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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  October 18, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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delaware license plates, pc64273. we have live team coverage tonight from maryland and in delaware. beginning with fox 5's paul wagner live in edgewood where it began. paul? >> right now, the sheriff's office believes that he's still in that vehicle that you just mentioned. also that he is still on the run at this hour, a few minutes ago. the hartford county sheriff's office put out a tweet saying he's not been apprehended. they're still looking for this man, asking for help from the public the let's show you information that we have on this man so far. his name is radee prince and he was a current employee of advanced granite solution. he was four months on the job. witnesses say he used a handgun when he came here this morning just before 9:00. there were multiple people inside the business who ran outside, who were not wounded by the gunfire and at this
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his motive is unknown. let's show you video that we shot earlier today outside this business. it was at 8:58 this morning, the sheriff's office says they received a 911 call for a shooting inside a business in the em erton business park, off i95 and edgewood maryland. inside deputies found five victims, three dead. the two others air lifted to baltimore shock trauma where as of two hours ago, they were still in critical conditioning all five are employees of advanced granite. kevin doyle was in back of the business when he says he heard a commotion. >> i was behind the building with my tools and saw three spanish guys running back from behind the building screaming. i could tell something wasn't right. i asked if they needed help. they said call 911 someone is shooting next door. pretty much it. i called 911 and they scattered. went different directions. i started walking over that way and they said don't go, he's still over there. >> did you end up seeing him or this dark suv lea
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people started coming out of the building. that was about it. it was chaos. >> reporter: investigators say that they identified prince very quickly because people saw prince and were able to tell authorities exactly who they should be looking for. he's 38 years old. and as we mentioned, he's believed to still be driving the black gmc arcadia with delaware plates. a fact confirmed by the hartford county sheriff was that he also, of course, had driven to wilmington delaware, where, which, we're going to get to in just a second. but the sheriff said that it only takes a few minutes to get there. here's what the sheriff had to say earlier today. >> only takes 20 minutes to get to wilmington from here. certainly, i oh wouldn't say be aware,
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this incident to have targeted his workplace, i don't know what relationship is up there. i still believe he's probably targeting for a specific reason and not general. that doesn't mean he's he's an arm killer out there, certainly, he is a danger to anyone he encounters. >> now, in last few hours, we've learned that he was fired from another granite business about ten minutes down the road. he was fired from that business after the owner said he punched an employee in the face. he came back to that business several times to complain about being fired. the owner then tried to take out a peace order against him, but that was denied by a hartford county judge. marina marraco tracked down one of the employees who was punched in the face by this man, she'll have that report a little bit later. we want to take you to wilmington delaware where prince was believed to have shot another man there in the city earlier today right a
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left here. and in the city right now, in wilmington is my colleague, matt ackland. matt, take it away. . >> reporter: paul, thank you. we're here at the wilmington police department, where at this hour, behind me on the second floor a command center has been set up and is operating. of here's the thing. authorities aren't sure where radee prince might be tonight. as you well know, delaware is very close to maryland. it's very close to new jersey. at a press conference today, even federal authorities, the fbi was present at that press conference, saying that everything is being done to find prince. we want to tell you about the connection here, the chief of police here in wilmington talked about this second shooting. it happened this morning, not long after the shooting down in maryland. apparently, prince came here, shot someone he knew, when police arrived quickly, that person that was shot said i know who did it
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identified prince, at that point, they saw that suv leaving the scene. police first wanted to make sure that the victim was ok. then they chased after the suspect, but he was able to get away. i want you to listen to what the chief had to say about that. take a listen. >> i just want to clarify, did you say your officers saw the vehicle leaving after the shooting? and if they did, did they give chase? did they go after it >> my officers were tending to more with the victims, and as we were gathering information, this might be the person, i think it was absolutely -- he was in sight but we were not able to pursue it to make sure we would apprehend this vehicle or bring this person to justice. last we saw the vehicle was at 30th and market. there probably was a short following, no pursuit. we lost the vehicle going northbound. that's last place that officers can say they saw
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as you heard the chief, the officers saw that vehicle. it's on the north side of town. we're going to get back to the anchors now, we got news for you. go ahead. >> thank you. of course, we're continuing with team coverage. we have an exclusive for you now but also new information, neighbors of the suspect say for as long as they've known him, never once seemed angry or aggressive towards anybody >> krysten leon is on scene, and i understand you just saw activity there outside of his home. >> reporter: i did. i want to reference that area. i don't know how well you guys can see. but there is local law enforcement here actually i believe maryland state troopers, they just escort add woman inside the home of prince right there. looks like they are questioning her right now as we speak, this is the latest. most of the scene
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out for the most part like i mentioned but they are questioning her, they've been here on the front doorstep for past five, ten minutes but earlier, we did see them talking to her and she was standing around with all of the other displaced neighbors, those neighbors who were evacuated from their homes as police continued to gather evidence and search the perimeter of this home. i want to point out, that is the home that i'm told according to police and according to neighbors, where prince lives. that home right there, as neighbors continue to question this woman, again, right now, it is sure this relationship, the relationship of the woman to prince, we will continue to work on that and gather those details. as you can see they're rapping that interview up and they will continue to question and gather as much information as possible. and we will stay on top of this. in the meantime i want to reference the video from earlier. the video which looked like a war zone be you could see police at one point were out on the
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we're told, according to neighbors, as they were evacuated and just watching in disbelief, we saw police and again, swat team members armed with assault rifles. police had shotguns in they are hand lining the streets as well. securing the perimeter of the home of prince, we also spoke to neighbors. many of them, like i mentioned stunned. knowing that they say they live right next door directly next door to this person accused of shooting and killing people in several jurisdictions. one neighbor we spoke to described his relationship. what it was like when he encountered prince on a day-to-day basis. listen up. >> he was always nice. he was always pleasant. i mean, he come out one morning his tire was flat. i said you need help? he said i got i no big deal. you know? he never once. showed any aggression. i come home three hours ago. my
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it was just like, what the hell is going on? they said where do you live? i told them. they said, well, your house is safe. next thing i know, i saw eight of them go in my house and had the windows open and sitting in my house. using my house as a base. i live right next door, i'm still trying to make, you know, i mean, i live right next door to a killer. how do you -- how do you fathom that? . >> reporter: and the neighbor you just heard from there and saw, again, he mentions he lives right next door to prince in that white home right there with the no trespassing sign, the home of prince, you saw at one point, local law enforcement officers questioning that woman inside. of they just stepped inside and shut the door, they're continuing to interview her and evaluate the
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of course, we will continue to monitor that. let you know what comes out of elkton maryland. again, this is the latest on this developing story, so stay with us here, fox 5 dc, for the latest here. live in elkton maryland, krysten leon fox 5 local news. coverage of that deadly workplace shooting in hartford county maryland continues tonight >> corey is live in edgewood. what are you working on? >> reporter: across the street from the business where all of the this unfolded. folks are setting up, getting ready for a vigil. we'll have details on that coming up next.
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. we continue to follow breaking news tonight. the investigation into a shooting rampage in edgewood maryland. >> police are looking for this man, radee prince. they say he's armed, dangerous and desperate. according to the hartford county sheriff's office, he showed up at the advanced granite
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solutions company where he was an employee around 9:00 a.m. he opened fire, shot five people. three died, other two are in critical condition at a baltimore hospital. after the shooting, investigates say he drove to wilmington, delaware, where he shot a man at a used car lot. >> our team coverage of that deadly shooting continues tonight with fox 5's corey kauffman who is live in edgewood where church members are holding a vigil for the victims. corey? what time does everything start? >> reporter: things should get underway in about 15 minutes now, this is held in the grassy field in front of the exxon mobile station off of edgewood road and i95. this is right across the street from the business where this all unfolded this morning at about 9:00 a.m. people in this area already beginning to set up for the vigil tonight, we're seeing coffee and doughnuts being brought out as well as a speaker system. while people in this area tell us that workers frequented the restaurants and gas stations nearby. of so this is a fairly close-knit community and people
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pastors felt the shock. they got together and asked themselves what they can do to help. that's when they decided to hold a vigil for the community. >> it's a wholistic approach. it takes the faith community, law enforcement, it takes businesses and government officials to be able to address this issue. >> reporter: and that's pastor brenda lewis from memorial united methodist church speaking, they, along with other local churns invite people to show up at 6:30. it's off of edgewood road and i95. we want to let you know that family and friends of employees are invited to come to the tion- richland ball room which is at the back of the gas station here, and ask police if they have any information or if they have any questions, they're invited to come there to get the information from police, that's where everybody is staging at this point. then they will come on over for
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which will, of course, we'll have more details on. live in edgewood, corey kauffman. fox 5 local news. our coverage of this workplace shooting will can't here on fox 5. we'll have much more coming up later in the newscast and on 5@630. it's a big ball for basketball fans in the district. >> brody logan is live with a respective of the wizards home opener. brody? >> reporter: shawn, you know, a lot of fans are rocking these jerseys, a lot of fans, there's another local kid, mark kel fultz making his nba debut on the other side of the court. will be facing off with john ball, we'll hear from him what it's like to be back in the hometown, first ever nba game for fultz coming up. >> that is exciting. beautiful evening ahead, neck, we're not even thinking it's going to be as cold as it has been. we'll talk about what you can expect for thursday and we'll have a look at the weekend forecast as
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we'll be right back. vo: john adams' prescription for health care
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this is a view of what it's like outside. it's a beautiful day as far as the weather goes >> let's check in with sue palka and find out what we can expect as we roll into the rest of the evening. >> that is a gorgeous shot. that light makes me feel like we're in italy. it's gorgeous. hi, shawn and tony and we're talking about a day that will feature temperatures not quite as chilly as we were last night. would have a frost advisory and going forward, i think temperatures will generally drop to the 60's and back into the 50's and 40's. gorgeous weather out at great falls, william cornish who is a fantastic photographer share as lot of his great pictures wisdom martin on twitter. he was at great falls, you can see a little bit of color coming in the leaves and always a great place to visit. the high temperatures support a nice hike out of great falls and
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weather as we go forward. temperature right now at 6:00 is 67. frederick you're hanging in there with the 72 reading but just about everybody else has headed down into the 60's. so whether you're planning to go watch the wizards or hang out outside the arena, 65 degrees at 7:00. by 9:00, 61 and by 11:00, 58 degrees. so a lovely evening. not as frosty. that's what we're promoting, chilly but not frosty cold and as mentioned we're not seeing advisories issued. that's in the to say that you might not get a patch or two of frost here and there. but i think our colder spots will likely be in places like culpeper and manassas heading to 39 degrees, and about 50 degrees for dc. gradually these temperatures will warm up and we'll peak out this weekend in upper 70's. here's what you can expect tomorrow another day that's wall-to-wall sunshine, 73, friday, we're 75, little warmer still as we head to the weekend. 76 on saturday. 77 on sunday. and it looks like a
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days are remaining dry. for tomorrow, we start with some upper 30's to near 50. feels a little bit chilly. high pressure still in control. hard to find clouds around tomorrow that's for surely we will bounce back as you saw into the low 70's tomorrow afternoon. so very similar today, just a little bit warmer at 51 degrees tomorrow morning. by noon, we're 65 and by 5:00, 71. again, most places around the region will head for low 70's tomorrow. very comfortable. but we change things up a little bit for the weekend. high pressure which has been overhead now slips off the coast and that tends to warm us up a little bit and by sunday, it may throw a few more clouds in our direction. talked about the weekend forecast there with the temperature, but again, a lot of sunshine expected saturday and a few more clouds sunday. we go from 76 to 77. if your plans include watching or running in the marine corp marathon, congratulations and i hope you like the forecast. not bad at
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start time in arlington, 7:55 in the morning, if you're wrapping up around noon. a frontal boundary will be approaching i think the rain holds off till late in the day monday, it might give us a nice soaking that we need tuesday and a chilly push comes in by wednesday next week. let me show it to you on the fox 5 accu-weather seven-day forecast. we got all these gorgeous days coming with the late showers monday, rainy tuesday and cooler as we look toward wednesday of next week. shawn and tony back to you. guess what? guess you guys can tell, the nba is back and the washington wizards season opener is here at home against the philadelphia 76er's >> one of the stars at the nba's number one pick, markelle fultz who grew up in prince george's county. brody logan is live at capitol one arena as it's called with more. >> reporter: i'm right outside the
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you see the #dc family. it's here in balloon form, but a member of that dc family or the dmv family is markelle fultz, number one pick in the nba draft. and he's back homemaking his nba debut against the team he grew up rooting wizards, he had to face john wall. john wall was asked about going up against the local kid, number one pick first time how. he was going to take it easy on him. john wall went and talked about all the top point guards he had to face his rookie year and saying he's not going to take it easy and he might get baptized into the nba by john wall. marco fultz was asked about his debut and asked about how big this moment is to be back in his home area. >> everything you see me came from, it's a basketball state.
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a lot great players that came out of this area and i got, every time i got to go out and play i'll give it my all. i'm approaching it calm, clear my mind, do what my got to do to help at the team win. don't overthink don't think i'm at home i got to do anything extra or play different, go out there and be myself everything will be all right. >> reporter: ever since he was picked number one, marco fultz has been coming back to the area, doing events at his elementary school, middle school, giving back and speaking of million school, shawn and tony, he's ticket request he said from people back in middle school. people he hasn't seen since middle school have been asking him for tickets to this game. coming out of the woodwork a little bit to ask for tickets to tonight's wizards home opener >> that's the way it happens. i'll bet he's trying to do the best he can. you got to tell
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>> reporter: you got to say no. >> we're excited for him. >> reporter: tony you know all about that. >> people ask me for tickets to this show all the time. i say there's no audience. thank you, brody >> you guys just don't have to pay, there is. a live studio audience. a happy ending to a story we told you about yesterday on fox 5 news. a missing pup found wondering near prince george's county firehouse was reunited with his owner.
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. the owner of a small dog found wondering in prince george's county has been found. fire officials say the long haired
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to the allentown road fire station. the owner of the dog was a neighbor who saw the story and called the firehouse from work. the dog had other takers, dozens called to say they would take the dog if the owner couldn't be found, but the owner was found. >> everybody else, show up at a shelter and get a dog. he'll be forever grateful. we'll talk more about the deadly workplace shooting coming up next on 5@630 >> see you later.
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. search for the killer >> the search for the suspect spans two states, hartford county maryland, all the way to wilmington delaware. gunman shot five people. three died. two seriously hurt in the shooting happened at a place called advanced granite solutions that's in edgewood maryland. you see the suspect on the left side of your screen. 37-year-old radee prince. >> as the manhunt continues be we're learning more about the suspect. let's get to paul wagner with the very latest. paul? >> reporter: jim and shawn,


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