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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  July 5, 2018 4:30am-4:59am EDT

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we've been following this breaking news since it happened. unty, that accident that erin was mentioning. two children thrown from an suv after it crashed on route 210 in fortce washington. poli say it happened around 1:45. the vehicle ran off the road and hit a guardrail and the y'reak to te the driver en t picture right t where of the suv involved in this single vehicle crash. >> we're also tracking s brking new from tom district. a violent end to the fourth of july.x si shot, three peoere stabbed and sev incidents since 11 o'clock last night. thk incidents place in five different locations in right now of the victimse ar alive. >> ♪ >> develop overnight in the district a long running word of mouth fireworks celebration was buste up last night by police. according to one local web te, the show has been a d.c. july 4th staple fec wes bor illegal.
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>> fox5's melanie alnwick live at d.c. police headquarters tith the details onsem c dn a t cllitegy'als fireworks. mel. rning, guys.r: hey, good yeah, police have been pretty outspoken, ver clear about illegal fireworks in the city. they've mentioned it in press conferences.they've published i. it's on their web site. there's brochures they've been puttingutpalers and fountains vee okay, but anything that irys large, any projectiles, those sorts of things, they are clearly not. now,t been this area on the d.c.esteb site that tipped bught to nthwest shg down there very large show. >> let him go, let him go, let him go, let g himo. >> reporter: and there you can hear people shouting "let him go." video of a man in fireworks as
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the official fireworks show inpo the national mall off in the distance. now, according to the d.c.kest article at family's displ and the h crowdsave grown every year now involving a three part show with many familyiles and the that puts this off saying clearly that they knew this was against the law but they figured because they've been kind of overlooked in the pastit that was okay. but clely it is not. also, d.c. fire crews lastt nigh were busy responing to several outdoor fires ignited by illegal fireworks, this one on randolph pce northwest in a dumpsteraying that they -- d.c. fire saying th this could easily have been someone else's home and there was another one on fairm street northwest. that one actually was a dumpster fire in a trash chute. also bringing smoke into many people's apartments as well. now, d.c. police told us they got a cl for the fireworks on fairmountlsee s.troun a d.c.e telling us they were made are of it because of that article and they wanted the make sure that it wasn't going
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to happen this year. at d.c. poe headquarters, i'm melanie 43 ishe teight now. secretary of state mike pompeo is inort friday meeting with north korean leader m jong un. friday's meeting is expected to include plans tole dismant north korea's nuclear program. after north korea pompeo willda denuclearizization. pompeo will that end his week in bruels where he'll join the president at the annual nato summit. tend make america greatmp will again rally in great falls montana. the president is expected to address his tax cuts job creation aio illegal immigrat back here in d.c. candidates for the supreme court vacan will go through more .rve cprisesen pick monday. ounia. th 7ar i b hospital ony. wng
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treated with antibiotics. his skesperson said hoyer islooo being -- forward to being back at workoon. ♪> celebrated our nation's independence daythe national mall yesterday filled the best in patriotic fashion. arted whd byering d st ahearesamt he oethal therewoe national mall. in annapold, eis annual independence day parade there honoran svoedti o e capital-gazette staf the paper typically covering the event were a part of it along with some family members. there were a few dozen in the group thatked some carriedt >> ♪ np time. we're heading to woodbridge in prince william county. holly is going to be there along with tony tucker starting at 6:00 a.m. so we hope to s you as well. get ready to ride s style thisummer with our fox5 zip
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trip. go to through august 19th and eer year lease on a new 2 random drn august 20th. all finalists must attend the final zip trip event in order to beligible to win. be winner e selected at the final zip trip. all entrants must b18 or older the p is provided by d.c. area acura dealers and complete rules are available .c foxom/contests. >> lets they can in with mike thomas -- neckhrou anothe s.r weryar wme used tohik , 78e out87napo alisndkayoo you wantt
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your day. 81 for baltimore. or quantico. so, ready for h get and humid ano sticky one outhe t this afternoon. if there's any good news at all, much like yesterday felt vere the c sun ofhelouds we could have that once again om trehe.rnoon. sunshine. things will get unstable and we could potentially pop a storm or two this afternoon. 92 degrees later today, a spottyhunderstorm. storms much more likely tomorrow. 88 degrees and then we'll get rid of some of this humidity as we head into weekend.'ll talt ekentdasorecnt i minutes. all right, that's weather. hiin is backith traffic., erin. >> busy start to the morning at 4:36. if you're traveling in fort shington all lanes of northbound 210 after fort washington road are blocked right now for a crash investigation. single suv slammed into adraidr two childre wn froargum that suv taken to the hospital as we. caution down there. you'll have to detour and what much for delays. mccomb street at 34th street crash blocking all ingive yourso
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get a youroming up on f morningn faces backlash for hert role. >>la lawmaker has police called on her. >> fox5 morningfts back a this. >> ♪ >> ♪ breyers natural vanilla.
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and milk! breyers. the good vanilla. we proud f partner with amerarmers for grade a milk and cream. mmm! where the sun soaks the leaves with 4000 hours of sshine before we pick them at tand aromaf freshness foe in every cup of lipton. >> ♪ >> welcome back to f5 morning. th is 4:3 and it ist 80 degrees. >> holly morris returns with e stories you'rengin th mth mng on esocial media. >> first up an oregon representative was accused of casing a neighborhood while she was canvassing for her
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second tm. ours knocking onannell bynum sptw fficer who told her a w hadanom thashe c wasdalg too muc time at housesno taking s on her phone after leaving. the woman a laterpologized and for the safety of her neighborhood. first, vhs, then cd's now could the next piece of technology that goes extinct be hard drives. a harvard firm annoys the it can dramatically cut the cost of dna storage and store data way longer than just a gular hard drive. researchers have noted these new technologies are far more expensive. shoppers and twitter users praising asos afabr they
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introduced aility clothing line. she's eagerly asking twitter users what they would l to nextctress scarlett johansson is athetefnt,in a trua transgen massage parloran a tizy when it wasnn ancou be pladero many ctrsgalling oann transgendr actola to p the role spectfully. and finally ladies, youof cially have not a chance with chance the rapper because, guess what, he's getting married. he proposed to long time girlfriend kiersten corely celebration and she s yes. the couple has beeng d since 2013 and they already have one daughter together. so, congratulations to them. those are your trending sties. >> all rig coming up on fox5 morning, we're following the latest in a masilve sewagl in anne arrundel county. >> and we'll take you on a
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quick recap of wednesday's independence day celebrations. >> as we head toou break,'re looking live outside. this is the beltway near route one. it's 4:42 and it'ser 80 degrees. back this. >> ♪ >> ♪ i'm jimmy dean and uh, i wish i could tell ya how i feel about a mornin' like th i. and thatludes a good hearty breakfast. you need somethin' to kinda warm the whole body up and ts it going. it's a great way to kick off your day.
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(birds chirping, a running ahh.k,) the new deer park sparkling is made with reaspring water. ♪ it's so refreshing real spring water,ls,s . real fruit fla and refreshing bubbles. just what' refreshingly real. >> ♪ >> we're back with a check of
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the top stories. we are showing you live pictures f breaking news in fort washington, maryland t an suv went off the road onoute 210 around 1:45 this morning. two children were thrown from that suv. they're now at the hospital along with driver. we don't know their conditions.ow northbound remains closed between fort washington and old fort road. >> today president trump will attend make america great again rallily in great falls montana. the president isd exp to address tax cuts job creation and intervlaws. president truns to announce his pick for the supremert monday. >> marylandny congressman ste pneumonia.n the hospital for thyear-old is being treated with antibiotics. his spokesperson says hoyer is looking forwa to returning to work. >> a health warning now. do not swim in carrs reek near annafor the next week.
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nearly 42,000 gallons of sewage spilled from three manholes n academy golf course into the creek. carr creek will be closed until july 10th. anyone who comes into contact with the water shoul wash with soap and warmater. steer clear.don't take any chan. >> "eeeewwww." >> good morning to you. thank you for joining us. >> today is thursday, july 5th. mike thomas what's the t deal with weather other than -- is shere anything other to than just hot. >> nope. hot humid. we've done itvery day this week. why not keep it going throu the end of week although good news, by the time to the weekend we'll finally get that bre we've been waiting for so much here in town. so, today another very humidre day. humid i'd say than hot this afternoon although we should still head forhe lower 90's he in d.c. but it's the humidity you'll notice more than the heat. as few storm are possible this afternoon. much likefhe last coupl days here in d.c. there could be ar hit o miss storm around the region but much better chance at the majority of us seeing storms as weread through day on
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friday. particularly during the earrn oon hours. i think the zip trip hours will be okay. we'll clear thiut as we. head through friday evening into the overnight hours and saturday looks mostllo sunny, 80's, and low humdyity so get for a really nice weekend here in yet. 81 degrees outside in d.c. it's hot and it's humid to start. 82 in annapolis, 78 athe baltimore. off north and west,ur martinsb 71, cumberland 71. winchester you a our one holdout in the 60's. you're now up atdegrees as along with the rest of us and it's those dewpoints that you'll notice. per 60's to near 70, it'sget humid. when you're 75, it's extremely humid out there. 75 for quantico, 78 in annapolis, 75 for baltimore so mid 70 dewpoints not the m pleasant to wake up. to. with the dewpoints and sun coming up we'll warm it up.ur 94 degrereal feel temperatures by 11 o'clock. by 3 o'clock in the afternoon here come the mid 90's to0 near
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back in town. later on tonight if we get some rain showers thathe could cool things off off to the north and west butere in town even by 8:30, 9 o'clock tonight still likely feelingke 90 degrees plus out there. there's satellite an radar. again, some clouds outside to anart. not sy of that rain or those showers we're seeing north and west are actually hitting the ground. i think it's just more clouds out h there. other igh pressure down scott south starting to weaken but strong enough to get our temperatures up into the 80's and0's this afterno relief is in sight: now zip in woodbridge i bodbridge i the morning we'll watch for storms in theon aft, 88 clearing out for the weekend,idunshine low humy back. don't get used to it. look towards next tuesday and wednesday. here come the 90's coming back. that's a check ofhe foreca erin is back with the roadways this morning. hey, erin. >> 4:48. we'vg been traa lot of breaking news this morning unfortunately. if you're traveling in fort washington, seriousrash involving an suv that slammed into a guardrail has all 210 northbound lanes closed at
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fort washington road. police investigating. happened aut 1:45 in the morning. driver as welln as two chi who were thrownkerom that vehicle tato the hospital. bring you more updates on that as that becomes available. as we move things over not the only c seriousrash. tracking one in the district, mccomb street northwest at 34th street. all lanes blocked in both directions. beltway looks good out at maryland 214. llege park and things in side in as well.quietour any questions at erin fox5 d.c.. another jul holiday is in now. the fr coast to coast americans celebrated nation's 242nd birthday with parades barbecues naturalization ceremonies fireworks and much more. here's ahe recap fro festivities in the district. >> here in the nation's capitol, the national archives is marking america's 242nd birthday with the annual celebration of theeclaration independence. we hold these truth tont be self-e that all men are
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created equal. eator with certainwedcr by their unaliennable rights and that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. >> repter: fox5's own allison seyur was the emcee of the big. event exhibits included the declaration o independence, the constitution, bill of rights and the magna carta. while hundreds gathere along d.c.'s constitution avenue for the parade -- >> ♪ -- someue at today's nats game socce star newly acquired d.c. united player wayne ramney attended photo and memf the d.c. cast ofha "lton" singing the starpangled banner on >> ♪ >> coming up on fox5 morning, a congressman is pushing back agait claims that h ignored sexual abuse at ohio state >> bouas flowing in wiversity. kentucky on july h, just not
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into red, wglasses. >> headingo eak right n, th i southbound 270 at tuckerman lane. it is 4:51 and 80 degrees. back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪ if your skin had a wash tag what would it say? 80% glowing 50% freckles te nor your skin type, all skin deserves gentleness. that's why dove is sulfate free. wa all skin deserves the #1 body . recommended by dermatologists.
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>> welcome back to fox5 morning. it is 4:53 on this thursda july 5th. this isk a loo at southbod 270 in rockville. traffic moving along swimmingl swiswimmingly. details in a few and several former ohio state university wrestlers are coming forward about alleged sexual abuse.e thcusations are directed at the team it's physian dr. ri. >>songressman jim jordan accused of ignori the misconduct. he denies the claims he
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ignored theew accusations. jersey is expanding legal protections for transgender ridents. the gover signed three new bills into law. the first twoet transgender residents amend their birth and death certificates to reflect their gender identity. >> a third law stab accomplishes a transgender equality task force to ensure protections. meanwhile there arear no more bls of bourbon on the wall at the -- at a kentucky distillery. we told you last monthse about a co at the barto1792 distillery whi sent 9,000 barrels of aging bourbon crashing to the ground. >> on wednesday the rest of them fell. crews had been trying to shore up the seven story building after theune 22nd collapse much it's believed around bris.0 barrels are among thede got to pour one out> . an marine got a n home fr actor gary sinise and on of the only two marines that >> and he his wife and their
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six children were given a ailly furnished wheelch accessiblemart home built for them by the gary si'sse foundation. best known for his role as lieutant dan in forrest gump. >> that's nice. >> good for him. >> all right. a long fight over shorts ends in victory for drivers in france. the paris public transit authority has given drivers the right to wear shorts during heat waves. >> it comes afterea ys long battle over the issue. e themployees however must be infoed by the city when it's okay. it's oey between and september. >> did i ever tell you down south back inhe old day you couldn't wear shorts to schl and we only had one air hool.tioner in the buildingscn >> wow. >> and then they eventually went to shorts. >> how m wy miles did you have alk to school. >> they eventually had to walked into the buildingyou because they knew how the ladiesy would be.
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>> tal p-paw wisdom. good morning, mike. >> hey, guys, good morning. all through high school i couldn't wear shorts, either. sn't allowed. >> thank you mike. who is now the old grumpy grump. >> you still are nice and old there, wisdom. >> nice?>> all right, guys, leto some weather. let's take a look at futurecast. we'll goight to it planning your day. it's going to b a hot andst ky one into the d.c. region but into the afternoon hours we could pop a shower or storm that can bring that relief. 10 a.m., how much storms -- how many ss we'll get this afternoon will all depend on how much sunshine is able to break through and here we are at one, two, 3, 4, 5 o'clock and you can see that the best chance for storms much like it eas yesterday, going to b oto corridor, i68 corridor, up through northern we head into the evening hours, we lose d theaytime heating of the sun. things will d start to down. once again, much like yesterday. it's almost a carbon copy repeat of your july 4th. 92 today. bestf chance o storms is
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tomorrow. we cleart out into the weekend. that's traic. hey erin. >> tracking this breaking news out of fort washington. all lanes of 210 northbound blocked at fort washington road right now. crash investigati. happened about 1:45 in the morning. anuv slammed into guardrail. the driver was injured. tworohildren alswn from that suv. they're at the hospital right now. ease use caution. questions erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. updated on ou as well as the rest of your commute. 270 looks good right now here on fox5. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ (birds chirping, a running brook,) ahh. the new deer park sparkling is made with real springater.
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illegal fireworl. a popular fourth of julyafter celebration is shut down by police and a person is arrested. was the police presence in response tngan article ofhli the lack of fireworks shows? nuclear diplomacy. secretaryta of s mike pompeo ton le kim jong un to begin dismante nuclear program. immigrationle debate. a womans the statue of liberty to mak a statement against th separation of


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