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tv   The Final 5  FOX  July 19, 2018 11:30pm-11:56pm EDT

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♪. ♪ . ♪ president trumpabst ithe . people playing polit wsith the trp'slicense? th "the final 5." let's do th ♪ . ♪. guess who's coming to washington? vladimir putin to the white house this fall. i'm assuminghe because t meeting went soprident askeled ifall andt on john bolton to
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wa>> we have bregakncin fall. >> say that again? [cheers and applauseco >>ok.adimir pung yes. >> w helsinki,ic tcr when it tossianf
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hii'>>ee okesidto nkentea rkipped can d intelligence agencies i for t pe --nf >> aot otheocus ist o than
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rht tuteso except tall of kim but he believes the deal is something to be pinursug >> is there prepared to give up nuclear weapons >> jwell,ong un continues to say, and some of hiseople coinnt reassert. p i well ofindothhit ssk but having the opportunity to try to succeed here instead ofl
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potentially nuclear armed nation and what weva e some was unstable leader >> dan coatsmly in the nuclear. in place until they nuclearize. block imports of oil based let's talk a the economy, presint trump will tel tremendously b well, worried about rising interest rates. in an interview with cnbc, the president is not thrilled with the federal have you ever been interest rate hike >> i don't necessarily agree with it because he's raising interest tes, i'm not saying i agree with it. i must tell you. m not thrilled. up and
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everti,me they want to raise rates and i don't really -- i'm not happy about. but at the same time, i'm betg them do but thi i work that goes into wha euro a that i wld b houe somebody sdbe >> it is kind of rare that the presidentwo interviews,on with cnbc. we should point out proceeding rarely step isn't when itom ces picaty y set the baseline, he to prevent inflation but it
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could trigger ass recen, the fedssed interest rates and expected to raise they will twoo themes before the end the 2018. told youo the european union slapped a 5 billion fine, they totally taken advantage of u.s. i got to imagine amazon, he be cool with it. if you'rede wonng why google was fine, smart phone operator to preinstall search and browsel aps orosee access to the onlin store and streamingce s, apparently, you can't d that in the eu. it was somewhat similar to what microsoft was doing a t longime ago. the president waseconomy, vice presidence jent pt guy >> i come from what i call the
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joseph a banksin othe west wing of the white house. our 3r growing up, we had a term for heanot0r,00 paycheck before the end of the year, with me on that? >>hankfully we're notllowed to celebrate. that was mike pence in missouri. he was also there campaigning whe house leading up to the ajoy mid term, we'll keep n e yemissouri andhek bac you. the president like to say put it this way, job, job, jobs. he hadven where he signed an executive on the record work force training, the initiative
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was spearheaded by ivanka trauma. >> the president pledged to fight for the forgotten men and womenf america and that's exactly what he's and is what today is about >> thank you, ivanka for your incredible o leadershipthe white house work force initiative. you've don an incredible job and you work s hard, everyone here is proud ofy you especiall these folks back here, that's the future. i want to thank you, honey >> they gave the president a make it apprenticeshi >> 23ompanies associations are pledging to expand apprentices, that's an interesting word for my to be sayi i never actually put that together until just now, that was a good expense.
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i will tell you that. that's stnge. ivanka. i never associated. can't get away from that word. it's a great word. >> reporter: ceos are vious businesses were at the events, they committed to train 3.8 wonters. if the pre and first lady want to go to dinner outside of the white house. the trump hotel is the go to. the president himself doesn't drink losin aery lakic l big blt but th what they're trying to do, supporting a petition trying to romantic the trump liquor license, normally they pull liq licenses because things of overserving or not carding minors but hey're saying it should be pulled because of the owner is not of good character. ithoul s
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moralcharacter. >> theomplaint said the opener on the trump international hotel do definition alcohol beverage eh the trumpon means the whole isn't even in the ohol beveragadministtieon s group can file complaints at any time, the license is up for raoul until 2019. but not everyone is on board. trying to score a shot at the president and it would hurt bartenders, sether workesers and put the tax dolla
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in dc. >> that's total baloney. why should he be penalized >> this is spiteful stuff because of t fact that anything that they after the president about they will go >> we should point out if for some reason the legal proceedings go the way they can, you're invited to thefinal 5" bar because the liquor cense is in effect. > besides the attempt to challenge the license, the or democraticney general of maryland teamed up to sue claiming it violates the consti wtions clahich prohibits presidents from accepting gifts from foreign governments. up next, what does president trump when it comes truossia, joining me oh break it down on
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"the final 5" aftethe break.
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. with eveinthg else in the ry headline, but you said something on twitter a couple days ago that made sense, is it, you like the pathsi thedent is going down? it's a lot about the messages and what he said that's muddying the waters a >> ictually wrote a piece and basically whatai i sd was obviously depending on your political,f you're conservative or republican you like a lot of things the president is doin even i
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you're a democrat, if you just look at policies, tough on russia, more sations, attack the theory, ukghinian, on china be tough on trade,e of peopleike that.ike tha a lot when it t seemsfall part is when the president open his mouth, a lot of his statement are contradictory, contradictory from what sarah hackabee-sanders said and i think the example is w to meet w ih intelligence and essentiallyte community under bus and i thinke didn't realize t h he di it. i believe the president needs to sort of hone in on what he's trying to say. hef tries to articul had
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itat falls apart >> the com nt that he said about it maybed it woul russia, do you think that's a misspokeon >> i d't even think he knows to tell you the truth, we have tr remember president ump, he has the biggestrv learne of any individual who's ever taken on the presence, think about it thisway, historically, every other person who's become the president of the united states has brn a gove, senator, experience, mockedla fa experience, but t least a senator. he understood what it meant t h super star, he thinks he can ge things and being csii don'alero
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who have bee part of the muellerrobe exchange questioning americans, they don't b stheve tha was tha could have been presumably been. ag i hope the white house didn't . that pwhuteninas w onidea, it would be a sitktiua ponutin is he probably doesn'tnd ueranst the idea that would be badea an br certain norms, the prident said about the fred ha
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reserve,s something he ny president would do.r >> i wanted ask quickly, hsaid vladimir putin can help in working with new york, do you see that being a viable ssibility >> maybe maybe not.onhen'iv t l as more ms t,hat helpfu it's china'seltwe need, player eak ♪ .look well, backbr after e
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>> video surface showing beating of a student protester
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in france allegedly throwing punches. a witness capture t video. he was wearing a police helmets was given a two-we're him. suspension and a change in . responsibilities punishment mild and suspect a cover up is yet to come. president trump laid out his plans forth if elizabe warren is the democratic nomine. president in a sit-down with cbs said he would love to run for reelection against joe biden. he said i dream about biden. the president said joe biden's pa attempts to run for president claimed that biden by himself co never do anything? who knows? iythings possible. under the trump ti administra, the fda isgeing set.
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get ready to stop asking foy orn to stopm the ter m for products that don'tinontas dairy. the agency is current reference from lactatinganimal the dairy industry isni petitio the fda but hasn't taken up issue hibefore. >> t has been cause chaos. >> what do you call it >> i almondss g drink or beverage it doesn sound that repealing >> but do people really think that almond milk is milk? i don't think they do, it's in title that it comes from almonds. >> i've seen rice milk.
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i've seen cashew milk >> king wa milk, soy, anything you can dream of >> we should have used the segment to t oeo air t grossisdt an>> they're very expensive >> you're not one of those -- you eat handle, what's your thoughts on dairy >> i don't like milk. don't like the taste of it>> di. this is your government at work. wh you call milk. there you have it. thkst, aniachmirist dolphins, t to crack down on anyone who feels during the national anthem, they'ver decided playe
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whose protest could face suspensions of up to four games and potential fines. we're learning the league plans to freeze the picy requiring playeranto remain ding, the nfl said wt'sking on a resolutiatn which, by the way was threatening to sue, no word if the dolphins will amend their policy >> candidates sometimes try to run for offices in states they won't reside but moved to but visited. she's running for congress in alaska. she's reportedly been to the state ever,ever n lay ,over never been there, peri carol halfneais lsh plae nr to campaign in pers a toled the
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spwa u whs sinepg a turning.,"
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t im scott of southarolina against ryan bounds, scott citing somof hisollege writings on writings, dan coats tossing and turning. he learned of the white house visit on sta by andrea a mitchell, didn't getweet ahead of
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y, "the final 5." make it good one, morning crew 4:00, winchester, show swill you. . what about him? let's do it. ♪ tat the mercedes-a new membsummer lease the glc300 for $429 a month at your cal
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mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-binz. the best or noth
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: there is a new king in o wn. his name is jimmy g and what he did is unbelievable. >> 49ers quarterback jimmy garoppolo had a day. her name is kiara. she's an adult film star. >> it was one dinner. >> she intimated on her social w media itay more than dinner. s >>he wrote what time is it when she pulls her scrunchy off her wrist to put her air up?[laughter] >> we got drake atugsmil on his face and you can tell why. seven h b chicks rigind him. >> all seven girls are n planning to hook up with ake. >> they would bang drake if he was up forit. i don't. buy it if he looked at you and said girl i need you and gave you one ofk those, you woulday. w e got new laker lebron james


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