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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  October 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> this is fox5 local news at 11 . right now at s 11 a karate instructor is i a queuesed of sexually abusing one of his 15 year old students. the details plus reaction from the instruct or's family and friends. we're forecasting a changeup for tomorrow. forget about the upper 80s and tropical humidity, rounds of rain ahead for your wednesday. i'll have the timing . plus more turf trouble at local football fields, a look
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around the wharf around the d.c. waterfront and the cast of the walking down at the smithsonian a gaithersburg karate instructor is under arrest accused of sexually abusing a ten age student and police are concerned there could be more victims. tonight parents, students and but they don't believe the allegations against him, fox5 lindsay watts is live at the student tonight. >>reporter: i've never seen a show of support quite like this after an allegation of child sex abuse. frank pug rita's wife was among them. people made signs them. were comforting each other and everyone we spoke to said these allegations just can't be true. police, though, say otherwise and court documents reveal specifically what led to this arrest. words just don't describe
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happening. it doesn't even feel real right now. i feel like this is all all a nightmare. he's practically my dad. et cetera ' my godfather. i trust him with everything. he's taught them self defense for years, but after frank p pug rita's arrest it's his students who are defending him. when i heard that he was arrested all i really wanted to do was just cry because i have known him since i was four. jennifer santos is 15 years oacialgd the same age as the girl who i sas pug rita abused her here the at the studio. according to arrest records the girl says back in may pug rita rubbed her genitals during a stretching exercie that he he later told her to do splits with her legs over his face and that he asked if he could kiss her. >> he would never do something like this. i've known him for 12 years. i spend five hours a day here every day. pug rita abused ass wife spoke to the crowd who came to support her husband. students say they've
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allegations for several weeks, but weren't sure if the a alleged victim would go to police. in a press conference montgomery county police mentioned the strength of their arrest warrant and say pug rita was ordered to be held without bond. and those girls you you heard from in the story were here with their parents who were also defending pug rita. tonight he is charged with one count of sex abuse of a minor as well as a fourth degree sex offense. again, police are worried that there could be more victims and they're urging anyone with information about this to give them a call at 240- 773-of 5400. live in gaithersburg, lindsay watts. >> developing tonight in anne arrundel, fox5 has learned the identity of a woman found dead in a suspected gang-related killing. sarah a sip once joins us now from the news room with the latest. >>reporter: we've learned the victim is jenny rivera lopez of annapolis.
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missing at the end of june. this is her picture. of police found her body nearly two weeks ago in crownsville, mad. charg ing documents say rivera low lopez was beaten to death and then buried in a secret grave. police have charged six people with her murder. charges have been filed in three gang- related murders, but the chief did not provide details on who the victims were, where the bodies were found or the names of the suspects. police have only said multiple people were arrested. so we don't know at this point p if rivera lopez is among the three murders anne arrundel police arrest dressed in that news conference or if this is a separate case altogether. police have not identified which gang was involved in these killings, but we are learning a little bit more about the suspects arrested and charged in lopez' murder. they include four men and one woman. they range in ages from 19 to 256789 two of the suspects are
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from annapolis, another is from edgewater and it's still unclear right now where the fifth suspect is from. we'll continue to stay on top of it for you. opportuning new frts world of sports tonight involving the us mens soccer team. tonight the team suffered a shonging loss to trin dad which officially eliminated them from next year's world cup, the final score trip dad two, the united states one. this is the first time the us will not play in the world cup since 1986. the us team needed a tie to advance. the us team finished fifth out of six team in their pool play. social media is lit up about this. people are very upset, frustrat ed, sad. it's really something. another disappointment. >> our weather, is that going to be disappointing at all in. >> it depends on what you you like. personal preference, do you you like it warm and
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>> no. >> you'll like tomorrow. it will be cooler, but also wetter it's rainy cool down, tony and we're going to keep this going for a couple of dayses. we're going to take break from the temperatures like what we had today including a record setting eight p at dulles. by the way, the cool down t hasn't gun yet. it's still pretty muggy out there. the rain is getting closer. a little area of low pressure is going to be passing by in the overnight hours and that will tend to get the rain going around our area. we have some showers just to our south and they're starting to get a little bit more widespread. that will expand and start to push north northward. bottom line, get ready for some rounds of rain tomorrow. instead of mid and upper 80s we're going for a range of temperatures between 68 and 73. if you get farther south from d.c. it will get warmer and warmer becaus a frontal boundary will be down there. i just wanted to show you that tomorrow morning it looks like it is a wet commute.
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through the noon hour and likely lighter rain but still some rain around for the evening commute and even at this time tomorrow night, 24 hours from now there may be another line of some heavy down pours getting ready to move cross cross the region. we do need the rain. we'll have a couple of days of it and it might be quite a welcome relief for the near drought kbs that have been going on. much more coming up in just a few minutes thank you sue, a police stop in virginia turned into a police chase that ended with a chase here in the district. arlington police tried to pull over a jokes waggen jetta, the driver didn't stop, continued into d.c us park police tried to pull the car over, but the driver kept ongoing. investigators say that car continued for three miles without a front tire, hit several cars along the way, it finally stopped right here at connecticut avenue and up town street northwest. police arrest ed one man, the ear was taken away by ambulance. new de tails tonight about the death of abuy woman who was
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killed by police while celebrat ing her2 two birthday in miami. officers opened fire after she tried to speed away from an accident scene and ran over another police officer. take a look at very video taken at the scene. we want to warn you you, it is graphic. he would. hitten was driving that bmw. police say she stepped on the gas as officers started to approach her car. we had just had a conversation recently about the social ills our oh sit and how she was going to be a budding lawyer, an attorney and i always felt that she was going to do great things for our society and for our culture because she recognized and understood in a there were so many social ills that we need to rectify. carry and's father told us his daughter just transferred from hamilton to employee t many university.
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hitting has been release from the hospital. now we turn to a fox5 followup, if your children play sports on artificial turf fields in the district, listen up. more than a dozen fields managed by the city failed recent safety tests. most were replaced or repaired, but fox5 wanted to know what kind of risks those fields posed to athletes. evan lambert joins us now with a first look at test results. we wanted to know the exact results of those hardness tests the city does on turf fields. when officials told us 16 fields failed those tests they wouldn't give us those numbers. now we have them as a result a public records request fox5 has obtained this spreadsheet with the hardness testing results of the city's 352 artificial turf fields. it's called a g max test and essentially measures how much of an impact is absorbed by a field versus the athlete's
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american society for testing of materials. risk of severe head yourry from falls can be reduced if the g max number is under 200 , 52 artificial fields tested this year in the district two tested above 200g max. experts say that standard is based on 1960s research. those fields, january i elementary and oyster adams elementary were replaced by the city. but seven fields tested above 1635. that's a in your standard used by the synthetic turf understand could elementary. several of those fields were repaired by the situate ticketed event, but two, palisades were not repaired or replaced even the vendor the city used to replace several fields in recent weeks says a field should never exceed 165 asm the nfl also uses that standard. dr. andrew mack it in runs penn state penn state university's turf grass science department. he says he's urn of encouraged b
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testing. i want to commend the city for having a limit and going out and testing. you you would be shocked how uncommon that is in other municipalities across the united states. he warns there isn't enough signs to back up minor differences in g max numbers. he says the difference between 99 and 200 is arbitrary. i hope what happens in the future that everybody realizes that if the fields are maintained properly that you you can keep these g max numbers even blow # 165. the question many parents have is is it safe to play on a field blow 200, but above one of five? district officials haven't answered in a question. and in a statement to fox5 the department of general services which manages the field says in part, dgs adheres to the industry standards as set forth by the american society for testing and materials, which establishes a g max value of 200 for the maximum allow
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for safety while other entities may offer recommendations dgs follows the international standards asset by astm. dgs \may\may reconsider the standard for hardness. a working group meets tomorrow. there is a public hearing on friday. we'll look to see what comes out of that. thank you, evan. >> coming up next, the efforts to get back a family's stolen laptop and ipads because of the irreplaceable memories they hold . we're going to check out the wharf along d.c. waterfront and the concerns one council member is now praise raising. coming up tonight on the final five, the escalating drama between the president, his secretary of state and a power ful gop senator. jim lokay is breaking down the feudz tonight on the final five at 11: 30.
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>> guilty pleas from two of the three brothers accused of the ambush attack on a prince george's county police station, undercover narcotics detectives died after being hit by friendly fire. malik ford is facing 20 years in prison for driving the car used in the attack
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conspiring in the shooting. his brother also conspired to commit murder. he's facing 12 years in there. i don't think any explanation can be given that will make any of us undz of understand why any group of people would conspire to go open fire on a police station with video recorded, woulds discuss handing over property after the incident occurred, but this is what happened in this case. this wasn't an attack on just detective colson who was traj tragically lost, it it was an attack on the entire community. the attorney for the third breather and the accused shooter michael ford plans to take his case to trialment ford is also facing first degree murder charges. the scandal surrounding hollywood producer harvey weinstein is growing. late tonight his wife announced she's leaving her husband following a report by the new
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allegedly raped three women. in a statement his manager denied those statements. also tonight gwenette paltrow and angelica lee jolie joined the woman of sexual harassment and assault. they fired the officer seen in this viral video because she re fused to draw blood from an unconscious patient. the chief says the police detective violated department policies when he arrested the nurse and dragged her screaming from the hospital. the officer did not have a warrant to draw the blood . the police have since apologized. tonight a couple in saint pairy's maryland is desperate for your help. over the weekend someone broke into their lexington home and stole some ipads and laptops. these devices hold precious pictures of their late son hewing oh. earlier this evening we got a chance to talk to the family. we have hewing oh's ipad which he
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all of the websites he liked to visit. all of a sudden i got a message it said it was from ugo and it said i'm trying to contact the previous owners of this ipad and i begged them, i said, please this is one of the last things that i have of his and please give it back, no questions asked. there is a re ward. we will pay you you you . we just want our memories what can. and i didn't hear back from them. if you you have any information about the stolen devices there is a one nowed re ward. you'll find the info for crime solvers on our website , that's >> the wharf along the d.c. waterfront is almost open for úbusiness. the massive development is made up of restaurants, live music convenient venue condos and so much more. city leaders are hoping it will attract thousands of people daily.
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our own matt ackland toured the area with d.c. mayor muriel bowser. what a way to come to a concert, to a restaurant right here in d.c. and have a really pleasant ride wherever your endpoint is. d.c. council member charles allen is concerned about the safety near the wharf. he says first responders are prepared right now, but as the waterfront expands and you see more tourist and more people down there, the sit city will need to provide more resources to that area. this next story is a little bit odd. there was necessity action for the nats today. heavy rain in chicago delayed game four of the divisional series against the cubs until tomorrow afternoon. now, the delay originally seemed to mean that the nats could have had steven strasburg going on normal rest, but nats manager dusty baker has announced that strasburg is one of several players feeling quote , under the weather. and earlier it was reported that strasburg took himself out of th
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well. tanner reurk will make the start tomorrow afternoon. the announcement has surprised and in some cases out raised nats firm. believe not believing the story, wondering what is going on. saying wait a minute, extras makes 10 million a year, how sick is he. >> chicago leads the series two games to one. earlier we had just heard about strasburg. and the report was he's not going to play he doesn't feel well. you know, could be the educational background of your season if you don't win h this game, but now we're hearing that several players don't feel well. at first i was thinking maybe it's something more serious, not just a cuff or a cold. maybe there's something wrong. >> maybe there is a flu going around. we don't know. i certainly hope everybody is better. >> that's concerning. it's very odd the night before a crucial
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>> right. we'll keep you posted , folks. always drama with sports in d.c. >> yes. no question about it. how about weather wise out there tomorrow? are they going to get that game in. >> out there they are. if they are to come back here and play. i don't know if that will be thursday or friday. >> there will be some showers around here thursday. very light, able to be played in, but it would be drizzly, cool. we've got kind of a dramatic change this our weather forecast as well. we had record high temperatures, as you know today at least the at dulles hit hg 8t reagan national. it's still so toes i t, still a little bit humid. some folks got some great pictures. i loved greg corn issue's pictures. he was on ins aspen hill. i retweeted a lieutenant of them. and love seeing the hints of color start ing to come. we'll get more hints now that we're getting some l coulder days. as h
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at fox5, rain is badly needed. we got about a half inch to an inch yesterday as nate was going by. over the next 48 hours maybe we collect another half inch to an inch in some spots. helpful rains are ahead and those rains will be here for our morning commute. in that usually requires extra time, be ready for that. we already see them down in central, virginia. it's a wetter day, a much l cooler change that's ahead for us. it's going on be about 13- degrees cooler. sometimes that makes temperatures cooler as temperatures rebounded from 830ss to 70s to 60s and then we're going to be back warm again 830-degrees. our temperatures look to trend more fall-like earlier next week. by tuesday by play be seeing temperatures in the upper 606s. the wind direction is why we'll cool off. that pros has begun in a light fashion. you you can see the winds coming in off the ocean and that will get the temperatures dropping a little bit into the
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eventually take youing closer to the low 70s tomorrow. it is still very you you uh-huh mid out there as you you can see as well. here comes the weather. on the seven day forecast, i just wanted to show you that we expect rounds of rain tomorrow even as late as this time tomorrow tonight. more drizzle with a temperature of 70. maybe a couple of showers around on friday and then we dry out for the weekend. maybe a cooler day in the upper 60s by p nexts tuesday. that is your seven day forecast, but don't go anywhere news is coming right back on fox5. if you'd have told me three years ago... that we'd be downloading in seconds, what used to take... minutes. that guests would compliment our wifi. that we could video conference... and do it like that. (snaps) if you'd have told me that i could afford... a gig-speed. a gig-speed network. it's like 20 times faster than what most people have.
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the cast of the hit show the walking dead were in the district to donate some artifact s. they include props of guns, swardz swords and even bee head heads. you you got to have the walking dead. you got to have the walkers. it's incredible. i mean there are objects, artifacts in this building
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imagination, my understanding of american cull your t. the ruby slippers, you know. you you have the fons i's jacket and now we have the decapitated head h of scott wilson. how many of you you guys were surprised? i did not know the actor who plays rick grimes, was he british. >> i was not expecting that. those items will not go on display. i'll let you you you know when that happens. i'm totally out of it. i have to binge that show. jim lokay is next. final five. a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned,
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d like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. >> let's go to your final fifth suspect on this tuesday night. are we headed for a an iq show down between


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