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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  October 30, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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there's the big picture. tons of rain up to the north. want to mention wind advisories in effect locally until 10:00 a.m. this morning expected to be breezy as you get off to work and school today, gusts over 40 miles an hour possible through the first half of the day. over to erin for a first check of the roads. >> it is a busy morning already for monday because the roads are wet. we're dealing with the potential to hydroplane and we had restrictions. restrictions -- wind restrictions. we're seeing flooding conditions blocking lanes. remember turn around don't drown this morning as you wake up in your neighborhoods. just use a lot of caution. watch for flooding conditions. we have flooding eastbound georgetown pike in maryland at old dominion. bay bridge has reopened but there's restrictions for empty box trucks and trailers. more in a few moments. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. maureen and wisdom. >> 4:30. we're hours away from possibly learning the first charges revealed in the robert mueller investigation. >> reports have circulated for days now that a feder
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indictment will be unsealed today. fox5's melanie alnwick is live outside the u.s. district court with more. mel. >> reporter:. >> hey, good morning, guys. and as the news was swirling over the weekend about indictments that we expect to be filed here at u.s. district court today, president trump was as he usually does lashing out on twitter talking about a witch hunt and evil politics finally ending with this, "all this russia talk right now is making republicans -- are making -- right when the republicans are making their big push for historic tax cuts and reform. is this coincidental? not ." what we know according to reporting by the "wall street journal" and others is that prosecutors for special counsel robert mueller's team presented evidence to a grand jury on friday and whatever that evidence was, it was enough to convince the jury to sign off on charges against one or more individuals. on abc's this week the top democrat on the intelligence committee said there was plenty of
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who might be charged. >> there are two people i think just from press reporting that it is likely to be either mike flynn or paul manafort. i don't know it would be appropriate for bob mueller to tell us. >> reporter: it is entirely possible that the person charged could be somebody perhaps we've never even heard of before and what we understand here live at u.s. district court is that after those charges are filed, an arrest could come soon after. melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. back to you. >> time right now is it 4:32. let's talk about the latest in the russia investigation. this comes as president trump's job approval rating is at its lowest level yet. a new nbc news "wall street journal" poll shows only 38 percent of americans approve of the job the president is doing. 58 percent disapprove and the 38 percent rating is the lowest in modern times for a president at this stage of his presidency. >> 4:32 right now. we're turning your focus to the latest on the governor's race in virginia. a rally is planned outside of
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sterling virginia. florida center marco rubio will campaign for the gop candidate. protesters are meeting to rally against rubio joining gillespie. the deadline to request a ballot is 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. you have until november 4th to turn in your absentee ballot. election day is november 7th. polls will be opened from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. stay with fox5 on air and online for complete election coverage. >> to of is following the latest developments in the death of a 22-year-old woman on i-66 in fairfax county. now on saturday a 12-year-old boy jumped from an overpass and landed on an suv. the impact killed the driver marisa harris. the boy who jumped is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. it is not clear if charges will be filed. a 14-year-old howard county boy is in critical condition after he was shot saturday night around help p.m. at an apa
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on north laurel road. it's not clear what led up to that shooting. police have not released any information about the suspect. and today the former head of security at richard montgomery high school in rockville is set to be sentenced for having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student. officers arrested 57-year-old mark yantos in april. while out on bond police say he had sex with the student again. yantos has accepted a plea deal of 18 months in prison. >> first quarter cowboys trailing by three but ezekial elliott gets the hand off goes in untouched. elliott would finish with 150 yards along with two scores. dallas up seven, last chance for cousins but his pass is deflected and brian jones pulls it in. dallas winning 33-19. dang, did the burgundy and gold know there was a game going on? okay. >> they had a lot going on yesterday. they lost almost all their offensive line. >> they did.
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i think one was left by the time the game was over. >> me not watching, i didn't miss much. >> and the weather not helping. >> you talking about the weather. it was crazy. strong winds, lots of rain. >> still have some out there this morning. it won't be lasting too much longer. we'll get a decent amount of sunshine this afternoon but it will be breezy. wind gusts up to 20 miles an hour in d.c. dulles gusting to 36t hagerstown, frederick around that area, 35 miles an hour gusts. storm tracker radar still showing some showers outside d.c., baltimore but it continues to push off to the east and you can see out to the west starting to dry things out. southern maryland waking up to heavy rainfall. dulles 45, 44 bwi so chilly blustery start to the day. we will at least clear it out. 51 by 11 o'clock with clearing skies will make it mostly sunny late this afternoon. temperatures topping out in the upper 50's. all right, that's today's weather. over to erin for
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>> 4:35. very wet roads and windy conditions. we have a crash reported in maryland, outer loop before old georgetown road. just seeing a lot of road spray on the road because of wet conditions. rainy and drizzly in some spots. dealing with flooding locations as well as downed trees. downed tree in northwest p street northbound between rock creek parkway and 26 street blocking all lanes in both directions. again caution there. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. it's just a day to leave early and take it very show. slow. maureen and wisdom. >> puerto rico ended its controversial contract with a small montana energy company hired to rebuild the power bid. >> kevin spacey accused harassing a fellow actor who was only 14 years old at the time. >> live look across the d.c. region. it's cold, wet and rainy. be careful when you head out. more weather and traffic on the 5s. right now it is
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46 degrees t back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> time is 4:39. we're back with the stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media. >> holly morris joins us with what's trending. >> good morning, everybody happy monday. actor kevin spacey is responding to allegations from another hollywood actor that says spacey laid on top of him when he was just 14 years old. the alleged incident happened at a party in 1986. anthony rap says he was the last one at spacey's apartment when he picked him up and climbed on top of him in a sexual advance. he says the harvey weinstein scandal prompted him to speak out. spacey took to twitter apologized to rapp. he also announced he is gay. one of the most outspoken victims of the harvey weinstein was
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$1 million to stay quiet. the new york times says that actress rose mcgowan was offered a million dollars in late september by someone in weinstein's inner circle. at first she agreed if they paid her $6 million but mcgowan later withdrew the counteroffer. she was paid $100,000 in a settlement in that case. nearly 70 percent of puerto rico still remains in the dark and now it's lights off for the company tasked with getting the lights on. puerto rico's governor canceled the $300 million contract with white fish energy holding. the order comes after increased scrutiny of the small company's. the texans took a knee over some controversial comments the team's owner bob mcnair made. more than 30 players dropped to their knee over the weekend during the national anthem. texans owner mcnair was quoted as saying "we can't have the inmates running the
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during an owners only meeting last week to discuss recent player protests. mcnair has since apologized and met with texan players. although the players said the meeting was unproductive. check out these fun sized salads. an online meme making the rounds on the internet. they tweeted out the picture about the scariest halloween treat. this is the scariest thing i've ever seen. i would legit call the cops on any house that gave these out. dole had some fun responding to the meme and a stern warning about trademark infringement. that's what's trending. >> they're such buzz kills. trademark infringement. >> lighten up. >> thanks holly. thanks for the welcome back. appreciate that. 4:41. coming up on fox5 news morning a baltimore police officer at the center of the freddie gray scandal facing a new trial today. >> regulators in virginia debate maryland and the future of state drug laws. >> we're heading to break. a live look across the
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region. 4:41, 46 degrees. we are back after this. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> time right now is 4:44. here's a look at the stories we're following for you this morning. hours away from learning the first charges revealed in the
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robert mueller investigation. muller's investigating russia's possible collusion with the trump campaign. >> we are just eight days away from voters choosing a new governor in virginia and time is running out to get an absentee ballot. if you can't vote on election day the deadline to request a absentee ballot is 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. you have until november 4th to turn in your absentee ballot. >> world series tied at 12 in the. derek fisher races home beats the throw and the astros win 13-12 in a five-hour 17 minute game. they take game five and lead the dodgers three-two in the series. this is the second longest ever game played in the world series. thanks for joining us. >> today is monday october 30. let's get right over to mike thomas with our weather. good morning, mike. >> good morning, wisdom. it is a wet and rainy start to the day in a lot of locations particularly easof
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corridor, southern maryland, saint mary's county heavy rain knocking on your roof as you wake up. it will not last that much longer. you can see the clearing out to the west. believe it or not skies most of the afternoon will be sunny and bright but it will be a little on the windy side. here's futurecast 4:00 a.m. today you see the rain still around but watch it quickly clear out. futurecast has maybe some sun poking through after sunrise. lunchtime hour we're clearing skies out. it will be windy from time to time with a couple passing clouds. once we get past the next couple hours the region really drying out for the rest of the week. 59 degrees your daytime high today. clearing with breezy conditions. tomorrow guess what for halloween sunny bright beautiful a little on the cool side, a high of only 60. let's go to erin for the roadways. >> 4:56 wet windy start to the work week. we're seeing problems all over the d. this is a look at police activity. canal road closed between n
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northwest because of a downed tree. p street in the district northwest between rock creek parkway between that point and 26th street we have another fallen street. as we move over for a look in upper marlboro also dealing with another downed tree northbound 301 the off ramp to central avenue is blocked. you have to find a different work around there. this is the bay bridge where traffic is once again moving. wind restriction had it shut down completely earlier. there's still restrictions in place for empty box trucks and house trailers. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. you can see all that water. get an early start. maureen and wisdom. >> intense speculation this morning in washington over potential indictment in the russia investigation. >> reports say there could be an arrest as early as today. fox5's melanie alnwick is live outside the u.s. district court with the latest. mel. >> reporter: good morning, guys. and as the news was swirling around this weekend about these possible indictments, president trump yesterday morning once again
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twitter saying among things -- among other things that this was just evil politics, also in a final tweet, there was a series of about four or five of these rather pointed tweets, the last one saying all of this russia talk right now when republicans are making their big push for historic tax cuts and reform. is this coincidental? not. what we know according to the "wall street journal" and others is that prosecutors from special counsel robert mueller's team presented evidence to a grand jury on friday and whatever that evidence was it was enough to convince the jury to sign off on charges against one or more individuals. on abc's this week, the top democrat on the house intelligence committee said there is plenty of evidence to suggest who might be charged. >> there are two people i think just from press reporting that it is likely to be either mike flynn or paul manafort. we haven't been informed of who it is and i don't think it would have been appropriate for
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>> reporter: now, it is also entirely possible that the person being charged is someone we've never heard of before. back out live here now at u.s. district court, we do understand that once those charges are filed, it is possible that an arrest could be made following that today. live in d.c., i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> all right, melanie, thank you. 4:49 is the time right now. a baltimore police officer acquitted in the murder of freddie gray will face a disciplinary trial today. this comes one year after officer caesar goodson jr. was found not guilty. he was acquitted of all charges. in 2015 he was driving the van which was carrying gray when he suffered a fatal neck injury. the disciplinary trial will determine if goodson should be punished for violating any department policies during gray's arrest. >> the virginia state crime commission will hear from the public about decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana.
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could be dropped from that a misdemeanor to a civil fine. the meeting is later today in richmond. >> coming up on fox5 news morning, the white house goes halloween crazy. >> and the latest installment of a horror franchise claims the top spot at a pretty lackluster box office. >> as we head to break, here's a live look outside across the region at 4:50. temperature 46 degrees. back in a moment. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican.
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so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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>> time is 4:52. developing this morning a former football player at norfolk state university is behind bars charged in the murder of the university's defensive lineman. 22-year-old jaqua none killed
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ackies. anderson is being held without bond. also clear los angeles international airport that's the all clear. sunday wasn't so clear. a suspicious package led to people were eventually let back inside the lower level. >> time is 4:53. between candy costumes and decorations the average person is expected to spend as much as $161 this halloween. that amount is slightly more for millennials at 1 $183. most will that spend $70 on costumes, 60 will go to the candy and $37 will be spent on decorations. the white house is in full halloween mode. there are giant spiders pumpkins with presidential faces carved into them and cobwebs all over. military families and community organizers w
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>> horror film jigsaw is the only new release to scare off competition and crack the top five in this weekend's top box o haven't heard of it? me neither. it brought in $16.2 million behind in expectations though it's the eighth installment of tofthe saw franchise. >> jigsaw. >> haven't heard of it. >> had you. >> really. >> i'm not watching it. i just know what it is. >> had you heard of jigsaw? no. >> been over a decade. >> i know the saw franchise but not jigsaw. >> it's just part of it. >> it's too early. >> what's up, mike. >> we're dealing with some rainfall in some spots especially east of town. saint mary's heavy rain, down through the northern neck of virginia. it will be out of here rather quickly. bus stop forecast, ihi
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an isolated shower for those to the east. it will be windy this morning, 40 to 48 degrees after school a cool fall day 54 to 60 still keeping the breeze around though it will get better as the day continues to move on. 59 your daytime high in washington. right now halloween looks fantastic, 60 degrees on your tuesday afternoon. do want to mention by trick-or-treat time we'll be getting a little chilly so maybe the ghosts and goblins tomorrow night need to add on an extra layer. spotty shower in the forecast for the second half of the day. thursday, friday, warmer. guess what 70's coming back. friday 75 degrees. will mix with clouds and sun. right now weekend is not looking fantastic. lots of clouds around maybe a shower on sunday. that's a check of the forecast. erin como is back with traffic. >> 4:55 right now. weather is a big factor for your traffic today. you can see the flashing lights. canal road d.c. police traffic tweeting out to let us know it remains shut down in northwest between foxhall road and reservoir road with a big downed tree.
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there. fox hall traffic is moving along fine. as we move things over for a look at p street northwest, we'll check in there next because it cleared. wanted to get the breaking news in first. 301 to central avenue blocked for a fallen tree. p street has reopened, the fallen creek cleared between rock creek parkway and 26th street. traffic once again moving there. as we move things over for a look in virginia, keep in mind eastbound trap ford lane between rolling lane and carol lee parkway closed in the braddock area with flooding. springfield interchange traffic is light but watch for the potential to hydroplane. we have a lot of wet roads causing problems and high winds. pete piringer letting us know from montgomery county they have a wind advisory in effect until about 10 o'clock this morning. in mclean eastbound georgetown pike at old dominion drive lanes blocked by flooding. traffic is moving
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restrictions prohibiting empty box trailers and house tr trailers from crossing. use caution, metro service picks up at five. >> coming up, cheers by some, engineers by many. a catalonia looking to break away from spain. >> voters in virginia have slightly less than 24 hours to request a absentee ballot. >> 4:57, it's 56 degrees. we're back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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m mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. female narrator: what would john adams do to women's health? adams argued before the supreme court to give employers control over your access to birth control. adams also supports giving employers the power to block access to affordable contraception for 1.6 million virginia women. and adams opposes abortion even in cases of rape, or incest. john adams: wrong for women's health.
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♪♪ >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> today on fox5 news morning, russia investigation. there's plenty of speculation going on about who will face charges and what they might be as we await the possible first arrests in russia election meddling. >> count down to election day. the mud slinging has ramped up as the candidates vying to be virginia's next governor look to secure undecided voters. >> it is cold wet in most places. now we're also dealing with strong winds. it's going to be a rough one. good morning to you though. thanks for joining us. >> it is monday, october 30th. we're going to get right to the weather and traffic. we'll begin with mike and the windy cold weather outside your door right now, it's just plain nasty friend. >> absolutely. and it's chilly too and it's gusty, kind of first blustery fall morning we're dealing with here. good news later on this week,


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