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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  October 3, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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. good morning thank you for injoing us. >> tuesday, october 3. >> talking about weather michael thomas has weather headline and erin como is looking at roads and mike, it's going to be a good one. >> laidzyes absolutely beautiful, beautiful tuesday afternoon with blue skies throughout sun sheen and as mentions temperatures in the 7 owes once again. >> all green, all good from fredericksburg and stafford.
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>> rock and roll hall of famer tom petty pass away. he was rushed to the hospital after being foychbd unconscious in full cardiac arrest at his home sunday night. he was taken off life support yesterday afternoon. fans and fellow musicians are shocked by the news. he just finish a three day run of shows with the heartbreakers. ♪ ♪ >> he's had a huge impact on music industry. he has his own like version of rock and roll. there's like you know metal and everything but tom petty, tom petty has his own sound of rock and roll. >> petty was known for crossing music again rays and having his own sound. he was 61 years old. >> 59 people were killed and 5 0 injured after a loan
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gunman opened fire on i country music concert before turning the gun on himself. it is deadliest mass shooting the country ever seen. many are responding with heartfelt message and calls for gun control legislation. president trump called the tragedy act of pure eva pilgrim ill and plans to meet with first responders tomorrow sgle hundreds of fellow citizens are mourning loss of sudden loss of a loved one, parent, child, brother, sister are and we cannot fathom their pain and we cannot imagine their loss. we call upon the bonds that unit us our faith, our family, and our shared values. our unity cannot be shattered by evil. >> the gunman carried ut owe attack from hi window in his hotel room. they found guns in his room and 19 more in his home in mess street. still coming into the area. returning passengers are sharing incre
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>> our melanie alnwick live at reagan national airport has more. good morning, mel. >> good morning, we're just now starting to hear the stories of the victims, survivors and some of those who are somewhere in between. let's talk first about tina frost. he's say 2008 graduate of arundel high school that high school starting to raise money for her recovery as well as big good fund me campaign right now. her mother shared a post on go fund me page explain what is going on. tina was shot in the right high and she had surgery and they removed her right high and took out part of her skull so her brain has room to expand. sheer in a coma in icu at least a week and they'll try to see how she respopdz to stimulation and at that point they don't know how bad the brain damage is and tony and wife of west virginia they've been looking forward to this for no months. tony posted th i
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i lost my wife of 32 years, mother of two, soon to be grand mother of five this evening in the las vegas shooting. denise passed in my arms. i love you babe. >> korey lang done was parked outside mandalay bay when gunfire began. as she tried to drive to safety she end upped up in the scene. panicked people all around her she ended up rescuing as many as she could carry away from the horror. >> travelers returning home to reagan national airport last night of course as you can imagine westbound rel relieved. sound of gunfire ricocheted long along the strip. >> we were supposed to meeting friends 'concert at 11:00 we were in the piano bar out front. my house former msg marine corps ends up throwing me down we hear pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, and put me down on to the ground and another lady right with me
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there was a huge tam is period and sworm coming through the doors all of the differ i'ders everything people were running over it and knocked down and slowly people started to get up and as we all wept to get up they turned baca round and security came in and said everybody out, everybody back, they put us through the corridors back of ballagio hotel. >> back out liver here at reagan national airport. there are a couple of flights going to be coming back in today. a lot of them getting in later in the evening but there are early morning flight at dulles and bwi as well. we should tell you that american dealt and alaska are allowing passengers to change flights without any penalties through today. united airlines extended courtsey to friday. melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news" good time right now is 5:05 president trump will virt expert look owe later today in afte
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is so far lodgeitiontic all night mayor trying to get across the island rav aminged with a category four storm with little to know electricity. they hope the president didn't just use this as photo on. >> i hope they don't take him to air conditions place and take them to the neighborhoods and areas devastation to see with his own eyes. >> it's unknown if the president will meet with mayor of san juan he attacked in a series of tweets after she criticized federal response to hurricane and let's switch gears and talk "monday night football". burgandy and gold on the road. started out well. washington defensive line held tough during the first half and in the second half kansas city found its groove. alex smith philadelphia out sneak third and goal and no one saw it coming and costly turnover became a defensive touchdown for the chiefs. that's sealing the deal. final score 20-29
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>> i thought they respected us better than i expected on monday night. >> they played well and got beat up on d. they had 10 injuries on defense. defense got beat up a bit. >> it was a rough night. >> offense got good. there was that shaping spot. they're getting it together pretty well thisen season. temperatures outside, 56 in wash to much look at mannasas 4 3, dulles 45, winchester 43. it's killly, especially suburbs once again just that means stack jacket weather in d.c., fall after all, we have a warm-up to talk about believe it or not we head to the second half of workweek. satellite an radar cam, quiet, beautiful. wag. full moon in a couple days here. today's high 76 in d.c. as well as mannasas, culpeper, 75 quantico and 73 annapolis and closer to the water with east wind, 71 degrees. plenty of sunshine for all.
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that's a check of the forecast, erin como is back with traffic. >> it's 5:07 now and if you head out on 95 this is look at northbound side. main lanes by king street. volume increasing and not enough to cause congestion and delays, 11 minute trip beltway and southbound side quiet as well. as you make your way 270 southbound look at that 65 miles an hour clarksburg. 10 minute ride 70 to 109 that's what we like to see this time of morning. no congestion slowing us down 70. aside from that wide view of area district maryland and virginia looking nice now problem free buoy and metro on time. questions erinfoxdc on twi twitter. >> coming up on "fox news morning" interior secretary ryan zincy travels part of a probe by federal watchdog. >> and clearing way of suspect in a high profile local murder to be tried for a third time. >> headed to break a live look across the d.c. region 5:08. fox new
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you can stand me up at the gates of hell, but i won't back down♪
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counts ep including cop % i iscy, murder and material support of terrorist. >> two women accused of k killing half brother of kim young un appeared for day two of trial in malaysia. both entered please of not guilty. they are accuse of smearing his face in nerve agent chingt they thought they were playing a harmless prank for hidden camera show. they face the death penalty if convicted. >> and a man charged with detonating a pipe bomb along route of carty race in new jersey and accused of planting two pressure cooker bombs september of last year. yesterday i
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interrupted proceedings to talk to the jm and he was later escorted out of the com and later allowed back in. >> dep eying appeal of a man about to face third murder trial in baltimore accused of muderring 16 yeerld felicia barpz. johnson went to trial in 2013 was convicted and that was overturned and second trial was declared a mistrial. johnson is on supervised release and his thirld trial is set to begin march 5. >> cuban embassy in d.c. could see changes trump administration asked the country to withdrawal 60% of embassy staff and request in response to last week move by the u.s. to cut embassy staff in havana by similar amount and comes as u.s. seeking to row tekt diplomats from unexplained attack and harmdz 1 americans in half an app. those attacks cuba since denied. >> and investigation into interior secretary ryan zincy travel has been launcheds it's
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by watchdog agency inside his own department. last week they said he used a private jet. according to washington post to cost taxpayers over 12,000. >> coming up on "fox news morning" facebook says russian businesses exploited advertising tool as a we to identify and influence american voters. >> and police asked for your help finding sexual predator who attacked a young girl as she walks home there school. >> a live look across the d.y. region, 5:12 is the time. good day on top. we're at 55 on the way to 70s throw. "fox news morning" coming right back.
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>> 59 people killed and more th
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gun man opened fire on eye country music concert before turning begun on himself. and motive for shooting reman's a mystery. >> sad news deping overnight. tom petty pass away. he was rushed to sant monica hospital. his family removed nrim life support sunday afternoon he pass away a few hours later. tom petty was 66 years old. >> looking for a man that sexually assaulted a young girl as she quawkd home from school bus stop. it happened last thursday:30 p.m. devon hills drive for the washington. we're toll the suspect grabbed a victim and pulled her between two cars and inappropriately touched her and she was able to get away. >> president trump will fly to puerto rico. trump administration says president will spend time meeting with more than
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federal olz on the ground. if unknown if he'll meet with san juan's mayor what he attacked if a series of tweets after criticizing federal response to hurricane. >> 5:15 now checking in or looking outside right now on this tuesday morning, 55 degrees and it warms up ni nicely. >> near perfect levels at least for october standards up to mid 70s. absolutely beautiful fall day m cog our lay later this afternoon. chilly, cool, calm, quiet, you feed the jackets awe head to work and school. dulles 45. here in d.c. 56. that that's near the river. if you get away from northeast d.c. and towards montgomery counts question border you'll number the 40s as well. you'll want to grab that jacket. gaithersburg 52, fred riz burke 45. 52 westminster and 48 baltimore. chilly start. grab the jacket as you head out the door. >> we're able to get chilly because it's clear outside and allows things
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with clouds you tend to be warmer. big picture shows cold front well off norm and west. that's really going to lose energy as it heads our way. we're expecting clouds from this and not expecting showers at this time. maybe into pennsylvania we'll get a few. here in d.c. looks dry at least until early next week. total daylight heresing 2.five minutes 11 hours and 41 minutes. sunset tonight, 6:47 p.m. and once again it will get rather chilly this evening after sun seat. high pressure remains in control off north and east today. we're pulling in early breeze. moving on to today's forecast. there it s 7 of. another sunny, beautiful day, cool morning, jacket warm and in the afternoon more like shorts and tee shirt. very pleasant. 6 today and
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warm-up back to summertime we government thursday, 85. nats in town starting play y yvs. hopefully they can get it done. mid 80s through the weekend. that's weather, airport erin is back with traffic. how do the roads look, erin. >> 5:18 a crash blocking center of up section it's m mrury. traffic getting through and you can see the vehicle involved in center. police on location. as we forward things a long let's see what we can do volume increasing camera on 95 still speeds at green zones. once you hit dale city to beltway 14 minute trip. that could increase soon because of amount of volume we're seeing. 66 eastbound a 21 minute trip 34 to the beltway an as you move over he 95 and 20. metro rail on time. holly and maureen. >> thank you, eastern, 5:18 is the time. let's look at the stories yo
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social media. >> good morning to you both. first up world of rock and roll losses icon. tom petty sudden death is seasoneding shockwaves around the globe. petty rushed to sant monica high school after found up conscious in his malibu home last sunday h he was pulled off life support sunday afternoon. tom petty was 66 years old. >> jmy kimel is from las vegas. he broke down on his show. kimmel says she strongly disagrees with people saying there's nothing we can do about gun violence. >> "washington post" is reporting russians september facebook messages and other tools it the site to xluns people's political behave. facebook as a custom audience tool that ahowed advertisers to target
5:20 am
people app they could have clicked on a russian news is site ape been a target. >> evidence of more contract between president trump and russia during the 016 cam campaign. his attorney, michael cohen, exchanged emails with russian contact about two events that need to climb it a ten. now, special council is investigating if president trump and associates coordinated with russia to interfere with the 2016 president den thal election. >> and timely, looking for healthy catch up because you're in luck. good health is ranking best toe nato sauces and ketchup is often slammed for high sugar content. some taste testers went to the test, testco tested every day value ketchup had lowest salt levels out of eight brands. heny tis
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high levels of sugar and salt. >> how does it sglaiingt is it just like tomato sfwlz just smash a tomato and put it on there. >> you're right. >> if you're going to go, go hard. >> go big or go home. >> 5:21 the time coming up, one of big three auto makers preparing to end relationship with gasoline. >> and former head of equifax preparing to face congressional grilling. >> live look across the d.c. reeming don't, 5:1, 55. more when we come back running down the dream♪ ♪ that never would come to me♪ ♪
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sghv a company is that the opens winchester wrapped of ammunition rose 6% to all time high. the rise comes as people see potential for tighter gun patrol and gun buying will pick up as americans look to better prepare themselves sdm looks like general motorsnding relationship with gas hurricane irene and diesel. monday the american amotive giant said his working through all electric zero emissions future. gm did not say when they plan to completely stop making vehicles powered by gasoline. it will happen at different speeds in particular markets and regions. >> new details on massive heck at equifax the head of the company will be questioned by u.s. lawmakers, coming gressmen will meet with retired ceo richard smith this morning and there will be later hearingsing this
5:25 am
>> two weeks after filing for bankruptcy toys "r"us beefing up online presence and revamping stores with fu futureistic focus. they've developed augmented reality seerns through an app. remember pokey monday will be similar to that. they went 23 stores monday and available nationwide october 21. >> how do you go from bankrupt to doing this whole. >> augmented reality. >> it's a restructuring of financing. >> we're on to you toys "r "r"us. >> we're on to you michael thomas and we like. it good weather. >> great weather out there. lot of sunshine. we in fact have clear skies and cool temperatures to start. 56 outside now. winds remain north and east and continues to push in the nice fall breeze we like this time of year. things change. window change coming later this week and warming things up a bit. satellite and
5:26 am
clear skies and once again a clear day out there. lots of sunshine. 6 by 11:00. 72 by 2bg and by 5bg no shortage of sunshine. 75 degrees. there's warming trnd i mentioned though. we're warming it back up. 76 daytime high up to 79 tomorrow and up to 8 5 with some of that unfortunate humidity coming back as we head to thursday and your friday. >> that's right. erin como is back with traffic. hey, erin. >> new crash right now virginia 5:26, columbia pike south george street. also a crash in district east capital and southern avenue blocking southern intersection with police on location. trachbling getting a round just fine. and as we move things over nice conditions all green and good across 95 and 66 coming through virginia and 395 at speed and same soby coming from maryland 295 problem free 50 to 11 street bridge. just a five minute trip there and pennsylvania avenue seeing some congestion picking up all
5:27 am
shaixt we're not seeing slow downs on 11 street key bridge rosalyn to georgetown and home orial bridge looks g no problems in bethesda. 270 southbound. involve um inkeesing by 7. questions erinfoxdc twitter back to you. >> government hits pause button on relabeling sugar on labels. >> as we head to break let's look live across the d.c. region, it's a nice, nice day today guess what it's yuing the beginning the whole day highs ahead of you. we're at 55. you're watching "fox news morning". ♪ ♪
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finally, i've found chicken tenders that can pass as mine, which is nice because i've got better things to do. andre, i need a longer straw! introducing mcdonald's buttermilk crispy tenders. juicy, and made with 100% white meat. free, free falling. >> the passing of legend rock and roll hall of famer has has been by fans and sell bety as like after pass ago way in california. >> and reactions of shock and horror continue to pour in after las vegas shooting and leaving investigators to certain for motive in deadliest mass shooting in modern american history. >> president trump troovlz puerto rico
5:31 am
criticism for government response to hurricane maria. "fox news morning" starts right now. >> good morning to you. thank you for joining us. tuesday, october. >> erin como watching roads and mook mike talking about weather. >> good morning to you as well. another chilly start. grab jacket as you head off to work or school. bright and beautiful temperatures into the middle 70s. >> crash at joy street in arlington i'll look at that. >> thank you folks see you in a bit. if you are just waking up with us we begin with sad news developing overnight. tom petty pass away. ledge dare singer and gu guitarist was rushed toe santa monica high school after found and removed monday night he passed a way a few hour later tom petty was 66. they released the following statement through manager on twitter
5:32 am
behalf of tom petty family we're devastated to announce the untimely he death of husband, feernl father, le leader, brother, tomet petty he i doed edly:30 and subourded by family and fred. a number of musicians expressed sadness of of tom petty passing. and bruce springstein and e street band an the loser gets lucky sometime, rock on tom. joey kramer drummer from air owe smith said rest in peace tom petty you will be missed. music legend # gone but never forgotten. >> nation reeling this morning after horrific mass shooting in las vegas. 59 were killed and more that 500 injured after loan gunman opened fire before turning g
5:33 am
on himself. it's the deadliest shooting the country ever seen. president trump called the tragedy app act of pure evil and plans to meet with first responders tomorrow. >> hundreds of fellow citizens are mourning sudden loss of loved one, permanenting child, a brother or sister. >> we he cannot fathom their pain and we cannot imagine their loss. we call upon the bonds that unit us our faith, our family and other shared values. our unity cannot be shatter bid evil. >> the gunman carried out attack from a window in his hotel room lojded next to the concert venue. they found 23 gun in the room and 19 more at his home in mesquite, nevada. >> this morning, flight las vegas it still coming in the area and returning passengers and sharing incredible stoan
5:34 am
stories. knoll is live with more. >> good morning, guys, people go to vegas for a get away. a weekend with friends or family and so many of those now their trip ended with fear ander terror and others now just beginning recovery process. i want to talk to you about teen afrost graduate of arundel high school stepping in the go her mother was sxlaeping teen alost her right eye and this was bullet lonled in her right high. they had to remove part of her brain to allow room for the swelling. they're going to see how she responds to stimulation but they're really not going to know for a little while how bad her brain damage s so far 67,000 raised on that go fund me account. and denise and tony verdidis of west sir vr looking forward to this route 9
5:35 am
festival months she tweeted a 3eubg9 from the festival an hour before the shooting be began. yesterday tony posted this. it saddens me to say i lost my wife of 32 years a home of two soon to be grandmother of five this evening in the las vegas shooting. and denise passed in my arms. i love you babe. travelers returning home to reagan national last night were relieved and sound of gunfire ricocheted along the vegas strip. >> we were supposed to meet friends of ours at the concert 11:00. we were at the bar in front the piano bar an my husband, who was former msg marine corps ends up throwing me down all of a sudden we hear pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop and put me down on the ground and another lady with me covered us autopsy and there was huge tam is
5:36 am
swarm and slowly people started to got up as we all went to get up they turned baca round and all of the security came in and said everybody out, everybody back and they put us through the corridors in the back of the ballagio hotel. >> now american, dealt and aalaska air lines are allowing passengers to change travel plans bought any additional fees. united will extend that courtsey through friday. and we've learned aleather enter air lines will fly family members of victims to and from las vegas for free. live at reagan national "fox5 local news". >> 5:36 is the time now and nearly two weeks after hurricane maria caused cat as trophy in purt wreak ox. ment president trump is expected to make his first visit to the island today. he's depending orig nat xept
5:37 am
inadequate. >> i'm going to be seeing first respond he's and military and fema and frankly most importantly we're going to be seeing the people of puerto rico. amazing what's been done if a very short period of time on puerto rico. it is unknown if the president will meet with san juan mayor who he attacked in a series of tweets last week after she was among those that criticized federal response to hurricane. >> good morning to you take michael thomas. i saw the moon outside out outside. it's not a waning crescent is it? >> it's not. >> it's another kind of crescent. >> no gibbos. >> what type. >> waning gibbos. >> close. >> close. >> it's a waxing gibbos. >> look at you lunar experts you. >> we were astrong my buddys in the college days. >> i thought that was like astrong my 301 it was not 10 1. >> we're healeded for full moon. whating the
5:38 am
each day and waning is going away. cool, days are getting shorter that's for sure. full moon in a couple days herement sunshine beer lotsing 2 1/2 toe 2 minutes and 45 second aday and 11 hours and 41 minute of sun today. sunset, 6:47 tonight. enjoy the daylight hours while they last. clear skies, plenty of daylight to enjoy study. not much in the way of cloud cover at all. temperatures have fallen back this morning once again into the 40s. we don't have 30s like yesterday morning and lots of 40s in suburb ushs, 56 in d.c., your two day forecast 70s today and 80 tomorrow and plenty of sunshine both days. let's check the forecast over to erin for traffic. >> 5:38 if you wake in arlington with the crash police use use there. a live look even though mrury in the district east
5:39 am
and certain blocking center of intersection. traffic getting by buy and a tapping of the breaks there if the scenement as you make your way fred rikdz to clarksburg, 70 to 101 all protest relines are on time. >> the government hits pause but yn on a plan to reliable added sugar in foods. >> and 9 million kidsen the verge of being uninsured.
5:40 am
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>> 5:42 is the time now. tuesday, october be 3. cool out there now. much of us enjoy a near october day temps in the mid 70s. mike is back in three minute or so with the full forecast. >> 9 million kids face possibility of being uninsured. the children's health insurance program also known as chip is created under former president clinton. it provides helm insurance for children and families that don't ball few for medicade and still need help paying for healthcare. >> maryland health exchange online market place is on. presidential resident c
5:43 am
browse plans and see how it cost. those plans are expected to be higher this year. they on anon us in muss shopping sites to see what best help them. labeling packaged foods to better display added sugars is now faced with sdlai. friday food and drug administration proposed delay to 2018. new poll released by royters suggests most americans want the fwoxt to require updated labeling. >> coming up on "fox news morning" lawmakers in atlanta approving a controversial labor law. >> let's go to break. was do we look live across the d.c. region on tuesday mor morning. 5:43 is the time now and we're at 55. we're coming right back. don't go anywhere.
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finally, i've found chicken tenders that can pass as mine, which is nice because i've got better things to do. andre, i need a longer straw! introducing mcdonald's buttermilk crispy tenders. juicy, and made with 100% white meat. >> remember icon rock tom petty. 66 years old. he'll be missed. he left his mark. >> let's goat michael thomas and talk about current weather. you want to say something about tom petty. >> he had a calm version of rock and roll almost soothing. >> he had his own sound. >> yes
5:47 am
>> right. >> weather wise, georgous, yesterday gorgeous ten gorgeous days in a row. what we have not done is rain. that is something we need. reagan national 74. dulles 74. normal highs 73. that's right about average this time of year. today right back there maybe a degree or two warmer and another beautiful afternoon with plenty of sunshine coming our way here. temperatures seasonal. 75, 76, few above normal. that's it. pleasant this afternoon. later on this evening sun goes down and chilly. and as we head to tomorrow afternoon, evening, we get humidity creeping in a little bit which keeps evening lows warmer than the past several days and lights week warm-up on the way feels like summertime once again mid 80s in the forecast and by the time we get to thursday afternoon. >> all right. satellite and radar outside now. not much cog going on at all. clear skies. beautiful moon out there. big picture shows nothing really extreme headed our way here.
5:48 am
sliding to the north. but it will bring enough energy to see clouds. northern suburbs may squeeze out a shower as it passes thursday and i think most of the region it's a few passing clouds. 56 in washington. 50 rich mopped, 0s in western suburb is ushz this morning and notice chicago 68. that's warm-up our way as we get to wednesday afternoon. today high pressure in control pushing in easterly breeze and we'll feel like fall once again and much like yesterday temperatures headed low he to mid 70s across the region. here it is, 76 washington. 76 mannasas and 5 quantico and leonardtown easterly breeze off walter you'll be cooler only 71 for you. 70s next couple days and 80s roar back into town thursday, minimum of cloud and sun friday. headed to nat's park. it's rm whater soyd of thing as nats kick quov the
5:49 am
season. that's weather. airport erin is back. how are the roads looking. >> right new at 5:48 deal with a problem in arlington. columbia pike shut down both directions south joy street. autopsy lanes blocked down pole and wires and "fox5" crew on the way. a crash reported stafford 95 northbound by 6:30 use caution there another crash north e east, capital set and southern avenue traffic getting by and slower than ubl and were seeing red zone on 20 southbound. it takes close to a half hour, hour, because of coneston. all metro rail line whos on time. holly, wiz. >> thanks new this morning details unraveling in the d drug-related death at george mason university. late monday arm, gmu said kristin medina died sunday
5:50 am
they believe he took a hall us againic substance before running through a fifth story window running his death. according to his former high school coach he was humble athlete star on football field and talented as well in the classroom. >> tristin was never a kid that was into the party scene or with party kids. and so, for this to happen sent shock. and i don't want is for people to think that that is what he was all about. >> university police say it's unclear what drug he took that led to fall from dorm. that question cannot be answered until medical examiner report is finished which could take weeks. >> a controversial flag vandalized the pole of massive flag flying here i 95 was spray patiented with words and taken down and racist. and the rope used to hoist the
5:51 am
flag was damaged. it attempts someone attempted to remove the plaque on the pole that reads virginia. there's been attempts to take it down but they failed because it's mounted on private property. >> happening today in montgomery county a public hearing own vote on public computety 9,000 additional glarz to law enforcement agencies and hiring new prosecutors and other staffs to target daimz. it comes after eight gang related murder in the past two years. >> go ehe cigarette save lives. if all but 5% of smokers switch to vaiping 6.6 million premature eling days would be prevented. that adds up to 86.7 million cumulative years of lives saved and average of 3 years added to the lives of current smoker. however, there's still unknown risks associated with the ecigarettes. >> city leers in atlanta passed a proposal to introduce
5:52 am
results came in unanimous 15-0 vote atlanta monday calls for reducing penalty for possession of more than ounce of math marriage to 75 type and no jail time. which is is drawm attic drop from current penalty in case 6 months in jail and fine of up to 1,000. >> what's hot on the web. the stories you're engaging with most on social media. >> maureen is back with what is is trending. >> world briefing loss of legend this morning. tom petty tied. 66-year-old died yesterday at uc. will a medical center in los angeles. he was found unconscious in full cardiac arrest at his home sunday night. initial reports of petty's death were confusingment yesterday several media outlets confirmed he was dead and then retracted their stories. later in the day officials confirmed the rock star had in fact died. still no official ward on his cause of death and some of p petty's classic songs is include free falling, refugee and american girl. >> massacre
5:53 am
rekindling gun debate in nation. house minority leader nancy pelosi called on paul ryan to start a committee bringing new legislation on background checks. but the trump administration says it's too early to start talking about gun laws without all the facts. another fight brewing over the right to buy silencers that muffle guns, gun control advocates say they willow pose it. >>. >> there's a lot of backlash over lack of agency of the deadly mass shooting they say if he was muslim that carried out terror attack more would be done on capitol hill toll make rules or guns and terrorists. because the gunman was white middle aged man nothing will change. >> and no evidence leaking atook terrorism therefore they're not calling it act of ter six. odds are he would not have been charged with terrorism. he
5:54 am
federal statute aimed at act of domestic terrorism. >> no more sex in city plans for third movie scrapped. sarah jessica parker and rumors of kim cat rel salary demand for too high and sex in city number three not happy. >> give it time there will be he very vamp, reboot, remake. >> you know it. >> restruck structure of of some kind coming our way. >> six minutes before 6. let's say hello. look at facebook fan of the day. caitlin fer emor ferel i'm not sure how to say your last time name i apologize. fat tuesday in fairfax. look who he met. >> gary mcgrady. >> gary mcgrady out partying. >> in fairfax nonetheless. >> caitlin thinks we're great and she and her mom have been watching 15 years they tune in every morning while getting ready for work. caitlin has a first she says she absolutely loves tucker barnes because he cracks her up. >> h
5:55 am
it caitlin i get it. >> six minutes before the hour almost five that means time for michael thomas. >> let's do weather how about that beautiful day on top. georgous afternoon. outdoor plans today kids coming home from school have socker is practice or something like that it's fall. soccer is kicking up for a lot of kids out there. beautiful afternoon for it. 43 to 56 as they get off the school this morning. absolutely going to wants that jacket. they'll need. it it's chilly. dry, after cool, sgri, warming up. shorts and he shirt weather 77 to 7 degree. perfect time of year morning start and chilly and no ac buy the way and we get into the nice warm pleasant afternoon. 76 daytime high today in d.c.. lots of sunshine. we'll do more sunshine tomorrow up to 79. then here comes a little change if you like warm weather. it's a good change. partly cloudy 85 by thursday and nationals in town taking on cubs. playoff baseball back if town, 84 friday aer
5:56 am
weekend right now looks dry. minimum of clouds and sunshine back to summerlike warmth. temperatures middle 80s. best chance of of rain it looks like we do need it looks like next monday high of 80. that's weather. here's indicate lip -- i almost said indicate line but erin with traffic. >> i'll i'll take that as complement. crashed 95 northbound look at that delay m coming up from fredericksburg. you can do the long line of yellow. aside from that one problem arlington column beihl apike south joy street closed all lanes blocked and downed polls and wires. we have a photographer on the way and dpe tour around that one and dealing with a crash baltimore washington park southbound after 100 through anne arrundel watch for delays picking up. 95 southbound still quiet. look going as you come down from baltimore beltway. let's move over to 270. red zone congestion 70 to
5:57 am
1 to clarksburg. metro rail lines on time and questions erinfoxdcit twer 6:00 hour coming right
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> straight ahead at 6 remember
6:00 am
worst mass shooting in united states history. plus new details about the shooter's arsenal of weapons as fbi continues to look into his past for clues of possible motive. also ahead paying tribute to rock legend this morning reaction pouring in overnight as news continues of passing of tom petty. >> a live look outside tuesday morning, october 3, 2017, weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:05. >> let's get to the latest on horrific massacre in las ve vegas, last night vigils were healed for victims at university of loss vega and city hall. nearly 60 people killed and 500 injured after a loan gunman opened fire on a kupty concert. 17 firearms in hotel room and 19 more in mesquite and am amoanian nitrate was found in his vehicle. it's deadliest mass shooting ingistry. he president trump


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