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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  July 15, 2018 6:00pm-6:32pm EDT

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. metro workemersthe transit agency considerinitg a possible labor strike. what you need to know ahead of i'm frankly don't expect. with russian eatioct hou fromhn unteart h but tontt henry some warning sig tcohahttn >nd aefhotahi ske. omt,e has natpa complrketecoverage, newstarts now. . ♪ . > weeginit between metro and its the wldks that cou impact service as the city gets ready to hostta baseball's all-s game. metro and its biggest union doeet eye-to-eye on a number es issu includig w safety. now ermployees aren o to authora
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anjali hemphiiemphill with more. >> reporter: there are still so many people, soany workers that earlier smed like hundreds of them poured out of the doors of the headquarters because they were being tved to mohe cars, the parking lot is packed andea the roadding into her is filled with pked cars. and you tonreh ow, people here continue to com in and cast their votes. 're told that could happen at any moment. it could come down, we're still waiting for ttohappen. o thousands metro workers were he harers to s cast the vote which, aagain, would authori potential strike. the vote again still has for the come down but it could be any time this evening, this saw come to this heated point over a long ongoing tension over the
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collective bargaining agre woemndt, safety g and now, this latest vote to authorize a .st of course, comes at a time when dc metro i very need t. we've gothe mlb alltar week tered way, with e game this tuesday. of course, dc metro is needed by ar f rkf people just to get this is a members arealorresignation of g paulld and theyitedhent held th? tomot ow what drr >> -- would know yet. we're waiting on the vote. could be ttomorrow. >>s i is a big week. >>ites , makehiit nur ons to hurt the public. that is not whatth at as's a matter of fact, as one o myolleagues often we move the tywe move the city.
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we get up when it's snowing,t' when i 100 degrees, we're out here every day, movin this city. if anyone care abouteoheple in the dmv area, it'sk wor689. >> reporter:heclear, the result of this votet llwi a results t will just mean union leadership canho choe to autze a strike, right no as youheard, lsan s,otaisacng, fol wp awith .stay with fox 5 for the atest that's theatest her in forest ville, angalie hemphill fox 5 local news. >> that could have majorimpacts. a deadly car crash under investigation in county.
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two peopleax wererf f kill two othersed hurt. it happened e morni warayayoaard,kwea n police beeve that theriver lost control going off the roa arounddw 2:00 a.m. itemains under investigation but authorities tell us they do believepelcol may have been innt igaes ttihat vti hngappenen polierle ce extended stay hotel around y11:30, found for people hurt and investigators say bltaceb s all four wereth sp.ak t enpoo tl elus a guest a thatnyther and ty're o multiple tngal essereeokit l l kinivd h ofked whe i txa n irop ofer re t ws yest?
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will we see more >> for sof iis for the most part, i has been off to thet west. themity,ndig what's helped to drive a a stor. herek the yf s rr ar s v agaio the west locations. you can e a gty winds. it'shevi tea heavier downpours east of front royal. as it east, slowly off. we're losingie the daytime losi foehse b o tthinehed evening fo s.hotonighurt, we'll see the showers if you're t e, you may still see a
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sprinkle or two out of for the most part, the wominger wil in b ouren lastevll a rd thrt fstmsor rai nut that th full seven-day forecast coming it a later on checking . and the fifa come to an en france isin tocr wasan here's fox 5's bob [cheers and applause]yta mllor >>eporr: iwas wil ride for under dog croatia playing in its first world cup final. in end it wasn'tov enough to come. the french teamon 4-2 to take theup second world couple and first in two decades. it was a good match, threally,
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croia played well and k es we were in trouble uinntil but the french ethnde managed to own the match >> croatiaas a penalty kick bounced plffer, world cup final. the croatia team rallied.o aus the game several minutes. >> i am too hap because there was a really grandus match, e the f alscorine, 4-5, is just wow. >> reporter: 10san of tds packed theee s cheertstr on the sa,eement as the game in ndcrti sadness be th ie onveraedll fole proud of their team f making the final for the fir time and they say it won'twonderfue bl. i believe we being sosomeing. happyutea it'saubetifu
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is t n kk off in 2022 with mid ne easternation hosting followed by north america four years later. new york, bob mortal fox news. ly the world cup wasn't the onlyrtigs event happening today, this moovack jokg,in vich against kevin answered. this was jokevich fourth title hla gnd s career, he last won a m 2aj016 wheneth french open. >> earapninng nd sningo muorhi s y it it's an excit.ingef weekend is t i want to say. we're also g ating a peakt somethf oe tu sf remorrow pluso rs sta ahead of tonight's
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celebrity softball game. melissa howell live at national's park for us,hey, melissa. >> we're out here at thethe grek getting batting practice in. weot j overos there, you a ma indf tpr h nats park. it's sof g flkstb a me'l see,hs wall from the wizards, raerlay, w wefhesefi g tsweo re actually re game tonight and how they prepared. and positions the g he be y'pla listen. >> i play the man position. i play the grown man position,ed
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a grown man, athala i play fi little righ soeld. ou' l be flexible. ared for whatever cniomes gam e 7:30 but it will airor tomw after the homerun derby, make sure you catchhat and these guys we'll make sure they keep practicing and hopully it's a good game. melissa howell fox 5 local oone. l like so much fun, and just a reminder, fox 5 is your home for all things all-star on tuesday, f 5 news morning is hitting the the road for url-ar special cerage live atats n special coverage continues starting at 5:00. thpregame show hnst ,:0inkeople realize there's that celebrity softball gaalanreouam y, r h hrd of o t
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modness, it will be good to see athleticism >> media a wdroorldunng ten de fiorand a highly anticipated gathering between president trump and his russian rpart, a e xtn > look at thenaug .♪ wee.k♪ ov
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of oepter: urn e r>> i tnk it's esak lhe itt idumentrcl h wwse'o eat b supsuafie'itfst meettg, nr so changes t havecien over the t
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utanhalfo ,en r, atchhe mcconll sa t lyshat they will startt monthe l or september. >>ar> on the way the thailand an updat o the condition as ave theyo l t apa prere matterea of. a maryland man spent necr he dicoit talo found freed. ♪ .♪
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