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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  July 4, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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over a controversial anti-trump shirt sold on its website. new vid overnight of the group of young boys stuck in a flooded cave in thailsd a we learn the effort to get them out faces monumentall challenges. caught on ra, a woman falls out of a moving suv on to a busy intersection. the test that could soon be a thingthe past when it comes to detectingan cr in women, fox 5 news morning at 6:00 a.m. starts now. right now at 6:00. we say happy of july everybody. live look at the white house and this 4th of july i the u.s. capital. the calm before the storm of tens of thous of us gather on the national mall for the capitals fourth celebration late today. ♪ . ♪ morning america, people across
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the country will celebrate america's birthday today. the real place to be isight here i dc >> hundreds of thousands expeed to gather around the city, security will be tight, melanie alnwick is outside the national archives buildings giving a preview of what could possibly happen today, what you need toin br what you don't need to brink some obvious, some ornot. >> repr: good morning, little curve ball, we moved from the national archives furthern down constitutio avenue, you can see the h fenciere, road closures set to beginus literal in j the minutes from now, is is henry bacon drive, but constitution avenue along here allf this is going to be shut down this will become a secure perimeter zone, y can see the metrobuses being used as shuttle busses, i want you to take note similar to what we have for the stanley cup pade. if you're planning on viewingth parade, you'll need tse which side of the street you want toe on we also know that there's so many different
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things going on dark we've got the folk live festival, nats park, we have, of course, so many different vendors and things long themall, parade. and all of this leading up to the grand finally >> god bless america. >> and that is just some of the performers who were warming up yesterday. before the big capital 4th concert, soonl the crowds start showing up. it takes a lot of people to put on a party of thissize, 180 national park service employees and volunteers will be putting inhi 16 hourfts but it is a day they take great joy in. >> my first 4th of july in washington, dc was for t by centennial in 1976. there is no more patriotic,o better place to be on the 4th of july thanashington, dc. >> reporter: now, everyone
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should expect to security screening checkpoints, we'll show you a map of those access, po everything you see there in the shaded zone, that's a secure zoneor fireworks viewing and activitie on the nationalll. those blue dots that you see, those are the access points, you need to give yourself plenty of time to get through, metro alone expects to carry some600,000 riders to and from the festivals, trains running from 7:00 nam. tory trains eve 12 minutes, off peak fares all daynd parking will be fr. one other thing the smithsonian stations after 9:00 p.m., you will not be able to exit fm those stations, 9:00 p.m. is pretty much that time where down.thing is going to lock you g to be through security screenin g youot to be through the metro stations. w if yout to have your opportunity to view the fireworks on the mall. live here on constitution
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aven, melanie alnwick, fox 5 local news. thank you meantime right now is 6:03. staff members at the capital nepaper in annapolis will walk in the city's 4th of july parade. comes less than a week after colleagues were shot and killedl first responders willso be honoredthe parade. yesterday the staff at the capital gazette got a hte from the washington capitals, the equipmentanager brought the stanley cup to thete's temporaryazl services have been announced for two more services, gerald fischman will be sunday at 1:00 p.m. in olney, also, on sunday, a memorial serve wil held for sales assistant rebecca smith at 7:00 p.m. in dundorf maryland. >> 6:04 clean-up underway in parts of the dc region this mo sing. following strtorms
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yesterday evening. lightening brought down trees and sparked fires at at least two homes, now one fire started at a home in gaithersburgn orchard boulevard luckily the fami that lived there wasn't home at the time. a treerashing into this north ht potoma home. good news?am no seriousage there. meantime, charles county, weo and firefighters are trying to tfigure out caused the deadly house fire in waldorf. the photo taken by a neighbor as theire was raging, one manha died int fire, three firefighters who first arred on the scenended up heat exhaustion. president trump 4th of july in west virgnia i an's event to honor the military, a spoke a charity dinner. proceeds willenefit active military members and veterans. that came hours after the trump reversing the obama-era policy of affirmative actionn schools, men to encourage
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diversity ons college campuse the trump administration policy ange will encourage schools to priorize race neutral r, it will not change rrent affirmative action laws. ♪. only on the college campuses? >> that's a problem. happy 4th. let me get there. >> happy 4th. >> yeah. >> yeah.ri alght, survey yesterday that wasn't pleasant >> you mn theeat >> yes. what about the big flash monsoon that happened? >> parts of the a had storms that developed. it was widely isolated >> when it's so hot, i'm always expecting a random shower. you should. and today, we'llhe do same thing, few storms this afternoon, there will be wideth scattered but if you get them, you could have monsoon like we had expeence. hour heat in ax yesterday for time was between 110 and 115. that's extraordinary. here's your 4th of july headline, will not be coyote as
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yesterday we made to it i think 97, i'll double-check that. i think it's 97. not pleasant this morning, it's holiday because it's the >> it's 6:07. 70's a dulles and habwl 75. satellite and radar, featuring quiet cditions for the time being, later this afternoon, because we do have an unbe stabletmosphere and as alice mentioned when it's hot and humid we only have storms going, againou got the pool parties, barbecues going out tonight to see fireworks, i would countfi t and foremost dry weather, highs in the low 90's this afternoon. erin you'r so spirited. >> love that. >> i love that dress. good morning. >> thank you so much. was trying to find an american flag dress and t is red, white and, i feel like this is a blueish color. so i love how it looks. >> thank you. >> what
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>> i like it. >> what, wisdom? >> nothing. i g nothing. ok. feel like he's giving me the sad eye. >> gorgeo >> allison has blue on so we're all matching >> i'm installing because i don't really have much to talk about, pterson near 13th, there district. if you're 2 and older, 4th of july sober ride taking place 7:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. tomorrow have or download lyft on youre and at no cost you will re ive aride. that's up to 15 bucks. nice. something to. keep in mind yes, tucker >> i had drinks and i can't remember the sober code >> that's why i'm telling you now so you can download and write it down and sidebar this, tucker if you've had too many drinks we have bigger issues. fair enough? aside from that. metro service picks up at 00. back to yo guys. e6:08 is th time.
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aes rush tocue a group of it could take weeks to get them out. on this 4th of july, a warning about how the rfect opportunity for thieves to target your home. back in just 30 seconds. at havertys we know everyone has different tastes. and this indepdence day... ...we're making it easto fine hurry in to havertys independence dayale. for the last few days, the re you spend, y the more save- up to $1000. !w much you save is up to with more styles and custom fabrics to choose from. it's furniture that fits you havertys. life looks good . news out of th, this eloping morning, rescue teams are
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treating the 12 young football players and their coach still is it stranded inside a deep cave in northern thailand. >> video released by theoyal time navy shows thes being treated for cuts on their feet. maureen u umeh joinss with how crews are planng to get them home but it will not be easy >> areep rtedly getting better. beinged and cared for boy search team as officials work out a plan they hope will lead to their rescue. >> new video from inside a thailand cave shows the youth soccer team trapped wrapped i foil blankets. the team was missing more than a and floodingai prevented them from leaving strandinn the group i one of the cave's many chambers. crs are working to restore healthoo giving themd easily a digend high in nutrients. they're being taught how to
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navigate the muddy flood waters but it' a rfk key possibility >> the water stream is quite strong and it would be risky, for nondiffersea it'sdy tough >> so fa no practice dives, crews ran tough the old rescue response, medical teams could soon be scenery he reversing their own patrol >>e'll be careful not to rush as long as they're safe and strong and in good hands >> worried mothers and fathers says the binning of the search are breathing much years now.>>e for the search to find them. if they didn't, i told myselfat that would be all the blessing that they are together. crews continue pumping out water from the cave hoping to -- from the cave hoping to drain enough to begin rescue efforts. but again, alice as you said there's a long task ahead, so many possibilities they're hoping to find one way to bring the boys and coach out to
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safety. >> hoping for a good outcome, maureen, thank you. let's get to this disturbing video out of florida,sp an onsive woman appears to fall out of a moving suv on to i busy intersectn tampa, you see it in the street. driver's side and calmly walking over to pick the woman up and back into the car. was her 19-year-old boyfriehe it drivin suv. the womanuffered road rash to her legs elbows. they say it was simply an accident and opened when she leaned against it maybe there's b a little more to the story >> we are jt hours awa from the 4th of july celebrations anu what y need to know about getting aroundown this holiday. a live look outside as we take you to the break, this is why erin cany reallust do a fashion show in her cut dress, nothing much going on in thead
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(sound of car door opening) (sound of engine starting)ng) ♪ . gting ready for the nation's birthday, this is a live look outside downtown. thousands of people going to be down there, melanie alnwick is reporting live all morningth lo all of the things you need to know before you head down. which you can brinkhat you canu bring, you know, etc, all the things that you need to know before you head outo celebrate today. we also knowhen you are celebrating it will be hot down there. right, tucker >> that's an absolute guarantee. wisdom, as it just hasn't even cooled off ahe night in last couple days, there's a live look at the capital.
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it is nice and quie no storms out early. and at least the first half of the day we should be storm, free, later we get widely scattered storms like eryesty. much of the area didn'tterday b around the cit sy up into montgomery county we had pretty good showers and a few strong thunderstorms, 97 at reagan national, dulles 97,in the r, neas bwi. it will not be quite as hot. but expecting 90's, maybe a litt better than yesterday. i touched my screen trying to -- there we go. and doesn't move. numbs right now, 8 in washington, it is not comfortable this morning, it's humid out there. 81 in annapolis, 79 in quantico, hagerstown, winch 72.s, 77 i can't find a 60'swhere on anotheras we're off for warm and sticky, what will become a hot and sticky afternoon with highs in the low 90's, heat index later about
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10 that the right below the threshold for the heat advisory, so no excessive heat warnings today. later we're liky to see few showers and storms pop up. here we are at 11:00. dry this mornin put a, there guarantee where the storms will set up. futurecast likes the idea f it just west of washington, perhaps the mountains, out in loudoun county, fall kere county, i don't think we'll get showers down at theall, but it will be a close call and i can't guarantee we won't havewer or thunderstorm this afternoon, 86, partlyidlear hum we'll row the possibility of a rumble of thunder in the forecast at 9:09 when therk fis begin, it will be warm and humid with temps in the 80's. 91. be chance of rain friday,
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strong cold front, 83 saturday, 85 sunday, low humidity going to be perfect perfect weekend about ten degrees coor than this afternoon. that i weather, have a great 4th. seeou in five minutes. you're in aood today. it's a good one.ea madison streer 13th we do have a miles an hour crash, if you're just waking up trying to get to work on july 4th, we don't have volume like youll typica would see this time of morning, traffics closure kicked in for the 4th of july celebration ar,nd national melanie alnwick has coverage this morning, as for metro the w kic inh service at 7:00 a.m. free parking at metro facilities, they're running additional trains to accommodate customers for the fireworks. don't forget if you have lyft u can download the sober ride prom code to get a ride up to
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15 bucks for free on your way home. back to u guys. if you haven't already, there's ill time to hit the road and kick off the 4th of july celebrations. here's a look at the local gas prices in our area right now. braceyourself, because my experience says it's been high but in maryland the average gas price is 2.97 for a gallon regular and districts average is $3 and northern virginia, 2.87, ong gas to the for the day, it's about$2.86, maybe gas prices don't keep you at home. >> maybe they do. >> maybe they do. >>ou yan bring drinking water on metro just for the da lifted its no eating or drinking poli water only in stations and aboard ains, busses, metro access vehicles, food and ban which ridernks dri do not a follow, is legally enforceable in maryland, virginia and dc.
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the 4th of july holiday may the perfect opportunity for thieves to target your home, whatou need to know. a possible medical w breakthroughhen it comes to treaceng a certain canin women. as w take you to the break, does it get cuter than this? these texas babies are was drupe let's are celebrating. 4th of july. they went home yesterday decked out in the independence day blanests. hello, little .
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did better at detecting precancers than pap test sodid. aletter to predict who would stay cancer-free, health officials recmend screening every three years or five years for wheen between ages of 29 and 65. wal-mart is pulling its controversial anti-trump impeach 45 t-shirt from its website,hr supporterseaten to boycott the company on social media. old glorythe company that was selling the impeach 45 apparel. also sells several pro trump items iluding many make america great again products. ♪ . ♪ . millions of peoplent around thery traveling this week for the 4th of july holiday, while it may be a time for vacations, it can also be a perfect opportunity for thieves. if you'reon plann heading out of town the secret service has warning for travelers, and ployees are warning homeowners aboutreak ins, cori coffinas
6:24 am
what you need to know. >> reporter: secret service agents are inspecting pps in 21 states to remove the hidden illegalic skimming dev that steel your credit card information. ahead of the busy memorial holiday, agents found 70 devices, to guaraee you won't be a victim, pay inside, the 4th also leaves homwners as a rule should. >> criminals will take advantage bof peopleeing gone, they will scope outnd neighborhoods aook to see if they can easi identify residents who may be gone aong weekend and try and target those homes for burglaries. >> be careful what you post on line dia like everybody else does. people don't realize how much information they put out there they can ultimately be used against them. people often forget the little things like locking all windows and side or garage doors. have pet? that dog door could be a problem >> as there are pouple small en that can climb through theseet doors and let other
6:25 am
peoplento the home once they >> rick good with the montgomery county police departmet also recommends you get to know your neighbors >> let them know w your plans are and if they will be hope, have them keep an eye onour house, make sure you have somebody check or stop your mail. burglars will looko see if there's mail piling up that's a pretty good indicationobody is home >> for the tech savvy smart doorbell lets you see and even talk to whoever is at thedoor. >> cori coffin reportings. experts say it can take a burglar less than a minute to break in, usually outnd in u five minutes. hat in mind keep all those tips in mind. the you . be> we also know that it wil extremely hot during the holiday seashi >> do we t that tucker should be over here wit us >> tucker can be wherever he wants. it's cooler when it's just two of us over here. body heat >> how are you doing with the heat >> i'mgood. i'm good. >> is this -- i know you're
6:26 am
originally from mississippi. is this the same heat? it the same sort of >> it's far worse down south >> when i thppk about mississi >> far worse down south >>es >> how could it beuch worse >> because the humidity is insane, it's the same as in new orlean >> i think we givess missipi a run yesterday, heat index 11 115 >> no, you didn' >> that's a contest i don't really wan to win. 80 inon washingt low 90's. yesterday it wa 97. but still be hot and humid.oday and we' still looking for possibility of scattered widely scattered. this afternoon, we keep the elop 90's around through the end over the week, best chance will be fray with strong cold front which willive u less humidity and cooler numbers for saturday
6:27 am
and sund i never had to hurry so much in aoliday show. good-bye. >> good-bye, tuck. >> hi. >> tucker is happy even on july 4th. come on. havete cho bar, cheer up. no? you're happy? that's good. it'sir bday party he said he's happy. we'll work on getting som stuff for later for the goo day show. right? all right n, bay bridge best times to travel before 9:00 and af0:00 p.m. look atig very l volume across the bridge, metroervice picking up at 7:00. keep it to fox 5, we'll be right back. l be right ba.
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live look at the white house on this independence day, happy 4th of july everybody. stay cool, hydrated and have a good time if you're headed out to see the fireworks later. back to fox 5 n morning, we'll have weather a traffic for you coming up on the 5's at 6:35. birthday, happy america, i think it's number 242, looking ofgood. the biggest celebrations thousands expected to gather on the nationalmall. that's where we find melanie alnwick with the preview >> happy 4th allison, you're coming down here later? i think you are. anyway, the road closure have g
6:31 am
fencing all the way up here. now, what they've had to do, essentially in this entire secure zone are shut down and cleang everybody out of the national mall. so they can do a security sweep of that entire secure zone for the fireworks viewing. you can see ovebahere as well now over to constitution enue, this will be the parade route this morning. you can see they've got constitution avenue shut down now as well. and the security tents are only eight security access points for the mall very important that u know where you'll beoing and cl because otherwise you'll have to walk a long way. let's tell you about the this you cannot bring pretty much common sense here, we're talking about no weapons, no ammunition, no alcohol, no glass, no grills, no drones and also no tents, no personal tents that may block somebody else's view, very important. again, we just want to mention they didn't know ahead before
6:32 am
you g dn here about what side of constitution avenue you want to be on, wre along the fireworkpath you want to be because as you see, everything fenced off, you'll have to walk a very lo way, comfortable shoes folks and lots of water. live c ononstitution avenue, melanie alnwick, fox 5 local news. yes, i will be down there, d know yn't hear me but i will be. metro alone expects to carry nearly,000 riders to and running festivitieses from 7:00 to 11:30 p.m with trains running every 12utes will pay off-peak fares and parking isfree. let's take a look at the top stories, police in montgomery county need your help finding this missing teen 17-year-old gray son louder millast seen leaving his home in the 3500 block woodbined street, a 10:00 saturday night was when he left. both police and his family
6:33 am
concerned for his welfare even calling on special victims investigators to help in the so much. if you have any information on grace son louder's whereabouts let's get to an update on . the story werought you as breaking news this time 7-eleven in northea dc with as a someone who word inside the store. not the driver. tat person suffered serious injuries. the crash happened just after midnight in the 900 blo of eastern avenue. the driver was not hurt. in maryland, a state of emergency in ellicott city following the devastating flooding been extended until july 30th, a portion of main street 'een maryland andld columbia pike will remain close. businesses can allow contractors on properties but parking will be permitted on a first come first served basis. now to an update on a fox 5
6:34 am
exclusive. maryland priest who kick add family outisf church in the middle of their mother's funeral ministrative leave by catholic archdiocese of washington. family out of st. mary's church in the middle of the as much as it hapned after a guest accidently knocked over and damaged a chalace. the arciocese sent an apology34 . we'll begin on the baseballhe fiel nats with thed boss rex 4th of july. first pitch, 11:05. hopefully today's game won't be day jay uv.
6:35 am
the socks toomuch, they win 11-4. >> the basketball seetho fill guy left from the trade. labron >> he he's taken, second bet thing, dwighthoward, heading to washington, couldn't get la byron, so they will get dwight howard. >> chocolate shoulders? isn't that what t y callhim? i thought that's what they called him >> that's the way they describe his game. chocolate shoulders. the we've at $5 mlion with the center, thi deal is official once howard clears away. jeff green also joining wizards to sign a sign a $1.5million. i s just kidding dwight howarde' >> h a local guy. >> i was just messing
6:36 am
>> they call him chocolate shoulders > is it myas imagination o dwight howard played on more teams than you had girlfriends in coege? >> yeah, that's about right. >> seems like he's been around for a minute >> he came o straightut of high school from atlanta georgia ande gets tra every season now. so you're oright. it's rn par with the number of girlfrids i had in college, right on par. he's got one more, he'll pass me, one more trade. >> meanwh the nats >> welcome. so that's great. >> hope you're not watching. >>welcome. that's great, hope you're not watching >> what did you say tuck >> i think the nats are one game above 500. what's going on here? >> they' struggling >> nobody make more dramatic and better. we'll be in the low 90's later today. hot and humid not be quite as hot and humid as yesterday. yesterday, the heat index got to about 110 in the afternoon, so it will still be verycky day out there. as you a out and about for the
6:37 am and recettered showers and storms later this afternoon, i'm hopi we keep it dry for ton fireworksight although that is not a complete guarantee. that's a wish. tht's a wish. that we keep it dry. looks likeost storms will be out by sunset so i think we'll be in pretty good shape.ut 86. your graphic is so pretty >> thanks. , erin. good morning,gu ys. it's a holiday and i want to tell tucker iidn't know what he was looking for, so i couldn't offer him, you know, >> me either >> weav do h quiet conditions 95 southbound through rg frederic, so if you are making your way towards virginia beachou're in great shape a disabled tractor-trailer blocks the shoulder but no slowdowns light volume, 95 northbound literally look at that, it's a ghost town between the capital beltnd baltimore, it's quiet. maybe you're t headed the 4th of july a
6:38 am
celebration, you're in greatwa shape either also quiet across the bay brokerage, volum picki up as you makeay your w eastbound from the annapolis ahea towards beaches. best time to leave before 9:00, after 10:00 if you want to avoid getting a potential rush, service picks up at 7:00.s we'll be right back. dr years it was youram house. now it's your home. ♪ it's where your family feels ready to take on anythg. jump in with confidence with the suntrust smartgtide mortgage applica. om visit on or speak to the suntrust team to help buy or remodel your home. suntrust confidence starts here.
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♪ ♪ 6:40 and back through on is july 4th with what is trendingrn wednesday mog, an arizona womanrs facing t-degree murder charges after shooting and killing her
6:41 am
own son because he s about put her in aursing home. police say 92ear-old anna blessing confronts her son holding two pistols hon monday, thend turne the son on the girlfriend, the girlfriend was able to knock the guns out o the woman's hands and call 911 not befor thetragedy. one of the doings that portrayed duke in commercials for bushesaked beans passed h away. the dad been battle an aggressive form of cancer. he lived near orlando orida. sam just one of several dogs portyed the talking k9. team japan must have been breaking loss to belgium in the rounds of 16 onnd mo, they had the lead tuesday up before belgium stopped backup. but the japanese team saluted with a bowel after the game and then took time tolean up the
6:42 am
locker room, which was impeccable. the reporter shared a picture of a spick-and-span sight. they left a note for the russian hostru written in ssian, simply said, thank you. and i think you call that class act. justike you, wisdom martin. ust like you.wisdom martin. y>> that was ver nice. >> a class act. >> nicely thank you much. how about this on the 4th of july, fireworks aren't your things, why not beat the heat withvi a e? kevin mccarthy will join us next with his picks for the best s independence day movtay with us.
6:43 am
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6:44 on wednesday, not just any weesday, it's the 4th of july. we're a f days away from the ne zip trip literally just two days and we had a great time at leisure world >> next week we're heading out to prince william's county, starting at 6op0 a.m. wee to see you there as well and gets ready to ride in style this summer for ourox 5 zip trip. go now through augus 19th and enter for a chance to win, aar two-ye lease on an acura tls. five if i'm notes selected august 20th. must attend theip final trip event on august 31st in order to be legible to win be one winner will selected at the final ziprip and must be guess what?lder.
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we have to wait for hy >>? >> i don't know. >> ok. i do know. >>ti how mme do we have to wait >> it's an ad so let's wait ten seconds haily. >> it was worth the way the. right? cone answer. main headline, 4th of july. let's get to it. hot and humid for the 4th. temps expected to be in the low 90's this afternoon. yesterday we were in mid90 to upper , heat index yesterday afternoon was 110 to 115 tore ch of the area, will not be quite as hot. still will be hot and humid. atts of w if you going to the parades or g ng to be and about at picnics and barbecue and going to fireworks tonight. 80 right now in washington not quite as hot has yesterday. 82 in in leonardtown.ernight lows,
6:47 am
frederick, 73, 76, in lpeper, you get a sense of what we're looking at and the due point temperatures still remain incredibly uomfortable in the mid to upper 70's. 75 the current due point in dc, 77 ian polis. v very warm,ery sticky start to your day. cloud cover not so much early this morning, we'll see a fewhe clouds in morning hours and then this afternoon, likely to get at least and few showers thunderstorms developing just like yesterday, after we get daytime heating atmosphere a little unstable and a there wil be few storms widely scattered. nothing driving them, but just like yesterday,ew showers, futurecast likes the idea of the storms developing to our west. enhanced00 by , hanging out along 81 in hagerstown a we'll see if we get any more developing than that but at least the psibility of a few showers and storms later this afternoon, and this evening.
6:48 am
here's your independence planner. low 90's, heat 9index,5 to hundred, still unpleasant temperature-wise and humidity wise, not quite asot as yesterday. early evening lunderstorms, chance for that strong cold front. look what it f doeor the weekend, temperatures in the low to mid 8s, and lower humidity round of applause yeah, by saturday and sunday. i can hear theerpplause. th it was. erin are you in >> i am.lding i haven't forgotte getting new information for you, i know you like metrer metrovices picked up at 7:00. th will be openntil about ditional trains running to accommodate those extra people riding for the evening 4th of july celebratio, off peak there's fast and parking is free at metro facilities. blue line arlington cemetery
6:49 am
station will be entry onlyfter 9:00 p.m. blue and silver lines from m smithsonianl will be entry onlyfter 9:00 p.m. independence avee will be normal and yellow line after 6:00 operating between hundred to know andounts vernon, green line to continue the trip. if you have questions about metro or put gting around, just let me know, keep in mind a lot of road closures around nationalma . plan ahead. back to 6:49. thanks,. erin they are often regarded as a fae the 4th of july but belve it or not, sparklersth are one of most dangerous firework that you can hand to your xpkids,erts say last year, there were almost 13,000 injuries related to thew fires. causes of those injuries.ading besides the ids also kee your pets in mind this holiday.o fires picnics and other 4th of j traditions can be great fun foreople.
6:50 am
but all the festivities can be frightening dangerous, noisy firework can say start animals and cause them to run away >> so out of the blue, they don't understand that it's 4th of july. u they don'terstand that there's a thunderstorm changes, they hear the rumbled they think that world isng comio an end >> according to theissing pet partnership, the 4th is the highest level of reported lost pets >> my dogs get so nervous it's so sad. happening today,ea thech is returning to the national building museum,itors can jump into a pool as part of the new fun house installation part of the museum's summer block party series. doesn't that look fun? features room displays and hot tub. it's open until september 3rd. if you need relief from the
6:51 am
heat. most of the outdoor pools will be open be00een 11: a.m. and 6:00.m. park , willpe from 10:00 a.m. nnilworth and oxon will be open until 9:00 p.m. what will you do to celebra? >> good to see you. i got to say something, my dog, i think a lot of dogs are in that same boat where they get nervous about thunder and fireworks, but he will be lighting off fireworks ihby neighood since sunday and i just genuinely feel bad. he goes under the bedrt and sta shaking and i feel awful. i thought i lt hadot to do, because he was and rescue a left out in someone left him out somewhere before he got rescued before we bought him but it's very -- it's sad. >> it is sad >> i wish there was a way we could explain tohem also i wish we could tell them we're coming back after we leave for work in the morning. you know what i mean >> i also i can tell them i'm
6:52 am
not the i person you thinkm because you ink i have no flaws at all. the are lots we we shall we could tellhem we could communicates some things to them, obviously day is 4th of july. a lot of movies, i never talk movies on this show, i thought today maybe i could try mething new fyou. and just do a list of movies to watch on 4th of july. i have a show time schedule at my house today of what we're watching at 4:00 t watchhe sand lot and 7:00 we're watching wolf of wolf of wall street >> we used took in the world cup section and had to go,o the so >> i have a schedule today. a strict schedule >> for all the computer business >> it's show time. aggravate movies of all time.he grew upthis film, everything about it to mes -- represents just the idea that america, 4th ofjuly, there's ath of july quence with a fireworks, smore
6:53 am
scene one of the aggravat i'll be recreating that if you want to follow up. benny the jets ride rodriguez, nes, the scene with the chew rlo scene. i just love that movieo much. next up is jaws. did you hear your father? out of the wat it's a crazy movie, obviously. t butre's definitely a 4th oem july ent. do you remember the mayor wants to kee it open on the july.of it's an absolute master piece, we had spiel berg, luckily we hadpiel berg on our show before talking about jaws and one of the bou was all the technical breakdowns with the, the reason it's so great is all ss you see of the shark the le more intense it ends up becoming. it was actually necessity is the mother of invention, having less shark mad it scare scarier but again when they were making it there was a production, the shark was tested originally in fresh water and when they went
6:54 am
out to salt water the ocean kept breakingwn . next up indepdence day isn obvious choice, one of the greatest speeches in the history of vies. it resonates with everytng, will smi career obviously began with the movie in the sense it became a movie star, we know hwas a star before that. but this was the movie star will smith that we met when this film came out. remember him telling me at the men in black three he saw a line in new york city oteside the thea and he knew his career chand from thatarticular film. next up the patriot starrinn mel gibs empty rick, a great lm taking place during the american revolutionary war, heath ledger in this as well. done. old school to go backlassic i got to mention yankee doodle, dandy, james cagney, it's a
6:55 am
happy movie, it has to do with patriotism. and james cagney one of the greatest, actors, singers and dancers. i'll be back with the top five films of the year so date of 2018, it's been an amazing summer at the box office, one of the best movies of the year so far and t we'll geto those shortly >> thank you, kevin. let's dos thi again some 'stime. >> talk movies next time i never get to talk movies somemes >> you want fun fact? my brother and i in one of the beach scenes, apparently i got t in jaws. >> what >> yeah. >> you must have been a little baby >> i was like five years old. >> are you joking >> no >> never heard this story. >> never heard this i my life. >> where was it >> in new england my family was the beach >> why are you burying this? he's lying >> i'm not talking to h for three minutes, we've known each other 22ears and you never told m this story >> it was like doesn't matter
6:56 am
>> like 100 people on a beach the bac of myhead. >> never mind, i can't live with that, i'm talking to youbu agai i never heard that story >> th. jaws ie show we talked at least 100 tes >> if you ever want to talk a movietar is, you got one here >> i know i'm aware >> reagan national 80 >> you can do the ab's thing during the shoot >> i did it early in myab 's career, 78 in dulles, 77 bwi marshal. quiet at this moment. low 90'sitater today w humidity and showe and storms possibility. just like yesterda w much of the area't get anything but we will see a few showers and storms firing u thisfternoon after we get daytimeheating. we'll be dry in time for the fireworks tonight. 91 tomorr, best chance for rain will be friday. and then cooler ls humidity this weekend. saturday and sunday. erin all right. allison. >> you'll go down there
6:57 am
>> the reend act meant for the declaration independence reading at 10:00. comeoin us. introducin fresh to stay off your floor,ow-td
6:58 am
and everywhere else. let's make litter less oa mess. let's start fresh. ♪ protecyour pet with the #1 name in flea and tick protection. frontline plus. trusted by vets for nearly 20 years.
6:59 am
. at 7:00 celebrating america the national mall, calm before the crowds rush in in just urs, tens of thousand to say plan to f gather a holiday concert and feworkshow.
7:00 am
new video of the boys trapped in thailand in a doctors updating their condition overnight. as rescue teams work to come up th an exit plan. theco test tuld soon be a thing of the past when it comes t detecting cervi cancer. lord stanley on the move. capitals fans inethesdaet th chance to see it's mcup. fox 5 newsning at 7:00 a.m. starts now. and a good morning to you, wednesday, 4th of july. with that we say happy independence day,nd if you're j look outside. that's ahe nationalrchives building, all decked out in red, white and blue. >> absolutelyy'gorgeous, the getting ready for a big day don indistrict. so with that in nd, let's get a quick check of weather and t traffic,ucker and erin standing by, tuck, starting with youho >> i was dowse steps a couple weeks ago >> it's a good


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