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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  October 13, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> it's friday the 13th. are the nationals cursed? they lose again in the playoffs to the cubs. >> wicked wildfires continue to burn out west. thousands of firefighters are on the front lines. new fears this morning that gusty winds could make conditions even worse. >> here's a live look outside. it is again friday the 13th, gray outside, a little chilly outside. we're going get a check of the forecast with mike thomas and a check of the roads with erin como coming up. in the meantime we say good morning to you and thank you for joining us. [laughter] >> chicago fans, it is october 13th and if you're a nats fan you're probably feeling like me, a little low, a little blue, wearing blue, not curling my hair, not doing it. >> go cubs. >> all right. we got to talk weather and traffic real quickly. mike, let's start with you. >> or you're feeling because it's business as usual unfortunately for d.c. sports it seems
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clouds stick around patchy drizzle here and there, highs cool only in the 60's. hey, erin. >> we have an injury crash in purcellville. we'll get you around that one, take a look at the rest of your morning commute. i have a feeling it's going to be quiet on the roads early and i think a lot of nats fans might be sleeping in today. >> or there might be road rage out there. [laughter] >> all right, thanks. >> hopefully not. >> i know, right. 5:01 is the time. okay nats fan, i know this one hurts. it was a crazy exhilarating frustrating devastating game. over four and a half hours of nail-biting action. but the nats just couldn't pull it off. at first things looked up. nats leading the cubs four to one. i remember looking at the score and thinking uh-oh. in the fifth inning max scherzer took the mound and what a difference a day made. it was a debacle that will likely burn in fans' minds forever. turning the cubs four to three deficit into a seven to four lead. then, then an eight-four lead before the nats came back a bit. the final score nine to eight. we caught up with some fans as they left the game.
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>> this is d.c. sports. this is d.c. sports. this is who we are. >> we're going to get 'em. >> one of the years we're going to win and it's going to be really sweet. right now we're just enduring. >> i was going to say we're going to get 'em back. year 2018, year of the national. look it up. >> look it up. okay, i know it does hurt. in all seriousness, you know, actually i was pretty neutral. i was torn by being a chicagoan but obviously living here in d.c. nats fan. that bandwagon i was ready to jump on it. it's okay holly, there's next year. >> i have no words. admittedly -- let me tell you, where is your bandwagon? i might get on it. where is it parked? no, i'm not leaving. i agree with the guy. 2018 is going to be our year. >> and i agree as long as the cubs aren't in it. >> all right. i guess we're going to regroup, again a our composure at 5:02. the other
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even more executive action on healthcare. this time going ahead with a plan to end health insurers subsidies that help low income patients. mr. trump's plans were made public hours after signing an executive order to force other major changes in the nation's health insurance system. >> it's his biggest move yet to undermine obamacare. melanie alnwick is live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, mel. >> reporter: good morning. many people are saying if these changes together do stand, it could be the dismantling of the afordable care act. meanwhile, congressional democrats are calling this an act of pointless sabotage. now, nearly three in five people who buy individual insurance through do qualify for government subsidies to help reduce their costs. customers with modest incomes might see a deductible of $3,500 cut down to just a few hundred. but taxpayers spend about $7 billion a year on these subsidies. the department of health and human services announced thursday night it was
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the subsidies immediately. a white house statement says the aca law didn't include the money for these subsidies in the congressional budget. so, this is going to be a fight on principal but there will be real impacts on consumers who may see their premiums soar. >> it is a sabotage of the affordable care act. and quite frankly, a real disservice to the american people. >> reporter: thursday president trump signed an executive order allowing the sale of cheaper policies with fewer benefits. it will also allow small businesses and individuals to ban together across state lines to get a better deal on their insurance policies. the way we understand it, the next subsidy payment from the government to insurers is set for around october 20th. meanwhile california attorneyniy representative here on capitol hill, he -- javier bacera says
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administration to make sure those subsidies continue. live at the white house, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> mel thank you. time right now is 5:04. northern california's wildfires have now killed 31 people. while leaving hundreds unaccounted for. 21 fires still burning as flames have charred more than 190,000 acres throughout the state. california officials say some counties will face more challenges this weekend as winds could be especially gusty through saturday with no rain expected for another week. this is the deadliest wildfire in the state's history. money will soon be used for the humanitarian crisis in puerto rico. yesterday the white house passed a $36 billion disaster relief bill that will help with the california wildfires but most will be if you if funno puerto rico. >> today family and friends will say a final goodbye to ashanti billie. sh
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beach and her body was later found in charlotte north carolina. a visitation and funeral service will take place for billie this morning in washington. the fbi is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in ashanti's murder. the bureau is doing a media push in the charlotte area hoping to find clues in the case. >> ♪ >> all right, it's 5:06 on this friday the 13th. mike thomas, yup, yelling like a little -- >> whoo. >> yeah its scary out there. >> kind of goes with our mood. >> this terrified me when i was a kid. >> is it kill, kill, kill, now, now, now. >> thanks for bringing it back. >> it's october. halloween is right around the corner. everything is falling into place. >> hm. >> we're going to have clouds around today, spooky clouds here on this friday the 13th with some patchy drizzle also possible. compared to yesterday it should be a little bit drier but again can't rule i
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later on this afternoon. not seeing too much drizzle out there at the moment. we are seeing lots of clouds, though. expect those to kind of be prevalent as we head through the afternoon. temperatures on the cooler side especially compared to yesterday. 54 this morning in winchester, good morning dulles 58, culpeper 59 as well as manassas. 61 for fredericksburg downtown d.c. and 63 in annapolis. 68 degrees today. could there be a peek of sunshine or two? yes. best chances a little bit farther out to the west today and watch out for areas of drizzle especially kind of late afternoon and early evening hours. all right, that's a check of the forecast. erin como is back this morning with traffic. >> all right, 5:07 right now, keeping our eyes on the roads and as you make your way out we have a crash on the icc just before 95 blocking the left lane. caution there. aas you try to make your way to and from the capital beltway. in purcellville we have a serious injury crash on charlestown pike. it's at purcellville road. closed right now. you have to detour around it. again serious injury crash
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we'll keep you posted. malfunctioning traffic lights in the district rhode island avenue at brentwood avenue. give yourself extra time. treat that intersection as though you would a stop sign. same story as you make your way out around the intersection of north capitol and rigs road. beltway traffic is quiet. 95 in stafford looking good and all metro rail lines are on time. back to you maureen and holly. >> all right. thank you erin. time right now is 5:08. coming up on fox5 news morning equifax -- excuse me equifax trying to assure customers they weren't the victim of hacks again. >> as we head to break this is a live look across the d.c. region. it's only 60 degrees right now at 5:08. we're back with more. >> ♪
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>> ing fax says a recent problem with their on line customer help page was not a cyberattack. it was caused by a third party vendor software code. the company says the software code was serving as malicious content. the page has been taken down to conduct a further analysis. >> general john kelly made a surprise appearance before the press yesterday. it was the first time since he took the job at the white house. he is
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policy questions while also peeling back the curtain just a bit. the white house went out of its way to indicate kelly is safe in his jobs and carry son nielson will be the new dhs secretary. bowe bergdahl will enter a plea on monday. bergdahl would enter the plea at fort bragg. it's still unclear though if a guilty plea will lesson his punishment. the behavior charge carries a maximum penalty of life in prison while desertion is punishable by up to five years in prison. officials in cuba have released a new audio clip of a sound that investigators say has injured workers at the u.s. embassy in havana. the clip is pulsating sound of different frequencies and pitches. authorities first thought it was a sonic weapon but say
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investigation is ongoing. cuba is denying involvement and the u.s. is not assigning blame. americans who have heard the sound have described a slightly different experience. but investigators say they have described a high pitched cricket like sound. >> coming up on fox5 news morning roger goodell's wife is defending him. >> yes, she took to twitter with an alias and started blasting her husband's critics. details ahead in this friday morning's trending stories. >> we're going to take a break now and as we always do, a live look across the d.c. region at the same time. 11 minutes past the hour, 60 cool degrees on this friday morning. you're watching fox5 news morning. ♪
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>> ♪ >> 5:13 right now. this morning the headline is heartbreak as the nationals fall to the cubs in game five. but the big story, that fifth inning. possibly the oddest inning in baseball history. an intentional walk a pass ball s
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ferns and a hit by pitch all in the same inning in all after max scherzer stepped in as relief that cost the cubs dearly. the cubs advance to the nl championship series. >> the latest into the california wildfires. the death toll sitting at 31 while leaving hundreds unaccounted for. 21 fires still burning as flames have charred more than 190,000 acres throughout the state. california officials say some counties will face more challenges this weekend as winds could be especially gusty through saturday with no rain expected for almost another week. this is the deadliest wildfire in the state's history. >> and aid is headed to help -- somebody is headed to help with the humanitarian crisis in puerto rico. yesterday the white house passed a $36 billion disaster relief bill. the aid money would also help with those california wildfires but most of it will be funneled to puerto rico. the move comes after president trump said the u.s. cannot keep fema, the military and first responders
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forever. >> president trump is planning to end health insurer subsidies that help low income patients. the president signed executive orders to major changes in the nation's health insurance system. a lot of people believe if they stand it will dismantle the affordable care act. congressional democrats are calling it an act of pointless sabotage. >> ♪ >> quarter past the hour right now on this friday morning, 60 degrees out there its cool, it's still damp and mike is going to tell us if it's going stay that way. >> unfortunately -- >> please give me hope, mike. >> you have hope for the weekend which is when everybody wants it. kind of one more day here of some gloomy conditions out there with lots of clouds and some patchy drizzle here and there. not everybody will see it this afternoon. we got details coming up in a minute. let me start you with yesterday's highs. only 68 yesterday at reagan national, dulles 66, bwi 65. every time the breeze blew yesterday i got fall chill in the area. normal highs 69 degrees. about where we should be yesterday thanks to the lack of sunshine.
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breeze that's going to hold temperatures kind of steady and they'll be really slow to rise this afternoon. once again we're not expecting them to get out of the 60's later on today. today. look at this kind of warm push. you can kind of see the yellow stretching up towards wichita 66 this morning, even chicago waking up to 58 degrees. it's rather mild for them this time of year but see this cold air, this cold blast dropping into the northwest. great falls 43, boise 46. that's your next blast of fall air coming our way as we head into monday morning and monday evening, that's kind of when things will transition for us and we'll get back to a fall feel by next work week. we have summer the way for the weekend. details in just a second. satellite and radar showing well, hard to see but there are lots of clouds out there this morning. not too much in the way of drizzle so far. i think it's more an afternoon and evening thing when the -- the kind of spotty drizzle really kind of starts to take effect. high pressure off to the north and to the east is what's pushing that onshore flow. it will keep us cool again today and again a little weak disturbance coming through will kick up some drizzle
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of the day today. 66 for gaithersburg, 68 at dulles. maybe one or two areas could see a peek of sunshine. culpeper maybe 70 for you as well as fredericksburg and leonardtown perhaps 70 degrees this afternoon but generally speaking without the sunshine it will be a cool feeling day. 78 though for your saturday. we will start with lots of clouds and we'll get back to the sunshine by sunday afternoon. quick peek of the saturday shows the cooler air on the way as we head into monday and tuesday. all right, that's weather. erin is back with the roads this morning. how they look erin. >> 5:17 right now and we have breaking news from metro right off the top if you take the blue or yellow line updates for you. blue line single tracking. yellow line single tracking between huntingdon and braddock road because of late clearing traffic road. delays in both directions on the blue and yellow lines. may want to keep it to metrobus. we've been tracking breaking news out of loudoun county on the roads. 511 northern virginia letting us know eastbound on virginia nine charlestown pike in loudoun county all east and
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closed. we're dealing with a crash involving several injuries and we have reports of a medevac landing at that scene. we'll keep you updated but avoid virginia nine out by 287. again updates on that one. take a look at this. nice and quiet on 395. this camera out by glebe road just an 11 minute ride from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. hov lanes look good. southbound side nice and quiet. we're just waking up to a very pleasant start on the roads right now in terms of your majors like 395, 66, 95 through dale city as well as in maryland 95 by the icc is clear. we are seeing clear conditions on 270 but we do have a problem on the icc itself in beltsville. icc before 95 crash blocking the left lane. right lane getting by just fine and we're seeing a lot of green on the map. 95 north and southbound looks good to and from the bwi airport and we're not seeing any slowdowns on the way to reagan national or dulles. we'll keep you updated on those metro delays. back to you holly and maureen. >> ♪ >> 5:18 is the time t let's t ls you're engaging with the most this morning on social media. >> wisdom martin is back with our
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hey, ways. >> good morning to you. first up jason aldean back on the stage for the first time since the las vegas massacre playing to a crowd in tulsa oklahoma. three songs into his set, all dean stopped to pay tribute to the 58 victims killed and nearly 500 injured. he called for more national unity and told them he wanted to play the show for them and that the people in las vegas didn't get to see. next up, disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein lands a "time" magazine cover with a cover story headline reading producer, predator, pariah. the article details his downfall after an onslaught of sexual assault and misconduct claims. taking to task the casting couch culture of hollywood calling it a "code of silence that protected harvey stein weinstein for an unconscionable period of time." roger goodell's online wife set up an anonymous t
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argument. se used to it blast the commissioner's critics. she says she did it out of frustration and love. meantime a cigar smoked by winston churchill has sold for $12,000 in an on line auction. a cane a-photo signed by the prime minister that shows him with the cigar in his hand at the airport. finally, are you superstitious because today is very unlucky day for people with superstitions. it is friday the 13th and in october nonetheless. a lot of people think the day is filled with bad luck. the fear of the number 13 actually has a name it's called triskaidekaphobia just in case you didn't know that. back in the old days they just used to call that being scaredy cat but that's in the old days. >> triskaidekaphobia. >> yes. [laughter] >> he did practice. i know you
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>> got to practice every day 'cause that's how you get great. >> okay, we're out of time. [laughter] >> 5:-- cut his mic, cut his mic. >> cut it down. >> right. >> 5:20 is the time. thank you, whiz. coming up on fox5 news morning target is introducing a new way to shop. >> how convenient is this? voice activated shopping. you can do your shopping any time and anywhere with your phone. we're going to have all the details ahead. >> and we're heading to break with a live look across its d.c. region. it is 5:21, 60 degrees. we've got so much more to come on this friday morning. stick with us. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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>> 5:23. target is now letting your phone in your -- letting you phone in i should say your shopping list. the company is
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voice activated service through google assistant. shoppers can shout out orders to their phones while running errands or sitting a the home. they can then have their items delivered or pick them up. >> i like that. lawmakers in florida have a serious warning about orange juice. they say the state needs federal health to rescue the state's billion dollar citrus injury. it was severely damaged by hurricane irma as you might imagine. lawmakers say if they don't get funding americans better get used to drinking oj from brazil. florida supplies 60 percent of the supply. >> tim horton's is getting set of tea with a limited edition coffee player. introducing the buffalo latte. >> what. >> i'm just letting that sink in. the company says they are missing canada's favorite coffee with america's favorite hot wing topping, the buffalo latte is freshly
5:25 am
espresso with steam, and buffalo sauce flavoring. if you need to try it you have to travel to buffalo new york for this limited coffee. >> people stop it with these creative cough fees. is this like the second weird coffee thing we reported on recently? just stop it. pumpkin spice is the most crazy i'll go. >> right. >> how about this arby's known for having the meats. it's expanding the type of meat it has. it will be offering venison sandwiches nationwide. the company tested venison. elk sandwiches will be on the menu in colorado wyoming and montana. give it a try. >> i do like venison and elk. >> i've only had venison sausage. i didn't mind it but i don't know if i can do a whole like sandwich. >> just have to be fixed right. i'm sure arby's is it. >> i'm all about those
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>> yeah i like the arby's sauce. >> ooh, might be a good day for ashby's today. clouds and some drizzle today, that's kind of the story weather-wise. much like yesterday. should be a little more patchy drizzle-wise than it was yesterday afternoon. i know a lot of folks saw it especially as they got down to the nats game. 61 degrees outside right now. winds still gusty out of the east at 16 this hour. satellite and radar not showing too much and again, it never really picks up on drizzle too well but believ me there are a lot of clouds out there, though not much in the drizzle department just yet. we'll see more into the afternoon. 64 degrees by 11:00, 65 by 2 o'clock. highs in the low to mid 60's around the region with all the clouds in place. that's a check of the forecast. erin is back with traffic. >> 5:26. keeping our eyes on the roads and the rails, icc dealing with a crash in beltsville. it's just before 95 blocking the left lane so as you head toward 95, you're going to get to that crash scene. as we look at our metro commute blue and yellow line delays dealing with problems at braddock road. late clearing track work.
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line van dorn to bask. single tracking tracking on the yellow line. extra time on those rail lines. the rest of your commute on the beltway is looking good. i got to say holly and maureen, buffalo sauce is one of my favorite things and so is coffee. do not mess my worlds up. i'll toss it back to you guys. couldn't get over that story. >> so it's a no. >> i agree, yeah. >> they don't go together. >> no way. >> what's next? >> fire the person that thought of that. >> right. >> coming up on fox5 news morning the nationals are cursed. >> i got a hug for y'all. the game lasted nearly five hours but it was a nail-biter. the nats could not pull it off. details ahead. >> let's go to break now. live look across the d.c. region on this friday morning. strip it down, baby. 5:27 is our time, 60 degrees. we got more to share on the other side. you're watching the number one fox5 news morning. don't go anywhere. >> ♪
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>> today on fox5 news morning, deja vu, the washington nationals lose again in game five. the chicago cubs come out triumphant nine to eight so the question is are the nats cursed? after several incidents of hate bias on the university of maryland campus, authorities need your help tracking down the culprit. plus, new details in a fox5 investigation. hundreds of school employees accused of abuse and other misconduct may be in the clear. fox5 news morning starts right now.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> good morning to you. thank you very much for join, us. >> it is friday october 13th. >> erin como is watching the roads, mike thomas talking weather. good morning. >> good morning to you guys as well. happy friday. we made it to the end of the week. weather is not changing too much from yesterday unfortunately. lots of clouds, some patchy drizzle, highs only in the 60's. hey, erin. >> right now good news for metro blue and yellow line no longer single tracking. recommends by braddock road. we'll keep you updated on that. it's gloomy, friday the 13th. last night was a rough one, guys. >> it was. speaking of last night erin, four and a half hours of nail-biting action. we're of course talking about the nightmare known as the nationals game five. started last night and it ended this morning. at first things actually looked up. nats led the cubs four to one but in the fifth inning, max scherzer took the mound and let's just say what a difference a day made, right? it was a debacle turning the cubs four to three deficit into a seven to four lead. then
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before the nats came back a bit. final score, though, nine-eight. >> let's switch gears and talk politics now. president trump is planning to end health insurers subsidies that help low income patients buy coverage. now, that news breaking overnight and coming after the president signed an executive order on thursday to force major changes in the nation's health insurance system. many believe if they stand, it will dismantle the affordable care act. now, congressional democratic are calling it an act of pointless sabotage. between three and five people who buy individual insurance through qualify for government subsidies. >> 5:32 right now and today family and friends will say a final goodbye to ashanti billie. the prince george's county teen who went missing last month in virginia beach and whose body was later found in charlotte, north carolina. a visitation and funeral service for billie will take place this morning in fort washington. the fbi is now offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to a
5:33 am
ashanti's murder. we want to get now to a fox5 follow-up. the maryland man arrested in connection with the disappearance and murder of his pregnant girlfriend has been indicted on murder charges. tyler tessier was indicted in court yesterday. his girlfriend, laura wallen, went missing in early september. her family reported her missing after receiving a text message from her on labor day that was later described by police as troubling. her body was found nine days later in damascus. she was four months pregnant. wallen was a beloved teacher at wilde lake high school in columbia. >> over 800 prince george's county school employees were put on leave last year for allegations of sc child abuse ad misconduct. >> now there are new developments following fox5's extensive reporting on this story. our annie yu live in the news room with those details. annie. >> reporter: good morning, holly and wisdom. well, fox5, yes, we have been following closely the story closely and you may recall this investigation stems from strict new policies that the school system enforced after some high profile child abuse cases in the school s
5:34 am
teachers were placed on leave. they were accused of child abuse and misconduct. teachers were being removed from classrooms for minor incidents like accidentally touching a student or even breaking up a fight. well, now we have learned that the numbers are in fact significantly down from the initial report in april. here's the latest. as of last week, there were just 40 employees on leave accused of misconduct. that's compared to the 850 staff members total on leave for all of last year. fox5 did multiple open records last spring to get the numbers on this and we found out that the school district spent nearly $10 million paying staff on leave last school year. that's a nearly 1500 percent increase over the school year before. school officials are now admitting these new policies they went too far and that the vast majority of staff accused actually ended up cleared and allowed to return to their jobs. >> doing all of that swung the pendulum completely to the other side. and so now we needed to bring it back to the middle. and to where we think i
5:35 am
>> reporter: anything you would say to staff members who were put on leave unnecessarily with the pendulum, as you said, swinging too far in that other direction. >> well, i would say to them that, you know, we recognize in some cases individuals went through a process and unfortunately they had to go through that process. >> reporter: we're also told there's been new training for staff so that everyone knows what actually needs to be reported and what constitutes abuse and the power has also been given back to principals so that they can deal with the situations in the schools without involving child protective services. we'll be continuing to monitor the numbers as the school year moves forward but that's the very latest. back up to you guys. >> ♪ >> all right. time now to talk a little weather with mike thomas as we get ready for friday the 13th and the weekend as well. >> yeah. >> yeah and we got -- good news is things will get progressively better through the weekend. not so much today. today is still kind of gray and -- >> you know what today real reflects our mood. >> yeah. >> allow yourself to grieve and then mov
5:36 am
>> get sleep tonight because many people didn't last night. as we wake up tomorrow still cloudy but progressively getting better. weekend ahead, strong storm system will be getting its act together across the great lakes. ahead of it we we'll see a strog southerly flow. tomorrow by the afternoon we should see sunshine poking through the clouds and by sunday bright sunshine, warm temperatures, highs in the 80's, yes, mid 80's in fact on sunday. you're headed down to redskins park for the game, shorts and t-shirts. that's weather. over to erin now for traffic. >> all right, 5:36. and we got you covered this morning. taking a look out in loudoun county we're tracking a serious injury crash. an update on that. eastbound virginia nine charlestown pike all eastbound and westbound lanes are closed right now. you can see that black line on the map indicating no traffic getting by. give yourself s
5:37 am
this is in the area by 287. we'll keep you updated if you're traveling in purcellville. aside from that one, we also have a crash on the agent cc. it's on the eastbound side just before 95. no major slowdowns there. just keep it to the right lane. 95 looks good. and then we're seeing increased volume the hov lanes 395 and northbound still a green zone but as you can see traffic trying to cause a little bit of a slowdown. that's your traffic. guys. guys.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back to fox5 news morning. today is friday, the 13th. it is 5:40. welcome back to the show. >> yeah, we're glad you're with us as you begin to start your final day of the work week and head on into the weekend. dance classes may be traditional exercise when it comes to improving the balance of older adults. they may also enhance brain areas related to memory and learning. researchers studied a small group of healthy volunteers in their 60's. half attended dance classes for 18 months, the rest took a traditional exercise class. the dancers showed clear improvements on balance tests. both groups showed increases in their brain volume but the dance group tended to show more positive changes in the brain. >> all new this morning, diet avocados are a thing. spanish food company has rolled out with a new product called avocado light a low calorie low fat version of the traditional avenue cad company. the company says you
5:41 am
make guacamole with the fruit and not everyone thinks diet avocados are a good thing. some nutritionists say it's almost like eating vitamin free vegetables. >> don't mess with avocados. just eat the real natural thing. avocado is not the problem. >> right. >> it's the chips that you dip foot guac that are the problem. >> they always try to change the food to adjust to the bad behavior. doesn't make sense. >> exactly. >> coming up on fox5 news morning, how's this for super scary. >> a massive super volcano under yellowstone national park may be closer to erupting. scientistsway in and much more on the morning's trending topics. >> we're going to take a break and as we do let's look live across the d.c. region this morning. it's a little damp out there, it's a little chilly. 5:f5:41 is our time, 60 degrees. fox5 news morning coming back right after this. >> ♪
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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finally, i've found chicken tenders that can pass as mine, which is nice because i've got better things to do. andre, i need a longer straw! introducing mcdonald's buttermilk crispy tenders. juicy, and made with 100% white meat.
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>> ♪ >> brand new video at 5:44 shows the wild after path afterr a tornado struck in ohio. very scary images that show the power of mother nature right there. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i think mother nature is a little depressed around here this morning. she's probably a nats fan, that's why. but the weather is reflecting that. another day of gloom. >> look how bright the mgm is there like shining a light on the clouds.
5:45 am
of. it reminds me of the batman light. >> yeah, the bat signal, yeah. >> come everyone here and lose your money. whoo. [laughter] >> no super hero will save you. [laughter] >> all right, guys, yeah, as you can see it's cloudy outside. it's a little dreary. friday's not starting off in many regards how we want it to but we get through the weekend things will get progressively better. by sunday afternoon headed down to redskins park shorts and t-shirts out. it's going to be a beautiful but warm day. all right. let's get to it. temperatures outside right now on the cool side. 61. we should be cooler than this for this time of year but it feels -- definitely light jacket weather as you get out the door is kind of the point. 59 in manassas, 58 at dulles. 55 cooler 55 there in gaithersburg, good morning to you. all right, temperature -- satellite and radar outside right now hard to see but there are a lot of clouds. once the sun gets in the sky you'll be able to see them better on satellite and radar. not too much in the drizzle department though as we head through the k
5:46 am
hours here, we should start to see a little bit more of that pop up in a patchy variety. best chance in the morning east of 95. here's futurecast showing that to you. 10 o'clock this morning you can see the drizzle east of 95. as we head into the afternoon and into the evening hours, we'll start to see some of that patchy drizzle make its way westward and there we go 7, 8 o'clock around sunset tends to be when drizzle tends to be the worst around here. keep that in mind. maybe your evening commute you're seeing a little bit of those light rain drops hitting your windshield. could be dealing with the early tomorrow morning. if you're an early riser for soccer games, maybe high school football games going on tomorrow morning take that into account. by the afternoon we should see clouds breaking up. highs today only 68 degrees thanks to the clouds with some patchy drizzle around. many staying in the 60's. maybe one or two reach 70 and the autumn up and downs continue. we head into your saturday, we start going up a bit. 78 degrees by the afternoon with the sun breaking through and then by sunday, yes
5:47 am
84 degrees. down we go, though, as we head into monday. maybe some showers to start your monday morning ushering in cooler air. monday afternoon will be breezy. by tuesday highs own in the upper 50's and lows in the mid 60's. shorts and t-shirt weather down at fedex field it's going to be a warm one. 84 sunday. here comes fall early next work week highs on tuesday only 64 here in washington. that's a check of the forecast. erin como is back this morning with a look at those roadways. hey, erin. >> 5:47. starting off with the breaking news we're tracking out of loudoun county. charleston pike closed between purcellville and hillsborough road. serious injury crash. had a medevac out there earlier. please expect delays. we'll keep you posted on that breaking news in loudoun county. you'll have to detour around that. as we move to our drive times, still very pleasant commute in maryland. 270 delay free from 109 to the local lanes. a little volume developing by 70. not enough to show us down in frederick. inne
5:48 am
270 spur to 95. not seeing any 50 delays on the inbound or outbound side to and from bowie. things are quiet in annapolis this morning. moving over for a look right now at a crash we have. it was blocking the left lane on the icc toward 95. now it's moved over to the shoulder. things in beltsville looking good on 95 north and southbound. baltimore-washington parkway still cruising at speed. we do have volume picking up in the hov lanes, 395 northbound from the beltway toward route one. you're going to need right now it's still in the green i would say about five extra minutes guys. back to you. >> thanks erin. listen i want to tell you what i did yesterday afternoon. >> okay. >> i went down to the wharf, it was the big grand opening right. >> all right. >> i went down there because i caught up with the bacon brothers. >> okay. >> kevin bacon, yes, and michael. we got there, they were -- this is them doing a sound check. they sounded great. they were getting ready for the show and then we actually talked with them, you know, before they were the opening act for the official grand opening ceremony. but here's the really fun thing that we found out. so, we were down there and i heard kevin say hey,
5:49 am
two blond in. first i was like what, me? no, he was talking about those two ladies right there. those are his sister's. >> okay we got some bacon sisters. >> he's one of six. all the siblings were there. one of the sisters is one of the major partners in the development of the wharf. >> okay. >> so, they actually all came down to support her. >> okay. >> and so they were so cute 'cause when i introduced myself to them they were like you know, we're their sisters and so they were there as a family. they get together as a family three or four times a year they said. they're super close and they said they support each other whenever big things come along. >> right. >> and michael, the other half of the bacon brothers he loves boats and i said well you need to get a boat slip here and he goes my wife and i are talking about getting a place here at the wharf and i'm like when you do, come into the loft and the bacon brothers said we'll pay in the loft. more of my interview on good day. i wasn't expecting all of that.
5:50 am
5:49 is the time right now. in other news this morning, comedian david letterman is said to receive this year's mark twain prize for american humor. now we're learning who will be at the kennedy center to help celebrate. the lineup was announced yesterday jimmy kimmel steve martin martin short and senator al franken all scheduled to appear. the ceremony is going to take place october 22nd. >> pretty good lineup. >> yeah. heavy hitters. >> yeah. from collecting metals to fighting the waves a new documentary shares how olympian swimmer michael phelps also fought his share of battles with depression and anxiety. part of a new documentary named angst. the maryland native tells all from how he would look in the mirror and not like what he saw to being bullied and depressed and suffering from severe anxiety. angst is an indy flicks film and it's designed to be screened at schools and community centers. all right. 10 minutes before the hour right now. take a look at that live picture this morning.
5:51 am
college tore on this friday. today's stop as you can see is the gem howard university. our crew already there getting set up. tucker is going to join us in about 10 minutes. he'll be there live starting at 6:00 a.m. and then allison and i are going to head down there and we'll see you from howard around 7:30 or so for a great morning on a great campus and ever how much you think you know about howard you're going to learn something new this morning. >> legendary school right here in washington, d.c. 5:51 is the time right now. we're back with what's hot on the web. >> let's take a look at the stories you're engaging with the most this morning. maureen is back with our realtime news tracker. hey, mo. >> good morning to both of you. first up, amazon boss roy price is now suspended. it follows sex harassment accusation center city. price is head of tv for amazon. he has been suspended after tv producer came forward with reports of sexual harassment. the actress alleged amazon studios killed a show she planned and direct after she heard a weinsten bailout was in the works.
5:52 am
rose mcgowan claimed the studio ignored her claims that harvey weinstein raped her. amazon says price is on leave of absence effective immediately. titans receiver rashard matthews says he'll quit if the nfl makes it mandatory to stand for the national anthem. the hard hitting announcement came in the form of a tweet when asked if nfl makes new rules on anthem will you stay in the locker room and face the fine/penalty. he tweeted no, i will be done playing football. matthew has since deleted the tweet. owners are set to discuss the issue next week. will it be boys and girl scouts or girl scouts versus boy scouts? internet in an uproar following the boy scouts dramatic move to welcome girls. the 107-year-old organization announced wednesday younger girls will be allowed to join cub scouts and older girls will be eligible to earn the rank of eagle scout. both organizations have experienced sharp drops in meer
5:53 am
scientists working in and park say a super volcano sitting under the tourist attraction could blow sooner than thought. according to the national geographic a buildup of fresh magma below the volcano has happened in matter of decades and did not take centuries as researchers once believed. yellowstone national park is one of the most he have hadly monitored volcanic sites in the world. take a look at this its a llama on the loose. llama llama red pajama. brings up memories. the animal broke free from its home after a fence was damaged by the wildfires. the california highway patrol helped herd the llama to safety. they also repaired the fence to prevent future escapes of llamas on the lamb. >> how much notice will we have before the volcano -- >> they're saying the volcano could destroy like the earth, not just parts of that state, talking about the world. that's how huge the super volcano's damage could be. >> i need
5:54 am
order. thanks maureen. today the u.s. postal service is celebrating the national museum of african-american history and culture. the ceremony is being held in the museum and the honor comes in the form of a forever stamp. you can snag a book of stamps at your local post office. that ceremony begins at 8:30 this morning. >> ♪ >> let's say hello to our facebook fan of the day. good morning to you, linda, feti, that's right. you rock that red, right? despite the fact that we're not moving on, we're still fans. that delicious looking bucket of french fries, though, we'd like you to share that. linda was nominated by her daughters michelle and lisa. >> linda has lived in arlington all of her life and works at saint agnes school. linda loves reading gardening watch, sports and spending time with her grandson nicholas. >> awww. look at that, a sunny day on the beach with boardwalk fries. back in the summer when the nats were still winners. >> yeah.
5:55 am
[laughter] >> the good old days. >> the good old days. >> i think those are cutters fries. so, so good. memories of summer time. you might have some summertime flashbacks as we head into sunday because summer time temps are going to be hanging around for the weekend. more on that in a second. high pressure off the coastline pushing a strong onshore flow that keep clouds around and the chance for drizzle as we head into the afternoon. temperatures not expected to make it out of the 60's today for the second day in a row. weak piece of energy comes through this afternoon that will initiate drizzle. best chance in d.c. second half of the day and into the evening hours. a little bit like what happened yesterday in most neighborhoods. 55 to 61 degrees this morning. dry for the before school hours, just cloudy and cool, jacket weather for sure. after school, 60 to 69 with some patchy drizzle around. looking ahead, sunday as i mentioned before temps expected to be widespread 80's with a good amount of sunshine. if you're headed to the redskins game going to be a warm one. cold front comes through on monday. that will start dropping temperatures and i mean check out your seve
5:56 am
big changes ahead. we head into next week. by monday high of only 66. and by tuesday check out that morning low, 48 degrees. chilly, chilly. that's a check of the forecast. erin is back with traffic. >> 5:55 right now and we do have a delay on branch avenue just before the beltway. crash reported. this is on the northbound side and you can see we're down to about 17 miles per hour as you try to get to the inner loop or outer loop. coming up from clinton be prepared for that delay. things starting to pick up on 210 in fort washington northbound as well. as we move over for a look in loudoun county, charlestown pike dealing with a serious injury crash. closing both directions between purcellville road and hillsborough road. we'll let you know when that does reopen out in loudoun county. you'll have to find an alternate this morning. majors in maryland still looking good in terms of 270, 50 and the inner loop side of the beltway. outer loop looks good in college park. and we're not seeing any slowdowns as you make your way out on 95. we are dealing with this crash in beltsville moved over to the shoulder, the icc before 95, blue and yellow line had earlier metro delays by braddock road. those have car
5:57 am
some residual delays lingering. we got you covered on this dreary friday the 13th. >> ♪
5:58 am
how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> it was deja vu all over again. it was basically something that i've experienced my entire life as a sports fan and it's -- it's a numbing experience because we're so used to it now
6:00 am
game five filled with no shortage of drama. >> plus a shocking move by the white house overnight. the president delivering a blow to the affordable care act. what he's set to do today that could cause premiums to spike. >> this is a live look at howard university campus which is the next stop on our college tour. tucker barnes already there. we'll check in with him in just a couple minutes. >> ♪ >> and the chicago cubs, their quest to repeat begins in earnest in los angeles. >> well, that was bryce harper at the plate a heartbreaking enter to the nationals season. this winner take all game five had fans on the edge of their seat literally up to the last at bat. it ended in disappointment. let's take a lookt


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