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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  July 17, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm EDT

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tomorrow's at s tomorro8w,nnd tk how much they know about baseball and b aimirt obvusly. tanhnlynthosu o n t ofny trkindappy heryf tal can see all clear now are for the city upnd aow dnhehe northws a o right p tk wherese en
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ll thele bls'ye pntser hpoeinchy reall a the 100% fiber optic once.netw.ork soou getat toryha andeeum t someeere to get a fee samsung chromebook 3 when youo. at's rht. inhafoes t wonhe nor t w c. imings w win wot tnteeye a slight chance a kw>>vething iig nsow u reminei. be a lot bef aopulte gheet t wa, housingavin aalm s lotmystics an t over two and a caplus eaag isthe, half nfl players of rain. reagan national an hour'epsin oh programs oin wiog ofn. athreisat much has reaos ally been collecting a theov thee lag wf i w one>>reng mnt we'today. it witnessing it d mer st 3r reembefoay to make yor fi inte00et 1az% am gigabt go to ges.wi dploag southbound and i bel vehicles whileic
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and eventually thunderstorms iant. douy tson epliket t r you evern anythingaveer seen thk a. tt i in lowh areas. tell us what's the nexti ba water oto clearn cut us. he start moving away the cars in. y >>h, as far as the fire too. ow 60tahe potential f department goes, we're all done at this point. we're packing up and i believeark police is dealing with the vehicles that are t stranded on road. they're trying to get them off to the side so they can get towed at a late aeroint less. j knows a the get traffic flowing again. lot of trivia. are you asking oe taken to thet?urie ny had to us trivia questions. >> you, too. we've got six questions out t if medical issues. chief, thanks a degr ieet lot. i know h you stillave some ghsdoke
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take a little bitg out ohef the >> exactly. >> is this a beball theme. >> of course itas is, it's all er of the flood staralking aboutockey. water a f r no, w tut we' quantumalki t obviotho andut to getfihe thh physics. >> sign m up.irstiouest hat wes ato h f amh first all star wus indayeo tpl game played? >> the polo grounds, new york city. wrigleyville field. problems that is going cause >> chicago. you're pretty close basckhourent erybody knowo . i'm going to give it to sus it's going to be tic you. somewhere in chicago. nightmare right up to game time >> she beat me on that. o.or we getting better >> yeah, she did. >> sorry, jim. nly three weather wise. sarah and active baltearks haved the all star game threeimes. hey calling that down t are angle stadium, wrigleyville field and. >> rogerum s. it's washed down wge tin stadium. fence way park. q. number three, during yolyhey kosmas verys i and h humidity is
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what's gettingt now rnlts youghri u outhidoor? fests in the bull pen which we all know, you come down to nats mes, you go to the bull pen, that's going to be packed whit peple. we walkinge areoound. right now we're seeig people coming out ofhe woodwork once again. meanwhile weheave inside stadium,re co coffin isive inside there. a look at what we can expect coming up. it l looksike you're in a pretty good spot, bird p eye view. we got a perfect spot he when we were trying to cover the weather he when it came in and he i thought oh, my gosh. look at this view for the longest time we did hav to wait for the crews to be a leable to c everything off. they are still kind of working reallyast. we haveeveral people who are wiping downndhe seatsividually to make hur that fans are comfortable when they're coming heemplet they're t sitting i a bunch of puddles. getting to the field we'll he t in a little bit.
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r bird, now isabella's' eye view will be really koovment the players are going to be tak inhe field in a tg hours. doins now thas a thejenternd tt'sioct alac otuti ily sllse angurco att was n a preview to w a tlihreilng of the world's c lowr up to the game sth wesitt was tough. ust likee caitlyn mentionedded, everybody went running for cover , lighteningjuovgf indhu of raic field got a little bit covered. a able toaket quickie. it wasectic in there. but we did f the pye ae. he adke a >> i i lte gamisen.s for us.
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we're going todye rea what y mao what he was able to do for you guys itself he's amazing, a sigh young guy. i lovein watch him. i hate to face hip, because ien joy h. >> lsht. so the big question nowecomes what about bryce harper? every fannie talked to yesterday wanted to know if he ey hope he does. we'lly say seevment we're still trying toce get later on down in the club room. hopefully i can make it down into the a clubhnd have an update for you guys. we'll check in jusa little bit . thank you, corey. bryce tharper did notake part in the homerun desh business, he didn't want to be part of it fl he said if he made the all star team,
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when it was in d.c. he was going to te part and every fan thatre was last night certainly got their money's worth. if you were watching along with the rest of d.c., bryce harper owned that homerun derby. inning with 19 homeruns in the fal round beating the chicago cubs, shosher who had 18 homeruns \am/many his dad was also out therein pg. his dad who was of course aelief. after the ga lot of fans wanted tuc we i got. hee hhe the best fan all of baseball. that'sin krenl momt notore,y onl but organization and theshi nationals fans. there you have it. like father, lane son. c i also say how good he the headband, the hr. he wassot
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momentum and there had been some criticism of bryc towards the homerun derby itself. where is your d.c. pride, butt was just n what, since 1969 that weadn all star game here. so much to watch. we mentioned about the stars coming out to play. before the game they walked the redpe car brit mack henry i out and about. it wasgh there,l enjo that goes joyed it and the players still.e looked good. it was swelteringm thenotheatr intervened. en wh walked the red carpet, including twoamponades when fox5 local news returns.
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welcome bac hs park for the a bigr j sus taway from the big ge and of mee haening. what's a big event without a red carpet. or a thunderstorm followed by heat and humidity. >> that, too. brit mack henry over in the parkment she was one thed carpetayarlier. hey, blit. it was very hard to be dressed up when it was as i t arguably the two biggestg.
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national stars max scherzer and bryce harper were the first to walk the carpet. bryce hceper ived a lot of krts subpoena because of his low batting average. he more than put his critics to rest last night withh homerun derby wifn and he arved very fashionly. he was wearing red loafer was an suit and of course it's brycer. ha so the flashy sunglasses as well. he spent a lotf time signing autographs, but he did winning the homerun derby in his own city many. >> itself it's lot of to be out here. to b at d.c. homerun park and watch bryce. it was ged t him finish so strong. the whole all sr eve jc
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ut>> ive you a hper. ax scherzerad a ltle bit of flare. he had some camoh his se game because she tbets to watch it. see what he can do on the a mounds he starts for the national league and remember the winner of this gam who has home field advantage in the world series. right outside nats park , brit mack henry, foxew n my goodness, this storm came through and it had huge impacts across the city. we picked up anywhere betwe an inch and three neps of rain across the city as these thunderstorms
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moved on through. luckily, though, they have passed. they're out of here and it looks includem just going to a slight chance of a shower later on. this is - tell m again, caitlyn, if you don't was. it'sthis obviously at a metro stovment i just forget what she told me. okay. capital style station.the told me and i hadorap station. showersd thundermrstoovsin m a severeeffs to the east so it's nor ngsnre ion l doant to show you how theserm thunder s came together, how two storms converge right on theon he balaran tdlphe city ea forth' everythucing whas aine and west. you see these c thunderstooming through pennsylvania. some of the
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modeling suggest that it could ybeeac givf o but i'm norry bd b look toe dry forltam ge. oints are still way up thein tha spotty thunder stoirms pofnlt but it's noto probable. we should be in pretty good shape. by 10:00, s 11:00,emperatures in the low eight 30sz and the upper 70s stillgy mug shawn, i thiss a disruption, but lkly this didn't come at seven:30 that would hav been auge problem. storms out of here, things are improving. ourall star coverage will conte in ja minute. a d.c. community is mourning the murder of oiren a t four n and opened fire. fseff
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our adults were also near the shooting. wagneraul pith th iee veryes reer hi, sha i'm courtyard where the shooting happed last night at 3:00 in the 300 block of 53rd kiaee wilson was shot int of t dayhe-shirt is tied to thes b iantohow youowwi this camera there off in the the wedance. thas d. policendll want toha swwtho i pulling into the court again around 8:00. the doors p outou and gin firing. all of them are masked. one man runs towards the door kia wilson was shot. the oer seemie nationallyround the courtyard. as many as 502070 shots were fired and it all took by my
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count about 15 seconds. shi was a vicious assault that left a ten yearead andfour otherlts wounded. neighbors say the gunfire sounded like vietnam or the wild , wild west. according to two 4r5ur789 sorses 50 to 70 shots wereir f at the front of 3213r 5 street. world war three or ssmght it bad. next thing you know, everybody just started running and crying saying they bab got shovment ten year old maso kian was shot in the chest. officers began cp r before she was rusd t grader was pronounced dead. d.c. \police/police release three photographs from a surveillance camera showing what appeared to be the gunman standingutside a dark colored i infinity sedann aho soting
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stance. cowds showed o our streets in d.c. and used illegal firearms to murder a young l prosecutittle homicidel.tiga grsir and crime scene search spent the morning sce the they release tlyit a 25 nowedth pyba news. ieall onlyanate of courss going on. the mayor's offe sent representatives into the ne to d kcktsrshbho andn resento oume out to show support for a e ums t seachers who charter school showe up with. flowers for her family. she wat extremely affecte. she,ry exciw we were trying to recruit her for our girls basketball team
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for fifth grade. heas haininex f year. four adults were also wounded tn itrsma ne was flown to shock iw reported to be critica condition. >> man o ftyivho l k tw is have been 83 same time lastr.eno northeast, paul wagner, fox5 local news. >> one day after saying he didn't believe us intelligencet officials prestrump chang ed his tune. we'll tell you what he had to say with his summit with russia president vladimir p. utin back.
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>> president trump changed his tune today l following the uproar over a summit with russian president vladimir putin . lawmakers blasted the president for not being tougher
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with put in in russia's meddling fitzgerald is live on the hill tonight. fits, the president reporter: the white houseter. clearly in damage control with both fend and foe aligning. take this a look at this scene at the white house this afternoon. presiden trump sitting down with congressionalg leadersht in the middle l ofhis uproar his o performance during that ns conference yesterday in can i with vad michigan put in. the president tonight throwing the car in reverse on his comments which seemed to doubt u s intligence f thation russia did try to influence t lectio20n. tonight, the president now trying toarify boy strong aks had act on theutcome of i th mehe bhee sing that --
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i've said this many times comm cclusion thateddlingit the6 co isti somm r today. he went o say he saidesterday he saw no r reaction whyussia would hack the reaction. today he said he wanted to that and he herie hy russia dithemainsffen that will quell the onoa capitral. republicans and democrats unitin the president's performanceoris questioning huestioning hisotiv there seems to be no rational explanation forresident trump
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's behavior and so millions of americansre left wonderi if put. >> the interpreter: deed has something over the president. many of us do disagree with the president'sssessment of the telligence, as i suggested. i fily believe that there is solid evidence of the election.i think that president put insr the president'stor lis of those correction telling fox5 news just a shoe wh f ourou live t hhe fue f f tithe a ptallark.g
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (c (sound of engine starting) asngcouplehoieere. ng prati ttt foruhe early lead d
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thingsavee up r rn.ll we sawo. riger pe, go down tin intnstalye gotat g insidthreeyrettyad to he
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big game for us and for d a.e's a i lovg hime iac enjoy talk aim hims min bryce harper. all the spoke to yesterday tw dyanoi tngte. ai w h g ful wse fl.ll and w ie'ef anything cnge' it back over ou y j timo you by koons o weprin s were talk
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int fheab isf fm lov prly tre right now if people want to gete down beforehe game. it'sn lta rer ismeur pd por some chicago , cole slaw, ihat l sw iteatsatisfts thisyin onghne heful a p in.ory
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rnlgunmf i'mbl from f te s t myso ailngunni y about mt tl
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id theaf game. some booze i. we have a whole wi, classic, hotge brsur gs brat wuss, everything that you can probably t of. probably about 65 items on the menu right now how long have you been nnre've been open foworost theiv ehe t s bs br he? lloull thatment yous w >>hi acuees sour t fsht shaginig
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erh, geno>>ndsuy. s ld fortanro aligoe k idimporunts
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.cuaginatpt this should
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