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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  July 2, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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ning,day on fox5 m holiday frustration. if your four of jul plans include a quick getway you may want to g a head start. traffic in the d.c.egion is expected to double and nearly triple from today intoes day. family and friends begin the hard process of burying the victims killelast wee by a lone gunman at thepi cal newspaper. this comes as a tv i stationn new mexico is forced t go to inside raising even moreets questions ooout news r safetyly. >> odeal or nl. dea new concern about north koreape culation grows that the country has no plans to honor
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a deal between kimong un and president trump for the full denuclearization of korean peninsula. fox5 morning at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. >> ♪d >>morning to you. thank you very much for joining us. >>t is monday, i is july. and everyone's looking forwardto he week. most people are going to get a break say wednesday. some taking even more. let's talk weather, let's talk traffic 'cause both busy, hey, mike. >> they'll hav weather. hot conditions all week a pas storm on the fourth. we'll thok aboutse risks >> hi erin. >> suiand parkway at irving street.a look at that next. >> if you're just waking up with us at this hour it is going to get congested on the roads today full of people trying to get out of town for july 4th. >> according to aaa nearly 3 million washington area nts will be driving and the gridlock is expected to
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agin in just aboutn hour and a half. fox5's melanie awick live on the highways checkin out the trouble spots, if you will. l, good morning. >> hey, good morning,. heyeah, i would say if tre's getting out of town and you get in your car right now and go, that would be golden because honestly we're doing just fine on i-95 northere. however, as the hours tick on, we are seeing more and more company joining us on the road and it is going to g pretty bad. by 6:30 that will be one of the choke points. aaa says a 48 minute trip will slow to one hour and 39 minutes and then later today, at 11:30 this morning on the inner loop at the capital way, they literally said that things are goingo come to a sudden stop on both sidesom of the pac river. so much traffic tre at 11:30
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this morning they're saying a 10 minute trip slows to 51mi nutes, a 394 percent increase so we'll have traffic disruptions with closings, lane restrictions possibly. want to g those cleared away and just so many tvelers. other choke points this is all, the ones you're seeing now, these arehe tuesday travel spots, pretty tradional. a trip taking from an hour to an hour 43utes, i-95 south around o'clock tuesd afternoon an hour and 43 minutes all those people trying to head south. ltway outer loop 4:00 p.m. a 41 minute trip and i-270 north 5:00 p.m on tuesday, they'r saying also one hour and 35 minutes for people to through those traffic backup w, this is data that's collected not onl from aaa a but company called inrix that uses gps also roadway sensor data. so pretty interesting that theye saying this could
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been one of the worst fourth expecting.t aways that we're one tip, please, remember that if you do get stuck in expected to be terrible, make sure you bring plenty of water and alsoome backup chargers for yourell phones. for now live on i-95, i'm melanie alnwick. back to you guys. >> all good advice. thanks mel. 5:04 is our time and breaking overnight absphilly 88 in albuquerque new mexico cesays it was ford off the ter there was an intruder. it went dark for roughly an hour and a half. >> a reporter tweeted out the news saying the broadcast h to stop while police searched the premises. two of the station'sas newscts were affected before regular programming resumed. >> mourning for the victims of the capital gazette shooting continues today. wed onhe theeeld over people gunned down last thursday. >> editor and columnist rob highiaasen, wendi winters, gerad
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fischman and rebecca smi. >> according to an online invitation, the service will take place from 6:00 p.m. to 9 e nter in owens mills. >> 5:05 is our time right now and thereew are n concerns heis morning surrounding results of last month's hioric trump-kim jong un summ >> new evidence is revealing the regime whas beenorking to conceal aspects of its nucle program. >> the evidence indicates pyongyang is covering under existence of at least one uranium enrichmen facility. the national security adviser insists no one in the trump administration is naive when it comes to kim's intentions. >> we'vetheen how the nor koreans have behaved bore. the president has been verye' clear, hnot going the make the mistakes of prior administrations. we're gog to pursue this and we'll see what happens. >>s .s. officialy they have a plan that would lead to the dismantlingnorth
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korea's nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs within a year. it's been announced secretary of state mike pompeo is that expected to discuss that plan with north korea in the near future. no word thoughn on axact date. >> time for weather and traffi good morning to you both. good to see you. want to start off talng about hot weather. >> it's owrd to describe hot it is. it's just a scorcher t there. >> uhuh. >> but this is kind of what you want i mean for the fourth of july, right? could you imagine it another way than hot humid and sticky. >> i think it's called summer. >> hottest time of 82 interd.c. we've fallen backrom 80 but it feels that way, 83 for a hicks to start you your day. satellite and radar showing mostly c here in d.c. t but move west of i-81 and you'll see some cl and even some spotty here. on t more unsettled the farther west you go.
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martinurg front royal pnchester hagerstown cumberland you cop a thunderstorm or two. very, very spotty. not everybody will see them buea just ar out that way there could be a here in n the i-95 and all arst of ts he highlands and east of the bay towards the beaches we're going to keep it dry. mostly sunny very hot, 96 degrees feeling like aus hundre. that's weather. erin is back with the roadways getting ready for a busy trel day today, right, erin. >> that's right. i can tell you right now we have our first crash alert of the morning. suitlandarkway westboundt irving street. caution there. all metro rail lines are on time. qut traffic on the beltway as we move things over we stilare tracking some poce activity in northwest that y could ou down. thirteenth street southbod between gallatin street a farragut street. extra time through that area. all lanes are blocked. we'r n looking vice right now on the beltway. no problems in accokeek fort washington or oxon hill. any . questions at erin fox5on . holly and wisdom. >> thanks erin. 5:07 is our time. acming up on fox5 morninge ordes
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parts of northern california wis reaten >> and a bomb scarleads to a bit of a scare outside the white huse. >> aead to break, let's ta a live look this is route 50he west of chesapeake bay bridge at sandyoint. 5:08 is our time right now. 78 degrees. fox5 morning coming right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> who you calling crazy. >> anybody who wo run outside in this heat, you got to be crazy. >> that's right. 5:09 is our time. t welcome backfox5 morning. we're glad you're with us. >> let's talk about what's developing. results are pending at reuters is reporting based ont exi polling that mexico andres manuel lopez obrador is likely winner in theountry's presidential election. overnight thousands ofeople poured into the city's main square to celebrate the apparent victory. the ficial announcement of the winner is expected to be released sometime this morning. and a fasting wildfire is now taking over another part of northern california. a blaze in yolouo cnty started saturday and by sunday, i had grown tmore than 20,000 acrof. ficials quickly issued mandatory evacuatn notic. the thick heavy smokeas been drifted into other counties as well. ople around napa and san francisco ared being warne about poor air quality. the yolo county fire comes as crews are oill working t
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contain the pawnee fire in neighboring lake county. who wanted revenge for being kicked out of a apartment complex returned to the building and stabbed nine peopleix including s children. birthday a child's four of the victims in thesa rday night attack have life-threatening injpouries. lice arrested 30-year-old timmy kenner near the scene and the knife believed to havese bed in the stabbing was also found. kenner has stayed temrarily at the complex and had been asked to leave for bad behavior. there is still no word what caused a boat's engine to exode in the bahamas killinger onican tourist and injuring several others. it happene saturday in this video people are sn screaming in a panic just ft away on another boat. according to the royal bahamas police 10 americans and two bahamians were on the tourbo at when you exploded. >> scare for passengers aboard a anitedlines flight. the houston bound planeas
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taxiing down the runwa for take just when emergency crews were called because of smoke in the cabin.en passrs and crew members d to slide down emergency chute. g no one hurt and the passengers were placed on another plane heading to houston. united tells fox5 the incident did not imct other flights. the plane was towed away to be inspected. >> the 132ndimbledon gets under way today at the all england lawn tenni club. founded in 1877. roger federer will be looking to grab his ninth wimblon championship. put on your tennis whites. >> that's kinges takes his talents to hollywood. >> and a judge stops the trump administration f ending housing aid to puer ricans displaced after hurricane maria. >> as we head to break right w, this is the wilson bridge at 5:11, the temperature 78 degrees. ck in a
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>> 5:14 i our time. vigils were held over the weekend in honor of the five people gunned down last thursday. a private memorial service for rob hiaasen wil be heldoday in annapolis. acrding to an online invition the service wl take place from 6:00. p.m to 9 . >> the newly revealed evidence alleging pyang is covering up the existence of one uraniumnrichment facility. >> if you haven't the road already to kick off your july 4th holiday, you could bema bound fojor roadblock. washington, d.c. area residents areto plannin travel this independence day holiday. aaa says it started track july 4th travel 18 years ago
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but this year could go down as the busiest to date. the worst day to drive will be tuesday afternot wto 4:00 and 6:00. nearly 3 million people are t expeo fly. i wonder why they expec the numbers to be so big this year. don't know. but i know one thing every time i try to travel on a holiday it's a bad idea so io don't d it anymore. it's too mh whether you're going to the airport or you're on the roa >> live large at home. >> yeah. >> like we are, all three of us, right,ike. >> right or live large in studio. hey, guy main headle for your daytime today is another warm scorcher, warm, hot, super hot scorcher here in c. with temperatures mid 90's feelingike 100 degrees plus a little later on today. even right now as you sp outside it feels hot. 79 degrees but it feels like the 80's already. it's 73 at gaithersburg. 79 at annapolis, baltimore is 73 degrees as well a dulles, 68 in winchester and now we got anotherbu0 martinsrg one
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of the lucky spots waking up to temperaturehe upper 60's this morni. satellite and radar nice and d.c., i-95, all the way east the beaches, so far so good only location seeing cloudsnd i-81 a west and those are locaeons that could see som storms later on today. there's a weak piece of energy kind of hanging out over theun tains and just off to the north and west of the ohio valley, western portions of pennsylvania, down through west virginia and even int western portions of marylandan d extreme western portions of virginia kind of that i-81 corridor could thunderstorms today. in town we should keep it dry. high pressure mostly protecting us but keeping us nice and hot. hundred drees plus from time to time this afternoon. should be another mostly sunny day here in d.c. and because of that, we have a heat advisory from noon until 8 clock. that means anywhere in counties shaded in you have to be outside for any ex tnded period ofime make ots ofou're drinking l water taking frequent breaksn jump ie pool, in the bay whener you want t keep cool
5:17 am
make sure you're able to do at later on this afternoon because foiuturecast ing to show you aside from the occasional clouds we're all clear here in d.c. but looto the west. again, there's i-81. look west of there. see the storms popping martinsburg winchester even front royal i can't rule you out r storms today. sagerstown cumberland you a well later on this afternoon could see some pop-up storms just 'cause of where you live, ikthe mountaie to make things a little tcky in terms of the thunderstorms ed here in town we don't have the hills to contend withwe s should keep it dry and mostly sunny. the beaches92 in ocea city today, 90 tomorrow. wednesday fourth of july much oulike here in d.c.,ld be a spotty storm but it doesn't look like a washout and i do think the fireworks will get in in the evening, 85 degrees for the fh out at the beaches. here in town today, 96 degrees. mid 90's for eliverybody fee like a hundred plus. if ye want a preview for h in town for independence dayst again mof the day dry. we'll have to dodge a spotty pop-up storm or two but it's not something i would cancel
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thans for. ink the next best chance of storms here in d.c., widespreadwill be friday, 93 ded that news is we'll finally get rid of these 90's by next weekend, clear it out. really looks nice. low humidity, temperatures in all right, that's weather. erin como is trying t get you through this traffic trouble y,we're preparing for toda right erin. >> i gue you can cal it the calm before the storm because right now it feels like a saturday morning commute,ha just ndful of small problems. suitland parkway westbound at irving street there is a crash bu volume is still light it's not causing any delays on suitland parkwaye we had som earlier police it has cleared. thirteenth street the southbound side at the 5,000 block reopened. traffic moving once again. metro rail lines on time. 66 is at speed. 28 is at speed. if you're headed ou of town for the holiday week traffreic on the wayagan national dulles and bwi is quiet. you're just headed to pentagon for work. i'll let you know if anything changes. so far it's a very quiet start to monday morning. that's your traffic. >> 5:18 is the time right now.
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we're back wh what's on the web. >> from cland to los leaving home for hollywood andlo the s angeles lakers. four te nba m.v.p. agreed to a four year $154 millionnt ract with the team. kobe bryant sent a warming tweet saying t welcome the family king james. >> next up, a hearing is expected today after a federal judge temporarily blocked the government from ending an assistant'rogram for puerto rican ridents. residents will be able to live in temporary fa homes for a few more days. the order affects moren tha 1700 people. >> n comedian who claims he prank called president trump by posing as a democtic senator has hiredrm sy daniels attorney michael avenatti to represent him. he said he had been contacted by secret servic agents. his prank cal actina as new jersey senator bob menendez he
5:20 am
brings up the current migrant crisis and the trump's order to stop separating migrant families at the southern border. >> joanna gains shared a photo of her nrn son, crew, on instagram with the caption n a little's b over a week and he's settling in just fine. the hgtv star welcomed the newborn with husband chip gains last saturday. the two are also pents to four other children. yeah, number five. >> yeah. >> we've been there, done this. we know how to do i >> all right. coming up on fox5 morning, the fda approves a new device tohe lp improve the lives of diabetics. >> it is the end of an era for music at best buy.>> this is the american legion bridge you're about to see at 5:20 this morning. fox5 m aning backfter this. >> ♪ -hey, did i me62n for switching to progressive?
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you cannot hear me at all, >> ♪ >> one of myavorite songs of all time. >> really. >> i don't know why. that will get me going every time on the dance floor welcome back. we're glad you're wit us. it is 5:53. is it 5:53? i can't see it. , 5:23. i need to quit telling the time. let's turn our focus to businesseadlines. the u.s. tariff war with canada heats up wh our neighbors to the northng implem new tariffs on problems imported to the united states. >> $12.6 billion in tariffs is in retaliation tor for the taxes on numb and steel.
5:24 am
>> sears is closing mores stores a the company's sales continue to ide. the department store chain says it's closi 1 another0 stores on top of the 68 closings announced lt month. >> in addition to closing stores the compa is selling a handful of other locations online through partnership with a real estate services company. sears was once the largest retailer in the united states. >> long term monitoring system for diabetics will be available. the fda approved the ever sense glucoseonitoring system for use in pple 18 or older with diabetes. >> ia light censor sends information to a mobile app. >> it is the end of a line for cd'st least at best buy. the retailer is pulling them d om its shelves. best buyto be one of the country's biggest music sellers but cd ses have dropped. >> in the past y few tears
5:25 am
company says til companyl continue to sell vinyl recorwhds h is interesting. >> all goes back to vinyl. >> it does.ra ssic world fallen kingdom taki in $60 million in its second weekend in theaters. domestically the mov has already earned more than 260 million. number two "incredibles 2", number three "sicario" bringing i $19 million. y "unclev's comed drew" came in next and "oceans 8" wrapping uphe t five. did you know conesdunkin dog eir doughnut fes. >> it will be available for five dollars. but for a limited time only. >> they got cmon and sugar onm. t >> sounds good. >> i'm willing to dry.
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>> try. >> let's talk about this >> wn you say other than it's hot, hot, hot. that's how he wassest he it wasm first day in july starting off beautifulho in d.c.ugh very warm. yesterda93 degrees for the first day of july. dulles 93 as well, bwi 96 degrees. felt like a hundred degrees plus at allrthe airs yesterday thanks to the humidity and out there right now it's a very warm start reagan national. 79 degrees to start off the day here. dulles at 73. bw at 73 degrs as well. so a warm start means a warm afternoon. we're going toave mostly sunny conditions here if town. satellite and r, though, showing some clouds out to t west here and this is the one ivarea, if you le in west virginia, out towards western maryland and i-8ri1 cordor, that is an area where youd see some storms later on today. hit and miss variety. not everybody will see them but here in town we will keep it dry and look at that
5:27 am
planner showing sun sun and more sun. temperatures skyrocketing into the 90's withhe heat index egrees.over 100 stay cool everybody. that's weather. erin is back with the roads. >> metro is on time. the only crash we wer tracking just cleared suitland d parkwayestbound at irving street. not seeing any problems on our major. 270 is quiet. i have no delays. any questions at rin fox5d.c. on twitter. fox5 morning at 5:30 will be great look at then bold
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what's your avor? america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪nd >> at is 5:30 right now. we are of course on traffic watch this morning. 1 million washington area residents will be driving out of town. >> that's right. dland the gock is expected to begin in just a few hours. fox5's melanie alnwickive the highways checking out the trouble spots this morning. we're going to talk to h after we do this little intro right here. >> after we say good morning an'rthat we're glad youe with us 5:30 is our time right now. and i guess wll checkn with mike and erin and see how a thre going right now. hey, mike. >> hey, guys. warm start to the day. temperatures already nea and we got another afternoon scorcher in play here. mid 90's feeling like a hundred plus. what about the fourth of july? t those answers coming up. hi, erin. >> 5:30. all metro rail linesn time. there's not one delay around the dmv.
5:31 am
what more could you want out of yr holiday week kicko, guys. >> not much more. thks eri appreciate it. we were talking about off the top, there's going to be a lot of traffic this week, people heading out for the holiday. >> tout's right. hot we check in with melanie alnwick 'cause we know that there are people that are out and about this morning. we know whenri thed shocks gridi expected to senrt any mt now if it hasn't already. >> reporter: good morning. 6:30 this morning is when aaa and inrix roadwayata company says that traffic isoing to be the worst. 6:30 this morning on i-95. so we had head up i-95. we're here at the intersection of 95 south and 95 north right here. you can see here we're a the maryland house. this is notoo bad so f. now, we had stopped at a rest area in laurel earlier this morning where it wa just wall to wall peopl who had stopped overnight takg a little rest. so, maybehey decided t make their way up the road but
5:32 am
definite s aaaays there could be more fourth of july traffic this weekhan we've so, let's take look at where reur trouble spots a going to be today as we mentioned, i-95 this morning starting a 6:30.t then also toda 11:30 on the capital beltway, they are talking about a 10 minute trip taking now 51es min, a 394 percent increase. as we geinto tuesd, the day before the holiday, pretty much the usual spo that you 50 east there right about. midafternoon tri taking anywhere from an hou to an t ur and 43 minutes, i-95 southbou4:00 p.m., you know that is the worst time to hit that road, an hour and 43nu tes there as well. beltway on the outer loop 4:00 p.m. on tueay, also minutes and then i-270 north at 5:00 p.m., that trip is going to take an hour and 35 minutes. aaa also remeoding pe
5:33 am
especially with the heat tha at re expecting this weekend as well, that as perhaps a litt bit of an x factor to your roadwio congen, your holiday travels they do. expect they're going to have somerhars oeating, of course there's going to be a few accidents and with that high heat, if you end up inho one ofse terrible traffic tieups where you really just have to like park the car make sure you have extra water, make sure you have those cell phones charged maybe even ing backup batteries a keep those charged so that you will be able to deal t withhat if hopefly tt -- you can avoid that but if it happens, hopefully you will be pea will d for anything. live from the maryland house, lanie alnwick. back to you guys. >> thanks mel. 5:33 is our time. happening on this monday, remembering the lives lost in last week's deadlyin shog at the capital gazette newspap. an emotional vigil will be he tonight for editor and columnist 59-year-old rob hiaan in annapolis.
5:34 am
a celebration of life will takelace tonight from 6:00 to 9:00 at td maryl nature center. on thursday jarrod ramos walked into the newspapernd offi started shooting. ramos killed five people before taken into custo. authorities say he had a grudge with the paper over an article it published. >> vigil was held last night for the six-year-oldirl named senay green. she was shocked at the mgm haor last tuesday. friends and family offer prayers and support. green was shocked after ching a metal railing near a decorative fountain. >> rou times right now, you know. she fighting to are her life but we believe in god. i know we're going tget through this. there's a child that's always smiling, you can see it in h pictures, she just fun to be she's loves to run, lovessp ts. just a beautiful child that bei calieve that this would happen to. >> mgm national harbor
5:35 am
realased a statementling this a horrible accident and their thoughts and prayers are the prince georges county fire and ems is still investing a man is under arrest after he allegedly made a terroristat across the street from the white house. thehe secret service nabbeday him in sa night. he threatened another m and claimed he had an explosive device i his bacack. he was in lafayette park at the time. determined tt he had nothingnd dangerous with him. the man though is facing several charges incding making terroristic threats and hate crimes >> ♪ >> 5:35 is the time riow. there's mike thomas to talkwe about hot her. >> yeah, good morning. hot weshher and sunine, which i guess go hand in in ha this time of year. satellite d radar nice andlm , quiet. live shots have been beautiful with the sunrise across d.c. although it's kind of that warm feeling because it's going to be aot one later this afternoon. clouds and maybe a pop-up storm or two brings some heat relief out to the wes
5:36 am
i-81, martinsburg hagerstown cumbernd you could see a pop-up storm later today. very hit and miss. not everybody is guaranteed to see he. in town, we should keep it dry. h we dave a storm threat locally. 79 degrees right now in washington. winds are calm, which kind of compounds the heat moisture and the humidity. 73 at timore, 79 in annapolis. leonardtown good morning it's 73 degrees at this time. 73 for dulles asell. heat advisories up, all of these counties you see shaded t in orange he mountains out to the west, allegheny, washington counties all the maryland and the eastern shore as well. very, very hot today. you got to be outside f any extended period of time frequent breaks, rest in the shade, grab some water, go in the ac, take a breakndoors, find some way to stay cool this afternoon 'cause it's a hot one. 96 degrees today hot and humid feeling like a hundred degrees plus this afternoon and if today is n enough we'll do it again torrow, 1 degree cooler at 95 but humidity is still there. maybe in town tomorrow pop-up storm or two but chances gerally
5:37 am
less than 20 percent so veryt and miss. that's weather. erin is back with traffic. lines7 and metro rail are on time. and we're not seeing any problems on the roads. it's all green all good aroundth e area. i know we say we're gearing up for a busy travel week so ditionshese quiet c while they last. if you have an early morning flight to catch traffic on the ny to bwi reaganional and dulles looking good. ualicki spots flew dale city. 20 meant yellow zone. he tavy volume inhe main lanes heading towards the beltway southbound side towards virginia beach looking good.nd to arom the bay bridge in on 295.hape on 50 nonproblems northbound volume toward ttr 11eet bridge picks up much we have a disabled truck bhocking theulder. if you have any questions let me know but so far don't want to jinx it b it's a quiet ride. back to you. >> 5:37. coming up did north korea lie to t united states? historic smit betweenfter the un there are already signs nhat denuclearizatio agreement will not be upheld.
5:38 am
details ahead >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 5:40 is our time right now. tensions between the u.s. and north korea are on te. there is new evidenc that pyongyang is covering up theis tence of at least one uraniu enrichmentacility
5:41 am
where it produces material for nuclear bombs. plan that wouldead to theave a dismantling of north korea's nuclear weapons and ballisticpr missograms in a year. it's been announced that secretey of state mik pompeo is expected to discuss thapl an with north korea in the no word on wn that mighten ha. >> the u.s. tariff c withada heats up with our neigh the north implementin new tariffs on many items imported to the united states. the tariff is in retaliation to the new tax imposed on canadian made aluminum and steel imported into the united states. canada is slapping u.s. made iron and steel with a 25 percent tariff. other common householde products catsup whiskey and dishwasher detergent will also face 10 percent tariffs. >> for those who are vertically challenged it'soy been anning to find the right fit. >> life saver for men under
5:42 am
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>> heat is on here in the dmv, tempinatures soareto the 90's over the week. the district's heat emergency plan will be in effect again today. that means the city has opened cooling centers for residents
5:45 am
to escape the heat wav all recreation centers public centers will be opened.llns for more informatin we have a liour web site. all you have to do is go to♪ >> ♪ >> all right. let's take a look that loeat dewpoint circle temperature cck. it says 5:47 and it's going t say that the temperature is 80 . >> whew. >> is there a big difrence between the 2egrees o on c ourlock. >> it's hot and it's only 5:45 in the morning. >> doesn't matte 78, 80 degrees, the humidity ishat you'll feel as soon as you step oside. feels like 80 degrees plus for e entire districat this hour and we got another hot one in store in dhe. at emergency plan in effect ooh. take use of those cooling it could be dangerous levels of heat later on today and we'retin it togher. store for tomorrow. day i storm is posble to bring
5:46 am
some heateselief outt of i-81. not here in tn. dry all day here in downtown s d.c. plenty of local sunshine here around i-95 corridor and then as we look ahead for the fourth, f everybody maourth of you'll plans, hot, can't rule out a spotty srrm here there. does not look like an overly wet day. does not look like widespread storms. i wouldn't cancel any plans but we'll have to keep an eye on radar during the afternoon hours. 79 degrees outside right now as mentionedefore. 70 down towardsanassas, 73 for gaithersburg, 79 in annalis. doesn't really matter where you're waking it's heavy out there. dewpoints are very high. they're in the middle 70's here in town and just anything upper 60's to around 70 isry ve humid so if you're 75, that's an extre amount of humidity out there. fredericksburg., 74 for little better towards the mountains in the 60's there but humid i humid. it feels heavy to srt your day here in the d.c. regn. satellite and radar nice and clear across town and we've
5:47 am
shown you beautiful sunses all morning long on the live shots there. out to the wt, few more high thin clouds. more unstable out there and again, nohe that's t area that have a chance of seeing pop-up storms. you see storms out i-81, cumberland martinsburgto hawn winchester, all those areas could see apa ssing storm later on this afternoon bunotice how i steers clear of the d.c. region. once we lose the daytime heating the sun we'll lose any storms that are out there. here's today's planner. d egrees by 11 o'clock. by 2 o'clock, 94 degrees and by 5 o'clock, 95. so, again take prope precautions, stay cool ac or put on the sunscreen if you have fo to be outside best chance of storms all week, that's fday. the weekend with 80's backin saturday and sunday. that's weather. erin is back with the roadw this morning. how does it look out there.>> like the saturday when
5:48 am
it's not as hot. some to go look forward to. at least we're rain free for the urth of july feworks. >> should be. fingers crossed. we'll take it. we have a traffic light that's lfunctioning in the district, 17th street northeast at gail street. treaio that intern as though you would a four-way stop sign. even though we've been talking abouthe big morning -- i should say the big fourth of july get away, 50 westbound looks great. 50 on the way to the bay brid wide opened. 270 on the wayre to deepek looks good. oblem free 95 southbound o headed vthirginiisa m beach 95 southbound looks good.ooks wl as you cruise towards the beltway maybe you have work today,reo problems the and again all metro rail lines ome . i'll keep you updated as we kind of reca fli odayor travel. back to you guys. >> thanks erin. 40 million americans can'ts find clothing which fits because they're too short for
5:49 am
the shirts. and now the idea to outfit shorter men has grown into a million dollar business. fox raj. >> the shi was made for a guy five-10 or 6-foot. yourself what's wrong with this picture. gt trken.ves w are loo fashan they'll tell you a lot. everything is too big and too long on this model, scott. he's sho and not ashamed of it. shhe's working for a and eerie >> you were on "shark tank." what was that li i. t was one of those once in a lifetime incredible experiences. we never expected to be on theut show it was amazing opportunity. >> reporter: an idea to make clothes for guyst 5-feight or shorter. ash and eerie bosses say there's 40 million guys who are considered to be short. a huge mket. >> when you go to the mall, you buy something you take it to the taylor and it's the oirm, it just expected.
5:50 am
at a certainnt we said isn't howe our taller friends shop. >> reporter: they hit a million dollars in sales. l thatot of shirts and this detroit success story that helped should have shortpet getting started in a sense. started bacn 2015. they've buttoned up m thearket butshorter guys shirt there's, jeans, too. >> for utoit's a great tim be focusing ongu find the right option because that's definitely in trend. >> reporter: the differencen betweearing a shirt that kind of fits and o that fit well, is a feeling m are wearing on their sleeves orctidence, you can feel it. , the collar proportned right and the overall fit just makes sense. >> the best and twhooen youks l look the best ye confident, too. concept.sti >> there's a need out there. >> athbsolutely. ere you go. lot of people. but there 10 minutes before 60 is
5:51 am
our time. let's take a look at the stories you're engaging with the most this morning onso cial media using our realtime news tracker. string of pranks gone georgia cosmetic surgeon lsodell boots who is a dubbed the dancing doctor has ivagreed toe up her mical twonse or at least f and a half years. this is the same doctor whopo ed several videos on youte of her dancing over unconscious patients in the operating room. nearly a hundred women scalpel with man claimingher they suffered infections, disfigment and even brainma da. >> that is distug. >> all right. next a woman attemptinto feed a shark in northwestern australia was pulled into crocodile infested waters when the shark mistook her finger for food. melissa brunings says she was on a jo yacht feeding the shark.
5:52 am
her fingetir was sll attached and she's excted to make full recovery. >> donha feed the ss, wisdom. >> note self. >> don't mess with sharks in .ma n t habit > next up,ou y about this, whatever this is, the omaha zoo has been returned. the bird took off the other day aft it was startled by a video blimp the bird was recaptured the next day after a nearby resident sed it and contacted the zoo. >> hm. and finally, victoria beckhamh as received her 14th engagent ring with husband asvid. now, this on a price tag of just $9 million. the couple celebted their 18th anniversary earlier this week and victoria unveiled this stunning yellow diamond which was set in a platinum band dhiing fas week in
5:53 am
paris. what did she do with the o 13.r >> nothing says i love you like 14 rings. >> every time wisdombe he's just saying i'd marry you all over again.>> with a 9 million-dollar ring. >> or maybe he's trying to say i'm sorry. >> there's always that. >> david? okay. the 2018 world cup series continues today and of urse fox5ov will beering the matche rld cup today kicks off at 9:00 a.m. followed by showdown between brazil and mexico. that's at 10:00 a.m. big game. then this afternoon japan is going to go head h toead with belgium. ay after the braz>>ilake su yre mee because fox5 will have special world cup covage starting at noon. x5's marina marraco will be joined by socr john harks to break down the game and will take a look atar the watch pties around the wgion. >> and of coe want to remind you that you can ride in sle this summerith our fox5 zip trip.
5:54 am
just go now w teah august 19th eer for haur c new 2019 tlx. five finalists will be selected by random drawing hel finalists must attend tnal triprip in order to win. all entrants must be 18 or older. the prizei is proded by d.c. area acura dealers. complete rules available at and this friday we should say our zip trip i taking to us woodbrid>>. yes. >> virginia. i'll be there, tony will bee, therucker will be there. fun will be haby all. >> yes. it's going to be hot. >> even into t end of this week it will be hot, guys. do get ready to sweat out there. it's always a party. please come out and see us in woodbridge. heat advisories won't go i
5:55 am
effect until noon. all of those couounties y see shadedn orangeust get ready for the heat index toe feel likhundred degrees plus today. how about the beacl nice coo water and 70 degrees. 92 in ocean city today, 90 tomorrow. small chance of storms ones weday for the fourth of july still a great beach day, on degrees. most of our regis going to storm or two.dge an isolated best chance for storms is on friday. we cool it down a bit get our 80's back into the weekend. that'sereather. in is back with the roadways is morning. how does it look. th 5:55. keeping our eyese roads and 270 a little bit of volumeck pig up. still a green zone.ou northbnd side towards deep creek looks great. i know we've been talking about travel being by for the fourth of july holiday. so far if you are making it out early i think you're beating the crowds. no problems in hyattsville. light volust into the dict. metro rail lines currently on time. minor delays 95 on the northbound side.
5:56 am
that's the headlights towards us on the screen. that's just over 20 minutes. minor delays through dumfries.ig deal right there. hov express lanes look good. ing anyre not see problems on the roads like i mentioned. crash-wise we'reelay free. red sox taking on the natrs t pitch 7:05. be prepare for crowded metro trains as well as crowded roads heading down to the stadium this 's your traffic. >> time right now is 5:56. here's a look at what's coming t his morning at 6:00. >> first responder,here's a sa g uscall. the company coule problems for allergy sufferers. we plus president trump has a little fun over ekend crashing a wedding. details ahead at 6:00. >>♪
5:57 am
5:58 am
♪ the kenya tea development agen . is wsell t we get paid in multiple accounts. weere looking for a bank tprove a safe and efficient technology platform to pay our farmers. citi was the only one that was able to ensure that .this was done seamlessly
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and today, at the touch of a button, all the farmers are able to get their money, pay school fees and improve their standard of living. with citi, we see a bright future for our farmers and their families. ♪ >> ♪ >> holiday headache. hit the road today to get away for t fourth of july. we've got you covered on which roads will be a traffic nightmare. we brace for day four of a w temperatures will feel like they're in the triple digits again today. your full forecahe aad. and remembering theim vis. heartbreaking tributes continue today in th in annapols maryland for the victims of the shooting at the capital gaze building. today a memorial will be held for rob hiaasen managing speditor at the newaper.
6:00 am
fox5 morning at 6:00 a.m.ts st now. >> ♪ >> good morning to you on this monday, july 2nd. >> if you are just waking up let's tak a live look outse. 80 degrees already. weather and traffic on the 5s coming up at 6:05. one on the roads today. not just the heat but a lot of people leaving town for the fourth of july. >> according to aaa nearly dmillion washington area residents willrive. the gridlock is expected to begin in just about an hour and a half from now. fox5's melanie alnwick is lick on the highways cheg mel, don't try to get away. stay with us morning. the omtrisut ih holiday, a d sveo taso h mave stayed on, it's time to let some other eeople ht joy as well.ha we are he at the maryland wese because this is what do for you guys. we travel far aond wide try to see how thingsre going. everything isre so far


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