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tv   FOX 5 News Special  FOX  July 4, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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[music] >> hi and weome to this special 4th of july edition of cooking with como. join us as we celeate independence independence day with tips and recipes >> welcome as we haan td recipes to wow your family atc patr parties. any celeheation on ttt of july, barbeque. any celeheation on ttt of july, barbeque. we have john >> well, we have several items here and we have things representing barbecue and grilling. >> and there is a difference, in case you were wondering. >> yeah, so say barbecue for things grilled over 20 minutes, or on the fire for over 20 minutes up to eight or ten hours. >> slow and low at about eight hours. >> there you go you have itt, righxactly slow and low. and th we also brought you some kebabs; three typeswe ave shrimp kebabs, beef kabs and chicken kebabs. we mix the vegetables and the protein so thato. it's one less thing
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>> nice healthy option, yeah. >> king of the grill right in fro fro the new york strip steak. >> i just want to eat that as soon as it hits the grill. >> which are really phenomen. and then we have sliced onions which are wonderful for grilled vegetables and then we have corn on the cob. r >> and we also have ibs. >> oh, the spareribs, we have two types; we have beef - we have baby back ribs in the front d we have pork spareribs in the back. >> alright, let's get some of these seasoned and on the grill because i can smell that charcoal, is that wd? >> it is and so it's hardwood charcoal, which is so i'm going t you if you can help me. with the salt and pepper. we'reon going to put that he front. one of the things with grillingl just a l dose of each. >> gott. >> and then one of the things, you know, while you're gu lling see that on our table here, you want to have alls your seasoning and your sauces out with you >> generous with the salt and pepper guys. >> and then i'm going to have you usthe malt salt and do a liberal dose on the steaks as well.ok >> on the steaay got it. and that gives it a nice crust, because once that seasoningf, kind ohat is it? caramelize on the grill? >>t does, uh huh. boy that is just perfect.
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>> so good. i want to come j to your 4th ofy barbecue, this looks amazing. >> there you go. the fourth of july is our biest day of the year. >> do a lot of people get takedo out items if tn't want to mess with the grill at home? >> they really do. so, these,y do. what we're going to do, is we're going to put them on the grill here d i'm going to put the salt side down. >> and just a little bit of seasoning on there, pretty clean, just all meat flavorah. >> that's it. that'su t. know, you can always add more after you're done but with the malt salt in particular, i think you know, to yr point adds just a wonderful crust,it se inry and wait until you tt. >> and how long do you gri those? >> so, it depends a little bit on, of course the temperature the fire and the fire the trick is -th not the trick e tell, if you can hold your hand three seconds., so one 1,000o 1,000, three. and if you can't do it's pbably too hot. >> i learned something new. that's rea ay good. nd then also, as you can see with our grill we put the charcoal um side of the grill.>>
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>> so you have a cool spot if tngs get a little out of control. >> because obviom ly, guessing the shrimp would cook a little quicker than say a thick steak.' d then we also had -- maybe i'll have you grab the tongs. >> okay. and bring me - we'll put some corn on the grill here. and so with the onions too, j ust place them on. >> just thick cut, whi onions? >> right. yellow, i prefer. >> yellow. okay. >> and then the rn, the same thing. we're just going to - this cn was previously steamed. >> got it. >> and then it takes les time to do on the grill. >> but you still get that good grill flavor. and yobrought in some - what is this that we're going to put on top of the grill? >> and so when the - that is chipotle butter. >> and we're going to add that to the corn after it's grill. >> to the corn, right. it's just going to be brhed on at the end. >> that is so good. t >> so he vegetables then, a little bit oolive oil. >> and you were saying havingri ght tools will simplify your grilling and barbecuing process.yo >> absolutely. andu see, you need a good set of tongs, obviously a spatula, you want the brushes.
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>> and you cover that up. >> i cover it, i like the webber grill,ou which is yan control the air in andut. and you saw some flames coming up, so that's the way you controthe fire. >> right, so you know it's getting that good cooking. a and let's talkut this giant bowl of barbecue sauce. >> alright, well that's rockland's original barbecue sauce. y and i know everyone, theoh it's not like my mother's sauce, unlike my dad's sauce.if so that is for we could be like your mom or dad. >> you bottle it and give it - pele can buy it if they want to take it home? >> absolutely, absolutely. and then when things come off, we're going to - look something like this.iling we have the grd corn on the cob. um hmm. >> and we're going to brush that with the chipotle butter. and so it adds a bit of spicean to it and then y do your salt and pepper. >> yum. and look at that caramelization on the vegetables, it looks so good on those kebabs. >> isn't that great? so the shrimp kebabs, the beef kebabs,. the chicken ke >> amazing. >> and then you can add that you like.hat, you know, everyone likes it a little bit different.ig ht, a little hot sauce, a little barbecue sauce, whatever you>>ant. xactly right, you can customize.
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and en to the right is the whole pork so that's cen cooked and when we're inside show that just falls apart. >> oh, my mouth is watering.yo >> and you know, wu start cutting into it it will be delicious. and then to the right, are the baby bacribs in the front and the spare ribs right behind, those have been cooked aboutd threa half hours each. >> so you want to start those well before you start the grilli at your party? >> absolutely. and that's one of the, um suestions that we have reis you have everything ped ahead of time, and thers no reason that many of these products n't be cooked ahead of time. held warm. >> right, portion out your seasoning get all your tools readyan then you're good to go. and i'll tell you what,at we're going to tak inside, the finished product, get it all cut up and ready to go. and we're going to prepare d elicious sides to go with all this amazing barbecue and grilled food stick with us, we'll be right back. [music] c
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(bhirping, a running brook,) c ahh. the new deer park sparkling is made with real spring water. ♪ it's so refreshing and delicious, you don't need slo-mo models to sell it. real spring water, real fruit flavors and refreshing bubbles.w justt's refreshingly real. >> welcome back to our cooking wi como 4th of july specia we are so glad you can join us. ngso we've done our grilli
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and barbecuingde and now we've moved to tackle the sides. john snedden with rocklands baecue is back with us. john, this looks so good. >> i'm so cited, this is going to be a delicious meal, fu's going to be a lot of for people. we have - we're ing to start with an arugula salad and we are going to - it's vy simple, arugula is my favorite green of the summer. >> i like it because it has kind of a peppery, a little bit more of a spicier taste to it than other >> exactly right. e're just going to simply put the arugulae you did in the bowl and then we're gng to put some of the vinaigrette and just lightlyoss that to get the greens coated with the vinaigrette. >> and wt's the rule that you were saying for making an at home salad dressin >> and so about two to one, oil to vinegar, or the acid that you're using., so what you want to do is you want to put the acid, so the vinegar t anhe lemon juice that you have in the bowl d then we addard if you use it.n the different dry seasonings. in this case we have some granulated garlic, we have cumin, we have
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a little bit obrown sugar which you'll taste gives it the sweet, and then we have salt and pepper. a >> and those are the seasonings you need to make the homema salad dressing? >> right, uh huh. >> yum. >> and then what you do is you then combine thosesl and owly drizzle in the olive oil and whisk it vigorously as you're doing and that's what gives it - that's howt emulsifies and stays together. >> ait it's healthier to make yourself at home. >> exactly right. and then we're going to just we have feta cheese,feta, we have blueberries. i like the white and bl to go with our patriotic theme. >> exactly rightd then just a few of the bluebries. and then we have grilled peaches which, you know, the peaches are just fic. >> and i feel like my niece and nephew would like this because it's sweeter,ui it has somt. so i'm guessing this would be a crowd pleaser for kids and adults. >> exactly right. and then we also have slivered almonds. if you don't prefer almonds,ca you put your nut choice. >> right, any nut you don't have to add these in. >> and so that's perfect, that's p onty. >>perfect. >> and you want to give itit there you go.there. >> and then we can put it in the glassowl. it looks like we might add a few more greens to it. >> defitely. and that's always good to note, to have extra greens on the side if you accidently make it too soggy,
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yocan just kind of freshen it up by adding just a little bit more, right? >> absolutely. >> toss it all up.ig ht, and then just right into the bowl. >> oh look at that. and how quick was that to ke a side. so you can do a little prep work anthis will be really easy to put out maybe before you're omgrilling or barbecuing s >> exactly right. and a way freshen up. and then we still have some of the, you know, fruit reserved so you could just add a few of the blueberries to the top if you have it on plat mr >>ing it a little bit prettier for presentation, yeah. exactly right. and then we have the lemon. so you can always squeeze a little bit of lemo it gives it little bit of a pop. >> we're going to maxa it pop. >> ely right. >> oh that looks so good. en people first thing to hit their mouth. well done.t' >> and so relative to the resto, or the barbecue or the pty. >> yes. >> we have potato salad,. which is a cla >> i mean, who doesn't love potato salad r with a burger,ht? >> and do you take egg in yours? do you like egg in your potato salad? >> i do like egg and i lovere the potatoes, is that what you use there?sk >> we do and we use in on, so you can always add some hard-boiled egg of your own., just mix i don't be afraid to customize. >> that's something, i like the mayonnaise based potato salad, some people v like theegar based. >> right, me add all the fat
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and flavor to it for me. >> i love , and then we have coleslaw as the classic,it our ion of it. it has toasted fennel. >> y >> and fennel seeds in itra and then tarn vinegar. >> a fancier colesw for your side yeah. >> right, and then of course the cucumber and red onn in it. >> you know i love cucumber salad. and you were saying you can add a little mint or basilnd depending on wha of flavor you want to present. >> exactly right. and then, you know, the items h from outside that we, which were the grilled corn c withhipotle pepper. >> mmm hmm.h >> your kabobs wite three types, chicken, shrimp and beef. >> so you have a little sothing for everyone. >> we do. >> and let's g cut up, because i have been since we put it on the grill. >> i say we need to do it. we need to do it. >> and that way we'll have a full meal ready for our 4th july celebration today with some steak and some delicious sides and the watermelon too. and i love what you said you can do by adding a popsicle stic to a watermelon slice m if you want toe it kind of a popsicle feel for any of the kids at your party. >> exactly because you , kids eat so much sugar these days and it's really a way to find - to put less sugar in their diet,
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so they're very happy to do that. >> it feels like they're getting a treat, andt is because it's fresh fruit, but it's not a sugary popsicle. oh that looks like is perfect. >> do you like the charred parts? >> yes, i love the charred parts,th looks so good. we get to try this? >> alright, exactly right. m >>goodness that looks so tender. get a little bite there >> you see it's the original finger food, >> see, oh my god. and you have to try, in a minute at is so good, that you need to try the steak before you serve it, right? >> mmm hmmm. always.o >> that on point. we're going to make some plates in here, and really enjoy. you've got tget those ribs going to. >> exactly right. >> mmm. mmm, mmm, mmm. i want to do a little happyou dance that yo when you eat something really amazing. th>> very good, you know. en we talked about the pork butt, you see how - >> oh my goodness. >> how thajust pulls apart after eight hours. so this is another one. >> yes. >> >> oh wow. >> the originaginal finger food. >> see and we get to try all >> you go, see and that's talk about pulled pork, that's why they call itulled pork because it just pulls apart when
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it's properly cooked like that. >> i'm going to try h this piece righte. see that? that flavor, i'm going for that one too.od mmm, that is s. and the red ring, it's because of the wood smoke. >> right, and you can taste the wood and it does make a difference. well, i'll tell you what, we took care of the side and now that we've covered that, i'm gog to make my plate and we're going to move on to dessert. up next the sweet treats that will the perfect finale to your 4th of july barbecue. and i'll take some more steak as we head to break. >> excellent. >> that's it so amazing. isn't that tasty? >> yes. [music] alice loves the smell of gaiwiso much, she ed it came in a fabric softener too. [throat clears] y oh and look they gotscent beads and dryer sheets too! say hello tor fairy godmother, alice.n oh and look they gotscent beads and dryer sheets too! say hello tor fairy godmother, alice.n wipes out the competition; hydrating better than $100, $200 even $400 creams. with our b3 complex, beautiful skin doesn't have to cost a fortune..
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[music] >> welcome bacto our cooking with como 4th of july special. now that we've covered your meal, it's timek topatriotic swc sweet treats. pastry chef fabrice is here with le diplomate from dcth some tasty ideas. thank you so muchng for comin today. >> thank you foinviting me erin. >> so, you brought in somebe tiful ice cream sandwiches, ilsomething that you couldy bring to a picnicpr or se up a party >> yes, it's ice sandwich.
4:14 am
this ice cream sandwich is actually - we call patriotic sandwich. it's a version of the dessert we already have on the menu. and then we decided to put it on the ice cream cart. we also offer like so many different flavors. m >>. >> flavors of the week. w so, to make it fun eeek we change it. >> and it's homemade ice cream and adding just a little touch of red, white anblue sprinkles really gives it that patriotic touch for e holiday. >> absolutely, so it's like the shoe is - the dough patachou, it's inside this is praline, almond, hazelnut and inside also you have varied ice cream. >> very delious. and how about these brownies? tell me about these. >> so the browni, we for the 4th of july, today we want it to be very patriotic. >> mmm >> so i feel like the brownie is the perfe dessert. >> absolutely, everybody loves a brownie, they're great for kids, adults.i >> and you cant - i mean, it's easy to make, it's
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easy to - everybody likes . >> you can have it warm, cold, righ>> yeah everybo. so it's very convenientfo everyone. >> and a little lessem inade ice cream. >> yeah.el >> tme what we add, >> so to make ice crea we're having milk. m mm hmm. >> putting milk, heavy cream. >> so just very simple ingredients. >> very simple. some things you can find in your sermarket. here you have actuallyan vanilla be >> oh. so you' making vanilla ice cream? >> sar. >> mmm hmm.of oh a good help sugar. >> a little bit used to help the flavors. >> right. >> egg yolks. >> not the whites, just thehe yolks? >> just the yolks. you cook it until you get this thick mixture. >> mmm hmm.>> and then when it', you put itoo in a cooler to cdown. >> and that's the? >> and that's the (inaudible) ice cream right now. and then you freeze it?
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>> then you put it in the ice creamachine. >> uh huh. >> and you get this thickic showing of te cream mixture. >> right. >> so cold versus frozen. so i want to show you something to make it fun for today. >> you can add different flavors , or different colors right? >> exactly. exactly.ha so here,ve actually amme little bit of ice cre and we are adding little bit of red. >> othat looks so good. and this is fun for kids to make with their parents at home, if you want to try making some ice creamn the holiday. >> yeah. and a little bit of blue. and you get this - like, i mean, you have to mix it, you see. >> oh you can see that color, yeah. s ee the color is coming? >> mmm hmm. 's even coming as well. ht >> and then wee the finished product ice cream over here. >> exactly. and so to make it ---
4:17 am
>> and you can put that on top of the brownie. absolutely, so to make it fun. >> mmm hmm. >> we are having a - >> ie got my plate ready, i'm ready for dessert today. >> oh you're ready for me. okay great. so, you just mix it a little bit, a little bit of blue, a litt bit of white, a little bit of red. >> now that - >> look at that. >> -- is a delicious independence day brownie >> look at that. >> look at tt. that's beautiful. >> make it even more fun,nk a little bit of les. there we go. >> add that in.en and le diplomate i today, so if you don't want to make your own homemade ice cream, you can come in anget some great things. >> absolutely. we actually are having all those - actually that would be the one we are having for le diplomate especially for today, for 4th of ju t. hink we should try some, what do you think fabrice? >> absolely, please. >> alright, cheers with me. thank you so much r this demo, i never realized how easy it was to make some good homemade ice cream. >> no, it's not hard, it - so you just have to put your heart into it and you get - it can happen. >> oh my goodness. deliciousness and the nessin the
4:18 am
h.that is this amazing san thank you so much. >> thank you. thank you for having me. ah we appreciate it so much. and stick with us becausene coming up we are going to sample some delicious drink your independencer guests during day cheers, we'll be back. [music] around here, i'm lucky ou get through a shift t a disaster.
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you ouow what, don't worrt it. my bargain deternt couldn't keep u it was mostly water. so, i swched to tide pods. they're super concentrated, so i get a better clean. i mean, i give away water for free. i'm not about to pay for it in my detergent. number one trusted. number one awarded. it's got to be tide usic] >> now that we've covered your barbec, sides, and dessert there'ere's only one thing left to throw t ultimate patriotic party, drinks. and not to worry, hem simon the beer direc with jack rose, he is here with his favorite recommendations fothe best beers and food pairings.thank y. >> no, thanks for having me. >> i mean all these different beers to try. let's start with your first choice. >> cheers. >> cheers. so this is - >> mmm. >> the trouble in paradi from three stars. >> oh wo >> a little something to start off shedding off - >> has a little sour bite to it. >> a little bit of that mango,it a litt of that guava,
4:20 am
a little funk. just shed all that humidity, all that heat, c you know, yoooking out. >> right.g >> you're goin want to get super refreshed so - >> i can see, this taste like you're on a tropical island somewhere. oh, all of these. these first three are exactl what you want to just, c you know, have aple drinks, get that session going. a little pineapple from the pineapple mana from the maui brewing company. >> i'll try this one too. >> that's really, really good. >> the same kind of flavor?' >> think pineapple upside downes cake, but super hing. >> yes, now that one is really good, but i could see this one > ust all day. >> all day, yeah.ah.>> enjoying. and then from boulevard brewing company, their jam banda is a little rt. take a little sip.nd >> okay, aou have a pairing for this one too? yeah, because you take that sip, you think to yourself, berries i get it, but - >> oh, i dig this one. it's really good >> how about a little bit of that american flavor that pb&j action. so take a bite of the nutter butter and theno back to the beer. >> and i love this because nutter butter, it's not fancy, if you're not good at, you knowo making your own made pastries, you can always just grab a thing of
4:21 am
>> and uly 7-1 is the only thing open on the 4th of july. >> mmm hmm. >> so - >> if you fo >> you are heading to a barbecue, just pi up pack of nutter butte >> just stop by one of the 24 hour stores and get oh my goodness, is - it tastes like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich >> yeah. >> i'm going to remember this one, because this will absoluly blow your friends minds if you present this at a dinner. >> oh, yeah i mean you'll be the life of the partyn >> mmm hmm. i'm goto save this for later. >> but then with pairing you know, you're going end up at. crab boil at some point >> right.sp >> you knoecially today. let's be serious,d, crabs are so good, crab cakes, u know. >> the beltway. if you're not in thehe beltway and if you don't love old bay, then the's a problem. >> exactly. i love so what did you bring or us? >> so this is from flying dog, this is the dead rise, old bay summer ale so it's brewed with old bay. and a little l >> see i love bloody mary's so i think this is going to be the flavor compositeen that i really y. >> oh, yeah. drop this into a littleloody mary mix. >> mmm hmm. >> just what you need.nd we're paring it with snacklins which is a lite something cool to bring to a party a vegan pork rind,n pork ri>> that is not something you ar every day. >> yeah. vegetarian friendsu know,
4:22 am
are always looking for different things aside from, you know, the vegetables and e vegetarian salad. so, they'll be excited when you bring this. >> also not many calories. so is good with everything else you're going to be eating. >> okay, i'm sold let's try this. >> you know, yeah? >> okay. >> they make tho and made in pairs so well with this beer. having this se with a bloody, just sitting out nching on these while you're grilling all day. >> yeah, i can't get enoug old bay. that's what it's all about.'s - but for ose folks that definitely have a little bit on an intolerance to gluten, or just don't like beer in general, we've got a couple of other options.t' >> alright, lego there. >> from the winchester cider works,2, we've got th which is an apple cider that is fished with a little blackberry juice - i mean, sorry, black currant juic my apologies. >> oh, so this is a hard cider? >> mmm hmm. >> i got to ask,in out of everythwe've sampled so far, what is your favorite? >> uh, my favorite - >> it's hard to decide., >> it iscause i mean, i spend so much time drinking beer, that i like to mix it up a little bit. >> this cider is pnomenal by the way. >> it's really good, right? made in winchester.
4:23 am
and then up in baltimore, g you've the charm city meadworks,be the rry coconut. >> oh, raspberry coconut? >> which, it tastes like kool-aid. >>kay, that sounds like a beach party, so let's try this. oh, that's fine. it's uh - >> that is way better than the time i triedtt to open a bo of champagne so you're already beating me. >> cell cheers. heers. >> i think it's either the red >> mmm this tastes likna- colada almost, in a can.ll >> a, yeah. >> it's really good. >> it's got that nice coconut; it's got a little raspberry. it's just super refreshing. >> i can't even rank thesehese, because theyll are delicious. >> they're all different. theye all fun. they're all, you know - >> and you can really take itt to the nexvel rather than typical standard pack,w, six pack of light beers, you know, take it up. >> and that's the big ink that i like to push for, especially, you know, today this is the day th you really want to celebrate, you want to do something where you're supporting all of ese different breweries, cidees, just everything that is independent. >> right. >> and which is the spirit of this country,th it's the 4f july.
4:24 am
>> yeah. >> ts is all thatentrepreneurshp and every single one of these oducers is completely and you saved my favoriteaft.>> and the one i'm most exced for, for last. >> so this is brand new, from the old westminster --- whoops. >> that's okay. that's okay. perfect, we don't want to waste that. >> old westminster winery, which is the first nitrogenated rosé. >> so what does the niogenated rosé taste like? and what makes it different? >> so it's going to a lot more silky. you can see a little bitof he small cascading bubbles - rather than the big spritzy bubbles. ou mmm hmm. >> but in this cas end up with this nice creaminess, you get that fruit coming out and it's just super refreshing. >> okay, i'm going to need to get a case of that for the summer. this is perfectg i'm definitely to take this to my picnic later today. give me a cheers. everyone out there have a safe and happy 4th of july.h thank you sofor tuning in to our 4th of july edition of cooking with como. >>heers. >> this is amazing. >> it's good, right? >> mmm hmm. [music]
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critics say this the could be eye signal that they want to focus on the schedule and not that kennedy is retiring and sends the wrong message about diversity.the president said hes anning to pick the next osupreme court justice fill the vacant seat that belong to anthony kennedy. he interviewed several candidates from a list of 25 plans to list his choice on monday. they're hoping the president will make the pick to make the cortright leaning and several will worry it ll overturn rulings likeer row vs weighed. this wil be a fight to the left come at with emotion. and publicans and conservatives with ram fitionz they're coming tat from academic standpoint. pushed by the white thousand have confirmation naeringz august when the senate is planning to stay in have a new justice seated byoc
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ber session. 4:28the time now. meanwhile, president trumpd ordere flags be lowered to half staff in honor of five employ he'd kill at the capital gazette newspaper. he denieded the request yesterday and sarah sanders said once he learnedt of presiden mayna opolis requestsed thalts he oered flags town half staff. a grave side service for gerald fishman will be held sunday 1 p.m. julien memorial gardens and surprised memorial service held for rebecca smith 7 p.m. duxt da ruing funeral home in denmark dock, marylan marynd. 4:29 is the timement former d.c. school teacher convicted of assaulting a fo grader will not go to jail. they sentenced lacie thorndton to super probation from
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an iident last october. the whole thing was caught on take thornton said hwas miss behalf ep and disruptive and she asked her to leaveashe sroom. when she tried to get back in the class after forgetting something she left behind thornton hit hol. the system repleased a statement in part we would not be able to comment on any investigation on personnel is number one priority.dents en judtenced thornton to 180 days in jail. it was suspended. as part ofon probatihe has to take anger management classes and write a apology letter and she cannot work with chiren unless approved by probation oicer. still no word thng morni on what caused a ddly housefire in. it took 40 fire fighte to bring the fir under control. once it was out the body of a man was found inside and the body was


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