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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  October 26, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right now on fox5 news morning a man who held a baby in a standoff overnight in montgomery county surrenders and fox5 is the only local station with video of the child back in the arms of their relieved family. >> declassified history. today the nation is expected to learn more about the government's investigation into the assassination of president kennedy. >> live look outside. no way to get around it, folks, it is cold out there this morning. you're going to need a coat before you walk out that front door. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. >> it is thursday october 26. >> erin como, mike
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>> good morning. addition to the cold temperatures dealing with a little bit of light drizzle in spots. i'll show you where that is coming up. later this afternoon much drier with some sun poking through. hey erin. >> grab that jacket. construction in clinton. we're going help you get down that slowdown on branch avenue next. >> thank you both. our top story is a fox5 exclusive. the video you're seeing right now, this is video of a fox5 -- on fox5 of a baby reunited with its family after a man held the child in a car during a standoff with police in rockville. now, the barricade started around 1:00 this morning stemming from a domestic dispute. the man surrendered peacefully just before 4:00 a.m. and is now in custody. >> new this morning, take a look at your screen now. have you seen this man, montgomery county police need your help finding 80-year-old juan su yim of bethesda. he was last seen on westlake drive driving a black 2012 nissan sentra with maryland tag
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juan su yim is asked to call police. >> sources confirm to fox5 that a man seen on surveillance video that britches police released in the investigation of a sexual assault in bowie has been identified and is not connected to the crime. detectives yesterday canvassed the neighborhood off jennings mill drive and jennings lane asking neighbors for any information in case. the attack happened one afternoon. a woman was jogging along a trail when she says a man grabbed her dragged her to a playground and sexually assaulted her. she was able to get free and run away. >> ♪ >> two minutes past the hour right now. president trump is back home from dallas. he was there to get an update on hurricane harvey relief efforts and attended a gop fundraiser. demonstrators were on hand to protest. a poll reveals a drop in his approval rating.
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trying to keep their aggressive tax overhaul effort on schedule. yesterday they worked to win over members who aren't on board with the proposal to ditch a key income tax deduction. >> ♪ >> happening today more than 50 years after the death of president john f. kennedy thousands of never before seen documents were set to be released. scholars believe the trove of files could prove insight into assassin lee harvey oswald's trip to mexico city t during the trip oswald visited the soviet and cuban embassies. new airport security measures including stricter screenings set to go into effect today. travelers entering the u.s. on select international flights will have to remove electronics larger than a cell phone from carry on bags and place them in a bin. this includes tablets and laptops. the measure could include short security interviews with passengers. the change will not apply to precheck lanes. >> the sentencing phase of former u.s. army sergeant bowe bergdahl has begun. in wednesday's
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court got insight on the emotional and physical toll involved with the search for bowe bergdahl. witnesses describe the search as days of hot, grueling and unsanitary conditions and also mentioned moments of enemy gunfire. bergdahl deserted his post in afghanistan in 2009. he now could be facing life in prison. >> today the fairfax county school board will hold the final vote on a new name for j.e.b. stuart high school. >> the school was originally named for a confederate general. fox5's kristyn leon is live in falls church with details on the possible names they're looking at. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, wisdom and holly. the board already said it would change the name. the public has since weighed in on what they think j.e.b. stuart high school should be called and the superintendent has already been given his recommendations as well. so, now what remains tonight is the final vote on this name change. now, if you remember here the majority of the public had recommended to just drop the jeb part and call it stuart high school. the second highest public recommendation was to name it after supreme
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thurgood marshall. now, we understand as many as four board members tonight will back a proposal to rename it simply justice high school. now, to give you a little background here on this story t-the high school was named after the confederate general j.e.b. stuart in the late 1950's. and those in favor of the name change say that j.e.b. stuart doesn't represent inclusivity, doesn't represent diversity and then also equity, something that not only the school takes pride in but also fairfax county as well. and as far as those who oppose the name change, they said not only would it cost taxpayers nearly a million dollars, but also that j.e.b. stuart represents an integral part of virginia history as well as u.s. history as well. so, again, the final vote on the name change will be made tonight at jackson middle school. of course we'll keep you posted on what comes out of that meeting right here and online for now i'll send it back to you in studio. >> ♪ >> and with that, we're going to send it over
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and talk a little weather today. hey, mike. >> hey, guys. we're dealing with some cool temperatures and believe it or not some snowflakes flying in parts of the mountains this morning. don't worry, nothing east of those mountains. we're going to keep it all rain here at least for the next several weeks. satellite and radar showing that light drizzle activity. most of what you're looking at is not actually hitting the ground but some is so do want to alert you there's a little bit of mist or drizzle as you head out the door to work this morning. don't be shocked. there's that snow shower activity far western portions of garrett county only the highest peeks seeing snowflakes falling this morning. temperatures chilly. 51 in d.c. is not bad but 45 in gaithersburg as well as westminster. 47 in dulles. 45 in winchester. culpeper waking up to a temperature of 50 degrees this morning while fredericksburg is at 49. 61 is your daytime high today. that's about 4 degrees below normal. again, spotty morning drizzle is possible. we'll keep that in the forecast through the morning hours but by the afternoon we should start a clearing process and get a decent amount of sunshine by the time the kids get home from school. lots to talk aboutom
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do want to mention that we have our winter weather forecast. are you wondering what be winter is going to be doing? a lot of snow? little snow? you'll have to wait. check your facebook feed around 6:00 a.m. may just see that that winter forecast pop up. that's the latest from the weather department. more details on the weekend coming up. letlet's head erin como. >> keeping our eyes on the road this thursday morning if you're traveling in southeast malfunctioning traffic light alabama avenue at wheeler road. caution there. 295 looks good in both directions to and from the bottom side of the beltway in oxon hill. secondaries looking good. we have another traffic light out in northeast unfortunately its at 14th street and c street. another intersection that you want to treat as though you would a stop sign. take turns. give yourself some extra time. 66 in the green zone as far as travel time but we have increased volume by sudley road. 234 to the beltway we're seeing a 21 minute ride. on the westbound side to gainsville you are
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quiet. i'll let you know if that changes. moving things over right now for a look in clinton. some ongoing construction branch avenue. it's between moores road and surratts road, left lane blocked in both directions. all metro rail lines are on time. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. back to you guys. >> coming up on fox5 news morning a brother of the las vegas shooter is arrested in california. >> first recovery contract awarded in puerto rico is facing several questions. >> as we go to break, live look across the d.c. region on a thursday morning. eight minutes past the hour right now. 51 degrees. you're watching fox5 news morning. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> time right now is 5:09. the spotlight grows tighter on a tiny montana firm awarded a $300 million deal to help restore puerto rico. puerto rico's financial oversight board has promised a full audit of the deal awarded to white fish energy holdings in montana. white fish is set to work on the island's crippled electrical grid but is facing backlash because of its ties to the trump administration and little is known about the small company. >> settlement reached between some tea party groups and the u.s. justice department. the group sued the doj for violating their constitutional rights. the tea party group says their applications for tax exempt status received extra scrutiny by the i.r.s. simply because their names
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words tea party or patriots. >> a second arrest has been made in connection to a deadly shooting in southeast d.c. that happened earlier this month. 25-year-old omar rogers was shot and killed on october 8th near the union bar and grille on martin luther king jr. avenue. he's the older brother of virginia tech freshman football player sean savoy. last night d.c. police arrested 22-year-old khalil davis of southeast d.c. last week police arrested 21-year-old michael jones of bladensburg. both face murder charges. >> brother of the las vegas shooter stephen paddock is accused of possessing child pornography. police arrested bruce paddock wednesday at an assisted living home in las vegas. detectives found child porn on bruce's computer. this is not the paddock brother which spoke to the media after las vegas happened. silver spring mother facing neglect charges after police say she left her children inside her abandoned minivan. last december police say sherri marshall
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12-year-old son out of her van on the beltway. short time later they say she ran out of gas in takoma park and abandoned her other nine children for more than a day. officers say the children had soiled pants and were extremely hungry. marshall was later found wandering through traffic. police say she was under high influence of narcotics. >> coming up, a major pharmacy chain store now plans to stock a drug used to treat opioid overdoses. >> former nba commissioner david stern seems to have changed his stance on nba players and marijuana use. >> as we head to break, a live look outside across the region at 5:11. back in a moment. >> ♪
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nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours. >> ♪ >> time right now is 5:13. here's a look at the stories we're following for you today, thursday, october 26th. you're looking at exclusive video of a baby reunited with his family this morning in rockville. th
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that baby in a car in a standoff with police that lasted about three hours overnight. the man surrendered just before 4:00 a.m. and the baby is okay. >> thousands of never before seen documents related to the death of j.f.k. will be released today. scholars believe the files could provide insight into assassin lee harvey oswald's trip to mexico city weeks before the killing. during the trip oswald visited the soviet and cuban embassies. back in 1992 congressman dated all assassination documents be released within 25 years. >> new airport security measures will go into that effect today. travelers flying into the united states will have to remove electronics larger than a cell phone from carry on bags and place them in a bin. this includes tablets and laptops. the new measure could also include short security interviews with passengers. the change will not apply to precheck lanes from the fairfax county school board will hold a vote on a name change for the j.e.b. stuart school. others
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to be renamed after thurgood marshall or barbara rose johns. >> astros-dodgers, california was the scene. rallying back and forth all night long. 11 indi11 innings is what it too decide a winner. game tied at six heading into the 11th inner. george springer two run homer sealed the deal. astros take game 27 to 66. series tied at a game a piece. >> quarter past the hour right now and 51 degrees out there. might need to go out and warm up your car this morning, don't you think mike. >> maybe a little bit of heat this morning especially suburbs. i mean, they're starting off in the 40's so yeah chilly. first fall morning and a brisk fall day coming later on this afternoon. not expecting too much in the warmth department though 61 is not bad. going to be a pleasant fall afternoon. 51 is what we are right now here in d.c. look at the 30's, though. again, mostly confined to the high elevations and then off to the west of
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pittsburgh 39. columbus 30 this morning, detroit 38. these 30's are on the way but it's going to take another day to get here. by this time tomorrow morning, many if not all of our suburbs waking up to temperatures in the mid to upper 30's in d.c. because of that frost advisory in that effect ooh. right now some light drizzle. much of this is not hitting the ground this morning but just so you're aware as you head off to work and school this morning, maybe a little misty drizzle in a couple spots. white on the map there, that's snow shower activity up there garrett county maryland so signs of winter are there. don't worry, nothing in the forecast for d.c. just yet. still all this moisture from this big storm system that's still wrapping up just north of the great lakes pulling all this rain up into new england this morning. so far no flight delays but we'll keep an eye on the airports here just in case you're flying out to the north and east today. maybe we're seeing some delays. so, 30's and 40's to start the day so far. and then later on this afternoon with some sunshine we're drier by the afternoon, drizzle will be out of here. 50's and som
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around the region. which is actually cool for this time of year. 61 degrees 4 degrees below normal in d.c. manassas 61. later tonight, tomorrow morning is kind of the coldest of the week, 45 degrees here in d.c. that's only because of the river. once you get away from the river, 37 for gaithersburg, martinsburg 34, manassas a chilly 33 degrees as you start your day because of that, this is for tonight, not this morning, but for tonight into tomorrow morning frost advisories in effect for d.c., baltimore. freeze warnings out to the north and west so if you have outdoor vegetation that you don't want getting a little frost on it, you you may want to bring it in tonight. seven-day forecast, 61 today, up through saturday to 71, rainy sunday ahead. that's a check of the forecast. erin is back with traffic. >> 5:17 right now. let's keep you updated on your traffic. taking a look at a disabled truck blocking the right shoulder and right lane. this is in beltsville. outer loop at route one causing some delays. now volume still light enough it's not causing
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problems. inner loop looks pretty good in terms of volume right now. as we forward things along, we'll show you what else you're dealing with this morning. we'll see if we can take a look at our next element. we are seeing quiet conditions for the most part pretty much everywhere except for 270. the delays are already beginning just about a half hour from 70 to 121. looks like we have some police activity blocking the shoulder as well so be prepared for that. some construction out there. you can see blocking the right shoulder so that is adding to the volume again just the activity slowing us down with a little bit of a rubberneck delay past that point at 109. 66 nice and quiet. you can see we're seeing increased volume but not enough to cause any major slowdowns just yet. still looking good across our bridges, the legion bridge. things looking good on the 11th street bridge. all metro rail lines are on time. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. wisdom and holly. >> 5:18 is the time. let's take a look at the stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media with our realtime news tracker. >> walgreens is
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narcon nasal str spray in all of its pharmacy. narcon can reverse over doses. >> american sentiment has shifted on the national anthem protest. 47 appears believe they should. the same poll was taken last month when 52 percent of americans felt the players should be forced to stand. >> next up, support for legalizing marijuana is at an all time high. for the first time ever a majority of republicans support making pot legal. new gallup poll shows that number at 51 percent, up from 42 percent last year. back in 2004, only 20 percent of republicans favored legalizing marijuana. >> next up the national air and space museum is getting a face-lift. starting next summer a seven year renovation will begin but it will remain opened to
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visitors. now, the smithsonian plans to revamp the exterior add new entrance structures. renovations are expected to cost $900 million. >> finally the indiana couple who have eaten at every cracker barrel in the country can cross the latest one off their list. talk show host steve harvey gave them plane tickets to cold spring kentucky so they could eat tap grand opening of the latest cracker barrel restaurant. >> best thing in cracker barrel. >> i personally think the collard greens. >> that's too but the banana moon pies that i buy. >> i do like the little stores in the front. >> all the candy. >> yeah. >> some good eats in there. all right. coming up on fox5 news morning an impending merger between two pharmacy store chains will lead tom 600 fewer stores. >> and amazon unveils a unique delivery service it claims will prevent thieves from stealing your packages. >> as we head to break right now, live look outside across the region. time
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back in a moment. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ ♪♪ what if home security was different? what if it looked different? test test ♪♪ what if it was so easy to use, you actually used it. [alarm] you have 3 minutes to exit. what if it gave you time, and what you really need from home security.
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>> uber is unveiling a no fee credit card. the uber visa card is that designed as a cash back loyalty program. it will give users 2 percent cash back if they take a ride in an uber and 4 percent cash back for every dollar spent on dining including the uber eats on demand food delivery service. customers will be able to redeem points for uber i'd using a standard penny per point redemption rate or have the points converted to cash. >> amazon is rolling out its latest service. it will allow delivery people to unlock your front door and leave packages inside your house. the delivery person would scan them which would unlock the door. itit's all captured on a security camera. a full kit and installation costs $250. and you need to be an amazon prime member to get the service. they can
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family, dog walkers and house cleaners temporary access to your home. >> your favorite bottle of wine might cost you more. this after wildfires torched 170,000 acres in california's win country. the recent fires there could lead to a price increase of a few dollars per bottle. world wine production is having historically bad year with europe making wine at significantly lower levels than usual after frost and drought damaged vineyards there. >> ♪ >> 5:24 is the time right now. good morning to you, mike thomas. >> hey, good morning to you guys as well. happy thursday. we're getting through this week, at least to the end of it. hang in there. waking up to cool temperatures out there and in some spots some patchy drizzle but most spots just cloud cover. winds northwest 15, occasional today it will be a little breezy with wind gusts up and around 20 miles an hour as cool air continues to work its way in from the north and west. satellite and radar here showing you those patchy areas of drizzle. again not all the green on your radar is
5:25 am
ground but in some spots we are seeing just a little bit of mist out there as you start your day so just be aware. today's planner will keep drizzle in through about 11:00 and it's patchy. most will not see it. it will just be cloudy, 55 degrees. 2 o'clock sunshine, 60 degrees. still 60 at 5 o'clock with partly cloudy skies. should be a pleasant fall afternoon. just on the cool side. temperature today of 61 degrees. just about 4 degrees below normal. some of our suburbs particularly north and west are going to stay in the 50's most of the day. martinsburg 59, hagerstown only 58 degrees for daytime high for you. all right, guys, that's weather. erin como is back this morning with a look at those roadways. hey, erin. >> 5:25 right now. we have some construction. you can see the flashing lights and the equipment blocking the right shoulder. the cones are out as well. this is out by 109 and 270 southbound. because of that, red zone 30 minute trip from 70 to 121. please allow a lot of extra time there. you can always hop off and take urbana pike, 355 but we're seeing a lot of slow moving traffic so again we'll keep you updated on that as you
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getting into montgomery county. as we move over to 95 northbound look at that delay. this is through dale city. dale city to the beltway still a green zone 16 minute trip but you can see in the main lanes a lot of congestion starting toiled b hov lanes are moving along a little bit better. 66 eastbound same story, still a green zone 21 minute trip from 234 to the beltway but again by sudley road we're starting to see that increased volume. 29 still looking good and 28 in centreville still looking pretty smooth. this is 395 northbound from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. 11 minute ride there. the main lanes are looking really good. fourteenth street bridge is quiet. key bridge rosslyn into georgetown still good and the 11th street bridge is moving along freely. not seeing any problem on 695 to and from the third street tunnel. same story 295 southbound as you head past benning road: we have a disabled truck blocking the right lane right shoulder. this is the outer loop stretch out by route one as you head out in maryland and beltsville. inner loop looks good but watch again for a little bit of a tap of the brakes past that s
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left. that's as you make your way up toward bw parkway on the outer loop side of things. all metro rail lines are on time. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. back to you guys. >> thanks erin. coming up, police are asking for your help finding a missing bethesda man. >> and a new device could help improve the lives of chronic snorers and their loved ones. >> as we head to break now let's go ahead and look live now across the d.c. region. 5:27 is our time right now. we're holding steady at 51 chilly degrees on this thursday morning. fox5 news morning coming right back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> today on fox5 news morning, searching for a predator. investigators go door to door asking for your help finding the person responsible for a sexual assault in bowie. new rules. travelers flying to the u.s. will now have to undergo a new security screening process. and declassified history. today the nation is expected to learn more about the government's investigation into the assassination of president kennedy. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> good morning to you. thank you very much for joining us. >> it is thursday, october 26th. >> let's talk roads with erin como and weather with mike thomas. >> yeah, let's do that. we're talking some chilly temperatures outside this morning. jacket weather for sure. afternoon drying out, clearing
5:31 am
temperatures right around 60. hey, erin. >> right now at 5:30 we have increased volume on 95 northbound through dale city. construction 270 southbound by 109 in clarksburg. we'll get you around those slowdowns. >> thank you both. see you in just a bit. off the top right now a frightening overnight standoff on first street in rockville has come to an end peacefully. frightening because it involved a baby being held in a car for hours. now, take a look at this video that you're seeing on your screen. fox5 has the only cameras rolling when that baby was reunited with its relieved family. police say this started around 1:00 this morning when a man took that baby in a car and refused to come out. investigators say that barricade stemmed from an earlier domestic dispute. the man surrendered just before 4:00 this morning and the baby is okay. >> new this morning, police need your help finding a missing bethesda man. take a look at your screen, this is 80-year-old won soo yim. he was last seen around 4:30 wednesday afternoon near his home on westlake drive. he was driving a black 2012 nissan
5:32 am
tags 7da5239. anyone with information about won soo yim is asked to call police. >> developing overnight new information from prince george's county on a man seen in surveillance video released as part of a sexual assault investigation. >> fox5's annie yu is live in bowie now with the latest. good morning, annie. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, holly and wisdom. you know, yesterday prince george's county police they released surveillance video of a person of interest that was captured on video riding his bike in the area. well, they actually found that person. they identified that person and tracked him down, spoke to him and turns out he is not the person that they are looking for. sources tell fox5 that he is not the person that they are looking for and so of course residents in this neighborhood still on edge, fearful that this man who sexually assaulted a woman on monday is still out there. we could tell you that detectives, they returned to the area yesterday. they went door to
5:33 am
they canvassed the area, they handled out fliers with information about the attack and a $25,000 cash reward now being offered for any information leading to an arrest. they canvassed this entire neighborhood off of jennings mill drive and jennings lani. that's where the attack started on monday around 4:30. the woman was in this area and she says a man dragged her to a nearby playground and that's where he sexually assaulted her. she was able to break free and are ran away for help. we spoke to one resident who says her children always play at this playground. another woman told us that they will be changing up their routine and avoiding the trail or this area when they jog and so people clearly on edge. this is an unsettling story that just happened in their neighborhood. again, police offering a $25,000 cash reward for any information leading to an arrest. we also want to show you some numbers on your screen that you need to call if you have any information. we have posted these
5:34 am
and information on our web site as well at that's the very latest here from bowie, maryland, annie yu, fox5 local news. >> 5:33 right now. thousands of never before seen documents related to the death of j.f.k. will be released today. scholars believe the trove of files could provide insight into assassin lee harvey oswald's trip to mexico city weeks before the killing. during the trip he visited the soviet and cuban embassies. new airport security measures go into effect today. travelers flying nautilus have . will have to remove electronics larger than a cell phone and place them in a bin. the changes will not apply to precheck lanes. >> the sentencing phase for bowe bergdahl has begun. the court heard details involved in the search. witnesses describe the days as hot grueling unsanitary conditions and mentioned moments of enemy gunfire. bergdahl faceshe
5:35 am
today the fairfax county school board is due to hold a final vote on a new name for j.e.b. stuart high school. the school was originally named for a confederate general. the top name choices from the public are stuart or stuart raiders. others have called for the school to be renamed after supreme court justice thurgood marshall. and we understand that several board members will tonight propose for the school to be called justice high. >> ♪ >> 5:35 is our time right now. i'm particularly interested in the afternoon forecast today, mike, because xavier university's women's soccer team is in town which is of import because my nephew is an assistant coach and they're playing georgetown today at 2 o'clock this afternoon so i need to know game time temperatures. >> should we root for xavier or georgetown? georgetown is the hometown team. >> but my hometown is cincinnati, the og hometown is cincinnati. >> it's going to be fine this afternoon but a little on the cool side. light jacket
5:36 am
through later on this afternoon, probably upper 50's by game -- what time is game time. >> 2 o'clock. >> upper 50's to near 60. >> very good. >> is it in georgetown. >> it's at the school. >> at the school. yeah, i think right about 60 sound about right. satellite and radar shows drizzle. you won't have any of this by the afternoon. little bit of drizzle coming through northern virginia, maybe even central portions of maryland this morning. not everything you see there is hitting the ground but it is in a very patchy variety so just be aware of that this morning. again, not everybody will see that and we'll start to clear it up here as we get into the afternoon hours. dulles 47 this morning, gaithersburg chilly, 45 degrees, 51 here in d.c. thank the river for that. we won't have to -- let's move forward. 61 degrees later on this afternoon. tomorrow after a very chilly start even warmer, lots of sunshine, 67. that's weather. erin is back with traffic. >> 5:36 right now. construction still blocks the right shouldr out in clarksburg. part of a right lane as well. this is 270 southbound between 70 and 121. 36 minute ride in the red zone and again that is becaus
5:37 am
construction out by 109 causing a slow down. mix that in with the congestion and that's what we're looking at. once you pass 109 things do open up just a bit. as we forward things along to a slow zone 95 northbound no construction or crashes to report but the main lanes are just crawling along from dale city to the beltway p heaviest traffic dale city through woodbridge, 21 minute trip total from dale city to the beltway. metro rail lines still on time. back to you. >> coming up, skinny doesn't automatically mean hell they especially when it comes to women. >> doctors have a new way to treat chronic snorers who suffer from apnea and other health problems. >> fox5 news morning is back right after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help.
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i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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>> ♪ >> you're up now. [laughter] >> welcome back to fox5 news morning. today is thursday, october 26th. the time right now is 5:40. grab your coat as you get ready to head out the door because you should at least have a sweater on or something like that. it's a little cold outside and it's not really expected to warm up that much. mike thomas is going to explain all that in a few minutes. he's got your full thursday forecast. >> ♪ >> talk a little health news now. federal panel has recommended
5:41 am
vaccinated for shingles should get a new better shot. the advisory group said the just approved vaccine made by glaxo smithkline works better at preventing shingles and may last longer than the one currently being used. sh i.hingrix is shown to be 90 appears effective. >> researchers describe very slim women with less than 18.5 percent body fat. research provides further evidence under weight women suffer fertility problems as overweight women. >> chronic snorers relief can be hard to find. the implant is surgically inserted in a patient's face. the implant opens up their nasal cavity to allow for easier breathing while they're asleep. >> coming up on fox5 news morning, kellogs is called out for a racist cartoon on a cereal box. >> a former president
5:42 am
a "good natured manner." >> live look outside right now across the region. the time is 5:41. back in a moment. >> ♪
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m mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. female narrator: what would john adams do to women's health? adams argued before the supreme court to give employers control over your access to birth control. adams also supports giving employers the power to block access to affordable contraception for 1.6 million virginia women. and adams opposes abortion even in cases of rape, or incest. john adams: wrong for women's health. wrong for virginia. finally, i've found chicken tenders that can pass as mine,
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andre, i need a longer straw! introducing mcdonald's buttermilk crispy tenders. juicy, and made with 100% white meat. >> ♪ >> aww. a little fats domino. >> right. >> tribute
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greats for sure. 5:44 is our time right now. perfect way to start the morning. >> yeah. shame that winter is on its way. >> yeah. >> for people who don't like winter. >> right. >> there are some out there. >> there are some out there. >> the sooner it comes, the sooner it goes can be summer again. >> we're talking winter all morning long. we'll do it at 7:30. i believe in 15 minutes you'll see it on fox5 d.c.'s facebook page, on their web page. >> you're giving the whole forecast. >> the whole winter forecast. >> you and tucker. >> big exciting day i good he is. >> when is the first official day of winter. >> twenty-first of december. >> otherwise it's just cold. >> otherwise it's just chilly fall weather which we have outside this morning. cool today. later on this afternoon -- we're starting off in the 40's in a lot of spots. later this afternoon 50's and lower 60's so it's seasonably cool weather coming your way. another chilly night. in fact coldest night of the week coming up as we head into your day tomorrow morning. some frost advisories already issued for tomorrow morning. i'll show you those in a minute. brief warmup is on theay
5:46 am
sunshine will get those temperatures into the upper 60's. for your saturday a nice day with temperatures in the lower 70's so there's are warmup and then we'll cool it down as we head in towards the second half of the week and into early next week with some rain showers coming our way on sunday. does look like sunday could be a little soggy around the region. temperatures outside right now 51 which isn't bad compared to other places. look at columbus. there's a wintertime chill. first 20 i've seen on the map so far. 29 degrees. 38 at detroit, pittsburgh 39, beckley west virginia 36. snowshoe in west virginia had a little dusting of snow last night so that gives you an idea as wisdom just said winter is on the way. satellite and radar just some light drizzle in spots. not all of this is hitting the ground but some spots seeing light drizzle this morning. garrett county maryland a little snow shower activity starting the day there. higher elevations that will stay far off to the west, no snow showers for us yet. upper level low is what's coming across this morning. that's enough instability for a little bit of light drizzle
5:47 am
here. main rain shower activity towards boston its been raining there for the better part of the last two days. they've been soggy up there so we've made out all right here in the d.c. region. batch of shower activity wants to scoot down in our direction. by the time we get to the 11 o'clock hour, we'll watch this, don't think it will be this widespread but we'll leave the threat of drizzle into the forecast but by the afternoon, 2, 3 o'clock i think we're starting to clear out rather nicely and the evening should be clear but chilly. again highs today only expected to be about 10 degrees warmer than they are right now. 61 degrees at reagan national. 62 for quantico. dulles 60. gaithersburg may stay in the 50's later on today ahead of again our coolest night of the week. 45 for d.c. thank the river for keeping us in the 40's. 33 manassas, 66 dulles. 35 for frederick and because of the 30's we have frost advisories up for just about everybody, baltimore, d.c. freeze warnings. winchester hagerstown counties off to the north and west. very cold air coming your way tonight. if you want to sav
5:48 am
tonight or cover them with a plastic bag to keep the cold away. 61 degrees today, up to 67 tomorrow. warmup into saturday. 71 degrees with clouds coming in late. redskins game at 4:25 on sunday afternoon, right now looking a little wet. good news, halloween right now looks great. all right, that's a check of your forecast. erin is back with traffic. hey, erin. >> hey. 5:48. a northbound crash reported on 270 northbound again it's at montrose road. right now traffic leading toward that point is moving along just fine because volume northbound is so light. southbound side looks pretty good but we have a a lot of congestion slowing us down on 270 southbound. from 170 to 121, 38 minute trip. you can see how slow we're moving right there. that's because we have some construction activity still blocking the right shoulder. again, that is not helping us out. hop off and take 355. that's still pretty quiet right now. as we look at our bridges, they're in great shape right now, the 14th and 11th street bridge problem free on the american leach and the wil
5:49 am
all of our drive times still looking nice. key bridge rosslyn into georgetown is also moving along without any problems. i'll let you know if that changes but we're seeing a lot of green right there. things are increasing in terms of volume 66 by sudley road but we're still in the green from sudley road to the beltway, 23 minute ride. westbound side looks good. 28 in centreville is quiet and all metro rail lines are on time. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. wisdom and holly. >> 5:49 is the time right now. happening today, the d.c. woman charged with throwing a cup filled with urine on a metrobus driver is scheduled to appear in court. today's hearing will involve a mental observation of opal brown. brown failed to appear in recent hearings leaving the judge to issue a warrant for her arrest. the phase hearing begins at 11:00. >> bill cosby seeking a $30 million loan to help pay his legal bills. page six reporting cosby is trying to take a hard loan on his upper east side townhouse to pay for mounting legal bills ahead of his retrial on sexual assault charges. he hired famed michael jackson's defense lawyer
5:50 am
samuel w. miller. >> d.c. firefighter in the midst of a recovery. dane some others suffered multiple broken bones after he was pinned between an engine and a ladder truck in august. his injuries were so severe his heart briefly stopped beating and it sent him into shock. doctors feared he may not walk again but wednesday he not only walked but he announced that he wants to go back to work. >> i've never been scared away from a challenge. not scared to run into a burning building. still not scared. still not afraid of a challenge, so, i definitely would like to return to the house. that's my family. short time at the firehouse i've grown to love them and they've grown to love me. >> some others was in the hospital for nearly three months. >> legendary new orleans musician fats domino has passed away. domino's best selling debut
5:51 am
single the fat man is credited by some as the first rock and roll record ever. he outsold every other 1950's rock act except for elvis. he was best known for his songs ain't that a shame and blueberry hill. his family says he died peacefully yesterday morning. he was 89 years old. >> ♪ and i think he had like eight children. >> did he? >> yeah. >> okay. just looked at this video. this was all -- long before the video era. >> you know he was also -- he was self taught. >> oh, is that right? >> yeah, he was self taught. >> wow. >> really, really legendary man for sure. nine minutes before 6:00 right now. we're back with what's hot on the web, the stories you're already engaging with the most this morning on social media. >> first up kellogs was served up several spoon fulls of shame tuesday for a cereal box cartoon that featured a bunch of light colored porn cops hanging out in the mall while the darker skinned pops scrubbed the floors and acts as a janitor. picture showing the offensive packaging surfaced on social media and prompted t
5:52 am
to respond. kellogs apologized and said the cartoon would be replaced. >> former president george bush sr. apologizing again after admitting that he has patted women's rears in a good natured manner over the years. an actress accused president bush of sexually assaulting her from his wheelchair during a photo op. mr. bush said it was an attempt at humor. >> david stern says march marijuanashould probably be remd from the list of banned substances. sports leagues are focused on players physical development and marijuana should be part of that conversation. >> finally houston the vatican is calling. pope francis plans to speak with space station astronauts this morning. international station space is expecting the call around 9:00 a.m. nasa tv plans to broadcast the chat live online. this will be the second time a pope has spoken with astronauts at the space station. back in 2011 pope benedict made the first call to face from the vatican library in
5:53 am
rome. >> sears hoping to fulfill shoppers wishes with a one time holiday staple. the company is bringing back its wish book and this time it will feature a modern twist. for the first time in six years shoppers can check the catalog out to tackle their holiday shopping and it's been updated to include a digital edition that can be browsed on tablets and smartphones. the wish book debuted in 1933 back when it was dubbed the sears christmas book. >> one of bob dylan's most famous guitars could be yours. dylan's guitar hits the auction block next month. dylan played it during his set at george harrison's concert for bangladesh in 1971. he played this guitar during his rolling thunder review tour in 75 and 76. the guitar is expected to sell for more than $300,000. >> well, if you're familiar with georgetown you probably recognize this house. it's the old stone house, a prerevolutionary war building. that's not it. >> not dockless bikes. >> it sits along the shops -- that's it right
5:54 am
it's in need of renovations so the national park service is closing it for just over a year at the end of the month. now a new fire suppression system will be installed, exterior stone work fixed aren't the plum -- and the plumbing system will be upgupgraded. >> it's time to say hello to our cute facebook fan of the day. hey, good morning erica. she was nominated by her mom. she says she watch fox5 every morning before school. erica turned nine years old yesterday. >> all right. here are a few of erica's favorite things. show loves baby alive doll recollection and most important her mother says erica loves making good grades like her older sisters. amen to that. >> keep on keeping on and happy belated birthday, erica. >> happy belated. nine years old. big year. >> i know, right. last year of single digits. >> yup. >> halfway to 18 which means college responsibilities. stay young, s
5:55 am
as you can. 40's out there this morning east of the i-81 corridor. as you head into the mountains they're dealing with 30's. snowshoe got a dusting of snow yesterday evening with a little bit of energy coming through. upper level low today will keep us on the cooler side of things. clouds through the morning hours. dealing with a little bit of light drizzle that should break up into the afternoon hours and again those temperatures up but seasonably cool. 50's for some of our northwest suburbs and in d.c. locations south lower 60's this afternoon. average high should be middle 60's. so again nice kind of cool brisk fall day coming your way. 40 to 48 degrees for the kids for school out there. i'm expecting temperatures to drop a little bit here in the city before sunrise. then after school 57 to 62 degrees with more sunshine kind of breaking through those clouds. still cool fall afternoon. satellite and radar down south going to the caribbean right now watching still this area of tropical activity. nothing too organized. nothing getting named just yet and it probably will not in my opinion but some of this moisture is going to g
5:56 am
front and actually head up in our direction. enough to give us maybe some enhanced tropical rain showers on sunday afternoon. so, sunday is looking rather wet. good news is days leading up to sunday actually warm up. by saturday afternoon we're in the 70's. hey trick-or-treaters good news so far. halloween looks great if not a little on the cool side. that's a check of the forecast. erin is back with traffic. >> we've breaking news. a big crash on the southbound side of bw parkway at 410 in riverdale has several lanes blocked. one lane getting by. this is also impacting lanes on the northbound side as well. big crash scene there. skyfox is on the way. speeds surrounding that crash north and southbound at about 12 miles per hour at the most. we're seeing delays southbound from well outside the beltway past 193. and then the northbound side backing up all the way down to about pennsylvania avenue. because of that i want to take a look at some drive times just to give you some perspective. southbound side just to get from the beltway to 50, 31 minute trip. northbound side just to get from visit to the beltway, 21 minute ride so ain
5:57 am
avoid bw parkway in both directions. inside the beltway you can take the beltway over to 50. we're going to help you out with that. keep it fox5 news morning. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead at 6:00,
6:00 am
for a predator in prince george's county. someone attacked a woman who was running on a popular jogging trail. we're live this morning with the latest on this investigation. >> also it's an historic day. thousands of secret files from the j.f.k. assassination will be released but will they shed light on the k 1963 assassination. >> it's october 26. we'll have weather and traffic coming up on the 5s at 6:05. >> we're going to start at 6 o'clock with a fox5 exclusive. video you will only see on fox5 of a baby reunited with its family after a man held that child in a car during a standoff with police. happened in rockville. the barricade started around 1 o'clock this morning stemming from a domestic dispute. the man surrendered peacefully just before 4:00 this morning so just a couple hours ago. he's now in custody. also developing overnight new information from prince george's county on a man seen in surveillance video released as part of a sexual assault investigation. >> the center of that investigation taking place in bowie and that's where we find fox5's annie yu. annie joins us live with t


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