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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  October 16, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ahead at 7 o'clock, the search for a missing girl in the district. why the fbi is now involved. and this comes as d.c. police report four other teens missing over the weekend. >> plus recovering closer to home. the maryland native shot in the las vegas massacre is making progress and waking a up in a baltimore hospital this morning. >> a desperate search for a crew member after a blast on an off shore oil rig. what is believed to have triggered that explosion. >> trending right now colin kaepernick he's fed up now taking action against the n. nfl.why he says he can't get a job. if you're just waking up this morning here's a live look outside, sort of a rainy start to your work week. >> let's get a quick check on weather and traffic. mike thomas we'll start with you. >> dealing with showers this morning. it will not last all day. we're kind of snapping into a very fall-like pattern. let you know just how cold it's going to get tonight coming up. hey erin.
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main lanes of prince william parkway. 66 eastbound jams. 270 southbound from frederick and maryland it's a parking lot. blue and yellow line delays. i'll have a full look at traffic in just a few moments. allison and steve. >> erin thanks. we begin at 7:00 with a familiar tale in our area. several people missing right now from d.c. you can see all the alerts put out by police over the weekend. >> those include missing children, teens, adults. one case though involving an 11-year-old girl not only caught the eye of d.c. police but the fbi. bob barnard live this morning in southeast with more on that story. bob. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. yes, the fbi and d.c. police asking for help finding this little girl last seen in this neighborhood. you see d.c. police are here at the end of this dead end. this is the 2800 block of pomeroy road in southeast washington where the little girl was last seen just before noon on saturday morning. here is her picture. her name is dajana houston. she is 11 years
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4-inches tall, about 110 pounds. she has a purple streak in her hair. she was last seen wearing purple -- a purple shirt black pants and black shoes. now, this is where she's last seen. we're not sure if this is her neighborhood or if she was visiting someone in this particular neighborhood. but this is where police say she was last seen saturday morning reported missing about that same time and as you mentioned she's one of a number of teenagers and older folk who are still missing but in this case the fbi is also asking for your help. so, if you have seen dajana call (202)727-9099, or just call police in your community and let them know. but they're considering this a critical missing person and again, not just d.c. police, guys, but the fbi looking for young dajana houston. >> just 11 years old. bob, thank you very much. new this morning, a silver alert has been issued for this missing gaithersburg man. police
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shik han was last seen over the weekend at seneca creek state park. family members believe he may be in the initial stages of dementia. he was driving a dark red honda pilot with maryland tags 6cj8753. steve. >> a virginia teenager has been found safe after she was reported missing most of sunday. police say 16-year-old sinahi aguilar cruise was found in woodbridge with a man she was last seen at a party on saturday night. they feared the teen was taken against her will. that amber alert canceled. the man she was found with now in custody. no word yet if he faces any charges. >> prince george's county now police still trying to track down the suspects connected to a shooting in college park which injured two university of maryland students. on saturday night one student was shot, a second assaulted at a home on rhode island avenue. both victims expected to recover. anyone with information i
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>> developing overnight an oil rig explosion it happened near new orleans. this is in louisiana's lake pontchartrain just north of new orleans. the blast was heard and felt several miles away and this is what it looked like. at least seven people were hurt, one person is still missing. the coast guard is searching that lake right now for that missing worker. meanwhile the injured crew members were taken to the hospital. all are said to be in serious condition. the cause of the fire is still under investigation but officials are looking into cleaning chemicals as a possibility. and there's concern this morning about leaking oil. but officials say any leak would be small in size. >> in california this morning the winds finally dying down allowing firefighters to gain ground on several wildfires but the threat is far from over. 40 people are now confirmed dead hundreds still missing. thousands of evacuees got the all-clear to return home but most of them arrived to find a pile of ashes. >> the winds came up. the fire was like a fire tsunami. it was like a fire ball. the winds w
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fierce. >> it's surreal. it will take us a couple years to rebuild but we're going to do it. >> nearly 11,000 fire crews are still battling 15 fires across a 100-mile stretch of california. officials say power should be restored to nearly everyone by tonight. >> a terrible scene out west. gary we're just dealing with a little bit of rain, this morning. >> a little bit of rain which they desperately need. doesn't look like a whole lot of relief is coming their way. here we have rain this morning. by the afternoon we should be drying out and getting back into some sunshine and things are really going to be cooling down. we're kind of snapping back to fall here second half of the day today. there's satellite and radar out there this morning showing you the rain. you can see it's almost cleared the region. couple of light showers still left out towards winchester, but they will continue to march eastward and again second half of the day today is dry and should be filled with a decent amount of sunshine. 63 degrees your current number in washington. so, we held steady last hour. so did gaithersburg at 59. baltimore is at 60. dulles manassas
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at 59 degrees. winchester and cumberland 55, good morning to everybody, happy monday. early showers this morning. again couple more hours and they'll be out of here. 66 degrees your daytime high. we'll clear it out during the afternoon but winds will get rather gusty up to 25, say, even a gust over 30 possible later today as some much cool, dare i say colder air works its way in by the evening hours tonight. >> you dare to say it. >> i dare to say it. >> okay. >> all right. get your sweater ready. enjoy it. hi, erin. good morning. >> good morning. 7:06. we just need to get through this rainy dreary monday morning. we have a new crash 95 northbound before prince william parkway. look at that parking lot of traffic in the main lanes. hov lanes okay but the main lanes are pretty nasty right now. now as we make our way out we have several other crashes. this one in woodbridge 95 southbound before the rest area blocking the right shoulder. slow roll there as well. and we're also dealing with this crash. 95 northbound often ramp to 123. several crashes and delays along 95 north and southbound between fredericksburg and the beltway. northbound side from
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give yourself at least an extra hour of time to get through those main lanes. aside from that one look at 270 southbound. earlier crash out by 80, that has cleared to the right shoulder. all lanes opened. still a 41 minute trip from that 70 to 121. more volume from 121 to the beltway. also metro delays blue yellow line watch for delays to franconia-springfield and huntington. there's a signal problem outside national airport. aside from that the rest of your metro rail lines looking good. as you move over this is a look at that parking lot on 95 northbound between fredericksburg and 610 into stafford. 16 miles per hour average and there's a crash blocking the right lane just north of that camera. so, we're seeing huge delays there southbound side not terrible right now. aside from that one we also have this gas main break in arlington. george mason drive impacted between columbia pike and south four mile run drive. give yourself extra time in that neighborhood. 395 you see the yellow line next to me. it's only about a 15 minute delay from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. use caution. you know what happens when it rains around here, guys. back
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>> ♪ >> happening today, army sergeant bowe bergdahl bowe berl expected to plead guilty facing charges of charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. bergdahl was captured by the taliban and released in 2014. >> what has become somalia's deadliest attack has left more than 300 people dead. a truck bomb exploded outside a popular hotel at an intersection lined with government officers restaurant and street vendors. two hours another blast hit nearby. the u.s. is condemning the act and vowed to stand with somali against its fight against extremism. a shabaab believed to be responsible. a woman from maryland severely injured in the las vegas shootings. >> tina frost is now back in her home state and according to her family she's making progress. fox5's melanie alnwick joins us with the latest. good news. >> reporter: that's right.
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in tina frost's right eye and shattered part of her skull she woke up from her coma. doctors felt she was stable enough to continue her recovery at home. a medical flight brought her sunday to johns hopkins hospital in baltimore. tina's family reported big progress posting on their go fund me page she was able to open her left eye a bit, she can tap her music to music and squeeze her family's hand. she was able to walk three steps to a chair and back and is breathing for several hours at a time. after she was shot tina's boyfriend and an off duty firefighter were able to carry her to the street and get her into the back of a pickup truck that raised hadder to the nearest hospital. her surgeon told a paper that 90 percent of people with her injury don't survive. she'll be closer to a strong support network back home. last night friends got together in gambrills for a fundraiser. >> at first we didn't know
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serious it was. we were like she's going to be okay but as more details came out it was worse. this is a horrible event but there's this much good going on so it's a light in all of it i guess. >> reporter: so far more than $500,000 has been raised for tina's expenses. she was a star soccer player and played at gardener web in north carolina. her sister posted this picture on her facebook page of girls soccer teams over the country wearing wristband honoring tina and donating money to her fight to survive. tina may still have bullet fragments lodged in her head for the rest of her life. the family is grateful for they say small signs of hope. tina will still need. surgeries to deal with the challenges ahead. steve and allison. >> we wish her the best. >> reporter: the las vegas tourist industry bracing for changes in the aftermath of that massacre that
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injured. the casino companies will see a short term dip in visitors in response to that horrific event. they expect new security measures going forward as well and electronic billboards are right now dedicated to honoring victims and first responders rather than promoting restaurants, concerts and other entertainment options in the area. >> the virginia governor's race one to watch heating up as both candidates are getting some big time support. just weeks before voters head to the polls. >> being punished by the nfl? that's what colin kaepernick is claiming and he's taking his fight to court. a lot of reaction pouring in overnight. wisdom is back with that next. 7:11.
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♪ ♪ stepping into the unknown, it can be difficult to find the way. but with the compassion and strength of a name, and the security of the cross and shield, obstacles... become openings. as we have for more than 75 years, we'll continue to light the way. using our knowledge to create new healthcare solutions giving you the power to shine forward... to whatever awaits tomorrow. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors.
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i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor. >> well, just a couple more hours left everybody to enter the online lottery for free tickets to this year's
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national christmas tree lighting on the ellipse. the lottery closes at 10:00 a.m. winners will be notified on october 30th. the tree lighting is november 30th at president's park. >> very nice. 7:14 right now. as you take a live look at the white house getting some daylight over the district and it looks beautiful. check in with mike thomas and see how we're doing out there this morning. >> doing pretty good. we got some showers out there but you know, looking at the white house, doesn't look like too much is going on. >> i know. it looks like it cleared up outside. >> celebrate us missing tucker. >> he likes to roll in. >> right. he's on vacation. he'll be back next week. he's doing the iceland thing. >> i'm impressed. he's taking a whole week off. >> he never takes a week. >> enjoy. you're in good hands. >> finger crossed. we'll find out by the end of the week. let's get to satellite and radar. we have showers moving throughout there and they won't last all day. just kind of the morning hours. then you can see the cold front pretty clearly on the te
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we're 63 here in washington but back across the mountains pittsburgh is 48. detroit 44 as well as chicago 44 degrees at this hour. again, once we get this front out of here which will only take a couple more hours we'll get rid of the showers. clouds will kind of slowly clear through the first part of the afternoon. then second part of the afternoon we should turn sunny and bright but we will be breezy with cooler air working in. 66 degrees here in washington, 63 for manassas and fredericksburg. quantico 64. leonardtown, good morning, 62 for you later on this afternoon. again, watch out for the breeze. look at the overnight lows though. that's chilly. 46 here in washington. 36 for gaithersburg. 37 at dulles. 35 for martinsburg. hagerstown 33. cold enough that our friends out to the west looking at you guys in west virginia freeze watches up for this evening even some frost advisories out. if you have any tender vegetation as tucker likes to say make sure you bring it inside otherwise you may have a rough night. >> that's what we call steve, tendereg
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that is a fact. i will be indoors. >> don't leave your steve out overnight. >> oh, that's so cute. don't leave your steve out. >> i like the sound of that. >> all right, right now 7:16. this is 395 northbound at glebe road. there's a crash that moved over to the right shoulder. but as you can see, we have an arrow truck approaching the scene the it's about a 25 minute delay from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. main lanes heaviest past glebe road because of that crash. again blocking the shoulder. as we move things over for a look elsewhere in virginia we have other delays, 95 northbound off-ramp to 123 a crash. another one a disabled truck out by prince william parkway. right now it's about a 35 minute delay from dale city to the beltway in the main lanes. hov lanes look good. it's just a dreary damp kind of monday. what for those slick spots. as you move over for a look in arlington there you can see the red line picking up 395 northbound because of the issue by glebe road. we have a gas main break. it's george mason drive impacted in terms of traffic between columbia pike and south four mile run drive. as you detour around
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george mason drive getting some extra volume in arlington this morning. aside from that one earlier crash did clear by 80 to the shoulder so improvements through frederick. 270 southbound from 70 to 121 yellow zone just a -- just dropped down to 21 minute ride. bad news is from 121 to the beltway will take you 40 minutes. heaviest traffic between gaithersburg and rockville. outer loop jams up. this camera my new hampshire avenue 36 minute between 95 and college park and the 270 split. typical volume on the inner loop through tysons through annandale as well. bottom side of the beltway also slows through oxon hill as you get to the wilson bridge. if you're skipping the roads and taking the rails blue and yellow line delays. signal problem outside of national airport. you can see that glebe road crash we're up against so please give yourself extra time there. i would say overall gw parkway southbound slowing. a lot of extra volume just because of the weather conditions this morning. back to you guys. >> erin thanks very much. former quarterba
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headlines this morning for taking a legal action against the nfl. >> kaepernick claims the league is keeping him off of the field on purpose. wisdom martin joins us now to explain his reasoning. what's going on whiz. >> we know all about the protest. now i seems to think that all the owners have gotten together and said no, no kaepernick because of what you've done in the past. so, here's the deal. some might think that this claim is little bit far-fetched but colin kaepernick is actually accusing all 32 nfl team owners of colluding to keep him out of the league and out of a job. kaepernick has a grievance under the nfl's collective bargaining agreement. he says the team owners have all conspired to keep him off the field in retaliation for his activism and outs outspokenness. now the filing demands an arbitration hearing on this particular matter. high powered
7:19 am
attorney mark j. and he tweeted yesterday that the grievance was filed only after pursuing every possible avenue with all nfl teams and their executives. now the nfl released a statement yesterday saying in part our union has a duty to assist mr. kaepernick as we do all players and we will support him. now, the statement went on to say that league officials are planning to meet with kaepernick and his advisers early this week and you can see from the tweet at the bottom of your screen, there's been a lot of reaction on social media to kaepernick's grievance. some showing support but most people are criticizing the unemployed athlete and we want to hear what you think about this as well, what you think about this story. tweet us at fox5 or comment on this post on facebook. >> collusion claims are very difficult to prove. >> hard to prove especially when you look at how they cut and release players, that's, its hard to prove. >> hope that at the very least by bringing the attention to it that a team that is on the fence right now will say look, let's bring him
7:20 am
>> right 'cause green bay is definitely on the fence because they just lost their guy possibly for the entire season is that kind of panicking. >> tell me green bay's third string quarterback is better than colin kaepernick. >> we're not nfl owners. >> we don't own a team. it's hard to prove, we're not lawyers either but it's hard to prove when somebody doesn't t they cut people all the time and they've had bad quarterbacks for decades in the nfl that didn't even deserve to be on a roster and they somehow managed to stay around. >> one can argue no rhyme or reason. >> there you go, you could argue that. we'll see what happens. this is the first time this has ever happened so we'll see what happens. >> thanks, whiz. playoff baseball what an end to game two in los angeles. dodgers won game one. that's justin turner and his beard. tied at one in the ninth inning. i don't know if it was the power of the beard or just, you know, justin turner is really that good and he is. been solid for the last couple years for the dodgers and he gets the walkoff three run home c
7:21 am
anniversary of kirk gibson's walwalkoff home run. game three moves to wrigley. that will be tomorrow night. dodgers up two games to none. >> you know what i have to say. he's not on our team but he has beautiful hair. >> yes, he does. [laughter] >> a meeting the the white house today might get a little awkward. >> president is sitting down with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. the topic where his congressional agenda heads next. 7:21. ♪ hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going.
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>> ♪ >> taking a quick check on sunday night football. and if you had denver rolling in this game like all of the odds makers, you lost. new york giants pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the he's soseason so far. jason pierre-paul with three sacks. score 23 to 10. giants did not allow a touchdown until late in the fourth quarter. sweet moment for the skins before the game yesterday. there's kirk cousins and little baby cooper born september 29. just a couple weeks old. maybe it helped. kirk threw two touchdowns and ran for another score in washington's victory over the 49ers. little baby al. >> uh-huh. get used to the screaming crowds, cooper. >> that's right. >> that is your future. cute as a button, too. hi, mike. >> adorable. >> steve who is going to win the super bowl. >> nobody really wants it yet. >> no, it's been
7:25 am
nfl season. it's kind of been crazy. all right, yeah, browns, browns going to win the super bowl. good luck. i'll bet you on that one. 63 degrees. light rain moving through. winds gusting out of the north and west going to usher in a change. going from an early fall late summer air mass to what will be a mid to late fall air mass bringing in some cooler air. ststorm tracker radar showing the bulk of the rainfall now starting to slide off to the east. southern maryland, charles county, calvert county, saint mary's county you're still in the shower activity and you will be for the next hour, hour and a half to two hours here. if you're in d.c., starting to dry out. probably still some light rain and drizzle out there for the next hour or so and then we'll slowly begin the clearing process this afternoon. winds are breezy right now. they'll stay breezy through the bulk of the afternoon. 62 by 11 o'clock. by 2 o'clock 64. 5 o'clock starting to get back to the sunshine with a temperature of about 63 degrees. that's a check of the forecast. erin is back with the roads this morning. hey, erin. >> 7:25. >> jam cam.
7:26 am
unfortunately we have several areas to get through. this is seeing the worst of it, 295 northbound between the beltway and the 11th street bridge. 23 minute ride. you're basically parked out there. please allow for extra time to get from the bottom side of the beltway in oxon hill. we also have some bottom side of the beltway issues right now. we're dealing with an outer loop crash that is a parked traffic in the main lanes that you're seeing. outer loop by saint barnabas road a crash so from the woodrow wilson bridge to past saint barnabas road it's about a 20 minute slow down. look at the inner loop. that is just as slow from branch avenue to the wilson bridge. simply because of volume and rain. rain causing issues. i will say that the hov lanes looking pretty good there. as we forward things along we have another problem 95 northbound a crash cleared on the ramp to 123. another issue out by prince william parkway a stalled car. it's about a 35 minute slow down from dale city to the beltway. in the main lanes seeing a lot of rain just causing slow conditions all over the dmv. also out in arlington we're dealing with an issue a gas main break impacting traffic on george mason drive, 395 about a 25 minute delay from the bo
7:27 am
also keep in mind 270 it had as improved greatly on the southbound side in frederick but through gaithersburg rockville a lot of volume. allison and steve. >> still ahead a new challenge in maryland today to president trump's travel ban. >> plus the president and senator mitch mcconnell set to have lunch at the white house today. they're trying the get on the same page. we'll have a report after the break. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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vo: john adams' prescription for health care would be a disaster for virginia families. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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>> live look over the area and on the right you see the ground view as we have still wet roads but most of the rain passing through. should get sunshine later on. we'll check in with mike thomas and get you caught up on all your weather details for this monday morning. happening to today, a federl trial challenging the trump travel ban set to begin i
7:30 am
belt, maryland. latest version of the plan blocks travel to the u.s. from six muslim majority country. the groups challenging the band want the judge to issue a preliminary injunction. this afternoon the council on american islamic relation and other civil rights organizations will hold a press conference in front of the courthouse after today's hearing. later today the president is said to break break bread with mitch mcconnell. >> it could determine where the president's stalled congressional agenda heads next. our fox 295 maureen umeh has all the details. >> good morning. we know these two haven't always gotten along president trump and senator mitch mcconnell need one another if anything is going to happen for republicans in congress. they have shaken hands before and they've sat at the same table before. but they haven't always been on the same page. president trump who ran as the ultimate washington outsider and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is d.c. insider
7:31 am
ever there was one having lunch together today. >> the fact that they're in communication is probably a good thing for the republican agenda but the issue so watch is still taxes. if mcconnell is get that tax bill that will do lot to remedy this reeling ship. >> getting the tack bill through congress will be a slog. the white house wants to lower taxes and simplify the system but even getting republicans united in that effort is a big undertaking. which in part explains the president's golf partner yesterday kentucky senator rand paul who is often a thorn in the side of republican leaders. and they did talk taxes. >> really need to do it and i think he wants to be -- >> at the same time the president's push for health care reform and immigration especially funding to a border wall all of which could be a recipe for government shut down and the blame game that always goes along with that. >> why are you putting that on us? they have the majority in the house and the senate and the president's signature. they have
7:32 am
government open. >> and as far as this lunch today is concerned president president trump really needs mitch mcconnell to move that agenda through congress. mcconnell needs help as well though because there's a ground swell calling for new republican leadership. in the newsroom, maureen umeh fox5 local news. >> maureen, thank you very much. justice department sending federal lawyers to help prosecute a man charged with gunning down a transgender teenager. 16-year-old ken dari johnson was shot and killed by 23-year-old jorge sanders galvez in highway last year. it was a late crime investigators say. attorney general jeff sessions pledged to prosecute acts of violence against the transgender community. until this move by sessions the lgbt community had been skeptical. virginia just weeks away from elect elect its next governor today. is the last day you can register to vote before heading to the polls november 7th. ralph northam and ed gillespie spend
7:33 am
big time politicians. vice-president pence joined gillespie. joe biden host add round table in reston with north ham. democatic leaders at the state level need to step in or the federal government is failing. >> it's the only hope for leadership we have now. at the state level. i mean it really is. it re really is the only hope we have. number one. someone once said a guy named bond said that this administration is unified by inn company hearns and incompetence. [ laughter ] >> that's the unifying principle that you're getting across the river here. you got to step up. >> president obama will rally for north ham in northern virginia. president george w. bush will headline fundraisers for gillespie. fbi is joining the investigation into suspicious device found at a civil war reenactment in virginia. the device was found on saturday night athe
7:34 am
bell grove national historic park in middletown in frederick county. there were no reported injuries here but still unclear exactly what type of device was found. this comes after the cedar creek battlefield foundation posted a message on its website saying it had received a written threat organizers have since beefed up security. the hash tag me too is trend are trending on social media to raise awareness about sexual harassment. >> actress melissa milano put out a tweet. she said... me too is the second most trending hash tag on twitter right now. this comes after dozens of women came forward accusing harvey weinstein of sexual assault and now late night host james corden is apologizing for making light of the accusations at a charity event. two of weinstein's accuser bl blasted corden on twitter for his jokes. corden responded tweeting to be clear sexual assault is no
7:35 am
i was not trying to make light of harvey's inexcusable behavior but to shame him the abuser not his victims. i'm truly sorry for anyone offended. that was never my up tension. ♪ yes, fall is reeling in. >> sure is. >> fall -- >> in a big way today. >> get ready for the big chill. >> you got your sweatshirt ready. >> it's always at the ready. >> always at the ready. you'll need it tomorrow morning. sorry to say if you're not ready for the big time cold some chill we got coming our way early tomorrow morning. storm tracker radar this morning showing steady showers pushed east of the 95 corridor. so an run dell county, charles calvert saint mary county down to the northern neck of virginia dealing what you would call the worst of this morning. it's not too bad. out along the i-95 corridor light patchy drizzle left over for the most part the worst and instead yesterday of it is done here in d.c. and things will slowly start to dry out and then eventually clear out as we head into the afternoon hours. 63 right now reagan national. dulles 59. bus stop forecast one more time
7:36 am
57 to 64. showers this morning after school sunshine comes back out but a little breezy 56 to 65 degrees. how about something you don't see every day. how about what's left ophelia. post tropical system this morning. heading for portions of united kingdom 85 miles an hour winds this morning. it's going traverse the northern half of the united kingdom through the course of the day today. and push off to the north. believe it or not they do sometimes get what's kind of left over from tropical systems this time of year. to-day forecast 66 today once we get rid of the rain out of here for the rest of the week. 65 tomorrow a beautiful fall day. all right. that's weather. erin como is back with roadways. >> 7:36. rainy, dreary monday. we have a new crash colesville road at lockwood drive police on location in silver spring. we do have delays in both directions on 29. especially the northbound side so watch out for that unw beltway dealing with lot of slow downs. let's take look at maryland drive times. 270 southbound frederick has cleared up but once you get into gaithersburg definitely a slow roll. 50 minute trip from 121 to the
7:37 am
outer loop 36 minute trip that's a camera behind those drive times that you're looking at by new hampshire avenue. 95 in college park the 270 split 36 minute trip and 50 fibbed you're coming from bowie, for example, veep minute drive from the beltway to new york avenue. new york avenue in northeast really slow by bladensburg road. suitland parkway is very slow to south capital upper marlboro for inbound delays. camera behind us slow role on 66. eastbound side 45 minute trip from 234 sudley road to the beltway. 395 has become a parking lot earlier crash by glebe road cleared. right now with the rain main lanes it will take you 45 minutes from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. keep ridge, rosland into georgetown jams canal road seeing a lot of volume. same story on cabin john. 95 northbound 17 to quantico. 36 minute trip. things open up and more volume through dale city. as we we forward things along, residual delays to franconia springfield and huntington earlier signal problem outside national airport that's sta
7:38 am
look right now earlier crash on the outer loop by saint barnabas road. still dealing with delays from basically the wilson bridge to past saint barnabas road. inner loop slows through oxon hill. keep it to fox5. we got you covered on this rainy monday morning. ♪
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
7:41 am
>> big business merger. t mobile and sprint expected to announce plans they're working together. the two telecommunication giants say merger is without any immediate asset sales season expected to come together later this month or early november. they also say the focus is on potential benefits including the advancement of next generation 5g wireless technology. if the deal does go 32 you, newt company would have approximately 131 million subscribers. no word what the name may be or if they keep their own. well today is the last day to file a 2016 tax return with without paying a fine. those late filers impacted by hurricanes harvey, maim marks rhea or recent wildfires out in california have been grant the an extended deadline. but the extension is for octobe. but you do get an extra day this year because the date on fell object sunday for the rest of us though time to get those tax returns in from last year. >> all righty. in the meantime toyota ceo wants driverless cars to feel
7:42 am
emotion. toyota is reportedly creating a car that will inter act with your feelings on a personal level. employing artificial intelligence toyota will soon be able to pick up your personal preferences tayloring travel to your unique interests. for example, the car would reportedly offer optional routes based on what you like seeing while driving, and will suggest en route recreational activities based on your interests. god for bid if you have any mood swings while driving because that could be bad, al. >> that could be very bad. >> very bad. >> none of that actually sounds good. perhaps i need a little more research. >> i feel like i should be in control behind the wheel. >> you're so old school. no tricks here. certainly not a treat either. this halloween retailers can expect to spend way more than last year. americans project we'll spend -- americans projected to spend a record $9.1 billion as we prepare for halloween. that's an eight-point 3% increase from last year. last year we spent
7:43 am
this of course includes costumes, decorations and all that yummy candy. >> all right. there you go. lots of money. >> how much do you think you spend on halloween? >> typically if i get bag for four dollars and then i get 150% off about sick. >> i was going to say 24. fox marking milestone with business network celebrating ten years. >> congratulations anchor neal cavuto one of the big reasons behind the success it's not business he's tackling. the stories we're all talking about we'll check in with neal coming up.
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:45 on this monday morning. what a great monday it is. little rain didn't 30 anybody, right, mike. >> no. >> great monday. stay in and watch good day starting at 9:00 a.m. the stars of the new comedy series hit the road actor jason alexander and amy pikes will be with us too. >> talk with them on good day. pumpkins are not just for decoration or the flavor of your favorite coffee. your pumpkin spice. find out how the fruit -- yes, allison it is a fruit. >> can rejuvenate dumb dull and lifeless skin. >> seeds on the inside it's a fruit. >> yes. >> sometimes seeds on the outside. >> trying to trick us with that one. >> rascally. strawberries -- >> raspberries. >> and also -- we'll also have a chef coming, x a chef, he'll know. to james beard award winning chef, too. >> fancy. >> f
7:47 am
baltimore. sounds delicious. >> i thought it had what was grown in the ground want was above ground. maybe i'm completely wrong. >> hmm. >> we'll get research team on it. >> is an eggplant a fruit. doesn't it have seeds. >> it's a veggie. >> veggie, okay. >> they're both healthy for you. >> right. eat them. >> eat them all. >> eat your fruits and veggies. >> showers out there this morning. already moving out. starting to push out into the eastern suburbs and we'll dry it out the rest of the week. >> okay. how does that sound. >> one and done. >> on and done. a plus afternoons coming up. beautiful week ahead. you wouldn't guess it when you step outside this morning. definitely need the president trump legal. after today we turn the page here and a plus afternoons and some b plus mornings we'll be rather chilly as we start some mornings starring tomorrow morning. all right. satellite/radar showing you the steadier rains continue to push off to the east this morning. calvert county still in the steady rain. saint mary's county, eastern shore, northern neck of vir virginia. here in d.c. slowly but surely starting to dry out here. a little bit of drizzle left
7:48 am
here on water vapor. see that orange and red drier air pushing in. front there swinging into the mountains up ahead of we still have moisture. because of that we will keep the clouds around through the early afternoon hours much second half of the afternoon starting to gather little bit of sunshine and we could see afternoon. 63 degrees here in washington. so we're still up ahead of the front but look at the cool air hyped us columbus 43. detroit 44. 48 in pittsburgh. 40s on the way for your morning commute tomorrow. be prepared for that. you'll need the heavier coat tomorrow morning. future cast showing by good day at 9a, rain already well off to the east. continuing to push its way eastward through the afternoon. there we are at 1:00 o'clock. you see the cut off in the clouds. breaking out in sunshine all i81 corridor that will continue to push its way eastward as we head into the evening commute hours. five, 6:00 o'clock we're fine here. and braking out into decent amount of sunshine. do want to mention ophelia post tropical storm means it lost its tropical components or structure. but look at the winds. 85 miles an hour that's above
7:49 am
heading right for ireland. get your countries right. ireland, northern ireland and up into scotland is kind of going to be what ophelia does here throughout the course of the day today. moving rapidly off to the north and east. but it is kind of rare this time of year. they get them every now and then. actually especially during the winter they get very strong storms up there. kind of odd to see a named storm make it into the uk. 66 degrees for washington. manassas 63. quantico 64 degrees. dulles 62 later on this afternoon this evening is chilly. there you go, 46 degrees here in washington. little bit of wintertime feel off to work and school tomorrow. 36 for gaithersburg. 38 in man nass. erin is ready for traffic. one more map here. 66 degrees today. 65 tomorrow. 70s back towards the second half of the week and we get here 80 again by the weekend. all right, erin it's time for traffic. >> i'm like fixing my lip gloss because it's, you know, out of the lines of the lips just wandering into the shot. unfortunately a lot of traffic to get through. i got
7:50 am
mike. i'm sorry. nobody needs their second cup of coffee. that's me. right now vienna crash on the eastbound dulles road before hunter mill road. big delays there. look at that through wolf trap. we're seeing speeds down to 10 miles an hour leading to toward that location. as we forward things along, we also have a crash colesville road at lockwood drive. police on scene. 12-mile per hour average there. the beltway dealing with a lot of volume through silver spring on the outer loop side of things. as we take a wide view, take a look at all of these delays. getting hit the worst this morning the outer loop there's a crash by saint barnabas road. you back up on the outer loop from 210 to past that point also the inner loop from branch avenue to basically the wilson bridge a slow role average speeds 20 miles an hour. 295 northbound backs up from the beltway to lavatory road. you can see as we take a look in southern maryland five at the 301 split a lot of normal volume same story 210 northbound through fort washington toward the beltway also 395 seeing delays. we're seeing slow downs gw parkway the key bridge jams rosland into george up to. bw parkway slow in both directions. just because of
7:51 am
blue and yellow line residual delays to national airport. back to you guys. >> thanks, erin. say hello to our facebook fan of the day today the honor goes to milan. good morning milan nominated by her mom india. india says milan just turned 12 on saturday. happy belated birthday. wishing the best. >> she loves to dance and play golf and she's a natural born leader. she also loves fox5 and we love you right back. have a super super day. well, meantime it is an exciting day for local vendors in the district. the mayor will be on hand for the opening of a new retail and cafe space that sells products created exclusively by d.c. residents. any small business with a local brand is eligible to apply and have their items showcased. the made in d.c. store is located on 19th street in northwest. >> 7:51 right now. speaking of birthdays how about an anniversary. this week fox marks a milestone with its business network. it is turning ten-year-old and certainly has reason to celebrate. fox business network
7:52 am
cnbc and daytime business ratings for the past year. one of the people helping to boost the network of course specialsly after the mark closes neal cavuto who anchors your world with neal cavuto weekdays at 4:00 p.m. we're happy to have neal join us for few minutes this morning. first of all, what's on the celebration list? i hope there's cake? >> well, i'll leave it at the cake and not the more generous kind of liquid stuff. [ laughter ] >> yeah. we're celebrating. we're very happy about it obviously we had such low expectations ten years ago coming into this thing, steve, many people didn't think we would be here. but, um, here we be. >> and look, the run up in the mark recently is definitely helping put more eyes on the business world in general. so really taking advantage from that and running with it. so therefore i will ask you a business question as fox business continues to grow, so does the market, and are we going to see both hopefully continue to grow for the next couple of years? >> i'm not smart enough to know about the markets. i am at least hopefully
7:53 am
regarding fox business, steve. i do think that a lot of our origins were steeped in market that was just turning south as we were coming on the scene here, the big run up sort of reversed and soon after that we had the big melt down. so we began to step back and say maybe the problem is business networks are too married to the movements of the market up or down. of course lately in the last year in particular that surge has been noteworthy with a businessman coming into the white house, but i think a lot of our success has to do with the fact that we didn't wet ourselves to the tick or tick movements of stocks important as they are. but to look at the big picture in terms of keeping the jar don jargon out, the acronyms away speaking english speaking from the heart understanding this isn't all aboutism w it's about eq and reaching average americans. i loto say and having been at cnbc in my prior life, you love to get bankers and brokers. you love
7:54 am
he can change traders but if you were to ever walk by the new york stocks inch change today steve it's almost a ghost town. they're not nearly as many of them on that floor as they used to be. so it is important to have them. i love them. i think they're important, very smart folks, but i'd much rather have average folks who are looking to be part of that dream and reach out to them. >> you're absolutely right, neil. the jargon the wall street jargon is lost on so many people who just simply don't get it and that in itself is a turn off. the other thing i think you guys have done extremely well is to focus on what's happening in the world and finding news stories and finding a way to put the business spin on that inn corm them together and not being afraid to stake your own positions and in your particular case if that means you're not happy with what the president doing, you let the president know you're not exactly happy with what the president is do doing. >> well, you know, i think it's just this idea that every network has a reputation for being in lock step with a particular philosophy on the left or the
7:55 am
i imagine there's some truth to that in network coverage. i try to be as fair and balanced as i can. when i see things this president is doing that look good and economic agenda that looks sound, i'll mention it. when i see him stepping on that message by either trashing someone in his own party or disparaging another senator who will be crucial to getting that support for some of the things he holds near and deer, i mention that as well. i'll hear from both sides who will either praise or criticize that, but my point is, just to see that we are moving on an jenn today. my big goal is to recognize what ronald reagan used to call the big in box in our nation. all the issue that is have to be addressed, and so passion on both sides can get in the way of dealing with those issues. but as ronald reagan also famously said he'd rather get 8080% of the love low than not getting the low at all. >> quick particularly we let you go, let's dive into one of those issues. i know you talk about the nfl in the past, talked about
7:56 am
we're hearing of this potential lawsuit dealing with collusion which sounds incredibly hard to prove. >> right. >> when you're talking about all the nfl owners, the nfl. where does this go? >> i don't know. i mean, you probably know much more about this area than i do. i would say that collusion is very tough thing to prove. i imagine if kaepernick were an outstanding player then owners would risk the controversy that would come with hiring him. so i'm not smart enough to know exactly what this collusion charge would bring, but obviously no team has taken an interest in him. he might be right to say it might be sort of owner wide sort of a version to controversy, but what's happened lately in the nfl i don't believe it's a version to controversy. if they can find a winning quarterback, if they can find a winning player, they'll deal with all the grieve that's associated with that, because victory makes controversies go away. >> winning is
7:57 am
you and your colleagues are winning right now at fox business. we'll see you at 4:00 o'clock. congratulations. pass the word on everybody from all of us here in d.c. >> thank you, steve, very much. >> 7:57. >> all right. mike thomas, good morning to you, sir. >> good morning to you guys as well. happy tenth to fox business of course. satellite/radar showing showers moving through kind of overnight early morning hours here. we'll continue to clear that cold front out. we will believe it or not ick break out in sunshine second half of the afternoon. sun stays around tomorrow and through the rest of the week we'll get the 70s back by wednesday afternoon that's wet. erin is back with a check of the roadways. hey, erin. >> they've been backed up before because of the rain and crash activities. in vienna eastbound dulles toll road before hunt rotor a crash there. keep it to fox5 all morning. we'll be right back. ♪
7:58 am
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8:00 am
this is fox5 news morning. good morning. thanks for joining us much it is 8:00 o'clock. >> it is monday, october 16th, 2017. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. >> slow but steady recovery for the maryland woman injured during the las vegas shooting massacre. she's closer to home waking up in baltimore hospital this morning. >> fox5 exclusive. hear from a maryland man mourning the loss of his puppy after freak accident while out for wal
8:01 am
this dog owner wants you to be aware of. and hope out west. one week now after the deadly wildfires first sparked in california, authorities say they've turned the corner in fighting flames. first though life look outside started off with a little rain this morning. going to be a chilly day. fall i think has finally arrived. weather and traffic on the 5's. >> ♪ get right to the top stories. developing this morning the fbi and dc police now asking for help in finding this 11-year-old girl in the district. houston was last seen on saturday. now she's from palmer roy road in southeast. last known to be wearing a purple shirt, black pants and black shoes. call police if you see her. we could learn today whether a man will face charges for t taking this virginia teenager against her will. now an amber alert was sent out yesterday for 16-year-old sania aguilar cruz. she was missing most of sunday
8:02 am
woodbridge with 21-year-old roberto. he remains in custody. >> police in maryland still trying to track down the suspects connected to shooting in college park which injured two university of maryland students. saturday night one student was shot a second one assaulted at a home on rhode island avenue. both victims are expected to recover. anybody with information though again asked to contact police. ♪ the woman from maryland who was severely injured in the las vegas massacre continues to make progress now back in her home state. >> this is family and friend of tina frost work to raise money for her recovery. fox5's he will knee alnwick is life it from the newsroom with the latest now. they raised a good amount so far, rye, mel? >> that's right but their medical expenses are going top of greater than even what they raised so far. the great news is that over the weekend there was so much progress, tina actually began to come out of the her coma 12 days after she was shot. they're saying she's a little bit more alert and so much so that doctors decided
8:03 am
stable enough for medical flight sunday to johns hopkins in baltimore to continue her treatment. she's able to tap her neat feet to music respond by squeezing family hands and giving a thumbs up. she was able to walk three steps to a chair and back breathing on her own for several hours at a time now. after she was shot in the right eye, tina' boyfriend off duty firefighter were able to carry her to the street and get her into the back of a pickup truck that raced to the nearest hospital. her surgeon told a las vegas paper that 90% of people with her kind of injuries don't survive. tina will now be closer to a strong support network back home. last night, friends got together for another fundraiser. they say they're on team tina for as long as they're need. >> we don't know how much the medical bills are going to cost. so we just want to keep raising money for her and just show her that we are fighting for her and just showing our support. >> so far more than $500,000 has been raised for tina's expenses. she worked in san diego
8:04 am
accountant for ernst & young. tina frost was also a star soccer player in high school and played at gardner web university in north carolina. girls soccer teams from all over the country have been wearing wrist band her sister post this on her facebook page. they're honoring tina and donating money to her fight to survive. tina lost he heriot eye in the shooting. the family noose idea what the extent of brain damage cena might have but they're grateful for every small sign of hope there's another fundraiser big one planned for next thursday on the 26th before the ravens home game they're calling it tailgate for tina. we have details for that on our website. back to you guys. >> ♪ >> we wish her the best, melly. , thank you very much. let's get to the fox5 exclusive. hard to hear the details on this one a warning along with it. a prince george's county man says his dog is dead now after a light pole in his neighborhood shocked that dog. it was a miniature pch
8:05 am
neighborhood after the 16 month old dog name baby just a puppy went to the bathroom on the light pole. now patrick dotson says an electrical current tour a hole right in her chest. baby had to be put down. >> yeah, me kids are you know, hurt over their dog dying and i'm hurt over my dog dying, but i believe there's something like 16 kids in this neighborhood alone and they're all playing. so i worry about the kids getting hurt as well. >> spokesperson for pepco told fox5 they didn't find anything wrong with the fun. it's still investigating but as the county owns that light pole prince george's county says it's also looking into the incident. >> hate to hear that. >> 8:05 right now. mike thomas with us. has the rain moved out, almost. >> just about. spotty drizzle still left out and we'll stay cloudy through the rest of the morning. by afternoon we're into sunshine and it stays around the rest of the
8:06 am
>> deal. >> sunny but fall. >> very fall like especially the morning hours coming up. fall jacket weather not forever by the weekend starting to warm it back up. storm tracker radar showing what's left of the showers. especially looks like southeastern d.c. dealing with little bit of light drizzle steadier rain continues to push off to the east southern maryland eastern neck of virginia eastern shore. you can clearly see where the cold front is kind of back off to the west there with the edge of the cloud cover. western portions of west virginia breaking out into sun and eventually that sun cloud line will march eastward and back into the sunshine a little later on this afternoon. hang in there. it's almost here. 62 degrees right now in washington. manassas cool but comfy 59 degrees. 58 for dulles. 57 at gaithersburg as well lots of 57s out there right now. martinsburg, hagerstown, winchester, all 57 degrees or west minster excuse me 57 this hour. 60 the daytime high today. early afternoon high. then those gusty winds will start to bring in cooler air. we head into
8:07 am
so little bit of sun but that umps comes with cool per temps by tomorrow morning, wahoo, get ready for the cold. >> bundle up. >> do you like that? >> that was more of my ye! >> that's my shiver sun effect. >> it was good. >> all right. have to pre heat the car in the morning, erin good for sure. i don't miss scraping frost off that windshield at all. bw parkway southbound a crash before 50. and once you cross 50 delays because of volume on 295 in d.c. 7 miles an hour average down to pennsylvania avenue. 50 fibbed inside the bell way to 29511 miles per hour average once you cross into the district new york avenue in northeast very slow to past bladensburg road be prepared for those delays. as we make our way out in virginia toward wolf trap vienna crash on eastbound dulles toll road right by the access road from hunter mill road caution there. 8 miles per hour average. we're also seeing big delays on the 14th street bridge. southbound gw parkway after 39,514th street bridge there's a crash. you can see the bridge itself is
8:08 am
extra time there. as we take look at our drive times coming up from the bottom side of the beltway big improvements on 295 northbound. 13 minute ride from the bell way to the 11th street bridge. southbound side quiet to the beltway we take an overview of our drive times in virginia holding an hour delay read zone from sudley road not beltway. 39532 minutes from the beltway to 14th street bridge. 95 dealing with 34 minute trip northbound. a lot of slow downs in maryland as well closer look at those slow drive times neck. at least metro is back to being on time. allison and steve. >> ♪ 80:00 agent developing knew overseas now the death toll in a deadly terror attack in somalia has gone up. 300 people reported dead. hundreds injured after a truck bomb exploded outside a popular hotel in the capitol on saturday. at an intersection lined with government offices, restaurants, street vendors, then hours later another blast hit nearby. a terrorist group linked to al-qaida al
8:09 am
to be responsible the u. has condemned the attack. ♪ also overnight oil rig explosion near new orleans happened in louisiana paint pontchartrain this blast heard and felt several miles away. here's what it looked like. at least seven people were hurt. one person still missing. coast guard is searching the lake right now for that missing worker. in the meantime the injured crew members were all taken to the hospital. all said to be in serious condition. the cause of the the fire and the blast still under investigation. but officials are looking into cleaning chem cass as a possibility and there is concern this morning about leaking oil but officials say any leak would be small in size. in california, this morning, the winds finally dying down allowing firefighters to gain control on several wildfires. but the threat far from over. at least 40 people are now confirm dead. hundreds of still missing. thousands of evacuees did get the all clearing to back home but most of them arrived to find just a pile of ashes. remaining hopeful
8:10 am
>> it's surreal. it will take us a couple years to rebuild but we're going to do it. >> nearly 11,000 fire crews still battling 15 fires across 100-mile stretch of that state. officials say power should be restored to nearly everyone in california in the area affected by tonight. happening today, army sergeant bowe bergdahl expected to plead guilty at his court marshall. he faces charges of desertion and misbehavior for leaving his post in 2009 while serving in afghanistan. he was captured and taliban and held until he was released in present 14. still to come this morning much needed money for schools in prince george's county. we're live in green wealth. >> fed up colin kaepernick taking legal action against the nfl. why he says he can get a job. j.
8:11 am
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and verizon wireless customers can stream tv on the fios mobile app, data-free. hurry and switch now, this offer ends november 4th. go to >> all right. michael, it is time. >> big moment. >> very cute moment. >> cute moment of the daytime. let's do it. fox5 first five photo of of the day. extra cute one today. >> little one. >> story ivy lane. >> guess what? >> what? >> she's two mold old. >> that's it. >> her photo was submitted by her grandmother sean. >> all right. >> she said that story is a big fox5 fan. >> she is? >> isn't everybody?
8:14 am
>> most people. [ laughter ] >> most people in the know. >> right. like story. >> uh-huh. she's also guess what a diva in training. >> i know that's right. >> and is already getting fashion ideas from who else -- >> who? >> but allison seymour. >> what? i can take a tip or two from her. she's adorable in pick. >> she is looking good in pink. >> story, keep it up. off great role model there in miss allison. >> i wish i can get some of that juicy kisses on that cheek. >> can't wait to see those fashion lines when you're older. >> that's right. >> to send us your child's picture go to our facebook page fox5 d.c. post your child's picture below story's. >> she's so cute. >> love it. keep them coming. satellite/radar out there, story you're headed outlets see rain fashion this morning. umbrella, rain boots especially for those who live east if you haven't headed out this morning. east and south of the district where the steady rain. here in dc light drizzle, spotty shower the next couple of hours but we will slowly but surely start clearing things out as we head into the afternoon. cold front coming through. bringing us showers this
8:15 am
we'll usher in a taste of fall. not just today but tonight, tomorrow, wednesday and even into the first part of thursday as well before we start to warm things back up toward the latter half of the week and into the weekend. you can already see where that cold front is on the temperature map this morning. we're 62 degrees here in washington. richmond at 58. 67 for raleigh behind that cold front much chillier 49 for pittsburgh. 44 tow detroit and our temperatures will be around the 40s even some 30s out that by the tomorrow we get to tomorrow morning. i'll show you freeze watches and warnings coming up in just a few more minutes. 66 your day daytime today. 65 tomorrow. overnight lows back in the four. >> i did notice. >> yup. >> hard to miss those. >> heat has to come off just to knock the chill off. >> i feel like. then we can brave it. >> hi, erin. i remember trick or treating as a kid you'd have rolling mild nights and have -- you'd be wearing your jacket over your costume. >> that's worse. >> isn't that the wore 80. i'll have to check in with mike and see what kind of halloween we're going to g
8:16 am
270 southbound 41 trip. look at the camera behind us this is the outer loop by new hampshire avenue. 37 minutes from 95 to the spur. keep in mind we have some debris reported out by colesville road and seeing bumper to bumper traffic. westbound 50s your may inbound from bowie. once you hit the beltway 18 minute trip. new york avenue through bladensburg heavy. suitland parkway jams by nay roar road. south capitol seeing lot of volume things improving on 395 as you head out by duke street. however, just keep in mine it's a 30 minute trip about 20 minute delay from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. 66 eastbound remains close to an hour commute from sudley road to the beltway. 95 northbound still 33 minute ride from 17 to quantico. delays continue through dale city. as we take big picture view of the district maryland van have a, keep in mind southbound bw parkway from the beltway down to 50 jams. earlier crash just north of 50. inner and outer loop slow. outer loop c
8:17 am
road. things up pick up to 30. a lot of stop and go. gw parkway slow down past spout run issues as i mentioned as we zoom in because of that crash before 50. and that's 11 miles per hour average 295 southbound from 50 to the 11th street bridge. heavy traffic 695 in both directions metro is on time, g guy. erin, thank you very much. >> lawmakers and school officials will gather in prince george's county this morning for big announcement. >> county public school system getting a big federal grant. it is money that's supposed to target the school's most in n need. our bob barnard bizzy this morning live in green belt witness details. good morning. >> reporter: hey, allison and steve, good morning to you. this is green belt middle school classes start at 9:00 o'clock. students are gathering outside the building. 8:00 their this morning, we're going to hear from us senators chris van hollen and ben cardin. they're going to annou
8:18 am
$24 million federal grant much $8 million over the next three years to help recruit, retain and further educate teachers here in the school system. prince george's county schools hires roughly about a thousand new teachers a year and they kind of want to lower that number. they want to keep their bestie hers. so yes, recruit but really this is all about retaining the bestie hers. maybe with some extra money but also with some further education for them. bense to keep some of their b bestteachers here in the school system so then do go on somewhere else and further their careers elsewhere. but i will tell you this $24 million in federal money comes on the heels of the county losing a six and a half million dollars federal grant in the last couple of years. that was money to fund the head start program here in prince george's county. there were allegations of misconduct and abuse in the system. this is program head start program that benefited more than 800 students, more than 800 students at 35 locations
8:19 am
there's now a different program called early start without federal money that is taking the place of that, but, again, county that lost federal funding forehead start is about to get new funding for their teachers to help keep and better train and further train their tea teachers. a lot of questions about that. who is going to be in charge of this money and will this program work where maybe the federal government thought the head start program didn't work as well. so that all starts here 8:30 this morning, guys. we'll have more for you this -- on this later today here on f fox5. >> all right, bob. see you then. 8:19 right now. hash tag me too is trending on social media this morning. >> all to raise awareness about sexual harassment. actress alyssa milano tweeted out a post explaining the hash tag, she says... me too is trending very high this morning on twitter right now. it was trending the number two topic for a long
8:20 am
morning. well this comes after dozens of women came forward accusing harvey weinstein of sexual assault. late night host james corden is apologizing for making light of the accusations at a charity event. two of weinstein' as cues sores blasted him on twitter for his joke. corden responded, sexual assault is no laughing matter. i was not trying to make light of harvey's inn cooksable behavior but to shake him, at cues soar, not his victims. i'm truly sorry. that was not my intention. >> weinstein was killed kick out of the academy of the motion pictures arts and sciences the organization behind the oscars. >> colin kaepernick firing back at the nfl and bringing on big-time legal help. former san francisco 49er quarterback has filed a grievance against the league claim egg remains unsigned as a result of collusion by league owners following his protests during the national anthem. he decided to kneel and sit during the anthem to bring attention to the mistreatment african-
8:21 am
he remains a free operate after opting out of his crack with the 49ers at the end of last season much he fired celebrity attorney mark geragos who said the grievance was filed even only pursuing every possible avenue with all nfl teams are their executives. brbreaking news news about pop star ed sheeran. he broke his arm. it shows him in cast and held up in shrink. i've had bit of a bicycle accident and i'm currently waiting on some medical advice which may affect some of my up coming shows. please stay tuned for further news. the daily mere reports sheeran was hit by a car. yeah. he's on a break from his tour and he was set to resume that tore next week in asia. >> tough to play gay tar when the arm is in a cast. >> yeah. >> i didn't even think about that. >> wishing him the best. >> sure. >> wholefoods may have lowered their prices but how do they stack up to the competition. >> tell you which grocery store chains come out on
8:22 am
comes to the best prices. 8:21. ♪ . ♪♪
8:23 am
(dog) mmm. this beneful grain free is so healthy... oh! farm-raised chicken! that's good chicken! hm!? here come the accents. blueberries and pumpkin.
8:24 am
! that was my favorite bite so far. (avo) beneful grain free. out with the grain, in with the farm-raised chicken. healthful. flavorful. beneful. well, when it comes to grocery shopping, costco is the least expensive option. that is according to jp morgan's latest price check. researchers say costco is nearly 60% cheaper than wholefoods. >> wow. >> big number. >> wholefoods,
8:25 am
30% cheaper than wal*mart. that's good one. 30% cheaper than wal*mart and 14% less than aldis. the discount even is deeper for dry goods like coffee and ce cereal. study found costco kirkland signature brand is better quality than wal*mart branded products. >> is it going to be worth to drive around in the parking lot for two showers to find a spot. >> interesting. >> you have to balance it. >> most definitely. >> depends how much you'll get. >> depends you'll get. >> obviously good for the familiar guilty right. >> for people like mike and i to buy a month my worth of stuff -- >> that's the trick. >> overkill. >> everything is cheaper but you got to buy excess quantity. >> sometimes i don't need it. i agree. even for a family of five. i get it. >> i type myself buying like eggs at those places then i have too many eggs and i have to throw half of them out because, you know, i live my by myself. [ laughter ] >> satellite/radar. i don't give said eggs. that would be bad news. satellite/radar showing showers out that. especially off to
8:26 am
calvert, charles, saint mary county dealing with showers. here in d.c. lighter rain, drizzle out there. we'll get rid of it eventually and break off into sunshine second half of the afternoon with falling temperatures and breezy conditions. 62 right now in washington. 58 for dulles. 63 at frederick. 57 for martinsburg. 55 this morning in winchester. today's planner by 11:00 o'clock rain should be done. we're just left over with clouds, breeze kicking up 62. by 2:00 o'clock 64 degrees. clouds clearing out during the second half of the afternoon. 63 degrees by 5:00 o'clock. that's weather. erin como over to you for some traffic. >> right now new in your opinion crash right before braddock roadblocking the shoulder you can see a slow roll coming up 32 annandale from the springfield interchange through that point of 66 give yourself a little bit of extra time about ten minute delay there. moving over to maryland drive times things improving 270 southbound 121 to the beltway. the outer loop itself 38 minute drive, 95 to the spur and 50 inbound jams up as well. as you move over for a look in have a have that's a look 395,
8:27 am
to the 14th street bridge. continue toss slow 66 inbound as well as 95 northbound. really big delays after quantico and again to dale city. all metro rail lines on time. just a rainy monday, guys. >> we'll get through it, erin. thanks very much. speaking of spending 8:30 are you spending more than you are saving. we'll take look at the fall financial trends next. >> trends. that's the trend i would like to not be doing any more. >> trend in spending. >> later on good day d.c. it is pumpkin spice season, of course, but the fall fruit isn't just for coffee, candles, sweet treats, oreos, muffins all of that. we've got tips and trips for using it to rejuvenate your skin. ♪
8:28 am
♪ ♪ stepping into the unknown, it can be difficult to find the way. but with the compassion and strength of a name, and the security of the cross and shield, obstacles... become openings. as we have for more than 75 years, we'll continue to light the way. using our knowledge to create new healthcare solutions giving you the power to shine forward... to whatever awaits tomorrow. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless. dear suspicious snackers, we get it. we know it can be a texture thing, and there are lots of brands to choose from. but it's time for you to pick up your big spoon and try new hood cottage cheese. it's the brand people have trusted for more than 170 years. a whole world of sweet, and savory combinations, like pineapple, cucumber & dill or classic country style.
8:29 am
you'll want to try all of hood's amazing flavors. don't miss out on delicious. new to your local dairy aisle! ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
8:30 am
♪ >> i'm al could it that. let's check our top stories on this monday morning we as we look at the beautiful us capitol dome. the maryland native who was shot in the eye during the las vegas massacre now has been transferred closer to home. to johns hopkins hospital in baltimore. tina frost is from crofton, maryland. her family says she's making major progress. relative says she's awake and even took her first few steps. at least 40 people are dead, hundreds morey main missing in california wildfires. calmer winds are helping crews finally gain grounds on the fires. the emergency evacuation advisory has been lifted in napa over the weekend. nearly 6,000 homes have been destroyed. 6,000 since the wildfires erupted in northern
8:31 am
>> the latest storm system in the atlantic threatening the united kingdom. ophelia has weakened to non tropical storm system but still pretty powerful packing heavy rain and strong winds up to 85 miles an hour. residents in ireland, england and scotland all bracing for rough weather. ophelia is expected to crash into southern ireland sometime this morning. well darks is the last day to file a 2016 tax return without paying a fine. this is for taxpayers who submitted extension requests before april 18th. you must file by midnight to avoid the monthly penalty tax. late filers impacted by recent hurricanes or wildfires in california they've been granted an extended deadline typically the he can tension deadline is october 15th. but because that date fell on sunday this year, taxpayers get one extra day. all right. it is 8:00 none right now. let's start our focus to the skins. skins at home versus the winless 49ers should have been an easy game and they were up 17-zero off to great start. then that lead would go
8:32 am
fourth quarter skins up three. kirk cousins keeps it to himself for the touchdown. 49ers cut the lead to make it two-point game. fourth and 20 for the 9'ers after a penalty pushed them b back. outfield goal range and there you go that's how it ended. cj getting picked off and the skins survive. they get the win, 26-24. virginia just weeks away from electing its next governor and today is the last day that you can register to vote before heading to the polls. now in the meantime, both candidates democratic ralph nor ma'am and republican ed gillespie spent the weekend stomping with big time politician. vice-president pence joined gillespie. biden joined north ham. >> it's the only hope for leadership we have now. is that the is it the state level. i mean it really is. it re really is the only hope we have. number one. you know, someone once said a guy named bond
8:33 am
administration is unified by incoherent and incompetence. that's the unifying principle you're getting across the river here. you got to step up. >> president obama will rally for north ham in virginia. president george w. bush will headline fun risers for gillespie. >> fall isn't about pumpkins and ghouls and goblins and cute ande busy spenting season as the holiday season inches close. >> if you feel like you're spending more than you're saving you are not alone. our good friend fox's lauren simonetti explains. >> reporter: spending is in for fall. halloween purchases alone ex expected to rack up more than $9 billion in sales and the trend is expected to continue through the holidays with no slowing of buying on gifts, eating out, entertaining at home and travel. >> the problem is that we're spending too much the national savings rate is at dismally low levels. pure point financial actually did a survey, a
8:34 am
and found that one third of purchases are made on impulse and three in ten americans often spend more than they actually have the funds for. >> but who needs funds when you have a credit card? household debt at a record high of nearly $13 trillion. >> everybody puts all those purchases unplanned and otherwise on their credit cards then they have the holiday hangover after the fact. so spending a lot and borrowing a lot in fall the name of the game. roar report one way people are clearing up their debt is by getting into the gig economy. that's where businesses higher independent contractors instead of full-time employees. companies like uber and tax rabbit pay workers for each individual gig they do instead of by the day or by the hour. >> it's the technology that's moving the whole concept of gigging in a whole different direction now it's across all sorts of digital platforms and different sector and this is the time of year you see more people take on those gigs so that they can actually pay for their holiday debt. >> reporter: and if you must take that special trip thi
8:35 am
fall, personal finance expert chris hogan says to start saving and put money aside. >> what i don't want people to do is utilize credit cards you'll pay on that vacation for the next three years to come. >> reporter: after all it's your cash. lauren simonetti, fox business. >> all righty. you have just little over an hour left now to enter the online lottery for free tickets to this year's national christmas tree lighting on the eclipse. the lottery closes at 10am. winners notified on report 30th. treat lighting is november 30th at president's park. >> 8:35 right now. let's check in with mike thomas. light looks the worst of rain has passed us now. looking better out there alr already. >> things slowly but surely g getting better. most of the rain over southern maryland. charles county southern calvert into saint mary's county dealing with steady rain at this hour. here around d.c. thing getting better. here's reagan national 62 degrees this hour. dulles 58. bwi59 degrees
8:36 am
better as we work our way into the afternoon hours. fall like days ahead. how about these for daytime highs. 66 today. 65 tomorrow with sunshine all day. going to be absolutely gorgeous. 71 degrees on wednesday. 74 on thursday. we'll make our way back up towards the weekend. but there's a price to pay for this nice weather and it is the overnight lows. check out some of these overnight lows coming our way. tonight 46 degrees. your overnight low temperature. 47 on tuesday night. wednesday night into thursday low of 49 degrees. this means this is city temp so this means 30 force some of our suburbs. especially those that live north and west. freeze watches out for the mountains in west virginia. frost advisories here i'm thinking they may extend some of these frost advisories up. we'll continue to watch that through the afternoon. if they issue them tonight sue palka will be back and have the latest on those advisories later on this evening. bring the plants inside if you live off to the west tonight. >> that's check of the forecast. erin is como is back with traffic. >> 8:36. keeping our eyes on the rails. metro rails lines on
8:37 am
inner loop delays lingering. after the springfield interchange up to 66 you're in for a delay because of that. braddock road seeing backed up traffic in both directions. earlier crash bw parkway before 50 cleared. 13-mile per hour average inside the bell way 50 inbound from 202 to 295 new york avenue backs up no northeast as usual. if you are taking metro bus we have delays in the district maryland and virginia. getting their tweets in. a lot of traffic congestion eastwest highway in glenn dell road connecticut avenue near university highway. delays in north mississippi and grant street. any questions erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. big picture view a loft slow downs lingering outer loop tom side of the beltway 95 to georgia of a getting the worst of it 95 southbound from icc to the beltway jams as well. 270 southbound improving through gaithersburg. steve and allison. still ahead this morning big move when it comes to purchasing pets. one state has become the first in the country
8:38 am
puppy mills. getting big old thumbs up over here. avoiding air pollution. wee take close sr. look at new technology helping key keep little ones safe outdoors. outd.
8:39 am
8:40 am
live look outside right now at 8:40. all that rain we had earlier looks like it moved through the area. some places out to the east still getting a little bit for the rest of us, should be pretty nice t
8:41 am
should be nice later. california becomes the first state in the nation to ban puppy mills. the new law set to take effect on january 1st. it will require all pet store owners to sell dogs, cats and rabbits from animal shelters adoption centers and rescue groups. store caught selling animal not a rescue face fines up to $500 per trance act. the bill ensure better treatment of pets and prevent unnecessary animal deaths. >> love it, love it, love it. >> new technology helping babies to breathe while out for a stroll. now this is the breezy it is an air filter for baby carriages or strollers that was created by a dad. he says he came up with the idea after noticing that the height of the stroller put his baby in line right in line with exhaust from buses and truck. the device has sensors that defect pollution, triggering a dual fan unit to filter it out. >> we managed
8:42 am
that reduced the pollution by 80% when the air is really polluted. >> now that dad the father recently launched a crowd funding campaign for the device. he is hoping to start shipping by next summer. i love it. the best inventions, right. >> yeah. >> coming out of necessity. i love it. >> a lot more coming up after 9:00 o'clock. let's check in with holly and wisdom and see what's on the menu for good day. >> good day dc all over the big local stories including the return of a maryland woman severely injured in the las vegas shooting. how you can help her recovery. >> it's no secret they're not the best of friends it could be an awkward lunch date between the president and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell that's expected this morning and it could get really really awkward. we have more on that and what comes next. good all right. wis, you know what time it is. >> what time is it? >> let's go ahead and put up that good day guest list. have you ever wondered how about george costanza from seinfeld. >> the actor that played him
8:43 am
jason alexander will join us live. he has a new project that teams him with amy pete's. >> and holly, did you know that pup kins aren't just for decorations or the flavor of your favorite coffee? >> what else are they good for. >> we'll find out how that fruit can rejuvenate dull and lifeless skin. >> oh, do tell. james beard awarding winner chef andrew carl meme lean knee sings up in the good day d.c. kiss can you chen. chef is from rye street in baltimore. his dish is mouth watering. >> wow. okay. can we fast forward and go straight to the meal? >> exactly. >> all right. another epic week of number one rated good day dc just moments away. >> i was m thank you guys. >> sounds like great lineup. >> all right. >> just talking about pumpkins, right? food. so what we learned about the eggplant it is a fruit indeed. >> it's so confusing. we thought it was veggie. >> what the guidelines. eggplant is a fruit
8:44 am
friends around the water cooler. you're welcome. >> some can be fruits and vegetables. we also learned that. >> never mind then. >> so many options. still ahead this morning our kevin mccarthy sits down with stars from the marvel movie thor rag the rock. >> the rescue of a lifetime we'll tell you how the world of harry potter inspired real life magic for family in need. 8:44. stay with us. stay with us.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> let get the latest weather from mike thomas. >> not just a great start to the work week but the good news that after this kind of morning and we get rid of the clouds and what's left of drizzle out there, we are going to have a beautiful afternoon and a beautiful rest of the week with no rain in the seven day after this. again satellite/radar showing rain along cold front come through this morning. southern maryland you have the worst of it eastern shore as well northern neck of virginia. again you can see a little bit of patchy green out there to the west. so that's just some light showers and drizzle but those will continue to clear the region through the next few hours all sunshine as we head towards the second half of the afternoon today. 62 right now in washington. pittsburgh at 49. columbus 43. detroit 44. so you can see that cooler air just off to the west here that's going to be working its way in through the daytime hours today and then into the evening tonight. winds already picking
8:48 am
especially north and west. frederick at 13. hagerstown 14. dulles 14. d.c. six. quantico at theme winds increase later on this afternoon. we had gusts over 25 but they've calmed down a bit. frederick gusting to 18 miles an hour. cumberland 21. later on today we could see some areas gusting upwards of 25 even 30 miles an hour. good day at 10a starts at 10:00 a.m. and by then all the rain should be well off to the east and we're just left over with cloud cover here in the d.c. region by the lunch time hours starting to see sunshine break through in in spots especially out to the west. we continue to roll through the afternoon and into the evening commute hours we're looking at more sun just before sunset h here. we're losing daylight kind of fast here. post tropical ophelia still has winds above hurricane strength. it kind of lost its tropical components making landfall in ire land. southern shores of ireland picking up wind gusts upwards of 75, 80 miles an hour as ophelia kind of coming ashore here. next effect northern island
8:49 am
scotland through the kind of daytime hours today. just kind of rare to see a named storm make it up that far north and east. it does happen prime. 66 your daytime high today. look at the overnight lows. chilly 46 here in washington. look at the 30s north and west. i'd still say bring the plants n it won't rule off frost on the ground tomorrow morning. 66 your daytime high today. 65 tomorrow here comes the sunshine plenty of it through the second half of the week. we'll get the 70s back second half of the work week and then near 80 by the time we get to next sunday. all right. that's a check of forecast. erin is como -- guys, i'll send it back over to you. >> michael, thank you very much. >> facebook getting into the food delivery business. social media site has launch another new program that allows users to order food for take out or delivery straight from its app or its website. >> facebook teaming up, door dash and chow now to connect users with their favorite restaurants so if you want to trite outlook for the order food section in the explore menu. >> all r
8:50 am
driverless cars to feel a driver's emotion. so you can't drive but you can control it with how you're feelig, al. the car company reportedly create agnew vehicle that will interact with your feelings on a personal level. blowing artificial intelligence your toyota would be ooh soon be able to pick up your peripheral preferences. for example the car will reportedly offer optional routes based on what you like to see while you drive. and will suggest en route recreational activities based on your interests. keep in mind these are drive less cars. hopefully they don't feel the oh motions i sense when i'm stuck in traffic. >> or road rage. >> yeah. >> that part would not be. the car takes on live of its own. >> right. i don't get it. >> don't worry i'll handle it for you says the car. >> exactly. >> no, no, no i'm okay. >> that doesn't end well. >> um-um. time for today's fox beat. might tow thor heads back to the big screen in the new sequel it's called thor rag na rock. kevin had chance to
8:51 am
with of the movie's biggest mark ruffalo who you know as hulk. >> i'm just a fool. >> same. hulk like fire. thor like water. >> kind of both like fire. >> hulk like raging fire. thor like smoldering fire. >> you're talking as hulk -- >> yeah. >> do you actually lower your voice? i know they do stuff in post but do you do a lower voice for it. >> yeah. the hulk voice is, you know, thor like -- hulk like fire. >> that's cool. >> thor is like fire but hulk like raging fire. thor like smoldering fire. [ laughter ] >> cool seeing do you that. you kind of like get into the fiscal will the when you're doing it. >> yeah, yeah. ♪ >> now i give you
8:52 am
incredible hulk. we know each other. he's a friend from work. >> upping obviously one of the coolest things we saw in the trailer the first trailer that fight scene with you. i know him from work. he's a friend from work. >> yeah. i was curious, when you were doing that scene, obviously we never see in you human form there. are you there -- how much of that scene do you do with that chris. >> that one i did with a stunt man and, um, and then i saw his performance so then i do the opposite of me coming out but mostly that was just fighting and so i did that one on the volume by myself with a stunt man or little version of thor. >> really? >> yeah. >> what did a little version of thor look like. >> a little kidman quinn. >> what? >> i punch it or i run towards it and i smash it, you know, it's like -- it's
8:53 am
like him. he's got the helmet on. >> has chris seen this. >> i don't know. >> and the cape. >> it was mike, a tike and the stunt guy. but all the scenes that i'm acting with him where we're like having real, you know, the -- all the stuff in the apartment, thor -- hulk's amount is me and chris acting together. >> that's awesome. >> it's awesome. this is the first time i really got to do that with people. >> yeah. >> where they're able to capture all the information. >> you're doing it right there. are you on -- are you elevated up higher? >> yeah. they put me on a platform. >> cool. >> and i started to work with stilts now to see if i can do some of the acting on stilts, because i'm literally, i mean, i'm like three, 4 feet taller than i am now. i know what it's league to be chris hemsworth all the time. [ laughter ] >> looking d rest of the world. >> just reminder that thorpe rag narok hits theaters on november 30. expect that to be the big winner
8:54 am
>> yeah. you can expect that. so how is this for magic? the hog warts express made famous by the harry potter series came to the rescue a stranded familiar until scotland over the weekend. the family of six was staying by a lake in the scottish high lands and woke up to a storm had washed their canoe away. they called police who in turn asked the steam train to make an extra stop and come to their rescue. >> it's magic. >> that is just -- if the kids are all into, you know, harry potter, it's like you'll never forget that. >> stayed by harry potter. a report other prowl for big cat got a little more than he bargained for. we'll show you the hilarious video all over social media this morning. >> before we head to break let's take a look at a sweet moment was caught on camera before sunday's redskins game. there's your quarterback kirk cousins and little cooper a couple of weeks old born on september29th. smiles all around. kirk held him for j
8:55 am
and said hey, i got to get back to work. >> love it. >> skins got the win yesterday. kirk had pretty good day. ♪ ♪ñó; ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor. ♪ well what's trending this morning a news reporter in mississippi doing a story on
8:56 am
big cat on the loose. >> but during his live shot, that's when you see reporter out in the field, it wasn't a big cat but a small cat that stole the show. >> we're in man dough mississippi there's been spotting of a cougar and that's not it. that looks like a house cat. >> what's up, kitty? [ laughter ] >> how funny is that? >> i feel like cougar. >> look how he's sitting. this is still life. it was rolling. there he turned away a little bit. no definitely no mountain lion, steve. one of the best parts when the camera zooms in on the cat sitting there stone face looking straight at the camera turns out there was a bobcat in the area the reporter caught up with him in a field a short time later. >> looks like a mini version of a bobcat. same marking. >> giving him the he'll eye. >> you talking about me, sir. >> that's right. >> i was watching that -- >> he was pretty well camouflaged. >> he was really cute. >> did you see that cat, erin. >> i got caught up watching it and ias
8:57 am
shot. >> we're just dealing with a lot of the leftover delays metro on time but our roads around the district from the rain pack your patience, guys. >> yeah. residue. >> rain is starting to clear. good news there. >> yeah. >> second half of the afternoon we'll clear it out get ready for the cold coming our way later on tonight. >> just chilly. >> i'm not ready for it. >> i think it's cold. >> i think it's cold, too. >> are we anticipating snow? >> no. >> don't say the s wore. not ready yet. >> here's what else is coming on good day right after this. we'll see you then.
8:58 am
we salute the triers, the fliers... and those who find their hearts desires. there's a little klutz in all of us. that's why we made clorox splash-less bleach... ...splashless. shine on, klutzes. shine on. vo: john adams' prescription for health care would be a disaster for virginia families. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more.
8:59 am
eir health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
9:00 am
♪ straight ahead, breaking news. a fiery explosion on an oil rig in new orleans. this morning, at least one person is still missing. several others are hurt after the blast. we'll have the very latest from the investigation. horrible event but there's much good going on so it's live in all of it i guess. >> miracle in the making. a maryland woman shot in the head during the las vegas mass shooting takes her first steps less than two weeks later. now, she's back in her home state to continue her long road toward recovery. we'll have a life report. bridging the gap. president trump and senator mitch mcconnell set to meet today for lunch at the white house. it could be the first step toward repairing their relationship, and it will be necessary if they want republicans to accomplish anything in congress. and later, did


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