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tv   The Final 5  FOX  December 11, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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eart... ♪ ♪ in your heart. ♪ (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need. . it's election eve in alabama and everyone is watching the race. women accusing of president trump of sexual misconduct. the white house wants immigration reform after the attempted terror attack in new york city. . >>. a judge keeps him on house arrest and americans are headed back to the moon. this is the final five. let's do this. ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪. i'm tv's jim lokay who would have thought we'd be so focused on a special election in alabama? but the jeff sessns
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congress has been making headlines for weeks. voters head to the polls to choose between roy moore and democrat doug jones, he's accused of pursuing teenager girls in his 30's and one women claims moore sexual assaulted her when she was 14, he had been laying low in the final days before the election but he did do an interview that social media is talking about tonight because the interviewer is a 12-year-old girl. >> so what do you make of the characteristics of a really good senator >> following the constitution, adhering to principle and not going to get elected again and not trying to stay in office 3040 years and building an empire, you're there to serve the people. >> we should point he mentioned the constitution be we're citing facts, roy moore was removed twice at chief justice of the alabama supreme court for not following the constitution, these are allegations, roy moore
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innocent but with the kind of allegations the opt optics may be not to great. we saw the campaign rally friday. president trump did not go into alabama and reiterated his determine of roy moore the white house was asked about the allegations again against moore. >> look, as the president said he found that allegation troubling. if they were true he should step aside. and ultimately the people of alabama will make a decision in that race. >> moore has the endorsement of president trump his opponent is getting high profile help. not sure how this will work in alabama. former president barack obama and former vice president joe biden both recorded robe bow calls. i hope they go to the right homes for their sake because the calls started going out state wide. president trump also recorded a robo call and in the corner of democratic doug
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charles barkley appeared at the get out to vote and senator cori booker for jones over the weekend but jones' campaign manager isn't so shore the democratic star whose descended on alabama will make much of a difference >> this is an alabama race being decide by alabama. we don't like being told what to do >> polls you believe them you don't? the president didn't, we got fooled last know. the latest has jones with a ten points lead on roy moore. again, polls. just polls. we'll see we'll talk about that in-depth tomorrow night. new calls for congress to launch a sexual harassment investigation. several women accused president trump of sexual misconduct came out today at a joint news conference want congressional action in light of the growing me too movement across the country. >> these dreams never included a man coming into the
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hair and makeup area while i sat naked under a robe as he walked around looking at us like we were his property >> i was forcibly kissed by mr. president during our first introduction. he repeatedly kissed my cheeks and ultimately my lips. >> about that time, he jumped all over me. and he grabbed me and trying to kiss me and everything. >> so look, you saw the background, the press conference this was not organic thing, it was braved by films. they're demanding congress launch a nonpartisan investigation, and sarah sanders tried to move through sharp questions about the allegations. >> look, the president has addressed these accusations directly and denied them and this took place long before he was elected to be president. and the people
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had a decisive election supported president trump, and we feel like these allegations have been answered through that process. >> the white house put out a statement on the accusations echoing, these false claims totally disputed in most cases by eyewitness accounts were addressed at length during last year's campaign. if you don't remember any eyewitnesses coming forward to dispute the allegations you're not alone. we only found one person, anthony gilbert sitting across from trump and jessica leads who was the woman with the glasses on a flight to new york in the early 1980s. leads claims he groped her gilbert said he was there the entire time and he saw no appropriate interactions but gilbert also has no evidence of his side of the story including evidence he was even on the flight. the briefing today, sarah sanders promised she produce a list who would dispute the accounts of the accusers during the 2016 campaign then candidate trump
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actions against his accusers, so far he hasn't done so. the white house calling tore more immigration reform in the wake of today's terror attack in new york city at least the attempt on a terror attack, a 27-year-old man from bangladesh was arrested. police say he set off a pipe bomb on a manhattan a subway platform in the middle of morning rush but the abdominal functioned. no one seriously injured. investigators are calling this isis inspired. the white house claims what happened is proof that immigration reform is needed. >> this attack under scores the need for congress to work with the president on immigration reform that enhance our national security and public safety. we must protect our borders insure that individuals entering our country are not coming to do harm to our people and move to a metro-based system of immigration. >> we should point out the guy game from bangladesh. he had been living in brooklyn and seems he followed the system to the extent
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secretary said while progress is being made fighting isis overseas, the idealogy knows no borders, this was not a situation on which he was sent on any sort of mission, from all indications, he may have been self radicalized. they're asking what they're doing to fight the idealogy where mower people using online sores r sources. >> i think one of the best ways we have moved forward is in a process where we're allowing the members of the department of defense to aggressively move forward in defeating isis and in hopes, annihilating a lot of that evil ideology through part of that process, continue pushing and looking for the best ways possible to make sure that we protect americans. >> make no doubt this was scary, investigators believe the attacker again was inspired by isis. didn't have direct contact with the group and looks like he was
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lone wolf, the press secretary talked about it today. this was surprising. president trump didn't make any mention of the attack on twitter again, new york city that's his home. he's normally pretty quick to respond to news about terrorism. let's move on and talk about the russian probe, paul manafort and business partner rick gates were back in court. the judge told manafort to stop communicating with the media. manafort was scolded for ghost writing an opt ed. the judge ruled manafort will remain under house arrest until the next hearing january 16th. manafort and gates pleaded not guilty in october to charges of money laundering and conspiracy in relation to their work with ukraine. if you love space and we have not heard much from outer space in the last couple of years, nasa has been quiet. we got big announcement from the president. he wants to put get back to the moon. he signed a new detective named
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it aims to further efforts in advancing the space exploration for future missions to the moon and mars, joined by vice president pence who's part of his space task force and other members of the national space council, the president said the director will revitalize nasa >> to restore american leadership in space, so important. the detective i'm signing today will refocus america's space program on human exploration and discovery. it marks an important step in returning american astronauts to the moon for the first time since 1972 for a long term exploration and use. this time, we will not only plant our flag and leave our footprint, we will establish a foundation for an eventually mission to mars and perhaps some to many worlds beyond. >> let's be honest. no matter where you standing that's a good thing. let's get back to the moon, let's get to outer space, it's what made america
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in the 60's and 70's and 80's. the announcement comes in the 45th anniversary of the launch of polo 17 which was last man mission to land, nasa said it will be included in the budget request for 2019. up next in the final five in alabama, a woman spent 20 of time, sally all bright is her name and joins me next.
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where christmas shines brightest. ♪ ♪. i don't know if you heard about this but there's a special election in alabama tomorrow. i know it's been really under the radar. let's be honest, this has caught the world's attention. it's not the only story talking about the national conversation in recent weeks let's bring in sally all bright. you didn't run for anything but you helped run people. and you spent some time in alabama. let me ask you this first and foremost. there's all this talk about the
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attention being paid to it >> no, not at all. this is actually a exciting race. there's a unique opportunity here, and i'm glad it's getting the attention that it deserves >> we have doug jones on the one side, the democratic roy moore on the republican you worked on races with the democrats down there, when you look at roy moore, this is a guy been around for a long time. very well-known. and they try to get rid of him as judge twice, chief justice, he's back and this is a guy who runs quite frequently. >> he does. he's run for, as you know, supreme court chief twice, he was run for governor. he's run for senate. he pretty much runs for every available seat when there's -- when he's not already in office. he doesn't always win the republican primary but he always act as a spoiler. he has a group of loyal followers who show up no matter what and that's something that everyone knows you have to around >> when you look
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statements primarily against the gay community and his beliefs on other issues, in many place that is will be a disqualifier, but there are people he speaks to a loyal base there. >> absolutely. it's a cultural touch tone for a lot of people in the south. he says the things when he says things that nobody else in the world likes he thinks he's standing up for them. when he gets removed he's being persecuted on their behalf he sees them almost as a christ figure. mar ter dome and super powers, i'm happy these women gotten to come forward and tell their stories, from what i understand people have known this forever. women, you know, we take care of each other, but unfortunately, i think it's played into his hands as far as outsiders are coming in and telling us what to do, judging our way of life. this is a sect of fundamentalist
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perfect age to date and marry women. we heard other public figures say the same thing >> which normally you say something like that and you say that can't be true but it's on tape. there are people who have said that openly. you go back to saying what roy moore says what people want to say or people are afraid to say that reminds me a lot why people vote food r president trump. when you look at roy moore and doug jones, is doug jones been on the political radar in alabama through the years or was he sort of unknown thrown into this race >> he's a prosecutor. so he had a very good name in the legal community. he's got a good relationship with the business community and some ways he's the ideal candidate to run in -- in -- in this race, which is possibly winnable. it's good to have a good candidate. he's a good person who has cross over appeal to the swing voters >> there were a lot of people who don't believe the stories about roy moore. let me ask you, if the stories
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if the post didn't put those stories out there, didn't profile the women who made these claims against him, would this still be a race or would this be a cake walk regardless if it was roy moore or luther strange or any republican you insert in there. >> again, like i said i'm glad these women got to come forward and the post found them. if we weren't talking about that, we would be talking about how he doesn't obey the rule of law, we'll be talking about inflammatory things he said about women and gay people and slavery and the thing they just unearthed about getting rid of every amendment past the 10th amendment. and those were the kinds of things that would be to my mind a little bit more nullifying than allegations that people can easily brush off because that's, as a society what we do. so i think they would be a different race >> i think what's going to be fascinating is regardless, there's so -- you see the polls, you see so many different numbers but the poll that matters is what's being h
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tomorrow. it will be a late night for those of us watching. >> i think -- i don't know how late the night will be you'll want to watch madison county and mobile and baldwin, that's where the turn-outs will matter >> the point is here, normally it's the other way around but if you have high turn-out, in this regard it may help out the democrats here. it's normally not that way >> there's a number he'll hit and we have thee get enough people past that >> good to see you tonight thanks for coming in. >> and we're back after this on the final five.
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we know the president loves to tweet, according to a new story from the "new york times," television and diet coke. time claims he drinks a dozen diet
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the trump administration is hitting back at least against the tv watching a claims. president tweeted this another false story this time in the "new york times" and i watch four to eight hours of television a day? wrong. i seldom if ever watch cnn or a msnbc. bad reporting. they pushed back against that >> i have to say he's so upset about the television watching, the diet coke thing is pretty disturbing too. >> it is. now, i should point out that when coke discount coke zero >> he stock-piled >> i went out and bought 2512 packs and cleaned up >> but you're not drinking a 12 pack a day. >> no, i'm about three or four. which, three or four can, not necessarily >> not great. but >> you don't get this physique by drinking water. >> well, it's di.
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>> you're not putting on any >> which, by the way, do you remember the quote from -- you know the >> he tweeted. go for it >> i've never seen skinny person drinking diet coke? something like that? >> something along those lines. >> while we're talking about beverages, i would just like to say that i'm a woman of my word. right here i'm settling up with you with the six pack. >> would you like to tell everybody why i'll tell everybody. my pittsburgh steelers bought the baltimore ravens in nail by thor of a game. and had she not mentioned that and made the beer bet we would have never had this >> i just think the game was rigged. i think there was collusion between the revs and the nfl and the steelers. it's not a legitimate win. >> totally fixed >> not legitimate. >> well you know what? but we won the
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and that's all that matters >> what beer did you buy me >> resurrection >> thank you very much. thank you, christie. now we know the president was angry tweeting about so-called fake news but the white house secretary was fired up about it too. take a look at the back and forth between sarah sanders and reports. >> i would say a journalists may honest mistakes that doesn't make them fake news >> when journalists make honest mistakes own up to them. and a lot of times you don't. there's a difference. there's a big -- i'm sorry. i'm not finished. there's a very big difference between making honest mistakes and purposely misleading the american people. something that happens regularly. you can't say -- i'm not done. you cannot say. you cannot say. there it's an honest mistake when you're purposely putting out information that you know to be false. >> when asked to give an example of a reporter intentionally putting out news they knew
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false, sanders brought up action's brian ross, he's been suspended for reporting that president trump directed michael flynn to make contact -- that guy with russians white maleth while he was a candidate. it was shortly after the election,ing not during the campaign. abc said ross would no longer cover stories involving president trump. there you have it again. quite a bit of contention there. when you talk about white house pretty secretary, go back to alternative facts and even sean spicer admitted on his way out sometimes he was directed especially with the whole inauguration size to go out there and put the information out there that he did. to that's over and done with and sarah hackabee-sanders is not going anywhere we know president trump and aaron schwarzenegger are not the best of friends, arnold doesn't approve of how president trump does his job as president. i'm expecting like a horn, you know,
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bell there. criticizing the commander in chief. thank you, hello. you're on a bike. hello, matches my tie. he said despite president trump pulling the u.s. out of the paris climate accords many others are still committed to fighting climate change. >> it doesn't matter that donald trump backed out of the paris agreement. because the private sector didn't drop out. the public didn't drop out. the university didn't drop out. scientists didn't drop out. engineers didn't drop out. no one dropped out. donald trump pulled donald trump out of the paris agreement so don't worry about any of that. >> more than 100 world leaders are expected to attend the planet summit tomorrow the anniversary of the climate accord. does anybody remember -- this is not related to climate at all. schwarzenegger was running for governor in 2003
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groping scandal? different times. ♪ ♪.
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sound asleep tonight. apparently mistake about a month ago trigger add world widin intriguing about what happened to the president's twitter account. he wasn't paying attention and shutdown the real donald trump account on the last day of his twitter. mr. president called him a rogue employee and for a brief time he was a man of international intrigue. now we know what he did and what he probably won't do ever again. tossing and turning, nikki haley the to former south carolina govern said i know he was elected but women should feel comfortable coming forward. washington examiner said the president is furious about the remarks and whether it's true shows halley is independent streak and in this political climate that's a r
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nikki haley tossing and turning, that's the final five. back at it again tomorrow night. same bat time, same bat channel. good night.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- >> taylor swift just made some guy's dreams come true. about to make them a star, probably by breaking up with them. >> her public debut with her boyfriend joe alwyn. he's an actor and model and british. >> instead of dating someone already famous, she bought low. >> instead of getting high, he will dump her. >> thomas hiddleston got famous before that. >> he was famous before taylor swift. >> she made him famous the same way kanye made kim famous. >> gigi hadid films day number 11 of the "love" magazine advent calendar. >> she's got like a full mane of hair under her armpit. >> she had to grow that out for a while. >> you don't know how quickly her hair grows. it could be a 5:00 shadow. >> no, it's beyond 5:00 shadow. you could physically braid it.


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