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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  December 2, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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and take on your debt at >> gus: 24-21, ohio state. seven: 53 to go in the fourth quarter of the big ten championship game. the winner of this game could find themselves in the college football playoffs, three-point affair. fourth down and one up for man, j.t. barrett. empty backfield. baugh lines up, barrett runs it, breaks the tackle, what to
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does he get the first down? and it looks like he has it. what a second effort by j.t. barrett. >> joel: just incredible. this wisconsin defense stopped him and initially, he had to get the 12-yard line with the second effort. six days ago, this man is having surgery on his right knee. he bounces outside, lowers his shoulder and move the chains. >> gus: they will review the spot. he's a big guy, 6'2", 220 pound 220 pounds. his lower body, it looks like he could play left guard. >> joel: what a great job wisconsin does on the interior, they submarine. he's got nowhere to go i know he's got to get to the 12-yard line, lowers his shoulder and keeps his leg drive going.
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the red line is not official but it sure looks like he reached with that right arm and got the line to gain. i don't think there's going to be enough to overturn the spot on the field. what an effort from everybody, the defense is flying around, barrett is flying around. >> referee: after further review, the ruling on the field stands. >> gus: j.t. barrett, 17 carries 55 yards with a rushing touchdown. >> joel: adjusted by inches it's a first down. look at him, he's got ice water in his veins. >> gus: first down and ten at the 12. barrett runs the
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outside and great pursuit, t.j. edwards leading the way. >> joel: i don't think he gets enough credit for it, his ability to go side to side and play sideline to sideline. he sees the option, nothing to hold him in the middle. like a rocket, he takes off great angle. >> gus: started at the ohio state's 25, 2nd & 9. barrett sprints out of the pocket sets up looks back side, now decides to move around. he's finally taken down, conor sheehy, first man to him. >> joel: a massive third down here, wisconsin has to hold wisconsin to a field goal attempt.
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jim leonard has to dial something up right now. meanwhile on the other side it's been the j.t. barrett show. >> gus: 3rd & 5 at the seven. >> joel: looks like he has man-to-man coverage on the outside. >> gus: here he goes. the handoff and they want to the first down. j.k. dobbins a yard and a half to two yards short. an injured player, that's leon jacobs the linebacker. >> joel: he's so important to this defense, one of the outside linebackers. he's the one that first made contact with dobbins and gets him down a yard short of that first down marker. here's jacobs as he
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it's hard to tell what happened there. he's up and headed off the field under his own power. >> gus: we just saw a fourth down, i expect ohio state is likely to go for it again. you don't take the points? three? i think he just said i'm going for the field goal. hearing some of that chapter on the sideline. >> joel: after just going for it a few plays earlier, he's going to send the field goal unit out in the fields. you've always got to be aware of some call like a fake. wisconsin cannot sell out around the edges.
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>> gus: here's a sean nuernberger into attempt a 20-yarder, and it's good. 5:20 to play in the fourth quarter of the big ten championship. 27-21 ohio state, but here come the badgers dad: molly! trash! ( ♪♪ ) whoo! ( ♪♪ ) mom: hey, molly? it's time to go!
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>> gus: it all comes down to this, 27-21, ohio state leading. alex hornibrook ready to come back on the field. this is the big ten championship, the winner of this came a likely will be invited to the college football playoffs. a.j. taylor the deep man brings it out of his own end zone, hits the sideline and gets to the 20. let's recap. >> joel: it was explosive place in the first half. mclaurin goes the distance and then how about van ginkel, he's able to get the pick 6. terrific job, barrett takes it in. it's been a phenomenal game, turnovers, tipped passes, jacobs gets the interception. wisconsin gets into the end zone anthony two-point conversion was good. there has not been a bigger series of
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one they are about to have right now. >> gus: first down and ten at the 19-yard line. this man alex hornibrook. fires over the middle and it is caught, fumagalli. close to the 30. >> joel: it looked like he was trying for danny davis, and fumagalli came out of nowhere. hornibrook in this second half is done a remarkable job of manipulating the pocket. >> gus: they handed off to ibrahim and he picks up the first down. >> joel: he has certainly thrown some interceptions this year, but there are also times when he's been brilliant.
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>> gus: here is hornibrook in trouble and sacked. third sack of the game for ohio state. dre'mont jones with the sack. >> joel: lewis also in there, jones getting great push. exactly what you did situations. >> gus: hornibrook drops it off, screen, groshek and fighting his way and finally dropped short of the first down. jerome baker in on the play, it's a 10-yard game. that will make it third down and three. is it for down territory? >> joel: inside of 4 minutes i think it is. >> gus: third and three. groshek lines up with
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hornibrook. over the middle, incomplete. fumagalli the intended receiver, that brings up 4th & 3. wisconsin will punted away. >> joel: the way that ohio state has drained the clock, i think it might have been time to put the game on the line right there. i don't know if wisconsin will get the ball back. >> gus: k.j. hill deep at the 22. they get it away, a wobbly kick. takes a wisconsin bounce and finally goes out-of-bounds close to the 10-yard line. a 52-yard punt for lotti. jim leonard encourages his defense. >> joel: that
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because of the trust in his defense. i know he has had some lengthier drives. short yardage, now the game is in their hands. wisconsin has got to stop him here and get that ball back to their offense. >> gus: this is a huge play for the wisconsin defense. >> joel: it becomes the entire key in this set of downs. >> gus: dobbins. that is a 4-yard gain. >> joel: wisconsin will start to use their timeouts. >> gus: timeout badgers, 27-21 back after
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will not get to the line of scrimmage and is not backwards. ryan connelly, the badgers call another timeout, they have one left . ♪ where is it you wanna go? ♪ ♪ where is it you wanna go? ♪ check it out! ♪ oh, dude. i'm sending it to him. ♪ where is it you wanna go? where is it you wanna go? ♪ ♪ where is it you wanna go? where is it you wanna go? ♪ thank you. ♪ where is it you wanna go? where is it you wanna go? ♪ ♪ hey! hey. whatcha doin' on your computer? what's a computer? ♪ >> gus: three: zero nine remaining, third down
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five at the 17-yard line remaining for a j.t. barrett. empty backfield usually means quarterback run. dobbins now lines up, barrett looking, drops it off, dolphins incomplete. he threw that behind him, he had some pressure in his face. >> joel: he did but he was wide open, a ball that hits him in the chest and he is still running. he is going to head out at wisconsin is totally confused in their coverage. he is wide open, he's going to score a touchdown at the ball is out in front of him and barrett short of him. jim leonard dodged a bullet there. >> gus: the buckeyes will punted away. he can be electric if given a chance. nelson backs up and has a debt to the 30.
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paul chryst, the head coach, his team 12-0. 2 minutes and 59 seconds remaining in this game as alex hornibrook steps back on the field. >> joel: he put the faith in his defense by punting in the last series and his defense pays it off, gets the ball right back after a couple of timeouts. he still has a timeout left, lots of time for hornibrook and this offense, they have to get something going. what they have been effective with is the tight end and the passing game, the backs out of the backfield and the danny davis downfield. he's the one that's been making plays. >> gus: jonathan taylor in the backfield. hornibrook delivers and incomplete.
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>> joel: is so disciplined and stayed exactly with her responsibility, they are trying to get taylor down the sideline. >> gus: second down and ten at the 29. davis lined up at the bottom of your screen, timeout called by the ohio state. each team with one timeout remaining, 2:53 towh play in need of a recharge. thankfully there's great-tasting 5-hour energy. because just one sugar-free, four-calorie, vitamin-packed 5-hour energy shot can recharge your batteries -
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r at 100 percent? 5-hour energy. get back to 100 percent. >> gus: 27- 21, eighth-ranked ohio state on top of 4th-ranked wisconsin with 2:53 to play. badgers with the football. >> joel: bill walsh used to say the most important people in the field is the quarterback at the pass rushers that's what ohio state is hoping for right now. >> gus: hornibrook drops it off, taylor and tackled from behind, great play by jerome baker, what an athlete. >> joel: he's been all over th
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screen beautifully, follows taylor to the hole and get him to the ground. >> gus: third down and a seven at the 32. here's hornibrook winds up, first down fumagalli. baker brings him down but it's a gain of nine. >> joel: the big attends tight end of the year makes a huge catch for a conversion there. >> gus: 2:18 to go. underneath again, fumagalli gets it off the turf. >> joel: they love the men coverage on defense, they are running the outside receiver off and ascending fumagalli on an out route. >> gus: 2nd & 3 at the 48. hornibrook over the middle
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>> joel: i tell you what, alex hornibrook playing some great football right now, delivering balls over the middle of the field with pressure right in his face. >> gus: wisconsin in ohio state territory, they need a touchdown. 1st & 10 at the 43. hornibrook looking, scrambling, flag on the play as a delivers down the field incomplete. danny davis the intended receiver. chef field and coverage. >> joel: the wisconsin fans want the holding down the field on shay fields. >> referee: holding, offense number 63, 10-yard penalty, first down. >> joel: in the backfield it was michael deiter, who tackled the defensive end as he was breaking them toward -- there's th
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right in front of the quarterback. at the end of the play. badger fans looking for a call against chef field. >> gus: chef field shaken up. sophomore from missouri city texas, transferred in, a two-time texas state -- they lost all of those great secondary players to the nfl draft, they needed these guys to step up that had not played a lot of football at this level and develop. certainly kendall sheffield has been one of those guys. >> gus: guys like eli apple. 1:28 to play. greg schiano motivating his
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coach, rutgers for many years. >> joel: what he did was just flat amazing, that program had no success until he got there. he's winning eight, nine games a year, perennially enable game. >> gus: got his assistant coaching job at penn state when he was in his 20s. >> joel: he made the most them as opportunities and that was cut wisconsin right he wants them. longer yardage situations, there is the young kid, true freshman 6'5" 240 pounds. he's one of the most talented young players in college football as a pass rushing specialist opposite bosa at the bottom of your screen. >> gus: first and 1st.
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that brings up second down and 20. >> joel: you've got to get at least half of this back, 3rd & 20 is just impossible at this point but you can manage a 3rd & 8, 3rd & 10. you've got to get half of this back, i would expect it would go to fumagalli again but they've had a lot of success over the middle with a guy like danny davis. >> gus: he lines up as a receiver at the top of your screen. hornibrook looking that way, incomplete. david arnette almost had an interception. >> joel: he's got to the game right in his hands right there. ill-advised to throw why that side of the field a short out route that's the most difficult route in football. hornibrook shorted it.
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the lower bowl. 3rd & 20. alex hornibrook screen, incomplete. groshek put a tag on it was thrown behind him, that brings up fourth down and 20. >> joel: he's going to have a little room in front of them, it's just on his right shoulder. he is got to go up and get that with two hands, secure the catch before you run. this is the game, fourth down you've got to send everybody past the chains. i expect four vertical routes, look for hornibrook to try to attack the seams. it's where you generally look on your long attempts like this. the >> gus: hornibrook lets it fly and there is a timeout called by ohio state
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we'll take a break, 1:tend to go in the big ten championship. badgers facedd with a fourth and 20. >> gus: wisconsin's undefeated season on the line, they are ranked fourth in the nation. down 27-21, 4th down and 20 from
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wisconsin offense. danny davis split wide to the top of your screen. fumagalli in the slot at the bottom. hornibrook delivers, intercepted ohio state!
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>> joel: they are trying to get the tight end right on the middle of the field that inside a seam route, check out the coverage. so smart of ohio state enough to play any defensive backs, everybody is sitting back there at the chains. urban meyer is a celebrating and the senior from detroit, michigan, with a huge play. >> gus: wisconsin out of timeouts. j.t. barrett takes a knee. the ohio state buckeyes under urban meyer do it again. under a minute to play 27-21.
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j.t. barrett wanted to play in the big ten championship game. he wanted to win one before his career ended at ohio state. he'll do it today. the conductor. m, a, n, all ma'am, man, this brilliant young man, j.t. barrett from wichita falls, texas, . let's take a look at our expectation shattering drive of the game. >> joel: it was when the game was on the line and you needed the big plays. it was all about j.t. barrett running the


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