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tv   FOX 5 News Special  FOX  July 2, 2018 12:00pm-12:59pm EDT

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neymar, one goal, oneday on four on target.s, seven shots, they get the win. they are off to their seventh straight quarter final. heart break for a chicharitt this juncture of the wld cup an infs site for soccer. moving on to the final 8. we have five of our eight quarter finalists confirmed. brazil, you are s theecond side to move on. next up, a friday meeting with
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ourr wof the next game,lg bem and japan. the curse of the fifth game continues. as bounced in the round of 16 at the l seven world cups. coming up next, belgium side, hoping to punch their ticket to theer qs. their opposition, japan. at one on fox. the final match the city will host in this t we'll start getting you ready for this one after the break on fs 1. here we'll have an hour then get you ready for belgium and japan on fs 1. brazil has a 2-0in over
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>> all right. welcome back to our speci world cup coverage. we're live from dock h fcere in ivy city washington, d.c. and it is9 d of world cup coverage. xico and i am here, i don'trazil know how we got you back on this show. john harkes hall of fame her here with me and if you don't know who this guy you should be hamed of yourself. 2mls cups, one gold cup, hometown hero with d.c.d. u
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>> we had the screaming eagles. >> brazil g a win against mexico.ab unbeliev mat atmosphere fc they'll pour in they want to see good football a lot of goodl fo today. >> we got to somebody about that screaming. >>here is theanager. >> hey, manager. mexico,.lk brazil. >> no. >> for brazil ts was mr. like can they come out and play with the confidence that they had. willie was the man of the match in this match. all the pressure was on namar to come out and shine tod. but when you h a supporting cast o lfike quill through the middle field gabrielle jesus, fur meannow to the second goal. mexico came out strong and. they wanted tot take to brazil. they wanted to attack their full backs as best. as they carlo bella was very dangerous early on. but once brazil got the rhythm back they started to get into the game a little bit.
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made it ver difficult for mexico. >> no keeping brazil out of that box. he had his work come out for h him. >> he was the save your.32 ear-old goalkeeper lots of experience for sure. he knew when to stephe up in t right places to be there. regardlessf the shots at him, me of the time, it's anticipate wrack it's going t s be. he diduch a great job of that. >> let's talk namar he's very interesting character he is the star if you will of this brazilianhe team same time he you can call him a clown he loves to rollro ad. at action from him rolling around. in little ry here or there, was it? was ntot? >> you can see the player trying al get the b from him. what happens the international stage a lot of fans don't see this. but the camera you can see at th bottom he steps on his ankle on purpose. he's aing l like he's picking the ball up. he did step on his ankle. >> a little theatrics.
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>> rolling over. i don't know what happened. he is the guy tt's always going to draw attention to w himshether it's the diving, people talk about, iividual expo with the ball. >> let's not take away when he came out. first goal in the net cou not stop attacking. >> the his explosiveness what he showed for clsea and he goes by his player and then he miss hits his goal but goes across. who be there. nama to touch it in. great finish for him aor good star really the second hal because zero who've zero going in half timex company i thinking we're in this. we're definitely in this >> no kiddi we'll talk about a little later when this -- both teams wen into ot and pk's you never going into that half. out injured very early on this game he's the big name there. >> his hamstring was bug him
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him. marques as well. marques being an older player, 39-year-old playing in his fifth world cup, i believe, he's not as mobile as he used to be. still quality, really smart player, but against brazil you got to be mble toe and close down the space androtect the center backs. >> minute 88 closing it out tw two-zero that sealed the deal >> i was happy to see f tmo come on bench. 's an aggressive player. he's smart, tactically good. technically clean with the ball great to see him get on the score sheet. >> brazil toves ono the quarter finals and little later we'll figure out who willai play agt brazil. belgium t, japanalking about that a littleater. inra thatcket showing what's to come hopefully we cat see th here in a second. those quarter f teams there 'vu have it them. we got brazil coming up and we all nobel jump/jam pan but you're guy/france will be a huge
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match. againstortugal.guy played they showed howritty they are and the talent.dv scar winter weatherisory and kaboni. i don't know who else willeat them. maybe france becausehey are talented >> on the other side russia/joe yea is a that's big after that huge defeat yesterday.nb elievable. >> who would have thought the russia would take it and the way they did. >> i didn't think so. i was really -- i was depressed yesterday because i picked spain to be in the final. i love the wayye theyd their football. you talked about it last weekms both going, you know, to penalties and it just wasn't there. spain has to be more of adaptability to change their style be more aggressive by putting the ball in the back of the net and they don do itenoug. >> let's talk about that. we talk about how beautiful spanish soccer is. they love to hold possession of the ball they love to move it around you see that first goal, that wasn't even sergio ramos a russia player.
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tspain could not get to back of the net. >> that's true. and when you think about it, spain came i in four games only 11 that's a problem. this is one of the team that' supposed at the top of the nation, top of the world and they struggled you got to think esout the c from their manager. righthe before t everybody n't be that big of a dealo it because they have experience much that' that, when it comes doswn it to you still need the leership. and pi techie was fired because real madrid situation. spanish >> they really did. >> no, they dasn't. i'll tell a lot of big names about to head off that national team. the last time we'll see him really a s genius on thecer field m. ore creative in the mid field. >> i agree. i don't know why he didn't start in this gple. i knowe talked about him being holder older and he needed to be revved and come out inco e se half and change the game but it was risky me. i think you want your best players on the field. the experienc players that
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are there. you think about and compare him to, 35-year-old fro aentina.thr. i wish he was starting and it didn't spain didn't have that lethal stretch from behind and change the shape. >> they didn't do any of that. they always wanted to play the short game, to be fair russia bunkered and bunkered and bunkered in. >> had he held out. t>> absolutely. >>y knew what they wanted. a sneante toes penalties dt. ki did not show up to this world c incredible record with nchester united but then he shows up, that may be t thing about the goal keepers. they lack that confidence on big stages like this. >> well, i mean, to be fair some of the goal keepers show up don extremely well. i will say this. i agree with you 1100%.s dehay i still one of the goal s worrs in t this is not his tournament. he did not perform well even in th first game iatorneys pennsylvanortugal.
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>> ronal shot a him. normally he saves that with his foot. he was threatening himself. he needs that. you need a goal scorer and somebodytn goal thaill ll.end and he didn't defendwe .> couldn't get it done ssia quarter it done. moscow is the pce to be partying last night. >> oh, my god. th know how to celebrate. what an unexpected result, though, when you thinkinbout spain com in, russia like we talked about they had a game plan they were going to bunker in, make it difficu for spain to play. spain couldn't find the break through. the russians cebrates you know who is not celebrating the mexicans are not celebrating. erin company know out in northwest. erin, a lot of crying i'm >> marsu hadch a good watch party once they lost zero-two to brazil the barre crd d out. they're getting the lunch rush coming to life in here. mel is thetender here. you guys opened at 10:00 o'clock today for the watch party. the energy i mean you could
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literally hear a oeengon drop o. >> one of the first times he opened an hourly ear, but we of dricoupl it was a pretty iense game. we were real excited but it didn't happene the way expected. >> reporter: once at second goal,y t brazil, ynd could jus of feel the energy in the crowd drop a little bit. a lot of people got their checks and kind of drowned their sorrows. >> yeah. that was d completelyferent 30 minutes ago. we were so busy after thete s, kind of wrapped up real fast. >> at least we can d sorrows in guacamole and chips. we have a cple of fans hanging out here. introduce yourself to everyone. >> mike, this my good friend sergio and we are rooting for mexico thir. so we just lost. but we'll be back. >> i see you guys have a cple nice cocktails there at least you can enjoy lunch the beautiful h vibese. tough loss, though. what did you think of the i gam. t was an amazing game. i thinks mexico' defense was pretty solid until the second half. i feelerike pnally there was
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a little bit of fatigue and that affected the game. >> definitely played with a lot of heart. a lot of hard core fans in here. made eight fun watch experience. >> exactly. exactly. >> yup. >> thank you so much. take a walk back with me. we have another crowd back here. they'renjoying some lunch came in midway throughhe game. they're left having aice li meal. thank you guys for being on fox5 today. amet did you think of the brazil versus mexico. pretty exciting. .ough luck >> tough luck? >> yeah. >> see a big thing ofuacamole an delicious food. lunch moves here and the crowd continues even though it did clear out a littleit like i said it was a beallyig crowd kind of in silence watchg the ut toughanticipation loss for mexico brazil won it, guys, back t you. >> yeah, en, unfortunately, a lot oxcfitement there but to be expected. threely really wanted this. the head coach everyone betti it would get them through to the
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quarter finders. cong up belgium/gentleman pap we'll tal about. big predictions that wie b one wi decide who match up against brazil. 2:00 o'clock right here on we've got d.c. unit uted news coming up after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> all right. if you didn't hear wayne roone member of d.c. united i'm sure everyone here in the district is excited. talk about what means for team like d.c. united especially d.ter having the season thay >> yeah, i mean, global name, number one, and one of the best league players in modern day history, man yesterday united. a player that scores goals that
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he's going to demand a lot of ats tes. he's going demand a lot of aches, ownership, everything. he loves to win. he is a competitive playe. and this race isam ae. -- this raises the game. 's huge. massive signing. >> cannot wait to the guy with the field -- i mean thiis will a n beudew amai. announce many here coming soon. >> waiting with baited breath right i nown hire of here a new beginninc for d united. fresh page full for club that's only won two of itst las games. but i can tell you in this room counting about nine to ten cameras includi many sky news from overseas. you would think that d.c. united isla in firstce, not currently 11th place in the mls eastern conference t andt is because wayne rooney i a legend in the internatnal soccer communityre as h all just saying. he is tecord goal scorer for
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both english premier -- english national team andem for chester united of t premier. he's just versatile. he can be used in several different ways attac attacking d fielder or as a forward and he's only 5oot nine but he's exceptional in the air. he will bring a lot ofes control posson for this very young d.c. united team. rooney is also 32 years old s he will bring that veteran leadership to very young deveping squad. now, he is supposed to besc here duled to speak in front of everybody at 1:00 o'clock. he'll be alongside team ownership and d.c. mayor murie bowser, and probably a packed room because everyone wants to see him. he already went to a few pubs. there was photographs of that id d.c. areeted fans when he landed at dullesal interna airport, and now he will speak to everyone h foris official coming out, his official announcement d with.c. united and we're ready. i'm excited.
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>> all right, britt, we are excited, too. this isn't the first time huge soccer star from oversers comes ovo the mls buts it a comes with huge expectations. i mean the bar is really high and they'reaying this guy lot of cash for a veryhort amount of period when the rest of theeam not of one is making >> yeah.d of money. you.atith you. have come here and started back in the day with david beckham init 2007h elliot galaxy and he came over with the right attitude, the commitment. he already had the tal leapt and he's a global name. that guy is huge. so did he a great jobf putting mls on the map to be fair, and now andreas, steven girard these playersome over all about the attitudehe. rooney has tight attitude. he's coming in. he wants to beof a lea the club at d.c. united. there's a massive signing for the community also massive for the club and going into the new stadium like you talked about is going to be all bonuses, everything going forward. it will be w huge. e can only hope this is a great season for d u.ted.
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when we come back, we're talking tvar unexpected big surprise of thiworld cup and a lot to digest there. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ all right. we are back s with ourpecial coverage here of day 19 world cup 201 in russia and the big
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news out of this world cup is var now that we can challenge all these players, check out. the videois assed river free. you being player what does that do or knowings what it' like to be down on the field being able to review it. if you're the one that's call. thatas a hand ball. that was a hand ball. >> look there's always gng to be calls that get questioned, we know t tt. there's go be times where referees have an obstructed view. onhe field it's very difficult. people don't think about this. and so many pla that arehe field vision.ooff their p sometimes you need assisting referees and video so f var has been very good in this worlt cup becausey've been open to the theynicate well from the fourth official to the referee. and it's bun officially as best as they can. get in, get out. figure out what's -- what's being questioned, you know, and from a psychological standpoint you would think the referees would be, oh, no. i'm going to be questioning on
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everything i hope i don't mak a mistake. did the players, too. c >>rect. >> you can't be too b bty because you'veig brother watching. four ref reeceng sitting morni video room in moscow wating all the game that are happening. you've got 33 different cameras much thas pretty angle everywhere you turn. >> that's correct. that's the key to thisua. is thel camera angles. they'll be able to get a second, third, fouh, fifth look at all these different perspective and lenses in now ande help th referee make the right choice. >> when you see this -- >> tv. there you go. >> we've been seeing andsed i other pro sports. we see it in nfl. we see it in tennis. now, soccer and we were talking aid that earlier you the champions we don't want this much the wld cup saying b it on. do you think this will eventually become standard? >> yeah, i think so. e champion league to not wantrth anything to do with it at all. going into the world cup they talked about it. t because they want to clearou t
12:28 pm
up things and they want tot least make it a ltle bit eve and correct things when they can. so, there's a lot of things that gonnoticed and wrong decisions are made. from one game to the next thughout so many games in hiory of the world cup. they wanted to it right. i think this set the style. they're trail >> esplly with this off sides. alys been so disputed because you've got one guy t with flag giving you the off sides and thg players wo back and forth for hours after the game saying, you know, it was rigged. now you can stop it immediately basically. >> yeah. ith mean eve spain, you know, against iran. there was a goal that was called off side equalizing goal to make it two-two. they went back and lood at it and saw he was even with the. he wasn't off sides. spain is through to the nt round much tho things are very impoant. >> that ball yesterday with herussia, spaniards saying it wasn't a hand bull when you looked his hand was clear as da. >> it's interesting because they're like is it clear and
12:29 pm
obvious? that's theit dion, but it's still subjective. because, you know,e's not like facing the ball with his hand. it hit hits from behind. >> espec tlly rightre with the ball. >> you'retill going to g human, you know, mistakes. >> natural -- m >> humanistake. absolutely. if you see a player going for the ball, they're not suppod to be giving a red card. even the game wherero cia went through one-on-one beat the healkeeper they gave him penalty the keeper savedid but in past that player would. have been red carded automatically it's like a double neglect fief for that team. he gets to stay on the field and it's 11- and the keeper saved the penalty for russia. well, is that right? so aterybody is going to d still. >> right. some people i think don't really want it. they want the old school way. let it be what it was. wh soccer w always, right. >> yeah. >> some mares want to play dirty they don't want anybody to play
12:30 pm
it. other players want to have the. obvious >> if it take out, you know, the acting, then that's good. it cleans up tame. >> i don't know for neymar how that worked out today. >> he's still rolling over the there. a pump then they simulate andelf plers are like, hey, be who and nest and let's clear that ou o. >> pull that yellow card. that would stop them. >> well, i mean maybe. >> you think so. >> i think so. >> neymar got a couple of cards for rdling aroun he'd stop the antics. >>heven fro referee's standpoint from one world cup to theext cycles they haven't been consistent. so in terms of the tugging and tpullingt goes on corner kicks, fre kicks in the box, they've let it go thi world cup. when i was calling the games for espn and fox in the they were saying it's never going to happen. as soon as somebody touches somebody yellow card right away. penalty. we'll giv it so now they're saying boning teams are doing it
12:31 pm
it's hard to call it and letting it go >> a little truth there, right. >> very true. >> very hard. john, when we come back w talking belgium/japan. that will be the team that will play whoever wins that will play brazil the quarter final game. >> big games >> come back. pretty big game. we'll be r back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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all right. this next coming up atch m 2:00 o'clock, belgium/japan. the las asian team left. belgium is the likely favorite but a you never know with these games.el >> w we said that too with spain/russia. right. look what happened there. >> so right. if anything, you know, marina, we talked about this all last week as well. thisas been such unexpected world cup. any team hasnin opportu to go in and advance because specials until a tournament and knock out stage. if you have a tactical defense that sits back and closes up space and bunkes in, t what russia did. they frustrate spain and they the want to get to penalties and that's what russia said as well. can we get to the penalties? that'st. now it's 50/50 anybody's game they got more of an opportunity. >> i'm sur d theyidn't go in looking for bk's.
12:35 pm
losing that tk duringhe game and overte ended in penalty kicks regardles. >> correct. >> also huge >> he redeemed himself and took one in the shin and got it down the middle of the goal which was nice. croati were the better team but denmark is a good side as well and fstrate teams and they have that kind of nor weeks, scandanavian approach they grind apt results and soan is going to want to dig in and fight. ey are a team that works extremely hd. thei fit. belgium, yeah, they're expected. i mean they're goi to want to get out after it. right awa and get on the score sheet. they don't leave it tothe seconl zero-zero and they're fighting for a goal. we've seen that in this world on't extra times. teams dhose >> so spet . you about. was going to ask- what happens to your psyche once you get to that overtime and you got to pla you eventually head to penalties kicks. >> you go to h pk's oneeorta h
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to the belgium manager roberto martinez a friend of mine used to manage at ever ton in the his race players the last gamef against england. england rested nine of their players. so it's okay. they change their lineups and that's the best managers the ones able to rotate the playe g, get otheruys on the field andhe rest t mentally and physically they shoulde ready to step up today. the other side of that isey do th lose the rhythm. they lose the chemistry and confidence. i don't think so. they're in it. >> this is the world cup. let's talk about co is also switching things upnd the japanese. >> the japanese manager has done tree monday did you say jobf rotating players. and also different styles. i mean there's bee times where they played f atwo-31 and left one player highnd playing a four- aree-threend trying to spout the wide base and g f after ull backs today.
12:37 pm
against belgium i would think they want to couldn't jest that central area and not let them get on the ball as much. it will benteresting tactically the way they line up today. o you think the jam panniece ard the belgium team is a little stronger, if you will, bigger built. >> speed man foreman, perhaps japanil fr maybe. but with the ball and decision making belgium are very fast. they know how to me the ball around. neck not slow the game down. they have to match japan, match the face of the game and bringon theifidence going forward attacking that. >> probably going to be very offensive game more than defen dense. i don't expect these guys to be held >> the only thing about japan might have learning in from russia i. don't know they have the height and build that the russians do. >> that's true. it would be nice to see boh teams gfter it and py and brazil, mexico we saw two teams really compete and get after the ga. >> that's what yout to see
12:38 pm
at the world cup. >> it's a fluid type of style of play. the's nic. it's entertainingpa. n might have other things in mind. they want to survive and advance can'll do anything they >> a lot little over an hour before that game starts. guess what? this is how the fans relive these games over in russia. >>he story is about to be written. was there a touch? no. mexico, mexico! >> two-two. >> japan two. senegal two. >> japan not leaving it t chance. it's the knock out stage. >> it's a goal japan couldn't tfordo give away. >> fighting to progres.
12:39 pm
>> england! >> herakes ove for -- magnificent. all right. sweden and switzerland tomorrowb colu, england huge games again. >> oh yeah absolutely. every game is. >> at this. point >> we're seeing every game is going to be challenge there's no easy games. we saw mexico the way they competed against brazil side today. scene sweden will gohe world. extremely hard. they have confidence from beating mexico three-zero. swiss, though, everybody talks about even keeled swiss they'reo nal intelligence is very good. hard-working players but they can catch you on the break as well. that will be key., colu welling, columbia started slow because a they had man sent off in the first game. they played ten men then they trgot sger as this world cup challenge against england
12:40 pm
side -- >> that's game to watch. >> i think so. everybody is saying england has a great pathway to win this world cup again. i'm saying don't get aheadf yourself. one at a time. put this team out on theow to has givenld them the confie they need. not bringmeg back sof these players that took the hit with the cards early on during the knock-out round. >> also we don't know what heim miss condition is right now whether he's healt enough t play.
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