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tv   The Final 5  FOX  October 11, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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snv we're we go final five president talks tax reform with america's truckers and nbc is part of cnn with fake news according to the president and white house and iran deal. north korea hackers may have accessed joint korea flight plans and working to nafta. first let's talk about tax reform. that's why he was in pennsylvania at any time top talk to men and women from the american trucking association which meant he probably was excited about because the president loves trucks. he was in cab of truck with trucksers during the white house. earlier during the speech
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talked about cutting taxes for truckers and later joked about cutting salary toz due to a particular perk of the job. >> we're going to fight and get those republicans and maybe a few of those democrats to raise their hand and you'll have so much money to spend in this wonderful country. and great economy. you see the incredible beauty of our natural wonders, you see things that few people see. in fact i think you should take a major wage reduction. >> all right. earlier aups noed the framework would benefit the wealthy most and the plan is about the middle class and rich friends encouraged him to approach tax reform in that way. >> bob craft owns new england patriots good guy good very we. he does a great job. he was at the white house recently and gave me a super bowl ring. i was honored. i was very honored. and
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white house, he said, donald i know you're very soon going to be doing tax reform and tax cuts, give it to the middle class. don't give it to us. give it to the middle class. and that's what we're trying so hard to do. >> i don't know what you wanted to mention new england patriots between steeldzers country and eagles kunltsy that's something for another day. still a good owe vacation. one of the president's goals is simplifying tax code. it will be so simple it will cost tax repairers to lose business. >> remember you'll do your tax on a single piece of pa paper. h & r block will not like donald trump much. that's one company i will tell you will not like me at all. that's okay. >> the president took time out during the speech to recommend nins about his old life if you llisten carefully you may hear the next campaign slogan. >> you finallyav
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government and frankly you finally have somebody that's given up a lot. my other life was very good i have to say. i had a very good life. mah. ah, i had a very good life. but you know what, i'm having a better live life now and i'm help ago lot of people. >> we must honor and respect the people whose decade of hard work helped to bruld our wupt country and make our country great. but we're going to make our country greater than it's about before. that's what's happening. >> i don't know make america greater than it's ever been before. he said it will be keep america greet. democratic liters coming out against it
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boost the president claims. >> nonsense, never has. stickle down economic tax cuts for wellthy with thought there could be no job creation only increases debt. >> one ever the appointing erp keeps some reps seem to have is the fact that because the president said he want to put it on a single sheet of paper it aelts a lot of deductions out there one being state tax deductions some states enjoy. that will beeled in at lost the current iteration of the bill. we'll see what happens moving forward. bernie sanders is also been out spoken opponent of the president tax plan and says he'll give tax breaks to wealthiest americans. by the way sanders is set to debate one of his leagues. next week on tax we form will be head to head in app cnn town hall. that brings us to latest twitter food
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his criticism of senator bob quarker this time he fin inning the you came out with the report it that set south korea of state tillerson called him a more an. >> no, i never discussed up createsing it. i wanted it in before shape. hat was fake news by nbc it gives a lot of frank news. it's sduingting to be able to write what they want to write and people should look into it. >> and so the the president also tweeted about reports saying fake news want a telephoned increase. purification nbc equals c this this and with all the news coming out at what point is it to challenge. >> and why is it distorted and faked that must be khechinged and not fair
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one issue of sec responded saying i'm not due how to works. college nba empty is empty threat. fcc launches sec license. so they don't really afile y yet. nbc's locked they're not going to revok a license because the president doesn't like the broadcaster consent. he took a shot at media during the 1350e67 tonight. >> we're already signing credible results. result that in many cases media hates to report. but i'll report them tonight. he was on fake news cnn for a long time. he was one of my few sources of trum. thank you for being here it's a great honor, thank you sfwlxt jeffery the president was thinking was
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former cnn and nazi absolute into response to lib raingt say -- what about setting of state. the guy that called him a more an. president says they're all good. >> i had a lance last week and we had a good lunch. we have a good relationship. >> it's good those two have a strong relationship there were major foreign tollcy decision tion waiting what exactly he will do about the iran uk near day. if says the u.s. should stay with a -- as flawed as the de is. i believe we must now enforce the hell out of it. >> if u.s. makes a suspense they announce on eping it would be a fade there for america not us. we will not have y
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>> what house has to renew the iran deal telling congress iran is am iran is failing to stick by that side of bill. it's a 60 day period. where coming gress could i have. >> i think it was one of the most incompetently drawn deals i've ever seen and 150 billion given. we have nothing. they got a path to nuclear weapons quickly. think of this one, 1.7 billion tlarz in cash this is cash out-of-pocket. you know how many airplane loads that must be. ever see million dollar pildz and sleeping pants. who would be authorized todd do it and who is the people that delivered it you may never seen them again
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>> that's several of our european allies and russia and china are part of agreement and warn the u.s.. while were on the subject there's north korea to talk about. threats from north korea keep coming up and this time talk big cyber threat. member of south korea parliament says hackers stole joint korean war planes and stolen data included planes to over throw north korean kim young un and it a practice player with south korea and a pan. >> this should have been taken care of long ago and they before they knew it the iching was dry on contract. they were starting again with missiles and nuclear prog programly. so we are up aa moment we're very strong. i'm building up the military like nobody has ever seen. we're clo t
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dollars. >> also tonight cyber security firm fire ice as hackers try to target the american interests companies and hackers have long wants the to target u.s. utility and instra from a structure. he teased something on the foreign policy for i doubt it's about north korea. >> something happened today. we're a can't write that disrespected us called with re, very important news. one of my generals came in and said you know i have to tell you, a year ago they would have never done that. it was a great sign of res respect. you'll probably be here about it over the next few days. but this is a country that did not respect us and that respect us now and the world is starting to respect us again. believe me. >> okay. so, we'll keep an eye on this i want to follow back a week from tonight. a week from wednesday and see if we hear about what country that may have been. >> let's move on to talk about
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free trade agreement remember when it came into being after bill clinton took office in 1993. nafta was big topic of discussion. >> we have incredibly pork relationship that are inter involveen in economy and cultures and in our peoples. but we have a good partnership there's always ways to improvement and issues we need to talk through. >> we have a stuff negotiations and it's something that you will know in the not too distance future nafta and that -- he's a truly great and owe range nal alli and fruit muir. >> u is currently negotiating with canada and mexico to somehow remake nafta. >> up next, final five, politics of booze and how lawmakers a
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pay and where you drink it and where you buy it back after this ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end
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ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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>> the editor of drinks is here to talk about politics of booze and why sometimes it's not just about taste. jared how are you. >> doing well thank four having me. >> what we need he to do we're relaxed we have comfy chairs. i asked you earlier what your favorite prefer ram was. >> you said you want aid good ipa we're going thanks for coming in tonight. so tell me first of all
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drinks -- drink what do you do. >> what we do is look at all 50 states across can't write and say what's going on with alcohol laws and reg lay there's and determine which states have good school laws and one bad and there's a lot of stuff out there. >> when you and i railroad walking and i moved from massachusetts i lived in pennsylvania pure panical l laws. it's heavy the has laws are different in maryland, d.c. and virginia. how do you reconcile that. what's your role trying to come up with a map hi medium good we generally try to remote laws that give consume airs choice and why they can guy buy alcohol and people making rain to do their thing too. it's harder than it sound. we're never 50 states it's caezy. >> one thing you tweeted
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cap the abb on some of of these and that's something you fight against as well. >> right, exactly. recent example is colorado they allow grocery stores. >> colorado of all places. >> all places yes, coars, everything there they allow grocery stores now to few five this ipa they can't do. it they recently did that and hoping they implement that. >> there the wine and spirit source you can buy. they say it's a deterrent. those with people that know how to keep alcohol out of happened of minors. what is your talk away. >> i'll keep it out of those that are responsible adult. everyone know house to i.d. people and only 1 states have government run stores. priest retailsers are just as capable to make sure that doesn't happen. >> state
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on board because people will always buy alcohol it's a money making the golden goof of commonwealth they called it for a reason. they kicks off 150 miles an hour and har to let that revenue scaem. >> the matter of convenience really is lower when it comes to making up money. >> yeah, well at least for the politicians. you need polls in maryland 70% of people are able to get beer in grossy stores. >> do you think there will be a change of law when it comes to maryland at least. >> trying to restudy alcohol laws and mope fully reform them. we'll see if anything comes out of that. it's often hard to get changes through the legislators. >> tell people where they can find your work. >> drichkz of and we're with ready about it, tweet it, study it. >> thank you very mu.
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>> so nfl had to come out and clarify one of the president's tweets today this morning he tweeted it's about tom roger goodell and the nfl have players stand for and respec the country. it's not demanding the pl player's stand. khenlt teary about the commissioner position on anthem is not accurate but it perhaps to bring up anthem protests in the owner meeting and not past the couldn't rt ves y going from to progress. the president is taking aim at colin kaepernick. >> i watched it and thought it was terrible and it got bigen and bigger and started mushrooming and nfl should have
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have you suspended him one game and never did is it ag again. could have suspended him if he did it a third time and you would never have had a problem. >> kaepernick no longer playing in in the fl. he was first to sit to bring attention to police brutality and i then changed to neal and army ranger suggested that kneeling showed respect and others again have continue todd neal. kaepernick remain ununemployed. >> north east d.c. forleth annual congressional football team. members of congress, nfl alumni and police officers took part. game is inspired by two capital police officers killed in the line of duty 1998. proceeds from game benefit the united states capitol police memorial fun. tonight's game comes four months after the congressional baseball practice shooting in alexandria. house majority whip skeev scalise honored at the game tonight as long as police officers and that were injured
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honored. >> normally if you go 15-15 on something that was good time. sa-15 when a kid in school out of this world. stands adds in technology. it was revealed undercover breached security at nist 15 out of 15 times and i institute is researching everything from boating machines to nuclear reactors to campuss in monroe and colorado. they ran the test an he accepted all recommendations that upgraded security. >> big local race going on in virginia and former president obama getting involved he will be backing democratic candidate ralph northham he will appear with northham. republic cap date ed ed ed gillespie. the election is november 7. >> speaking of the president we all know that he golfed with senator lipcy gram
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stweeted about it. and gram also tweeted about how fwraet a golfer the president s and gram is once again praising president tr trump's golf skills this time in interview with golf magazine. he took by his claim the president shot 73 in his game monday and first - of the game just discussing gulf and talking about the series things like north korea, iran deal, immigration, and they apparently put money on it. ram said he didn't know him and it's okay you just took the five dollars. >> russia vladimir putin may be longest leader in kgb spa. >> look at that video. this is -- we have a problem with this. he got up and rescued pup. he happeneded the dog by struv of neck and then you sa saw vlad get up and take it. it's a be leted
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if you're wopdzer what he would name the dog. verny. which means faithful in ru russia. >> wo is sleeping soundly. we'll wrap things up after this this glorious♪ ♪ we were born this way. forged in the same fire. blood may be thicker than water. ( ♪♪ ) but we've got oil in our veins. ( ♪♪ ) welcome to the brotherhood of muscle. ( ♪♪ )
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>> mark zucker areburg facebook he once called it crazy toy say facebook had involvement in it. tonight hose sound asleep and they will release to public. tsunami in silicon sally offer the political role in the process. forced, perhaps but it's a much needed clarity. group linked to russia paid
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voteers in key swing states and info will be released in november. on the other hand, you have president trump new round on attacks rather familiar refrain. he doesn't like the media and his campaign got unfestered publicity for every move in the aerially days. but the suggest today running stories he doesn't agree reminds as he asserted love of lag for national anthem he doesn't get the fist amen amendment. journalism agassi attacks take the action how dare he. the media got a lot wrong. there was a good reason people out there don't trust us like they used to. what we have to do is focus on our job to inform you and erp your trust for good and president should remember that license he suggest revoking is foreveren shrineed in the first amendment. that's the final five this
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we're back here with a lot more tomorrow night. it's been a busy day and will be a becausey day tomorrow. we'll see you tomorrow
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