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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  July 20, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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search continues for those missing. dive teams from various agencies scouring the waters forotential victims. the re the ducks boat went under in table rocidk lake in branson. according to theheri cluding children have died, seven others are hospitalized, two of them critical condition. that boat was carryinn 31 people il when it went under. now, weather is thought to be the cause of theapsizing. there was a severe thunderstorm warning issued for that aiga last nht with winds up to 60 miles per housr. other boatn the lake were able to make it back safely to shore. an off duty sheriff's deputy on the boat helped where he could. >> he was in the water rescuing people. ere was also some ohe staff from branson that i believe trying to help t rescue. fe jackets aboard tfi boatre but ofals don't know if people were actually wearing them. or t boats are none f ability to -- known f tor their
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ability toravel on land and water. they have been invol id in deadly incidn the past. tudee killedattle five when co all boa wntt collided with a bus there. in 199913 people were killed when a duck boat springs, arkansas. back to you. .> 4:31 is the time right n veloping this morning police nding a critically missing adul they believe was abducted last night. now ta a look at yr screen. this iars 19-yeld meg lorraine metzger last seen on tuesday in pamplin, virginia. that's about 80 miles away from richmond. police believe she is in danger and may need medical attention. contactirginia state police with any information on her whereabouts. >>♪ >> 4:31 right now and in ththe district,east community dis outragend now some are calling out city leaders for not doing enough to protect children and the neighborhood from guniolence. comes nearly a week aeaer r-old makiyah wilson was shot and killed outside her cme inlay terrace community. several advisory neighborhoo dd
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commissionerescribe mayor bowser and d.c. police chief ter newsham's response as beg passive and lethargic. they say ward seven and eight deserve more of a commitment. we've been in touch with the mayor's officers and are still waiting for a response. in northeast the f new callor a full investigation into the mndpd s frisk incident in the deanwood community. black lawyers for justice claims that officersre trying to intimidate people in the community and possibly violate their rights. back i pn june, were accused of planting a man with a gun in a crowd gathered by nook's barbershop near sheriff's road. d.imc. police clahat the discovery ounth they had to sto and frisk everyone after discovering that gun. black lawyers for justice say thri are consideng litigation. and then there's this. a d.c. man is suing mpd after video surfaced of officers aggressivegely probing his tals. timbngham was stopped and frisked blly police in the beevue neighborhood last
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september. cottingham and his friends said they didn't have any weapons but would that undergo a search to avoid confrontation. now the american civil liberties is stepping in to represent cottingham. thewisdom. >> 4:33 iigthe time rht now. president trump invitinn g russiaesident vladimir putin to meet him again,s time at the white house. that comes eveas the fallout from their helsinki summit continues. a washington meeting with be a dramatic extension of legitimacy to the russian leader iited the west. a russian leaden'rt visited the united states in a that's reaction from the national intelligence director dan coats speaking at a security event yesterday in, his awkward response seems to suggest heue that the d he russian leader. the jug department is rolling
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out a nolew py designed to countehacking and disinformation campaigns. they'lrtl alehe publirac in any foreigntions are under way targeting u.s. elections or democracy. rod rosenstein says russi cyber activity is "just one tree in the growing forest and that cyber threats are ongoing." busy day for mike pomo. he'll visit the unite united nas to address age of issues like north korea, denuclearizeul assembly d. pompeo iue to meet with north koreannd japanese leaders on t the nuclear progress. >> time nows 4:34 and it is zip trip day. today we are in winchester, virginia, kevin, annie, tuc tucr will be outhere in front of e shenandoah valley ci war museum. tucker gets thing as started 6:00 a.m. t 7:0nd annie a head out and say hell low.
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they would love to see you. get ready to ride in style with our fox5 zip trips. go to now through august 19th eernd 1h for your chance to win a lease five finalists will bect ed by random drawing on august 20th. all finalists he to be at e final zip trip. all entras have to be 18 or older. prize ids provide by d.c. area acura dealers. complete rules available at >> 4 ♪ :35 is the time right now. let's check in with mike thomas. >> good morning. if you're heading down t us in winchester, pleasant outside rit now. 61 degrees. we don't go thi esly. tucker is the no going to be lf.ot going to be outthere for d han town,2 in gaithersburg, frederick 61, leonardtown is at 64 degrees. satellite and rllar a quiet once again which is what we want to see, right, more sunshine today. though mixing withew more
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clouds into the afternoon hours. 88 degrees onchee again. anotr pleasant day. ry little to complain about on this friday, though you may ve more to complain about on your saturday. looks likse cloud with rain being possible. expect at least scattered showers but several of our weather model are sayg, yeah, there could be a steady rain tomorrow afternoon, 78 degrees. sunday little bit more sunshine mixing in with the clouds, chance of a shower or a orm in the afternoon, 85 degrees. but right now of the two days, sunday looks a littlbee bit er than saturday. all right, that' weather. erin over to you for traffic. >> 4:36 right now. unfortunately we have a crash alelt and we haveay to tell you aboutne. this o out of virginia. northboun ader warringto road. it's gng to take you allege minutes. th with that you can see those flashing lights despite the fact it's still pretty dark. we're seeing nicele conditions on ttway once you get there. give yourself extra time coming up that 95 northboun stretch. 270 at speed. 70 loong good. metro services pick up at 5:00. outside the beltway in laurel
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or bowie things looking good on 50. more traffic in just a few moments. >> coming up on fox5 morning, a nakew bill mg its way through congress would make it illegal to interrupt your netflix and chill. >> and a small child savesanis dad's lifks to apple's face time feature. >> time right now is 4:37, tathe teure 71 degrees. fox5 morning back after thi s. ♪ >> ♪
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>> time now is 4:39. we're back with the on >> holly morris is back with th stories you're engaging dia. the most on social ho >> good morning both of you. good morng, everybody. police in satisfy flan georgia a arrested a man for groping a waitress. he had no idea he was being captured. the waitress told police a man grabbed her backside as he walked next thing you know,he
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waitress spins around grabs him by shirt collar slams him into the wall. she was able to back h story with that surveillance camera that caught t whole netflix spotify could soon be interrupted by emerges.y a senators are pushing the new bill to explore adding the notifications to streaming services. it's the latest aim to make sure that more americans are aware of emergency alertsn their cell phones, tv's radio and newer platforms like video and audio streaming services. a virasnia dad h his iphone and his tech savvy toddler to thank for savings his the thar-old was able to face timehe her mom w her dad had a stroke while at home. now, when her mom, who is also a nurse didn't answer the first time she actually called again. mo answered and was able to contact 911 and thel neighbor she got home. she said she had no idea her daughter knew how to facon time her own. >>and finally, tiger woods returned to the b-tish open for thr he returned or the british open fhe first time in three years i should
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say. and it was smooth saing. that is until errors creptinto k nine. he ended the day five shots behind the early leader. those are youror trending sties right now.p >> coming u fox5 morning major changes in s for bwi. >> this mor details in the death of a university o maryland football player. >> heading to bre looking at the washington monument on this friday morning. nice andar cle 71 degrees your temperature. all right, let's do this friday, here we ce. details of yourer news, w and forecast after the break. >>♪
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so switch to lysol.o what it takes prote. top stories.e a look at our the ntsb investigatorsne headed to the sce of a deadly tourist boat accident in missouri. a duck boatd csized. the death toll stands at 11, seven others hospitalized. five people are still missing. winds at the time of the u accident were gustip to 70 mile. >> virginia state police have isried atically missing adult alert for the woman whose picture you see on your screen.this is megan metzger frm pamplin virginia. she's 19 years old, 5-foot five, weig about 150 pounds. she haseyeslond hair an 5-inch scar on her right arm. police believe sheas abductednd is in danger. sheemay also be ind of attentio. invitindent trump is
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russian presir athe whiteouse va the dsfteromhees c two leaders met in finlan the white house meeting would reportedly happen in the fall. >> and good moking to you. thanou for joining us. >> today is fri july 20th. let's check in with mikeet thomas and an update on today's weather and thewe ekend. >> hey, guys, today's weather looks greyb once again. e a few moreuds in the sky this afternoon but it's the weekend we're concerned with here in d.c. as we get rey to begin it. one more workday here to get through and then we'll be there. starting off nice andle pant this morning but here are your weather c headlines. paloudy day today. so just a few more clouds. other than that, a really pleasant day with temperatures much like they were the past 80's this afternoon. to upper saturday as things stand at ksthis moment, looike it's going to be on the wet se of things. could be a steady rain. yesterday was just looking like that scattered showers through thefternoon. now it looks like it could potentially be a wetter afternoon some storms sunday. sunday looks like the drier of th two days.
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unsettled all the way through next week as things stand rightow. looks like chances of showers st about every day. a very dry pattern here ins d.c. to a very wet one really quickly. 72 in town n rightow. it's comfortable. 65 for pittsburgh. 68 for beckl, west virginia. satellite and radar nice and quiet out there. again, we don'to expect to many concerns, just a few clouds this afternoon. 88 degrees your daytime high. 84 for gaithersburg, 85 manassas, 86 for quantico later triay. weekend bs bigger concerns area of low pressure come up the coast. models have gotten stronger with it and they've also brought it little closer tocl the coastline, e enough that we could do som a round here. i'll show you futurecast in just a second. sunday things stay unsettled, wh we call an upper level low dips down to the midwe t and sits there for next several days which will keep things rather unsettled. let's skip aheadd o saturday. scatowers in the morning hours. and then there you go into the afternoon, showing wavewa after of kind of heavy rain coming up. across, ryland as well.ia andma central
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could be, and this is a could, this seems extreme to me, model are showing upwards of 5-e in d.c., 4.6 gaithersburg, again i think some of these numbers are extreme. just gives you an idea of how wet some of the models have gone with us. so, ifdoou have o plans on saturday keoo that in mind. quick at the seven-day because even beyond the weekend -- first off saturday is cool with the rain, 78 degrees. 85 for sunday and then all w through nextk clouds and a chance of showers every day. we're turning the page a little bit here on the weather pattern, turning into a wetter pattern. that's a check of the weather.e. >> unfortunately problems on the roads on this friday morning. right nowrehings a moving along a lot better since a crash 95 northbound after waington road mov over to the shoulder. green zone, not cauqung delays betweenia and quantico. things on the beltway look good. we are also seeerg e construction 395. that's why you're seeing just that little blip of yellow but it's in the process of
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clearing as you head down towards the beltway. no major slowdowns yet. traffic is still pretty quiet. looking nice on 95 in woodbridge. we'reroblem free out five at the 301 sit into clinton and the inner loop side of they beltway. questions at erin fox5 d.c. on . >> ♪ >> tim right now is 4:48. new details this morning in a deather of sity of maryland football player jordan mcnair. mcnair's family has hired a high profile law firm. it's the se law firm that represented freddie gray. mcnair was hospitalized on may 29 after collapsing during a teamwoy out. the fam says the 19-year-old die of heat stroke. bwi thurgood marshall airport working to speed up its expansion efforts. the airport filed the request with the maryland board of public works to fast track construction. the $60 million project will expand concourse a, building five new gates from southwest airlines. it will also include passenger waiting areas and new retail and food options.
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if approved, construction would start in january with efthe expansion completedore ly 2020. >> 4:49. health officials inniirginia are war residents of a deadly water born bacteria at eats flesh. it's called the vibrio bacteria and one resident from the area has died so far after coming into contact i witht. virginia's department of health will not be releasing the person's name becaus of sayo far this year 23 people in illnesses tied to vibrio. >> coming up on fox5 morning, it's official. whales are flying. >> one woman's nightmare de comes to ant abrend when her date steals her car >> 4:49 is your time, 71 is t youremperature. fox5 morning back after this.♪ >>♪ >> ♪
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>> welcome back to fox5 morning. today isriday. this is a liv e ic coming in all of a01udden. this is rou in brandywine. if that didn't get you don't know what will. four men have been indicted by grand jury for murdering ra xxx. k >> the foremenled him in a ey tried to take louist. vitton bag with 50,000 in cash and after a struggle the rapper was shot several times. famous disk jockey who inspired the film "good morningood morningamerica he died from a ageat reled illness. he was 79. a date from hell to say the least in memphis.
4:53 am
a woman there saturday night took out a -- took -- excuseme r date decided to steal her ca to go on another >> faith pew was surprised when old friendn griffin asked her out. she tracked herow carn by aby o. near drive inovie. her mistake was getting out e car to buy him a cigar. that's the first mistake. that's likeim saying, go pump the gas. lady, come on. took her god sister out. >> note to yourself. don't go in the store buying a guy a cigar. make him get his own cigar. >> s much more i could add to >> 4:53 is the time. it's a bird, it'sne a.
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it's actually airbus' new whale shaped beluga plain. >> the plane making its maiden flight. it can carry 53 tons of cargo over a distance of 4,000 miles without sto ting. pretty coolo see, too. >>so remember the brady bu nh house? >> >> you didn't watch it? >> no, that was -- when i was comingn p that wasn't o. >> the rerun any way, the brady bunal house is now on s for nearly $2 million. studio city home attracts tourists daily. >> it b was purchack in 1973 for $61,000. the owners passed away and their children are selling it. however, only the exteriors are the same. scenes from inside the home that were filmed on a hollywood set. so, jus the exterior. >> not on the inside. the s biggestuper stars in tennis right in ourd. bac for this week's fox beat freeay fridive away oneinner will see the single session match in the citypen tournament on friday
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august 3rd at 2:00 p.m. >> it's a prize with a retail go to between now and 11:59 p.m. enter for yr chance to win. this prize is provided logger dare sports. the w winnerl be selected on the 23rd.nt all es must be 18 or older. for complete rules and online entry available at >> 4:55 is the time right now. let's check in with mike thomas. maureen is going to go get me a cigar right quick. >> you don't smoke. >> better hurry, mo. let's do little weather forecast. mix of clos and sun, temperatures much like the st 70's, 70's during the morning, 80's during the afternoon. what about that weekend forecaomorrow looking rather wet here in d.c. 78 degrees with clouds, showers maybe even a steady rain in the afternoon. for sunday, 85 degrees, some afternoon thunderstorms. we'll keep an eye on fore shows that thatven-day pattern is going to geton stuck teminue monday, tuesday,shers,
4:56 am
peratures in the mid 80's. that's weather. off to erin now for traffic. >>all right, it is 4:55no right just walking into theca shot use unfortunately we have breaking news to tell you about. in the district, road closed 3200 block of fourth street southeast beeen mlk avenue to savannah street. give yourselfome extra time. it's not a crash. there's police activity in that area. we'll work on gathering more information. that is jt east of 295.he rwise, suitland parkway looks really good but again, aniv act police response scene there. as you maybe your way out on kenilworth traffic is flowing freely right now. t seeing any problems as you make your way out south or northbound. ndnew york avenue is qui if you're headed to union station, no problems around massachusetts avee. moving over for a look in frederick, maryland, tra quiet coming down from 270.on no problems as you make your way out on the beltway. americanegion bridge looks good. dulles toll road looks good. the eastbound side of 66 right now.
4:57 am
it's blocking a righter along shou just fine. not seeing any drive times impacted. th camera in fairfax before the beltway just watch for that police activity. that could cause a littl bit slow down this aside fr that, traffic looks good on the inner loop right now. no probls through accokeek or fort washington. metro services pi up at 5:00. any questions at erin fox5 d.c.i ter. fox5 mor will be right back. >> ♪ ck. >> ♪
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nearly a dozen peoplere a after a duck boat csizes during a powerful thunderstorm. this is just the latest in a series of deadly incidentsacrose led to a cal forhange. community outrage. neighb as of 10-year-old girl say d.c. arece and city leaders not doing enough to keep them f>> yea bepridentrumon st


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