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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  July 16, 2018 11:00pm-11:26pm EDT

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strike? your news starts now.♪ . ♪ n>e whegir bs deadfo p ea tst dcgow li a for whoof a ar ik 53 around 8:00 p a.m. evan lambert is live on the scene break details evan? >> rephere's a major police presence asr:or investigs who wasorng. hapned just downe this street claimed the a agirl.
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police say about0 people tonight. that's when a black infinity pulled up and four men got out and started firingrandomly. four people hit. including that 10-year-old girl who nghbors say recently had aay three people hit are po,seie and mayorr on the heartless violence that took the youngir gs life >> they came out in this community without regard to aman life opened have to stan a no 10-year-old girl lost here here today. we have to beag ed, we have to work with the >> tkith
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earohi sumep ngheut co t worktmeno they what hapned>> reporter: as cocit gotere to e, he ith dskid thopeu yble to give the police some clues here, they do say the suspect vehicle is a blackit iy suv, which had paper tags. anyone with information is askel fox 5 lol news et's about e are storms tha couldcae probl festivities, caitlin is he with the'mfrlsetsai the goows is itctheme s'tulcast. it s look like we get
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f thuns outthe todermrsway, pitch. lel in l from time to time as ay cold front comes tgh ode wdid have thunderstorms earlier this evening and some were stuck under downpourre was a linnd she ot t ts,, not be quiet.ow, tomorrow, it's another humidity in place, that cold e front will trigger storms as it thops srd waday. so afternoon counted on rumble of thndr,undeeveroweerstorm or two, here's what itoolike, ivdr sunshine most of the morning into aftern al t hu and asoror oleyewh move southeast ward through the afternoon hours, bestdc, baltimo
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3ut:0 5:000 p.m., allct:0ua0 d y6:00. so even thoughhr ty queic cklyom they will move out quickly. by 8:00 p.m., aside m frombe a lingering shower withrohat actunt i think we'll be good, it willlear out the rest of the game will , that's for, ound,mongviring shoc your seven-day forecast is still ahead there it is. bryce harper. what a show it was and>> a come back, bryce harper got the home crowd going in nats park bnstern gster homerun, he aon m captured the n de out doing the cub p,n. or
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he's my hero. be able toith tt's omea true.o c and i'm blessed ando t mumedbl. coffin is live at nats parkt. tonigh how p fped are thean >> everybody i feeling the love. br seen fan whose are not er fbu c ns,fata i congratulate hope if you're in this area, you're taking metro tr at least i talk to do a lot o ns tef a lie'oo there have not >>st what was. amazing last minutes,ast minute, down by i
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think five then just to hit them and his dad pitching. it was -- kind of -- it's what -- it got the caps just won,th is dc right now, we're excited >> it was a good night. >> to see the energy in the city like it's incredible incredible. >> everyone is so friendly. it's great energy >> you see people from all over from different teams and everyone is happy and having a good time >> it's been a dream com, waited my whole life to come toe ho been stneiod in washington, dc 12 years. inat unitees air force and been able to come to this tonight' then catch my favorite players homerun 1ball roun6 1tilld, i on geally r here. lw shohe loveir t yeey'r
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. ere is i>> det tthe they're eit coriedmu fox 5 news morning is hitting the road fta all-s special coverage live at nats park. then our special coverage entinues in thvening starting at 5:00. jim caitlin and myselfl be there live. theil wpregame is 7:30, the gat 8:00. all right here on fox 5. ♪ . >>usann t ecen grad of acan university is dist under arrest. ayth f she was acting as a foreign agentin try to influence u.s., poli who is
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this lindsay >> we know that maria butina tudent the u.s. on a visa. got a master's degree. but according to the fbi, her education was not her objective. investigators say she was part of aussian conspiracy. >> just 29 yea old. maria butina is as a secret agent from moscow she was wor fig hussi and to blestaish lines ebonal with william lapierre, t f said butina took senps tonfce political groups likehe nra intn
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operation. she believe sts part of hflnce attded in 2016 and g2017. acco to the affidavit, she and the rsian officials she was working with often communicated threw direct message on twitter. th was the message one month before the016 el >>.econ madeime o obet.ur game. i the peopleinne to this titherore me statement ctssang not ats oe ran federation, thend overblow she was trying to establish friendly relationships. her attorneysaid,quote, there is simply to indication of butina seeking to influence or undermine any specific policy or w or the united states. only at most, to promote a better relationship between the two nations. no comment yet from the
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lindsay tts, fox 5 local wane i. presint ts white hacouse to rapping up his summit with e vladimir putin. two men taked pte helsinki finland brieforelyva aids joine for lunch. it's the president's comments during a news conference after the summited that trigger major fire sistnt.orms seemed to acce tin's denial t not med dell in the election >> my people came to me, dan came to me and some others and said they think it's ruia, i ha said it's not russia. reasont d hybe., >> host chris wallace sat down for an exclusive interview with vladimir putin anight. putingain, denied russi meddling the people are talking about interference of russia with election process in the united stat. ive mentioned this i
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hwatn ur aca listeners to listeno what isay. first all, russia as a state has never interferedffh the internal aairs of the united states.>> president's comments did not sit well on capitol hill. lawmakers both sides of thed aisle the president missed an opportuty to confronts putin directly about election meddling >> the president of the united states to sideed with p american intelligence law t, am encies, is thoughtless, dangerous, and it's weak. >> the president's comments made us look as a natio more like push-over. >> during the summit, the leaders discussed a lot of of su p,resion argued heantsnt betterions thusat r telhe two cou ca work togetheesntri to helpol
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theld's problemsor. metro union workersc cauouse mal voted to strike overtime end. but willekwe it happen? the explosion that sent lava flying into their injuring opnely. coming up on "the final 5," more on t fall-o following the trumput put summit. the admistration officially file as complaints against other fscountries over t but the taedffs implement by the u.s. that's your "final 5" tonight ♪ at. ♪ . ♪ . ♪
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. stories mak gheadlines, amazon a prime daystoc r site c the o s wige imath sethi ngwrong, the issueresolved. estimateseralit s.flying lava injured 23 peoplen a tour boat off hawaii. the boat takes visitors to see lavaro upm but
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tuffedonerns, officials people the lavantering the ocean, but tours are still being offered we have a heart f people who takeltle h aigh bloo pressure medication, theeds rocolledto od apressure it is called or the d contains somethingalled c valsartan. it has an oic ccaha could causencer, it to beca lixitoc a kidney and respirato track andal can be potly harmful to human also. fox 5 is tracking metro ton vote metro's largest union will talk with metro's diedth d the clear, thereag cannot bestke>> t
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th i'mat why tell you that the general manager andi'm sure t ag discussions today. but work a stoppe of anyind is violates the law. >> thect collee bargaining is the legal appropriate path eysay,aihey ha intenti of tdve disruptingon with the all-star game but fed up with issues job cu j and reassignments. major changes a dc intersection f o whenijwi dngfreyeath hammon was a truck hit andm. driver made a turn into the bike lane. following the accident changes, ddot is now removing four parking spaces on m street near new hampshire to improve visibility. drivers yield to> cyclists
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>> details about the prince george's cnty school board accused of assaulting a fellow grantedmber, a judge edward boroughs a temporary peace order, he claimed the chair segun eubanks thrtened him and pushed him against a bookcase, eubanks cannot engage in any unlawful conduct. >> worried because frankly, views.s state my and they're oftenifferent thante don't want to havo keephoulder if he's going to get out of control. to be honest.worried about that aul hea fri rowe hun ofekdrfe p hessndscapioes pir t in teon nationalce the renalew remembrance, at is
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co iiesnclu john deer ons and o equipment. ere of the founders describthes what this day means to tohi l e thiais gntnd mfor gting your families and once a year, we get to come here and tuck tm in. >> despite thelang h mperatures, the lancapers say they couldn't be anyplace else for ithem,s an honor to give a d of service back toho those w gave so much. like we said, fight the blazing temperaturesre out there. it's such aonderful event at's wonderful cause. >> they rea did have blazing ,ot te the hottestat sureso far. 98 degrees this afternoon. >>y goh the mod of hse ssumiditit'sy tough, a t fdeor weather, it'snd tou to get through thegh dahy. loter a s a
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tough to be a look downt ustp juwith l all of theity is visitors and everyone excited for the festivities. we had successful homerun derby, brace harper wning it all and we'll have it ain tomorrow night. i don't think the weather will be a weather hes warm overnight. thunderstos likely tomorrow afternoon and evening. that wille usher in much comfortable airand rest of th lk 82 83ping,8 9 bwi. very warm ou. s, 75 widespread mid twest o0',s t. hadwe dissipated quickly. we'll be quietvernightilgh it wl be warm. temperatures, 70's everywhere
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it,'s sticky start. we should get into the 90's at least briefly before the cold front comes thro look at these afternoon temperatures, 80's north and west 92 but it d and then those thunderstorms will interruptan any hd humidity that's been building all day, let's show you the showers and thunderstorms again for tomorrow. hazy sunshine most of the morning, b y about1:00, you start to see storms fire alo wn and into the city they go,t bes timing will be between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. showaners und dethpr activities at nats park. 8:00 p.m.g firsteg pitinch may lingering shower as the ot fro tulybls be 11:00.m. mo wortate.comfunbl off towardsd east. marginal riskyland under a we have a generalor
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thkun rderstoisrms in washingto. bark behind thesethunderstorms, it will start to get comfortable by wednesday. high pressure, northerly wind, much lesuc humid and m more tolerable to be outdoors ki ogh ato imorrow,t wnj way a afternoon stormsy 3:ikel lre00,2 9aith as weekend. mid 80's, we'veecting us upper level lowd of keeps bay b into stgame, pregame activitie probablydthy bunto should as okr
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htm.fn e hplus, l be rigback
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the kenya tea development agency is an organization that is owner every ek we sell this tea, ing r a nk taid ple ovidok wloere a safciti was the only oneology platform to pay our farmers. that was able to ensure that this was done seamssly. and today, at the touch of a button, all the farmers are able to get their money, pay hool fees and improve eir standard of living. with we see a bright future for our farmers and thfamilies.♪ with we see a bright future
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. blockbuster was once the king of the home movie rentals. now, two out of the last three sremainingres are closing nextwe ek. they're bothhat alaska. >> i didn't eve know they were open. one in anchorage, the other in fair banks, one location inhe u.s. in the town of oregon. >> do we even have avr d house? i don't thin ier tainly not aus.
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ockbbl jim lokay is up next fore
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final 5" everyone. good night.
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would he mir wouldn't lie to us the u.s. filing complaints about other countries tariffs tvied in response our tariffs, one is up on the campaign trail, and the rncs getting readied to make charlotte the site of its 2020t conven. ♪ . ♪ . ♪ . what dbelieve, we'reu o talking about? we'r going to talk about president trump who kind of sounded like the guy being cheat odd on a all his friends are trying to tell him but his per denies it, he's like i believe you honey, deste


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