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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  October 16, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead at 6:00, recovering closer to home. the maryland native shot -- the maryland native shot in the las vegas massacre is making progress and waking up in a baltimore hospital this morning. >> plus, breaking overnight the search for a crew member after a blast on an off shore oil rig. the concern right now and what is believed to have triggered that explosion. >> a live look outside. it is monday morning, october 16th. weather and traffic coming up on the five at 6:05. >> first up at 6:00 though and new this morning, the woman from maryland who was severely injured in at the las vegas massacre continues to make progress and now back in her home state. >> this as family and friends of tina frost work to raise money for her recovery. fox5's melanie alnwick joins us live in studio with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, guys. there was a lot of progress over the week, really good news, so much so a family is reporting that tina started to wake up on
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left eye a bit. looking around the room. doctors decided that tina was stable enough for a medical flight sunday to johns hopkins in baltimore to continue her treatment. she's able to tap her feet to music, respond by squeezing families' hands or giving a thumbs up. tina was also able to walk three steps to a chair and back breathing on her own for several hours at a time. now, after she was shot in the right eye, tina's boyfriend and an off duty firefighter were able to carry her to the street and get her into the back of a pickup truck that raced to the nearest hospital. her surgeon told a las vegas paper that 90 percent of people with her injuries don't survive. tina will now be closer to strong support network back home. last night friends in odenton got together for a fundraiser. they say they're on team tina for as long as they're needed. >> the medical bills are going to come so we just want to keep raising money for her and just show her that we are fighting on over here for her and just showing our support. >> reporter: so far more than $500,
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she worked in san diego as an accountant for earns and young. tina was a star soccer play and played at gardener webb university in north carolina. girls soccer teams from all over the country as you can see in her sister's facebook post have been wearing wristband honoring tina and donating money. tina did loss her right eye and doctors say they could have bullet fragments in her brain for the rest of her life. her family had no idea what sort of brain damage tina might have but right now say they they're hopeful for these signs but she will still need. surgeries for the challenges ahead. >> also in maryland police are trying to track down the suspects connected to a shooting in college park which injured two university of maryland students. on saturday night, one student was shot and the second was assaulted at a home on rhode island avenue. now, both victims are expected to recover. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> virginia teenager reported missing yesterday has now been
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authorities thought 16-year-old was taken against her will. no word yet on how the two knew each other or if he will face criminal charges. >> the fbi and d.c. police need help tracking down this 11-year-old girl. dajana houston was last seen saturday in the 2800 block of pomeroy road in southeast and she was wearing a purple shirt, black shoes and black pants. now, if you have seen her, please call police. new this morning, a silver alert has been issued for this missing gaithersburg man, police say 69-year-old young shik han was last seen over the weekend at seneca creek state park. family members believe han may be in the initial stages of dementia. he was hairing a purple shirt black jacket driving a honda pilot maryland tag
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>> get to developing news from overnight. an oil rig explosion near new orleans. it happened in louisiana's lake pontchartrain. the blast heard and felt several miles away and this is what it looked like. at least seven people were hurt, one person is still missing. the coast guard is searching the lake right in you for that t missing crew member. the cause that of blast still under investigation but officials are looking into cleaning chemicals as a possibility. and there is concern this morning about leaking oil but officials say any leak would be small in size. >> california this morning the winds finally dying down allowing firefighters to gain ground on several wildfires. 40 people now confirmed dead, hundreds still missing, thousands of evacuees did get the all-clear to return home hoe a pile of ashes. nearly 11,000 fire crews are still battling 15 fires across
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a 100-mile stretch of california. officials say the power should be restored to nearly everyone by tonight. >> happening today, a federal trial challenging the trump travel ban begins in greenbelt. the latest version of the ban blocks travel to the u.s. from six muslim majority countries of the groups challenging the ban want the judge to issue a preliminary injunction to stop the ban from taking effect october 18. this afternoon the council on american-islamic will hold a press conference in front of the courthouse after today's hearing. >> president donald trump sits down with majority leader mitch mcconnell today at the white house. it's being described as a working lunch to go over the fall legislative agenda. the two men have been at odds ever since senate republicans failed to repeal and replace the affordable care act or obamacare. >> ♪ >> tucker enjoying some well deserved time off this week. mike thomas grace to see you. >> yeah, he's in iceland. he texted me and said he saw the northern lights. >> wow. >> he'sea
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morning -- i guess it's like afternoon there to see some waterfalling. he'll be posting pictures on his facebook page. >> i got to put ice land on my bucket list. >> it's also 39 degrees. >> 30 degrees with light rain. he lo loves it. >> we got some rain, too. >> we got some rain, too, not 39 degrees. although tonight you'll have some suburbs falling back into the 30's later on this evening. we'll talk more about that coming up. satellite and radar this morning yes, showing some light rain out there. you'll need the umbrella, you'll need the rain boots this morning as you get off to work and school. good news is by the afternoon an heading home we actually should break out into a decent amount of sunshine. temperatures right now on the comfortable side we'll say. 63 degrees currently in washington. 59 at gaithersburg. 62 at quantico light jacket will get you through early today. breeze will pick up noticeably this afternoon and then temperatures will start dropping kind of second half of the day today. so, early morning showers here. give it a few more hours. they'll clear out. we'll start the clearing process. again we'll
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66 is kind of that early morning high and again temperatures second half of the day start dropping big time. we're in for a cold chilly evening tonight. >> so fall might be here now. >> fall is actually coming in this week. >> it's really coming in. >> yup. >> like it. hi, erin como. good morning. >> looking forward to the fall weather. not loving the monday morning commute. skyfox shows you the top side of the beltway -- [laughter] we are seeing some problems. first we have plenty of other crashes to get through. well, fortunately it's not that dark out but i was going to so you that traffic. outer loop at the 95 split, 295 northbound at the 11th street bridge a crash on the shoulder that's causing northbound delays coming up from laboratory road. southbound traffic about a 10 minute delay from 50 on down to the 11th street bridge and that is simply because of congestion. take a look at this. in woodbridge, 95 southbound this is before the car rest area, crash blocking the right lane right shoulder. left lane slowing from the beltway through that point in woodbridge. we are seeing about a 10 minute
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northbound side typical delays into manassas, 66 eastbound to 234 business that's sudley road there is a crash. you can see some slowdowns. about a 15 minute delay from 29 in gainsville through 234. now aside from that we also have other delays on 270 southbound. earlier this morning we had an overturned vehicle closing all lanes. now all lanes have been opened for awhile now but still dealing with the residual delays from 70 to 121. that's a 41 minute trip. 355 southbound dealing with bailout traffic. once you get into gaithersburg things start to open up. if you're skipping the roads and talking the rails, all metro rail lines are on time. but it's just kind of a gloomy wet chilly morning. grab your umbrella and a jacket. you're going to need it and your patience on the roads. please use caution as we're dealing with some slick conditions. steve and allison. >> still ahead late night drama in major league baseball. how everything changed with just one swing of the bat. >> plus colin kaepernick fed up now taking action against the nfl. why he says he can't get a job. we're back in just 30 seconds. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> back now at 6:09 and happening today, army sergeant bowe bergdahl expected to plead guilty at his court-martial facing charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy for leaving his post in 2009 while serving in afghanistan. he was captured by the taliban and
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overseas this morning iraqi officials say they have launched a massive attack to regain control of the northern city of kirkuk. federal forces have seized an oil and gas company as well as other industrial industries. according to a spokesperson iraqi troops have burned lots of homes and killed. people. it's not clear how many casualties came out of the attack. the deadliest attack ever in somalia has left more than 300 people dead. that number is expected to rise as well. officials say a truck bomb exploded outside a popular hotel in the capitol at an intersection lined with government offices, restaurants, street vendors. then two hours later another blast hit nearby. the u.s. has condemned the attack as "senseless and cowardly" and they vowed to stand with somalia in its fight against extremism. a terrorist group known as a shabaab is believed to be responsible. rescue out of sydney australia. officers saved a woman from a
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sinking car just seconds before it disappeared into a river. check it out if you can see it. dramatic video on your screen right now. aerial footage shows police officers diving in and swimming towards the car. that's the moment it goes under. one of them used a baton to smash the window and pull the would. to safety. >> wow. colin kaepernick firing back at the nfl. the former san francisco 49er quarterback has filed a grievance against the league claiming he remains unsigned as a result of collusion by owners following his protests during the national anthem. he decided to sit and kneel during the anthem to bring attention to mistreatment by police. others have continued the protest which prompted president trump to say those players should be fired. kaepernick is still a free agent after opting out of his contract with the 49ers at the end of last season. he's hired celebrity attorney mark geragos who has said it was filed only after pursuing every other avenue. the giants pulled off one of the
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upsets. they dominated the broncos in denver. picked up the first win of the season. jason pierre-paul three sacks. they did not allow a touchdown until late in the fourth quarter. this is the way you end a game with a lot of drama and style. that's justin turner and his beard. taking it out of the park, three run walk off home run and that will give the dodgers a two game to none lead over the cubs and it came on the 29th anniversary of kirk gibson's walkoff homer to give l.a. game one of the world series against oakland. game three at wrigley tomorrow night. >> well, you can now order food on facebook. details next. >> all right. there you go. >> like and food. >> live look outside. look at the lincoln memorial. it is 6:12, 62 degrees and a little rain out there. we'll check in with mike thomas for your details next. >> ♪ >> blank
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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>> live look outside. there you see from ground level what it's looking like this morning. you might want to plan ahead and give a little extra time at least for the early part of the commute with the wet roads. check in with mike thomas and find out how much longer we'll see the rain coming down. >> good news if you don't like the rain it's not going to be that much longer. we start the clearing process not just for the day but for the rest of the week. we don't have any other rain on the seven day other than this. if you missed the sunshine we got a lot of it coming up. light shower activity, maybe one or two moderate kind of showers coming down around the fredericksburg this morning. but kind of what you see is what you get and it's on the move. it continues to push off to the east as we've got a cold front moving through the region and this cold front is going to bring us from what was a late, really late summerrish day, kind of early september day yesterday with highs around the 80-degree mark, back into that fall kind of feeling. by tomorrow morning, i'm thinking you're going to need a heavier jacket out t
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there's that cold front bringing the showers this morning. it swings through. cooler air starts pushing in and you can see that on the temperatures around the region this morning. here in d.c., we're still up ahead of it so 63 degrees. 66 in richmond but look, just on the other side of the mountain here comes the cool air. chicago is at 44. by the time we wake up tomorrow morning here in the city we're looking at temperatures in the 40's as well. suburbs especially north and west looking at low temperatures in the 30's tomorrow morning. here's futurecast showing that you rain 7 o'clock this morning but then it's gone. left over with clouds through the lunchtime hour. we should clear rapidly through the second part of the afternoon get into some sunshine by the late afternoon. after school today you'll be just fine. ground will be a little soggy thanks to the morning rain. moving on taking a look at today's high, 66 degrees here in washington. 64 for quantico. 60 in gaithersburg. want to mention the breeze, it will be gusty later on this afternoon, winds up and above 20 miles an hour. 20 to 30 miles an hour gusts from time to time. this is the big story.
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tonight. 46 here in washington. and that's just 'cause we're at the river or near the river. 35 degrees for gaithersburg, 33 for hagerstown, 36 for martinsburg. guys it's going to be really cool tonight possibly maybe kicking the heat on in a few spots at least for the car ride tomorrow morning you're looking at probably turning the heat on in your car on the way to work. 65 your daytime, 66 tomorrow. the sunshine will start warming us back up towards the second half of the week highs back near 80 by the time we get to the weekend. that's a check of the forecast. erin como is back this morning and has roadways. good morning erin. >> good morning. 6:17. skyfox in silver spring at the intersection of new hampshire avenue and schindler drive. police activity on schindler drive. this is not affecting traffi too much on new hampshire avenue. just watch for a little bit of a rubberneck delay as you make your way inbound on new hampshire avenue towards the district. we'll keep you updated on this crash. moving from skyfox unfortunately another problems. starting off with the good news. earlier crash did clear. d.c. police traffic letting us know that
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street bridge near exit two the vehicle has been relocated to m street so all lanes opened. still dipping down to about 13 miles per hour operate northbound side from laboratory road toward the 11th street bridge. 10 minute delay on 295 southbound from 50 down to the bridge and that's because of volume. wet roads. use caution. give yourself extra time. here's a new crash 95 northbound. it's on the on and off ramp to 123 and that's in the main lanes. hov lanes still looking good but main lanes are very slow as you make your way from dale tcity to the beltway. a southbound crash 295 -- excuse me 95 southbound as you make your way past the rest area. in manassas 66 eastbound at 234 crash. we have slow traffic from gainsville through centreville. it's about a 20 minute delay. westbound side still looks pretty good. this is a crash i was talking about 95 southbound in woodbridge. again it's just blocking the right lane, right shoulder. atypical slow down on the southbound side as well. about a 10 minute delay from the beltway on down. good news is all metro rail lines are on time. if you want to skip the roads take the rails grab your umbrella. agai
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morning. it is slick out there. we'll keep you updated on any other things or slowdowns that pop up like 270 southbound is still a slow roll from 70 to 121. allison and steve. >> just a couple more hours left to enter the online lottery for free tickets to the national christmas tree lighting on the ellipse. the lottery closes at 10:00 a.m. winners will be notified on october 30th. the tree lighting is november 30th at president's park. 6:19 now and tesla not messing around at all. they're handing out pink slips to hundreds of workers following annual reviews. we're going to head to the fox business network in new york next. >> first though kirk cousins holding his new little baby boy. that's cooper on the field with daddy kirk. cooper was born on september 29th. just a couple weeks old. 6:19 r19 right now. maybe the lucky charm yesterday, al. >> awww.
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>> ♪ >> 6:21. back with more on that giant oil rig explosion near new orleans. first we'll check the markets. joining us from fox business network studio lauren simonetti. so close to another record on friday. we're pushing. >> reporter: i know. well, the nasdaq is at a record high. the dow is about 128 points away from 23,000. that's one good rally away from yet another milestone. so, this is a market that since the election has amassed more than $5 trillion in we thwealth. you log in see how your 401k is performing and you're saying wow i'm getting close to retiring. not you. you got a long way to go, don't go anywhere. >> trust me i think that thought every day, though. maybe, maybe. >> reporter: we want you right where you are. >> dow goes up 20,000 points today, you never know. not going to happen. let's start what happened in the -- i don't want to say gulf technically it was lake pontchartrain but real close to the gulf of new orleans. >> ror
6:23 am
from new orleans and last night there was this fire ball in the sky basically an oil rig a private company called cloverly oil owns that rig. it exploded. they don't know why but they think it might have been cleaning chemicals that were used on the rig. anyway, seven of the workers there are injured. and one person is still unaccounted for. there's concerns about the drinking water but for local residents the good news there is the lake doesn't provide the drinking water, the mississippi river does. nonetheless, you have an oil rig exploding and it makes you think what happened with the macondo well. >> sure. >> reporter: people get nervous as they should in you can't help but think about that. tesla man they are not messing around. come on in and tell us what you've done in the last year and oh, bye-bye. >> reporter: not good enough, you're fired. so, one report says 400 of 33,000 tesla workers getting canned. everyone from managers to the factory workers when they had their annual performance
6:24 am
we don't have specifics here. but the thinking is and we've seen reports attributed to the model three. this is the mass market affordable sedan the electric car that was expected to change the game for tesla and the goal was to have them ramped up produce 5,000 a week by the end of the year but looking at the calendar and they're nowhere near there. i guess tesla is holding some people accountable for that snag. not sure of the specifics like i said but 400 workers fired. >> not sure how. >> reporter: after annual performance reviews. that makes you scratch your head. >> not sure how you catch up on production by getting rid of 400 people but that's their plan right now. we have a co-worker who has ordered one. i think the last they told him was maybe april he should expect to possibly get that car. >> reporter: ahh. he's going to be the very popular worker when the car comes in. >> if it stays on track for april for sure. facebook continuing to compete with amazon to try to take
6:25 am
facebook wants to be our food service as well. >> reporter: this story just makes me hungry. what facebook is doing they're not going to get anything out of this monetarily speaking they just want your eyes glued to their app and their site as long as possible. now if you're hungry you can order food or takeout food through chow now or whatever the site is or even the restaurant itself. they have all these partnerships in place where you can order food on facebook. >> so dangerous. last thing i want to do is have enough time to randomly brous an app and that will bring me food. >> reporter: when things are easy you make those mistakes especially in the middle of the night when you got the munchies. >> trust me. i'm well aware. thathanks lauren. >> reporter: see you. >> they're taking over the world. >> getting closer every
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>> we're dealing with showers this morning. we'll get into some cooler weather later tonight and fall sticks around first half of this week. we'll warm it up a bit later on but this is it for the rain this week. >> good. >> one day. >> okay, one and dunn. >> one and done. 63 degrees outside right now and you're basically looking at your daytime highs. we may bubble up into 65, 66 territory later on this afternoon but then second half of the day temperatures are going to drop as cooler air moves in. satellite and radar showing that rain out there right now. so, again, umbrella weather as you get off to work and school but by the time you head home, should be some sunshine, probably a decent amount of it breaking through. here's the planner today. 62 degrees by 11 o'clock. breezy conditions. we should be dry by then as well. by 2 o'clock 64. lots of sun by 5 o'clock this evening, 63 degrees and temperatures falling fast once the sun sets tonight. >> put the heat on,. >> heavy jacket tomorrow. >> thanks mike. >> i need new boots its that time for fall clothes shopping. >> i know that you have like six cute boots
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need another pair. >> that's what my dad always says. every time i go home he's how much shopping have you done. schindler drive police activity watch for rubberneck delay on new hampshire but not impacting that intersection too much out in silver spring. let's take a look at our maps. we have a crash 95 northbound off ramp to 123. police activity there. main lanes impacted as you make your gray dale to the to the beltway. hov lanes look pretty good this morning. we have some other slowdowns to tell you about. for some reason my clicker is not working. this is woodbridge 95 southbound before the rest area blocking the right lane. slowdowns there. keep it to fox5 news morning. we'll keep you updated on this rainy monday morning commute. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> all righty, driving around the dmv. wet roads out there. really stay woke when you're out there on the roadways today and the leaves are on the ground, too, could be slick in some spots. welcome back to fox5 news morning on a monday morning. weather and traffic for you on onthe 5s at 6:30. first though at 6:30 the fbi and d.c. police need your help tracking down this 11-year-old girl. her name is dajana houston. she was last seen on saturday in the 2800 block of pomeroy road in southeast. she was wearing a purple shirt she had on black
6:31 am
shoes. please call police if you have seen her. and a teenager reported missing yesterday has been found. authorities say 16-year-old sinahi aguilar cruz was taken against her will by a 21-year-old man named roberto segovia. she was missing most of yesterday but was later found at a park in woodbridge. he's in custody nonword yet on how the two knew each other or if he'll face any criminal charges. the anne arrundel county native who was shot in the eye in the las vegas massacre is recovering this morning at johns hopkins hospital. tina frost was transferred to the baltimore facility over the weekend. now, frost woke up from her coma for the first time on friday and took her first steps. a go fund me page to help with medical expenses has raised more than a half million dollars. now to a fox5 exclusive. a prince george's county man says his dog is dead after a light pole in his neighborhood shocked
6:32 am
pincher. it happened after baby went to the bathroom at the light pole. patrick dotson says an electrical current tour a hole in her chest and baby had to be put down much pepco told fox5 they didn't find anything wrong with the pole. the county is investigating. exciting day for local vendors in the district. the mayor will be on hand for the opening of a new retail and cafe that sells products created exclusively by d.c. residents. any small business with a local brand is eligible to apply to have their items showcased. the made in d.c. store is locate of located on 19th street in northwest. steve, over to you. >> all right. well, they're trying to make a champion out at fedex field. redskins move into the week seven, three and two after a very close win yesterday against the 49ers. let's break it down and let's look ahead to philadelphia. wisdom martin and e.z. street back with us. >> initial thoughts on your game today. >> i thought it was pretty good for the 17-zip -- the
6:33 am
letting them come back. 49ers have been in a couple of tight games but it is the 49er. they're winless. i get kyle shannahan over there on the side line but they had cj beathard at quarterback, he's a rookie. it was not good. second half was not good. they closed out the game. a win is a win but it was not good that cj beathard could drive them down the field and put them in position to win the game. >> when your defense is depleted, we have josh is down,. >> good point. >> breeland is down. a whole bunch of rookies in the defensive back field these kind of things can happen. >> they're not scoring points on defense though. you still got to put more points on the board. >> look what kirk cousins did. the one rush touchdown. of course he threw two. it was a great game. >> yeah. >> i'm not mad with what kirk did. >> they won the game so that's good. so moving forward though they're playing against carson wentz who is a -- >> whew. >> much better quarterback than cj beathard. >> oh, man.
6:34 am
against carson wentz. >> you got to get healthy in a hurry. >> this could be a problem. >> they have been resting for 11 days so they're going to be ready for us. you have to stop agholor, you have to stop ertz, you have to stop this other guy, alshon jeffries as well. >> philly sitting there five and one if the season ended right now you know the skins are only a half game out of the playoffs. >> they're at .600 right now. >> all you have to do at this point in the season is keep everything -- nobody really knows how this is going to shake out at the end. the first two weeks of the season we thought the raiders were world beaters and now they're in last place in their division. giants were win less until last night. >> everybody projected that em to do very well, too. >> you must jeff know. >> you have a chance for a statement win in philadelphia. >> yes. >> national television, though. we know how that goes. >> at the linc, too, up there is no joke. >> let me ask you about this. it's
6:35 am
belichick took over this team when it comes to game plan, it's one week you rush the ball 40 times, next week the running game is not there. we knew with rob kelley sitting we didn't know how this would work out. they went right back to the pass. >> everyone knows who chris chrs thompson is. you have to also look at what the defense is going to give you as well. >> we were talking on friday who is going get the ball , who is going to be the one that stands out so that somebody could be the lead back here and didn't seem like anybody wanted to take that crown. >> i'm not the coach and i don't pretend to be one but i still like to stick with the running game. i like to just give them the ball and feed them wear the defense down. i know sometimes that doesn't always work but i'm still a fan of running the ball. >> me, too. >> even if it's not working keep running it and setting up the long pass. >> me too but you got to give it up number 25
6:36 am
dunks and those screen plays, production. he had over 100 yards passing -- i mean as far as receiving, too. >> great to have that option. thompson is definitely taking advantage of it. >> yeah. >> do you want to make another prediction for monday night? i'm sure we'll talk to you before then. >> going to be a close one, man. i'm very concerned. going up to philadelphia and guys hurt like this, i mean, wow,. >> it's a challenge. i think it depends on that secondary. >> absolutely. >> cents iwentz is going to comt throwing that ball. >> three and two. can't complain about that. >> you're in the mix. >> thanks guys. send it over to mike thomas get a check of the forecast. >> we're dealing with some showers out there this morning. courtesy of a cold front coming through that's going to cool us down and bring us fall-like weather. later on this afternoon, this evening and into tomorrow morning feeling a little bit like winter. little taste of wintertime temperatures coming our way tonight. storm tracker radar showing you that shower. steadiest of it is down to the south, fredericksburg, virginia, down i-95 there. here in d.c., maryland, we're
6:37 am
light shower and drizzle activity. that will move out in a couple of hours and we'll start the clearing process this afternoon. this afternoon is drier. 63 degrees reagan national. bwi 61 degrees. kids at the bus stop this morning, 57 to 64. again, need the the umbrella and the rain boots. some showers out there. then after school again clearing it up rather quickly this afternoon, 56 to 65 degrees. will be a noticeable breeze as northwest wind brings in cooler air. 66 today and early afternoon high temperatures drop second half of the day. tomorrow plenty of sunshine. there's a gorgeous fall day for you, high of only 65 degrees which is actually a little cooler than we should be for this time of year. that's a check of the forecast. erin como is back this morning with those roads. >> roads are a mess. looking forward to your special edition of the monday morning meme. >> i can't wait. >> i need a smile. rough ride 270 southbound. from 70 to 109 it's a 30 it's a0 look at this parking lot by father hurley
6:38 am
wet roads. completely jammed up. a crash on the shoulder south that of point at shady grove road. i'll let you know 270 the entire stretch from 70 to the beltway it will take you well over an hour so please factor in that time. northbound light volume but again wet roads and crashes and that's what we're dealing with trying get toward the district. in centreville 66 eastbound at 28 there's a crash blocking the left shoulder. traffic in the right lanes really slowly right now. it's about a 40 minute delay from gainsville to the beltway. this is the slowest area. things open up a little bit through fairfax. as you move over for a look in quantico right now, big delays because of a 95 northbound crash. it's after 784 blocking the right lane. 40 minute trip there as you head past quantico from fredericksburg. 95 northbound off ramp to 123 a crash. crowded main lanes. keep it to fox5 news morning. at least all metro rail lines are on time. bring you right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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>> ♪ >> hey, hey, we are back now with what is trending on the web on this monday morning, and trending this morning, hustler magazine founder larry flint is offering $10 million to anyone who can help get president donald trump out of office. the adult magazine founder ran a full page ad in yesterday's washington post offering a reward for information leading to president trump's impeachment. he's entirely serious. okay.
6:42 am
the south atlantic, the first commercial flight landed in saint helena. that were the island relied on a ship that that sailed every couple weeks. the flight took off from johannesburg carrying 78 people. saint helena with a population of about 4200 people. former nba mega star michael jordan snow squalls six cigars a day. steve is that a lot. >> sounds like a lot. >> he spoke out during an interview for the magazine cigar aficionado. jordan says he likes a variety when it comes to his cigars. his favorite is the cuban part agoss lucy tenia. ever heard of that one. >> no. >> he says he's going to cuba to visit cigar makers would be his dream, cigar often fish nadeau. finally i should say a super eight hotel in kentucky isn't hoaring around. the
6:43 am
that lindsey partridge she wanted to stay there and she recently stayed at the hotel and she joked with the staff about letting her horse in. to her surprise they said yes. well, this is it. what's so funny. after ponying up just a $10 pet fee and that is cheap because i've taken my dogs and that's cheap partridge and her horse who's name is bliss walked into their suite and they hung out then watched tv. >> wow. >> so, here's the horse and there she is. >> got it. i hope they left a nice tip. >> i hope it wasn't -- i hope it wasn't money. >> yeah. >> well, i hope she did leave some money for the cleaning crew. >> she paid her pet fee. >> $10. >> that's really cheap. >> ii'm not a cigar aficionado. >> he smokes six a day. >> he's got a lot of time and money. >> absolutely. >> thanks friend. trending the #me too. a "g
6:44 am
jonas brother getting hitched. 6:43. alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing
6:45 am
♪♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
6:46 am
>> ♪ >> get it, mike. mike is feeling good on a monday morning. >> why shouldn't he? >> absolutely. fall has finally rolled in here. >> a little wet out there but seems like it's going to change.
6:47 am
i was digging the groove. beautiful week ahead. that's what we have coming up here but we got to get through this rain shower activity first. we're dry for the rest of the week after this. here it is, that light to maybe even some moderate rain shower activity down towards the fredericksburg area. looks like it's trying to push off to the east of i-95 there. i know erin has mentioned the commute is a mess. i'm sure the rain isn't helping. once we get it out of town your evening commute should be much better. there's satellite and radar bigger picture showing you the edge of the cloud deck. looks up towards garrett county maryland, maybe some friends watching in west virginia, you guys will break into sunshine a little faster than we will here in d.c. temperatures outside right now warmer than they should be for the morning hours. we'll call it comfortable but still probably light jacket weather. 63 degrees washington, gaithersburg 59, frederick 63. 60 for dulles, 59 for martinsburg. winchester you're one of the cooler spots at 54 degrees. for now tomorrow morning you're probably waking up to temperatures in the
6:48 am
through bringing the rain shower activity. by 8 o'clock the edge is kind of right on us in d.c. by good day d.c. we're dry with a mix of clouds and sun. after 2 o'clock things really clear out kind of quick. we get into a lot of sunshine for the second half of the day. we will get rather breezy. keep that in mind if you have outdoor activity later today. winds will be blowing as cooler air pushes in. 66 degrees your daytime high in washington. temperatures drop second half of the day today. dulles 62, manassas 63, 61 for martinsburg. winchester you're likely to stay in the 50's all day as the cold front is already through your region. here's overnight lows which are big 'cause they are chilly. 46 degrees for washington. but look at the 30's dulles 37, martinsburg 36, hagerstown nearly the freezing mark. we got some freeze watches and warnings out to the west here. i'll show you those coming up in a few more minutes but yes, prepare for the heavier jackets as you head off to work and school tomorrow. going to be a chilly overnight. 65 your
6:49 am
70's are back starting on wednesday. plenty of sunshine through the second half of the week. that's weather. erin como is back with a check of the roadways. sorry about the rain this morning. >> kind of putting a damper on things. skyfox heading to the centreville area. steady flee of backed up traffic leading towards the beltway. from skyfox i want to move to the maps. a gas main break george mason drive between columbia pike and south four mile run drive i should say. juljuly to detour around that. 270 parked by father hurley boulevard. southbound crash at shady grove road past that point. no. of that point just the right shoulder gets by. new crash by 80. 70 to the beltway will take you over an hour of delay just give yourself extra time. consider 355. it's been a mess because of the rain all morning. as we forward things along this is
6:50 am
shoulder -- actually this is 95 in woodbridge. there's so many crashes i'm getting them mixed up. 95 southbound before the rest area blocks the right lane. now this is a look as you make your way out on 66. actually 95 northbound ramp to 123. can't win on 95. it's about a 30 minute delay from quantico to the beltway this morning. and then as you make your way out in quantico there's another crash. three crashes on 95, two northbound, one southbound. 42 minute trip just to get from 17 as you make your way up past that point at 610 in stafford. i hate what we're seeing there. now this is the 66 one. left shoulder blocked its about a 45 minute delay from gainsville to the beltway. leave early this morning. all metro rail lines are on time. but there's so many crashes, they all look the same to me and that's a sad monday morning. >> i feel like with all that we could use a little pick me up mike thomas. >> well, i shall try and provide. >> you will deliver. >> let's do it. it's time for. >> ♪ >> the morning meme. >> the morning meme. >> the morng
6:51 am
should have your face pop in. >> i agree. >> i wouldn't want the devil horns. i think that fits tucker better. >> fair enough. we'll get you a little halo. >> meme number one. >> aww. >> your order has shipped. me? but when will it arrive. >> aww. >> that's so sweet. >> look how mom and dad have put that chair up there so that little short stack can see. >> there's a little step so he can make it up there. >> so precious. >> number two -- >> gross. [laughter] >> that is my kind of cosmo or martini or whatever it is. >> a do-tini. >> i feel like taco bell needs to get in on that and market that. >> that does something you would see at taco bell. number three, when you run out of things to talk about. [laughter] >> i call that an uncomfortable silence. >> the baby is like oh, what a day. give me a
6:52 am
>> anyway. >> wrapping it up this morning with -- >> yeah. >> this might be my dog. >> does your dog bite? worse. he judges you. >> look at that. >> you are not worthy. >> he's mastered the side eye. >> strong start this week but we need more. keep them coming. #morning meme facebook and twitter. i'll find them and we'll show you this week. >> thanks ebb. >> i need that. thank you. >> let's check out today's fox beat. the #me, too is trending on social media this morning. why? well, it's raising awareness about sexual harassment. >> actress alyssa milano tweeted out a post explaining the hashtag saying if people who have been sexually assaulted or harassed tweet me too it might give people a magnitude of the problem. >> this comes after dozens of women came forward accusing harvey weinstein of sexual assault. now late night host james cord din is apologizing for making light of the
6:53 am
charity event. two of weinstein's accusers blasted corden on twitter for his jokes. corden responded tweeting to be clear sexual assault is no laughing matter. i was not trying to make light of harvey's inexcusable behavior but to shame him the abuser not the victims. joe jonas and game of thrones actress sophie turner getting engaged. >> no one really knew that they were even dating. or that they were at this point. they've been pretty quiet about their relationship. the seven year age gap is really nothing. many say sophie is wise beyond her years. the frontman for the brothers band posted online about their brothers' big day. congratulating him. that's pretty picture right there. check out the bling. that's really pretty. the couple uploaded this elegant picture on instagram. the diamond is a pair shape if you were asking and
6:54 am
exquisite. >> looks to be so fabulous. at the box office over the weekend the horror flick "happy death day" came in first place this weekend. surpassing expectations taking in $26.5 million. that's more than five times what it cost to produce. it was a $5 million budget. way to go. beat out blade runner 2049 which is on its third week now starring harrison ford and ryan gosling. jackie chan's the foreigner debuted in third place but that little horror movie did the best. >> it does look good, though. have you seen the ads for it. >> haven't. >> deja vu type of thing. >> now it's getting a lot of the attention. this morning the facebook fan of the day honor goes to milan. nominated by mom india. india says milan just turned 12 on saturday so happy birthday. hope you had a great birthday weekend. >> gorgeous. india says milan lovers to dance, lovers to play golf. she's a
6:55 am
i know that's right. she also loves fox5. >> fantastic. >> we love you right back. >> we have a great show coming up on good day today. we'll get our monday started at 9:00 a.m. the stars of the new comedy series hit the road actors jason alexander and amy pikes will join us. we'll have a chance to talk with them. >> also pumpkins aren't just for decorations. the flavor of your favorite coffee. find out how the fruit and yes it is a fruit, steve, can rejuvenate dull and lifeless skin. >> james beard and award winning chef heat things up. don't miss that and much more coming up this morning on good day. starts at 9:00 at always. >> mike thomas hello. >> hello. good morning. we're dealing with some rain showers. grab the umbrella as you head o out the door this morning. grab the rain boots as well. by the afternoon hours you will not need them. we should have some sunshine. satellite and radar showing rain showers this morning.
6:56 am
into fall. in fact, real big time fall as we head into tomorrow morning when it will be rather chilly. more details on that -- well, right now. 46 degrees your overnight low here in d.c. tonight. look at tomorrow night. 47 degrees, only 49 degrees the following night so we got some chilly mornings ahead. get the heavy coat ready. that means suburbs. that's city temperatures. that means suburbs you have some mornings coming up in the 30's. 65 tomorrow. want your 70's back you got em. wednesday, thursday, friday. after this morning no rain on that seven-day forecast. we're really going to dry it out get back to the sunny and bright afternoons. that's a check of the forecast. erin is back with traffic. >> 6:56. it's a rainy misty monday morning. a lot of problems. look at that park, lot on 66 as you make your way from gainsville to the beltway will it take you over an hour. please give yourself extra time. seeing bumper to bumper traffic. a crash moved over to the shoulder from skyfox we'll take a look at our
6:57 am
270 big issues here all morning. inned from rick a crash with just the right shoulder squeezing by past 80. 270 southbound crash did just move over to the shoulder. still in for over an hour commute from that 70 to 121. much more traffic as we continue this rainy monday morning commute here on fox5 news morning. >> ♪
6:58 am
at children's national, stronger is caring for a baby's heart in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud.
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them to grow up stronger. >> ♪ >> this is fox5
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>> ahead at 7 o'clock, the search for a missing girl in the district. why the fbi is now involved. and this comes as d.c. police report four other teens missing over the weekend. >> plus recovering closer to home. the maryland native shot in the las vegas massacre is making progress and waking a up in a baltimore hospital this morning. >> a desperate search for a crew member after a blast on an off shore oil rig. what is believed to have triggered that explosion. >> trending right now colin kaepernick he's fed up now taking action against the n. nfl.why he says he can't get a job. if you're just waking up this morning here's a live look outside, sort of a rainy start to your work week. >> let's get a quick check on weather and traffic. mike thomas we'll start with you. >> dealing with showers this morning. it will not last all day. we're kind of snapping into a very fall-like pattern. let you know just how cold it's going to get tonight coming up. hey erin.


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