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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  July 19, 2018 6:00am-6:36am EDT

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appear tow he believesit that russia is ngeor yrs we wereu.s. affairs.>>ho to rlofl sa wowerfuht.n the the espy awards sparking several emotionalents on stage and why this year's ceremony was one for the record books from the host to a big honor for one of d.c.'s own. >> my littleaughter, it >> cries for justice from a.t 18oughairfax. car heart broken mother. h lsamyreere ttle girl policeoo smaoon ason her indeja vu. youtube is once again forced to shut down aontroversial account linked to a maryland couple with a scandalous kids.ry of pranking their fox5 morning at 6:00 a.m. bridilge. 50 i gooit.doninoi bydalerinshia starts now. >> fkirsdayni m.or
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ing picturesque. tuckerne thiv unlikeimround. >> t stories. nileerdov bras at waring ationre drive in germantown. investigators sayin the operator saw the women on the tracks,ed sound theorn and applied the ht train's brake it w lus wereanheill c sayhyat t wome in the firstles tn tool pnoicw. ru180 from presi tmp remarks following hisde bongtiee putin.
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ront disll bwierfo heesthidhe case of russian m teddlenearsin bn eh standing by iorne. maureen. >> good morning. present twa russia's however he revsedlen course on wednesdayussian est vliniminad the 2016 presidentiden election. hle ri y sw k b. also issued putin a dirt warning in finland. >> i don't want to get into can only say that i have urnf ience oagencies as currently constituted. but i let him know we can't me, >> what do you was have this. we're not going to have ian f tn
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resolution is expected to be intruced in the senate indires oaffficlarg russia shoue ad accusedac o o uam s peniticsd infiltrate political organizations. to getfflose to peoplet theeuses nra and republicanparty. >> meargency al in theertrict af several andteozde en linked to bad batches of terdothet >>wn5's anrfneor beheeo .
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adshingtonith cthgoodike sry.eb at officials because of the shear numbers beenid,, i dn' of how many people are getting sick even dying. now, the most recent was p.m., 1 see that. people got sick at e and third >> denzel goes on badrowa streets. a firefighter who responded toth scene said these folks were in z aombie-like state, said it was like something from "night of the living dead." officials sbe related to the frc drug. the most recent was wednesday ion a cn d a collecte i fallen d y.ebk of the film makersou mon origin att tprojectrace workinge prs anojntec.
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he did filsms like goodwill hunting. erday o an inut a dy an inter w sayingvi that brad a pittnd leonardo dicaprio of an side effects hallucinations turned down the roles initlly ofhis filiam. it was indy wire aview. ithi's l cike workingit whess ee vanzant said i was workingrking famous cas i askedhe t usual suspect, they all sd no. he went on to say later on in mi, people thatll are thenterview what i could apsing. have done what i probably all -- or maybeeing overly toruld have as cas medo aggressive. those are signs that they may theead actors.rried about who be impacted or under the >> like i always say, that's influence. >> reporter: now, this how people become lead actors. problem is so bad right createdy scinating.ns all time is alert flier with inftiorma ood.ho iso ab addictionresources. a stnories. rs maytebed they ngs officers and homeless agnaulle 68 this morning in h ii go inhain their lives,.id >> probably dt want to do it. >> i think the movie turned reat the way it was. it's an interesting to they know to see that those two -- now thosewo are going to be in a new quentin taran
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movie. i'tim excited about this. t man, this is the newfi movie directedn by d zazell. he did the movie "la-la land." this about neil armstrong. ngryan gosli is playing kneel strong. it's a bigeal. la-la land went on to have a ton of awards presence in the oscars, we know moonligh endebut damien zazell did 1 andomofor t mooar. dected landing, have you heard that g to so. we'll talk more. baltimore. uiet. >> thank youck o what's te , mid t 80's co video f awhesditched his nine ge
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but it should be a dry afternoon a bearitoook fornwao.t i'll h tetlse upr s anoon.t nice, low hy .. me>>grth bre teaker on wave. umh-huh.ha >> erin a comond what's going on on the ven. t only that ink ateady to impv. road. massasudle rett yellow zonean bor noo could get tucker to broadway would be a one man hasselhoff 6parkway at 108 inmaryto the ln show. >>on't hassle the hoff. such anoff. coweite ionsthe mnay lanesf 95ea if people are just tuning in for the first time this week he has been teport elons thiavee half the local now. i thought about it this i'm likenow what i'm not krning. again 66 like i said is going to feed into butiful day. eeating any big inner loop.the >> you do wther here. again, orange blue and some pos. >> it's a beautiful day to get married just like hasselhoff okay?ting married.
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that's your traffic. w>>hyre a him y.ou >> inspectors are due to be back in a home in montgomery >> because his bridally is 23 hat.sounger t fnunow w county followingerious case of cat hoarding. an estimatede 0 catsbeen >> no.ha >> in life peopleall down removed from a house on sweet an bget veracy borough court iac north potom over the last few days. right about that. the montgomery county fire mertpa's hanimntal control offiy vdi more about spl protective gear. l.elrth has been >> 6:0 8 is the time. straight ahead a maryland couple is under fire a y theaiomnypa had shut down the. t.ments on stage aose powerful t.litsngh just 30>> ♪ do youd the mo st tedrust mattybe you could trust you won't have to actually
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talk to neighbor. >> dela.ys arwayothu ngtchi dacell. nobody has! it's unscented! talk to neighbor. (sound(c (vo) new tidy cats free & clean a there definitely were moments to riremember last night. history indeedade awards. danica patrick was the first female host the show ever. vehoweher, m toreom sber stage. 140 victims of larry nassar including ompic gold
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medalist ali rise man were given the arthur ashe courage award. cet powerful40 allne stand on stage really shows e ali rise mth t moment. itnkan came when three coaches r died dg the park landflorid schg posthumously given the best coac their families accepted the award inir t awaherd i andin es your business internet ovlet' lo de gig-speed in maces. happening. here was nflji> enhemylyeg e hrs oirels networckup. rs d' award for perseverance. ry th.>> cfamer isntlyasedr. foc m them, not so mofuch.
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mind wh me ece c nesstorom pee a ijimmy v. >>hat'theirsthinghat the second thing that com teshespeech scocott gave and maybe you could trust (sound of car door opening) ost hiveses. u tt's. ) pehe any sh that'srg beenowivasnight, at's now new, thatup s hts, -- heth h gighlig one of ttohe greatighlightf this eveazelin >> rightt aowhe d:0tr th. t p know w i,that i it washard a show createin our s reallydif thing. >> yeah, all >> thanks r >> uh-huh. >> stillhead,, cou... a muse wheonn it camack i>> you e
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>> looked kind of weird. >> it's all good. >> still ahead, could the theonda here? b making si on theth nclow o next.coming up ♪ at that's worth? ♪try is. if y morfuhaover t10night.n and... ♪ ♪ ooh, heaven - hood! lceu are gonna love the neig t is that a good thing?hb ics cne ytwouan scs can move ptazy amounts d
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0%ericwothat a good thing?hb 100% phenomenal.t gethe fastest speeds available for the best price collapsed atrom landing
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nearby blew it over. this to the hostal piken abyorow operator was
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add deunrea.the fire destroyed t oomone t 36 caused or tfges. you can see we're r pwhoevey, l connieki sun, a round of applause bsausehebereti isful. a there's your sunrise,t. yes, we're at 14 hou and 32
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minutes. couple little points here.t our bsu plenty. you'ren tngreat s g. e and comeofort lable and west,o ssas,rt frederick, gaithersburg in the lo60's. winchester we're c s veromgnt s. here's a quick look at thooi nts. wh these numbersomfoable. warm day.f sunshine. look how quiet it is. featuring high pressure and auit the ek wnusu f oor this time d.enof year, little coastal low will develop and the anlooff tod
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.est back in thereatou lndakes. it lookse likio p dssund oay. you know what,rs we might sneak tht half of saturday dry buty satday afternoon, saturday night and into the er willday with thispp u rain every minute but i't wuton bea e .dingly here. be clouds willsll 89, less hum, v eryooks l youin'll uto you. how are thoads. arnes roads right now are movinuc>>g, we h a prob. want to start you off with newodgo signal problem. clr on the way to wiehle-r.ton a and that is good newsfranniy out tw. eastmir noundluro fmanes m crowy
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prkwce. once y oouneanthnd dixbowlg yourgh way throuheverly. kenilworourouth sdbounam traffi. back to you. t >> 6:18 ishe time. members of the youth soccer team trapped in a floode cave paying a special tributeto theha ti boynas pla honor himb fof the tav cnsiz hensheip. us weeklys ince harry, not
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price, prince harry and meghan markle are planning trip to oe united rst full scale overseas tour. the magazine says that th tr is set for october. they'll first travel to and newn time for t invictus games. thentohe d ey' teall capitol. >> i think. and>> to the loft. >> i kn. >> i beto g tyhes d geat li t posting company. detas >> a dose of cuteness. itdo took aew in ust whof out j that was butlly wasve underneath
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those piowsll and how adorable.
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>> in today's business beatt netflix's lates project will surely mak you laugh but first a check of the markets. business network studio tracee carrasco on friday jr. or friday eve or thursday. >> reportei little friday. like tha let's tal about wall street. everybody looking good.t lnait aqesd nasdaqletu fell.mb less than a . dothe dew ad the sifeathk fonses edtimism still baste on second r earnings that a lilst ite otlf a breather this
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right now futures pointing to a lower openwn. dow futures doy 63 points. we are going to get earnings from major dow components today. let's talk aboutix. branching out a little bit with a project with sirius and bringing now us someixgh lau expanding beyond yourcoming sooa new partnership with sireys xm. 're working on a special comedy channel. sothe channel will deb in 2019. it willtu feare netflix original and comedy content, commercial free. we know that netflix over the past five years has rlly talent, jerry solid lineupyf o seinfeld, amy c schumer,is rock, dave chappel. so, this will be rolling outd the name of "netflix
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is a joke." >> pretty cute. a little self deprecation never hurts. let's end with something mcdonald's is doing. in full disclosure yesterday i did have an opportunity to drive by ano fer fastd restaurant and the friendth that i wa justpp did and like paid touhrgh some treae app and mcdonald'ss doing r sth. >>eporter: it [laughter] >> reporter: on fridays if you place an order thrgh the app, you can get a freeof order fries and then on tuesdays and thursdays, again, if you place an orderhrough the app you can get a free drink. ere are several other deals that mcdonald's is offering through their app. if you take a look at the web site, you can see all o them. there are breakfast deals well. so, they're really trying to push people ordering through on also, heanotr doubean c free mcdonald's swag, so the
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90's inspired mcdonald's gear, t-shirts, socks, pins,andanas, things so, i'm not sure exactly if evyone gets it or if it's rders, but t is today. it is mcdelivery day. >> you know what would be cute, like they're the hamburg lerhamburgler. i got to cck out the merch. i likehe side part. >> reporte i switch it up. y and keep it different. >>eep it fresh. you adorable. we'll see you tomorrow will really be friday. >> reporter: can't wait. >> me, neither. not that i don't lovpende sler e
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wh were the n others?as w trthe hamburgla grimace. >> ron mcdonald. >> ronald of course. >> i don't know the rest of >> those are the big three. >> isn't there like a fry guy. f>> i don't remember mr.. >> there's fly guy. that's whiz. >> 73 now in washington. [laughter] bviously not much weather to talk about. beautiful sunrise. winds north-northeale at 9 s per hour. high pressure overhead and wee got two more beautiful days to look forward to, both today and tomorrow. if you're going out, ton great nightor it. low humidity again. upper 80's next few dawe. looks like somers return for the 80's. >> thank you very much.h. >> u >> all right. in ht rig see. skyfoxn t o wirhe look ayas soon as iom bted sthandyis
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springs road at columbia pike. itec was out there and then they quickly moved tt it's ounot t g your drive. then 270 right now on the southbounde,21 s 121, delay. metro back 2 on t allison. >> ra amihtlyig's heartbreak. we hear from the motherol of the 10-year- girl shot and killed in d.c. earlier this week and her emotional plea. >> and deja vu for a maryland couple. youtube forced them, once again, to shut down account overheir t controversial pranking videos involving ren.r chi >> ♪ wow. look at jim go. man, that guy works hard.e
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courtsidats? multitasking isn't for the faint of heart . couri'm in!? it takes experience, skill, hey ba . do you have my credit'. pe. ii'll keep lookin. and a bank that helps you take care of business from anywhere. you know, we could use more guys like jimround here. bb&t. all we see is u.
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>> ♪ want to tel you about trouble on the roads. thisns i manassas. just sou o 66, there's aas crh. prince william par at sudley manor drive in manassas. the crash has left all lanes blocked. we, of course, will letbo you knut any work aunro.lo weather. welcome back to fox5 king this morning. he now says that russian president vladimir putinter rfie reversal. it's a 180 after some colntrsrove meeting with helsii. and the clearing -- declaringfme
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russia should be held accountable for "attacks on our democracy." house democrats say they'll follow suit. new developments on a storyut of montgomery county. we've learned overnighthat two peop hit and killed freight train last night were women. they wer struck on a csx tracks near gring station road imantown around 8:00 p.m. investigators say the train operator saw those women on the tracks, he sounded the horn and applied the train's brakes but it was just too late. for the first time we're hearing from the parents of the 10-year-old d.c. girl shot igand killed monht outside of her home i northeast. makiyahpoilson's mother ske during a vigil at last night surrounded last night byly and friends were her daughter way killed. she sharedk ca makiyah's love of
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music and sharing time with her frid. >> d.c. pol reveal they found the getaway t carnm an used in the suitland district heights are c of prince georgesnty yesterday but so far no arrests. four other pnple were hur that shooting iluding makiyah's 18-year-oldr. s shema. >> ♪ the maryland couple convicted of child neglect in 2017 and they lost custody of theirhe children tn after tutubhee prirn vi against this couple after it came to light this week that they were still with videos. more on the controversial family of five. annie, unbelievable. >> reporter: i know, good morning to you, allison. the handle for their channel was called familyf nfi aheland . so, if you search for their videos now on youtube y
6:33 am
oul'lst the termination ement on your screen. now, michael and heather martin a fromty frederick currently serving probation. last fall they lost custodyf o two of their children. they would record popular videos. many found the vids to be really cruel and insensitive videos. at the channel's height it racked up more than vi175 millios. the youngest children then just 10 and 11 years old were the most frequent targets of these pranks. many of the videos were filled with thein couple yellat their kids until they cried and in one case shoving a child who thenot a nbloodye. even after they were charged with physicall and emotionally abusing the children the martins postedvi os under a new mondeized name. os t continuedo spark widespread criticism and pressure had been mounting on youtube to take action against the account after it was
6:34 am
scovered they were still active on the platform. youtube stepping in. its services run by google. here's a statement "content that endangers children is unacceptable to us. alongside experts in child safety to make pure we have strictolicies and are aggressily enforcing them. given this channel owner's previous strikes for violating our guidelines weary moving allts i chaels. th subscribers and the coupl insisted these prank were harmless. wisdom over to you. the 2018 espy awards wereeld> in downtown los angeles. even thoughe didn't attend the show d.c.'s o alex fact he made in he is the first nhl player to win the best male athlete. best nfl playe tom brady,
6:35 am
best nba lebrones, best mlb athlete, mike trout. houston astros best team. it's official manny machado headed to los angeles to play for t dodgers. >> be gentle.nked a deal. upset. >> i'm upset, too. to bring the all-star short stop to t west coast. five players from the dodgers tor. th dodgers will introduce manny machado on friday when they host the brewers. i'm hurt by this, t it's better in the long run for manny. it's not about us.'s about manny going t a better place. >> b g
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again. >> if these five prospects turn into anything -- >> all we have is chris vis who puts the zero in the o's. he ps the on's >> it's a rebuilding decade i get it. >> decade. toat's a long t be rebuilding. the bigger picture is we don get to do the song a>> we'll do it after your weather because weave to cue up the music. >> i was mesmerized by his beautiful -- ♪> . >> ♪ >> we missed the cue. here we go, here we >> do your weather. >> he'll burst in. >> kee playing it. go ahead, do your weather. >> please, let me do the weather quickly. >> ♪ manny machado [lauter] >> go ahead, do your weather. >> it's thing to bee upper 80's later today. sunny bright and beautiful and
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quiet weath today, tonight and tomorrow with highs in the upper 80's and low humiditic so ae easy forecast. that is not yours gotev bright sunshine all the way u 80's. love manny machado ♪ >> that you go. >> w♪ >> like manny machado ti o's not bremo.ose for 10 more years. >> i was going on. okay. >> hi, erin. >> i didn't think you could top love of drake. that was good. that was really good. w were beg ging wisdom to do thatookesterdaynd[l right, se prince william parkway at
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dl mey starting t they're rel volume south ofong geintto e 6 6 t that teecont' ck to our maps.h itbaswitc aside from that crash, 66 is backing minutes s udad to the beltway, 36 minutes and 270 also dealing with minor del toay 121. metro is on time. keep it to fox5. we'll be right back. >> ♪ (vo) ny fancy feast filets.
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>> ♪ >> we are back now with what's t trend, ohe web on this thursday morning. this is amazing. thanks to a very generous anonymous donor new class of medical students will have their tuition civered at the ersity of houston much yesterday the univeity announced thll$3 million gift wiover the entire cost of tuition for the inaugural class of the uh college of fl of 2020. i have a student who is trying to go to medical schools in years to come. that isva unbble. >> yes. >> whoever that is it's>> amazing. right. wow. okay. >> amazing. okay. other trendingtories now. >> okay, all right calm back down. >> the rocket company owned the world richest man has shot a capsule higherac into eon before.
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jeff bezos company saw the oshepherd rocket blastff in a test flight from texas. texas isgm part of a safety system intended to save lives onc space tourists and others climb aboard for subrb oal hops. don't sign me up. owhiz, you goin a sub orbitahop. a sub not going ton orbital trip across the street. >> i know that's right. >> that wou be a no. e're very kind.venturous folks here's a job you can spend your day actually dreaming. mattress firm looking for a fall intern to test all the newest and top rated beds. in addition to napping all day, the branded snooze tern, li intern, snooze tern will also create written and vvieo ews for the company's web site andiaocl dimea channel channels. the internship pays $200 a week. it requires a commitment of at least 20 hours a week and is based at the mattress firmsua
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rters in houston. this is like an all texas trending. >> you ge gettoepndth hyk tids thinko that'sothing t do. c overoou y. allison. >> thanks. histo.ry eth blyoel broke at his show last night. >> ♪
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♪ ♪ start loe day with the chicken ve. get the feeling of chick-fil-a, for breakfast. ♪
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upperiste 80' nokbunlod tonighttinu got plans tof rmacgaithoweghviue hav
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