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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  October 2, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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fe looks good. >> it is deadliest mass sh shooting in modern u.s. history. >> a country must psych festival until las vegas. >> the death toll 59, 527 people hurt. fox's jonathan hunt has the latest from las vegas. >> shock and horror as gunman onens fire
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investigators are trying to figure oar out why. gunman onened fire from the mandalay bay hotel sending over 22,000 people attending country music fest ral running for their lives. >> you saw bodies dropping and people getting trampled. i saw people in fronts of me hit with bullets. >> your heart racing and you're thinking. >> you're thinking i'm going to get hit. >> i'm going to die. >> swat teams storming the gunman's hotel room. authorities say 64-year-old steven craig paddock killed himself after the shooting. they say he had as man we as 10 guns. >> where the hell did he get automatic weapons. he has no military background or anything like that. >> stay down, say down. >> he was not on law enforcement radar and authorities believe he act add loan. >> we have determined to this point no connection with international t
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>> this is crazed luntic full of hate. we don't know much about his background. >> hospitals here are now packed with wounded concert goers as local and federal lawen forment officers try to figure out what led to the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. in las vegas, jonathan hunt, fox news. >> i don't know about you i'm tired of hearing that. >> i'm well beyond. >> i'm over it. over. it let's talk about the victims of shooting though. flags flying at half staff now that's the case of the whitehouse this afternoon. earlier today president trump called shooting act of evil and struck similar tone last june after the shooting that wounded steve is scalise. >> gabby give or was seriously hurt when a gunman opened fire. she was on the hill to talk about stricter gun laws. hey, fits.
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[000:03:00;00] evening, yes, jim, you're right, sadly we've been in this position for and been here talking about this kind of thing before. whether it was sandy hook. whether navy yard shooting, whether it was pulse night club. focus on country returns to this place capitol hill with the question, what are we going to do about it? this time it was a different president, president donald trump. of course this was not the first time the president is thrust into this position. you know consolener chief. he had to do this back during the alexandria baseball field shooting with congressional representatives. this morning this is what we know trump was briefed on situation by chief of staff john kelly who previously served as secretary of homeland security and first words from the president this morning were on twitter those words were focused on point offing condolences to the victims and to the victim's family. later on in the afternoon the president revealed the
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information he will be in fact traveling this week to survey the situation for himself. >> it's a very sad moment for me and for everybody. for everybody no matter where you are, no matter what your thought process this say very, very sad so we'll be doing that on wednesday and we'll spend full day there and maybe longer than that. >> well the president is rights. this is a sad day in washington. laevrer on the president as you see there joined by first lady, vice-president they came out to the south lawn of the whitehouse and they observed a moment of silence for the victims both those that were killed and injured in this horrific attack in las vegas. here at the united states capital flags were lowered to half staff. this was the scene just days ago here we showed you. this was in steve scalise
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house majority whip returned to floor as you know he was own gun shot wounds that were suffered on that baseball field in alexandria. but into that situation today came another member of congress. a former member who her vaevl, as we all know, was the victim of gun shot wound. former congress woman bade giffords returned with her husband the former astronaut mark kelly. as you know for years now they've been advocating for stricter gun laws in the country and they were here in the area to campaign for gubernatorial candidate north up and came to the happen tall today and despite president words thoughts and prayers are in the now. >> what we're hereing today capital and white house is thoughts and prayers. thoughts and prayers are important. we send thoughts and prayers too.
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your thoughts going to stop the next shooting. she as a great deal of walking from distance of car and where mike phones were today. we reached out to the office of congressman steve scalise he was not at the capitol today when news of the the situation broke. he returned home there was a statement that came out study on behalf of congressman he said he would like americans in his words to respond to this act with acts of kindness clearly the politics of this jim, shawn, will be played out once again up here. today was a day of somber recollection. but you can guarantee though
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that the controversy and is going to be done in this country in regards to gun control. >> absolutely i think politics we'll hear in the days, weeks, months to come. but the question is will anything change. >> wash, rinse, repeat, wash, rinse, repeat, same play book every time. >> thank you fits. >> las vegas shooter fired down on the crowd from inside his hotel room and tonight we'll look closer at security at large areas like this. >> derrek park is former assistant police chief in maryland and his firm provides security for mgm. you mow what it's like to provide security for huge complex like this a lot of people are asking could this facility have done something different. i mean what are the challenges in securing something like this. >> well i think this particular situation is almost nightmare for law enforcement. lone wolf gunman as a whole
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all of us that work in first have a way of dealing with. it we don't know what's on their mind to orchestrate these levels of attacks. all we can do as it relates to security is counter measures and trained for scenarios and obstacles. >> when we heard the first initial accounts like i head it last night and you hear the shooting that happened mandalay bay and then you realize it was large outdoor festival area you know when we saw what happened in arora and these confined spaces i think a lot people get freaked out of con september being in large crowds. how do you -- i mean you cannot stop something like that it seems. >> i think one thing that we really have to address is mental condition of these individuals. i think for whatever reason as society we really have to go back to addressing people who
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are having mental issues because i think that's o shooter scenarios if it's not relimbon it's usually some kind of mental situation. >> i want to point out quickly fox station in las vegas reportedly talked with gun shop owner they went through normal procedures out there. this is not a mental comp component. there's talk about doing that it never came to pass it se seems. >> from what i understand these sorts of weapons he had are legal in las vegas. when you look at this hotel big hotel like this with casino setting you called them and said there would be soft target what do you mean by that. >> we have hard target military bases and active duty individuals and soft target. when you look at stadiums and shopping malls and you look at hotel plazas where you have a large gathering of individual and i person that want to commit or do mass casualty
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scenario. victim body count because most people are just not thinking of theirselves being victim in those kind of scenarios. they become a soft target. >> when you see again logistics of this being 33 floors up and shooting -- it just is mind boggling to me. >> to hear those round from the footage i've seen this guy discriminatively shot ten weapons or more. i don't know how many round of ammunition just contemplate how many times you have to shoot to send off a smoke detector. >> that's how they traced him back to the room. >> my goodness. >> people have questioned how could he get into the hotel with this many guns but they're not metal detectors when you go into a hotel.
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>> there's nothing suspicious about a person carrying a suitcase to a hotel. i mean that's come app place. there's nothing suspicious about an individual stand staying in a hotel two to four day stay. so general indicators that law enforcement would have used they were not there. >> let me ask you quick. because of this you know through the networks and what you do is there talk of changes or is everything good the way it is security-wise. >> they're always good we continuously evolve we saw something similar to this 1966 university of texas tower shooting that individual shot 15 people fast forward 50 plus elevated position shooting down on crowd. the difference in that was it took 96 minutes to get the gunman in the tour this took a matter of minutes. as we evolve as people the crimes that they perpetrate evolve.
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law enforcement has to evolve. >> we're thankful work law enforcement does every day. >> absolutely. >> good to see you. >> thank you so much. >> we appreciate it. >> well the president's trip to las vegas he's planning to go there wednesday coming one day after visit to puerto r rico. neighbors in one san one community. >> and here's the what the president said earlier about his visit tomorrow. >> we're going to be seeing all first responders and military and fema and frankly most importantly seeing the people of puerto rico. and i think it's amazing what's been done in a short period of time on puerto rico. there's never been a piece of land that we've known so devastated the bridges are down and it will he communications was non existent. >> pentagon says nearly half
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the people in purt look owe are still without wat are still without water and 95% of phlegm are without power. >> let's bring it back home and talk about the weather here in the area. tractor-trailer was beautiful here. >> i know we're getting beautiful days and you know what we're in the pipeline too, shawn, jim, today about 7 reagan dulles and bwi coming in at 75. we'll be maybe a degree or two warmer he tomorrow. how about the morning. chilly, dulles dropped to 40. there were high spots in the mountains in the 0s. we won't be quite that cool tonight but we will see a lot of mid 40s to mid 50s. what can you expect rest of week. well it gratly warms up again we will get mid 80s later in the week and close temperature to today. dry, sunny day expected. wednesday, 79. warmer and more humid thursday an friday. what you don't see in the forecast is any rain. our next chance of any showers it doesn't look like a lot might not be until next
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tuesday. we could in the meantime enjoy some spectacular october days ah ahead. jim an shawn back to you. >> thank you very much, sue. >> facebook turned over thousands of ads that ran around the time of of the 2016 presidential election. >> closer look at effect they
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it's an expression, ya know? fire at will? oh, there goes will! bye, will! that's not his name! take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more. harrisburg back facebook turned over ads that ran at the time of the presidential election. >> feds and social media network suspect ads were purchased adds pat of disinformation cam fine aekt if the outcome of presidential election in light of revelations about fake ads facebook will ask advertisers to confirm the business perfect allowing ads. >> how the facebook ads were used to divide americans hi david. >> glad to be here.
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>> flood you have here. mark zuckerberg after election said i don't think facebook influenced out cot of election. what exactly did facebook do here. >> this has absolutely been an evolution right after the election when he said this is caisy this idea that this kind of information fake news could have nruned outcome of the election. that is still reached a climax three weeks ago and roughly 3,000 ads purchased by a russian farm and they handed as you said can confirm they're in hand for senate intelligence committee and house intelligence committee and judiciary committee. it's been a revolution for facebook. >> what kind of az what sort of was the company putting o out. >> we learned about the ads and one major theme they folk ised not so much on vote this candidate but issues deviceive for americans. so issues around racial
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tensions and gun rights and the common theme they're mrlly contentious issues. >> and black lives matter. >> plaque lives matter has been reported and was mepinged in some adds. >> and so now that congress will take a closer look at this what is -- i know they're investigating and the top democrat on house intelligence committee indicate the he would like to work with facebook to produce representative sample of these ads and they have a hearing scheduled in middle of month about this and senate intelligence committee has hearing in november. facebook and twitter and
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alphabet google paent company participate in those. that's where we're look ago head. how much comes out before the hearings and at those hearings. >> it's amazing when you think of evolution of cam campaigning and ads in our democracy we're looking at whole component of online adds and where do they come from tv adds putting stuff online. >> that's a huge question that came out about it it. >> disclosure. >> how who do you handle disclosure. facebook said they preemactively will create transparency tools. will be hard to run dark ads. i want to target voters between 18 and 25 and they live in chef ci chase maryland and go to this high school. well, now, traditionally and i've been able to see those and pages will make it possible to see those. to be honest details remain scant about that and said they will come in coming months. >> all right this is
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interesting. it's like a hold new fcc regulates us on tv and not kind of regulation for online. >> to be honest americans are learning a lot more about knees issues. facebook released information of who sawed ads and how many people and estimated 0 million people saw these adds. and that's rights it's a wow moment. facebook has 2 billion users. so i think we're starting to see more contempt of these existed in. and they reported just under half were seen before election and little more than half seen after election and 25% i thought this stat was striking 25% of ads were never seen by anyone at all. >> just out there. >> okay. >> thanks so much for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> another weekend with demonstrations from the nfl. question is, what do americans think about this all. >> and former first lady is
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one of a
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owe mars. back after this. >> last week he's taken three charter flightsen including late night trip to montana. one of several cabinet members after tom price redesigned and whole issue of charter planes whole thing to point out tom price went on flights wow go to reagan and take a flight to philly. you. >> get on the train. >> and in the case of ryan zincy montana base. givers little more greedence
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to the area this is like nanny situation. everybody they nominated has a problem with nannies. majority of americans say protests during the anthem is appropriate. it's a poll published today. >> it found 51% of surveyed says players protest were owe appropriate. 49% say they were not. last week 52% americans disapproved and hundreds of players and team owners took a knee or linked arms in solidarity to protest the attack on nfl flares who nealed during the national anthem. >> what they did yesterday in bament more put announcement we'll pray for unity and pray for together n and players took a knee and then stood up for anthem. a lot of people boo'd players for talk a knee but it was not
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during anthem. night football" said they would not show the anthem and came back now and said they are. what will happen tonight i don't know watch fox a5 we'll it will you tonight at 10. in the meantime bruno mars did you know he was in d.c. i did. tic wets so sxentive. >> i didn't know i would try to go. he gave former first lady michelle obama a special fi first. >> he put a photo on inis it a game holding up 24 k she's been a fan of broon owe mars
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shawn and tony everything coming out of las vegas i'll see
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bam, family time. find your awesome with xfinity xfi and change the way you wifi. >> today on tmz... >> o.j. simpson, a free man. but... thee is something weird about paparazzi finding him at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. >> y'all stalking me? ha ha! >> what a coincidence that there would be a camera guy at a random gas station waiting for o.j. simpson. >> this is the paparazzi. >> corect. >> oh. you're saying that he... [laughter] >> las vegas, there was a shooting. at the mandalay bay, onto a concert that was going on. >> it was just a massacre. unspeakable, disgusting tragedy.


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