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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  July 19, 2018 7:00am-8:05am EDT

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germwntngtesomst drive in li stion c s wayhy wracksan in ouoat last nigspats aer:0s arsph
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gear. a maryland man accused of dragging a dog w todayh see too this is herbert re tseghauib andtebuer of his pkuprud agnthiged th we dog d thn he was teaching an the . rou w htaog dreeore onn thew
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ofjo the w 7oman:3le bei ad syiy
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behindar tal. prosecutors say mariia butina b was allegedly sentsiolu
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ikionsndeder scooake her way tina days as bns coupleing toutgh ab
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ul-- we gt. itry70wi bng bh sessure which o things nays.ay. qnd >> eri ct u gon, the? >> i don't have too ng re otheadedinde exc
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tenelor acbrr geop is be prepared forse fououro tanp aar m bit godo d druea icentherug isn't reallyncsi chemicals and can be very poisonous. it's also impacts the homeless >> emotional moment for the.alld
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first time we're hearing from th partsen 1 oyearf-old d.c. girl shot and killed monday night outside of her home in the district. >> the grieving itlsmmun foorho arnard i.s live there now wit thehs lustat so w. sionce over, in clay terce whih thahes yearsiln's home here and you h it wase herhiin ts co where thy ch thit weredm wgas ght mondat
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clock in the same moes, h heee itbln p) on the a sbaeeby can't l her life
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wshet want the do stuff. she want to do some.tut it. >> sh aahay here. she was one of k the four otherd released fromt hound fou tme 7:r fo>>oo muchho t beao your. for suteanyowsils.imlmake c
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areonlswiay on theg in after tnven heacti again weig stihtllaking s us f lilyive o that'sforng m in. thigey have s,hut down theheir eoncoacun frommiae fredericky they are servingouba protionct convicted of child and lost custody of two of theiren five childr the martins would record and
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up load prank videos on their popular channel dad o5. many found these videos to be really cruel and insensitive to their children. at the channel's height u it rap more than 175 million views. the youngest children just 10 and 11 were most frequent targets of the attacks or pranks. even after they were chargedth nth youtube.ead a tchdren sta wkedte ise perts ine
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strict enforcing them. evious strikes for violating our guidelinesrohibiting removing all of its channelsder" theha marns cel had more than 400,000 subscriberse and couple insiste these over to you. >> thstan a. ahead senatorie tim kaine joining us liveat the awhits e house this week. >> plus a powerful night in ses.vertral emotional moments os books. 7:13. stay with us.
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bhami. 'sngday. ni to happen. kch vechiids tut hawaii. yup, that volcano still igsurebout 15 miles per hour before pouring into the ocean. yesterday more buim th .storic looks likee nre ibornhian lny you sd
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id >>.merging isol. p a dlioi t t.ugo ho today. dayw there it is, that's what i was looking for. rain freeverh leaatder and one of thoseeays w get the julyuthe humidity bounold.ef still warmh wit0' 8s. want to fe weekend. friday looks great for our visit to saturday and sunday setup couple areas of low pressure. little unusual to gettt that li coastal low going this time of year but we're going to. th saturdgive afternoon
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upr level lowtrerecaachay. >>h, wow. >> was looking at hawaii yan news. they hav nemahalo o sa atma t r r dr sun glare. >> a ufo. foatooked like a ua theon w tuct
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was looking for >> it's not time to go back its.ld fo>> sree that airplane that's supposly taking trips to ace now. >> yes. >>no t hanks. good for you. tell me how it is. 28 minutes on the inner loop from brah avenue to the wi bridge. metro is on time. just a lot of normal sh causing this morn probms that i'm rry. back to you. >> all right. eslegal atv's and dirt bik from the sky. last night, the cef of police prince george's county boarded air one t help search for those illegal vehicles.
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when police in the aleoffinl un illegal dirton morg fssnd yoruroortsomts big winner in d.c., her a ovechkin,xone the espy for best male athlete the first nhl player to win was also v s hl around. the great eight was not in los angeles toept his s wif is eight a halfsia with months pregn aneses ndby the way a an by trehevod fans. >> tha dance right there. i vehat het does.>> for that e dance. >> the happy dance. >> that is the happy dance. danica patrick also making story. she was the first woman to
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host the espys and it's trending this morning for her performance. many criticizing her opening monologue saying her jokes were awkward, fell flat with thudience. then later in thee show she tried me poke fun at lebron s moving to l.a. to play withhe lakers buthe audience didn't seem to get her joke about his hairstyle. >> the biggest off season& pickup wasn lebromes. now, lebron is the newest los angeles transplant. los angeles transplanis also what he googles when he needs new hair. >> oh, wow. rful momentf o as the sister su. 141 sexual abuse victims of larry nassar took to the stage to recvertr hu mgahiicnomen
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spokhetexpe tri tenced. >> we seeou tgme all standin there. dde larry nassar. duad and acted, the people standin before you on this stage would have never met him. >> preach. absolutely.ig alht. powerful moment right there.n, moving o new video this morning of that thai youth soccer team once again doing what they love one day after being leased from the hospital. >> plus, senator tim kaine joining us live at 7:30. we're breing down all the drama at the white house, this we're going to try t as russian president vladimir putin calls monday's summit a success. >> ♪ >> ♪ fades
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next time, addowny fabcitle
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nd around here, nobody ever does itlyal i ?'t so when i heard they adreded ox i ugh a ains tda nd? wowe id i didn't do it it's got todee ti
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>> thai authoriteleased loewis n ok yes, tie rhee.y'esre preoccutty goo. arnes a miracle of ourw love t
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forecastim >> for thie of year it pretty much is. betifulesterday. 73 this morning as you're gettin tp. winds ouhe north and east here at eight. will be a beautiful afternoon. suy,nn ytimhie gh is you take the humiy outt today, going out a i tonight, tomorrow--getts only in the 80'sf low pressure along tst u coas. clouds andn raiershows. afternoon and into sunday, prlyeawest ts the sht ha c to it!
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mwijath in jam. >> u o justwthays id thiss whae dl op towaticdsal btwea parkway. things i6 rn be bterla half ho through i dale city. keept to fox5. it was always my parents dream for me to go to college.
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and to this day, one of my biggesinregrets is that i nevished if you're thrst in your family to go tcollege, or if you'e career and u hearnother calling, i get and strayer university gets that that's why teaming up, to help the people that matterw the most e students t's get it together let's
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♪ welcome back to fox5 morning. okg live l aott happeni there oe hill today in relation to russia meddling i the 2016 presidential election. e.dinclulk to senator tim knglap hurter tft military i officials s ba from w black hawk helicropte innd 1 tr crewsr
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buildingsnd pro s adi tst at n 00 torconductiarng tevalter flights with only one passenger. alkes tmmt safe as we can makoing i to tif. we're not going toe tak any shortcuts. >> yesterday's blast flew higher into space thanve er reaching 74 miles above the earth. thendntire rou trip flight tas o anlllen
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shepherd the first american astronaut in space tru's request for military parade in d.c. will cost ane price tag is about as h as the now canceled joint exercisesith south korea which thesident had said wasre fremendously expsien tveake plao mb veterans day. coincidingith the 100th anniversary of world pentagon i. >>rk e zuckerberg making it clear it did not did he fiend holocaust did he flyers in hcome information facebook allowsn oilplatform.logized sayingefhet in bugati very ron we know.
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royalty exotic car that rents out high eeo tt shohews jiffy l. , enwo wou bherygis. bethis is our lasttil s date sun was up:5ri8.e te mo. the a s
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herainy w okay.ayd b weekend unsettled showers w . lanes.uale our way whole lot of volume. plad making your wayhe fanro a v lanes lookucnh better. street eridge w do h mave congestion
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e abo expertme. talking help. >> try to get it. >> figure out what is going on on. we're talking with senator tim on. we're talking with senator tim kaine whe♪e wnro ss and that cute dress gets even cuter? ye s. or w heyon
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president if ruso pring ths tresio arinsswe qstions. all thims monday's summit witricifroapol l kmator ti f ,o good to be with yigoun t flopnght. >> wel
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d he president wed a figh wheitk,h picked a fight with angela mr. knyl another ally called europe a foe, and then appimirut tinnd a community united states that sa orea hohackor ridsiigtellk e. we vnniirgiic hard-workin pe ime os deir tin'anehe sid onve came back ane outrage caused him to try to reverse himself and saying no, i he intdoelligence community that it was russia, but he couldn't resistuthen .hagiole oinctwn director omefas
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exactly what russia is doing so this has beenng week o afnd forh and back and forth, but the bottom line is, anybody can see that this president has h a vde- >> joe done forwae srd t hs ourt significant adversary. he won't stand up to ht has to go to be dragged out of him for him to finally say rotng tod congress does have to standp, because as you know, maureen, localities not by the federal government, and we have to
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assure them we'll protehem. we did a just deal in march, we were able to reach aeal to put significant dollars into prote protecting election integrity giving those dollarso the state. there's a battle right now in the house about whether the house will funhe second year of that electiorin integty money. we've got to make sure we do it. and i think there may be a resolution introduced today in the senate to clarify that we stand behind our intelligence community and the judgments they've reach about russian cyber hacking. so we need to unequivocaln ly condemat happened, democrats and republicans, ttshe democ are all on board. it's about can we get it rebly to. let's condemn what happened and make sur we're providing resources to states apr localitiesotect the integrity of elections. republican counterparts from regarding what's transpired? a lot of them came out right after th president's comments and said they were not inupport ofi. what are you hearingouple days out from your republican
7:42 am
collen just massive confusiony . wh why does the president continue to beh and especially when he h the opportunity and he's just standing right there next to vladimir put on the world stage, why did he -- why did he wilt? you know, why did hellay, we, my intelligence community says you guys hacked but you saou didn't. i can't imagine any reason you would. i meausn he jt wilted standing ther ae and my colleare very confused about why. y senator, we onlave a couple seconds but i just wanted oto finut the interpreter that some are calling to have to testify. will that happen? do you think she should have to testify about what happened between that private meeting between the president trauma many and putin? >> that woule a highly unusual step, mauen, but i'll sa you shouldn't have a one-on-one meeting like that without there being other staff th ask the secretary of state othr
7:43 am
someg about what happened in a meeting. in russia, they're portraying this in the press that they reached agreements ihat meeting, um. >> right. >> vladimir putin callingcct a ess. >> i don't know if that's true or not. we have to find out. they're saying that they talked about military agreements. we have na.o ide the first thing we're going to do nexre week we have secry of state mike pompeo coming before the foreign relations committee to report on what w ws decided. ould be unusual to try t bring in translator but if we can'we get anr about what these agreements were, we're entitled to know ashe article one branch and we have to contemplate bringing the translator in. >>enator tim kaine, so many layers to unravel in this on wilae uds g to try to clear upwh ly on the back end of this helsink. >> we have other news this morning ahead i our fox beat. the dark knight celebrates its ten-year anniversary and the new joker movie getting a title and
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it kills 99% of germs without the burn of alcohol! kill germs without the burn. try colgate total mouthwh today! welcome back to fox5 morning. checking out what's coming upodn day d.c. all right. let's do it. jobnd then get a paid to pdeyur o games all day? >> that would be cool. >> for some folks i'm sure tt would be awesome it's lapping for a local guy who ditched his tate to 5:00 at the department and is tops in one of the biggest sports on wkys
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wkys. >> i love it. >> red grant stops by before hio . prepare to laugh. >> okay. in the meantime tuckes iarnenr b hey, let's do nes absolutely beautiful overnight. going to be gorgeous today. lowng humidity. ch in again this afternoon afternoon. so without that humidity, temps in the upper the yeses will feel pretty good around here with plenty of sunshineun another s today. today and tomorrow looki bright and pleasant. friday loong good. temps in the yeses on friday. weeken not so much. particular by saturday afternoon i think by sunday we'll have mostly cloudy s aes and showers storms around this weekend t withemps in the the yeses. so plan accordingly here. but it's looking a lit te wetter he weekend. 73 now again very comfortable in leonardtown.ashington.
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60s north and west. manassas 64. 63 inre frick. 66 in hagerstown. 64 this mornin i winchester. winchester i'm circling you i'm coming out this aernoon because i'm coming to the zip trip tomorrow morning. come out a see us i you're out in winchester. can't wait to get out there and go exploring for our zip trip all morning long. i'll there be starting at 6:00 a. there's your satellite/radar. quiet, beautiful, sunny, bright, low humidity. upper 80s. high presse j andust that will r a gorgeous day for the beaches to the mountains later this toernoon with quiet weather continue tomorrour weekend setu. it says r there weekend. low pressure o to south, and as guy kind of churns up theoast very slowly it's going to give us loud of clouds and showers will get acrown b into our region on saturday afternoon and then this is an upper level low. this poor guy will kind of het stere by sunday and monday
7:49 am
and for us that means showers and thunderstorms in the forecast sunday could keep thisg soggy bytro nd e wachk day and temps in theod and tomorrow with brightin sun erin u. >> i couse a little bright sunshine. that sounds 270 southbound at 370 crash oche right lane in ksgaithers al. delays littlec lighter than usual coming down the setch there. 109 to the lal lane split up to 45 minutes still yellow ze not the worst of it 355 normal volu we do have traffic lights malfunctioning new york avenue at the intersection of montana avenue. it's impacting traffic in bh directions. so it's giving you apical outbound delay and extra volume inbound treat that intersection as though you would a four way stop higrn. from 202 on 50ll aac tross 295. 295 southbound jams into riverdale park on the southbound side from about 4 on down. kenilworth is slow as well.
7:50 am
you s can that delay 16 minutes once you0 hit down to the 11th street bridge. eleventh street bridge inbound jams. 295 northbou is very slow back to the beltway. 50 looks good right nation you make your way by 410 once you hit the beltway we have a 1elay. sotop5mi a nu gteo traffic especially closer to 295. and the inner loop bottom sidhe of t beltway branch avenue to the wilson bridge. 24 minute trip. bdge is,eyrie from rosslyn intoow georgetn normal volume as well. metro is on time, guy♪ n re foxow beat. >> maureen and sing a.ll. ack i'm vanity. >> i don't know what that i.s >> any who. >> good to see you guys. was the pretty leait vyan >> okay. >> i came upd. with the idea. of kd goo um, mov look bk
7:51 am
us cyo lifetimeonan are t'she s fas one of those for changed merea specifically in chantilly v have a, i went and t sawhis film on 70-millimeter i max what that means this was first film i'd ever seen a film make consider use actual i max film cameras to shoot afe massie ature film like this. those cameras and types of movies normally used for educational science scieovnciee museums. christopher nolan changed the sg ey'llarre be four p around n la, one is going to be in new york and one is going to be in san francisco. and it's going to be a huge event. ten years after f theirst dark knight release. it's one of the most incredible
7:52 am
masterpieces i've he haven in cinema and changed the way i watc ad movies then after that, he didla interstr very similar also did dunkirk that wa dunkirkynd saw six times in 70-millimeter i max. >> are you serious might nottumber omething likeortant erting but what that imp means is, basically you moviater like ghat a mansix ose ven tseysolry opinion. that's why we're seeing movlis keha t maker whoineme tater expu ho. >> you can't. so christopherxcedaustit,here it
7:53 am
edcodav h martin years nag 2008. speaking of the batman element moving int t joker element obviously heath ledger character in that movie -- he won oscar one of the grating performances of all times. joaquin phoenix taking on a stand filmlo for warner brothers this is film directorred by todd phillips and todd phillips did the hangover coriupplend years ago. they'll be doing stand alone film. baquin phoenix ver fascinated ecbyseon i d't phoenix is very interesting actor. >> yeah. i'm if's 98ing by thehoice. toddhillips who did the hangover. i don't know how apparently it will be very dark filmm fro what i understand. what i understanding very moderate budget. andhey're saying warner brothers releas statement "exploration of a man disregarded by society that is not only gritty character study but also a broader cautionary tale" thathe will hitater the
7:54 am
reason why we're saying the releaseateseterday comiconea. t to athdate forhihs t ofewoker. dger >> t d wg l>> life? >> i don't know the time buame obvious f film. m hbedon't . nolahattn' >> a lot of people say the rnole may have led him to no one knowr sure what happened. >> yeshat >> that? butth. p morning. role a forever earlihn real quick do we have time for th glass story or no? >> glass m knighte --ense.
7:55 am
>> unbreakable was amazing. alit the movie came out a mcavoy sequel to unbreakable theyil released aer coming out this friday. here the poster right here. jame mcavoy, samuel l. jackson and bruce willis. super hero type of film. >> rotating type of characters m night shy la-la. >> sequel was a -- glass will be the third film. we'll get the trailerou tomorrow of comicon. tmorrow morning forou guys on twitter. ear for movies so y ftgrar i'm very excited. >> tucker. >> tuck. >> i see dead people. >> did you see the dark knight,u er? >> who was in that?n >> b, christian bale. b ale out right now kev. >> are you. serious >> of course i saw it. at the >> one of the greatest movies i ever. >> 75 now. at eight. i'm bailing out. i'm bailing out. sunshine and bright a beautiful. high pressure overhead and it will deliver a perfect afterno e
7:56 am
afrnoon. so get ready to again low humidity today and. weekend not looking great. oavfe showers around particularly saturhoner w a lita coastal low. i'll yw ht shoulder.nurteund r om c we official dlaolrneow n8 the locon'tan i waln slow it localtraffic p traffic lightt sediiothatns. n as though you would a stop sign causing delays in both directions but he specialsly inbound volum 295 northbound is looking good. ndhbriouerd salide park. that traffic light impacting us as well. keep it t fox5. 8:00'clock hour comin right up. ♪
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ofning deat thedlru dg
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local coupleece videos t c motermo harar ornig s he's one, 8:05. soctor right in eowea n bth ffbatch of theosyre itl m
8:01 am
died becausef sometng omight of t living oea d iney soalit poten d.ollarr ice c
8:02 am
wraha sueptie the tos. o o and killed monday outside of her home in northeastng a lastil vd. makingsh' he liked yawang they hstrict >> herybrykiroad near peach crrn
8:03 am
lldr ree o b aenon botercaping tog is
8:04 am
inspectors are due back at home in montgomery county c estimated 60 cats havenas b fewt last night to help animal offici power has beenhut becauseff of l pontteiall issues lateston poe tone shall o progress no formal agreement has then reached yet. etroe sike. is alleged violations of theleng colectiv d extended period. they are the rhode islandcle the >>k. andke 4or5ervice while reps
8:05 am
underwayre. both stations set to reopen aerber 4th labor day.ft t' day♪ is getting>> better. >> oh, that's good. ur yineahg en g'd l so iua wtioronk.orsou >> yes. holly you'rebsolutelyer today. another beaulutraifres right hit
8:06 am
beautiful abundantur conditionun . we're linooomg got a tweet from. >> oh yeah. la5 looks.alfi stt aeloursctec t
8:07 am
an split. that's yntseourra i. agrdginhaen d h polutin 2016 eleion. andcrats ha ihi c.a ,.heerinly as t rponsible
8:08 am
--residentfocalls for'su y again ru tscredi nationalgorarye whoss ispengrmto t re rn, ak22 soldiers hunte lita bas initttaligifeayhe
8:09 am
however, t bcean> ldulmb incu. goheed ten minutes later only lodged infogs away a tooth was ofci tegals l thoughhe are itii. scary. >> >> scary. is>> yes i. >> yeah.
8:10 am
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y to your knoer cals,li, i get that that's why we'reeatsming u
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shirt. lu > yhackt's soirmighbeor fnk hi♪clubhoa'r
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he se,ndhey.n. >> we have some of the>>eahame i o l>>y. >> s's. grandma the tv s >> aww. ro.undt aup tni in eh. >> all right.imye. to send usoi yourngicture our5 erc. we love picturess.ct hara c other a goo dsay weaer w cl blaep perfect as .llwe 75 mid toay. e' ireshineig and you kno year,,
8:15 am
apghtonit myheun in fact next trt week looks thee word basically means cha >> yeanch.e stu uppe across the region and that'she result. okay. >> it's not going to rain minute but a chaweod sf ee enjoy this weenck o out i >> we do have new crashes and some congest yiooue aware of metros 395 northbound at duke street crash ck bshloouinlder. zebra striped area give yourself extra time as you come up from the bottom of theay. 32 minutes in thetwel m bain lao get to the 14th street bridged. hreeway backs up in bot rect trd 270 southbound blocking the shoulder ate 3.70vi into r
8:16 am
split. 355eavier a well. traffic light malfunctioning ne f that f brdinutrom ri a four inner loop 23 minutes from branch avenue to the wilson bridge. 021ks bac 8:17 is the time r rig offials i faa seeking relieedf follow by new s aroundport. now this fliont c back i petiony pre miff next jenn status and evaluate any new utes before they are row implemented. police are looking for this groupho tried to break into the officeravenue gsburg
8:17 am
grocery store. on monday the six people walked into india bazaar askg abo different items tout disactrt ty open the door to theag iern. but they did steal some merchandise and they got awayana $200el00,0riving a tanon h. gesial rdus butianna has beenrd oer tnrial after prosecutors argued she has ties to rushean intelligenc appeared before federal judge yesterday. fox's ray bogan has more details on why judge determined her >>ight risk. suspected of bcoeivert russiane appeared in federal court wednesday. 29-year-oivis was allegedly sent here on russia t
8:18 am
information u.ain osn. >> particula usr her ties to contacts withtionssight nra toe policians wit the intent of contactsingexik m sto withml kin operati nfchjudgeflmima diset t ro awail conspiracy and an unregisteredt for russia the evidence againstd decided that there were noou conditions sheld place upon her to keep -- toake s coue rt. >> stronglyisagree. she's been awa of the criminal investigation for months. made no attpt to flee the government had her under survllance the entire time. >> reporter: she bleed not guilty. after court her attorney
8:19 am
charges weren'tmakrica h. byrot bert mueller and at this t she hasn'teen tiedo alleged russian meddling in t 2016 election. butina will have another hearing next week. in washington, ray bogan, fox news. ♪ alex ovechkin historic year contins with somehaware the bigs from the espy awards next you bw to shut dn a controversial account linked to maryland company with a scaed us will history of prankin their♪ kids. e
8:20 am
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8:22 am
>> um-hmm. 5: hly, >> rht,ru :2ppens it itos t. te a our dayod tayen at last night' espy awards parkland florida football coach who's died protecting students during february school shooting received miesfali oes from stoneman douglas high school accepted the best coach om md this morning, powerful
8:23 am
isrsen survivors tk to the the arthasr usa a lot o tears as the women spokera about tuma they bigg heurerse he won the espy male athlete for. the first nhl player to as the t eight was n iep hisardwar hisight and aal hfithifho pregnant. >> congrats. >> these awards by the way are voted on by the fans. boso caps fans representing. >> how about that.
8:24 am
>>glootvein that little happy de heoes it's my special thing. >> makes me happy. > >>ok. ouray cp coun.lor (whistle campp today!end you to this camp. >> that's ttoe. >> i w be clear. not a lost money tgo to this >> mostly yd us.d play >> there's some rumors about th. am's aime for another edition cht'reouof basically get your summer camp forecast in owe mow gee forecast. let's see. el to your face. plenty to smile aboouut know one days not so bad. you know the best part abouty, kids? >> we're goi kayaking with counselor barnes. >> kayaking o -- canoeing. >> kayaking. >> oh, yes m!aking mike do
8:25 am
all the work. bi hey,ice what wg e need a bigger budget. >> keep going. ok >> g ooob. [ laughter ] > and scene.erate >> yeahouery much camp cor and mike. >> saveelou us. >> hi erin >> feeling a little. uncomfortable of those. >> i think i like it but i'm not sure why. >> wight. >> you knohat i mean? ito y uncomfortable. slet' le aoo 32esnd annapolis road isc osu' around that et aolt 270 south t cunndra ashs we makeav our this crash in gaithersburg at ad
8:26 am
alles are on time time. poll ki' ou, thank y new car. how the tariff war could deliver big consumers. bob fills us int. >> plus is the nex newest r co the u.s. ♪ ♪
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i hado wait for t people at home are waiting to do too.t, speaking cars, over the past ppedtaeks the has sla it's settrng isom p a suv? t uskn theou havi thiif y p couubanli,ceathe. the commerce department wan it s thots nat tional securitye asioic on pnduteeill als vehicll
8:30 am
d vehicle. and pthat's theortht jou nusbee cost that could be passed on to oou due t andeste from the aut ame obome w scker usy dakser the camrys it makes inil kentuckyre wndill aerre internatsna
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operating in the u.s. half ay kersvetr vigo recei sve 230d lscoen n s change president0ts trump's ♪ w prank videos thisnifor i20 t from watch.gteisol pleasthceno
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this termination statement on yourcr s c of their five c. theartin bos record up load prank videos on their w phiopchd allegations of child abuse.nymad at therack up cmoreha thantte and 11 were the most uent targets of these pranks and many of the videos they were lacedh wtyit the couple yelling at their kids until they cried and whohen got a bloodyfterheyeed to postssinnd emotionallyabused
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undereo v a new monetizedthei vd pressure had been mounting on ayoction against this account once people diered that they were still active on thistu steppedy i good released this statement "content unacceptable tos.ild children is we have worked extensively alongside experts and child safety to make sure we have strict policies and are agessively owns for this channel's previous strikes for providi our guidelines prohibihi many we are removingld cnn "adore than a lecoup itnd the togethoer t c
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hollyade d m mithise ex shumidity and you know w dti hd tohat nicend regionally here m the way up to new england andet g we'll keep weend beautt iiful. today gorgeousmo. toow perfect and then we s will getome showers around f weh enwe mekinutes. got to love sunny and nice. right? en ecially oh and e >> it look likyou h a winteches. >> nice zipp out t t p atutic as
8:35 am
road. crash. causing some big2ch o f aor dif7 oct a the shoulder. then as you make your way out another crash by 370locking the shoulder. 51 minutes almost aour 109 to the local lane split as you get to the beltway northbound side super. q heading toward frederick this morninon and 66 the eastbound side 44 minutes sudley road to the beltway. norm volume there. westbound side all the was through mansas looks really nice in h fairfax wave stop and go traffic. our loop right now in college parkut4 m 95 to the 270 crowded rnmo unfortunately average delay this morning. ase make our way outut from the maryland line to the 11th inbound backs up t to 295 and look 2 at02 this nasty r loop delay unfortunately it's picked up. aons. gw parkway l iittle heav
8:36 am
>> 46 minutes from the beltway to the 14thtreet bridge and metro ongeimoo tdorthbound. back to you. college coachi e pming under firer questioning s he just launched ♪ ♪ (engine revvshing)op
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8:39 now. while there may be many advantages to d cofferi elli sngbe all you edghmi >>eseahers i recreated 100 undergraduate business students half went into room and just smelled coffee. the rest went into a room without the research found those who feuld smell theof eperformed better on annal lit tay bskutesls alert. um-mi do like the s w l t d ime >>forfeeor men the studyee week had significantly highersps
8:40 am
from elma oba tr mntryobe'yll be joined a ato first fltoorreat their
8:41 am
australia and new zealand in . >> anyplace t>>he i east coast i >> oheh yeah.get send us. lwe'l away stillad coming underuestioning footbaea agat dam the brain. >> danicdan any patrick making history at award. she's being criticized for being host. we're talking about that next in our social circle. t i
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germadid it. ny ha adme yeah.boar.ed himself upy >> okay. >> ihe had made that jump without the world recordpo for ley the v wayhe t h. >> they toy stmu that when you're havoo of day bs
8:45 am
ingndut lo ay leo.n. stillnatownnd north erinure re. this morninglpep fot ra udeaches. going to they bndeaeechkeesni bl
8:46 am
thankng totgotacetou 8:47. irre nri b thee>> h
8:47 am
cu.g rlin aow t s. >>ay for those unfamiliar, curlg is the sport where youre a [ laughter ]neel. >> encouraged. >> yeah. that's. have to mention the r et in the room. it's time tokonalnthem controve.>>he aomllen twitter rphils reaction where he appears to >>adww b.t was >> we did, too. some ookf seeme moong dating nba players and villanova men's basketball teamin wningtho
8:48 am
surprised that she j
8:49 am
o g out all the wle notce sucssfu n p intly playing beiccause she's not ry >> wow. >> she's not. >> excuse me heror rec itself. ae ear e lerth w expertise tha sh.ecognitiold s's g she's seha arepos more, that>> are bettersst their profen than she again, sn't been successful in her profession. ere's just a name. >> b ] >> you can go that way.
8:50 am
>> exactly or you can d that. >> he wasn't a comedian but he was funny. >> all right. let's talk about this. university of north carolina football head coach larry fedora bar fire for comments he made about ll's role in the deadly disease known a ring a conference yessterdayinkedor bee game. he made the comment when he was asked about changes tk the off rule in college football fedora went on to say he fears that fooall is quote under attack. wfe that happenst football is am quote d on, nttoo. fedora explained he wasal tki po suggest the success of the u.s. military wenas wt on to join the mcoitenyarts fedora dik slly saying is safer than ever before.
8:51 am
ould w ien -->>. talk about, right. that's very damages wagon bad ng the families wir football ds,adus ve toea s're talking about the for him to stand up there and try toik w lor th is ick maaillhep head like that, thereamsag science has proven it repeated for a long period of time. science has proven it. there is evidence of t ns. >> let's sleep on the link he's trying to make aetween footnd t
8:52 am
hethat wholeat potism thing which is the under currentee there. pu>> way and all of this. n. w that.ed thateod c you >> can i je shiom bus. local different thing. >> you right. ironaliooch s jlust a pre-game before you get to the real me sh carolina.t' t chaarolin ta in . mtba>>ll ein on. let's move on. fo'sre we give g you a day g g auestd guy named m b nam perai for and hims full time.
8:53 am
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yeah. >> yellow andead colors. the earrings. >> w t sta kelito andgiin iro reallyut i ts show directwitter. olony december 15thighteen soldri 2 oy
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♪ >>straight ahead, mixed messagmessages. president trump now says he election meddling. t th country off se day. is russia still targeting the u.s., mr. president. >>hank you, no >> how the white house is trying to contain the flout. plus, ne d r learned froman hert esge filrs
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big polic wednesday.


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