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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  November 3, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right now at 7:00 a massive rewrite of the tax code. republicans finally unveiled their big plan. the question is how will it impact you? we're going to break it all down this hour. >> plus, exclusive new video of a car being stolen in northeast d.c. how the thieves pulled it off. and why the response by police is coming into question. >> and the wait over for some lucky folks at least. apple's new iphone x comes out today. as you can see these folks they want it so bad they've been in line all night since yesterday. a lineout side of the georgetown apple store right now at 7:00 a.m. >> if you're just waking up right now here's another live look outside on this friday morning. it's november 3rd. >> let's get a quick check of traffic and weather right now. tucker and erin are standing by. tucker a little warmer than the last few days out
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>> upper 50's at this hour and we'll soar back into the mid to upper 70's. one more warm day before a cool down this weekend. erin. >> fatal crash investigation in accokeek derbyshire way near stroudsburg street. keep it to fox5. we'll have more traffic a full look at your commute next. back to you allison and steve. >> erin thanks. the president will leave the white house for a 12-day trip to asia. he'll first make a stop in hawaii and then touchdown in tokyo japan on sunday. on tuesday, the president will make a short stop in south korea followed by visits to china vietnam and finally the philippines. this will be the longest official trip by a sitting u.s. president since 1992. a day before leaving the president and republican leaders in congress got the ball rolling on tax reform. >> its future is far from certain and the gop has a lot riding on this. >> look at that, look at that. >> reporter: the capitol christmas tree isn't even up yet but there's a lot of talk around here about christmas and taxes. >> we areiv
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beautiful christmas present in the form of a tremendous tax cut. >> reporter: the president and congressional republicans pulling the wraps off their tax cut and reform plan hoping to get it done by december 25th. at the lower end, more people would pay 0 percent of their income and there would be fewer brackets although the top one would remain at nearly 40 percent. the standard deduction goes up as does at the child tax credit. corporations get a big cut with the tax rate falling from 35 percent to 20 but state and local income taxes would no longer be deductible and there would be new limits on mortgage interest deduction. it would in theory be simple. >> you can do your taxes on the form the size of a postcard. >> reporter: the president liked the postcard idea so much he kissed it but there will be nothing simple about getting this through congress. >> this is a shell game a ponzi scheme that corporate america will perpetrate on the american people. >> reporter: nearly every democrat is likely to opp
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for the gop republicans who aren't crazy about one thing or another. >> is it going to happen by christmas? i don't think so. >> reporter: now, ever one's tax situation is different so it's tough to make a blanket statement on the impact this would have on neve everyone. part of it depends on where you live because of the deductibility. >> a leader in tax policy will join us. >> isis officially claiming responsibility for tuesday's new york city truck rampage. a propaganda group of the terror group called him a sold of the caliphate. sayfullo saipov facing federal charges. he told investigators he was inspired by watching isis propaganda videos. last night a vigil was held for the eight people killed in that tro
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dozens marched along the bike path along manhattan's waterfront ending about a mile from where the suspect was taken into custody. >> a montgomery county family of three is homeless this morning after fire ripped through their brookeville home. the flames broke out just before 6:00 last night on brinkwood road. officials say a father and a son were working in the garage on a vehicle when the fire started. they were both able to escape. the father was treated for smoke inhalation and minor burns. the mother not at home at the time. the family dog remains missing. the neighborhood does not have any fire hydrants so crews had to use water from a nearby pond. >> reporter:. >> man remains behind bars charged in a bizarre double murder that happened in frederick, maryland. police say 24-year-old delajhi joyner assaulted 37-year-old shonda naylor and 19-year-old germane until jr. yesterday morning before getting into a car and running them over.
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investigators are still trying to find a motive. >> a second man charged in a horrific crime against a pregnant woman in capitol heights. andrea parks was set on fire inside her apartment in september. her boyfriend is charged with attempted murder. she was recently able to tell detectives about another man who was in her apartment that helped her boyfriend. jonathan miller is now charged with attempted first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. the trauma forced andrea to deliver her baby early. we're told that baby is at home and the baby is doing just fine. andrea is still in the hospital. >> ♪ >> 7:05. hi, tuck, good morning. >> good morning. gorgeous day yesterday. today will be featuring similar temperatures. >> really was pretty yesterday. >> yeah , it was beautiful. eventually we'll get some clouds and perhaps a sprinkle or shower in here late this afternoon. >> okay. >> cold front. >> but nice temps. >> 15 degrees above normal later today. enjoy the late afternoon sunset because by sunday -- >> yeah, i know, it's going to
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4:58 p.m. >> sunday's sunset is like 5:03. >> but we get one extra hour of sleep. >> for one night. >> permanently you get it forever. >> no, no. >> it continues until we switch back. >> that's not how it works. >> it is how it works. >> sometimes he's wrong. >> yeah. >> don't stop believing tuck, don't stop believing. >> suddenly it becomes twenty 25hours in the day. >> now you're talking. your weekend forecast looks rather cloudy and cool but we got to get there first and it will still be the weekend. and today's featuring lots of sunshine the first half of the day and temperatures in the mid to upper 70's. yeah, 59 now in washington. 56 dulles. let me mention some fog that's developed right along the 95 corridor. that will burn off here and we'll be left with sunshine for the first half of the day and then clouds recede north and west of maryland and we may get a shower or two developing late this afternoon as that front comes through so just keep that in mind but look at your daytime high. 78. that's 15 degrees above normal. weekend forecast coming up
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clocks back and thank you all the local fire departments that have been reminding me, you want to make sure that your smoke detector works as well. >> right. >> check them when you change your clock. >> yes. >> all right. thanks tuck. >> thank you tuck. >> good morning erin. >> good advice. 7:07. keeping our eyes on the friday morning commute and the as we take a look in accokeek, we are tracking the scene of a fatal crash investigation. vehicle struck a tree resulting in a deadly crash. it's derbyshire way near stroudsburg street. caution. 210 looks good but as you get closer to the beltway you back up a bit and then in clinton we are seeing some congestion five at the 301 split. out on lee highway before north lynn street a crash involving a bicyclist so please use caution as you make your way out in rosslyn this morning. key bridge into roslyn looks good. gw parkway light volume. westbound side of the freeway a crash before the case bridge blocking a lane and you're backed up 14 miles per hour average gets really crowded coming off the 11th
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from pennsylvania avenue to the third street tunnel. six minute ride on the westbound side there. 95 northbound, 15 minute ride from the occoquan to the beltway. notice the southbound side. that's a crash activity you're seeing. southbound 95 before fairfax county parkway disabled vehicle blocking the right shoulder. southbound traffic looking okay. crowded conditions picking up as you make your way out on 95 northbound toward franconia-springfield but we're still moving. no major slowdowns, just a yellow zone 21 minute trip dale city to the beltway. inner loop looks good as you make your way across the wilson bridge and eastbound dulles toll road looks good. 270 is actually at speed and metro is on time. that's your traffic. >> 11 minutes of silence. last night president donald trump's twitter account vanished. >> the f president's account was down for 11 minutes. at first twitter said the president's account was inadvertently deactivated due to human error but later tweeted out through our invest
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support employee who did this on the his last day. the president's account was restored a little after 7:00 p.m. just a moment hack the president did tweet in response to the shut down saying my twitter account was taken down for 11 minutes by a rogue employee. i guess the word must be getting out and having an impact. dcist, the community journalism site abruptly shut down yesterday as were its sister sites in new york chicago l.a. and others in the country. take a look at the note put up on dcist yesterday by its owner billionaire joe ricketts. he says his dna info publishing co-op rates the sites wasn't making enough money but many say it was retaliation after workers voted to unionize. there's a scramble for the writers who used to work at dcist to access their old material as it hasn't been archived. a twitter search showed online e
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[inaudible] trying to find the iphone for sure. while you were sleeping all these folks were lined up all night outside apple stores across the country. this is georgetown. the iphone x goes on sale this morning. >> your chances of getting the thousand dollars phone are slim. fox5's melanie alnwick is live outside of the apple store in georgetown with more now. mel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. let's assume you want to be one of those people that wants to drop a thousand dollars for a new phone. apparently there are a decent number of people that are willing to do that and the anticipation is building. you can see the line here growing and we are now like less than an hour from the doors opening. the people who paid to be first in line have now arrived and made their arrangements with their paid line sitters. and if you look over here, you can see inside the store all of the techs here are getting ready. those are the iphone x's right there that they are just making sure that they understand all the technical details on
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the door here. as you mentioned, they're talking about a limited supply. part of the reason is the technology in the phone is so sophisticated that what we understand from some of the tech analysts is that it's taking a little bit longer than normal for apple's suppliers to make those phones and get them out. one person who is not sitting in line, we're going to come over here, this is a smart guy, right? this is braley over here. he's out of the fray, right,? you're out of the fray. >> yeah. >> reporter: what did you -- you're still going to get your phone today. why? >> because -- well, i preordered the first day. like i was waiting right there. i was like opening and closing the app. i ordered right away. i think -- i feel like i was one of the first ones who preordered. >> reporter: you won the lottery. >> i did. >> reporter: are you buying it for yourself. >> yes. >> reporter: 'cause a lot of people here they're just buying it to resell it. >> yes, i care about it but i'm like -- there are people who sell it on ebay, they sell like an $8,000 and i'm like well i'm not paying that. >> reporter: so,
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want this phone so badly? >> well, i'm a photographer and i -- i just love the camera and especially the new screen, the new screen is like amazing and the facial recognition that's like -- so like over the moon. >> reporter: so you think it's going to be worth it. >> i do think. i'm ■sure. i'm pretty sure. >> reporter: right. so, you're going to be able to go in there right and just go and pick it innot wait in line. >> actually i was in line. i thought i was supposed to wait just like everybody else but like they were like, no, you already preordered so you're fine. you just can go sit on the side. >> reporter: less than an hour it's going to be yours. >> yeah. >> reporter: so, just another little sample of the reasons why people would come and sit here all night long just to get a new tech device. but not just any tech device. back to you. >> how much -- the people that were paying at the front of the line how much were they paying people to line sit for them? >> reporter: $30 an hour and the line sitters got here at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon. >> that's an expensive phone. that's more than probably you would pay on ebay for the phone. >> reporter: yeah. >> all right, thank
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i just checked online if you want to order it and don't want to wait on line they're saying three to four weeks before they ship that's better than the original estimate of five to six weeks. if you can wait three to four weeks you can go online and order it now. >> you've waited your lifetime so -- >> yes, that is true. >> that's a good way to think about it. >> oh, boy that's all i want. kevin spacey facing new accusations this morning. this time from his netflix co-workers. >> plus an alleged car theft caught on camera. how the owners say they were able to track down their car. it's in a fox5 exclusive that's coming up. >> ♪ debbie: when you work at a children's hospice, people ask you, how can you possibly do this? and we say, how can we not? if these kids go through what they go through, we can support them. dr. ralph northam has been our volunteer medical director for the last eighteen years. he's made such a difference in so many families' lives.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. nice mild start to the day. overnight lows much warmer than where we were 24 hours ago. 59 now in washington. most of the area temperatures are in the mid-50's to start the day. we can look forward to
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about 20 degrees warmer than that. mid to upper 70's again this afternoon although we have that changes to talk about. changes in the form of cooler temperatures north and west. feeling like winter in places like minneapolis, 38 degrees, 28 in casper 29 in denver. we're not going to tap into all that of cold air but it will be noticeably cooler starting tomorrow and then by next week i think our temperatures are going to be much closer in fact probably a few degrees below normal so enjoy today as once we get rid of this fog we should have several hours of sunshine and nice conditions to look forward to. that's a cold front. that's going to get in here later this afternoon. first we'll get some cloud cover kind of early afternoon and there may be a few showers that develop by late afternoon so you know if you're going to be doing barbecue or doing happy hour outdoors look out. there could be a few showers late this afternoon and that will set us up for a much cooler weekend. look at saturday's daytime high only 59 with a lot of clouds. could be late drizzle or a few showers late saturday or early sunday. today 78. nice friday. erin. >> well, right now
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tucker. we're keeping our eyes on the morning commute and taking a look right now at a crash that's in virginia. westbound 66 after fairfax county parkway blocking the right shoulder now. keep in mind traffic even though the crash is there on the shoulder it's moving along okay without any major delays. eastbound side still a little slow zone as you pass sudley road on the eastbound side. no major slowdowns through manassas and centerville this morning. a crash in roslyn lee highway involving a bicyclist. please use caution there. notice how 66 inside the beltway is pretty pleasant right now. memorial bridge and key bridge both at speed this morning. as we take a look in southern maryland we are tracking a fatal crash investigation out in accokeek. it's on derbyshire way near stroudsburg street. caution through that area. you're going to have to detour around it. notice coming up from five in clinton not doing terribly in terms of congestion. crash on the westbound side of the freeway before the case bridge. one lane blocked. down to about 16 miles per hour leading to that point causing a bit of a slow down. as we move over southbound 95
7:18 am
a disabled vehicle cleared and take a look at that slow zone 95, 22 minute ride northbound dale city to the beltway. not seeing problems on the eastbound side of the dulles toll road. inner loop looking good across the wilson bridge. 270 is actually at speed. i don't have any complaints about 270 right now the entire stretch. outer loop looks goodbye pennsylvania avenue. minor delay just about a five minute slow down in college park 95 to 270 spur. that's a closer look at some congestion on 270 but not in you have to cause any major slowdowns. metro is on time. back to you guys. >> thanks erin. this morning more accusations involving actor kevin spacey. cnn reported eight current and former employees of house of cards claim that spacey made the netflix production a toxic workplace. one former employee claims the actor sexually assaulted him. we've also learned that the talent agency caa is no longer representing spacey. >> new this morning, a fox5 exclusive. incredible video of a
7:19 am
technique used to steal a car from a northeast d.c. home. >> surveillance video captured a pickup truck as it sweeps the suv parked on the street through the langdon park neighborhood. fox5's marina marraco has detail on what happened next. >> like where is my jeep? and i was like hm? >> reporter: at first it looks like your average car break in. >> look at this. you can't believe it. >> reporter: but then the alleged thief does the unu unusual. pulls up a pickup truck and bumps this suv out of its parking spot and eventually down the street. the owner of this high end jeep srt called 911 six times, four of the calls went through. and for more than an hour, he waited for police and was told. >> there are other higher priorities happening in the city and the police officers have to handle those as -- as priority happens. >> reporter: how did you feel when you heard that? >> awful. like -- like my situation was not dangerous enough for them to send out a police officer to help me. >> reporter:
7:20 am
tired of waiting took matters into his own hands. >> so, when we sent the signal, it located it right in that corner. >> reporter: and found his car's location on his phone app. he showed up to this empty minnesota avenue lot 4 miles from his house. his wrecked car sat parked in an obscure corner. he called police again. >> we were literally sitting in front of a stolen vehicle in an unknown neighborhood with god knows what happening around us and no police officer assistance. >> reporter: d.c. police eventually showed up and took a report. smith again left to play detective scouring surrounding businesses for video like this one which shows his car still being pushed through the streets of the district by another car. have you heard from a detective. >> no. >> reporter: have you heard from the commander. >> no. >> reporter: have you heard from anyone at metropolitan police department. >> no, nobody. nobody's returned our calls. nobody has returned our e-mails. it's just been frustrating. >> a
7:21 am
d.c. police for a statement, the resident finally received a response he was waiting for from the fifth district commander. >> marina marraco reporting there. we have an update now this morning on the maryland woman seriously hurt in the las vegas shooting. a family spokesperson for tina frost says she is now out of the intensive care unit at johns hopkins and she spoke her first words since the october 1st massacre. we're also told that she got out of bed and she kicked a soccer ball around with her dad in a hallway. frost lost her right eye in this mass shooting. well, it is friday and that means time for another fox5 college tour stop. and it's our last one, too. we're live from georgetown university. >> president trump and republican lawmakers unveil their plan to rewrite the tax code. its future far from certain. we'll break it down for you ahead at 7:30. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> well, the houston astros world champion astros charter plane returned to houston and was greeted by a water cannon salute at the airport. very nicely done. later their bus surrounded by cheering fans as they made their way to minute maid park. there they are raising that world series trophy high. the astros beat the dodgers first world series title for the astros. world series parade will be today in downtown houston. russian president vladimir
7:25 am
putin alex ovechkin is drumming up support for putin. he says he's creating the putin team in support of putin who will be running for another term next spring. ovechkin didn't say he means his post as a political gesture but as a sign of russian patriotism. >> all righty. tucker barnes good morning. i like that 59 behind you. >> yeah. >> i like where it's going even better. >> putin is a big hockey player isn't he steve. >> yes. >> hear. >> his teams always win. >> i've heard. maybe he can play on the caps. >> they have different rules. [laughter] >> 59 in washington. hey, winds out of the south-southwest at five. mid to upper 70's today so one more warm day but this cold front will change up our forecast in a big way in the form of cooler temperatures by tomorrow. so enjoy today as we'll have sunshine the first half of the day and again these warm temperatures by late this afternoon could be a few showers as that front comes through and then the cooler weather will f
7:26 am
tonight so we go from 78 this afternoon to 59 tomorrow. lots of clouds tomorrow. we're going to have -- i'll show you the setup but we have what we call overrunning. that will give us clouds an few showers and sprinkles around saturday and sunday morning. hey, clocks go back. don't forget to change your clocks back and make sure your fire detectors the batteries have been changed. >> get it right. >> i'm done. how is the jam. >> are you getting an extra hour of sleep or are you going stay out really late on saturday night. >> at this point in my life i think i'll get the extra hour of sleep. >> okay, me, too. right now this is our jam cam and unfortunately the worst of it this morning is the inner loop from pennsylvania avenue to the wilson bridge. it's a 38 minute trip keeping us in the red zone. earlier crash did clear on the bridge but kind of leftover delays and congestion. outer loop looks good 270 southbound pleasant. 66 eastbound minor delays through manassas. 95 northbound a slow down but not terribly slow through dale city. we'll keep you updated on your morning commute. all met metro. so that's really good news. fox5 news morning will be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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back now at 7:29. we'll turn to prince george's county right now. some more information on that deadly accident that erin talked about earlier after car struck a tree and overturned. it happened neighborhood in a accokeek where bob barnard is this morning. bob? >> reporter: steve, we're on the livingston road. this is where it happened you see prince george's county police behind me. as jack takes the camera down the hill you can see there's a rigid here, down the hill and into the left is where this car is. i don't know if you can see there's a light in there. investigators are inside the woods here. the address they gave of this accident is actually derby shire way which is actually the street inside this neighborhood here. it's called horizon estates. but we believe the carnd
7:30 am
police here aren't telling us for sure, but considering the speed that must have been involved to get off the road noon the woods and hit the tree to kill the driver, we believe this car was actually traveling here on livingston road, not derby shire way, and it was more than likely coming this way, as you see cars being turned around because the road is closed. the car was coming up this way and came down over this hill and then veered left into the woods. this happened we're told at about 3:30 this morning. the lone driver was killed inside the car. not sure if there was anyone else in the car as well, but at this point, this is what we h have. we believe the medical examiner is just arriving here. there's a tow truck here, and so eventually, upping, they're going to wrap up this investigation because it is now at least four hours old. but sadly someone has been killed here. not identified although while we've been here only fort last ten minutes or so, we've seen a few people come up and ask about who it is becaus
7:31 am
concerned, but no identity just yet. but a lone driver of a car dead in the woods here in accokeek, maryland, guys, again, not sure if that was anyone else in the car with this person. >> bob, thank you very much. well, the newly unveiled republican tax plan includes sweeping changes to both corporate and individual tax rates. >> president trump says he wants to sign new tax law by christmas so it is a present for the average american or is it alum of cole in the average american' stocking. >> joining us a look for what how it will affect your bottom line kathy with e why known as earns young. and what this means for all of us and first of all g morning. >> good morning. >> did you stay all night and trying to break down what this new reform means. >> it was not a good night. >> what did you learn from it as tax expert, what's the big headline here as far as this tax reform? >> the big headline is
7:32 am
this is a tax cut. this is a $1.5 trillion tax cut the numbers actually came in right where they need to come n you know, we allowed in the government for $1.5 trillion tax cut and it was 1.487. so the numbers are tax cut. individuals get a $930 billion tax cutover all. businesses about $850 billion overall foreign operations are taxed more heavily than they are in current law. the everyone is getting a break. where is that break going? how does it filter down any kind of specific factor. >> the question every viewer has how does this impact me whether i make $30,000 a year or $130,000 a year? d.c., maryland v have a will this be better for some people, worse for some people, should you that break down? >> i think it general system going to be bet but how much better is remains to be seen. the big headlines here are the rates. we have seven bracket that is go from ten to 39.6 under c
7:33 am
now they'll be 12, 25, 35 and then the retaining the 39-point 6% bracket. those bracket phase outs are a little higher. so you get the benefit of lower rates for a little longer up the income distribution so that's, you know, general al good thing. the standard deduction is being doubled. standard deduction determines what we kind of refer to as the zero bracket in tax policy kind of the amount maybe once you have to make more than to pay any taxes that's being -- >> or two itemize, right? that's the decision we make. standard deduction or itemize? the itemization boss have to be more in this case, but with those deductions that's kind of what's going away as well, right. >> that's right. not only the standard deduction is doubling average family of four from 12,000 to 24 so you're getting about 6,000 extra dollars there. so if you don't itemize $6,000, you might as well go to the standard deduction, however, yo
7:34 am
exemption and that's something, you know, that we should talk about when you're calculating your taxes. >> what is that exactly. >> personal exemption is something that you get to take for every individual in your household when you calculate your taxes. you get standard deduction and perm exemption and it's meant to kind of big families a little more help. >> a break. >> i have four kids in my family we have five people sitting around. they're each worth $4,000 so for me the doubling of the standard doesn't really cover the nut but the other thing that this bill does, is adds a new child cr credit. so we have a child credit under current law a thousand dollars per child it faces out $110,000 now it's going $1,600 and doesn't phase out until 230,000 a lot more people will get the benefit of that. they add $300 credit for non child dependents which is a recognition of changing families which i think is very good. and a 300-dollar credit for each of the parents. you're kind of getting to 1600 in most
7:35 am
you're increasing that child credit. i think that makes up a little bit for the personal exemption elimination. >> let me jump in that real quick. obviously these sound like things had would balance out nor families, individuals maybe not so much in some cases. i want to talk about the couple deductions a lot of people use specialsly in this area. one is the mortgage deduction and the other is, of course... >> state and local tax. >> as maryland resident i can tell you -- >> very high tax around here locally. >> we won't get break on that now. >> what's that go to go to do. >> your state and local tax deduction will be eliminated. it's a big deal and very political deal. >> it sounds it. >> high tax states are generally democrat, et cetera. that's a different discussion. >> maryland being at the top and new york and california. >> it's a good discussion we should have some day. you're going to lose the bone fit of your local and state deduct but they're going to retain your proper tax deduct. property taxes are distributed, upping, about 82% of the
7:36 am
are claimed by people over $100,000 in income. but roughly 55 or 45% of the people who take that credit are over a hundred 55 or under a hundred. a lot of people take it. the average across the country for people who report under $100,000 is about 3300 in property tax deductions per tax return. above 100,000 it's more like 6500. what does it do? maryland is a high tax state. that average isn't going to be very representative. d.c. won't be very representative. you get a sense for the benefit you'll be able to keep out that state and local tax. >> let me ask you quick because we're running out of time. those close tore time age the president made a big deal keeping 401k's just as they are. >> they are as they are. retirement plans have not been touched. but i mean the one lesson or one thing to keep in mind here, this is the beginni
7:37 am
>> that's my final question for you, is, obviously, january we start filling out our taxes as soon as we get the notification in the mail. can this still go into effect for next year and if so what's the deadline? >> when you are filling out your taxes on april 14th at midnight for 2017, this will not be part of your calculation. >> won't be using the postcard this time. >> won'ting using the postcard. >> this is 2018. >> these are all effective for 2018 and it remains to be seen how fast we can really get something across the finish line. >> sure. >> and that determines a bit more effective date. >> thanks, kathy. appreciate it. good to see you this morning. >> thank you. >> it's 7:30. let's check in with tucker and get a look at our forecast. featuring temperatures in the mid to upper 70s later today. might be late shower as cold front comes through but most of your day temperatures about 15 degrees above normal. 59 now in washington. you can see that cooler air back towards chicago and detroit we'll start to tap into that over the next couple of days but not so much this morning. little fog out there early then we'll get sunshine then we'll get the clouds north and west,
7:38 am
through, mid to late afternoon could be a few light showers then the winds will start to pick up tonight and cooler air will filter in overnight. 78 for your friday. enjoy. beautiful another beautiful warm day. all right. erin. >> certainly doesn't feel like november temperatures. but i'm not complaining. 7:38 right now. westbound 66 after fairfax county parkway crash blocking the right shoulder. looks likes they're getting ready to tow that out of the way in the process of clearing. slowing down the right lane keep it to the left but no major slow downs there at that crash scene as we take look at southbound 295 from the maryland line to the 11th street bridge getting the worse of the right now. 25 minute ride. we also have a crash before the 11th street bridge. that is adding to that heavy congestion. pennsylvania of a inbound also slows suitland parkway to south capitol jams up a bit. metro is on time. keep it to fox5 news morning. we're going to be right back. ♪
7:39 am
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wrong for virginia. disclaimer: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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♪ american airlines suspended the use of on board catering service after an inspection turned up traces of listeria. the catering service gate gourmet at los angeles international airport will no longer pre prep meals. american airlines did confirm no one had been sickened bite bacteria discovered during the facilities frequent monitoring. forget weighing your luggage one finish airline wants to way you. select volunteer passengers
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fin air are weighed in at check in. now this is for research. data shows obesity rates are growing. average weight of men and women is ballooned in the last ten years. the weigh in helps air safety officials in europe get current weight numbers that will experts can safely calculate how much fuel planes need to fly. sam's club selling a massive 44-ounce cinnamon role. interesting you have enough after that last story 3-pound cr comparison the cinnamon rolls in the vending machine that, um, you know if you read the label are probably not the best for you. they're 3-ounces. this is 3 pounds. the roles sell for just under five dollars. that could be the problem right there. they're available through december 31. >> price per volume -- >> you see what it is. it's on platter. >> i understand f you're going to spend $1.29 in the vending machine or 4.99 for that monstrosity you know you'll buy the big one and. >> share it. >> keep eating it until it's gone unless somebody is with you that you want to share with. >> will you buy one? we can share. >> i'm not eating half of it
7:43 am
takes us right here in d.c. the beautiful georgetown university campus. i love that clock tower. >> me too. >> northwest d.c. home of the hoyas. >> what exactly is ahoy ya? our annie yu and mike thomas are standing by with the answers. we'll check in with them after the break. it's 7:43 now. ♪ . ♪♪ debbie: when you work at a children's hospice, people ask you, how can you possibly do this? and we say, how can we not? if these kids go through what they go through, we can support them. dr. ralph northam has been our volunteer medical director for the last eighteen years. he's made such a difference in so many families' lives. ralph northam: these kids have given me more than i could ever give them. and i wanna make sure that every family in virginia can afford good healthcare when they need it. ♪ it's time for the sleep number semi-annual sale on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort your sleep number setting.
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♪ >> 77:45. let's check out what's coming up today on good day d.c. a
7:46 am
here in the nation's capitol of course we're talking about for sisters only. it features some big names including grammy winner maya singer song writer a marie, little mo. little be here live to dish on for sisters only. steve? >> also this morning comedian tom arnold back with us in the loft and tmz harvey levin shows details of his new profile on arnold schwarzenegger. we'll talk with harvey coming up in a little bit. >> we got it like that. >> what if i want to go to for sisters only. >> you can go. >> little anne-marie reference. >> i didn't do it on purpose. my goodness. >> just stuck in your head. >> for sisters only and me. >> yes. >> everyone is invited but there will be focus on women's empowerment and entertainment and education. >> got it. >> panels and all of that. >> okay. >> but you can come. >> let's dot weekend. looking at sunshine to start your day. we'll get clouds this afternoon but real theme the warm
7:47 am
later today. showers one or two of them later this afternoon. not going to be a wash out but just keep it in mind here if you're, you know, going to be cooking barbecuing late this afternoon enjoying the warm temperatures or doing happy hour that kind of thing there could be few showers mid to late afternoon as that front starts to come through. weekend setting up cloudy and cool particularly saturday. i think milder by sunday. as we'll have pockets of drizzle and light showers around tomorrow afternoon. so tomorrow is not going to look great. it's not going to rain all day but we are going to have lot of clouds for saturday and temp that don't get out of the upper 50's. 77 was our number yet. 76 dulles and bwi. our normal daytime high 63. the numbers will be right back there in a couple of hours. 48 now in manassas. that's one of our cool spots. already 59 here in washington. leonardtown 59. 58 in annapolis. great start to the day very comfortable temperatures. hagerstown 57. 56 out at dulles for this time of year relatively mild start. sunshine ely
7:48 am
there across parts of the area. burn that off and things should gradually up prove then this front will come through during the afternoon hours. first we'll get a deck of clouds moving in and then eventually the possibility of a couple of showers. as that front gets south and east of us, that will start to change up our air mass here start to kyle down. all right. there we are at 7:00. you can see the shower activity pretty limited here. i don't think we'll get a lot then we'll start to clear it out overnight but that won't last. the clouds will return here by early tomorrow. all right. here's the set up for the weekend. high pressure off to the north and east we get the winds off the ocean this time of year. it's warmer air trying to work in from the south called overrunning and the result cloud cover and a couple of light showers perhaps drizzle around for the day on saturday and cool temperatures as well. we're going to be north of that front our daytime highs tomorrow won't get out of the upper 50s to about 60. we'll be in for cool one tomorrow. quick reminder change the clocks overnight early sunday morning. we fall back. we had confusion in here. we fall back an
7:49 am
so there you go. get an extra hour of sleep. >> there was confusion? >> we don't like confusion here at fox5. >> what confusion? >> we had some confusion. >> okay then. >> whether to go forward or back on the clocks. 78 today. >> fall back, spring forward. >> yes. >> just like i remember my directions for the roads. never east sour watermelons. >> northeast southwest. >> just something that helped me. >> new one on me. >> second grade never changed. >> elementary school is important, steve. there you have it. we are tracking unfortunately some breaking news out of accokeek. fifty eight crash investigation. derby shire way at livingston. bob barnard out there gathering more information. active investigation. car struck tree. driver died as a result of that crash. more information on fox5 it happened about 3:30 this morning. aside from for your drive in the district 34 minutes really nasty delay 295 southbound coming down from maryland to the 11th street bridge. there's a crash just before the 11th street bridge blocking a lane. suitland parkway
7:50 am
from alabama avenue to south capitol. got a report on twitter from one of our friends that car struck a deer out there that's adding to the delays out by the metro stop keep in mind 270 southbound crawling along at 45 minute trip from 109 to the local lane split. heavy congestion finally starting to slow us down. not as bad as we usually city see on any average work week. that's a look at 270 right there as you make your way down from westmont. 38 minute trip from 121 to the beltway. outer loop looks good. out by pennsylvania avenue. five northbound coming up from clinton looks good. outer loop in college park about ten minute slow down from 95 to the 270 spur and we're improving on the inner loop bottom side of the beltway from saint barnabas road to the woodrow wilson bridge 22 minute trip. so we're looking good there. just minor slow down metro rail lines on time. more traffic in just a few. back to you guy. >> erin thank you very much. another fall friday and you know what that means. it is another stop on our fox5 college tour this morning we're keeping it local staying in the district taking a trip to georgetown university. and that's where we find
7:51 am
hello team, good morning. >> hey. >> hey. [ applause ] >> georgetown university, everybody. i am with mike thomas out here along with some members of the student body standing in front of the beautiful healey hall here on campus a wonderful gorgeous campus,. >> i feel at home like i'm back in college. >> you did come here a lot, though, right. >> i came here a lot more in high school since i was a local kid. we played at the university field all the time. >> welcome home, mike. >> it feels good to be home. it's gorgeous out here. as tucker has been telling you the weather is nice. >> my gosh, we have been blessed in the weather department today. highs in the 70s much it's going to be gorgeous. we're going to have a lot of fun out here. this is a college or university that was founded in 1789 right in our backyard. we pass by it all the time. i'm really excited to explore everything it these offer and you know, a lot of notable alumni from this school. >> huge names. >> yes. huge names have gone here. just from the sports world, allen iverson the basketball program, of course,
7:52 am
ewing who's georgetown basketball. >> curl current the head coach. >> other notable lump -- >> also former ready bill clinton, maria shriver, anne-marie the singer who will be live in the loft today. we've got the late antonin scalia prime skort justice but the most important, mike -- >> of course, number one, member of our own fox family we have jack abernathy who sort of our big boss. he's the ceo. >> he is the big boss. >> ceo of all local fox stations co president at fox national. so jack is an alumni class of 78 i believe. >> that's right. clearly this is a university that prides itself on hire education, breeding leaders and sole we'll learn more about that in just a bit. we want to bring in our guests. anna cardell along with the members of the student body and you all did something pretty neat by sharing your stories of your every day live here. >> um-hmm. >> yeah. so the georgetown stories program which we're all a part of here, we chronicle our lives here on campus through youtube videos, facebook
7:53 am
over the georgetown instagram story. snap stories. so kind of sharing the daily live of georgetown students. >> i love it. i think it's awesome idea. i'd like to know, well first all of we'll talk about this at the end where can you find this video. >> give me highlights of what the difference is you saw is between, say, majors like between a law student an business major what were some of the big difference you noticed when you filmed this. >> we get videos about all kinds of things. kendall's video he took over the instagram story yesterday actually was all about one of our theater productions that we have going on here. i know for me i took over the instagram story last week and it was all about me working in my lab i'm pre med. >> okay. >> you really get a nice rage of science and the arts as well humanities. it's a great way to stay up to date. >> you don't just focus on like the school part of things you go into the afternoon activities. >> absolutely. yeah, so speakers, events, i know i made video about a concert i went to over at the 930 club a couple weeks ago. museums, all kinds of stuff. pretty much anything we do
7:54 am
we chronicle. >> it says a lot about being a student in 2017 you can't escape social medial it's everywhere. we'll see you guys eating. walking with your friends. just every day college live but also get a sneak peek, too, your studies, and where you go. how has it been received by other members prospective students and the student body? >> yeah, i mean definitely really positive feedback from everyone. everyone. current students as well but prospective students as well as alumni to see what's going on here on campus. >> yeah. >> i'm a tour guide and sometimes after my tour i get people coming up to me and saying i saw your video last week. >> great. >> awesome. >> we know that's getting oh it there which is great. >> you know this stuff can get addicting too. don't go too far with it. >> what's your favorite and that about the university? >> oh, lord. probably -- >> everything. >> curve ball. >> everything. no. i would say probably our location here in washington, d.c. i really just think you can't get a better place to be a student with all the stuff goi
7:55 am
wonderful neighborhood. >> excellent. >> i agree. >> thank you guys so much. you got up early to join us. >> hang with us, though. we need you throughout the morning. >> we got a lot more coming up. for now we'll send it back inside to you. come on back we'll show you more of georgetown coming. >> can't wait. see you in a little bit. >> thanks, team. >> this is the most wonderful time of the year. oprah winfrey kicked off the 2017 holiday season, oprah does it now with the longest edition her favorite things list. >> can we just get the puppies. >> i know. >> deliver them here to the station. what's on the list. >> i got distracted by the dogs. first, the n unseries six piece 95 and block set. that's all for one. first rate 95 set. next the echo show basically amazon's alexa with built in screen you can see the videos. amazon content home security camera shopping list you name it let's you connect with friends. i feel like i'm on the show right now. next buffalo h
7:56 am
jammies. whole familiar confidential dress in matching pj's and ma matching ba nan danna for your dog. the paddle collection vodka serving set with 12 shot glasses and ice bucket on a solid okay paddle oprah calls elegant and the perfect excuse to throw a party. >> thanks oprah. >> it's pretty wordy, wasn't it. >> visuals would have helped. >> i like your deliver row. >> thank you. i want to see what the cheapest thing is on the list and try get that. >> probably sadly the dogs. hi, tuck. >> i didn't understand that. is that like a real list. >> yeah she comes out with her favorite things. >> people go buy them. >> she used to do it on the show. now she does it on her magazine. blah, blah, blah. >> 60 in washington. mid to upper 70s. you saw the live shot with anne and mike. we'll get clouds this afternoon and maybe a scattered shower. this cold front it will bring us a big change in air mass by tomorrow. tomorrow only in the 50s. enjoy today up ahead of it absolutely beautif
7:57 am
weather with daytime highs. 78 today. 58 tomorrow. the clocks go back an hour early sunday morning. sunset 5:03 sunday afternoon. enjoy the late afternoon sunset today erin. >> 7:57. unfortunately a lot of problems for morning commute. right now westbound 66 well let's see. we're taking a close look at the trees. i wanted to show you this active investigation. let's move things over right now. that was a look at a fault crash investigation in accokeek. checking out the scene and the investigators on derby shire way. this is a crash westbound 66 before the beltway blocking all lanes. previously now two right lanes getting by. we'll keep updated on that one. keep it to fox5. we'll be right back. ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. thank you very much for joining us. 8:00 a.m. on friday, nove november 3rd, 2017. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. a deadly crash that happened in prince george's county. we're live on the scene in accokeek. we'll have the very latest for you. >> house republicans rolled out their tax reform bill. we'll have a look at this plan and how it could impact you. >> apple store doors in georgetown opening there you go come on in everybody whose been waiting in line since 2:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon
8:01 am
afternoon. they will soon have their iphone x in their hands. we'll take a look at the price surrounding it. >> pretty exciting when you can get in there. live look right now outside from georgetown university. it is the last stop on our fox5 college tour. looks like the student body is -- that was mike thomas. looks like the student body is pumped for it. we'll check in with annie and mike a little later this mor morning. >> tell mike -- hard to tell mike from all the students. >> i know. >> breaking news out prince george's county. very latest on deadly accident that happened in accokeek. it closed part of busy livingston road. >> we've just learned new information now from police. let's get right to it. fox5's bob barnard is live on the scene. bob? >> reporter: allison and steve, we have learned that there was a second person in the car who survived the crash and is now missing and police want to talk to that person. as you mentioned we're on livingston road which remains closed. if you look behind me, you can see here actually the path as it's getting a little lighter here the path that this car took. it
8:02 am
north here. you can see a little bit of orange paint and some marks there. it went off into the woods. it ended up hitting a tree in the woods landing on its roof killing the driver of this car. this happened around 3:30. i can show you video tape a shot of what is happening inside the woods. we've been hearing some chainsaws so you have prince george's county firefighters who were actually in the woods trying to remove tree limbs and barges and other debris that's around this car so that they can get to the crash victim and also eventually leave the car. there's wrecker here that will eventually going to take this catch it's now four and a half hours old and the scene is still pretty much intact in the woods as prince george's county firefighters work to do that. joining us live is tyler hunter corporal tyler hunter from prince george's county police. tyler, what can you tell us about this second person we're learning that was actually in the car? >> sure. so we've just putting this out there was a sec
8:03 am
of the car and we were able to learn that thanks to witnesses and the second person is described as a another difficult african-american male with a dreadlock style haircut along with a black jacket and that's all we have at this point we really just want understand what happened with this accident and make sure they're okay since this was obviously a very devastating collision that took place. >> absolutely. and this person may be hurt but you don't believe this person has stumbled is somewhere in the woods. you believe this person took off? >> at this point we don't believe they are still in the woods. we did have our helicopter come up and do a thorough search and also had our officers along with some other resources check the area and make sure so we do believe that they left. so we just want to make sure that they're okay and try to understand what exactly took place. >> reporter: thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: corporal tyler hunter prince george's county police. someone is killed in this crash. someone survived it and didn't just stumble out and looking for help but took off running, guys they want to find that person. that's the latest from
8:04 am
maryland. >> bob barnard, thank you very much. in the next hour, president donald trump will leave the white house for a 12-day trip to asia. >> he'll make a first stop in hawaii briefly. he will then fly on to tokyo where he will touchdown on sunday. on tuesday, the president will stop in south korea followed by visits to china, vietnam and finally the philippines much this will be the longest official trip by sitting us president since 1992. a day before this trip of course the president got the ball rolling on tax reform. >> so the middle class is a big beneficiary jobs and companies are big beneficiaries but the companies really create the jobs, and we really have, laura, we've had tremendous receptive have the to it. >> republicans introduced the more than 400 page bill yesterday. the white house hopes to have the final legislation passed by the end of the year. the president this morning is commenting on the bombshell claims new book the democratic national committee rig the primary process last year to make sure hillary clinton won the party's n
8:05 am
>> former dnc chair donna brazil shared an excerpt with her upcoming book with politico. she says the clinton campaign had a signed agreement with the dnc in exchange for raising money and paying off the committee's debt, she would essentially control the party's finances and strategy. this morning the president questioned by the justice department isn't looking into this tweeting new donna b book says she paid for and stole the dem primary. what about the deleted e-mails, you are arabian, podesta the server. people are an grow at some point the justice department and fbi must do what is right and pr proper. >> 8:05 right now. let's switch gears and take another look at our forecast on this fantastic friday. >> give me more lead time. my pants are too tight to full run. >> they're a little snug. >> got to do a little hop. >> try to be fashion forward. >> i do. steve, i do. try to -- >> go with the slimming look. >> go with the slim look and leaves me unable to breathe for most of the d
8:06 am
>> this is the forecast. >> you can relate. >> pride feels no pain what my grandmother taught me. >> that's what i'm learning. cooler and cloudy for the weekend. that's tomorrow's forecast. but that's fast forward. let's worry about today first. we'll be in for really pleasant friday. with daytime highs in the mid to upper 70s. reagan national 60. 55 dulles. 62 this morning bwi more shall. we'll lose the fog and have plenty of sunshine fort neck several hours and then as we get into the afternoon hours see the clouds off to our west some of those will get in here that's cold front. with it perhaps few showers. so kind of mid to late afternoon a few showers with cooler air mass settling in tonight. our daytime highs, guess where they're going to be. >> in the 70s? >> mid to upper 70s 15 degrees above normal. enjoy a gorgeous afternoon. steve go for another run. 78. >> it should be nice. almost warm running yesterday. >> felt great, though. good morning, are rin. >> a run sounds really nice. >> i do too. >> i'm going
8:07 am
nails done later. >> ooh manny pedestrian dee time. >> i'm going to run to the liquor store. [ laughter ] >> it's friday and pay day. whatever makes you happy tucker barnes. >> oh, boy. >> just be careful because you worry me. right now westbound 66 before the beltway crash blocking two left lanes. his smirk says it all. right lane getting by very slowly as you approach the beltway. let's go ahead and move things over. to a look 270 we are seeing big delays. we have a crash by 370 just south at that point from 370 to the beltway 31 minute trip red zone seeing a lot of heavy traffic down toward the spur. let's show i was look at 270 -- excuse me 295 southbound. 32 minutes from the maryland line to the 11th street bridge. there's a crash there. use caution pennsylvania avenue in southeast jams up. heavy traffic suitland parkway inbound and then the inner loop so improved. 13 minute trip still red zone but much better than half hour delay from saint barnabas road to the wilson bridge. metro rail lines are on time. and we're going to keep up it dad on your morning
8:08 am
i would say fridays tread lighter around here. we'll let you know if anything else change. >> tucker barnes i'm still laughing. >> i have no idea what he's up to. >> he has of make mowing lose my mind and forget what i'm talking about. back to you. >> fairfax county public schools need some cash. northern virginia school district la launched gofundme se page on its website to raise money for the costs they say are associated with changing the name of jeb stuart high school to justice high school. the district has two years to up policemen the name change. so far they have raised $8,000. school board says the change could cost as much as $1 m $1 million. 8:08 right now. and coming up, the growing hollywood scandals. new disturbing allegations against both kevin spacey and harvey weinstein this morning. >> it is also the final stop on our f fox5 college tour. we'll go back to the scenic georgetown university campus and check in with annie and mike again after the break. ♪
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
>> after hours of waiting in line folks in our area as you can see some still in georgetown waiting in line right now just starting to get their hands on the new iphone x. this is live look at the apple store in georgetown. doors opened about 11 minutes ago, but some folks still waiting outside as a matter of fact a lot of people waiting outside getting a chance to get inside. there have been a few people who got their hand on the phone in advance with
8:12 am
with them and review them and let us know if it's worth it or. no kirk is one of them. what do you think of the phone. >> good morning to you. >> right here. here it is man. >> love it. >> this is it. iphone x a lot of people like to call it iphone x i'm wondering if will win out over time. apple wants it to call it the iphone ten. five of the stores you talked about georgetown opened this morning with a line out in fr front, and that's all across america actually. apple well planned this orchestrated event for their tenth anniversary phone an phone that has that 5.8-inch display on the front really from the edge to the edge just a brilliant new way of looking at theism phone. their best foot forward of any refresh i've been at every single launch of every iphone. i've sort of snarled at some of the ones over the years and that's not really refresh this one is outstanding. that's why they're getting away with the price tag that starts
8:13 am
when you're out the door on one of these i phones, you're going to want the larger one. you're going to want that apple care thing because it's made of glass on both sides. despite the fact that it's a lot stronger, it is probably if you live like me like a normal person whose kind of clumsy you will break it at some point or do some damage to that apple care will help you not spend the two to 500 some odd dollars to replace the screen when it's out of warranty instead it will just be i think it's 29 bucks i'd have to check price on the exact screen replacement but you're still at about $1,400 out the door but financing from apple and some other partners of theirs are enabling you without interest to take this over like 24 to 30 months and that seems to be a trend of the industry especially as wireless carriers have dropped that sort of tw two-year contract where they subsidize the phone as much we're in the seeing deals like that. what we are waking up to this morning is a real
8:14 am
feather that the what happened for those people waiting on this one. why? because the deals are going to start to flow on the iphone ten after the hype of this big launch. so you're going to see prices come down. you'll see carriers battle for our business. at and t, t mobile, verizon, they're all going to just get out their bats and want to get our business because they make the most money in the long term keeping us into that. i got to tell you something. something, you know, there's guy out in london a 16-year-old who sold his 25th position in line as the launch happened for $500. hats off to him. >> good for him. >> kirk, i want to ask you before we lose track of time here because you've been with these launches since day 110 years ago. this particular phone now, apple the knock apple gets from the people that love other brands and manufacturers is apple comes to things perhaps after the fact and then tries to claim it as their own and make it better.
8:15 am
it compare as far as must have status compared to either other carriers out that or other i phones that you've covered ever ten years? >> from the dual lense camera to the august menned reality to the oled screen on just brilliant edge to edge 5.8-inch, bat row life, look for a about two years they'll be a able to claim this is the best phone on the market. and then samsung and a like will start to catch up with it but for the next couple of years, apple owns this space and, remember, they were really the innovators in the space. it's good they actually jumped this far forward with a phone that's i'm in love with i got to tell you after a week of toying with it. it really make a lot of sense much getting rid of that home button took some getting used to. >> i'm sure. you're used to hitting that you swipe up it feels more intu intuitive. steve i think you'll like it are you an apple guy or samsung? >> oh yeah. i'm due for upgrade it's bn
8:16 am
phone. >> i think if you wait you'll get better deal. >> that's good to know. that apple care can you buy that after you buy the phone or do you have to get it tame? >> you have a limited am of time after the purchase. i want to say it's 30 days. i'll check and get it back to you. >> okay. >> if you go online we'll show you, i'll get those terms. full review online as well. >> kirk, thank you very much. appreciate the update. >> kirk the cyber guy loves it. >> thanks, kirk. >> you mentioned that samsung piece. every time i look at the phone witness wrap around. >> seems to be -- >> we got to get to cutness. >> cuteness, let's do it. keep it moving. we don't want to forget cuteness. >> my goodness. >> ut-oh. [ laughter ] >> that is the cutest. >> adorable. >> how creative. >> look at the hat with the straw. isn't that perfect. >> we got madison, everybody. >> too cute. >> time for fox5 first five photo of the day. madison three years old, madison and her mom handmade her halloween costume. >> awesome. a plus. >> both love star buck. >> a plus.
8:17 am
>> and they even made the costume for madison's baby doll. >> that's so cute. [ laughter ] >> sugary and sweet. >> i'll bet she is. >> we love it madison. love love love your outfit. love that smile, too. >> yeah. >> hope you had a great halloween. >> you think she went trick or treat tag starbucks? >> yeah. >> free starbucks for life. >> right. fill her bag with candy. >> to send us your child's picture go fox5 d.c. that reminds me the young man that dressed as me for halloween we'll have him in to do the weather with me next week. >> love it. i cannot wait. >> isn't that great. >> i cannot wait. >> can't wait to meet him. hey, weather. 60 now in washington. we're going to be mid to upper 70s one more day of very mild temperatures before we get cooler air this weekend and steve i know you're looking forward to it. winter weather. there it is. >> can't escape it, roo it. >> look at denver 25, steve, you'd love it there this morning. >> probably 8
8:18 am
denver. >> 14 in great falls. we're not going to get that cold but we'll trend cooler by next week. and joy today. that is a cold front just to our north and west see the green draped and the white draped to our normal and west that will move through later this afternoon first we'll get cloud cover later and might be a if i isolate the showers late this afternoon as that cold front comes through. look at your cooler weekend quick reminder moves those clocks back an hour early sunday morning and change the battery in your fire detect, fire alarm. >> check and check. >> thanks. good advice. thanks tuck. >> hi, erin. good morning. 8:18. keeping our eyes on the friday morning drive we do have new problems. 60 westbound delays lingering it's going to take you close to 30 minutes to get from the beltway to fairfax county parkway. crash below before the beltway it's blocking two left lanes. so some nasty conditions there. you can see how slow traffic is on the westbound side. going against the typical morning rush but causing big slow downs there. new crash to tell you about northbound knife. 25 minute
8:19 am
to the beltway. as we make our way out elsewhere 270 southbound unfort unfortunae were seeing such better conditions now to get from 109 to the local rape split 49 minute trip earlier crash by 370 cleared to the shoulder. all metro rail lines are still on time, guys. >> thank you very much, erin. let's go back to school, steve. >> let's do it. annie and mike on campus this morning at georgetown university. good morning, guys. >> hey, steve and allison, all right. so we've made our way to the thompson center. >> right. >> this is a new building. it was just built last year. so a lot of students are excited about it, and guess we're staning next to, guys. >> this is the man. >> man. >> he is georgetown basketball john thompson, jr. here. head coach here for years. he took georgetown's basketball program and made it fantastic. >> trial dull. he was here from ' '72 to '99 ld the team to three final fours an national champion shim. first african-american coach to do that. >> yes. >> here. so that was very exciting.
8:20 am
to bring in an expert on this building. may have is the president of hoya blue which is the official spirit squad here on campus. may have, good morning to you. >> good morning. how you guying. >> we're good. >> doing great. >> great. how excited are you about this new building. >> the building is beautiful like you said it's brand new. all the students love it. athletes are so happy. that's all we can really ask for. >> we wanted to take a tour. >> we wanted to take a tour. there's a lot of history. you'll walk us threw it. >> absolutely, yeah. it's brand new. we're dealing with state of art technology. we're having locker rooms, weigh rooms. two full practice courts for our basketball teams which is phenomenal. we have a lot of our administrative buildings in here. this is actually our georgetown athletics hall of fame. >> take a look. >> beautiful. wonderful. if you look over here olympic athletes that have graduated from georgetown. you can see some of our prominent wins this is my favorite part this is our trophy from our championship. >> take look at that. >> this is really wonderful. >> that is so neat. so what actually happens in here? i mean we have -- it's all for varsit
8:21 am
>> that's correct. all of our varsity athletes are training here which is really wonderful dealing with state of art weight rooms get a lot of training and time and together this room we have here this is our press conference room when coach ewing first arrived this is our first conference we had with him and i was there for that and it was really pretty cool to see. >> so much history here generally open to the public. they can walk through here. >> that's about as far as you can go. if you play here, there's always that chance, all right, guys. we have a lot more coming from georgetown university coming up. thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> absolutely. no problem. >> see in you a bit. guys, ba in to you. >> thanks, guys. 8:21 now. back to news. fresh league legal trouble for harvey weinstein. prosecutors in new york city now investigating accusations by actress pose della hoyt at a boardwalk empire star says weinstein raped her twice in 2010. so far more than 50 women has accused of weinstein of sexual misconduct. he hasn't commented on the case but he has denied other allegations of non
8:22 am
sex. >> more accusations this morning involving kevin spacey as well. cnn reports eight current and former employees of house of cards claim that spacy made the netflix production a toxic one place. one claims the actor sexually assaulted him. caa no longer representing kevin spacey. >> 8:22. still ahead, build your own sleepover. >> lego and airbnb teaming up for an overnight block building excursion. all the details on that coming up next. ♪ ♪♪
8:23 am
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new to your local dairy aisle! will have power over your health care. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged more for health care; premiums would go up. and adams supports giving employers the power to block birth control access for female employees. john adams: wrong on health care, wrong on birth control, wrong for virginia.
8:25 am
erring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. >> if you love legos. >> checked. >> airbnb has launched a contest that will let one family stay over night at the new laying go house in denmark. to enter -- is that a lego cat or real cat. >> good question. >> you have to tell lego what you would build if you had an infinite amount of bricks. >> airbnb will fly the winner to denmark from anywhere in the world. that one i don't think is a real cat. >> no. >> it's holding a pose quite well. we learn about things every day through our news stories. and sometimes when we go to class. >> it is time for class. >> sometimes. yeah. >> we don't often learn whole lot in this class. >> not really glover your fr friendly professor, teacher, often loses his patience with you, steve. it's not you a
8:26 am
troublemakers like mr. chenevey. >> but not today it's friday. >> oh good. >> i'm in good mood. >> i love it. >> all right. what shall we learn about. >> what would you like to learn about? >> anything. you've come to the wrong place. sunshine that's going to be b today. all right. sunshine is a b. yeah, let's go full. winds they're going to be out of the south here that's b. look at the afternoon temperatures mid to upper 70s that's an a plus. >> i love that. >> do the fry yea stroll. >> um-hmm. >> uh-huh. a plus. >> stroll on out of class. overall, i give that an a. hit my music. ♪ hi i'm hot for teacher. ♪ >> keep strolling. it's all right. >> i saw one stroll slightly better than the other, though. >> hi, erin. you and the stroll. >> yes. >> good morning. i'll do the traffic report like this because why not. we're here. right now we have westbound 66 after the beltway crash blocks two left lanes. we're crawling along from the wealth way to fairfax county parkway. 25 minute trip much th
8:27 am
in the district seeing delays past bladensburg on new york avenue northeast. let's forward things along and show what else you're dealing with on the roads. we have crash 95 on the northbound side by prince william parkway. it's blobbing the left shoulder, left lane. about 25 minute trip yellow zone from dale city to the beltway. metro rail lines have been on time all morning license. this jacket is really warm. i'm not sure if you need it today. we'll be back in just a few. keep it to fox5. >> sowped like awry wine. >> that was the zipper.e zi
8:28 am
8:29 am
narrator: ed gillespie's false attacks. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable.
8:30 am
♪ live look at georgetown university right now 8:00 their. what beautiful campus it is. >> did we fine out what a hoya was? >> hmm. >> yeah. we know what it is. >> i don't remember if mike and annie told us or not. we'll have to ask them again. >> very interesting. >> just for clarity. >> but i also very much identify the bulldog with georgetown. >> you know what i love? this tower, it's one of the fir things when you come into d.c. on the gw parkway and look across the river it's one of the first things you see. the washington monument and the georgetown tower. >> right. >> it's so synonomous with washington. >> what i love about the show we take you and side the gates of georgetown. annie and mike good morning to you. >> i have trivia for you guys. you were talking about famous alum in georgetown university. 25 years
8:31 am
was elected president and bill clinton is a georgetown student himself. >> that's right. >> you know who else is an alumni, notable alumni virginia governor terry mcauliffe a ivanka trump came here. mara shriver. the list goes on. a school that definitely breeds leaders. >> and speaking of bill clinton there's a big event coming up on monday. we'll talk to somebody about that in couple of minutes. the reason we're sitting here on these steps, this top step here has a lot of history it to an annie. >> sure d this is called the old north steps, and this building itself was built in 1795. 14 u.s. presidents have spoken here on this very step and so they are pre serving it although the most recent was former president barack obama. very cool. but whether i was tend this school you want to call him you're a family member there's a ton of stuff you need to check out. we've compiled the top five hot spots. check it out. >> thanks, mike. ♪
8:32 am
number 536th street the block of arthriticth street between prospect and n streets northwest is a hot spot. frequently filled with everyone from students, professors, locals and visitors. you can find folks eating at the too many's restaurant or checking out the famous exorcist steps much this steep stairs date back to 1895 and were made famous in the 1973 horror film. number four, levy sent this is where you can get your georgetown swag much they're also a barnes & noble bookstore, two coffee shops as well an entirely student run bank. number three, the healey family student center. this new addition to the to the quickly become the hub of student life. it's used as an event space for student programming and various social events. there are two dance
8:33 am
music break out rooms and even a come pus restaurant and bar. number two, leo j owe donovan hall known as leo's. this is not your average campus dining hall. there are two floors of options to satisfy student's taste buds on the upper level you'll find a food hall with six restaurants including a test kitchen and on the lower level, you'll find the classic buffet. and number one, the dole again chapel dedicated in 1893 it's located in the heart of campus. mass is celebrated here daily. the historic sacred space that is also used for weddings and baptisms. >> all right. and here we stand with someone very important with important information coming up. >> this is mo. >> what's your title. >> i run the institute of politics and public service here at georgetown mc cord school. >> one of the big things do you
8:34 am
able to get these big name and we mean -- former presidents, speakers to come here to georgetown university. what's the process like about that and what are some of the big names you've had come. >> we found it's fairly easy. we just ask and people across the political spectrum are actual actually interested in engaging with young people and college students and trying to get them more involved in the political process. so we ask them to come down here to georgetown. they can just go down the road and engage in real conversations. we've had big speakers. we had bernie sanders during the middle of the primary campaign. the next semester we had paul ryan come and make a conservative town hall for millennials. we've got former president bill clinton coming in a couple of days but the ones that really get me excited are less the speeches and more the conversations. we can bring in governors and senators and presidential candidates to actually sit down and do q and a and free flow of ideas it's pretty great good what's really unique hands on experience for the students here who come hereor
8:35 am
study politics and international policies and things like that. so you have 15 years. more than 15 years of experience, four presidential campaigns used worked on. multiple senate races. how have you been able to bring all of that experiece to this campus and really truly provide the students with some really neat experiences? >> you know it's great. the network of people that we've been able to pull together on both sides of the aisle to help us secure these speakers is pretty extensive what i tell the students all the time, look, people don't like politics today. and so the notion i'm going to come in after 20 years and teach them how to do it is pretty laughable i'm one of the guys that broke it. we want these political practitioners who are engaging with the students to actually hear from them how they want to see it done better. and these georgetown students who come here they come to washington because they want access to the process and they're not jaded. it really, it's really up li lifting are for the practitioners who come. >> you methed conversation earlier
8:36 am
where twitter the president speaks to us via twitter all the time. your thoughts on how quickly this area is changing. >> oh yeah. we're having national debates 140 characters at a time. there's got to be a better way to do it. >> we have to get this real quick. bill clinton is coming here monday to talk. only open for lump night such as yourself. >> for the general public if they want to watch, they can watch online. >> today is the 25th anniversary of his election. he's the first hoya president and so we're going to be commemorating it. he'll be speaking. we'll be doing panels running up to it with old alumni of the clinton administration and campaign. if you want to watch it live, check out georgetown facebook page on monday at 4:00 o'clock or on the website. >> perfect. thank you so much for joining us here. >> thank you mo. >> thank you. tucker the weather is gorgeous out here. we can almost lose the sweatshirt it's warm enough. how is it looking on your end. >> you look great in that georgetown -- you look a georgetown student, mikey. >> doesn't he? that's the first thing we
8:37 am
>> if only you had the smarts. 60 now in washington. we're going to be in the mid to upper 70s with plenty of nice conditions around here this afternoon although we're going to have increasing clouds and there might be a few showers or sprinkles working in from the north and west. that cold front will slide in later today. so big change in air mass for the weekend. let's enjoy our friday first because it is friday after all. 78 this afternoon with passing shower right around rush hour. kind of late afternoon look for a scattered shower and then things will change this week and. i'll have the weekend forecast coming up. erin has another round of roadways. better. >> worse. take look at this tucker. we'll start you off with breaking news out of the frederick maryland overturned tractor trailer maryland state highway administration. let's see if we can pull up i net camera aid love to show you an overturned tractor trailer that's carrying 40,000 pounds of produce. the left rape left shoulder blocked this is 70 westbound at mount philip road. big delays as you have to merge out of that right lane and just out of the left lane rather d
8:38 am
left lane left shoulder block. let's go from there and move over to a look at our other issue we're dealing with. this is bottom side of the beltway inner loop near braddock road just after the springfield interchange left lane left shoulder block causing delays from the springfield interchange through 66 as we zoom out you can see how slow traffic is moving. all metro rail lines are on time. we'll keep you updated. keep it to fox5. it's friday. we're going to be right back. ♪ will have power over your health care. adams supports letting insurance companies deny
8:39 am
seniors would be charged more for health care; premiums would go up. and adams supports giving employers the power to block birth control access for female employees. john adams: wrong on health care, wrong on birth control, wrong for virginia. disclaimer: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
8:40 am
ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
8:41 am
>> 8:40 right now. big show today on good day d.c. a star-studded girls weekend here in the nation's capitol. we are talking about for sisters only it features big names including grammy winner maya hometown girl also singer song writer a marie and little mo. they'll all be here live. >> how about some funny business too comedian tom arnold will join us and tmz harvey levin who shares details of his new profile on arnold schwarzenegger which airs this weekend. he will also join us this morning on good day coming up just a little less than 20 minutes. largest shopping mall in the nation will be closed on thanksgiving day. second year in a row mall of america said they'll close so that employees can spend the holiday with their families. i i love that couldn't september. in it minute mega mall also treating black friday as a holiday. meaning mall employees will receive holiday pay. >> that's great. >> the day after thanksgiving. get thanksgiving off and holiday pay to come work the day after. let's do that everywhere. >> that's good. okay. let the holidays
8:42 am
the big o oprah winfrey holiday gift list is longer than ever this year. 102 items and if you want them all, it will cost you more than $14,000. >> let's split it up then. >> among the moore ex staff grant items $2,000, 55-inch samsung framed tv. >> that's very nice. >> that's cool though. >> it look like picture frame. >> i do like that. >> okay. again, though, that was how much, $2,000. >> yes. >> never mine. two hun 85 bottle of casa dr dragonness sipping tequila. she's tried a bunch of them and she loves that one. 5 pounds of frozen blueberries for $50. >> okay. that seems a little bunch. >> what kind of blueberries are these. >> super fancy one. i have a feeling we'll get the hot sauce she was just gushing about. >> she's got a knife set. i do need a knife set. mine are from so dull. >> a
8:43 am
tucker tequila. >> kevin mccarthy will join us live from london this morning. he's got a look at what's new in theaters this weekend. >> our our final fox5 college tour of the season. beautiful georgetown campus. we'll get i was weather forecast and back to georgetown university after the break. ♪
8:44 am
sweet 4k tv, mr. peterson. thanks. i'm pretty psyched. did you get fios too? no, was i supposed to get fios? mr. peterson. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network. it's like it was invented to stream 4k movies and shows. how do you know so much about tv and internet?
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right. streaming is only as good as your internet. so get the best internet - with the 100% fiber-optic network - get fios - now just $79.99 per month for fios gigabit connection plus tv and phone. >> some of the things that make living in this area great. this is what we see out of our windows. >> it's beautiful. >> the white house, the capitol. >> love the fall colors
8:46 am
looks real pretty, tuck, specialsly with the blue sky behind it and sunshine. i love it. great start to the weekend. >> still in green on the leaves. going to be beautiful the next couple of hours we'll warm it up into the mid to upper 70s. another warm afternoon. there might be a sprinkle or shower late this afternoon as this cold front starts to work in from the north and west. changes in the overnight hours and really tomorrow and sunday with clouds and cooler temperatures going to feel a lot more like november. not so much today but certainly tomorrow will, and certainly the possibility of a little light rain really i think it will be drizzle we'll get tomorrow afternoon. i'll show you the set up for the week mend just a second. yesterday's highs mid to upper 70s and we'll do that again today if you're curious, i know you are, normal daytime high -- i'm leaning over like that. 63 degrees. and once again today will be a good ten to 15 degrees above normal. currently 60 in washington. 61 in leonardtown. nice mild start for most of the region. 54 in fredericksburg. doing a little fog here
8:47 am
we'll burn that off and everybody should have sunshine the next couple of hours and then we'll get clouds this afternoon. the possibility there could be a few sprinkles that is cold front that will roll through mid to late afternoon give us a little bit of cloud cover an couple showers or sprinkles as it does so. quick look at -- that was real fast. quick look at future cast. and you can see the very light nature of the shower activity at 6:00 o'clock. but they'll be kind of a mix of clouds and sun higher later this afternoon the winds will start to pick up and cooler air will start to filter in overnight. quick look at the weekend forecast. high pressure to the north and we'll get a wedge here. the air off the ocean and some overrunning and bot to the line with that front just to our south lots of clouds and light showers and drizzle and cool temps tomorrow afternoon. only in the upper 50s for 60s for daytime highs. a little better on sunday. afternoon clearing with highs near 70. roll back the clock early sunday morning. extra hour of sleep. allison and steve back to you. >> use that hour wisely tucker. thank you very much.
8:48 am
let's head back to georgetown right now. check in with mike thomas, annie yu. question for you guys. >> question. >> for those who may not have been paying attention earlier this morning, what a hoya? >> you know, jack has not made it out just yet apparently he likes to get all of his rest. he's a bulldog. they like to sleep in. >> they do. >> but as for the question. maybe -- this is kamar mack the sga president. maybe we can ask you. what a hoya. >> a hoya so it's a latin route from our catch phrase which is hoya sacks is a which means what rocks and has a long history. we're all hoyas when we go to georgetown. >> there we go. see ya. that's what it is, steve. >> we he see the cheerleaders showing up here there's a big sense of community here. >> absolutely. >> a big student bodily involved. you serve as the president watch attracted you to this school but not only attracted you to study but to really immerse yourself in this whole college experience. >>
8:49 am
i'm from memphis, tepp ten and in looking for colleges i wanted a place where i could develop myself hoe list tick klee and i'm in georgetown college and i get to study computer science, math, philosophy, economics, and also being in a place like d.c. the opportunities are limit less. in georgetown really supported me through all my goals. >> talk about, so you were in entrepreneurship llc. >> talk about how georgetown provides this opportunity you're basically studying for what comes beyond college in your free time almost. >> absolutely. entrepreneurship llc was my freshman floor and so all of the students self selected as being interested in entrepreneurship. georgetown develops student initiative i was able to learn how to pitch a idea and how to develop a businessman as freshman. >> something you were able to build off of. >> that exactly. >> what would you tell students who are thinking about coming here, why they should come here? >> yeah. because it's great. i mean so we have a beautiful campus. georgetown has a little something for everybo
8:50 am
we're also catholic and jess is you white institution we appreciate a community and diverse the we pursue things like inter religious understanding and there's the hilltop is a place for everyone. and so our faculty, staff and administrators they support us through the highs and lows and really want to see us grow. >> if you had to pick one your absolute favorite thing about georgetown university, what's that one thing? >> hmm. i would say something that's really touched my heart georgetown chartered a black house save place on campus for students of college that's where i love this year like, you know, that's where i live of that's my home and just a place where students with color can come and enjoy programming. >> we got to wrap things up here. quick question. is there anyone thing you want to adhere before we wrap up? >> i do. >> okay. >> nora i hope you're watching i want to make things official and ask you to be my girlfriend. >> there we go. >> only on fox5. >> nora, please say yes. >> college dating. the good days. >> come mur r
8:51 am
us here this morning. >> it's a pleasure. we got whole lot more coming up on good day. you mentioned the religious tie in. we'll be speaking more on that coming up in just a bit. back to you in the studio. >> nora, cull on if you're watching. >> did she text you yet. >> i hope so. >> we want an update. >> good luck to him. >> 8:51 right now. time for our fox beat kevin fresh off the red carpet but not anywhere around here. >> no, not at all. he joins us via skype from london this morning. cool, kev, what's up? >> good morning, city and allison. if he gets an answer in the middle of my hit, go back to him, please. i want to know if she said yes or not. >> we all want to know. >> please make that happen. >> you got it. >> if to happens in the middle of the segment. i'm here in london i went to the murder on the orient express premier last night it was incredible. it was this am amazing place cad royal albert hall. i mean everybody you could think of was there from johnny depp, daisy ridley, dame judy determine. it was insane. just kind of seein
8:52 am
of watching it seeing the film there and a couple hours i'll be sitting down witness entire cast including everybody i've mentioned. i'm very excited about talking to michelle pfeiffer, william dafoe tonight i see wonder. tomorrow i have julia roberts interview. tomorrow i see justice league and sunday i have justice league interviews. not trying to sound like i'm bragging i'm really really excited to be here. that's why i'm in london this morning. >> brag away, kev. you have you are living the life so you can share all that knowledge with everybody else. >> and we miss you. >> exactly. >> i love movies. it's just really cool experience. i'm just very blessed to be out here doing this. thank you for my job obviously this weekend in theaters. thor ragnarok as well as movie called a bad mom's christmas. let's start with nor ragnarok. seventeenth in this in the marvel cinematic universe. 17 films made
8:53 am
the box office. this time around third thor in many in the franchise. it's better than thor two. i don't think it's as good as thor one. it's being praised as one of the best marvel films. i don't think it goes up there with the films like captain america civil war and/or winter soldier iron man one, guardians of the galaxy, avengers. i think it's solid film. i think some of the comedy falls flat. it's a little bit tone all over the place i loved hemsworth. i love ruffalo. i loved hid delton and tess is a thompson and jeff goldblum a lot to love in this film. things i thought fell flat including the villain kate blanchett. her character seemed very forgettable because they kept coming back and forth and got lost in everything. so i gave 83.5 out of five. it's still solid. just not great. and then real fast, a bad mom's christmas if you loved the first bad mom's, do recommend seeing this for sure. the first part of the film takes a second to get going but the middle and the ending
8:54 am
funny. very r rated. very very raunchy. if you loved the first bad mom's you'll like this one. i still think the first is better because of the grocery store scene with the slow ocean when they're going around aft being drunk that's a very very funny seen this movie has seen similar to that as well. i gave 83.5 out of five. not as good good as the first one but worthy seeing if you like the first movie. >> a couple good options whether you choose to go in theaters this weekend or watch them somewhere else. busy day for you today, kev. >> yup. interviews coming up in couple of hours. tune into good day at 9:40 i'll have my red carpet interviews from last night with kenneth brana, a band called the vamps. leslie odom, jr., he played in hamilton on broadway. he's been in the business for long time but this will be his first starring roll in a major motion picture. stay tuned for that. if we'll see you on good day. awesome, kev, thanks very much. speaking of good day, take a short break. break
8:55 am
weather and traffic. ♪ ♪ with just one week to go until reputations release, yes, tailor swift's album will be released.
8:56 am
this album. >> it has given fans another taste of what they can expect from the album. she dropped yet another hit overnight called "call it what you want" this song is bit slower paced and is rumored to be about her relationship with british actor joel alwin. so there's that. >> good smink she dates somebody ever two weeks so they can write a new song. >> sounds shady and terrible. >> she's working the marking season. four songs released before the album comes out. >> let's say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. the cute little one is little erika. >> so they're crew ella deville and dalmatian. cute little dalmatian. >> adorable. >> she says that this was erika's first halloween, of course, and by the looks of that big smile right there look at her face, it was a total success. we love all the pictures. thank you for sharing. >> very nice.
8:57 am
erin, how we looking out there for traffic. >> 56 we told you about overturned truck carrying 40,00. 70 westbound north in frederick. bottom side of the beltway crash by braddock road. you want the beautiful forecast from tucker. >> instead i'm tell you about the music i'm writing. >> i've had heart ache, too. >> if only you were a song writer. p beautiful next couple of hours. 78 this afternoon look for light sprinkle and cooler weekend. don't forget the clocks roll back sunday morning. >> you can call your song rainy day. >> right? thank you. that's good. >> see you for good day next. ♪ ♪♪
8:58 am
debbie: when you work at a children's hospice, people ask you, how can you possibly do this? and we say, how can we not? if these kids go through what they go through, we can support them. dr. ralph northam has been our volunteer medical director for the last eighteen years. he's made such a difference in so many families' lives. ralph northam: these kids have given me more than i could ever give them. and i wanna make sure that every family in virginia can afford good healthcare when they need it.
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ straight ahead, president trump leaving for one of his longest and most high stake international meetings yet and taking off one day after celebrating a tax reform victory in congress. plus making light of his account going dark. what the president is saying about his twitter account being deactivated this morning. kevin spacey facing more accusations this time from the set of house of cards. we'll have the latest on this hollywood harassment scandal. >> apple's te tenth anniversarym phone ten officially in the hands of customers. i'm melanie alnwick is georgetown with why people are willing to stand in line to pay thousand dollars for a phone. >> first our final stop on our fox5 college tour. >> w


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