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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  October 18, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> multi-state manhunt is over following a workplace shooting in maryland and another shooting in delaware. >> tonight, new details on how police track down the suspect as a community gri grieves. >> your news starts now. >> we begin tonight with breaking news out of anne arrundel county. two police officers are in the hospital after a squad quars collides while responding to a call. >> this is a live look at the the scene. this is at route 175 and race road in jess up. this happened around 9:30 tonight. not that long ago. we're told one cruiser rear ended other both crashed both officers were taken to shock trauma in baltimore. but we're told they have non life-threatening injuries. now to the deadly workplace shooting in maryland and the massive multi-state manhunt that played out all day. >> that's right tonight suspectsed killer radee prince is in police custody in delaware. in fact these
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the arrest. it started as prince shot five people and killed three at a business where he was an employee. a few hours later he shot none used car lot in wilmington, delaware. police and federal agents arrested him tonight in newark, delaware. >> we have team coverage tonight, korey coffin as new details about the victims killed. but we begin with marina marraco in wilmington, delaware ux with more details on the manhunt and capture, marina. >> reporter: tony, shawn, the chief in wilmington saying they would leave no stone urn turned but they could not find that suspect's vehicle. they had eyes on the toll toll booths and eyes on red light cameras and could not find the car. timely about 5:0 this afternoon in newark, delaware they received a tip from residents saying they spotted the suspects's vehicle. it was unoccupied and that's when law enforcement agents descended upon that area. it was three plain klonled a tv agents that finally brought
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this manhunt to an end. >> he was walking done the street and then when atf agents were were doing a search through the neighborhood. they happened to be one of many teams that came across them. when he saw they had spotted him, he actually took off running. threw the gun and they were able it apprehend him 75 feet later and recover the gun where he threw it. what he was doing was walking in the neighborhood hx he was not threatening anyone. tips were not coming in it was not the person i talked about earlier it seemed to be a person targeting shootings and was not discriminatively shooting at people. >> reporter: but that manhunt started just before 9:00 this morning in maryland. just before 9:00 this morning the first reports of shots fired here at the emmerton business park. >> deputies were on the scene in four minutes. >> five of radee prince co-workers shot.
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condition. >> i was behind the building there and three spanish be guys came out and said call 911 there's a shooter. >> 10:45 yearly an hour away in wilmington, delaware, police believe radee prince used the same gun to shoot another man known to him at auto sales and service shop. >> they had beefs and they've had history together. so there's probably some things going on that he was going up there and that was premeditates why he drove straight from maryland to that individual. >> wilmington police saw prince's 2008 gmc acadia pull away from shooting screen and gave a chase and then they lost the car. >> this was targeted and the individual knew the people he wanted to soot. this was not random act of violence where the person went out discriminatively. >> they believe all six shootings were targeted and the question is why. prince, 37, has a lengthy rap sheet n delaware arrested 42 times, 15 resulted in felony convitions. and in 2015
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arrested in cecil county, maryland for possession of illegal handgun. last year, this manziel prince punched him in the face while they worked together at jps granite and he doesn't know why. his' fired prince and according to court documents prince returned in february of this year to confront his boss. the encounter so hostile the owner filed for a peace order which was ultimately denied. >> and prince now expected to face charges here in delaware as well as in maryland. he is being processed here at the wilmington police department. and shawn, tomorrow, radee prince will go from a judge. >> now "fox5" korey coffin. we know the names of employees now from the dmp hartford county. >> we do, shawn, 53-year-old bear of virginia and 34-year-old jose
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maryland and 48-year-old also of maryland. a fewer hours ago we were hear as several dozen showed up to the small lot here across the street from where all this happened. and to hold a vigil for those victims. after a violent day a peaceful harmony breaks noise of choppers overhead. >> we're here to do simple and powerful thing together tonight simply to pray. >> converging on this hallowed ground. >> human beings have 34ersy on all of us aaen their de departed souls. >> a manager holding back tears. >> words cannot express our shock and sadness. we're a 1345u8 business and we know each employee interest natalie intimately we worked together in a peaceful setting for years with these people.
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think how much evil the human heart is capable of. and at the same time the amount of love. >> it's a day to reconcile and be together in peace and harmony. >> just span together and if you have issues with anybody get together and try to resolve them. once a bullets leaves a come you cannot say stop, come b back. >> issues are real people are real issues that need to be talked about and addressed. >> one man knows the feeling all too well. his father was a deputy shot and killed at abington panera 2016. >> i pray for families that were affected and i pray nor those who are still fighting for their lives and? shock trauma a. >> we know those victims fighting for their lives remain in critical condition tonight. their identities are not released. live in edgewood, korey coffin. "fox5 local news". >> we have reaction from people who know
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he never once seemed angry or aggressive towards anybody. but one man whose brother worked with prince tells a different story of the type of person he s. >> he always mad and i would say hey, he was like plan is he was always nice and pleasant. and i mean he come out one morning the tire was flat. i said you need help, he said i got it no big deal you know. he never once showed any aggression i live right next door to a killer. >> how do you fathom that. how do you process that. >> prince's neighbors and people live near the shooting scene say they have never witnessed such a heavy police response. >> tonight in fairfax country registered sex offender is under arrest again police say he was posting job ads on craigslist and sexually assaulting women that showed up to be interest vudz.
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"fox5" lauren demarco is live in reston tonight where police are trying to get the word out about this, lauren. >> shawn, imagine women trying to get a job. they show up for interview here that office building in restin looks like nice place and when they get to office where they try to meet their future boss they're attacked by a sexual predator. fairfax count didn't says roll of posted adds on craiglist seeking administrative assistant and set the interview for this build 12005 restin. when the women showed up they were sexually ault sad. he is held without bond charged with sexually battery against one wouldn't september 1 2. two other cases are under investigation and detectives believe there could be more victims out there people who work here want police are release details of the manned hull of women. >> i'm not sure exactly which floor. i
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if you go to that nrur it's just open area. elevator door opens and it's empty. there's nothing there. so, yes, it's accessible. >> a little shaken because i do long hours and some hours there's not anyone here and so i'm here alone sometimes. >> we're asking people to take a look at photo and name and if that sounds familiar to you again these ads were on craigslist there's more than one ad, advertising for administrative assistant and asked to come to certain location for interview. if that sounds familiar to someone, feign not you, co-worker, friend, neighbor we want to hear about it and find out how many cases we really have. >> he is already a renal sterd sex offender convicted of sexual solicitation of a minor in montgomery county, mar maryland. there's a childcare facility here that building
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sunrise valley drive in restin operators of that tell me other than being alerted about at rest by police, the daycare center and children were not impacted in any way. fortunately. i can tell you right now you need a key fab to enter building it was locked after dark. during the day these doors are wide open anybody can head in and out. sounds like ralph would be able to have access to it without much of a problem. again, police want to hear from anyone who may be a victim and anyone who knows anything about this there's up to 1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. live in restin lauren demarco, fox 5 local news. >> coming up next, a bizarre new detail about a man accused of jumping the white house fence yesterday. >> also ahead an undate on a man accused of stealing of tens of thousands of dollars one quarter at a time. >> and scary moments on a local restaurant after part of the building exploded. >> and coming untonight on the final five, couldn't ve versey over the president's phone call to a gold
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family. jim lokay is breaking it all down at 11:30 on the final
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>> all right a quick recap now of tonight's big story a man accused of deadly workplace shoot
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arrest. rodney prince was captured just after 7:00 tonight in newark, delaware. authorities say a tip led to arrest this followed daily agency manhunt for him. shortly before arrest car prince was driving was found unoccupied and prince was accused of shooting five people at job in edgewood maryland this morning and three people died and other two are still in critical condition. and he is also accused of shooting man at delaware car dealer shch. we don't know the condition of that person. prince is due in delaware court tomorrow. >> we have update tonight on man accused of trying to breach security at white house. investigators say curtis combs of somerset kentucky was dressed as pikachu when he jump add barrier outside the white house he is charged with unlawful entry. >> fox5 t
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stealing 200,000 one quarter at time from gas station vacuum machines. today police arrested james jackson accused of taking money over a span of several years from federal gas station as rountd the reeming don't caught an surveillance according to police and charged in self cases and the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. and however prosecutors reenerd after story first aired earlier this week. >> police if prince george county tracking down would be thieves from atm at gas station overnight shell station wood yard road in clinton. suspects rammed a pickup truck into the building an they did not get the atm but left a hole in the front of the door. we spoke with agas station attended aunt who witnessed the whole hiping. >> at first i'm thinking somebody accidentally backs into it. but, they pulled this and pulled up again and packed up again and that's when i hurry up and grabbed my phone and went straight to the back to the
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in and called dispatch. >> anyone with information is urged to call prince george county police. >> and there was freightening moments at a maryland olive garden today. look at pictures. part of the building exploded. this is along the 14,000 block of baltimore avenue in laurel. the prince george country fire department says it happened in the electric room of the restaurant an exact cause of explosion right now is unk unknown. the blast was so strong it sent the rear door across the parking lot. dozens of employes and customers were inside at the time incredibly and no one was hurt. >> well, it is certainly not as chilly as yesterday can. and it won't be tonight, ri right? >> it's chilly but not as frostee. >> there you go. no frost advisory is issued. that's not to say a few spots won't be in 30s bust most stay closer to 40. >> nice jump up not as chilly tomorrow morning. that is for sure. and we want to you get idea that we'll start a little bit of
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closer to the weekend right? we'll take these nice mild days in october especially if not loaded up with humidity and we had a nace taste of fall this week an now we see temperatures getting a bit more comfortable as we go forward. speaking of the weekend and warm-up that we're expecting we are running marine corps marathon this weekend and he know runners don't like it too warm. it's not out of control warm. 57 race start time and 7:55 sunday and on the cool side for most people i think runners would probably like it a little cooler by noon if you're wrapping up run then 6 degrees. mild day. few more clouds around on sunday. but it's otherwise looking like beautiful weekend. in the short term, it's ch chilly. not frostee. overnight. wanted to show you that today we managed to climb back up and over 70 in many areas and we'll do that again tomorrow at 73 degrees. friday, 75. saturday. 76. and then sunday toasty 77 well above average 6
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this time of year. but tonight temperature not dropping as much as they have the past few nights. many nights this week we've seen low 40s and places hovering close to upper 30s. we're 57 in district and win chester 48. you've been one of colder spots most of this week. culpeper 45, mannasas 45 and that is trending a little bit warmer than last night by anywhere have 6 to 8 degrees in some spots and even 9 degrees warmer than west m mipster area. we're not trending as colds though south breezes help to keep temperatures a little more comfortable and they'll continue lightly out of the south in overnight hours. that means temperatures generally heading to near 40 north and west a few upper 0s can't be ruled out. 40 mannasas. gaithersburg about 46. maybe 42 frederick and about 50 for district. we drop top 45 last night and dulles we dropped to 36 last night. it should feel better for the kids especially tomorrow morning
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forecasting range of 40 to 50 plenty of sunshine. after school a nice rebound gorgeous thursday afternoon. 68 to 7 dpe degrees. we've fwot lots of sunshine ahead and these are high temperatures we're projecting, 7 d.c. that's a big number that lot of people are looking to come in at home tomorrow. 70 haagers down and frederick 71 in fredericksburg, mannasas and dulles area as well as martinsburg and winchester all close to 73. very lynn rain across the can'ty and we're happenty to sigh stormyness coming to pacific northwest and snow in canadian provinces and that's a good sign the storms will help to replenish water in california and minus big winds we hope and locally on east coast it's dry again tomorrow. we start out with upper 30s to near 50 degrees and high pressure ensures that the afternoon will look really fantastic. as we head into the weekend high pressure slips off the coast. and that's why we warm up a little bit more. maybe a few clouds getting in here on sunday. otherwise we think the weekend is looking
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76 degrees on saturday. sunday more clouds. 77. and clouds that we see sunday may lead to some late-day rain showers on monday. strong front that will be coming in in an area of low pressure develops on it and may spread welcome rain here tuesday at 72 degrees. showers start to wrap up wednesday and look how much cooler we are dropping to 62. feel of october back in bigger way middle of next week. shawn, tony, that's your 7 d day. >> all right we have more breaking news to tell you about tonight. this is out of silver spring. these are live pictures you're seeing right now from sky fox which is over the scene of crash at the intersection of new hampshire avenue and piney branch road. investigators tell us a police officer was hit by a car during a traffic stop just before 11:00. not long ago. we're also told that car then took off from the scene of the right now police officers are looking for that car app a pen
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currently, we don't have any information on the officer's injuries. of course you should avoid that area again in silver spring intersection of new hampshire avenue and piney branch road. if we get any more information by end of show we'll bring it to you. we'll be right
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john wall knows might of d.c. sports fan and he wants to be the ones to break the curse. it's more pressure on me which i love and it's more motivation for me. i'm fine with that. i want to break. it love. it all right. to the atm tonight. wizards home opener against 76ers and dematha grad markle folks and fired up for the season opener and t. j. mc connell don't bother, my goodness. john wall, yams on eirire s
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sixers hung around until wizards put them away. kelly ubre the strong follow and second later on the break. fweel wall and nice conn connection. 28 points. eight asights, bradley beal had 25 of own and wizards undefeated on young season. 1-0 beating sixers 120 to 115. >> and well another national season another year of watching the cubs and dodgers face each other in nlcs each nat's postseason failure makes clocktic faster and bryce harper free agency. last surprise of current deal. while there's a lot of speculation over future harper loves this up to and fans. he thanked them on instagram. >> i want to it will you guys thank you for this year day in and out supporting us in heat and cold and piling up the stadium every single night. our big model this year was one pursuit and as a team as organizatione
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without the fans and you know you've showed up and supported us and we cannot think the city of d.c. enough. for all. >> this is best sports video of the week. from soccer game between sant fay and millionaireos a dad with visually impaired son the dad watching match mapping out game for his son on a pitch that is sitting on his lap. he's mapping outputting his hands where the ball is located on the pitch. so he can in effect watch the match with him. and. >> that's great. >> it's such a cool moment and you see how elated the father is to be able to do this for his son. he's able to hear the crowd and through his hands kind of see what is happening in the match. >> oh, i love it. >> love it. >> when i saw it i was like this is going. >> we needed that today. >> it's a good feel good video. >> thank you for joining us tonight.
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to talk about jim lobe a has final five coming up next. >> hey, gary. >> hi, phil, nice ride. >> thanks. >> what an ego maniac. >> hands free. got this u connect theater were built in player games and apps. impressive. >> nauseating. >> no wonder it won that j.d. quality award. >> are you doing that upper monolog thing again. >> no. >> yes. >> i'm dproing a higher he hedge. >>
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>> we got final five tonight. president first up at center of couldn't vrtsy offer a call to fallen soldiers grieving wife. attorney general jeff seeings on the hill getting grilled by senate commit team. where does the president stand on short term deal to fix health insurance markets. calls for the white house and congress to help puerto rico recover and president pushing forward on call for tax reform. let's start tonight with controversy over the president said or didn't say to gold star family. la david johnson was killed in nir and three other americans october 4 leaves behind a wife pregnant 2-year-old and 6-year-old children.


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