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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  October 23, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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threatening social media post directed toward a prince george's county high school. this morning students and staff on alert. a live update from greenbelt straight ahead. >> police in alexandria still trying to piece together a deadly shooting. three people hit by bullets, two killed. what we're learning about the investigation. >> rolling out the red carpet in d.c. as celebrities gather at the kennedy center. fox5 was there taking it all in. >> ♪ >> if you're just waking up this morning, here's a live look outside at the white house on this monday morning. it is october 23rd. >> at 7 o'clock let's get a quick check on weather and traffic this morning. tucker and erin a standing by. tuck, you're up. >> steve it's all about the fog this morning. visibilities in some cases half mile or less. when it burns off what will we have in store. erin. >> fog is impacting the ride. fatal motorcycle crash. volume on the top side of the beltway. the outer loop patches of fog causin
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metro is on time. full look at traffic next. back to you. >> ♪ >> happening right now a high school in maryland on high alert after several threatening pictures surfaced on social media. >> the images indicating that someone could be plotting a school shooting for today. fox5's bob barnard is live in greenbelt at roosevelt high school now with the latest. bob. >> reporter: hey, allison and steve, we're at eleanor roosevelt high school near had greenbelt. these snapchat posts didn't mention the school by name but they were circulated amongst all the students here so that's what has the authorities and school officials concerned. two screens that were snapped out last evening, one of them says, "don't go to school on monday." the other one says "think i'm kidding" and in both of them you see there are assault rifles in the background there. now, again, the snaps don't mention eleanor roosevelt high school but they were sent to a number of students, one of the students' mother is
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who notified us, called us about this, said her son saw the post at a friend's house so she has shared them with us. here is miss tamika jackson talking to us last night. >> what do you do, you know? i'd rather for somebody to call me back and tell me, okay, this is some big joke that some juvenile thought was really funny, which it's not, than to call me..., than to call me or i get a text alert saying eleanor roosevelt high school is currently on lockdown for an active shooter but i am concerned about the next day and the next day after, you know. just because it's calm doesn't mean it's over. >> reporter: obviously concerns from the school community. here is now a statement issued to us last night by prince george's county police telling us this. this evening we were notified by the media of a potential threat on social media that was circulating among students at roosevelt high, at which point we began an active investigation. we take
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nature seriously. we will be adding additional resources to the school tomorrow, meaning today. we haven't seen them yet here this morning but we are told they will be -- there will be extra police here this morning and after school. the principal here reginald mcneil sent out a robo call, a phone call recorded the all family members say they are working with the prince george's county police department trying to track down the person who posted this online threat, guys. >> all right, bob, thank you very much. >> right now let's check in on the investigation into a deadly motorcycle crash that happened earlier this morning. this is a live picture right now of arkansas avenue northwest. part of that road is still closed now at just a couple minutes past 7:00. d.c. police say one man was killed in this crash that happened about 2:30 in the morning in the 4800 block of arkansas avenue. lanes around arkansas and decatur remain blocked to traffic this morning. >> also developing overnight, prince george's county police investigating the cause of a deadly two-car crash in
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lanham. officers responded to the scene at greenbelt road and aerospace road around 10 o'clock last night. one passenger died at the scene. the driver of the car and three others inside were taken to the hospital. the driver of the second car has minor injuries. the road was closed for a few hours. it is back opened now. >> this morning we're following developing news of alexandria after two people were killed a third fighting for their life after a triple shooting last night. >> this happened at all veterans park along north pickett street. fox5's anjali hemphill is live in alexandria with the latest now. anjali. >> reporter: well, good morning, guys. i spoke to a neighbor here who tells me heard several gunshots go off last night. then a pause. and then possibly one more gunshot. of course this happening at all veterans park in alexandria where another neighbor tells me she believes the crime scene was mainly focused down this walking trail here towards that wooded area, and you can see in our video here, there was a
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police presence last night. this shooting happening just before 9 p.m. and at first officers were on the ground, also with their chopper in the air searching for any possible suspects. but it was later that police said the three people were shot were the only ones involved. this incident is confined to the park and there is no danger to the local community here. again, two people are dead, one person in the hospital last we heard with serious injuries and right now police are not releasing the victim's names or their ages and they're not releasing a motive in this shooting but a neighbor did tell fox5 last night it may have been domestic in nature. now, our cameras did capture an emotional scene last night as possible family members of the victims showed up to talk to police here and take a listen to reaction from people who live around here. >> it's shocking actually. i mean its
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neighborhood, so i'm beyond shock because stuff like that doesn't happen around here. >> reporter: at this time police have not made any arrests but it also sounds like they are not actively searching for any suspects as they do say the three people that were shot were the only ones involved. that's the latest here in alexandria, anjali hemphill fox5 local news. >> we'll get more on that throughout the morning. time to check on the forecast right now. six past the hour. >> good morning. >> hi, tuck. >> good morning. >> fog, that's been the issue early this morning. we'll burn that off and then we'll get the needed rain. yeah, we need the rain later tonight. might be a little drizzle late noon after the clouds build in a little bit but as far as measurable rain i think that holds off until later tonight. 62 now at reagan national, 60 dulles, 61 bwi marshall. the cloud cover and in some cases the visibility -- visibilities have been reduced to a half mile or less so fog is thick in spots. that's a cold front out to the west. guess what? it's headed in our direction. we need the rain. wooer
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cooler rain. going to feel fall-like. up ahead of that today our daytime high should be in the mid 70's. we'll burn the fog off and then the clouds move in pretty quick and then eventually rain showers get in here after 10, 11 o'clock tonight and there could be a rumble of thunder as the rain moves through overnight tonight. more on that coming up. but your daytime hour 75. we'll gradually turn cloudy with a little drizzle out there late this afternoon. >> thank you, tucker. and we're happy you're back. >> check on the roads. good morning, erin. >> good morning. 7:07 right now. starting off with a live look from northwest. looks like some of the fog is burning off. however, from an earlier fatal motorcycle crash it's still under investigation, 4800 block of arkansas avenue remains shut down. portion of decatur street as well. please use caution there around that intersection. let's take a look at our maps. d.c. police traffic letting us know that closure will be in place through the morning rush. gw parkway still looks good. new york avenue past bladensburg road in northeast dealing with volume. same story suitland parkway inbound by south capitol. disabled
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avenue. northbound slow down as well coming up from the bottom side of the beltway, the inner loop from branch avenue to the wilson bridge dealing with speeds that dip down to 20 miles per hour from volume through annandale just a little bit of congestion. the off-ramp to eastbound dulles toll road there is a crash. you can still see the arrow truck through the trees. that's from the outer loop. so use caution there in virginia. aside from that one look at this slowdown. 95 northbound after duke street completely backed up in the main lanes. 24 minute trip from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. just a lot of heavy volume and some fog that's causing a slowdown on the southbound side. up just increased to a 23 minute drive so that's good news there. the 14th street bridge is very crowded. 95 northbound at prince william parkway dealing with about a half hour commute from dale city to the beltway. south of that point in stafford you crowd a bit. as we take a look at 66, 43 minute trip from 234 to the beltway. heaviest traffic is out by sudley road as usual. no crashes, just a whole lot of congestion. look at that. really backed up traffic because of the fog on the outer loop, 38 minute trip 95 to the spur out by new hampshire avenue. we're just
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standstill traffic. the inner loop jams as well even though it's usually quiet because of the visibility problems. that is also causing issues the fog on 270 southbound from 70 to the beltway. at least a 30 minute delay. metro is on time, guys. >> sentencing hearings begin today at fort bragg for army sergeant bowe bergdahl who pled guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy for leaving his post in afghanistan in 2009. he said he left his post to draw at the he knows to problems in his unit but got lost and was captured and held by the taliban for five years. he did not strike a deal in exchange for his guilty plea. that means he faces a possible life sentence for endangering his fellow soldiers who searched for him. >> house republicans set to vote on a tax overhaul this week after the senate passed the $4 billion budget proposal on friday. president trump warns that if the house does not follow suit it will be a failure for the republican party. analysts say the white house is simply looking to are a legislative win and they're willing to negotiate as long as the final bill lp
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"the highest tax cuts in american history." let's turn to healthcare and lawmakers from both parties managed to reach a deal on healthcare but they fear the president will not sign off on this plan. president trump cut off healthcare subsidiaries earlier this month but the bipartisan plan ensures the payments. the president has flip-flopped on supporting subsidiaries. mitch mcconnell says he's waiting for his cue on how to move forward. >> what i'm waiting is to hear from president trump what kind of healthcare bill he might sign. i'm not certain yet what the president is looking for here, r here. >> 18 states and the district of columbia filed suit against the trump administration to help keep those healthcare subsidies claiming the payments are required bylaw. >> john mccain takes an
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president in an interview he slammed so-called draft dodgers saying it was wrong that wealthy americans were able to get out of being drafted for the vietnam war. now he did not reference the president specifically by name but it is widely known that the president avoided serving in vietnam after receiving five draft deferments. mccain fought in vietnam and was taken prisoner for more than five years after his plane was shot down. >> ♪ >> 7:11. new this morning, the saint mary's county sheriff office is asking for your help finding this missing man. this is 30-year-old anthony orlando montgomery. no word on how long he's been missing but if you see him, you are asked to call the saint mary's county sheriff's department. >> in the district the search continues for a missing 17-year-old girl and her daughter. kae'lynn jones and her daughter alina were last seen on friday in the 4400 block of ponds street northeast. kae'lynn was wearing brown pants and a black puffy coat with fur around the hood. alina was wearing a white shirt gray leggings
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tennis shoes. >> university of maryland police searching for a man following an unusual apartment break in early saturday morning in an apartment off campus on knox road in college park. now investigators say a student was awakened by a man who was standing in her bedroom. now, the man eventually left and the woman was unharmed. he didn't take anything from her apartment. anyone with information though is asked to call police. >> we now know the identity of two d.c. men killed in dewey beach delaware over the weekend. police say 53-year-old james walton and 58-year-old richard chittick were killed after an suv slammed into them while they were sitting on bicycles near the starboard bar and restaurant. police say the driver of the suv had some type of medical emergency. the 61-year-old man was taken to the hospital. anyone who witnessed that crash is asked to call police. >> and it's going to be a few more days before hundreds of residents can return to their apartments in bethesda. a saturday fire at the promenade apartments on pooks hill road
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1100 people from the complex's north tower. 18 people were injured. and we're told the fire started in an electrical room and caused about a million dollars in damage. >> well, it's official. justin timberlake will be the super bowl halftime headliner. coming up what he has to say about that gig. >> a lot of big time celebrities waking up in d.c. after a night on the red carpet at the kennedy center honoring david letterman. we'll have more on that next.
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vo: john adams' prescription for health care would be a disaster for virginia families. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians.
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didate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. >> 7:15. welcome back on a monday morning. it is 62 degrees. much warmer this week, tuck, since you've been back. i know it's only monday. >> yeah, and it's going to be warm again today, mid 70's. >> okay. >> fog out there. that's the theme this morning. >> not the prettiest of days, though
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>> yeah, going to get clouds this afternoon. >> okay. >> eventually some needed rain showers and then fall-like by the middle of the week. like highs in the low 60's. you ready for. >> sure. >> we got halloween around the corner so it's going have to do it eventually. 62 now in washington. i opened the map all the way up and i didn't mean to. sorry about that. towards chicago it's 51, 40's up in minneapolis. we -- there's a very strong cold front out there that will come through later tonight and that's going to bring us cooler temperatures by the middle of the week. but up ahead of it, we've got fog issues this morning. it's foggy not just in d.c. but up to new york. if you're flying this morning up towards new york and philly make sure your flight is on time. once we get rid of the fog, we'll gradually turn mostly cloudy and then the rain showers you see out to the west will move in later tonight. i'd say after 10, 11 o'clock tonight we'll get rain showers. could be heavy at times as it moves through. maybe even a rumble of thunder and then we'll start to clear it out by
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that cooler air will start to work on in for the middle of the week. so, a few more mild days today. 75 today, 74 tomorrow. rain overnight could be heavy at times here and we'll get some sunshine tomorrow afternoon, wednesday, thursday, friday look very fall-like. and then chilly by the end of next weekend. perhaps we don't get out of the 50's by next sunday. >> what. >> interesting. >> yeah. >> all right. >> still for this time of year not bad. >> no, we're well above normal temperature-wise for the month of october. >> not bad at all. thanks, tuck. good morning, erin. how is traffic looking. >> 7:17. the fog is putting a damper on our drive times. looks like things are brightening up in northwest. police investigation as a result of a deadly motorcycle crash still closing the 4800 block of arkansas avenue northwest. and a portion of decatur street so allow extra time to get around in northwest this morning. as we switch over for a look at our maps, d.c. police traffic letting us know that closure will be in place through the morning rush. new york avenue past bladensburg is slow and we're also seeing a lot of congestion 295 southbound from visit to the 11th s
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as well as 50 inbound from 202 to 295. as we take a look 40 miles per hour average and it is even slower that a and that closer to the beltway 295 northbound. a southbound disabled vehicle on 295 by malcolm x of a cleared. all lanes opened there. we have an off -- excuse me an outer loop off-ramp to eastbound dulles toll road crash moved to the shoulder so things clearing up there. but look at that parking lot on 270 southbound. because of the fog, mixed in with the congestion, it's going to take you close to an hour just to get from 109 to the local lane split heading to the beltway. northbound side even though value is lighter speeds are very much reduced simply because of those visibility issues. use your low beams and take it slow this morning. also seeing really big issues on the top side of the beltway. inner loop is at a crawl as you head toward 95 this morning and the outer loop this is by new hampshire avenue this camera is completely parked. 37 minute trip on the outer loop 95 to the 270 spur. again fog is really setting us back. 95 southbound jams up from the icc down to the beltway as well. so, please allow for extra
7:19 am
it looks through college park we're getting the worst of the fog right now. as we take a look at 50 westbound, it's a 12 minute trip from the beltway to new york avenue. and look at the fog there as you pass 202 as well. it seems to be getting a little bit worse lately. i can tell you right now all metro rail lines are on time and again your low beams and caution this morning on the roads from that fog. that's your look at traffic. allison and steve. >> well, the world series matchup set now. it will be the dodgers and the houston astros with the odds makers favoring l.a. game one will be tomorrow night in los angeles. there's tommy lasorda still going strong followed by game two on wednesday. this could end up being the hottest world series on record at the time of the first pitch temperatures will be in the high 90's. >> ooh. okay. a lot of nerves about next month's virginia's governor race and one new poll appears to show it tightening. >> ahead at 7:30 we'll take a closer look at the latest polls and we'll talk about the latest endorsements for both candidates. it's 7:19 now.
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>> king of late night laughs. jokes were on him. >> david letterman receiving the prestigious mark twain prize for humor at the kennedy center. many stars of comedy came out to celebrate letterman. holly is here. >> reporter: really funny power place in town. >> right. >> reporter: this is the 20th year for the twain prize and as you said this year it was awarded to david
7:23 am
who holds the record for hosting the longest running late night show in history at 33 years. letterman's family sat with him in a special box above the stage as he and the audience were treated to roasts and tributes from the likes of steve martin, martin short bill murray amy schumer jimmy walker and others. late night host jimmy kimmel was also on hand and we caught up with him on the red carpet. >> because he's dave. he's never excited about -- worse thing you could do to dave is pay him a compliment. >> three reasons why he deserves this award tonight. three reasons. i need a pan of the room. number three, he's inventive. number two, he's an original and number one, he's funny. >> reporter: letterman took a lot of heat though from his fellow comedians about that long beard that he's still sporting in retirement. several jokes saying he looked like a confederate war general and a
7:24 am
he was honored by comedian turned senator al franken and there were jokes on the red carpet about letterman making a run for office. >> i'm in. >> yeah yeah. >> what about a run? [laughter] >> i tell you, al franken has created in me a genuine interest in the politics and the culture of the united states and there's no one that i admire more than al franken as an entertainer a writer a comedian and now as a senator. i mean, that's -- that's like being a doctor and a lawyer. i mean its a remarkable accomplishment. >> do you miss it at all. >> i'm sorry. >> do you miss it at all? do you we shall you were back on. >> oh, god no. he was hosted over the deal he recently signed with netflix. the awards ceremony is a major fundraiser for
7:25 am
program. >> very cool. >> i don't love the beard but i think i would like it better if maybe it was just a little shorter. >> i was thinking the same thing holly. >> i'm not saying get rid of it, dave, just. >> maybe that dave behind you. >> yeah, right, exactly. >> longest talk show and it's the beard that gets all the attention. >> he's definitely doing him like he always has. >> he's funny no matter. >> thank you so much. >> check in with tucker barnes get a check on what's happening in the world of weather this morning at 7:25. good morning, tuck. >> hey, fog, that's the theme. erin has been telling me that the roads are not fun. looking at some visibilities. quarter mile, half a mile in some spots. let's show you where the worst of it is. manassas and culpeper getting visibilities quarter mile. eighth of a mile in dulles. the fog will take a couple more hours to burn off. not going to burn off in the next 10, 15 minutes. 62 now in washington. winds north-northeast at five. we will burn the fog off later this morning. and then we're going to turn mostly cloudy with some rain showers that a
7:26 am
in here tonight and that will bring us cooler weather for the middle of the week. more on that coming up but there's the seven day. 75 today. i think most of the daytime is dry. erin. >> you said it tucker fog is causing big problems. hard to pick one camera for our jam cam. 395 northbound, 27 minute trip. this is the northbound side after duke street. you can see all of that fog is causing visibility problems and a tap of the brakes all over the dmv. please allow for extra time. 95 northbound another area. look at that fog after lorton road. it will delays on 66. 46 minute drive on the eastbound side past sudley from 234 to the beltway. we have a lot of heavy volume 50 inbound. look at that crawl. the outer loop in college park and 270 southbound getting the worst of it as well. unfortunately not just one jam cam for you today, guys. >> that is always bad when it's not just one jam cam. erin thank you very much. here's something its official. nfl confirming that justin timberlake will headline the super bowl halftime show.
7:27 am
the nfl confirmed the news with a video featuring jimmy fallen. >> excuse me, sir, do you have the time. >> i was going ask you, sir, if you have the time. >> i do hav the time. >> you do halftime. >> i do halftime. >> you do halftime. >> you're doing the halftime show at the super bowl? you're doing the halftime. >> ♪ >> doing the halftime show. >> it's his first time back at the super bowl since the malfunction with janet jackson. >> will janet be there as well. >> that's the next question everybody asks. >> i think that that was a whole -- don't get me started. all right. i like jt. looking to looking forward to i. >> should be a good show. >> we'll be right back.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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♪ welcome back. it is 7:29 on a monday morning. not going to be the brightest of days out there, but pretty warm. 62 degrees to start off our day. looking at news now, maryland high school is on high alert this after several threatening pictures circulated through social media. students at eleanor roosevelt high school received snap chat pictures of assault rifle with the caption "don't go to school on monday". police say they're investigating the threat and not clear yet if it is a credible threat. this morning, police are investigating deadly triple shooting in northern v have a. it left two people dead and another in serious condition. this happened just before 9:00 last night at all veterans park in alexandria. police say there's currently no threat to the community. steve?, over to you. politic right now little more than two weeks to go until voters cast their allots in the virginia race when it comes to governor. of course there you see the two candidates right there you've seen their ads many,
7:31 am
what happens now as we have a few short weeks to go. let's get more in depth from shana ax crows reporter and find out more about it. the big question i think right now when you look at the polling, the polling, you know, it seems for quite sometime now it has favored ralph northam. now recently we've seen those polls tighten a little bit. did we learn our lesson last november when it comes to out there? >> i think we have to remember 2014 when it comes to ed gillespie he was behind by double digits in 2014 behind mark warner and then the gop establishment shift aid way from him then end lost by just several tenths of a percentage point. so we're kind of seeing him make that shift again. maybe he's catching up. maybe he's win margin of error here. >> do we feel based on that line of thinking that this will end up being a much closer than than it has looked for the last couple of months? >> it's possible. average points that ralph northam is ahead right now is seven points. that's still puts gillespie
7:32 am
race and maybe even a win. >> we've seen the most recent polls fox news the most recent poll that puts northam ahead by seven points. quinney knee wack poll thus 14 points. which seems like lot and then the monmouth poll right now the only one that actual has ed gillespie ahead by one point much as you said, most of these, i mean, the quinney knee wack poll is outline they are of 14 points outside of the margin of error but it seems like these polls up until at least a couple of days ago had been getting closer and closer together. what do you think the reason is behind that when it comes to why these polls would be narrowing now as we get closer to election day. >> sometimes us a get closer elections polling gets clump together. they're a lot of times you have different polls doing different methods for polling us a get closer to the elections they'll get closer and closer together as you see a convergence of results. but it's actually go we see these differing results it shows us that there's different methods and they're pulling different people went get more wider range of results
7:33 am
of opinion point what's happening actually. >> the state of virginia obviously is a bit of anomaly northern virginia is very populated area that obviously tends to pull democratic party whereas you have the southern area of the state obviously trends lot more republican. is it really going to be a question of turn out in this case as to what make the difference here as to, you know, who really comes out and cast those ballots? >> wild card this is off year election. normal until virginia in the presidential election 73% turn out. you have a significant drop off the last time there was a gubernatorial election in virginia it was 43%. so that's definitely something to watch, and in particular from the democratic side there are a couple of folks focusing on how to get the younger vote out mr. divorce voter out right now. >> the trump card is the trump card and we've seen each candidate take a different viewpoint of this. ralph northam at least his original campaign ads was not shy about his feelings toward
7:34 am
at the same time ed gillespie really hasn't embraced that too much either. the president has i mean look we've seen presidents and former presidents come out and campaign for these two in the last couple of weeks. but will we see the so-called trump effect, a referendum on the president knee have a have. >> i think it depends on who you ask. if you're talking to democrats it's a question is the vat gee going to work pinpointing republicans with trump and saying that's why you shouldn't be voting for them? given fact virginia is tinting blue over the last several years and gubernatorial election hasn't gone too to republican since 2009, from the republican side, maybe not so much. it's more a question of can you win withou maybe even talking about trump as much maybe th the --ing. >> do democrats are they sweating a bit right now based on the lating polling data. >> it's very possible that's happening, yeah. >> what is the biggest concern here now? it seems like if -- obviously democrats haven't won any major raisins president trump came into office. there
7:35 am
attention on virginia right now when it comes to this. if democrats are not able to pull this off, while they're polling ahead right now a couple weeks before the election if they're not able to pull it off what bigger message does that send to the party. >> it's going to look like they need a refocus in terms of messaging and in terms of how they deal with traumaly in particular on the campaign can you say trump is bad? he didn't lookalikes doing very well in polls in your state this is why you shall vote for democrat and that's going to be something we'll see play out especially given the results of think election. >> we're going to it what and see. obviously election day on november 7 is this. right now the -- real clear politics poll has ralph northam ahead by 6%. we do appreciate you joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> we're committed to bringing you all sides of the virginia campaign you can make an informed choice. tomorrow morning we will be joined with democratic candidate ralph northam will be with us. republican ed gillespie will be joining us before election
7:36 am
and one last chance to take talk with each of the candidates for virginia governor. thanks again, shannon. back over to tucker with check of the forecast. >> steve, thanks. fog this morning. visibility in some spots quarter mile. even out towards dulles eighth a of mile. hang in there. it will burn off it will take couple of hours and then we'll gradually turn mostly cloudy today with highs in the mid 70s. 62 now in washington. 54 up in boston. chicago is 51 degrees. there's a very stopping cold front which is out to our west and that's going to roll through overnight tonight during the daytime hours tomorrow and bring us much cooler air fort middle of the week. mid 70s today and back in the 60s by wednesday and thursday. rain, need it looks like that gets in here tonight. so we'll gradually turn mostly cloudy during the daytime hours might be a little drizzle late this afternoon and the main event with rain maybe a rumble of thunder gets in here later tonight after 10:00, 11:00 o'clock tonight we'll get some rain that will beginner overnight. maybe a shower leftover for the morning commute. more on that coming up. 74 at 5:00
7:37 am
cloudy conditions and maybe drizzle most of your daytime hours should be dry. erin. >> yay! >> the fog is causing really big problems. >> i can imagine. >> start you off with live look from northwest from earlier fatal motorcycle crash 4800 block of arkansas avenue remains closed. that also includes a portion of the decatur street. dc police traffic letting us note it will be shut down for investigation throughout morning rush. the fog burning off. much clearer view. take look at our maps because we have big crashes and foggy areas. look at the outer loop and inner loop by new hampshire avenue. dense fog causing visibility problems. parked by new hampshire avenue in both directions. outer loop to 270 spur 38 minute trip safely in the red zone and 20 minute drive on the inner loop. a typical delays because of visible problems. we look at our maps. telling you about the closure on the 4800 block of arkansas avenue. gw parkway is jamming up, in both directions to and from the beltway. 50 and 295 dealing with some fog in
7:38 am
take look at this right now. a big crash causing is a closure and delays in howard county. as you make your way out in howard county 29 northbound after 100 elapse are closed with a crash. you can detour at 100. 95 dealing with some heavier traffic in both directions as you head to and from the baltimore beltway. as we take look on 395 completely parked with a foggy ride after duke street. 32 minute trip the beltway and main lanes to the 14th street bridge. key bridge jams up from rosland into georgetown. all metro rail lines are on time. allison and steve. >> still ahead amazon getting in on the small house craze. >> tailgate ted will join us this morning as we get ready for the big game tonight. monday night football. we're cook outside this morning. 7:38. ♪
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7:41 am
>> snap chat parent company plans to slow its hiring process as early as next year. the decision comes after snap incorporated's most recent move of laying off 18 employees from its recruiting division last week. the company says more cuts are expected. snap has added 2,000 employees since the end of 2015. bringing its total count to 2600. >> if you would like to get your hands on the new iphone x, it might not be as easy as you would think. apple top tear phone comes out november 3rd but analysts predict
7:42 am
between two and 3 million phones available. apple sold 16 million when theism phone 6s was released. the other only solution is to pre order the phone. be up early those slots open at 3am this friday. amazon entering the real estate game. you can buy your very own tiny house from the online retailer. do you hear what i'm saying to you. >> buy a house. >> made from old shipping containers. the homes measure 320 square feet. they come fully furnish. they include kitchen net, shower, toilet, sink, bedroom and living area. each house costs $36,000. >> drop it over there i'll move in later. >> that's next level. >> right on the sidewalk. >> all righty. the redskins in prime time tonight making the trip up to philly. >> after the break we'll talk about the matchup with our good friend tailgate ted who's cooking up cheesesteaks this morning. doesn't that look good, al? just say yes.
7:43 am
hmm. ♪ ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians.
7:44 am
7:45 am
♪ >> 7:45 right now. here's what's coming up on good day today. we take look at the guest list. >> kevin sits down with george clune near we're also chat life with the queen, queen latifah. the star of fox's hit show star is about to be on the small screen in new movie about the flint water crisis. >> and remember kirk cameron from growing pains much he's live in the loft today. we'll fine out what he's up to and also some comments he made about recent hurricanes that many criticized. he'll be joining us today, though, as we said that's at 9:00 o'clock
7:46 am
looking forward to it. in the meantime tucker. >> yes. >> did you sleep funny? >> i can't move my neck. can you tell. >> right. >> since we're all transparent here i thought maybe you wanted to explain. >> basic i'll went to iceland and tried to recreate game of thrones. >> you through your neck out. >> being manly i hurt my neck and now i can't move. [ laughter ] >> quiet look. rain it moves in tonight. >> steve, what happened? >> he just took off. >> he was out. >> rain is on the way. first we got fog and clouds and then the rain will get in here tonight. not during the daytime hours. fog has been the issue this morning look at visibilities quarter mile here in manassas. eighth of a mile dulles. zero visibility in culpeper and fredericksburg and not whole lot better in montgomery county. gaithersburg mile an quarter. fog is going to be with us for another hour or two. and then it will gradually burn off and give way to mostly cloudy conditions today although we'll be mild again this afternoon. 62 now in washington. 63
7:47 am
57 frederick. 60 dulles. 59 in manassas and mid 70s expected for daytime highs temperatures will be above normal. here come the clouds and again i think mostly cloudy by afternoon eventually needed rain real need the rain get a period of rain later tonight as the cold front approaches and little area of low pressure rides along that. so look for a period of rain. you know what might even be heavy at times here between about 11:00 and two, 3:00 o'clock in the morning that should, n front should get east of us and things will start to dry out. if you're one of the lucky ones driving up to philly for the redskins game tonight cloudy skies with little drizzle for the game. i don't think it will be raining during the game. future cast will show you what's happening. seven, 8:00 o'clock might be spotty drizzle and clouds and then again the rain event with rain may be a rumble thunder gets here around midnight and early tomorrow morning at 1:00 o'clock. periods of heavy rain. clear it out. cooler temperatures for the middle of the week. 75 today. clearing out tomorrow, 74. look at that
7:48 am
wednesday and thursday. >> nice. >> i have to stay up late and watch the end of the game tonight. >> if you are lucky enough to be going up to philly tweet me i'll tell you the best place to get a cheesesteak or grab dinner. i'll take care of you. >> i'm tweet ugh right now. >> right now we have this traffic advisory from d.c. police traffic we've been telling you bowel this all morning. 4800 block of arkansas of a dean caught shut down because of a fatal motorcycle crash investigation. aside from that look at this fog right now. can you believe that camera? that is southbound 95 north of fairfax county parkway. a crash blocking the right shoulder. you can barely see the flashing lights because the fog is so dense. please use your low beams and watch for visibility problems. really inn kell fog out there around the district maryland and virginia this morning. 29 right now in howard county the northbound side after 100 all lanes blocked with a big crash investigation. we'll have to detour at 100 causing significant backup there. we're also seeing slow downs in both
7:49 am
come to go and from the baltimore belt plan for that one fog gotten worse on the top side of the beltway on college park. 40 minute trip on the outer loop to get from 95 to 270 spur. 18 minute ride on the inner loop that is usually pretty much delay free this time of morning but crawling along those headlights simply because of the dense fog that's also backing things up on the on ramp to 95 and slowing us down 95 southbound from theism cc on down. this is a look 50 inbound out by 202 it looks like some of the fog has elevated but from the beltway to new york avenue it will take you 14 minutes. we're seeing a slow down on the outer loop up toward 50 that continues to bw parkway. inner loop jams through oxon hill the good news all metro rail lines on time. delays continue 270 coming out of montgomery county through gaithersburg. back to you guys. ♪ it's time to talk football right now. our good friend tailgate ted is back with us. good to see you mind friend. >> what's going on. >> wisdom martin as we get ready for philadelphia cheesesteak ac
7:50 am
cooking up today all those these will be washington cheesesteaks. >> burgundy and gold chees cheesesteak. >> before we get to the cooking and rare i leave cheesesteaks on the grill, we have to show this off because this is ted's new tailgate machine courtesy of ryan kerrigan helped hook you up with good folks featured on nfl network. tell us about it, ted this is awesome. >> so ryan kerrigan actually nominated me and the crew of crew to be on tackle my ride. kind of like update of the old pimp my ride show. >> exactly. >> look at these wheels. this is sweet. >> oh, yeah they did a great job. >> i think you need this done to >> i think i do. you got the wheels. we go up to the front but the nice bumper the front more perform -- >> rack right here. >> when you're feeding hundreds of people every weekend out at fed ex field you got to get room for all the goods. >> they made plenty of room for us this is actually a bed slide that pulls out all the way it can hold thee thousand pounds so since they raised the car up i don't have to break my back to put
7:51 am
>> nice. >> we don't actually have to get in the van. >> roof rack on the top. congrats on that, ted. awesome ways to get the sup supplies. >> can we please hawk every talk about cheesesteaks and football. >> you can take the food but you don't prepare it well it will ruin the game day experience. what are we doing for cheesesteaks. >> cheesesteaks we went with burgundy and gold peppers. mushrooms. i got provolone. did a little survey. so that left bin is provolone. the right one is actually queso instead of cheese whiz. i wanted more spice. cheese wiz is what they do up there. >> we'll do what the washington people do. >> more available there. >> that's right. >> speaking of washington does, ted, not just an excellent tailgate chef but also a long-time redskins fan as well. what has to be done so that we don't repeat week one? >> they've got to contain carson wentz. week one he was able to scramble and extent the pocket and just move and make plays with his feet. they need to contain him inside
7:52 am
>> the problem -- another issue with our team, washington, is the injury bug. >> yes. >> josh norman. the running back rob kelly. we got some injuries they got to deal with and trender williams is in, maybe, maybe not. how do you overcome that when you're dealing with a philly when the red hot and first place. >> its it comes down to coaching and next man up. they've had extra time to get the guys that are possibly going to play extra time, extra film time. dunbar came in last week and replaced josh norman and did a really good job much these coaches get paid to make sure these guys are ready to play. >> here's my question dodge the skins learn from past experience because when you go back and you look at week one, this is how we started the season with week one our leading rusher was kirk cousins. >> yeah. >> that has to change. i mean are you going nothing now tonight and hitting the ground early and pushing that running game. >> they've got to keep balance attack because philly's
7:53 am
fletcher cox is healthy. they've had 11 days off to prepare and rest up for this gape. week one when kirk play, he was erratic he through the ball high. >> he didn't play his best game. >> he's only had one interception since the eagles and that was a punt against the 49ers. the team has gone. they matured and developed into a better team than what we saw back then. >> not one wider receiver and said i'll be the number one guy. >> in the first game against philly chris thompson had 52 yards reach of receiving and thompson out of the back field. we're talking running back doing it out of the back field. are we going to see more of that or should run the ball or keep dumping off to chris or get it to by any means possible. >> josh dotson last week only had 19 snaps. gruden needs to do more to get him on the field. i mean you can't rely on thompson and we are gone davis if you want to beat this philly team. read needs to do something. crowder needs to step up. >> right. >> it's going to be all hands on deck if they want to win and keep pace with th
7:54 am
the division. >> i think steve is all in on what you're saying. >> i think -- i got everything on the grill. what i wanted, i want ted to show me how to assemble the perfect cheesesteak. >> all right. >> i'll take the off your hands. >> i'll assist you like a good teammate does. >> assemble two. >> we can assemble two. >> first of all, ted, what is the best steak to use for cheesesteak? were do you find works the best. >> to me rib eye. >> you can get shaved rib eye -- >> i never complain about rib eye. >> ooh, that's good. i can feel that heat coming through. >> oh yeah. >> steve called an addible. i'm going to witness play already in the book. >> and we have peppers. mix up here. >> peppers and some mushrooms. >> just three colored peppers. >> three colored peppers. >> i like it. >> and on yorks. too. >> throw them on there. ooh like a little light on the onions. good on the peppers. >> mushrooms? >> yeah couple mushrooms. >> all right. that's what i meant. load it up with the onions. i'm good. that's
7:55 am
this is steeping away. >> i know. i'm good over here. >> rib eye, cook it medium typically. >> usually cook it medium if you're not serving it right away get beef broth to let it zimmer down so it doesn't dry out. >> that's a good idea. either wise you don't want it chewy. >> prediction tonight, ted? what are you thinking. >> i'm going to think the eagles are going to get this one. too many injuries. >> eagles at home on roll. >> exactly. it will be tough one. >> i think this is a game -- we didn't talk about the skins monday night football. >> that whole prim time thing the issues there. >> i think they can surprise tonight. >> i'm going to go with you on steve. i think the redskins are going to win this one. i know that's blasphemy from me. i think they may get this one. >> if she can shut down zach ertz and carson wentz to zach ertz i don't think nel sore agholor is going to have another big. i think you shut down zach ertz you get a win tonight. >> plus philly already beat them once.
7:56 am
>> it should be against the rules. >> ted, thanks very much. >> the information want to learn more about your set up at fed he can field for next home game. >> hail >> highly rem it. we're doing the redskins. we'll let the other people eat that philly thing. >> dallas all d.c. menu no texas food. [ laughter ] >> no texas food. cheers, steve. >> back in to you guys. >> i'm not going to lie. i'll eat the other food. >> i called security. you're not coming in unless you bring the in to erin, allison and myself. >> 62 in washington. we got fog out there early. burn the fog off and mostly cloudy conditions by afternoon. you can see all the clouds just off to our south and west that will get in here and then later tonight, rain, rain will get in here probably around midnight and it could be heavy at times here overnight as a cold front comes through that will bring us much cooler air by the middle of the week. a couple days before that arrives. fief today. again, rain tonight, maybe rumble of
7:57 am
cooler temps by the mill of the week. erin. >> wahoo! >> i'm going to go out again us food. >> i'll do traffic. i think we've earned a cheesesteak. look at this today. could you believe that fog? >> he's on mission. he did not even look at my camera. >> he walk right -- >> i said look at that he just kept going. >> i don't blame him. >> he's bringing us breakfast i can't complain. but drive carefully around the area right now southbound 95 north of the fairfax county parkway crash blocking the right shoulder. you can barely see the flashing lights through that fog. need your low beams and take it slow causing a lot of additional volume on the roads we also have new crash at 4 miles northbound fairfax county parkway sunrise valley drive all lanes blocked. keep it to fox5. it's a very foggy monday morning and we got you cover.
7:58 am
7:59 am
(vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head t to your neiborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one.
8:00 am
♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. good morning. thanks for joining us this morning. >> 8:00 a.m. on monday, oct october 23rd, 2017. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. >> first up 8:00 growing fears possible serial killer could be on the loose in south florida. over the past ten days three people have been gunned down in 1 mile radius. >> social media threat menacing messages spent to students at a prince george's county high school. we're live with details. >> and flu season is here. but you don't have to fall victim this year. we've got some first-hand tips from dr. shilpi agalwar who just
8:01 am
her biggest piece of advice ahead this hour. it's time of the year i get my flu shot, steve. >> look at this, al. >> live look outside. foggy start to this monday morning. we'll have weather and traffic on the fives. happening right now, though, high school in maryland is on high alert after several threatening pictures surfaced on social media. >> the images indicate someone is plotting a school shooting for today. fox5's bob barnard live at green belt eleanor roosevelt high school with the latest for us this morning. bob? >> reporter: guys, good morning. classes start in about 40 minutes. prince george's county police say they'll have extra officers here on campus this morning. it will be interesting to see going forward how many students actually stay home today. want to show you the snaps that went out on snap chat last ni night. it's two images in both of them you see what looks to be like an assault rifle. in one it says "don't go to school on monday". >> the other says "think i'm kidding"
8:02 am
>> the snaps do not mention eleanor roosevelt high school by name. students are concerned about possibly this school being the potential target. we were alerted to this by the parent of a student here who says, her son saw this posting at a friend's house, shared it with her. she shared it with us. she says she's keeping her son home today here now tanika jackson a parent here in the eleanor roosevelt high school community. >> what do you do? you know. i'd rather for somebody to call me back and tell me okay this is some big joke that some juvenile, you know, thought it was really funny which is not. than to call me or i get a text alert saying that eleanor roosevelt high school is currently on lock down for an active shooter. i am concerned about the next day and the next day after, you know. unfortunate just because it's calm doesn't mean it's over. >> reporter: here's a statement to us from prince
8:03 am
it was issued to us last 90 it owes, this evening we were notified by the media of a potential threat on social media that was circulating among students at roosevelt high at which point we began an active investigation. we take all threats of this nature seriously. we will be adding additional resources to the school tomorrow. meaning today. now reginald mcneil the principal here put out a robo call to the school community here also a letter this is part of it there you see here saying that they'll be cooperating with prince george's county police trying to identify the person who made this threat. my colleague evan lambert who reported on this last night says that he was in contact with someone who he believed was the person who issued this threat and that person told him he was only kidding that it was not meant as a serious threat although police are taking it very seriously again school starts 8:40 this morning see how many families keep their kids home from school today because of this guys. >> bob, just short time away. appreciate that. we'll get updes
8:04 am
following developing news out of alexandria after two people were killed, a third fighting for life after triple shoot tag park last night. this happen at all veterans park along north picket street and fox5's anjali hemphill is live in alexandria now with the latest. anjali, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, guys. police have still not released why this shooting happened or any information about those two people who were killed. but a neighbor believes that this crime seen focused here farther down this walking trail in this big open area of all veterans park. a lot of people walk through this park every day with their dogs, definitely a populated area especially last night. just before 9:00 o'clock when police say the shooting broke out. take look at the video that we captured last night where there was a heavy police and ems presence that responded to the scene. at first officers searched the area with their chopper in the air but later police said the three people that were shot here last night were the only ones involved. the incident was confined to the
8:05 am
the community. again two people are dead. one is in the hospital with serious injuries. last we heard. and police have not released the victim's names or ages. and they have not released a motive but a neighbor did tell fox5 this may have been domestic in nature. our cameras did capture an emotional scene last night as possible family of the victims showed up to speak to police. and we also got reaction from some neighbors. take a listen. >> i was saying bye to my fa family. some people to came to visit for the weekend and i seen the cops coming. from where the time i heard it happened must have been four minutes before we came out of the house. >> reporter: at this time police have made no arrests but it does sound like they are not actively searching for any suspects at this time. as they say the three people that were shot last night were the only ones in involved in this shooting. that's the latest here in alexandria. anjali hemphill, fox5 local news
8:06 am
>> to prince george's county now police are investigate a deadly shooting it happened over the weekend in chill ham. a man died after being shot several times. the shooting happened saturday morning on sheridan street. right now the shooter still out there on the loose. the incident is under investigation. and this morning d.c. police are investigating a deadly motorcycle crash. this happened around 2:30 this morning in northwest d.c. police say a man was killed in the 4800 block of arkansas of a northwest. lanes around arkansas and decatur remain closed. another story develop overnight. police investigate a cause of a deadly two-car crash in lanham, maryland. officers responded to the scene green belt road and aerospace road around 10:00 last night. one passenger died at the scene. the driver of that car 13 others inside taken to the hospital. the driver of the second car has minor injuries. one thing that seems to be constant we saw it in anjali's live shot and alexandria and bob's live shot in green belt it's foggy evewh
8:07 am
morning. >> it is. visibility actually getting worse in some spots down to zero culpeper and in manassas. >> zero. >> that's kind of crazy. >> like you stick out your hand you can't see your fingers. >> yeah. >> got it. zero. >> zero. little better there in i think that's down near oxon hill. all right. let's -- this is showing you the current visibilities fog has been issue early this morning. eighth of a mile dulles. fredericksburg and culpeper zero. manassas is up to two. fog will lift. a couple more hours and then we'll gradually turn mostly cloudy today. as we'll be kind of soupy ahead of our cold front. 63 now in washington at reagan national. 61 dulles. 63bwi marshall. expect daytime highs in the low to mid 70s with mostly cloudy conditions. and rain you see out into kentucky and tennessee. guess what? that's headed in our direct. we need it, and they'll be a period of rain later tonight i think probably after ten, 11:00 o'clock tonight get a period of rain maybe heavy at times overnight, and then cooler weather arrives behind that front starting tomorrow afternoon.
8:08 am
and there might be a little bit of light drizzle this afternoon but not enough to cancel any outdoor activities. sports, dog walking, leaf raking, all good to go. >> leaf peeping. >> the leaf thing is out of my control in my yard. >> right. >> they're just fall decorations from nature. >> i'll look at it that way. >> look out beautiful your yard looks. >> there it is. good morning, erin. >> nice fall act accepts all over the lawn. don't room. i was having rough morning and then tucker believed me a cheesesteak. tailgate ted he knows what he's doing. >> yeah he does a lot of cheesesteaks that tastes like it's authentic from philly. right now, traffic advisory debris in the roadway outbound case bridge left lane block, use caution, watch for delays. heavy volume 295 northbound from the beltway to the 11th street bridge is basically park. northbound fairfax county parkway and sunrise valley drive crash blocking the left lane. you can see all of that heavy volume there. previous hal all lanes shut down. forward things along southbound 95 north of the fairfax county parkway crash blocking
8:09 am
shoulder. just a lot of dense fog really nasty morning. use your low beams. watch for visible problems much please slow it down. agent typical slow downs all over because of that. top side of the beltway park all morning. this is the outer loop ought by new hampshire avenue. 40 minute ride 95 to the 270 spur. inner loop will take you 18 minutes as we take look at this traffic advisory road closed it remains shut down for several hours. fatal motorcycle crash investigation. avoid the 4800 block of arkansas of a northwest as well as decatur street. gw sluggish to the key bridge. key bridge heavy from rows land to georgetown. 29 northbound aft 100 blocked all lanes. watch for lot of additional volume because of that on 95 northbound as well. metro is on time. that's really good news for your morning commute. we're seeing heavy delays on 270 southbound, 395 northbound through arlington and 66 eastbound through centreville. that's your traffic, guys. ♪ happening right now, a
8:10 am
missing 17-year-old mother and her two-year-old daughter. kalin jones and her daughter a lena were last seen on friday in the 4400 block of ponds street in northeast. kalin was wearing brown pants and black puffy coat with fur around the hood the little girl was wearing a white shirt, gray leggings and golden this shoes. if you have seen this mother and call. authorities in leonardtown, maryland, need help finding a missing man you're looking at him here. 30-year-old anthony orlando montgomery is missing. saint mary's county sheriff' office tweeted out this photo of him last night. no word on how long he's been missing. if you've seen him give authorities a call. >> house republicans set to vote on major tack overhaul this week after the senate passed the $4 billion budget proposal on friday. the president warning that if the house does not follow suit, it will be a failure for the g gop. the tax reform is promising the highest tax cuts in american history. that's what the president claims. turning n
8:11 am
lawmakers from both parties have managed to reach a deal on heath care but fear the president will not sign off on the plan. president trump cut off health care subsidies earlier this month the bipartisan plan restores those payments to insurance companies. 18 states in the district of columbia filed suit against the trump administration to keep health care subsidies claiming the payments are required by law. still to come this morning, south florida neighborhood on edge. >> there's growing concern a serial killer may be on the loose. the target appears to be people who are out walking alone at night. the disturbing details straight ahead. it's 8:11 now. now.
8:12 am
8:13 am
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♪ 8:14 right now. tucker, we have missed you last week. >> i missed cuteness. >> we missed in you general but we missed you this time of the morning. >> i saw the cuteness picture on my facebook. >> everyone was so adorable. >> super cute. let's do it. favorite time of the day. my first five photo of the day. cuteness. we got harmony ann. >> hello there. >> mill mermaid. >> i was going to say the same thing, steve. >> precious. >> is she supposed to be little mermaid. >> looks like somebody might have crocheted mermaid outfit. >> yeah. >> either way super cute. here's the deal. harmony ann just turned one a couple weeks ago. >> aww happy be lated birthday. >> uh-huh. her favorite activities she loves to scroll through her mom and
8:15 am
all their posts. >> like, like and like. >> great smile. loves to have her big sister read to her but most of all her parents say she loves to watch fox5! >> all right. >> and steve you call it since she's a mermaid she needing to the weather forecast. >> very important. >> if you're up on the surface and the weather is bad, go for dive. >> right. >> eiger it. >> what a beautiful little picture. >> happy, happy little face. >> to send us your child's picture go to fox5 d.c. we love it harmony ann thank you for sending in your picture. >> how adorable. >> happy birthday. >> you got it. okay. rain in the forecast tonight. it's going to start to feel like rain later this afternoon there might be touch drizzle but the main event will rain will get in here tonight. we'll have a cold front come through that's going to give us much cooler air mass for the middle of the week. fog has been a big problem this morning much visibilities in some spots, quarter mile, eighth of a mile. hang in there the fog will burn off and we'll be left with mostly cloudy cdi
8:16 am
detroit 63. there's a cold front you see the low 50s in chicago 51 and 48 up in fargo. that's going to head in our direction here. that cooler air and by midweek our high temperatures will only be in the 60s. so we'll be in the mid 70 today's and then 60s around here by wednesday and thursday. clouds on the increase. they'll be moving in as soon as the fog moves out mostly cloudy this afternoon the rain you see back in kentucky and tennessee will arrive with a cold front and an area of low pressure and that rain is both needed and could be briefly heavy at times tonight with gusty winds. so look for that. i'd say around the midnight air would be the timing on that and cooler temperatures for the mill of the week. wednesday, thursday, friday in the 60s. >> all right. thank you very much, tuck. >> um-hmm. >> let's check in with erin and get a look at the roads. >> good morning, erin. >> good morning, steve. 8:15. new crash northbound 295 after east capitol street. as you can see we're seeing northbound delays down to 11 miles per hour average
8:17 am
crashes clear earlier on the southbound side by malcolm x avenue. very heavy traffic in both directions the entire stretch eastbound -- east capitol street southeast seeing a lot of inbound and outbound volume because of the fog we're seeing delays everywhere. traffic advisory debris outbound case bridge left lane block. use caution there. we also have lot of volume on the top side of the beltway on the outer loop. we also have a closure from a fatal motorcycle crash. 4800 block of arkansas of a several hours and it will remain closed until that investigation wraps. same story on decatur street. as we take look at this fog on southbound knife, this is north of the fairfax county parkway. we have a crash. northbound side is crawling along as well because of the fog. use your low beams and caution this morning. 395 still park up after duke street. 25 minute trip red zone from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. fourteenth street bridge very crowded and 66 out by sudley road it will take you 47 minutes just to get from 234 to
8:18 am
beltway. 270 southbound about an hour delay from 109 to the beltway as well. metro is on time. guys? ♪ 8:17 right now. florida neighborhood is gripped with terror. there are fear that is a serial killer may be on the loose in tampa. three people have been shot and killed in the past two weeks. all in the same area. all the victims walking alone. police say the victims didn't know each other but they're almost certain the killings are connected. authorities are warning people who live in tampa to stay inside and not walk alone at night. >> my wife is scared. my kids are squared. we have to be locked up in the house. it's not right. >> police have very little information to go on. the killer has gotten away each time without a trace. so there's still no suspect non motive at this time. ♪ happening today, army sergeant bowe bergdahl who did plead guilty to desertion is set to be sentence t
8:19 am
bragg, bergdahl was held captive by the taliban for several years after he left his post in afghanistan. he was released in 2014 during highly criticized deal prisoner swap. berg gall faces possible live in prison. another fixture in hollywood under fire. los angeles advertisements reports more than 30 women stepped forward to claim director james to back her caused them. his misbehavior went on for decades. he denies the allegations and says he neither met the accusers or has no recollection of them. espn anchor jamill hill will be back to work aft two week suspension from the sports channel. espn suspended hill after she violated the company's social media guidelines for a second time. in the last incident hill urged football fans to boycott advertisers of dallas cowboys owner jerry jones. this comes after jones said that he would bench any player who took a knee during the national anthem.
8:20 am
hill's tweet about the cowboys was her second violation as we said. she was piecely reprimanded about tweeting disparaging remarks about president trump. >> fogs take over the patriots over the falcons game and reaction online is hilarious. >> glimmer of hope rising up from the wildfires out west a goat hearing dog in california refused to abandon his flock from a raging wildfire in sonoma county. that's a good boy. ♪ ♪♪
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> welcome back. it is 8:23 now. the fog is -- >> can't see much out there. >> still hanging on. my goodness. >> sticking around. >> like an unwanted house guest. of course gwen talbot wherever, good morning. >> who's who of comedy gathered at the kennedy center last night to honor david letterman. he is this year's winner of the mark twain prize for american humor. letterman holds the record for hosting the longest running late night show in history at 33 years. letterman's family sat with him in that special box above the stage we're familiar with as he and the audience were treated to roasts and tributes from the likes of steve martin, martin short, bill murray, amy shimmer, jimmy walker, yup, dynamite and others. >> is it possible to say jim walker without
8:24 am
>> i don't think so. >> i don't think so either. welcome back and congratulations to david letterman what great honor it is. very fitting for bringing us decades entertainment. >> i love it. we're getting used to the beard, dave. four legged hero emerging from the ashes out in california. >> this is odom. he would not evacuate with his family stayed behind with the goats. >> love it. >> the property sadly burned down but odom and all the goats survived. his owner thinks that he herded the goats to rocky area while the fair passed through. >> when it comes to reward, he got a nice steak dinner for saving all the goats. >> like, nope, i saw -- >> keep on working. >> i saw an account that the -- his human dad looked at him and the look in his eyes was i'm sorry, i can't go. i have to stay. i have a job to do. >> i have a job to do. >> much like tucker barnes. >> well, i mean -- teachers get vacation and it its right back in the classroom. >> school is back in session, kids. kids.
8:25 am
>> school is back in session, kids. your friendly teacher has been on sabbatical. the administration thought it was best if i take a little time off to reflect and see if i still have hunger to be in this classroom with you guys. >> it was mandated. we understand. [ laughter ] >> coming back with pop quiz for you two. >> all right. >> not fair. >> bring it on. >> pay close attention. >> now your friendly professor had chance to go to iceland. hmm. >> quite some adventures up there. first question what's another name for the auri alice bor borealis. >> northern showers. >> northern lights. >> northern light sheeps. >> yes. i'll give you the answer momentarily. the second question are there more people or sheep in iceland? >> don't say -- don't say -- >> people. >> sheep. >> more sheeps. >> perhaps that's why your professor like it so much. aurora borealis and their there are twice as many sheep as people. >> some say some p
8:26 am
sheep. >> some people say that. that's right. >> all right. the grades are in. we know the routine. >> yes. >> a plus for allison.. >> no, we didn't. >> thank you. >> sorry. steve you came up short again. >> time fort roar card. bring me fall. enough of those students. they're not worth much. sunshine, foggy, cloudy. give 8c. winds out of the east today. that's c. afternoon temps in the 70's that's an a. guitar recital, hit it, steve, that's an a. i give the grades for today a b. rain tonight but during the daytime hours just cladism queue my music. ♪ ba, ba, black sheep have you any wool, yes, sir, yes, sir three bags full ♪ >> the principal just called grading discrepancies he gets another week off. >> see in you week or so. >> did you ever have that teacher that you felt like just picked on you no matter what you did. >> oh yeah. >> you couldn't win. >> i feel that's how tucker treats steve during that seg segment. >> sorry, steve.
8:27 am
>> hey. >> all right. >> traffic. accident inbound new york avenue at seventh street crash blocks right lane. we have fog it's starting to rise a bit. visibilities impact the use your low beams and caution this morning. as we take look at nasty crash out by east capitol street on 295 northbound causing big delays from the bottom of the beltway southbound side parked as well we a have lot of heavy valium fog increasing drive times this morning. debris in the roadway outbound case bridge. metro rails are on time. keep it to fox5 news morning. we got you cover on this foggy monday morning drive. ♪ ♪♪
8:28 am
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>> 8:30. let's get a look at top stories. police investigate a deadly triple shooting in northern virginia. left two people dead. one in serious condition just before 9:00 last night all veterans park just off duke street in alexandria. police say currently no threat to the community. maryland high school on high alert after several threatening pictures circulated through social media. students at eleanor roosevelt high school received snap chat pictures, here they are one of as salt arrival with the caption "don't go to school on monday" police say they are investigating the threat. it is not yet clear if it is credible. our bob barnard has been out there all morning. latest on deadly motorcycle crash that happened earlier this morning in northwest d.c. one man was killed in that crash. happened about 2:3m
8:31 am
4800 block of arkansas avenue. lanes around arkansas and decatur still closed to traffic now at 8:30. al? >> ♪ well, it's that time of year again when the sniffling and sneezing starts and you give your co-workers the side eye wondering if they have the beginnings of the flu or just their allergies are just a cold. well, we've got the scoop on how to avoid the flu this year. that's the whopper of those three, right? joining us this morning is dr. shilpi agalwar with some tips and trick hahn how to keep us healthy and flu free and the irony of all of this is that shilpi you weren't with us last week because you had the flu. >> yes. i was recovering from the flu, allison the week before i got horrible body aches, high fevers, i said how could this be happening to me? >> right. >> the thing is it's because i was planning to get the flu shot with my kids we could all do it together. they wouldn't be scared. i waited too long. everybody watching you guys have to get the new shot. the number one
8:32 am
yourself from actually not getting the flu is to get the flu vaccine. >> but you need to get two weeks before the season starts. >> the thing is once you get the vaccine it takes two full weeks for your body to mount an immune response that's why we're saying earlier the better because right now we're still outside. we're very lucky we have this nice weather. but soon we'll be all locked up with our families, holiday time, colder weather keeps us inside and that's how you spread that virus. >> we have got three big headlines we want to you remember if you don't remember anything else in the first one is, get vaccinated now by halloween. >> before halloween i would like everyone to go and get a flu shot. don't wait. don't make eight big deal. don't make the mistake i did and put it off. okay naked sure if you're passing by pharmacy stop in and get that flu shot. >> okay. the number two thing because the guidance is different on this now. it goes back and forth but the guides guidance pregnant women should get the shot. >> they still should. headline that came out a study that was saying that flu shot may be associated with hire risk of miscarriage in t
8:33 am
trimester. what we do know allison is that the cdc who funded that study and the american college of obstetrics and gynecology that is that's the governing board on all decisions for pregnant women styluses you should get the flu vaccine. all pregnant women and implications of getting the flu when you're pregnant are very serious. you're putting yourself at risk and newborn as well. >> you know what i did like the option of the nasal mist. >> yes. >> who wants a needle, right? not this year. >> unfortunately we did find that wasn't as effective this year we do in the offer the nasal mist. but the good thing is the nasal mist was actually considered a live vaccine whereas what we're giving now is completely inn activated nobody can get the flu. there's no restrictions on who can get this. everyone is able to get it. anyone six months and older should be getting the flu vaccine and parents if your child is six months or first time getting their flu vaccine they may need two doses. so check with your pediatrician about that. >> also special guidance for our older neighbors, 65 and older. >> y there's a special flu vaccine
8:34 am
vaccine for those people that are 65 and older. the reason is, they are more susceptible to actually succumbing to the bad consequences of the flu. their flu vaccine is stronger and helps them to mount a better and bigger immune response. >> i also see a lot about the pneumonia i think it's a different topic but can seniors get that in concert with the flu shot? >> yes. not with the flu shot but what happens is if you do end up getting the flu, one of the big side effects you get secondary infections. and the most common secondary infection from the flu is new known ya. if you're older you have a weakened immune system or very very young those are people that can even die from these things because they got pneumonia. >> hate pneumonia. >> exactly. >> the time of year i get my flu shot. don't be tricked by this long sleeved sweater it has buttons. >> you are going to get it. hopefully today if you haven't gotten it you're going to go very. it's very very easy. make sure you're provider is wearing gloves, cleans off your arm.
8:35 am
to make the hurt less what i'm going to have you do take deep breath in,. >> okay. >> tell me when to do this breath. >> squeeze deep breath and blow all the way out. and you're done. >> all right. >> honest dull not hurt. >> perfect. which of these is your treat. >> which, please, shilpi i'm taking all these dumb dumbs i just got a flu shot on tv thank you very much. all these really important serious tips will be online. get your vaccination by halloween. >> please get your vac keen today. >> nobody wants a spooky flu. >> right. >> tucker. >> i have dumb dumb for you if you come get your flu shot, tuck. >> i'm going to be really honest it will have to be more than a dumb dumb to get me over there for shot. >> okay. we tried. >> i'm proud of you. >> thank you. >> i would have actually been crying. >> i did cry a little bit but it didn't hurt. >> there would have been tears going down my eyes in that whole little segment there. good for you. all right. visibility let's see 5 miles now getting a little better. still the worst of the fog towards fredericksbg
8:36 am
visibility. hang in there. fog slowly getting better but that will give way to mostly cloudy conditions this afte afternoon. 63 now in washington. cooler air north and west. chicago 51. cold front right about here. and is that as that comes through tonight it will bring us a period of rain and then cooler temperatures behind the front that will arrive really tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening and the middle of the week will be much cooler. we'll get rid of the fog but then we'll mostly cloudy today still be mild with highs in the low to mid 70s rain gets in here tonight mainly bravely heavy at times pull bulk of the rain will hold off until midnight. could be gusty winds and rumble thunder as that comes through later tonight. more details on that coming up. 75 today. and again fog gives way to clouds might be a little drizzle this afternoon don't cancel outdoor plans if you have them later this afternoon. you should be okay. >> good to know. >> allison, you are brave. >> i brought i was dumb dumb. >> you can keep it because you deserve extra dumb dumbs. >> dumb dumb for you, tucker if you get yours.
8:37 am
shot. >> yes. >> i'm not getting a shot. i'll keep this lollipop. you know who else deserves a lollipop. >> who. >> everybody driving around d.c. right now. >> because it's nasty out with the fog. we have big delays on new york avenue inbound because of a crash. it's blocking the right lane out by seventh street. you can see heavy traffic because of that. again, fog causing visible problem. use low beams and caution. 23 miles an hour up to unfortunately down under 10 miles an hour earlier northbound 295 after east capitol street crash blocking shoulder. southbound side heavy 15 minute delay from the maryland line down to the 11th street bridge. and then as we make our way out on the case bridge, we have debrett outbound case bridge left lane is blocked caution there. a lot of heavy volume lingering as well. we have portion of 4800 block of arkansas of a northwest closed because of a fatal motorcycle crash investigation. all of your metro rail lines on time. steve and allison, i'll take this lollipop and sit by myself for awhile. >> doctor is right next
8:38 am
erin. >> all new this morning a consumer alert for you. >> i brought i was lollipop if you get your flu shot. >> ted brought me a cheesesteak for not getting one. >> dozens of products being taken off shovels across popular grocery stores. what you need to check your fridge and freezer over concerns of listeria. >> that will get you sick. i'll take that now.
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> all knew 8:00 news alert for consumers.
8:41 am
you about. california company recalling dozen of vegetable products due to concerns over listeria. man packing issued this recall. the vegetables were sold at stores across the country like safe way, trader joe's wal*mart. they have a best if used by date of october11th through october . so far there have been no reports of anyone getting sick. well, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas, wait, wait not yet. target wants to pause the christmas creep. the retailer will ease into holiday promotions this year unlike years past when christmas decorations were up before thanksgiving. this year target's holiday plans include a new e gift service, a wallet feature on its app, more weekend deals, and more kiosk. [ laughter ] >> okay. if you're looking for new home you don't have to go any further than amazon. seriously. you can buy a house on amazon a tiny house. but it's available on the website. for
8:42 am
square foot tiny home complete with kitchen net, shower, toilet, sink, bedroom and living area. fully furnish. 320 square feet. $36,000. make like a good like cabin in the woods or something. little get away. >> what are the rules on it though? do you know. >> municipalities have different rules. some consider them to be trailers on wheels. you have to check with where you live scene if it's okay. >> yeah. >> okay. 36 grand there's your little house. >> get away from the family every now and then in my own backyard. >> put it in the backyard. >> they're in the backyard, right. >> 8:42. let's check in the crew holly and wisdom will tell us what's coming up on good day. >> good morning. >> good morning to both of you. we'll continue to follow several local developing stories inc including a terrifying social media threat that has maryland parents actually keeping their children home this morning. we're also live in northern virginia where a shooting in a park left two people dead and one fighting for their life
8:43 am
morning. her he can husband was the d.c. sniper. this morning she's speaking out about the abuse at the hands of john alan hmm. how she survived and the message she has for abused women. mildred muhammed live with us at 9:15. all right. holly we do this all the time. you know what time it is? >> oh, my gosh. >> start that good day guest list. >> i can tell what time it is by the size of your watch. >> big time. quite all star lineup. don't miss kevin's dc exclusive with new dad george clooney. >> we are also going to chat life with queen latifah the star of fox's hit show star it's s about to be on the small screen. she is th thats in a new movie about the flint water crisis. >> kirk cameron remember him from growing pains he's live in the love. we'll ask him about the comments he made by the recent hurricanes that many criticize glad your number one good day d.c. all two hours of it just about 17 minutes away
8:44 am
>> or so. >> looking forward it to. >> time will fly and it will be here before we know it. >> sure will. time right now 8:43. coming up we'll have kev kin mccarthy live from la with the latest entertainment stories, plus -- >> weather alert as well making for a strange sight. during an nfl game. where is the field? what? >> where are the players? >> what was the penalty? >> penalty on nature for the fog night at gillette stayed jump. >> is this safe. >> super bowl rematch between the patriots and falcons. patriots definitely had home field advantage. that's the fog horn right there. ♪
8:45 am
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8:46 am
8:47 am
>> another penalty. holding. offense. >> this was such a bizarre game last night. not just the fact it was the super bowl rematch but that looks like dc this morning. you couldn't even see the field that was the broad -- look at al michaels trying to talk his way through. you can barely see the players on the field there from the broadcast booth. thick fog over gillette stadium in foxboro last night a lot around half time. patriots end upped on top 23-seven. a lot of people watch hemoglobin hard time seeing the games. the jokesters took to the internet to make fun of the bad weather conditions. we get it bill bell check you vape for all the smoke that was out on the field. the fog update from the pat patriots, patriots scored 54 straight points against atlanta. that was on the game and al -- >> yes. >> don't worry
8:48 am
horn. the fog traveled here from atlanta is actually evaporated tears. >> yeah. >> crazy. are you surprised they didn't call that game? i mean -- >> i don't know what the nfl room is when it comes to fog. as long as the players -- the ground level like on the field can see. >> right. >> but, you know, you don't want to throw the ball up in the fog and -- >> you guys remember that playoff game in chicago probably ten or 15 years ago and the voice is the was literally zero on the field. >> because of snow. >> they were still playing. >> it was just fog. >> there was fog. >> okay. >> but so much fun to watch you literally couldn't see. all of a sudden the running back would emerge out for a second. >> tucker you of all people would love watching games with weather implications? >> in fact half the time i watch football just for the weather. i don't have many friends. [ laughter ] >> visible one and a half miles dulles. quantico 1 mile. speaking of fog own here. fredericksburg half mile. quarter mile in culpeper. the fog will burn off and we'll be left w
8:49 am
conditions today with mild temperatures expected his afternoon back in the low 70s. quantico 61. 59 fredericksburg. worst of fog settling to our south. clouds quickly move in here not a lot of sunshine today. mostly cloudy afternoon eventually rainy evening but most of this rain should hold off until probably ten, 11, maybe mitter night tonight as a cold front comes through and this little area of low pressure in here as well, and let me just mention that rain when it arrives could be locally heavy as we could have perhaps even a rumble of thunder here with pretty good convective line of showers that will move through with that front. front comes through tonight. cloudy today and front out of here and we're looking at better conditions around here for the day tomorrow. i'll wrap it real quick. but i want to show you the showers moving through. there you are at 11:00 and could be heavy around here midnight 1:00 o'clock in the morning. get it out of here tomorrow morning, and we'll get the cooler temps in here, yes, look at wednesday, thursday, friday highs in the low to mid 60s wednesday. all right, guys, back to you. >> ♪
8:50 am
we'll defer to the west coast. time for the fox beat we're head to do california. >> that's where we find our own kevin mccarthy. kev is in lag morning. >> good morning, steve and allison. i'm out here yesterday i sat down with a lot of actors. i was here for the film is you surveillance bi con georgeed by george clooney starring matt di mon and julianne moore. i sat down with cast of netflix shows, my hunter, stranger thing, the crown. it was kind of a crazy day of interviews. i met jodi foster who direct add black near episode it was cool talking to her about performing and acting. she even went back to talk about her old films like taxi driver she made with martin scorcese when she was teenager i did speak to george clooney and matt diamond about the harvey weinstein story and the allegations, and mr. clooney had -- come out with a statement initial
8:51 am
worked with weinstein before and he mentioned specific movies he made with weinstein so i wanted to ask mr. clooney if the allegations changed the way he felt about the movies he made with weinstein and also what is the next step to change this culture in hollywood. watch this. >> knowing what we know now, does it affect the way you feel about those movies? does it taint them at all and also what is the next step in fixing this culture in hollywood. >> it doesn't taint how i kneel about the movies, because i saw harvey a couple of times, along while i was doing it, doesn't change how i feel about the films, because he wasn't really a big part of the actual making of the films. it does affect how we move forward, you know, talk add little bit about this in the last couple of days because it's obviously been the subject. something good has to come out of this whole id i don't say see. this, you know, the idea this predator was assaulting people and silencing them is so
8:52 am
well, wake up call for hold wood. we just saw what happened yesterday with fox news and how they did it. it's everywhere. right. and so what has to happen now in movie -- moving forward women to have feel safe about talking about this. >> that's george clooney talking about harvey weinstein. i spoke to matt damon about the same topic, the same type of question considering he made goodwill hunting with harvey weinstein which then led to damon affleck winning an oscar for screen writing so here's matt damon's response to the same question. >> does it affect the way you feel about the film and what can be done now in hollywood to change this culture? >> well those are two different questions. >> um-hmm. >> but it doesn't affect how i feel about the movie. i mean the work was the work. >> right. >> but it certainly affects the way i feel about harvey, um, you know. i mean i new him a
8:53 am
tough, he was intimidating, he was a bully and everybody knew that. that was, you know, you had to spend five minutes with him to know that. he was fiercely, you know -- he was an advocate for the work and -- and -- and he -- his company was making great movies then. and that's where everyone wanted to go work you knew you weren't going to paid you knew you were going to get yelled and at stomped on the whole thing but it was kind of a right of passage. nobody knew that there was criminal behavior going on and that he was victimizing women like that. that, you know, it changes how i feel about when i see that name. it doesn't change my feeling about the work we all did. there were hundreds people who worked on those thing, you know. um, but, yeah, i mean it does, you know, i haven't seen them. i haven't seen any of those movies again. i did five movies with miramax from '97 to
8:54 am
never -- e haven't gone back and look at them in the last week. but i imagine i'll feel a lot different when his name comes up. >> all right. that's matt damon speaking on the weinstein allegations. >> did julianne did she say anything? >> i mean, this is kind of minutia. here's what happens four minute interview. that was my last question so i asked like two questions prior about the film i was talking to them about the movie suburb con as i tran zigged to julianne moore the interview ended. i was trying to but the time ended. >> yeah. familiar with those junkets. you'll be happy to know that i saw boo two and we talk about it when you get back. >> all right. sounds good. >> and kev, if you stay out there until tomorrow you can be our world series correspondent as well. >> if you guys want me to stay, my night is like three hours. let me know. i can change it right now if you want me to. >> or we can come out and join you. >> i'd rather do that.
8:55 am
>> that would be awesome. >> see you good day. >> thanks, guys. >> 8:54 right now. we'll be right back. ♪ check this out. thrill seekers in brazil set out to break a world record, 245 people jumped off avenue 98-foot bridge and they did it in union any son. >> tse
8:56 am
>> i guess. >> okay. i know they look like ants. >> something weird. >> talk about scary. organizers say it took 12 miles of rope, 1,000 harnesses and 400 people to pull it off. this isn't the first time a large group of people have taken the plunge. >> look at the one dude hanging 20 feet above everybody else and some people hanging upside down. >> something wrong with my pulley, my bungee. in 216, 145 people did something similar. guiness world record hasn't release an official statement. >> i don't want to hank like that half hour, 45 minutes. >> you're crazy, i'm crazy. >> you're not getting in the record books. >> i'll bet if we did it it would be the first newsroom that did it. >> let's look into this. repel off a building in d.c. >> let's do synchronized swimming in the summer.
8:57 am
>> what's your final word. schoolbus crash 29 northbound bite 100 all lanes block. injuries involved as well. more on that on twitter as well and then just to give you perspective on the fog still causing big delays on the outer loop at new hampshire avenue new crash in the foggy area blocking two left lanes adding to the slow morning commute. tuck? >> fog burns off and then we'll get rain tonight. mostly cloudy today. with daytime highs in the low to mid 70s but as far as measurable rain that doesn't get in here until midnight tonight. more details in just a minute on good day d.c. >> all right. we'll be back with good day right after this. don't go anywhere. hope to see you on the other side of the break. ♪ ♪♪
8:58 am
alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. - um, i think one of your friends is here. - oh, well, what does he look like? - [mother] orange and grouchy. - (laughing) that's student loan monster. remember when i told you if you didn't save for college, other monsters would show up? - wait, so he's living here now? - she graduates and moves back home, he follows. they're a package deal. (chuckling) like, uh, oh, snack cakes. om. - [narrator] avoid the student loan monster. visit to learn how.
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9:00 am
a maryland high school on high alert the scare prompted by social media threats over the weekend. we'll have live report. terror in tampa. police on the hunt for a possible serial killer after three random murders in just a matter of days. i think this is going to be this administration's benghazi. >> still more questions than answers after that deadly attack in niger and the controversy over the commander in chief's phone call to soldier's widow is not over yet and that's just one of the big issue the white house is dealing with this morning. we'll have details in the morning briefing. excuse me, sir, do you have the time? i was going to ask you, sir, if you had the time? i do have the time. >> do you have time? >> i do have


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