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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  July 18, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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snrvr today on "fox5" morning. local police release new video of a deadly shooting as they e men who shot and killed a 10-year-olgirl. president trump tries to cash the form of controversy surrounding mments he made after meeting with russian president vladimir putin. but many political analysts say this is just the latest round of the preside speaking without a filter. >> and the first all star gamee alte's park turns into record breaking as bester s in baseball notch the most hns in the game'sgame'sru 8 85 year history. morning "fox 5 news morning" n starts ratow.d >> goo morning to you thank halfway there, folks, wednesday, july 18. erin and mike are both here as
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well ready to talk weather and traffic. mikeseels nice out there thi morning. >> really pleasant. storms ocking and rolling and they helped usher in drier expect much lower humidity, sunshine.morrow and ple hi, erin. >> metro id on timall really great. are i'llet ow know if that changes. >> 5:0 1st time. y ou wake up with us we begin with details of murder of 10-year-old d.c. girl. newly released video shows moments leading up to deadly shoot ning intheast. >> it's providing a look at the i vehiclen the suspect who unleashed terro i unsuspecting community. and cutler following the stories live at polith headquarters the late haeingt, good morning, sglawn good mornine that surveil video is in the courtyard where 1 cram 10-year-old ma ki yah wilson was shot and killed on monday. she along with four other adults were shot when bmen rolled up on 10 to 15 people
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right in front of their hom. so on 53 street northeast. and one of those people is i criticalon conditie're told and kiyah as she's called did s noturvive the attack. you can see the surveillance here. the latest fromoe hav police released late yesterday sho black four door infinity v bumper missing and paper plates. three dressed in plaque and one in white hooty thad opened fire on the neighborhood. odozensrounds were fired in this attack. it lasted roughly 10 seconds. the neighbors we spoke with ye werdayere outraged and in shock. one describing this attack so ding like world war iii. police and public officials speaking out about thisragic shooting as well and meanwhile a memorialsrowing for the youngestr victim one o teachers telling "fox5" shwa a promising young student.
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>> she was extremely afctionate and very vibrant and excited. and i know we were trying to recruit her for the girl's basketball team for fifth grade she was looking forward to that happening yextear. >> now, police were on scene with detectives ands forensic for much of the day yestery ganlerring evidence and taking photoeys an r information that leads toard an arest in this case. and you can helpou police and call any tips thought may a havend if you have seen that nfblack iity fourse-ddan with missing rear bumper let them know. leaf an ano muss tip texting to 5041 is 1. and cutler, "fox5 local news" counselert muller isial
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seeking immunity. mueller asked at districurt judge yesterday to grant witnessesmu immunity if the five witnesses are not grabbeded immunity they may ref to may the witness stand or plead the fifth. immunity mheir testimony cannot be used against them. manafort trial on bank and fraud is set to begin july 25 in alexandria, virginia. former trump campaign manager currently in jaixt. >> and also mak this morning president trump walking back comm he made about russi president vladimir putin and russian interference in 2016 presential election the president did a complete 180 during a meeting with republicans backtracking on the summit he made saying he says he mispoke. >> russia meddling in the 2016 election took place icould
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be other people also. i have full faitand support for america's agencies. the president has received harsh criticism over hisl in comments. >> the interpreter in the one-on-one meet they go want to testify before then senate foreiglations committee so lawmak owe know exactly what was said between the two world leaders. >> russn woman areged for spying will be back in court today. now this after a federal grand jury indicted maria buxt tina yesterday addind a s charge against her. ll trait organizations onen tofi behalf of russia including nra. justice department says buxt tina worked at direction of high ranking public frovl as early as 2015 to at least february of last year and during that time s got a graduate degree free american university. the fbi raided her home three goes aring go. maureen sgle there is no time
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limit when it comes to denuclear raising kim pledged to denuclearize but no timetable was set. diussions are ongoing. so congrats in order to the american l.gue they won lastpe night mucd major league baseball game held in d. drrks winning for 18th time in 21 games. >> they're g players were knocking back homers left right last night. total of 10 home runs in all. tar gost the all 5 year history believe it or not.rp >> suse, surprise, none belong to home run -y winner w bryce harpr went down swinging in two at bats. final score american league and national league. >> he hit 45 home run the night before. cut the guy a bre. >> cut him slack. >> i can say i'm glad the game happened at all. whai then started coming down i thought are you kidding me. >> you were out there for iye >> i was heading down to
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the ballparkgh last and during my uber ride it wasra ing torrential downpour and awd of acl sudden red up and sun came out. >> time for us to play ball. >> exactly.l. >> play bal >> i'm happy it w earlier.h last night there was another lane that came through northern maryland, 9:00 night. >> funny because i heard announcers merping that said we're getting word weather is headed our way. >> i was sitting there watching that like oh, no it >> mother nature said time to play ball. >> 7 outside d.c.. andeels like 72. that's no heat upevelop that's the important thing today. and even into even into frida frid heat index will be almost non skingt as dew points really, rally drping h over the next 24 had hours. and here's satelthte and rada radar. e's the fronts from yesterday you see all theer s pushdz offshore now and high pressure blding cross the great lakes and brings us o georgous dayn this wednesday. 8le 8 degrees. daytime high. that's a degreeor belmal this time of year lots of sun
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sh. ow the suncreen on high uv index and much less humidity a pleasant ach in d.c that's weather, erin is back for traffic. >> 5:08 keeping eyes on roads. metro on time. between5 and suitland.enue parkway that.ave to detour aro busy later in the morning and factor in extra time. aside from tt one traffic 95 good through laurel and bw parkway quite he and beltway at speed as well and 270 looks good no yellow zones coming from dale city an virginia quiet as well. questions erinfoxdc on twitte twitter. >> renewing debate about illegal immigrant. >> and taking omega thrle suppnts may do more harm a live look acrosshe region clarksburg road. traffic moving well and volume increasing a tad there. details when we come back with increasing a tad there. details when we come back with more "fox5" morning
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>> thent group eed the cave on june 2 it 3 with and were
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exacted byrivers in aes dramaticcue mission that captured the wntireld. >> ten minutes past the houe wedeveloping news to share. police and lyft officials serving for serial rapist whoying poses as lyft driver. orland lazo is wanted for allegedly raping four women in the sa francisco area. lyft is investigating how he passeded a bkground c. he is living in the can't estion illegally and faces dethetation and life sentence in prison. >> mgm is suing survives of last year's las vegas shoot, they filed it against more than 1,000 victims and argues manned day bay is not liable. the resort took all necessaries sayrey precautions to preknt about the a. in october he opene fire on a concert crowd from manned l
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bay sweet. >> a shocking story out of energy age woman sitting in the beach sea side heights a gust of win caught that umbrella that flew through the ear and pierced the the woman's right ankle. firefighters hade to us a bolt consult to freee. she's recovering. >> formeril buffalo b quarterback jim kel headed for unexpected checkup after something came up following cancer surge. in march kelly received surgery to remove oral cancer formanent den turz proepare football hall of famer is scheduled forup fol in august. >> taking omega three suplements won't kutd risk ofat earlh it may do harm. according to page ar study scientists found taking smrenlts found early deaths drop by a tiny margin and no evidence thereduced r of heart disease, stroke or premature death. researchers found the supplement may do harm by
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dutioning good cholesterol that protects the heart. >> all star pitcher coming under fire for seriesun of racdf racist and hophobic tweets. >> and different rules foremen and women in positions of power. heaked to breight now. washington monument you're looking at this wednesday morning. 5:12 time. morning. 5:12 time. back with more after whatbout him? let's do it. ♪ come on. this summer, add a new member to the family.
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mercedesz dealer. >> 5:is 4 is the time no let's check top story this morning. special counsel robert mueller is sking immunity ft.nesses are not granted immuniay they refuse the witness stand or pad the fifth. the triais set to begin on jewel 25. >> it's president trump will hold a cabinet meeting following summit with vladimir putin and the meeting comes a day after mr. trump did a rare made after meeting.comments he
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he clarified rocks he made regarding rsian interference in 2016 electio. d.. police relea surveillance ever a ddly shooting that killed a 10-yr-old girl. dark colored infinity van pulls up and four people jump out and on fire 50 to 70 shots makiyah wilson was kild and four other adults wounded. >> american league winning for first time in 20 games and not by home run derby winner bryce harper that went down swinging in two at bats. final four 8
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>> we're feeling more like ving in terms of humidity healing like spring this afternoon. d.c. was written.lly needed about three weeks since we had meurable rain in d.c. and when when it rapes and powers and dulles over an inch bwi 3 over" of rain yesterday. it didn't rain all day but app hour, hour and a half in most locations a lotn,f asttle time, gw parkway w shut down because of all ther down there. i think we're ready for a break even though we had one rainy day in d.c.. 7 it washington outside rights now. feelsy. come for ab 63 gaithersburg and 66 dulles. 70 at leonardtown at this hour and then there's dew points. which have been falling all morning al continue to as we work our way into thern aften. lower 6 of 0s replacingower 70 yesterday and feel going and lo at 50s into the mountains north a west. 50 dew point. extremely comfortable this
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time of year. satellite and a dar. cloudsgi clearing re west to seeing the and sunshine break out andom dates weatherpattern . when they come from many tinada tme o year they bring dry air w it sunny, warm, temperature mid to upper 80s. enjoy the next couple days in 9.c. the headed to friday. few more clouds in the sky throughout the day. zip trip winchester can't wait see you. looks ltaestic weather for that. weekend though. headed humidity returns and things get unsettled around here. no washouts and not nicest weekend. chance of stormsnd saturday and su. all right that's weather eriner ta on traffic sdhou it look. >> there's a crash southern avenue betwe 25 and suitland parkway. detour around that.if
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you're on sowahern avenues rds suitland parkway be prepared causes slow downs.e branch a looks good now. i'll lut he know when normal volume picksth upose quite despite all lanes are blocked. not causing a major impact ye yet. 50 good through the belt we and keep ill worth at speed as you make your way south ahb nortnd and 66 volume definitely fixing up into oakton and no major slow down downs. metro rail line on time. that's your traffic, maureen and holly. >> thanks, airport, 5:18 s hot on th what web. >> wisdom is back and knows what's trending, hey, wiz. >> gooning to you and first this up morning former first lady michelle obama has stirn words about president trump he made at security event and ce be okay with immediate of coursety with you men and demand excellence for
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woman and her speech focused on gender equity. >> lesley jones has a bone to pick with the honest cpany. come tweeted founder jaes alba over his shopping please address your company that is not doing good business. i used yourth company more three years now and these last three orders have been a nightmare and spent too much money here for this to happen. alba responded and apologized saying she was a huge fan. as omorning milwaukee brewers pitch josh of racist andop hombic slewof re tweets. tweets from several yea agosurfe at twhom immature and onlywh 17 years oldpo and some he sit remember. screen shots circulating on
5:20 am
line and player say they don't reflect on him. no excuses i was dumb and stupid. >> esident trump wants to make over air force one.t now boeing is building a pair ever planes to be used as next air force one planes. president want to paint them red, white and blue blue. over the robin egg blue that was chosen 55 g yoing by former first lady jackie kennedy. planes won't u be completeil 2021. timely, the cvrnlt w network workingri on new se starring bat woman the bat woman series will naips gothum and hollywood reporter say the comic character will be a -- playingol the. >> coming up on "fox news morning" a number of farmer set to testifyt bout capz and prestrump tariff. >> walmart inking deal with arrival of amaz in an effort to overcome the online super
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site. >> let look life r traffic pigging up this hour. 5:2 it 1 the time. g erything malong long type. erin will have a undate of the commute in 4 had minute. erin will have a undate of the commute in 4 had minute. we're back after this
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>> beautiful day today. upeen union is set to fine internet rival of android mobile phone he market making tieups
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with samsung. and fears o atlantic trade war mounts and aluminum exports khip placed more than 40eaillion on soy b, beef, dawry and produce imposing llions of dollars on tariffs on inported chinese goods. u.s. faerm are losing money on virtually everything. >> callin off travel advisory and including naacp official another civil rights activistske being kic off flight. >> plans on kin con to improve interests actions and created h a team toandle customer complaints allegingon discriminati. walmart ramping up efforts to make on linl shoppingactser and easier. retail giant teamed up with
5:25 am
pike row sort in a five year deal. ro>> aviding commuting services with efforts to eliminate cars and and checsh checkout lines from stores. both ces batsling amazon for market share. it's page your age month. it's limited tohildren age 1 is 4 and under. >> announcement coming after last week pay your age sale drew massive crowds build appears around the world all locations closed early after people limit number in lines because of safety concerns. >> let's talk about these people ihop announced deliver service dine dash. >> the me sxants ihop and go platform. now this comes as ihop celebratay its 6 of 0 birthda
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birthd >> happy birthday whater you want to call yourself. >> we'll call this guy michael thomas the weather guy are you.we her guru bringing good haerj d.c.. yesterday was chaotic for brief tiered period of times temper ahead of it were hot. 2 reagan feltf like a peri time in the early afternoon with humidity in place. ul dides 8 and bii 930degrees degrees. 60s in bushes, 7p 2 it reagan national and dulles 66 and b 69 the and skies are clear and expect lost of sunshine toda, blue skies and today, tomorrow, half of day on friday should be pretty good here's your planner for today. and 1 is degrees by 11:00. sunny skies continuand mostly temperatures to mid up toer 0s later this afternoon. all right that is ather and erin is back on the roads. >> 5:26 right now michael inthomas tg crash alert for you southern avenue impacted between 5 and suitland parkway and all lanes
5:27 am
blocked. allow for extraa time. al avenue looks g be prepared you may hit delays detour around that.695 looks really nice. new york avenue problem free. 295 to she street bridge ep past agon and outsidede on the beltwa in it vir things through dumfries look good no problems lorton just a little yellow on the m volume increasing and once you get topringfield interest "fox5"ng at 5:30 cominghape. right back. georgous view of the sky r right back. georgous view of the sky r now. now.
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. >> the american league beat the national league 4-6. there were never more than sixs homeer all star game up for fatally after winning home b run derbyce harper deposit have oneamuring thee last night. >> this was scream altern alternate's park before the thai a look at that. this is hours bore the first pitch. torrential down powers slamming the d.c. reeming don't. it was floed with a moot and i half of water. on the gw scene was
5:31 am
take a look at that. after more than" of rain ll.40 people were recueed from 25 cars th stalled in nod waters. thankfully no one as was hurt in this. thwa ps able to open for the end of evening rush believe it or not. >> with good wednesday morning to you after all that rain in d.c. in this area this morning the sunshine return today. mike miing and erin como stangd by with theor fast ngers crossed mikebet will good one. >> in shor apptoour queson surprise vip returns more like late spreng than'r summer. howell how long will it last. i have weather coming up. >> suitland crash blocking all lanes aand we'll keep you postedn the commute. >> 5:31 is the time developing out of maryland this morning. inspectors are trying t t lohe source of gas o hr ines in montgomery country. dozens of homes had to be checked last night after
5:32 am
records ever a gasoline odor coming from storm drains. it80 happened in the 90 block of constonga way in potomac and hazmat cw $not dett explos levels. >> the twelve boys and soccer coach rescued from the cave in take land will be released today. before they get home they'll tell the story to the world at aco nnference our time. we'll monitor that and share developments with yoey were trapped more than two weeks before international teamrs of and rescuers got them out of the gave in a amatic three day mention. >> 5 a murder of 10ear-old drngt c. girl. moments leading up to n shooting. "fox5" annie yu is following the story tliv morning
5:33 am
police headquarters, good morning, anne. >> ng good m. surveillance came if a crime cram positioned in the exact same cyard m wherere 10o 10-year-old mack eye awilson was sho and killed monday night and she and frdult were swhot begmen round on to a courtyard 53 makiyah did not survive the attack and ofnj those injuries ied one man is in critical conditi. ke a close look at the vecle. a black four door infinity sedan wh near bumper missing and pulling into that court. one in white hoodie and then opened fired the neighboood. dozens of round werfired inthe .
5:34 am
it raingt ingt one describing attack at sounding like world war 3 iii. now, kai's cousin lives across the courtyard from here. 's a neighbor, family member and she told us she is scared y in tr own saf neighborhood. >> i'm always nervous. but it's lately it's just been more than usual here. and yes, i'morlways afraid myself and my children and the children of the community. >> her cuz up rave ep tlep wuvrnt people who would speak with us man by dr. neighborso too desir on camera. investigators, detectives. forensic teams we're all on steext yesterday much day taking photos and of course all this new surveillance is
5:35 am
comi out.hi if you know ng please call police. >> 5:35 is the time now. a russian woman accused of being a spy is back in court. maria about the a ty na is accusing of infill right on behalf of russia. transcripts reveal the fbi raided botinhome three months ago. she's currently held in jail. >> protesters gathered outside thehitehouse last night blasting president ump after his summit with russian president vladimir putin there finland. michael vixt notti attorney for stormy daniels was there. phillipeeigns organized protest. dembo statiut yourian interference in 2016 pridential election. yesterday he did a complete 1 180 during a meeting with republicans saying he mispoke in finland what he said he
5:36 am
didn't see a rean why russia would be him the election meddling he claims he went to say why yawsh won't hip the meddlingsg. erp meanwhile the official that want the interpreter in the one-on-one meeting to testify before the senate foreign relations committee we can no exactly what was said between the two world leerdz. 5:36 is the time. k in with mic thomas. >> good morning, guys, we're dealing with much calr and quiteer conditions yesterday and h fl it's look going and feeling goo and will be ad good wednesday even thrs and friday when it rains, sgoy it ever pour in washington. i mean we get a lot oft. i up until yesterday, zip, zero, zilch in d.c..
5:37 am
we got 2 it.9". only now we're lesthanen inch away from monthpositive positively toe at al after gettingou thr first half. that w wettest david in a year. starting off pleasant. 72 miles in d.c. humidity dropping and dew point there in the 50s. more comfortable air. all ght. le check the forecast. airport is backith traffic. >> 5:37 nowmi pke and metro rail lines on time trac tracking this crash as you make your way southern avenue and 25 and suitland. >> proves movin s nrufip on our way to the area airports they look good. 270 still at speeds.
5:38 am
questions, erin at fox on twitter. >> reporter:[m:ed] fromly ge of basketball takes a bizarre turned in a norp virginia gym. why one playeth we police called and hear from llother player that actua witnessed the whole thing. lus, trending a mother's gent warning about a popular cook goes virlz. the tv home now over the lift and get of a lifetime from a the tv home now over the lift and get of a lifetime from a generous
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>> time now 5:41 happening in montgomery county a memorial service is held for homeless individuals that died in 2017 and far in 2018. and county officials want to raise awareness about family homelessness. and they'll announce a communitywidtheffort to end problem by 2020 and officials say substantial eo far 381 homeless people placed in permanent supportive housg. >> a win, win competition in virginia helped vdot find solution force greatest transportati need and win cash. that's the idea behind hac hack-a-thon and idea i jamn northern virginia today.
5:42 am
now developers planners and futurists and data enthusiast canubmit ideas on paving dat infrastructure and driving distraction free. >> all american favorite today is national hot dog day and to celebrate the north american meat institute will host annual mott dog month on capital --ha at the ens at the rayburn house courtyard. >> coming up next police call that has a lot of people scratching their heads and it that has a lot of people scratching their heads and it was all kawing on camera.
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>> 5:45 is te timw. checking top stories.e d.c. p releasedsuew eillance video o shooting in northeast that claimed the life of a 10-year-old girl. you can see a dark coed infinity sedan pulls m up and fouren jurm out and open fire and police are shooting for them. >> clarifying had his statement he won with slat beer mere critics said it sounded like the president was siding with vladimir putin instead of his own intelligence agency. he claims he now trust america's u.s. intelligence agency.
5:46 am
>>5:45 is the time now. less cck negative with michael thomas and get an update as we take a peak at cameras taking a picture ofu a bel shot outside right now. good morning, mike. >> grpri us pe. just about to race, yep, and then only 14:with 3 with to enjoy. it ep would be a fall day of nice breake from thehi it was nty if this afternoon we'll be warm, upper 80s town and comfortably so. we'll come with the humidity and height index. sunshine, today he can tomorrow, cloudy, still a t until the weekend do th storm chances return in d.c. m we'll talk more about that coming up in a few more minutere he all right, rain yesterday. a lot of i a very short amount of time. 2.79" reagan national that wasrd a . that was the most rain we had in a year in a one-day period. . and so again quite the soaker
5:47 am
yesterday afternoon. dulles as well and bwi over three win. ing rain. all threeor area t had rain. dried air moves to anp 2 in d. c you don't have to go farm norm and west. eblly is in the 50s. cool for july standards. here's satlite and radar. bringing rain with. itou ce passing clouds time to time wexpect. this nice big area of high pressure coming from canada across the great lakes that'son nice directior us and will keep a nice northerly whipped in place today and helpur high temperatures 88 your high here. hag if you can't outside today, tomorrow is a good one.
5:48 am
up to 89 friday with a few more clouds in the sky. right now the weekend though, if you make weekend plans keep your eye on it it looksnset unsetsled saturday and surprised and no washouts there and again keep your eye on chances for showers and storms. all right, that's airport k with traffic. >> all right, right now it's 5:48 we're keeping eyes on roads. southern avenue between 25 and suitland par crash blocking all lanes and metro rail lines on time. i'll let he know changes. first slow down of mornin city, to beltway and cop investigateon as you make your way to 2 70 to 1 is 21. volume increasing a half hour commute on 66 of not enough yellow or red zone there yet and outer loo glooksd. questions airport fox twitter back to you. >> 5:48 shocking story out of
5:49 am
new jersey. 67-year-old woman wasd.a visiting from london spending day on beach at sea side heights a gust of wind yanked umbrella stember her to the. about c is from she should not resign fol report he used n word during mediaession. he accused board of not proper investigating the allehetions againstm and and inuen dox the marketingha agency ttrade the training tried to extort him. it removed status on marketing materials. >> 5:49 slt time now. l let'sook at stories you're engaging with most own social media with retime news
5:50 am
tracker. maureen is back wit look at those stories. >> first a florida mother is blaming death of 15-yea dte wr-d she calls confusing packaging with khichz hoy cookies with reeceyes. she mistakenly ought a cookie because theop of the packaging was peeled back hiding the label. they're calling on a choy to shell foods withaler agains in different color pacges. >> t san francisco officials decided the t hhat was setting full house. reboot of the show led to b crowds of perhaps blocking streets and driveways too. >> eavesham dropping tu out to be a good thing for one chicago school teachers erins on south west overheard kim bermudaelling her about students. ny homeless come to school
5:51 am
harrisburgry. they give hergi hving her over 500 in cash. she's still processing alland y tore book bags p and packath. >> alabama college student has a new set of wheels after showing dedication to new cry car broke dow for his favorite day at the movi company. >> and some policeo fficers stopped tk what he was doing and decided to take him to breakfast before dropping him off at his job. the family he hoped move posted story on facebook. the boss got one and decided to give him one of his own personal cars. i love these stories. >> sded occasions. the e ctwould walk to work. . >> 20 miles i believe ihink i ted 5e it was 20 sdmri love when we have stori that the world is indad to a goodplace place. lill taket.
5:52 am
so>> emeon the police on another person for sothing trivial. >> most viewed story on and it's sti a major talker. virginia man calls the cops after he was fouled tooard during a pickup basketbl game. annie yu joins us now with more on that game gone wrong. autopsyy, this is just the crazeest story. crazyt really i all right, social media is sgoling wild over this one. a friendlyickup basketball game in sterling, rginia took a turnfter a player called police from fouled. some thought the guy was we tracked d himn of course and didn't want to use his name but the man that called police is blocked by opposing player which resulted in him fall together floor and he was soup set he had the gym receptionist call 9 21 is 1 here's a snip epit. >> sheriff offic
5:53 am
hi, yes i'm calling from la andess dulles town center a member gotta saltd doesheictim need ambulance anything like that>>. no. >> so the loudoun county shar office responded this call and deputies thought they warh dealing something more serious and turned out to be a routine basketball foul and one deputy adding this was his first ever call for gas d betal in the end neitheranted to do ae rulport. >> you can tell it was strictly basketbl. there was no racial under tones or anything li that. >> okay so what's most bizarre after is what happened after police left. is that our witness who you just nraerd says both men returned to court to ginish theame and we tried reach out to the ma that called sheriff office and have not heard back and this totally ignited so many comments and emotion from comments a from pes you mentioned most viewed story and
5:54 am
still trening on seeshl xwlaed and you have to go to our facebook page to read the comments we have very funny viewers regarding this and anita swhaez everying is ing on in the world i w raced to respect you'sleader that question in itself. hoing harold should stay off the court if he cannot handle this ird and i've seep flagrant freddie folwing tradition of barbeque becky and permitatti and then also one of our favorites is dave, you're if next next time my son cheats me plague unowe i think ill call the cops. th is trend on twitter and wisdom and holly i think this guy was atle more than buttt hur with this game. >> i thinkhis is such a disrespect of law enforcement and thell time to ay think wow call the police on
5:55 am
something like that? >> and you know what's really kind of unsettled is we ke t seeing teens of viral stories whereeople are calling the 1 calls and that's always been an issue. now with these stories going viral with will it s. >> maybe people want to go viral. another whole conversatione. >> it's entirely petty and waste of police and gym time. they probably should put him out. i mean that was so petty and so trivrial. it's ridiculous. >> if you're calling foul an assault the last time wavrmd a basketball gain it was full assaults. >> efr time i go it's an assault. >> and. >> if youan do it in soccer namar would be calling ery two weekends sunshine and gorgeous conditions today. we got rid of the rain
5:56 am
cold front off the coast line anmp dry aroving and andhe weatto look forward to iny d.c.. ahead planner couple clouds tond start a honestly clearing region and sunshinefr taking oom there and temperatures rise mid up toer 80s this afternoon andes temper drop tonight. pleasantly. maybe window's openvening here in d.c. temperaturessh ld mall into 60s. weekend very unseted chance showers and storms hit an miss and both days neither day looks spec tack awe floor even into early next weeke keep unsettled conditions around. if you have outdoor plans keep that in mind. erin is back with the roads. hi, erin. >> 5:56 keeping eyes on roads. crash southern avenue impacted between 5 and suitland parkway all lanes blocked detour aro that. pick up in terms of volume. that's the only crash inpas
5:57 am
inpasting road keep it to "fox5" we have our 6 rbg hour inpasting road keep it to "fox5" we have our 6 rbg hour coming
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> right now at backtrac. >> the sentence should have be i don't see any reason why it wouldn't be russia. >> and this after he faced backlash from both sides ofha aisle overt critics show a uplock of srt for u.s. intelligence regarding russian medle in the 2016 election.
6:00 am
>> new s as search continues for the gunman that shot and killed a 10-year-old girl in northeast d. scrks. police release new images ever the suspects's car. >> and calling foul the story many of you are reacting to a northern virnia basketballur to the man that witnessed it. >> new deal the new promotion from build a bear this morning ter disastr pay your age deal. >> in record "fox5morning 6 a.m. starts now. >> that was just one of the record ten home runs of last night's all sta game alternate's park and the game going tennn


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