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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  July 19, 2018 5:00am-5:32am EDT

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votims a why rywere tndhey .onhe> nthec zombr >> unforortenk. marylan deem committeinse. >> ♪ >> 5:36 right now. gorgeous 71 degrees again at th hour, mike. >> y ist' ggeous start to your eadayer he region. especially northnd gorgeou hesrein in the washon, d.c. region. we're still about 20 minutes or so from sunrise, 5:58 is when the sunis officiallyes
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in the sky this morning.& 72 outside. it feelssice. pleasant here in d.c. 64 for gaithersburg. frederick 63. there's your planner. a couple high thin clouds through e morning and then off we go, temperatures 7 rising through0's into the 80's. just a very pleasantay. th tn ockativ the figer o oagesa pleasant feeling, too. ntthese des down into the 50's this morning. any time it's -- if there's a five inront of any number here it's fee fling good and it's going to feel good later on this afternoo too. high pressure in control. just leading to quiet weather renditions all around the bright beautiful blue skiern later on this aften and lots ounf he only concern today. other thaha t 89 degrees,autifu. notbeow is bad either just a few more clouds in the sky but 88 degrees and, yes, yhumidity does low for one more day here. wel talk about the weekend,sthos in just a few minutes. first ahe comck o hasf got 37 alert after alsoal deatemhs> ozens in tot. t startha you off with your metro rail commute. we have orange blue s andrilve signal problem at smithsonian.
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known as spice. >> anne cutler is live with delays to vienna franconia alu this story. >> reporter: good morning. wiehle-reston. we aee skinreg me on the inner loop by marylands14. outer loop aell. ings are just starting to in overdoses related to the wake up. syntheticrug. this crash still o the justesteay eningboutll a at e ut shoulder. 270 southbound at 28 in rockville. and volume still light from frederick into montgomery county. this crash also a pat tucks now, four deaths officials say cents parkway at 1098 columbia. rano majorffic delaysun aamerict e so irsardaytic theg, d mnirung m wf overthves d ght.bu t manlike it hurtivee and see her cfusi,vad
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uncuconit's a people thate. o--ng omeencyeibe br fl m aicri af hurt duriring edyboveryeimack
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.n thacints . cannloewa n dect yt i let have this.we can't no gadditi be.onal mtronouereesd
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di elaboteutti hublic warnings from his ownim intelligence cht's meant he wa answering that specific quetion. y.ot> acg t thetosuincoesve she want to -- sheoant to d stuff. she wanted to do some stuff. in 2016.rt >> emotial moments for t rhegathered f for a vson. y rehoattime move p ig ttewor she was gunne outsideh in princecar george's county but the gunman all-starrt s remained on the loose. >> the americanve ursity grad accused ofer being a cov russian agent still behind. ba mariia butina has been ordered
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held without bond until her trial. she is accusedf using sexual favors to try to influence americ politics and infiltrate political organizations. r gun lobbying efforts tosedhe get close to people at the nra and the republicanit party. ke kevinltrain.da d s official. air force one is a getti patriotic makeover. president trumphe s new colors c cbs interview he had last nigce. air one has been baby blue and white since john kennedy was president. in february, the white house and boeing agreed to a 4 billion-dollar contract for mccarthy'slose planes. the new modeld expto be >> i said areou t ypingop airborne by 2d4. outside today. ford issue a massive h recall. >> pistoric hosting night at the espy awards. nowinds herly t ouwinds thofis f year takha that humidity t we hate so much and they puss eactca patrick's on stagencperfs ion tethis ngmorning. waking up considerably town. stay with us. we're back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪
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itetd. qui, lots of sunshin tod, just aum at all. st. outside and enjoy the th first get's a check of traffic, though. hi, erin. >> good morning. 5:07. keeping our eyeth on time row t we're igtracking a f new crashe. rockvilleockv rnille volume is light there. up columbia, cra he nairen.oviinia otrl cengausi any shoulder. ntowtheayeltw inoo sreat git ona n.edems seven at frontage road in s. opened. i'll let you knostou trumporkinm destructive wildfires,
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though, continue toa racemo >> ♪ tr160irestes nowk at >> 5:45 is the time right now.k live outside the white hoe. they're up and somebody is at least,wake in there up and awake, lights are's on it beautiful day outside so far. >> yes, so far and y know what, wisdom, why not just let's keep itng g. >> why not. >> let's dot. ek. te but lidity remains.
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o dry dayow. it feels good outside to start e m espectedthbe t pan.usic on newoy and another sunny bright and beautiful da any outdoor activity at alle pu sunscreen on but other than that you'll be just fine u holdsnt of his day. tomorrow looks nice. few more clouds in the sky but still low humidity, still a decent amount of sunshine. then the weekend things start to g unsettled and once that political life a pattern kind of locks in here, controversy. the rxt weekeally here in d.c. starting looks like it's going to be on the unsettledide of things. 72 outside r now d.c.igpittsbur. f who dirud closely p he t,nire fouey i looko beckley cool spot, 55. look at binghamton up in newll york, 52y degrees as they start their day. is july by the way. ityou don't fr d.c.o the 60's gether t. tlocal view here showing montgomery couy 64 degrees there gaithersburg out towards frederick, 68 63 at dulles as leonardtown, quantico 68.orng, 64 for you. culpeper feeling goo at 60 degrees. there's satellite and radar. nice and qui conditions, high pressure in contr t.his of year. every nowme andti then those canadians give us a nice gift
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and that's whang they're in the form of takes the dry ais it to t t south whichakes humidity and kin of suppresses it to the east. bla tiutw andtch. temperatures upper 80's with no humidity. 89 degrees today here in d.c., 86 quantico, m oassas 87, 86 forut at dulles. let's do the seven-day ero1.:1 5 forecast 'cause things do unfortunately change around. zip trip tomorrow winchester gorgeous. come out and say hi. i tucker going to be there, annie is going to be b there. zip trip.reat time at the saturdaynd sunday showers and storms. theater day ieith day is a wash. p.ep your eyes on the weather hit and miss storms both days. pattern locks in and monday, tues wednesday, mid 80's, chance of showers and storms each day. eather. erin is back with traffic. >> keeping ou eyes on the roadt 5:47. this crash stillge linng, the scene in colum paatuxent
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parkway westbound at 108. g so muchen up there through coluia. 95 looks good to and from the capital beltway. same story bw parkway10 32 and 0 nice and quiet. as we take a lookt a 270 this meets sweet crash cleared so that's great with dunkin's news. 270 at 28 back to normaat but ga new brown sur th yellow you're seeing on the map is m just normalorning volume heading down toward rockville. now, moving over to the rails, we still have a signal problem at smith so orange blue delays to vienna franconia wiehle-reston. st of your rail lines on time. 270 like said crash by 28t tha that's your t.ic fond rdsedans and suv's due aroblem th t per. the recallhie s ilunc toft 2016 ford fusionnd cars toe suv's. in the a bushing that connects the shifter cables to the
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transmission may detach. ford says when the driver shifts the ler into the park position, the vehicle may unexpectedly be in another gear. if the parking braga isn't ged the vehicle could roll. t he latest on a potential stre for metro. union members are reportedly making g progress. no formal agree been reached yet. the meetings ce after metro's largest union voted to authorize a strike.e the diis over alleged violations of the collective bargaining agreement. another meetingors set next monday. > a heads for metro riders thiske wee. osing for an extendedns are period. ation will close thiskland weekend and remain closed for 45 days for structural repair crews can improve disability access. now, metro will offer free feral f offeringtit shuttlbuses service while repairs are underay. both stations reoo tpen ahead ak at the stories that you're
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engaging with the most on that social media using our realtime news teecker.& mauris back with a look wi t stories. pntywnt 8an beve2go >> former new jersey goverrir chchristie is writing a tell-all book. it's a no barred account of his politicalolds h life and controversies. the book we li olf opresiderent trump and insight into those umptrave worked closely with steve ban john rey lewandowskine kellyan conway and jared kushner. the book titled "let me finish" schuled for release next year. the california supreme would split the state into free from the novembe ballot. c mftmssu arener a removed from the ballot. nothe t thndre inohe orn.wnow hal hashiu peexremoved the measure from the ballo i didf not feel strongly that it was next starbucks and mcdonald's are teaming up. it's an unusual combo as the two multibillion dollars companies are usually at odds with each other but it's for a good cause.
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the sake of the environment. they plan to create a fully recyclable compostable cup within the next three years. both companies combined account for 6 billion g if youoing to livehouse whye haunted. mo this home in missouri month dubbed the most haunted place in the midwest is on the market. it's operated as a ghost fallen back into the upper 60's oiceeli comabew themed bed and breakfast offers ghost tours and overnight stays. now the owner wants out. it's going for $119,000 if you da. >> no thank you. >> you can keep that. >> exactly. >> keep it. >> thanks, mo. >> uh-huh. pofo >> wellalso trending this morning, history made at the lowert is flings0' mosof the ren espy awards last night. danica patrick was the first g panth norer aexctre anotheure female host of the show ever. >> despite the historic momentet she's notting the best reviews this morning. annie is here to break it all down forots. >> no, she's n getting the best reviews. in town. i was trying to scroll through ureittingbrim twitter looking for some sitive reviews. >> it was very hard to find.
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there we some people out ther wvein there that tught she did fine job. arnd iuss itown she's just receiving a lot of tays s wello, humidity criticism from her opening monologue saying her jokes were bit awkward, fell flat tsowoo mhe eoy89nj w q dees 8 with the audience, so we'll you be the judge. atoine phent sri mte a joke the nfl kneeling controversy. k checit out. >> give it up for the u.s. 86 foricay d her may bri men's oh, is there extra? keep going. for instagram. give itp u moren's were'ress going to track it as t curling team. pplause]oook home gold.[a pushes itsoatosttatur iy.s and forhose unfamiliar curling is the sport where you are allowed to kneel. right now it looks like it's going to stay far eh iugt. nost at' washout but you grdl uu [laughter]>> > encouraged. that's right. we have to mention t elephant in the room. anthemme to t talk abohe eave outdoorla dnsurg in [laughter]sy. sunday's just generally unsettled. we got a big oldev upperel low that's going to settle in >> okay. >> all right.
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en'and the moment twitter can't over the mweeeid degrees sunst n get over chris long'she reaction wh appears to mouth was d. how, she tried to poke fun at lebron jame moving to l.a. to play the the lakers but audience didn't seem to getok that j about his hairstyle. >> the biggest off seasonn pickup was lebro james. now, lebron is the newest los angeles. tannstpllos angeles transplanto ree, wk.njedoyour erin. what googles when he needs new hair. >> a joke about lebron going bald so, i think -- i think w you cae ar>> monologue. ngering in maryland, sh cdoesom a bit it rockvillensinthe nervous, dry, and you know, that's how her -- shoulder anydelays. how she naturally s she's not like this super bubbly same story on the inner loop.he outgoing host. >> two points. one, she is not a professional ost, right, she is a race carl beltway now. i a mont over the aomerso maybe there i
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ioidge. l50 juss ou thinko hosting all, do y at she wrote the jokes? hb5gs looksatre on thrtou >> that's another thing i thought. but part of -- the jokes itself c be funny because it's pple i allth are saying ouf 66. and likorl. chosen,y t whyheul her. so, there's that. whnchnaer smea. but also do i really think that danica is waking up this her permofornrmance last night. usebeeno snuggling with her cutieod about last night.y care this was a historic moment. ochelid former crousing the n-wd next time that a femas ien h h n the big lessge sta pressure. ut>>f'm all the throw sanders under t the bus. fe h athletes dleid they pick her? now colonel sanders grandson across as nervous and, you curious as to off or whatever ndis saying sas never used schnatter hasxeti hveg they chose her out of all the female as.lete >> who would have been better? >> i willay s-
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>> who would you have chosen. irharvey weinstein. seball is requiringa league this anybody milwaukee brewers reliever in the wnba has the name and josh hater to go throu sensitivity traingnd a face rogecniti her. >> anybodyou i heam c so racistnd school. >> you keanow m what,cae me caf hater pitched in his first all-star game in tuesday in d.c. before news broke of the social media controversy. next up, that's not i tonya, this veition's just a litt different. it's called me, danica. parody aired during espys. the former race car driver show. she somehow convinced her boyfriend aaron rodrs tojoin in. >> avail>>he it has nearlyp, hamton has lan n availababsle endorsemdet deal t lonast night hamilton said he's a >> geez. resech a development thank you. >> let's beest. the blame ially
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technician for plaque anheaila her, right, becauses she onou s dou tgh for h ais wife to lim seat were doi t ho jaesok pass bauecse it's in e of mobile ordering. delivery. that's the j t ofoshe h up -- yt do roh have towpedora >> what annie said is -- a lot of people n drake did it, hcoe's aldime performer,e's a hthlete ns. >> like ellen degeneres or a uemlvin hou let host is doing that -- >> they' lldo n this because this is a sporting. eve moving on. let's do the forecasors great, s finding eat. the wethend ough sunday. no washouts but we'll have to u. pretty good chance of one of those days we'll get a little wet here in that's a check of the forecast. off to erin for traffic. rails,d
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tlver line,re hepr'soblem atthsonian. delays to vienna franconia and wiehle-reston. the rest of youralol rumoa on 2. 'll take a look atirnia d the distri bowi dkin'un ent pp please don't, i'm saviorer.sengho
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>> is russia still targeting ag the white house.s once ain tryi to clarifyresident trump'somments aboutan meddling r in the 2016 election, this as his most recent appear tow he believesit that russia is ngeor yrs we wereu.s. affairs.>>ho to rlofl sa wowerfuht.n the the espy awards sparking several emotionalents on stage and why this year's ceremony was one for the nut record books from the host to a big honor for one of d.c.'s own. >> my littleaughter, it >> cries for justice from a.t heart broken mother. h lsamyreere ttle girl policeoo smaoon ason her indeja vu. youtube is once again forced to shut down aontroversial account linked to a maryland couple with a scandalous kids.ry of pranking their fox5 morning at 6:00 a.m.
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starts now. >> thursday impoantl igh > toal to be anotherime. h d wt osine hass oiorth and then enn omwe ist50 out there. so, some cool air that wen by rather quickly.
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tlet's go back i t a qet region. intiont's very nice direc that'staumidity, that's suppreki hsoutacg dt iinross 58e
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fo smithsonian. 2lays t 8. there'le py bwxe parkway still looks geroop. ghou hrtion♪s
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♪ soeirsthlobe honedhat.rre thetey
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a b letigook in wehell waytens t and c go up,pe lli s pontitnconk aiatse uad y etth tpt'go uortain m also tre.iner tgere.owne nr
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entf nearby blew it over. thomd at the site.sebaer rbrst -yr-ol
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