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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  October 18, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>>:05 p.m. suspect was taken into custody after a brief foot chase. >> the two day long manhunt is over. how police found the man linked to shootings in maryland and delaware live in wilmington with the late backing details, plus. >> god has a funny way of bring
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there's tragedy. >> as we learn the identities of the vick timd. fox news at 10 starts right now. >> and we begin tonight with the latest on the man linked to the shootings in maryland and delaware. >> late this evening the hartford sheriff office confirmed atf and other law enforcement captured prince in newark, delaware. let's go to marina marraco for the late-breaking details, marina. >> reporter: chief in wilmington here saying they would lay no stone unturned but could not find the suspect's visito. they were watching over toll toll booths, red light cameras and could not find that vehiclement finally 5:35 they got a tip from residents in newark, delaware, that the suspect's vehicle was found unoccupied and it was then when agents from maryland, delaware, as well as federal agents descended upon newark and at 7:00 three plain clothed officers from the
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and baltimore ended today's manhunt. >> he was walking down the street and then when our atf agents we were doing a search through the neighborhood and it happen to be one of our teams that came across him. when he saw they spotted him he actually took off running threw the gun and he they were able to apprehend him 75 feet later and get the gun. he was actually walking in the neighborhood. he was not threatening anyone. tips were coming in. it was not the person i talked about earlier it seemed tobling a person targeted shootings and was out there discriminatively shooting at people. >> but the manhunt for roddy prince started before 9:00 this morning in maryland. just before 9:00 this morning the first reports of shots fired here at the emmerton business park. >> deputies were on the scene within four minutes. >> five of prince's co-workers
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solutions shot three dead and two in critical condition. >> it was behind the building there and three spanish guys came out and said call 91 there's a shooter. >> 10:45 an hour away in wilmington, delaware, believe belief prince used a gun shoot a man at auto sales and service shop. >> they had beefs and had history together and so there's probably some things going on that he was going owe up there and that was pre-med taitd while he drove from maryland. >> the gmc acadia pulled away from shooting scene and gave a chase and eventually they lost the your. >> this is targeted this individual knew the p.m. he want todd shoot this was not random act of violence where the person went on you discriminatively. >> police believe all six shootings were targeted. prince, 3. has a lengthy wrap sheet in delaware arrested 42 times 15 re
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and 2015 prince was arrested in cecil county mar for possession of a handgun. last year this manziel prince punched him in the face and he doesn't know why. >> his' fired prince. he returned in february this year to confront the boss the encounter so bad the owner filed for a peace order ins with denied. >> he is being processed in wilmington and will go before a judge tomorrow. live tonight in wilmington, delaware, marina marraco, "fox5 local news". >> now, tonight, we now know the names of those who died when radee prince opened fire in the company in hartford county. >> meantime as people gathered in edgewood not far from the scene a
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korey i know you have more on the victim's identities. >> that's right, we have those names for you shawn and tony, 53-year-old bear sixt contudev of virginia and jose romeor of maryland and 40-year-old earl jack of maryland we were here as people showed up just hours ago for that vigil just across the street from where all of this happened early this morning. i 95 and edgewood road. >> after a violent day we're doing a simple and powerful thing tonight tonight and is that the simply to pray. >> churn. >> churches from all background came together. >> have mercy on us and departed stores. >> a manager from advanced granite
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granite solutions holding back tears. >> we're a small business and we know each employee intimately. and we have worked together with these wonderful people for years in a peaceful setting. >> it makes you realize how much evil a person is capable of. >> it's a day to reconcile and be together in peace and harmony. >>. >> bant together. >> issues are real. people have real issues the thatel really need to be talk about and addressed. >> one man those the feel all too well. his father is one of the deputies shot and killed at abington panera 2016. >> pray for a family affected and i pray for those still fighting for their lives in shock trauma a. >> and we do know two people are
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lives they remain in city call condition tonight. their identities have not been released. live in edgewood. korey koffman "fox5 local news". >> larry hogan issued the following statement following the shooting wrote first lady and i ask all marylanders join us in praying for loved ones and victims and those still fighting to live. >> and i'm sue palka. tonight we are not concerned about a frostee overnight temperature reading. no frost advisory has been issued. and while it will not be proingty it looks like it will be on the chilly side this morning. let get a check of temperatures around the region i don't see too many places in the 0s. we have mid 40s in call preponderanceer and mannasas and winchester 50 degrees that's the warmest in three night and 49 martinsburg and here in the district 59 degrees. we had a high temperature right around 70 today and that was a warmer a
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had yesterday and now you can see that we're starting to see those temperatures uptic just a little bit. looking at you're 24 hour temperature change we're some 6 to 11 warmer than we were last night at 10:00. so, you can thank those south breezes that's making difference there light. they are keeping warmer air relatively speaking in place over our area. so here's what you can expect overnight. near 40 degrees. couple of spots could drop into the upper 0s. i think in the district closer to 50. compared to 35 to about 40 we had around the region last night. and last stop tonight here's bus stop forecast for the k kids. not as chilly before school. 40 to about 50. after school a gorgeous thursday afternoon. and we're going to climb between 68 and 72 degrees and looks like our high temperature will stop out in the low 70s tomorrow. a little bit of gradual warming trend is starting up and we'll have more details on that with the 7 day it's coming up later. tony, shawn. >> thank you, sue. >> coming up new details about the man accused of yum canping
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wait until you hear what the secret service said he was wear when they caught him. >> and caught in the act. he's accused of stealing 200,000 in coins from gas station vacuum machines in d.c., maryland and virginia. an update to the search for the suspect. >> lus, "fox5" lauren demarco is live. lauren what are you working on? sgl. >> reporter: tony, a woman answers a craigslist ad for a job and called to interview in this office building in rest in. when she arrived she's attacked. sexually assaulted and fairfax county police say they don't think this is the only victim. we have the details coming up on the other side of the break.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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>> at the shell station on wood yard road in clinton thieves stole app atm they rammed a pickup truck in the building and didn't get the atm and did leave a large hole in the front of the store. earlier we spoke with the gas station attendant who witnessed
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>> at first i'm thinking oh, somebody accidentally backed into. it and then they pulled up again and they backed up again that's what i hurry up and grabbed phone and went straight to the back to the restroom and locked myself in there and called dispatch. >> anyone with information is urged to call prince george county police. >> new tonight man accused of stealing 00,000 in coins from gas station vacuum machines is now under arrest. james jackson is akutsed of taking the money over a span of several years from several gas stations across the d.c. region. they was caught on surveillance camera and charged in several incidents. but the prine skorj county state attorney office dropped original charges for lack of evidence. however, prosecutors reopened those cases after our story first aired earlier this week. friringt eping moments olive guard anyone baltimore. there was an explosion in the restaurant electric room. it's not clear right now what
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in fact the blast was so strong you can see it sent the rear door across the parking lot. dozens of employees and customers were inside at the time and incredibly no one was hurt. a registered sex offender is under arrest again. fairfax county police say this man was -- we'll show him to you in a moment. the map was posting job ads on craigslist and sexually assaulting interview hes. lauren demarco is live in r reston where police are trying to get the word out about this guy, lauren. >> reporter: tony, women, just trying to get a job. math up, you show up for an interview here at a building in restin and this looks like a nice place. when you get to the office you're expecting to meet feature boss you're attacked by a predator. fairfax county police say ralph posted ads on craigslist seeking administrative assistant. he set the interview for this building 1200
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drive reston and when the women showed up they were sexually assaulted. he is charmed and held without bond. two other cases are under investigation and detectives believe there could be more victims out. there people who work here, they want police to release details of where exactly ralph was luring the women. they say only a handful of the suites in this build ring currently occupied. >> um not sure exactly which floor. i know there's one floor that if you go to that floor it's just open area. elevator door opens and it's empty. there's nothing there. so, yes it's accessible. >> a little shaken because i do long hours and some of those hours there's not anyone here and so i'm here alone sometimes. >> we're asking people to take a look at photo and take a look at the name. if that sounds familiar to y you, again these ads were on craigslist there's more than
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one ad advertising a position for administrative assistant and asked to come to a location for interview. if that sounds familiar to you, co-worker e. friend, neighbor we want to hear about taken wanted to try too find outta how many cases we really have. he is already a registered sex offender convicted in 2011 of sexual solicitation of a minor in montgomery country, maryland. there's a childcare center here at the building along sunrise valley drive in restin and operators tell me other than being alerted about at rest by police the center and children fortunately were not impacted in any way. during the day, this building is open. it's unlocked. right now you need a key fab to get in. that is rally only after dark. police want to hear from anyone else who thinks they may have been in contact with this guy. there's currently a reward of up to 1,000 for information leading to an arrest. live in restin, lauren demarc
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demarco, "fox5 local news". "fox5" is in anne arrundel county where police are investigating a gruesome discovery of human am remains in a park in shady side, maryland. sky fox was over the park holly and chesapeake avenues this afternoon. the medical examiner was on the scene. working to determine the person's gendzer and identity. investigators don't yet know how the person died. >> now to a "fox5" exclusive. it's part of a brand new episode of a "fox5" true crime pod cast. the mansion murders. this is six part series exploring the gripping recent crimes. torture and murders of the family and house keeper in northwest d.c. in 2015. in episode three which is available for download today the suspect darn wentz sister speaks out publicly on the case for the fist time. take a listen. >> he is awesome. i can't say kid he's a grown man. i know he's an awesome person. he loves kids. he's very funny
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he likes to crack jokes and stuff. i mean, you would sit and you would oh, sweep you or your foot because of the kind of person he is. >> you can listen to all of episode three wo to itunes or pod cast app on iphone search for mansion murders and subscribe. we'll launch a brand new episode every wednesday and see extra behind the scenes video on web site click on pod cast. we also set up a special facebook group to connect you. so you can get more information. connect to the "fox5" d.c. face boork page. there you get more updates on the series and case. >> new tonight nfl commissioner roger goodell says players should stand for national anthem at games. his latest comments come after the final day of nfl league meet ningz new york. here's what he had to say earlier today about the ongoing controversy over playerers taking a knee instead of standing during the anthem. >> they will state to you and stated to everye
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way to be disrespectful to the flag. we believe our players should stand for the national anthem. that's an important part of our game. >> reporter: earlier tonight president trump weighed in on twitter saying "too much talk, not enough action, stand for the national anthem" commissioner he goodell says a half dozen players are protesting and he hopes to get that number to zero without changing the rules. raw sewage is is running in the streets in parts of the island. president trump. >> do your job! today on capitol hill senator elizabeth warren joined a group of protesters demanding more support for puerto rico following irma, harvey, and maria. they called for immediate cancellation of puerto rico debt. here's more of what senator warren had to stay. >> the people of puerto rico to the people of the virjian island, we have not forgot ep you. you are o
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sisters. >> yes, yes, yes. >> you are our fellow u.s. citizens is. >> yes. >> and are you part of our hearts. >> yes. >> novrn nor of puerto rico is expected to go to puerto rico following response to the island nation. >> and breaching security at the white house. investigators say curtis combs of somerset, keep ken, was dressed as the pokemon character peek achew when she jumped a concrete barrier outside of the white house. he is charged with unlawful entry. >> he was easy to spot. >> elementary school in jackson, mississippi, named out confederate leader will soon bear name of first african-american president. the school originally named after jefferson davis president of the confederate states of america will be renamed after president barack obama. 98% of students who attend the school are african-american
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and school president said they decided to change name to better represent the diversity of the school. the name change will happen during the next school year. meanwhile, first lady melania trump is donating inaugural ball gown top smithsonian. she'll handover the sleek white dress she helped design during a ceremony on friday. the designer irva pierre will be on happened and it will be on display first lady collection of national museum of american history. >> that will be cool. i don't know if you've seen that. >> i have. >> all the dresses are there. cool to see them all like that. >> that was a beautiful dress. >> it was, indeed. >> coming up a day for the dogs. >> special honor given to these police puppies. >> and tomorrow morning "fox5" we'll have live coverage of the multi-state manhunt for the man linked to shootings in maryland and delaware. he was captured tonight and housing sdmert is highlighting hottest neighborhood in the
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stunt man stevie o you know what he's from, right. >> yes he was from -- yeah i can't say -- [ laughter ]. >> don't say it on air, tony perkins. he'll be live in the loft with the morning crew and it all starts 4:25 a.m. we'll be right back
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>> its with a day for dogs. a festival held in napaul today held in capital city of katmandu for contribution of police k-9 s in catching criminals. the doggys were presented with medals for help during investigations. >> celebration is held an annually by these central police dog training school on second day of five-day long hindu
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>> that's cracking you up. >> there's a the lot of details. >> were you barking earlier were those your own sound effects. >> no that was on the tape. >> i don't believe it. >> it was good. >> we need a little levity right now. that was lovely tony perkins. we certainly appreciate that. >> thank you i appreciate it too. coming up next, yes? >> i'm totally on board. she's a cat lover. >> it was held in cat man due. katmandu. >> and i thought you were looking to get a madeal for barking. >> exactly you were you barking that was not the vi video. >> up nooerp next here on "fox" news at 10:30. >> we'll follow today what happened in maryland deadly workplace shooting and major developments tonight. >> and suspect is captured in delaware. we'll take you live to wilmington for update on the investigation. >> and update for you on the couldn't very surrounding president phone call to gr grieving widow of fallen soldier when 10:0 starts in a few moments
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>> right to you at 10:0 suspect in a dead a workplace shooting in maryland captured after massive manhunt. we're live with the late eliminate on the invest investigation. and then president accused of making insensitive comment to the grieving widow of fallen soldier and what the white house is saying about the controversy and everything from cellphone charmers to abandoned cars. one airport is getting rid of of all the items forgetful travelers leave behind. the 10:30 starts now. >> but off the top a man accused of carrying out deadly shoot ago tack at a business in maryland is in police custody. >> the suspect was taken into custody in delaware. police say she shot four co-workers from hartford, county, maryland. and three of the stick tilz were skilled. and "fox5" maryland live in wilmington delaware with more tonight, marina
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>> that's right, chief here in wilmington said they would leave no stone unturned. they said they never heard from the suspect's family he made any sort of contact with them. and they said they could not find the suspect's vehicle. they looked at toll booths and looked at red light cameras and smog cam up. and finally 5:30 this afternoon a resident in ne newark, delaware, called in a tip saying that that resident had located the suspect's car. it was unoccupied at the time and that's when law enforce. from maryland, delaware, as well as federal agents descended searching for radee prince app hour and a half later three plain clothed agents from atf were finally able to bring this manhunt to an enter. >> he was walking down the street. and then when our atf agents we were doing a search through the neighborhood. it hand to be one of many teams that came across him. and when he saw that they had so the spotted him.
10:32 pm
threw the gun and they were able to happen hend him 75 feet later and recover the gun where he threw. it what he was doing walking in the neighborhood h was not threatening everyone anyone. tips were coming in it was not a person i talked aboutl earlier it seemed to be a person targeted shootings and not discriminatively shooting at people. >> and radee prince faces charges in maryland and delaware. he's being processed here at the wilmington police department. i asked the police chief if he had envokeed his right to council. he said he could not elaborate if he was cooperating or invoked right for counsel. for now we're learning tomorrow he'll go before a judge. live tonight in wilmington, delaware, marina marraco, "fox5 local news". >> and developing story tonight. president trump speaking out over a phone call the widow of fallen u.s. service member. president called the widow of army sergeant la davidson to offer condolences and told her "he knew what he signed
10:33 pm
and added but when it happens it hurts anyway. he denies making comments. >> doesn't say what that congress woman said i didn't say it at all and she knows it and she's now not saying. it i did not say what she said. and i would like her to make the statement again. >> johnson was killed by isis linked militants in ambush during anti-terror operation in ner. it's up clear where they were separated and traveling in unarmored vehicle. wilson is pushing for investigation. she is one that started story about the comments made which the family has said in part are true. no word from pentagon if that investigation will happen. >> for the first time since confirmation hearing jeff sessions was grilled on capitol hill today in pointed and at times heated exchange. attorney general speaking before a senate judiciary commit tooe ty during oversight hearings and repeatedly asked to reveal conversations he had with president trump he refused to do. sessions defended
10:34 pm
of former fbi director james comey and he said said it was a serious error for fbi to close the clip top investigate rather thaj wait for justice department. >> i don't think it's been fully understood the sniff caps of the error that mr. comey made on the clinton matter. >> sessions also denied any improper conversations with russia during the 2016 presidential election. senate votes on a budget tomorrow and gop is cutting it close when it comes to votes. fox news correspondent mike emmanuel on the hill tonight with more. >> we want to take more money out of washington's pockets and put more money in the pockets of hard working men and women throughout our country. >> to do tax reform senate republican leaders must first approve a budget blueprint which would clear a path to bigger goal. >> finance committee made progress developing common sense facts reform goals with former funds from the budget the committee can complete its work. >> good
10:35 pm
leaders came with mississippi senator thad cochran returning from an absence due to medical issues and john mccain saying he support the budget resolution. 52 republican senators there's little wiger room considering kentucky senator ran paul is expected to be a no. >> if we say and do what we say we are for i'll vote for budget. but if we are not going to be con seb of it i cannot vote for it. >> still gop leaders sound hopeful to have the necessary votes on the bubet. top democrats shifted their aim towards the next fight republican plans for tax reform. >> so why is the trump administration proposing this immoral plan that will explode deficit and not fwro the economy. because the plan is very, v very, very good for the super rich members of the trump administration. >> democrats also trying to exploit friction with former white house chief strategist steve bannon
10:36 pm
conservative challenge others to take on every incumbent except ted cruz and senate democratic leader suggests president is too worried about base. key senate republicans say the president is clear about where he wants to go on taxes. >> if at least 50 reps stick together and say yes to budget there's nothing democrats can do about it. so that's likely why they're shifting focus to the bigger prize tax reform. on capitol hill, mike emm emmanuel. fox news. >> all right we want to take to you breaking news right n now. these are live pictures from sky fox out of anne arrundel county where two police officers crashed while res responding to a call. and their squad cars collided along maryland 175 and race road in jet jess up. you can see on the screen two cruisers next to each other on the mess on the road as well. both officers were taken to shock trauma baltimore and their injuries thankfully are not life-threatening. >> next here at 10:30 cashing in or forgetful flyers. >> all the items left
10:37 pm
at airport security end up in lost and found. now you can score a deal on unclaimed electronics and other goods. you have to know where to go, sue. >> just in time for the holidays, jim, sarah, that's fun. did you know it's a big weend in d.c. especially for runners and those of you who loved the marine corps marathon. it's happening on sunday. what are the weather conditions going to be like. it's early preview. but right now it's looking rick about 5 degrees at 7:55 start time for marathon. so, cool, do runners like it cooler i think they might xing that's not terrible. by noon, 69 for those of you who can run it in four hours. i myself would need to take about ten hours except i could never do a marathon. listen we'll talk more about what you can expect this weekend and have the 7 someday forecast just ahead >> up, up and away, pass 23 k a day after briefly surfacing mile phone dow closing above 23,000 for this first time ever on wednesday.
10:38 pm
nasdaq and a & p finishing in record territory comfortably. ford is recalling more than a million pick up trucks in usa. they include 2016 and 20 17 f-150 and super duty trucks a apparently side doors may not open or close due to problems with the latch. and salaries are no longer secret among many millennials. study from bank rate .com they admit to sharing with colleagues and that's more than any other age group. maybe the grass is not always green are because real estate web site saying that while the average american house has grown by 20% in past 40 years the average lawn size has shrunk by 20%. median size of single family home is now more than 2,000 square feet. that's
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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>> a school named jefferson davis will be named barack obama. 98% of students that attend the school are african american. they decided to change the name to represent the diversity of the school. the name change will happen during the next school year. more than 2500 students receive mobile device from sprint in prince george county to expand internet access to schools across the can'ty. students in prince george county can take devices home to do homework. this is to do work. not have fun with and this is important stuff here. recent study finds 5
10:43 pm
families in u.s. with school age children do not have internet at home. legos cool women of nasa said hit stores next month. one of the key hidden figure heroin will not be added katherine johnson calculated trajectories for mercury and apolo programs and portrayed in the films hidden figures and lego said it was unable to get approval from key people and must drop the figure. figures of the others will be included in the set available on november 1. overseas now in president trump wax figure made way toy madame tu sew in berlin. he stands amongst president obama and other sports and show business figures. 16 specialists worked four months on replica baesed off body measurements supplied by white house. >> most of us have taken flights before. you probably have too. when people
10:44 pm
they end up in lost and found. if nobody claims it it has to go somewhere. one airport auctioning offer cellphone chargers to abandoned cars. this happens every year pittsburgh international airport and it started because more than a dozen cars left behind every year in the parking lot. people leaving behind cars. >> cars of. >> after they try to get them back new ones show up and they take them home. >> we just looked at each other like we just bought a jeep. >> power kharn and c. ds. >> it's pretty cool. it's a good idea. they'll keep the tradition going. money made from anything lost and found goes to skharty. and having flown out of that airport many times somebody may have a sweet new pair of ray bans. >> all the stuff you leave behind. >> yeah. >> right. >> oh, my gosh. >> pretty cool. >> effort to crackdown on online bullying and hara harassment. >> and how twitter is making chains to try to
10:45 pm
users. ♪ ♪
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vo: john adams' prescription for health care would be a disaster for virginia families. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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>> advertisements promoting actual fake news or appearing in fact checking web sites, the fake ads appeared on sites like po litic owe facts and snopz and mass car aid as main street web sites. google ad word system puts on web sites that fits parameters acts that place advertisements have been terminated from google ad platform. >> twitter introducing new rules to protect users from abuse and harassment. social media site is expand what is considered nude image. they're cracking down on images and videos shared without user permission and making it easier to report unwanted sexual advances. offenders will now be permanently suspended from site and new rules come in the wake of some users boycotting
10:49 pm
rose mcgowen for speaking out against weinstein. it would implement sweeping changes twitter said. >> venmo users can use the app to shop online. it let's you send directly money to someone or from them. venmo users can pay for online purchases on many sites like lululemon and foot locker and they can make a purchase on phone at any retailer site that accepts pie pal. they can pay with money stashed in app or split among other venmo users. >> or cash. >> or just cash or card. >> i know. >> venmo entered lexi con. >> my daughters say you can venmo me this or sglat no, i can't because i don't know what it s i'll give you a check. nobody wants a check. >> all right. let's talk a little about today -- today
10:50 pm
out with hoodie at first. i thought would be cooler. it got nice. >> nice this afternoon oh, my gosh it was caet. that will continue to happen jim and sarah. not frostee tonight. definitely chilly. there will be places that fall into 0s. no frost advisory issued tonight. it won't be quite as frosty in the morning for those of you who get up 6, 7:00. er wanted to show you too as we trend to warmer afternoons still plenty of great things to see down at the georgetown water front and mark stokes' story rather tweeting found this georgous butterfly on the are flower and yes there's summerlike temperatures towards the weekend that might get you inspired as well. if you get a great picture like mark did tweet it to me. sue palka "fox5" d.c. we love to show them as part of weather cast. here's weatherhead line for at some time. it's chilly. but it's not frostee over overnight. we'll definitely see a pretty good range of temperatures from maybe the upper 30s to near 49 or 50 in the city. and then a nice
10:51 pm
as we'll head right back into the low 0s. this weekend we actually are warming up to upper 70s and enjoy that while you can if you like it warmer. because we see pretty significant changes next week. some that involve needed rain and that will likely be monday night to tuesday and then big cool down after that rainy system departs. dropping wednesday's temperatures to near 60. here's where we topped out today, 70 to 71 around the region and as we look at the next four days each day a little bit of warm-up. 73 tomorrow and 75 friday. and 76 saturday and sunday 77. all of these days are dry. we could use a little bit of rain and finally we do have at least a pretty good chance coming as i mentioned monday and into tuesday. and 54 degrees is temperature right now in gaithersburg. this is quite a bit milder than it was last night at 10:00. by some 6 to 10 degrees in many areas d.c. 59. we have temperatures down towards mannasas in the 40s.
10:52 pm
mannasas and 44 winchester and 41 martinsburg. again some spots could slip into the upper 0s and shouldn't be enough for any kind of widespread frost obviously. we're still looking at huge lack of rain across the entire country. showers continue in florida. we have a little bit of of rain moving across the southwest. and into the pacific nort northwest. and good signs out there. they're getting stormy and they need that rain as he well know. for us, though, it's way wall to wall sunshine day again starting cool, 51 at 8. but by noon we're up to 65 and by 5:00. 71. these are temperatures i expect to top out at tomorrow. mostly low 7 owes aregion. great, georgous day, chilly start, beautiful recovery in the afternoon. and we keep this going into the weekend. let's talk about the weekend. high pressure moves a little off the coast and we warm up even more. and you may see clouds coming into the picture yut a bit on nd
10:53 pm
upper 70s. your weekend forecast we're in good shape. it's going to be 76 degrees on saturday and 77 degrees on sunday and on "fox5"accuweather 7-day forecast rain monday. but i think it cools off unil late in day. mostly at night. 76. before the front arrives as tuesday seems to be the rainest day. we'll keep that temperature around 72. the system pushes on through with leftover showers wednesday and look at temperature dropping to 62 for high temperature. next week that time. and that's 7 day forecast. brody what's going on in your world tonight. >> thank you, sue, d.c. sports fans you have been through a lot this year. >> heck, you've been through a lot for the last 20 years. for almost 70 collective seasons nationals, capitols, redskins and wizards have played without making it to conference or league finals. he knows might of sports. wall said it's more pressure on m
10:54 pm
motivation for me i'm fine with that i want to break. it yeah, john, break it. same home new name wizards home opener gets 76ers and john wall looking to baptize the rook. t. j. mc connell. wizard up nine. sirmz hunt around to wizards process them out of game followed by kelly ubre with a dunk and then second later on the break john wall finishes he had 28 points, eight assists. five rebound and 25 of on you wizard undefeated on the season beating sixers 120-115. redskins nail bite erwiner they continue snake bitten by injuries missing most starting secondary two more blows struck jonathan allen for the season with sprain second half of the win and starting kicker dustin hopkins
10:55 pm
with hip injury. kicker nick roads look at this new skins kicker hitting 80-yard field goal at texas. 80 yards. long nest nfl was 64 yards. that was denver at elevation. this is austin texas. that's not all he has in bag of tricks. shirtless back flip extra point kick. >> oh, my gosh. >> totally practical for nfl game. >> now, we're not flipping rose hit 70% of kicks at te texas. but hey if you need a fancy extra point in right. >> he's the man to go to. >> can he do nat pads. >> as true. >> those get in way. >> inencumbered by clothes. >> 0 yard field goal he has a leg. we wish him well obviously. >> good luck buddy. >> coming up next "fox 5 news" at 11. >> here's shawn and tony. >> hopefully they don't need an 0 yard field goal. >> true. >> coming up at 11 staying on
10:56 pm
developments in deadly workplace shooting in mar maryland. >> brand new video toe show you of accused gunman after arrested in delaware. team coverage which what police are telling us about the investigation and new information about the victims. >> plus a man is accused of posting job ads onen craigslist and then sexually assaulting the women showing up for interviews. the warning from police tonight as they say there could be more victims. ♪ hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too.
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11:00 pm
>> multi-state manhunt is over following a workplace shooting in maryland and another shooting in delaware. >> tonight, new details on how police track down the suspect as a community gri grieves. >> your news starts now. >> we begin tonight with breaking news out of anne arrundel county. two police officers are in the hospital after a squad quars collides while responding to a call. >> this is a live look at the the scene. this is at route 175 and race road in jess up. this happened around 9:30 tonight. not that long ago. we're told one cruiser rear ended other both crashed both officers were taken to shock trauma in baltimore. but we're told they have non life-threatening injuries. now to the deadly workplace shooting in maryland and the massive multi-state manhunt that played out all day. >> that's right tonight suspectsed killer radee prince is in police custody in delaware. in fact these


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