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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Saturday  FOX  July 7, 2018 7:00am-7:44am EDT

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faomginrantay a kisappea neaan ami w alngg t hctwooord actho many homeless women arnd theblshe'llor be here liver story and ways you can help ps totiahe h dmv, we've got s sn stayl and hydrated. fox5 morning at 7:00 a.m. starts t oou. ano mord niea ry.owight
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yore befu it'eo whoowh i nl oy'tolak too b ftar'r but i jeeitdeke ne a eken babouuthis t weather i and. degrees in t b this? ederhe69io g.e. tsee
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northe rlpoy w,heway by the front thattaeven sin y ae ulous cr mdagain t isower a heui onnu the s gongthnd up tinthes closnc te soeh,p uerctnn todseay, a so, reay n.awod, degrees for talking abo tut l feluee pats he the day wheil eel cooler
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than thelua act temperature. so i think once ouewe'rlbo0 t tpo w 81. theinwork in t reverse too. mostly sunny andhiarmer temperature temperature of 85. still looks like tomorrow's humidity ts go stay nice and low and c, opic t northinlocaref i'll talk about that whenol cari come upstairs. tony. >> gary thank you very much. threeinutes after 7:00. here's a look at our top stories. a former university of marynd basketball player bell i of rape and assault ncounty.wi ouheo b tghhet friend'sdd enat o apartment where he allegedly had sexer with against her will. the woman reported i to police fivet days. dodd claims theer wasntou ensene
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second dcheg aau withlt an woma. assex>>e tsinerhisju cstta becs intoxicated does not give sokemebody e re t a wemasotts veryakin t seriously. we have been investigating it veryroy.ughl t yr. was de s namstote s tlerejudice. system and knows that it is a ppropriate forum toisasre so >> developing this morning, rgin mviot gea
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nambel .ngsing th the bsein srenspid >> leadincnglu her infants behid and not communicating filyers oe er e fveryen day in virginia is just -- character nv li laugi rorep g ltun>>
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an i somebody'sor iend>>, and we would like for people to treat this situation as if it was their i was their friend. cral msing adult.e it's a known as an ashanti alert. osecutors say a retired and homeless navy veteran abducted and killed her. billie's case creed the new law. it let's state officials get en abduc ate areto the public gamboa's case police searched a lake near her home on friday. friends tell us investigators didn'tth ey fin sayd police haveeads like gamboa'sar, it was found 4 miles from her home near a dumpster. friends say police have textmesa
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friend about an argument she had before she disappearedl.edit argument was with the father of her twins who s>> lives with. she has children. she has teenagers and new infants and she has a lot of family members and friends that are missing her and that want her to come back. >> that was l evanambert reporting. >> the fbi ss they are helping virginia beach police in their search for gamboa. anyone with information is asked to contact police. >>appe aeml ningod t fayor today in annapolisr 65-year-old wendi winters who died lt week in the shooting. winter was one of five victims do inierampagd e. she was a features reporter for the capita and maryland gaze. >> ♪ now a fox5 exclusive. united airlines is under the
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spotlight after some passengers eerienced a rou landg. nn july 4th o oard a united airlines flight coming from amsterdam. take a look at thisxclusive video from the flight. you can see t rough landing caused interior ceiling panels to fall right on top of a passenger. that passenger even attempted to fix the panel as the plane s still in motion. the fox5 viewer who sent us this video said she t hopest united airlines will fix the issue and improve its safety standards. she says she's concerned because hadomething like this happened mid flight and they hit turbulence it would have caused complete chaos. united airlines released a statement about the incident it reads in part "a ceiling panel came loose upon ladding ane contact with a customer. paramedics examined the customer to t confirmre were no injuries. we've apologized to customer for this experience and our maintenance crew has repaired the panel ." >> we're getting a better idea co how much destruction theof h. au c t major toll on hom but wee
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al idea of just how mnucfd. tateerre a putting county bingss agenciesertruc and also nonprofit organizations in frederick. >> it is nine minutes aftero'th now morning, an important alert from t eptmenflt >>he the agency is away fre impa venezuela. fox5's ann cutler ise live southwest this morning with the disturbing details on this possible seafood scare. .ood>>or gmog. m, ning and neof course, it is the peak of crab season and here at the municipal fish market folks will be coming in and buying those delicious mar bandlue crabs by the bushel but buyer beware, if you don't shop local it could make youk. the maryland depth of heah has issued a warning to residents not to buy crab that's imported fm venezuela&
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after nine people contracted infections. two of those folkse hospitalized. thankful no one died. the people who got these infections ate fresh tiubs.teurized fresh meat in dierenbraryland health deparantt is warning not tool eat any crabted from the south americanmp cntry until further notice. they say the infections can cause nausea, y. queion comn iv a t the label you can see that it will sayt' isrsezo venla ueop t o s,crsaabfe theresere csey'rnd,
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fox5 localnn gewoos. tips. loca. coming up this morning, a judgep ainistration moreime to rat ttee beu story,r.or plus. in thailand still des how they will get sot >> apni today sec state
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e pompeortgrnoitntmezeprod
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w lookity ong ears the northup korean snd of the r. tenr wclity on theeling thist ialifo refused to jrn extend a t time to reunitehere more t children under the age of five parents. they were separated while crossing ther. borde department to share the liste of children with the american civil liberties union so that ongrment children can be excused from the deadline. troubling. we c n the government seems to botlde eitheesr 46gg or 49 childre hav mednbut beyonde 2
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children. >> the justiceepartment says th tc86en h w83 it soh deadlinendre to reuilnie families is parents with cn everyoreldaind whereheresclstrdr team continues this morning. 13 letters from 12 boy and thehe soccer coach were sent out through divers. the boys say they're just fine and in good spirits. some evenewk they'll have j twh get out of the cave. cave wherey' theveahoem eeth buesse iowro animswd houre ofue. veteran former thai navy s.e.a died after losing consciousness.l
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inside the cave. ht yd llctua>> a rig a he wnhe the iavsn multiple wildfires state.steryea wada ies 120oomplningbout no mp ote la kaughter] oo nice. howr>>f >> this >>es. >> yeah. was lhtimes r my wn heiduds.
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sghoor know,pi u' driving and i and it w -as- a beginning to shoeaw. >> m ias much et weor than -- >> t g i reove i yhe gws the sameot aorning a thatwa cingp s ouslyw artony orr real treat see thato sunrise. le ii st't up tha--anott it is cool out there this morning. bwi marshall is 66 degrees. frederick is upo 61 nowutes. t wi bnchester is what hd to all the hpeeat anneic n it tt becakiy a of endldt us s making
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thinubtigsreytt cooler for us. g f carerallyryro f speaking ie lowers tmid 90's for theer. lt westminster is 63. utanticos 70. b t view o here.ring pittsburgh8, bghamton 54. so here's this nice rit a.adlyt' humid. it's a drier c pushing all so to three d day ttywoeryxteig s,e nndho he least for theatur nex days. tanny skies, warm condition ysbu check.reowt today.s is hi agh prendssure will stayn control certainly for
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the next couple three days. too.ring skies at the beaches, 80 for a hig mostly sunny sunday, 81 there and the ocean right now is sitting at a niceal right, here. onere's actually nggoi through. you see a theot l clouds arounde push thrgh the dis mictpl and then eventually through rn tuthis dohewn here,ghs? oethll, thiicepioroes eddoam t n a iards --nan caribbean t.e w sustne75 apn tito leahenhtst shornesoin
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hathofthe aywerost we s m.sdn crony.le a friday. >> so for oncnde the weekend igli r d orning,. tofmi friendly reminder allor m he pros and mos ire st' water. what you start doing cht now to increaseour y2o time to i
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n e d enjo $5 b00as oe upffgrad.
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fi pu t h. the new dee thspareasp♪ark anutdith
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sara fnek fr av.goinry moon. trha>> thi tyf wriatalerl d, especially en t soms hot out l
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wat r>>tlas >> yes, l ofl bg eut yosi f yr hltheeds how edonerre, but generally satay eight cups of water a day is good place to a start. and then just talfoureight inee have youheard one. s yeah, i actually have. i don'tt tw if that's true. no>> so i kf you're lucky enough to weigh 100 pounds --te [laugh >> then you0 driounces of water. >> i haven't heard that one but sounds great. >> you were saying, too, when we were talking earlier that eptible tosc dehydrasu very tion. kio ignsthe some of theholoor end of course children never want to drink wa,r. >> right they don't. dry and dadsce iabhiayou ce cig
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to just t.ou enc do until ty cn'wait say they're thirsty so they often don't recognizeha >> for folks who simpl don'tt. enjoy drinking water are there some tips toeak water more favorable. there's these 0-calorie packets things we're adding toat water is th healthy. [lteas, i say go for i ha rsd a s oopf. so, drinksike say lemonade, that has a lot of watern i liker somethingcot towards your a l wr intake. >> it co aun btstl leitomme limg those ikstdr.inthat they have, really oomes with a lot extra calories and c that gar,fe a my sat clis,ce b
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y>>ea ifh.>> you're out, 'cause a lot of our kids are out and >> ink tor f bodies, ifl that kt it's coo water, it's el verytoao odbody wants atte tithe w i a yure. rine spl anymoree it? l types y
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especially if it's in like a water containerlaic. you. ha i itt' hot, it>> s do reco immdcienly kmsria w yssh,[lau>>ghr].be ete m to d tha nkwe>>e.. yd
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♪ pair ewomething had to be done.rre to showinghat neeto inve in is cmuni. n is place around.we it was only ont cod financehanke tba is difa t ojthprecltfi preserving affordable housing preserves communities.r kitches and their flooring and their lobbies and the thounds. e beautification of their homes, giving them pride in where they live,e will makis a thriving community once again. >>♪th the sign cr
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ab sales. >> they're lining up. >> yeah, they are lining up. >> 7:30. >> that is pretty early.ed icated. we're going to tell you more about crabs and why you shouldd crabs from venezuela comingit up bit later. hello some have you been down to the -- the wharf transformed. >> i haven't been. itreowha g youbeuy thes re. yesterday for the zip trip we were in part w of myoundo we we s at gre
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bridge. >> it's beautiful. >> yes.never seen it >> so much of this area is just changing. >>re's always somewhere nice if you think about it.he >> yes. >> you can always find somewhere nice. >> its going to be ne this weekend. >> yes, yes. nice perfect segue. >> thank you very much. >> you learn that in>> that's r. [laughter] weekend. so, so great this i mean, i've been talking about it since last w a id ondea together, right, whenny e finallhingfid reou right, i think. wait a minute. wh h teche here? i was talking about sh b gright back to it seebe wgi en'v weev havener'ts done it in awhi. look at the seven-day forecast first. theth s yayou people watch the s ere you go.en-dayth forecast so now you're gettingt all at thegngin. it is aee it is going to get
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hot again. it shouldn't getui h as what did before. this system, okay, untile're gnn looking at theeven-day fore here. this is got to work this time. al right, heree go. now, smer takes break for us, all right. so, l iotst less humidity for the next couple of days, all right.df huminayyie dewpoints in the 60's andhe t 70's, which is a uncomfortable, tshelw dayewpoins per 40' 50's down upto the and that'sow the way l it's goig to sndy this weeke that is a very, very comfortable air mass. it's 69 degrees here in town. 6. winchester 61. andliar 50's out there this morning. tomorrow morning we're going m to havore i 50'burbs. i thinkeou hld5's oav ethris very, very dry air mass is andhe wesis 80'seekend but we'thgoing toeep
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back into the 90's xtll summer e a break for a couple d ofays. these clouds are slowly pushing to the south. beautifulo e retweetingd meses t o wemorth and west. tdownthyoing to bring br tilheliant sunshine for us ad lookswe like l have pretty much sunny blue skies all day long. there could be a couple of clouds here or there but ilo think it dok like it's going to be really, really gorgeous. 82 for a high. that's about the best we're going to be able to do and you know with lower humidity, it's actually going to fl a little cooler than 82 degrees ou there. so,t ewill b dorry m warmth out this afternoon. same for torrow. 85 degre probablye it's besut about 83 to 84 in the heat of eay d s beautiful weekend for us and again, later on next week,t's going
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to start to heat upe again. i thin see some mid 90's out there and eventually showers will comeor back into thecast and, yes, we have tropical depression number three o the coast of the -- off north carolina and hurricane beryl, which is down in thetlantic. i'll talk more about those j coming up iust a bit. guys. >> all rht, gve much. >> is t4. here's a look at our stories today. a former university of acsed of ppeal a assault ayures cy.odasenoxt wk i atlanta.authorities say dodd ma woman at a bar on hween night last year. he bought the victim drinks apartment wheree allegedlys had sex with the victim against her will. the woman reported it to police five days later. dodd claims the encounter was consentual. he's now facing second degree rapendseco regelated charges fog sex with an intoxicated woman. >> this is certainly a troubling set of circumstces. just because an individual is
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intoxicated does not give somehtbo else the advantage of o ustitingwe iaking these t he very thoroug ddlar.hl. a statement frottory. it sth -- aseorumo kwss ce. this c rase will be tri the med. until then,ll mr. dodd wi patiently wait f justice ." >>ht, we'reer ideallige centfl took a major toll but o now wee also getting an idea of just how muc county itself sustained. leads areutting the price tag at about $6 million on the ludingalo county buildings and c
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nonprofit organizations in >> we told you a little bit about this a few moments ago. an important alert from the maryland deparent h t ofgency ie meat that is imp from crab venezuela. fox5's anne cutler is live from the district wharhethis morning with tisturbing details on thire possible seafood and ann, we saw some people earer in the show thatere already there in line. are they aware of what's goingep on? orter: well, of course, it's the peak of crab eople are cing p olofts out tunhe m their crabs, get thoseul bea delicious bushel but we got to say buyer beware.if you don't shop local,u could get sick. the maryland department ohealths about crab that's been laported from venthey say d notz . buy it after arcall vibrioaed wt two of tse folks had to be
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hospitalized. thankfully no one died. now the people who got these infections ate fresh nonpasteurized crab meat from ubs. e,enfftert u at tom others ate the crab ealthatre stau department is warning folks not to eat any crab imported from that south american country until further notice. they say the vibrio infection can cause diarrhea cramps nausea vomiting fever and chills. ifou get sick, call a doctor right away. w, again, the crab meatue that's instion comes in a plastic tub. it is the fresh varie and if you look at the tub, it'sel actually lab that it is imported from venezuela. you know, the safer bet for for a number of reasons.local of course, it's going to be a little bit fresher because it's i notmportd from far and away. you're going to be helping to support our local fhermen, our local crab industry, and of course, thataryland blue crabs absolutely delicious.
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live athe municipal fish market, anne cutler foxal news. baocck to5 l you. >> all right, sounds good. ahead thisore' g mue,ni wng todn a who has made it her mission to help as many women around thean world as she. prst has changed thousands s.ssenhicvvi we've got detaihe t ls a♪fter >> ♪
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>> welcome back. we have a guest who i love a special mission. what staed out as a side project has turned into a th world who are homelessund refugeesr victims of domestic violence. >> well, the goal of i support girls is to make sure that n ndldo not have to compromise their dignity over their basic moining uds. exiv dto oou i f t support the girls. >> thank you so much for having me. i'm a big fan, t'sha, she amazing. tell usike what this mission is allbo >>t's from a big way it's dresand really the bigmeso thid
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the on a bra, you just get a es what omen girlsveha don't have thatux lury, privileo
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