las vegas this morning as we continue to bring you coverage up to the minute as to what is happening right there. police do feel that at least at this point the threat has been neutralized. the gunman is dead. the person of interest as maureen said has been detained. they're searching the vehicles. they believe they have located all the vehicles that were involved. they're searching the alleged gunman's home at this point so they don't believe there's any more threat to the public. the damage that has been done. more than 50 lives taken, more than 200 people who have been hurt and the big question still is how could this happen, why did this happen? those answers we don't yet have. >> just a
6:53 am
situation there in vegas. these are live pictures now. you're looking at the scene. police still there. a lot of -- a lot of people being -- asked to stay in place. let's check in. this is a reporter from one of our sister station in vegas. let's listen in on what he's saying. >> reporter: university medical center is not handling every patient involved in this shooting, which it is still unclear exactly how many people are back there being treated, how many have died at umc of the at least two was the last update we got but knowing there are more than 50 we expect the number to have gone up and the people at umc and the police are asking everyone to please stay away from this area. yes, there aren't as many officers right now as there were earlier in the night, but at the very beginning, we did see officers armed from head to toe. if you do want to check on your loved ones, there are two big major options to look at. number one, of course, facebook, check in, say that you're safe.
6:54 am
at of course we understand not everyone has facebook. the other option is to call this hotline, 1-866-535-5654. i'm going to say that one more time 'cause i don't believe it's at the bottom of our screen. 1-866-535-5654 for any families looking to locate missing loved ones. guys we'll go back to you. >> adam thanks for your live reports. we appreciate that. >> we'll pick it back up here in washington, d.c. that was our sister station in las vegas giving some of the information out. again that phone number he gave for folks who may know someone in vegas right now or try to get ahold of someone in vegas right now. 1-866-535-5654 is the phone number. and you can imagine just the -- the madness of people trying to escape that scene where thousands of people were in relatively close confines. let's listen in to our coverage from our sister station in las vegas once again. see what they have to say. >> glass shattered over there. right now the hotels in this area are
6:55 am
i just tried to walk over to luxor. that area is still locked down right now but again, you know, when we think about what -- when i heard that number, i immediately thought about orlando. we hear about shootings, mass shootings across the nation but this one was right home here in las vegas. a terrifying, terrifying moments tonight on las vegas boulevard. i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> deadliest mass shooting in our history. thank you for joining us. we appreciate you sticking with us through the overnight hours just after 10:00 p.m., that's when shots rang out at this route 91 harvest country music festival. >> yes, and we do know, our latest update from police, at least 50 people dead, at least 200 injured. of course that number could very well grow throughout the morning. >> and this is still early stages of the investigation, early stages of this incident as far as the road closures. >> we're going to come back here to washington rightow
6:56 am
from their street reporters who are out there on las vegas boulevard and the areas around there to get a better feel as to what's been happening there. i can tell you this, one of our colleagues has been in las vegas and was just a short distance literally two hotels down the strip from where this happened. if you've been to las vegas you can see the hotels, you can sense the motion and feel the activity and he was just a short distance away from the mandalay bay outside of the mgm hotel at new york-new york and he described it as an unbelievable scene of heavy police presence, of people not necessarily knowing where they should go and just a short time ago we and talked to him and of course mandalay bay is still closed as are some of the other hotels. other hotels now stepping up trying to offer people at least a place to sleep. >> right. >> that have not been able to get back into their hotel rooms. the lead here as you can see on the bottom of your screen 50 plus dead, 200 plus injured those numbers coming from las vegas police. the gunman is dead at this point buthe
6:57 am
definitely has been done. >> we have much more coming out of las vegas and we'll bring you the latest as it develops. you're watching fox5 news morning. more on this active shooter investigation when we come back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ what can you do with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 from dunkin'? settle a debt. make a friend. save the day. or keep 'em both for this handsome devil. with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 the future is in your hands.
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[gunfire] >> jason aldean could have possibly ever imagined even in his nightmares. breaking news at 7 o'clock, deadliest mass shooting on american soil. shots started ringing out during aldean's country music festival. fans running for their lives. >> right now we know that at least 50 people have been killed, more than 200 injured and the suspect has been shot and killed by police. it is believed this was a lone wolf attack. the gunman has just been identified by police. >> his name steven craig paddock 64 from mesquite nevada. melanie alnwick has been vofollowing theup dates. >> reporter:. >> steve and holly, police are telling us they believe they have located the woman marilou danley they were looking for and the two vehicles they had to look out for as well. we're told paddock fired upon the crowd from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel.


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