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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  October 15, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at six. right now at six, a virginia teen at the center of an amber alert is back home safe tonight where police tracked her down and who she was with when they found her. the search for a gunman after a university of maryland student is shot off campus. we're life with the very latest. a live look outside, it was a muggy october day, but get ready for a l cool down. fall-like temperatures will make their way back to the dw y region. it what the a warm october day, but that's all about to change. temperatures in the 60s on the way for your workweek. we went to get right to gwen for your first check of the forequas. we expected a lot more sun rn we got
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heas was definitely on. take a look the at the daytime highs. we had 79 at reagan national airport, 79 at dulles and 76 at bwi thurgood marshal. we had anticipated making it into about the mid 80s today, but the clouds were not going to have the. they were very slow to clear out and it took us a little bit longer to warm up as we had anticipated. seventy-six , 77 at dulles, the same at manassas. seventy-five at baltimore and annapolis but 79 to fredericksburg to the south, still very warm and 79 at frederick and 77 at hagerstown while cumberland is at 82-degree s. the warm southerly wind continues to move its way through and temperatures into the 70s and the low 80s. >> we're going to see some clouds increasing, but we're keeping our eyes to the skies, because we have some chargeses of seeing some
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>> a weather changes for us in more ways than one than a the seven day forecast a first part of your monday. we have some big temperature changes and some winds that are going to happen as well. get ready as we start the week. we've got a big cool dwown headedded your way. more coming up a little bit later, back to you. thank you, gwen. new tonight, an amber alert for a virginia teen has been canceled. the 16 year old was found safe in woodbridge. earlier today virginia state police and prince william police said the teen was likely abduct ed by a 21 year old man. she has been found safe. the man she was last seen with has always been found. it's unclear if they knew each other. a lock down
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university person was shot around eight:30, that person not seriously injured was taken to the hospital for t treatment. several fights broke out after the shootingment the gunman still on the lose. it was bsu's home coming weekend, a hiphop concert took place on cam campus . still unclear if the shooting is connected to the event. happening right now in maryland, the search for suspect s continues after a university of maryland student was shot and a second student assaulted. police say they believe the victims were target ed. fox5's lindsay watts live in college park with the latest. lindsay. >>reporter: reporter lauren and marina, this shooting happened just a few blocks off the university of maryland campus. it happened last night at this home here on rhode island avenue . we are just a little l ways from fraternity row. quiet here now as you can see. we'll show you you some video, though, from last night. police were called around eight:20. we talked to a student who lives nearby who says he heard the
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this they were fire crackers. both students who were hurt are expected to be okay. the one man who was shot and a second who was assaulted. i just checked in with prince george's county police and i'm told that there are no updates on who did this. investigators are continuing to try to track down those suspects. they were last seen running towards the college park metro station, according to the university of maryland police. the neighbor who heard the shots says he also saw the suspects sprinting away. he say s police got here quickly. listen. >> it was pretty interesting seeing all the cops with the big guns and everything. and hearing them go inside screaming get on the ground and everything . it was pretty nerve racking, but i knew they had it under control. and police say they're not giving any indication about whether they have identified these suspects. also not
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might have led up to this. we're out here tonight to try to get more details. of course we'll keep you posted as we learn more. the fbi now joining the investigation into a suspicion device found at a civil war remember ramentment in virginia. the device was found last night at the cedar grove and national historic park in middletown in frederick county. thousands of people were evacuated. thank thri no one was humplet it's still unclear what type of device was found. h comes after the cedar creek battle field foundation posted a message on its website saying that it received a written threat. they had beefed up security in response to that. montgomery county firefighters were busy today on several serious calls including a car fire inside a residential park ing garage. first one family is without a home tonight after flames tore through it on glenn allen avenue in silver springs. fire officials say two of the family's dogs had to be
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kitchen, but an exact cause still unknown. firefighters also took on a fire on oak drive in damascus. the flame was contained to the home's porch. residents were home the at the time. butt made it out safely. fire officials say there is no word on smoke alarms working safely inside the house. firefighters say the car caught fire inside the buildings' park ing garage and you you can see that car completely destroyed. no word on what sparked the flames. in the district, two people were hurt when a fire broke out in a three -story apartment building in northeast. it happened overnight on 52nd street. we're told fire started in the second floor unit. right now we don't know the conditions of the people hurt, but we understand the injuries are not serious p the cause of the fire remains under investigation. >> and a week after deadly wild fires raised through parts of northern california authority say they've turned a koarn
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improved weather conditions are allowing officialses to lift evacuation. however, northern california not out of the woods yet. nearly 20 wild fires still burning in parts of northern california, night sunday night parking a week since the destructive flames first erupted in california wine country, destroyed thousands of homes and buildings, this as hundreds of people still missingment it's day-to-day. it changes. one day you wake up and there's smoke, the next gone it's gone, it's back the next dayment we don't know, it's supplant a changing environment we don't know what to expect. with signs of the weather improving fire officials are hopeful they may have turned a corner battling some of the fires. so year to date, the state of california from january to last sunday had burned approximately 243,000 acres from sunday to today, 214,000 acres have
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statewide in 16 major fires. so it's a fire season in a week. resources are stretched pretty thin. right now, more than 10,000 firefighters are still tackling the flames on the front lines, both in the air and on the ground with more than a thousand firetrucks. meantime many residents with homes and businesses near the fires say all they can do is wait as tens of thousands remain under fire he evacuation orders. i'd be more heartbroken if my store burned down than if my house burned dowfnlt we have employees . we have -- i mean it's a community garyting spot. if there's a silver veer lining it's a fact that many of the homes that were destroyed will be covered by insurance, but as one mother put it to me you can't replace the memories or the lives lost. in santa rosa, will car, fox news. >> here pup, iz i, iz i is here come here, baby. oh,
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in the midst of the devastation, a moment of hope. two brothers reyou you united with their family dog. they were fearing that the dog died wild fire. the brothers say that they walked for miles to look for issy, they eventually found her at the end of the narrow road as she emerged from the rubble as you saw there. >> incredible pictures owl of cath california. hopefully the weather i am profession. still ahead, a deadly terror attack oversees after a truck bomb explodes in a crowd of people. plus a top cop in maryland crack ing down on ms13 gangs. how he's calling on others in the state to do the same. another honor taken away from harvey weinstein. stay with us.
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>> developing now oversees some malyeah dealing with the deadl iest single attack in its history. a fruk bomb exploded. at least # 276 people were killed in the attack, but authorities fear the number will go. the el sha bob extremist group is to blame, but so far there has been no claim of responsibility. the state department was quick to condemn what happened calling it a sense less and cowardly attack. more fall out from the harvey weinstein asked and answered l al. it's not just the hollywood community for his misalleged mis treatment of him. he he wants to evoke his leej end honor award. he received the a ward in 2012 when the film the artist won multiple awards. the british police are investigating three new section july assaults n
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president trump announced that he he will decertify the iran deal lawmakers are now weighing in on the the decision. fox's dug mack quell way has a closer look from capital hillment. >>reporter: the president's national security advisor splainld the two step threat to the nuclear deal. congress and the other nations in the seven party deal toughen or mr. rum p will put out unilaterally. the president has set out a marker to the i iran ands and to our allies and our partners that we have to fix fundamental flaws in this zeal. one key, iran must allow international inspectors to its military sites.s itself he ' just implement the agreement by going to sites, to p fully implement the inspections of sites, the monitoring of suspicion sites within iranment democratic critics say if the president makes good on his threat to pull out it will free iran to
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its nuclear ambition more aggressively. there is no chance that the deal is going to be renegotiated. the iran ands will not renegotiate it neither will the yeurns, iran will get everybody they want. one republican senator argues even if the obama negotiated deal remains intact it only temporarily delays iran's pursuit of nuclear activity. after 15 years the iran ands can do anything they want. the president's action in conjunction with his decision to stop stubbs disto insurance exchanges are his strongest threat yet to undo the obama legacy. at the same time he's leaving it in congress' hands how to do undo the dismantling. meantime president trump set to hit the road again next week. fox's rich den son has this story and more in the week ahead >>reporter: president trump will kickoff the week by visit ing the state of south carolina on
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focus on the trip is to many contact pain for hen imac has ter who is seeking another term as governor. this is the president's second trip to the state since taking office in january. also on monday we celebrate world food day. the day pays objection to the form age to the establishment of the united nations food and ago organization. basketball fans will be clued to their television sets this weekment tuesday is the official start of the nba regular season. two games are scheduled on that day with the marquis matchup featurings the golden state warriors facing off against the houston rockets. netflix users be prepared to dish out more cash. starting thursday netflix will be fixing prices on two of its three subscription plans. the company looks to power more money into developing original contact. formerre
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barack obama bill clinton and george h bush and imi carter are gathering together to headline deep present the heart, the one america appeal concert at texas a & m university. it will perform artists and country with all proceeds going towards hurricane harvey relief in the state of texas. that's a look at the week ahead, i'm rich den i son, fox news. >> former president bill clinton made a top in boston this weekend for his tenth annual leadership knches. mr. clinton was at north issue for the university conferencement he was joined by his daughter chelsea. the conference was first created in 2007 and consists of students and a experts from a variety of fields discussing solutions to various issueses. every great problem and its root is an id
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you respond depends on who you are and who you have decided to be or allow yourself to be conditioned to be. last year's event was hosted by the university of california berkley . we are just weeks away from election day in virginia and as voters get ready to elect their next governor still ahead a look at the late ets last minute push from both sides on the campaign trail. first, cracking down on ms13. how one local sheriff is stepping up to make sure gang members are taken off of the streets. and a reminder here, if you have a story idea, call the fox5 tip line, 202-895-3000 or send us an e-mail to fox5 tips at fox5tips@.
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>> a woman is in h custody and charged with murdering her hospital inside johns hopkins hospital. anita jones was in alone in a room with her husband while their son was undergoing a procedure at the hospital. police say jones alerted hospital staff that yancy had cut himself. doctors couldn't save him and jones left
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they learned the couple had been argue than and yancy's injuries were not self inflicted. they believe jones stacked her husband. police acredded her and charged her with first degree murder. they are crack ing down on ms13 gang members. as fox5's teisha lewis reports, the sheriff is holding neighbor agencies accountable if they refuse to work with customs and enforcement to eradicate ms 13. >>reporter: frederick county is no exception to violent crimes increasingly committed by ms13 gang members, unlike some neighboring counties charles jenkins has taken a hard line stands against the el salvador and gang. the gang members are locked up in frederick county for mur, including carlos hernandez diaz and d
6:22 pm
alberto that may a, two are behind bars accused in a recent rape. once we lock these people up and get them off the street, our biggest problem is we're working with icement once we ar rest these programs we can get them off the street. dogging what you all law enforcement should be doing but often don't i don't know why people in law enforcement and our political leaders are afraid to admit the fact that we have this problem to deal with. i think it's political will. i think most people are afraid to tackle the problem. they don't have the political will or the stomach to do it. that was teisha lewis reporting. jenkins says over the last two to three years there have been an influx in violent crimes committed by ms13 . he says the gang has created a public safety issue. he wants them off of the streets , out of the county and out of of the country. there are reported 8,000ms13 ganger members in the country. the maryland native who was shot in the eye in the las
6:23 pm
massacre is making major progress tonight. tina a frost was the shot in the eye and until recent was in a coma. her family says he she is awake and took her first few steps. she's even breathing on her own. her friends here in maryland organized a fundraiser at the irish public. we don't know how much the medical bills are going to be. we want to keep raising money. we want to show her we're here for her and showing our support. at first we didn't know how serious it was. she's going to be okay, this isn't that bad, but then as more de tails came out it got worse. obviously this was a horrible event, but there's this much good go osmght it's the light in all of it, i guess. all of the proceeds played from food, descrings, ralphs and auctions go towards the go fund me. the community has already raised more than half a million dollars for the frost family. incredible
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news. very good news. so let's talk good news. is there any in a. i went to the pumpkin patch today. i was a little bit over eager about the it's going to be 85 so i was the only person there in shorts and a t-shirt. were you comfortable. >> i was. i felt a little silly because everybody had on their fall vest. it's a beautiful sunset. they were selling ice cream, by the way. >> that's why. there youing go so it all came together. lauren no problem. i hope you you brought back some pumpkins for us, or some pumpkin pie. here's what happend today, unfortunately. we were supposed to get into the mid 830s, but the clouds are the culprit. beautiful sunset, definitely. the clouds took their time start ing to move out and what that did it gave us a are the shoer period of time when we had the sunshine today unfortunately . i kept looking out the window going what's happening, where i
6:25 pm
? why aren't we warming up. the clouds real you i took their time getting out of the way. it wasn't until the late afternoon before we started to see the skies starting to get clear. we didn't get quite as warm as we had anticipated. we are still above the seasonal average. seventy-nine at reagan national, 79 at dulles and 76 at bwi thurgood marshal today. i was still warm than it should be . right now the same story at 76-degrees. we got some clear skies, winds are pushing in from the south, very light winds and elsewhere temperature wise, 77 at manassas and dulles and martinsburg as well as hagerstown to the north. seventy-five at annapolis, same at baltimore. seventy-eight at fredericksburg this hour and eight s degrees at cumberland. winds are light, dewpoints into the 606s, 70s. you felt the humidity a little bit in the atmosphere. that low level moisture kind of stuck around. that gave us the fog we had earlier this morning than a the overnight fog last night. we did anticipate that as
6:26 pm
temperatures now, you can see right into the 730s and 80s, but look at this colder air on the back side. we have some 50s and some 60s. that's what's heading our way. another ' going to get the colder air in the next 24 hours. this line of showers heading our way. we'll talk about that with our full forecast. twenty-four hour temperature change. right now six to ten degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time. we did get a bit of warmup. 68- degrees, becoming mostly cloudy. can't rule out a pass ing shower and the full forecast is just ahead. the latest on the sympathomimetic for a gunman in college park after a university of maryland student is shot off campus and another student assaulted. we have the latest in a live report coming up. plus as election day inches closer in virginia. the candidates for governor ramp up their last minute campaigns. could the next us census be in danger of not happening at all ment stay with us. we're back after the
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. covered by most insurance and medicare plans. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. this is fox5 local news at six. your top stories at 6:30 an amber alert for a virginia teenager has been canceled. police say the 16 year old was found safe in woodbridge. earlier today virginia state police and prince william county police said the teen was quote, likely abducted
6:30 pm
man. but again she has been found safe. the man she was last seen with was also found and it's unclear if the two knew each other. >> we have an update on a lock down that happened in saint peter university. a person was found around eight:30 but was not seriously jurtd. the gunman still on the lose. this was vsu 's home coming weekendment a hiphop concert took place on campus last night, but it's unclear if the shooting is connected to that event. in maryland the search for suspects continues after a university of maryland student was shot and a second assaulted. police say they believe the vic tells were targeted, lindsay watts live in college park with the latest. reporter roar lauren and marina, this shooting happened last night on long island avenue. it's just a few blocks off the university of maryland campus ment no one was home here earlier we when
6:31 pm
just the last few minutes the guys checked in. we'll show you some video, police were called here around eight:to. they found one student had been shot and a second assaulted. both of those students who are hurt are expected to be okay. police say they don't think this was a random crime but they don't know what the motive might have been here. the suspects were last seen running towards the college park metro station. investigat ors are still trying to trk down the suspects:the fbi now joining the investigation into a suspicion devase found at a receivable war remember enact ment. it was found at the cedar creek in middletown in friend rick county. thousands of people were evacuated but thankfully no one was hurt. it's still unclear exactly what type of device was found. this comes after the cedar creek battle field foundation posted a message on its website saying
6:32 pm
threat. organizers say that they had beefed up security in response to that. a week after dwedly wild fires raisedded through parts of northern california authorities say they've turned a koarn. authorities now say several of the fires are 50 to 60 percent contained. the fires are to blame for at least 40 deaths. they've destroyed 5700 homes and buildings. about 75,000 people have been forced from their who is. dozens more remain un accounted for, but firefighters say they are confident most, if not all, will be found. virginia voters just weeks away from heading to the polls to elect their next govern or than a it's a race that is drawing some high pro2350eu8 endorsements. ralph of north a.m. and ed gillespie spent the weekend stomping with big-time politicians. fox's garret ten any has more. >>reporter: virginia's gubinatorial race is one of two taking
6:33 pm
most elections the biggest challenge is actually getting voters to to turn out on election dayment to help with that both major parties are bringing in some big names. form er vice-president joe biden hosted a roundtable with democratic governor and current lieutenant governor ralph north a.m. at that event biden criticized the trump administration. they need to step in with the federal government is failing. it's the only hope for leadership we have now is that the state level. i mean, it really is. it really is the only hope we have, number one. someone once said, there's a guy named bond said that this administration is unified by in quo heerns and incompetent. that's the unifying principle that you're getting across. you you have to step up. >> the latest real clear l politics average of polls shows him
6:34 pm
points. gillespie is hoping to get a beast this epg when vice-president mike pence joins him. these public polls are not designed to gauge the outcome, they're designed to affect the outcome of an election. we're in a dead heat race here. a pair of former presidents will be coming to the state this week ment on monday george were burb will head a couple of fundraisers and wednesday on former barack obama will come to a north a.m. rally in virginia. >> the us is set to conducts its next census in just three years, but continuing the tradition could be in dangerment what congress needs to do to make sure it happens. a group of run ners lace up to honor our nation's military right at home before we head to break, a sweat moment caught on camera. the little tiny thing
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>> there it goes, all right. lift off, yes, the at last five rocket was successfully launched today from cape contact canaveral florida. it was sent off by the united lawn p alliance and is paying a pay load for the us recon sans office. this is the seventh launch year. the us just three years away from conduct its lat est even suspects. but it may not
6:38 pm
come up with enough money to count every person. the census has presented a steadily broaden ing pick picture of the nation. just a few months ago before they kickoff the count of every living soul in america, they told house overnight site lawmakers the bureau needs 16 bill to get it done, three bill more than the cost in 2010. heightened privacy concerns, widespread mistrust of government and the integration of new it infra truck turks the cracks in which ross learned about soon after he he assumed office. normally two months into my tenure the census bureau suddenly announced a 40 percent cost over run in one component, namely the census enterprise data collection and processing. house freedom caucus chair questioned why appropriators shou
6:39 pm
bureau budget when the agency has not reformed the troubled relationship with contractors and subcontractors. there's some 43it systems that need to be implemented and yet today only four have actually been fully implemented. ross claimed the census bureau sigh besh security is the most robust it's ever been but when republican jody heist asked how ross can be certain of that the secretary cited conversations with his team. so it's all based on conversation, not on tests much it's impossible to test something that doesn't yet exist . my point precisely. democrats were equally dis pleased with ross' proposal, but for the opposite reasonment i think it's a good start, but i don't think it's good enough. i'm not used being granted more money than i asked for. so that's a totally new experience for me. federal figures show the cost per household of conducting
6:40 pm
doubled from 1990 to 2010. from 45 too nine # two. they say in the testing face leading up to 2020 they've identified cost over runs and unidentified over run costs. three would be thieves picked on the wrong guy to steal from. this all happened in san antonio, texas. the waiter thought something was up. april then he heard someone tinkering with the cash register . arnold is a black belt and took mers matters into his h own happedz. i pulled him to the ground. douching that pros i don't know if my face hit the register, hit the ground or just hit him in the face both you hay had a scar on his head and i have a big old blood he i nose. arnold held one of the alleged thieves on the ground until police arrived. the plan begged him to let him go, but he was ultimately arrested.
6:41 pm
hurricane harvey hit the gulf coast. there are renewed calls to help with the clean up. we'll take you to the first ever veterans run in the district next. next.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
>> more than a month after hurricane harvey slammed the golf quoas residents there, especially in texas, are
6:44 pm
tonight there are renewed calls for more volunteers to head to the loan star state. fox's s.m. care ego has more. just. >>reporter: jessica milton has been part of the hurricane harvey recovery earths since the very start. at the very beginning, support came flooding in. if in the first couple days we had in the hundreds. now that number is starting to dwindle down. as the weeks have gone on, and it's gotten further out from hurricane harvey we've seen a huge drop off of volunteers on a weekly basis, sometimes groups of 20 to now sometimes ate or ten. but azimuth ton looked around the country way village mobile home park she couldn't help see the work that still needs to be done . my mission to see each one of the property owners to be able to get into a home, maybe not by why is
6:45 pm
not only do they need volunteers , they're in need of much more. we need supplies. supplies are justs as important, whether it be sheetrock or mud or roofing material. milton say s the mobile home park was home to hundreds. many of them, if not all of them were a hundred percent totaled. however that area has not yet received quleen up efforts. trying to work with the owners and the managers to try to come up with a game plan to see how we can help this neighborhood out that has been really affect ed thats has been un touched yet. she says all volunteers are welcome. we are able to take in volunteers that are -- that have never even picked up a hammer, we can train them and teach them what to do. as long as you have a hand to give they'll take it we also have lots of trash on the ground you don't have to have a skill, you have to have a
6:46 pm
two willing hands. a lot of work still needed over in texas. >> yes. q. we have been spared for the most part from all of the harsh rain. we did see a little rain with nate, but nothing huge. >> we do need the rain. >> we do need the rain, yes. we might get a little sprinkle or two between tonight and torp, but nothing is going to be significant. today was okay, but it wasn't what i thought, gwen. still not fall. at least not in the air. here's the deal . it was supposed to be 85- degrees today and sunny, but the clouds didn't leave when they were supposed to, which is totally out of my control. i wish i could waive a magic wand unfortunately it didn't warnl up s as when we warchtsed it to. we did get some sunshine later in the daicht i'm just the mass jer. if i could waive a imagine magic wand i would please everybody every day with w
6:47 pm
. nonetheless, we're still above seasonal. still feeling like summer in fall. we're go to have a to take it as it comes. we have a dool night temperatures into the 60s. some brief scattered showers very possible. nothing too be too concerned about. temperatures are going to dip and go back up again. we're going to be all over the place on the seven day forecast. plenty of fall sunshine ahead. i've got some days that are going to be very con dozennive to getting out there for a walk, a bike ride or enjoying the fall foliage. not into the 830ss as they should have been, but into the 70s. you you know what, these temperatures still some ten to eleven degrees above the seasonal average. even though we didn't get to the mid 80s we still were quite a bit warmer than we should be. right now still the same story. seventy-seven kicking in right here at manassas, at l dulles, as well as martinsburg. seventy-two at winchester this hour. seventy-six at d.c., 735 at baltimore and 735 at annapolisment dewpoints are in the 60s and 70ss and so today you probably felt that,
6:48 pm
just the little stickiness in the air, a little bit of the mugginess. we have some low level moisture and as a result of that and we're getting a southerly wind flow as well. that is another contributor to the fact that it did feel a little bit humid out there. not much happening now on saturday light radar, about you that is about to change. partly cloudy skies, but we're going to see an increase in cloud coverage once we get into tonight with an approach of a frontal system. the frontal system will also bring in what is to the wetion of us and that is some of this rain many as i said, it doesn't look like we're going to get too much because i don't think much of this is going to survive once it pass he the mountains. we're going to get something very brief april i'll show you that on futurecast. as we get into the overnight hours. after midnight we'll see brief showers coming through. of as we get into the 1:00 you you can see. by the time we get into early morning there's in the a whole lot that is going to be linger through. here's 7 a.m., we're
6:49 pm
because lower southern maryland is going to start to get that and we start to clear out as we get some sunshine. your evening forecast if you're heading out tonight. clouds increasing, by 11:00 might see a sprinkle l or two in some of our hours areas. that's the cold front coming through giving us an abrupt change in our temperatures. behind it we're cooling down quite a bit and headed only to the 60s as we get into your monday. i want to tell you that by the time we get to monday night into tuesday it's going to be pretty cool. by midday tomorrow 62-degrees and here's your forecast. 6306-degrees for tonight, mostly cloudy and then for tomorrow, once again a little sprinkle in the early hours of the morning. sixty-six mostly sunny skies. here's your seven day forecast. take a look at tuesday night into wednesday, where we're talking temperatures into the 40s and maybe just maybe would we be talking a little bit of frost
6:50 pm
could be. but then we warm up again. look at rest of the week heading to almost 830-degrees by the time we get to thursday. of it's a roller coaster kind of week, but the good things is the sunnies staying very consistent just for you, lauren. thank you , georgia wefnlts dozens of veterans laced you up their run ning shoes for a good cause. the contact thed al hosted the event for the first time. they're running their hearts out in the the crisp fall air all 50 veterans and military wives from team red, white and blue. this morning, the local veterans chapter gathered in front of the national cathedral for the first ever veterans run that started on the grounds and ended at the top of the bell tower with a gorgeous view overlooking our nation's capital. the run not only brings together all branch es of the military but also
6:51 pm
honors those who have sacrificed for our freedoms and the cathedral will host more events like this one with our local military chapters in the near future. at the national cathedral, kristin leone, fox5 local news. >> check this owrkts have you seen this before? restaurant workers in argentina went head to head raising to be the quickest at their jobs. more than 400 servers took part in the annual race in boins airs, they're trying to walk as first as they can without spilling the drinks on their trays. >> i've seen that furnish. although that cup isn't fully filled. we'll give them a pass penalty. >> we'll be right back. back.
6:52 pm
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okay folks! let's get the lady of the house back on her feet. and help her feel more strength and energy in just two weeks. yaaay! the complete balanced nutrition of ensure with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. always be you.
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>> rice up, i'll rice up. a that evented group of quids from baltimore have been going viral, moving people to tiers with a powerful message of inspiration this is the cardial she and school choir's rendition of rice up. the nine minute video has more than 3.1 million views and has been shared 3 million times you can watch the whole thing on our web page. jackie chan returning to the silver screen. hollywood also tackling the story of the first american african-american supreme court justice t. and also wonder woman. here's kevin
6:55 pm
it's kevin mccarthy i'm here with your movie reviews for this week, including the new film mar l schall which is based on an earlier court case in thurgood marshal's career before he came the supreme court justice. he has played incredible real life justices like jackie robinson and james brownment he teams up with josh sam freedman to help defense a man accused of rape. there's courtroom drama that have intensity of action sequences, the words being used feel. beaus man really pulse off an amazing performance that is brilliantly confident and very much like a super here on. the film is worth seeing and a great history less ofnlt i gave marshal a four out of five. next up is jackie chan in the foreigner. i love seeing chan back in
6:56 pm
i grew up watching super cop and obviously loves supplies story. chan takes on a different type of role here as a father in his 606s whose daughter is killed in a terrorist terrorist attacked. he goes on a mission to find the bombers. it the film itself has a very solid plot line and great emotional depth to it, the action scenes are fantastic and i love seeing chan in a role like this. there's a running joke that this of 30 something old guy is taking on the bad guy s. they cater the action scenes. it seems pretty real. i really enjoyed this film and i was surprised how much i liked it. i gave it a four out of five. finally, professor mar stand and wonder woman. this is one of the
6:57 pm
woman. luke evan ass as a psychologist and the would women involved played by redeca wall. the story of the film was better than the movie itself. i gay it a 3.5 out of five and i'm kevin mccarthy, tweet me your reviews at kevin mccarthy tv, i'm kevin mccarthy fox news. >> maybe at some point we'll finally feel that chilly enough weather that you you want to go sit through a movie. movie season as we proach achristmas, but it's not feeling like fall or wibter. not really. i'm just agreeing. it's going to get a little cooler this week. temperatures are still going to be above seasonal average. the next couple of days we're headed only to the 606s. we've got some overnight lowe's headed our way that are going to be in the 40s. it will be a bundle up tuesday and wednesday if you're heading out the door. there are those
6:58 pm
. they're coming slowly. we're on fox5 plus at 8:00 and then back here at ten and 11. see you then.
6:59 pm
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