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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  July 1, 2018 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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>> right now on "fox5 morning morning". heat wave. buckle n. because the steamy temperatures are here to stay all week long. more pouring in theis ann community remembering the gazette shooting victims. >> and immigration debate rages on. prhundreds of thousandsotestinge situation on the border enremains t. holiday travel. t ready t pack your ly 20% of people in the d.c. region expected to travel forly the 4tt of ju. when is the best time to leav leave.d live with what you to know "fox5" sunday morning start now. >> good morning, welcome to o"fox5" morningthis sunday. i'm annie yu. >>it i'm tzgerald. >> so good to see you we made y will it feel like that
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outside today. we'll start with a live look outside. boy, annie it wille a ht one out there. >> we're talking 7:01 alread already. 75 degreesit's hot and steamy ae district activated heatnc emy plan through monday. that means city has cooling centers for residents toe h escapeeat wave. all librarand senior centers and public remember centers will be open more on >> gary mcgrady, good morning to you. isboy, t going to be down right oppressive for a couple days. >> yeah and it may extend top tuesday as well. tuesday might be you know kind ofin trendlower. but still i think it will be oppressive. tuesday we're headed for blaze ep heat out there. hottest days coming our way. certainly today and then tomorrow.tomorrow ends up beinge but think tuesday eventure. though it may be, cooler humidity wise, it may fee
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well over 100. look what's going on. this is not just a heat wave for us. it's building out west a while. lighter orange here that's heat advisory. darker orange evenurst orange no pun intheded t excessive heat wnings thereout o d back towards detroit. extendin down to st. louis the heat warning in effect and north of us, we're in the heat advisory excessive heat warning for philly up towards eastern sections of pennsylvania as well. no doubt, hazy, hotid out there. temperatures today to upper 90ss. like with this in place 100 to 105 degrees. looking at expected feels like temperates later this afternoon this is 5:00. i think we're 102 to 103 here. this say guide to give you an to if not up to or or 100.up
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some place could be more or less. you getde the i hot, humid, and even at 11:00 tonight we'll feel like we're in the lower 90s in terms of feels like temperature. very hot, very humid today. where are we starting off this morning. 76 already. we were down to 75 for a low. fairly mild. temperures out in the suburbs. prty comfortable at least for a couple hours with 60 degree readings. we're going to heat up in a hurry. here's the forecast for the next couple days. you know by now sunny and hot today, 97. will feel like 100 to 5. tomorrow will be holest day to get to the 9 ord sthen we'll be between 103 and 107 for a heat index tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon. find a pool to cool off. if not, shade or a.c. would be good. full weekorecast.
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this is first week of jul we'll have it all for you when i come upsta it will be hot, holiday weekend will hot. just so you know it will be hot. >> time, 7:04. we're following a developing story hit-and-run in howard county. the victim a ups driver. happened around 7:30 last night in the area of daniel road and old fredeck nel cot city air. ups dver was out of truck drivering packages in the 2300 block oiels road a whil older model traveling soutdound entered north lanes and struck him. thest suv fled withopping and driver was taken to university of maryland shock trauma center in critical condition. it was 27-year-old charles b taylorurry. key keep an eye out for the vetcle tha him. white older model suv with damage to the driver's side mirror. >> tributes continue to come in for the five people killed when a gunman opened fire on
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the capitol gazette thursday. jared ramos had a grudge ainst the newspaper over aan story that in 2012 night prayer services were held for vtims. "fox5" anjali hemphill reports from laurel. you can see the windows of the apartment where suspect jared ramos lived as police came for investigation. in annapolis hearts are heavy niand the cty continues to comer togethe. well dozens spent saturday evening attendingem mial service in beautiful st. and church in the heart of down tan annapolis. service led by timothy molder said se victims were members of the church community. there were pictures wit cappedls each person lost and clergy was available for priv counseling. hundreds gathered yesterday
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evening for a vigil and march to city dock. there's banners all over town that say annapolis strong as kthe cityz with this tragic loss. >> part of our reason for being here tonight is to offer support and comoprt tle who are really hurting and maybe angry and may feel disassociated. but it's also to say that thoughts and prayers are not enough. >> i'm in this community. to share that they're doingt wonderful thing in this n community and they hto suffer because of what they're doing. i wants them to continuk to truth for us. >> well, tonight, people continue to come out to the the sctie of the ng to show their support and pay their respects. 8, 8, 8, best gate road the building the shooting happened remains roped off and n scenegators are there. meanwhile ramos remains behind n laurel, anjali hemphill,ca "foxl news".
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>> now to breaking news outda of i overnight at least nine people in boise are injured after a mass stabbing at boise apartment complex them to many refugees. some are in the hospital with life-threateningnjuries. fugee community.ers ofre the icis morning offs have a 30-year-olspect int in custd custody. boise police are investigating why these particular people were targeted. >> victims include refugees at the wle street apartment. whilely street apartment and community is resing from thi attack. it's not abol or representation of our communicative boise but single individual evil what >> inveators say think don't yet know a motive and if the suspect is connected to the victims in any way. n timeow 7:07. several new laws go into gieffect innia, maryland and district. let's start in virginia as part of a state budget deal
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that begins today. medicade iso scanned t00,000 low income adults. eligibilit is not expected until next year. other notable laws felony threshold for shoplifting in 500 up from 2 it 00. and there's looser regulations on bringing dogs to wineries and new law allows dogs withingn desied areas inside the presence of dill stillryes and breweries except for where food is made. dogs are not allowed to drinkt though. importan point. now l as in marylands well. ntgomery county.o wage in another law requiring annual training for school t so of a child sexual abuse. that is pretty important. also teacher that pay for out-of-pocket classroom experiences they'll be able to deduct up to 250 off taxes. hunters to skill atwn
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optionut there where you're ilout there, yl be allowed tor weaylight fluorescent pink as approved color for hunting out are wear. all laws are effective starting today. we know bumper to bumper traffic. lookt some of those soonz. we're talking ab holiday travel even though the fouh not until wednesday it appears tge rusht out of town is well undyeway. >> , indeed, tisha lewiski ng down the numbers for us and look ago head to what's being dubbed as mourn full monday and terrible tuesday. good morning, tisha. >> good morning to you both. i've been asking when the fourth of july fls wednesday do you celebrate befor o wednesdayr after wednesday. it turns out a le of peopl ady to celebrate travelahysre ahead of 4th of july. travel and traffic will be four times wse than usual. before we get to that a lot of people are coming to the
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national mall this 4 of july to watch the fireworks and as you might imagine the scene will be different come wednesday. this is best seat in the house to watch the fireworks happeng here at the national e's plenty of people headed out town they're not alone. aaa says this is "the buzz" est 4th of july travel day in nearly two decades. f morni, in terms full monday that will be peak time for travel. but they're saying thada y is the day that you want to avoid traveling. it will be the worst on tuesday between 4 and 6 . you wanto try to get out or get in before that time period.. ag fearly 47 million people are expected to trave 50 miles or more. nearly 47li mil people excuse me a expected to travel 50 miles or more this holiy week. ons wednesday, again, that's the 4th of july. tuesday is the dayte you defini want to avoid.
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in terms of just to give an indication on just how bad it will be, a 10 mile t tp that mightically take you not that long a0 1le trip to okaynywhere from 51 minutes. it's a lot of concern and planning and as you pack, pack plenty of patience, take a lensen. >> baltimore moved pretty quickly and took about five minutes to get throughre security theere a lot of folks there for sure and they handled traffic well and and all right. back out here live on the national mall we will head to the district and a lot of people out so make sure you check your travel times also check aaa. they have a lot o vfuable mvtion information. a there's lot of alternate routes to help you as yo travel this season.s
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tisha lefox5 locallocal new news". >> if 4th of july plans include a trip to the national mall to watch the fireworks big heads up about metro. transit examination plans to run a holiday schedule most of the day on the fourth. until stayed of 5 a.m. and ineases service for crowdse headed to th mall. metro closes 11:30. 2 hours after the fireworks are scheduled to end. that's a very important note if you head out that way. >> west way to get around if you go down to the mall as well. drivingry sdik ulus, gettingin s on mass transit is the way to go . paramedics carrying the drugca norand help from state police in one of oti jurions. we'll tell about you that coming up. >> hard labor in sweltering heat and teenagers volunteer for. it this is a remarkable story howhey're making a big difference in helping local families i desperate need and talking about the heat, gary.>>?
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thank you for reminding me. it will stick around, the heat that is. there's hope. whippeder is right around the corner. cold before you know. it keep that in the back of your mind t will help you deal with the next few days. beautiful out there this morning. beautiful. hot today. detailsoming up. >> and i'm movininto the tic. >> the attic. >> at least it's big. grandpa said used to live in a closet. >> on the next "modern closet. >> on the next "modern family".
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ac>> welcok. we've been talking about how hot it is. the things is i'm not quite sure whether or not it's because it's brutally h o we're not used to it. a i was walkinground in a long sleeve shirt last weekend. see like dram at iping change from what we had. >> you definit nyeed companying to deal with this type of stuff. so by tuesday, righwhen you ge used to it, look, it's
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still going to be hot on july 4. but not as hot as where we're going to be the newt fays. >> we don't want a jolduly 4 right. >> no it'sr, summe guys. >> really it'sumidity me that makes it unbearable. temperature itself doesn'tly bug me. >> i got you. i got you.ah ye however it is you cope withit mentally, physically, you will need to kind of deal with that. >> yeah. >> go to the shade. without ac.terrible f that's why the distrts has cooling centers. >> that's the wesst, y that's a good point, mnie, ay have to extend that unti tuesday. even though tuesday may be cool in terms of air temperature, humiditys building a little bit each day here. so it's still going to feel like it's over0 0degrees. >> you have the ac in the white house this morning. w i think it'sorking. i don't think my ac went off all day yesterday. and it's probably -- i think we like to c keeold. i don't think it went off all
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day yestery probably won't for the next ten days or so. 60 degrees now in the city. we're were down to 7p 5. out in the subur it's not bad, temperatures upper 60s. early, early, early,earl obviouslthings change as we get going today. it's super hot in nation's mid section towards mid weingtd. there's heat advi there's. excessive heat warnings in places in the midwest. even northeast, pllys under excessive heat warning. toda we get up to 97, 99 morrow and trend down a little bit. tuesday will be miserable. 96 and you add dew points in the low 70s on top of that it. feels like over 100 degrees. it feels 100 to 105 for the with.three days and july 4, 93 cooler. it's still hot a especially spending a lot of time out i. it keepin that d over the
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next several days. even though i by the time we get toednesday it won't official heat wave any more, it will be hot and miserable. you see clear skies here. here is big ridge of high pressure building a lot. that's what's bringing us hea heat you see thunderstorms going up the rinl,ver the ridge and keeping well away from us. and we need thunde.torms this time of if we're not getting cold fronts that tends to keep us cooler. that won't happen several days. big high pressure brings in the humidity. so it adds that to the heat. so it will 1 feel like00 to 10 today, lots of sunshine.ays tigh clouds fme to time. 11 a.m. up to 90. probably 93 to 94 with heat up develop andad then 5, 6, 7wh on topat you see here and that's where we find ourselves with heat index 97 today. tricky. south wind over the potomac at national gives readings coole cooler.
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in genal your backyard thermometer will be 9to7 y. 99 tomorrow. stil hot, still humid tuesday 96. right nojuly 4 looks mostly dry. isolated thunderstorm would not surprise me with temperatures to lower to mid 90s and we stay in the 90s for a really nice first week of july wouldn't you think. >> yeah it's thet' ws supposed to be. >> thanks so much, gary. >> time 7:19 new this morning police in montgomery county for a missing man from garrett park. richrd heath. had he messaged friends and family late friday and prior to that communcation he not heard from surprised, june 17, he's 3 with 3, driving white 5 x 5 dmw with maryland tags they'red conc with his emotional and physical well-being. >> the search is on for missing 25-year-old woman who left work on physician's way rockville on friday afterno
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she never returned home. mazel s zamorimily are worried about her and want to hear from her. they're last seen wearing tale colored medical scrub. call somebody if you know where she is. >> the men and women accused river thego lyft driver was stabbed after getting into anrgument with passengers. meat suspect is descd 5' ri 6", 160 with dark complex and dreadlocks. >> virginia state police will start carrying narcannon the job used to treat opioid overdoses thanks to more than 150,000 grant. officials sayte police purchased more than 150 dispense to be equipped with narcan and train with it as well. >> needy families in virginia got much needed help ing repa their homes thanks to teenagers from the catholic dioceses of arlington.
7:21 am
more than 00 teens spent a week doing everything from replacing roo, painting, weather proofing windowsov for 100 homes part of die cec work camp program. the goal is to teach lice lenones and encourage theto give back to the community. amazing workin done. >> fantastic.'t >> you don get a sense of things sometimes you don't put your nose to the grind stone actually and work on something like that. a thosere good skills to know. >> i hope they keep these types of proroams ad for generations and teaching them life long lessons>>. and learn how to fix a few things around the house, >> win or go home eliminating roundsontinueoday and preview of matches coming up here on "fox5". >> speaking of soccer we hear from megwa syne rooney about transition to join the team here withun dited. we'll be back with that and team here withun dited. we'll be back with that and much more.
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i'm part of the team bringingyoa wod. our coverage begins 9 a.m. with 2010 world cup in spain taking on ssia and crotia.asi
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>> world cup action is underw 9 a.m. oou an fovox5" from now. 10 a.m. match between spain and russia russia entered tournament as lowest ranked nation and turned heads when they scored eight goals in first two matches as for 2 it p.m. match between crow asia .d denmark they've been the tea t meet with this >> world cup fans left jerseys at home. wow, what a sight. think played a game in bridal gowns. and even winning prize was bridele theme the women took home a replica of world cup trophy covered in flowers. what aps great keee. >> coye watch that alday was fantastic. >> action on saturday coming up short against new england revolution. ameal assad tied it reflecting
7:26 am
free kick to the net. 78 minute still tiedwo. united called for penalty inside the box. revolution mixed penalty kick and go on to win 3-2-2. >> anticipation for wayne roopyve to in d w.. andt it means for him to see all fans greeting dulles airport. >> it wase incredibl. it ws fantastic t see support since i landed it gave it'sficult to describe the hopefully in the next few year i can repay the fans and give them excitement. >> brand new super star and they'll get a new stadium.
7:27 am
he'll wear nber nine and will debut with the team at audi fieldpens july 14. >> exciting times. final round. pga quicken loans national potomand, maryla gets underway be a han answer and francisco mulnary take the lead and tiger woods is six strokes back. you can bring ununopened and bottled water to the event. and they will be sold two for the p oce of. they want to you stay hydrate hydrated. >> it creeps up on you quickly. you want to do i before you start feel that way.tu >> mar naing under that hot surp elbow to elbow with people. stay hydrated and wear light clothing. >> latest on hit-and-run in victim a driver. >> and talking more about lookt holiday weekendother forecast. gaat is back wit. it's a hot one. stay with us.
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it's a hot one. stay with us. time me
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pack up the car and get the family in there. >> my favorite i things ocean city is boardwalk. >> it goes own forever. >> how many miles is the
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boardwalk. >>nd it's great. >> we missed you while yous. were gone. >> what's the wind chill today. >> it will be along with the d -- >> he called. that's te he's on t of ocean city. >> he's got to be. >> if you do your job on the boardwalk go now. >> good now. >> don't w 9t until.m. it will be soot h. call weekend and maybe a telittler than that. and of course the water is so nice. the water out there is 0 right
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now. lots of sunshine. most of the week is sunny for ocean city. this is your beach week. pretty, pretty good a right. headed for hottest days. 't donhink we're talking record today for national. recordoday for national is 102. we'r tnot go get. there record temperature for dulles today is 96 could tie it out there for dulles. heat advisories and excessive heat warnings out to the west. we're under heat advisory now fo the surrounding area. d.c. murro and all sunding areas even overor ocean c too. it will be under heatadvisory advisory. excessive heat warnings. more humid out. there and obviously hot and humid, heat index 100 to 105 and again like that tomorrow tuesday as well and in terms
7:33 am
of what they're looking at at 5:00 tonight most heat advisories would be at 100 or above 10 feeling 12 and fluctuates back and forth. keep in mind iter will y oppressively hot. dangerously hot even espelaally as this actes tomorrow and into tuesday as well. little cooler for july 4. not much. 91 even at 11:00 tonight. it will be hot. f temperatures tonigor some of us will getown to 8or so. and 76, 69, and then 73 with baltimd 72 it 72 it frederickan fredericksburg. near a cloud in the sky. we will have high mid level clouds comeing across. keep in mind lots of sunshine dlping torive temperatures up. topping out today 97 or so. ed
7:34 am
frick around 98, 92 annapolis and 92 leonardtown and fredericksburg around the 6 or so. not at peak heat. today, 97p, tomorrow, 99 again d both days heat index values 100 to 105 warmer ttn tomorrow. we will cool off going intoes day and july 4 not much.t will be ho around here all week long. lots of 90s. we'll show you the 7 day in the forecast coming up. etter news. >> we're fol a developing story this morning. a hit-and-run in howard countrynd the victim is a ups driver. it happened 7:30t last nigh the area of daniels road and owed frederick rolled in ellicott city. a ups driver was out of his truck drivering packages 230 block daniels road whilt older model suv traveling southbound entered northbound lanes and
7:35 am
struck h he was taken to the university of maryland shock trauma center and remains in critical condition this morning. the victim is 27-year-old charles taylor bury. they want to you keep app eye out for the vehicle. older model suv with damage to the driver's side mirror. >> morial services are scheduled for two of five victims killed in shooting at the capitol gazette. a celebration of life for harrison will be held in ow owings mills and memorial service held on saturday for wendy winters will take place at a church in annapolis. both were shoiland kd when police say that jarrod ramos opened fire thursday on catol gazette build killing five people. >> to breaking news out ofov idernight. nine people in boise injured after a mass stabbing at a boise c apartmentomplex home to refugee families this happened last night and police say some of the victims are in
7:36 am
life-threatening injuries. several members of refugeemu comty. this morning officers have ar- 30old suspect in custody and investigators say they don't have a note every yet and ft suspect is connected to the victim in any way. well there's several new laws going into effect today in virginia. maryland and district. >> let's start with virginia as part of stateud bt deal eligibility is expanded to0 40,000 low income adults however enrollment forewly eligible adults is not expected unt next year. other notable laws that go into effec felony threshold of shoplifting is 50fr0 up 2 it 00 andiet'sr toyp crease time spent ines rec and loegulationsations bring bringing dogs to breweries and wirys in virginia. >> also in maryland for newng laws aff minimum wage. that's going to be increasing in montgomery country. another law requires annual trending for school staff on
7:37 am
identifying child sexual abuse. also teachers who are paying out-of-pocket for classroom deduct up to $250 on taxes and kids can bring surprise sc sen toool and hunters you have anot or safety optiother than is approved color for hunting out arwswea wear. all la are effective as of toy. >> as you know, bumper to bumper traffic crowds at the airport. it's all part of our holiday travel season right now. each throat fourth is n until wednesday it appears some folks are trying to get a n mpstart oat getting out of town w gleetting it good. >>making the most of it.ea king down numbers for us liver from the national mall. hey, tisha. >> wello , good morningyou both. nearly 47il mon people expected to travel out of town this 4th of july holiday the highest number according to aaa in nearly two decades. monday will be peak travel
7:38 am
day. and tuesday between 4 and 6 is e worst time. to tr a trip that normally takes 10 minutesur will take a and 5minutes to be exact all this according to aaa. you want to make sure plan, rks.paontienalce mall to see the that's where we are this morning. again plenty of folks will be headed out. aaa says that you want to make sure youinave your routepla plan advance of travel so not stuck on the highway trying to figure out the best ey're calling monday morning monday but they're also calling tuesday the terrible tuesday. they say that speeds in some instancew kozdown up to 12 miles an hour. here travelers already experiencing just headache associated with traling forthe . take a
7:39 am
all righ out live just to recap for you if you plan to travel for 4th of july weekend. monday till be peakravel on roadway monday andwill be is the worst time to travel, tuesday afternoon between 4 and 6's of thathe too many you want to avoid y ou are thinking about making a trip or last minute today mthis point be a "good day" to hit the road and travel to your destination. tisha lewis, "fox5 local news". >> aa said travelingy car surprise by 5 still a lotpeople traveling by times i've traveled a lot more people are using e-zpass. which is great. there was a time where you would zip right through. that's not the case anyre. more people apa doingss than toll.
7:40 am
with the hot lines i got >> travel.away. safe travels. 7:39 as we head toer break young players trapped this morning. u coming next an update on the cave rescue attempt in thailand. >> also taking a stand. protesters nationwide gathe gathering to make voices heard about the situation a border. we'll be back the time now border. we'll be back the time now 7:40. at havertys we know everyone has different tastes.
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♪ >> welcome back to "fox5" morning. time 7:4.ff rescueorts continue in thailand to save twelve soccer players and coa missing in a cave. flooding prevented rescuers from moving deep near cave and attempts to pump out water has notes been succul. crews are looking forack doors where the missing people could be hiding at this point and expert around the world are joining search including u.s. military. >> well take look at . protesters clashing withie authorit while rallying against ump administration policy in portland oregon yesterday. members of the patriot prayer group metith00 group members at a plaza. some engaged in fist fight ice calling that rally a riot. there's a much different seen
7:44 am
back here in nation's capital where thousands took to the streets for family's belong tingt day of ac. protesters gathered from the whitehouse with signs and banners and organizers say their main goal is to get attention of lawmakers to e family separations and detentions to make sure that children are reunited with their pents.organizers now say e campaign -- >>r it' people to get involved and make voices heard and demonstrate activism that shows american people firmly oppose this kind of policy. >> i was thinking what if it m werey child and how devastated i would be. i wouldn't know what to do. and these poor folks all they're loong fors a chance. and we just can't be taken -- there's got to be a getter way. >> couple of voices out there in the crowd yesterday. organizers say from here their cam pain moves into social media. >> wellafterhe break we are headed to thes withi
7:45 am
kevin mccarthy. >> never been to the movies with avenue kevin mccary. >> during the movie. >> that must be app experience. tell me about that. >> turns out nearly a u of are washing hands the wrong way. we'll tell you about that also the sultsf new stud didn't ahead and whaineverybody is g about again is the heat. we showed you pictures live f picturesm ocean city down at the brdwalk beautiful this morning. here's you your forecast t next couple days at the beach. beach week cut and paste this. this will be most of the week. few thunderstorms possible wards holiday july 4 and week weter part of have the full forecast in a second weather you want it or not. stay with us. we're coming right back
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welcome back. it's a beautiful day. 7:48, 75 degrees. it's already pretty warm out there. and it's only goingo get hotter from here. here a look at the bay bridge tolls as you head to ocean another destination. knew when they wrote it's a2 beautiful day that it woulctbe o. >> newscasts around the world. >> it's a beautiful day. >> it's. a great song >> we love to hear it. >> we know it leads up to something good.
7:49 am
>> it's a gorgeous morning. it's going t hot today. u stay cool the best you k ose of you that don't have air conditioning. it goes without sayg checkon el. pets, my gosh bring them in i you k make sure they have fresh water. keep them cool. my pet is like a member of the family. she'll be curledp with air conditioning all day.ny nyway, hazyot and hoout humid. we depesit have oterday we have it today. nat advisory i place. not excessive heat warning. if go up to philly they have excessive heat warning up there and then up to new yor as well. big chunk of eastern c pennsylvovered by excessive heat warning. we'll into advisory here. peels lining 100 to ty nice out right now. 76 dulles is of 9. bwi mahall 733 and we're on our way to 90 today.
7:50 am
76 here again in the suburb and cooler more pleasant and st. louis again this morning 80. chicago 79. remembery're an hour behind us. they will be a real, al hotday. excessive heat warnings in place out there is this bige ridg high pressure sitting on basically the midwest to east coast right now and we vuper level high pressure and low level high pressure low level shy responsible for bring hing up theumidity levels. now ltene've had worse humidity. there's no doubt about it. it will be hot and humid. not nearly as we could be. thisou sticks ar. 90s feels lik100 to 105 weou sh reach peak tomorrow. 97 today. 99 tomorrow. don't thinke goat 100. 92uesday and trending in right direction. s listen tuesday istill going to feature heat index up to 1 100 or above and ink on july 4 we could touch 1 is 00
7:51 am
cooler temperatures witht cool friday otherwise hot, humid, today 97 will feel like 100 to 105 degrees and there's yourp day forecast right on through this holiday week for some it's aoliday week. >> thank you, gary. with extreme heat sticking aroundht you migant to get indoors ke in a movie.tave throughout the holiday week it's a veryti good to catch a motion pictur >> kevin mccar has a look what's new at the box office. kevin mccarthy with movie reviews of the week. let's setut with sequel dayhe ofol sto.
7:52 am
also oscar wning photographer deakens. sequel story linopens up and we learn drug cartelare smuggling terrorists across and they try stop thisor a war on the cartels. they kidnapajor drug lord named carlos reyes. kidnapping doesn't go as planned this is very soli film and feels like a step down from first. and absolute masterpiece and different cinemaing to fer and
7:53 am
feels uneven and incomplete. i understand a third film will continuery the. the sequel felt like a bridge. and they're the entire th reason this work such the it f different in tone feels like a step down. and will keep you entertained. i gave it a 3.5 out of 5 uncle few based on famous pepsi commercials. get o star little howry as tries to put together a team to compete in rutger classic street ball tournament and introduced to uncle drew
7:54 am
that puts together anld nbaol team with other shaquill o'neal.r and also love lisa lesley characteilin the fas well. this film m entertae and i thought it had a great message and solid basketball coreography element. when thinking of classic basketball films i go to he can'tme or white m jump i don't feel it's on the level of those movies. i enjoy. it it's cheesy and predictable d wor mat nay. i wouldn'pay a full ticket price to see. it i gave it a 3 out of 5 fe uncl drew. i'm kevin mccarthy, fox news.
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>>appears all of us are not following hngpened w guideles. so cdc says scrub hands wit soap 20 seconds before ripsing under running water. instead ofne simously they want to you larger it up and rinse it. >> ca the best n man, come on.ed "fox5" surpris morning chris on.ed "fox5" surpris morning chris wallace continues.
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>> chris: i'm chris wat ace. presidenump will announce his supreme court nominee a week from tomorrow and se a date for a summit with vladimir puti vladimir putin. ♪ >> i think we wille talking about syria. about ukraine.l be be talking i think we will be a talkingut many other subjects we will see what happens. what happens. >> relations between the u.s. and rush quoo a what to expect wi john bolt on president trum national security advice rear in first interview since returning from moscow. >> then we have to pick a great one. we have to pick one that will be there for 40 years. 45 years. >> who will pesident trump pick to replace justice anthony kennedy. >> if the president dominatesme one extraordinary like neil gorsuch againha i


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