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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  July 20, 2018 5:00am-5:42am EDT

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nearly a dozen peoplere a after a duck boat csizes during a powerful thunderstorm. this is just the latest in a series of deadly incidentsacrose led to a cal forhange. community outrage. neighb as of 10-year-old girl say d.c. arece and city leaders not doing enough to keep them f>> yea ridng.dentrumon sts
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t.ther greatoray,weend though. let's check in with mike and tad r.athehey, mike. >> hey, good morning. you nailed it. few more clouds this afternoon with another dry pleasant feeling day. that all changesto tomown. t rowe'll time it out for youco ming i can tell you metro is on time and we're delay free around the district maryland and virginia. tracking some police activity in southeast however. so we'll get to that next.nd >> all right, sou good both of you.ime. we have a big breaking story overght the at l inc 1eadist1 ce missouri.aiz last night in seven others are hospitalized, tw cheofti tcaml condition. this morning at least five people are still missing.asarry1
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people in all. weather is thoht to be the cause the w e l weasea n a severe thtoa delarsarrm60 milesig anore this morning. meantime, tornadoes that to through ive injured atpeople. one conf tornadf hir aoona jt nt of des moines. some of the injured were inside ary factohat was stoy damaged by the they were treated at a hospital. another twister damagena medical center ihe city of marshalltown south of altoona. no one was injured in that storm.velessera were damaged in b othse cities. >> time now is 5:02. closer to home what appears tobn northeast happened just before 4:00 a.m. at the intersection of fourth street and adams street. we understand a man was shot there. we have a crew on theay.
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we know that parts of fourth off near rhode islandnue.ked so heads up if your early commute takes you in that rth also developing, police in virginia need your help finding a critically missing adult. they bieve this adult was abducted last night. this is megan lorraine metzger last seen on tuesday in pamplin virginia. liceel a bnd may need mal icattention. contact virginia state police with anynformation about her >> presidentrump is inviting vlimi putin to meet him in the whitees house. >> com even as the fallout from their helsinki summit continues. the rsian leader hasn't visited the united states in nearly a decade. >> we have some breaking news. the white house haded ann on twitter that vladimir putin is coming to the white house
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in the fall. >> say that aga. [laughter]>> you -- vladimir putin coming to,. >> did i -- did i hear you -- >> yeah, yeah. [laughter] ghter] al.that's going to becipe national intellincn ecoats speaa security eventesterday in colorado. his awkwardponse seems to suggest that he had no clue that the president had invited the russian leader. rolling out a new policyt designed to counter hacking and disinformation campaigns. they'll alert the public if any foreign operations are under way targeting u.s. elections or democracy. rosenstein says russian cyber activity is "just one tree in o be a busy day for secretary of state mike
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pompeo. he'll visit the united states to address a range of upcoming general assembly. he's due to meet with north korean and japanese leaders on the nuclear progress. >> ♪ t >> 5:05. good see you. >> good to see you too. >> good morning happy friday. >> made it to the end of the week. what a second half of the week it was >> yeah. >> stellar. >> absolutely gorge ts but we're going pay for it. it's always how it seems to work out. it is comingn sooner tha you might think. ike tomorrow could be wet here in the d.c. region. if you have outdoor plans saturday start thinking about maybe bringing them indoors. we'll talk more about the weekend coming up. toda a it's 72 pleasant outside tond start. s out of the south and those winds haven shifting out of the south and that's gog to start to bring a touch of humidity back but t to say it's aad day byon. any means.& still going to be a prett nice friday town. satellite and radar still quiet for now. more sunshine during the morning than the aftnoon butagay weather concern is clouds
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today. let's do your fecast for later on this afternoon. we're expecting 88 degrees with partly cloudy skies. that graphic doesn't look keli iitt w here for today. it will be a good day. we'll talk about the weekend forecast in just a few more minutes. erin, why don't you give an upte on traffic. how does. it >> 5:06. we have metro delays for you. if you're taking the orange line there's l someate clearing this morning. we'll keep you updated on that one. alsoe polasicviactyti of 295. road closure 3200 block of fourth street southeast between mlk avenue and savannah street. police in that area. plse use caution and watch for that activity. beltway looks good as we take look in maryland. as we zoom out kenilworth avenue lks great. secondaries in the district are quiet. majors in virginia as well as maryland looking good. 270 and 66 still delay free. police activity blocks the shouer in fairfax. 66 eastbound.but that's not caug
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slowdowns. things on gq park pay and the inner loop through annandale look good. back to you. >> thank you erin. ciding the winner of themorning, democraticrimary in montgomery county exetive's a larget g a little more steexplosion shut down seeral streets in new york city. >> webre heading to eak. aiv le the beltway near oxon hill. it's:0 77, grde>>ee ♪s
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friday. s our time rightt m now. we're atgrees. live look at the capitol 71 de there. another beautiful day on tap. easy for mewhil te ito details s morning in the montgomery county nominee david blair isor now asking a partial recount after losing to long time county cncil elrich take pe monday morning. elrich is set to facean republic robin thicker in november. in howard count parts of main street in eicott city will reopen to then public. it has closed to trafficsi e a flash flood back on 27comauny th. executive allan kittleman is also expected to sign an executive order ending
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a state of emergency 10 days earlier than expected. main street iset to reopen at 5:00 tonight. >> ♪ time now is 5:09. we're following developments from israel. more protests a eected today in gaza. comes after israel launched an air strik against the gaza crew launching incendiary devices killing a hamas member. continued demonstrations have killed about 135 people so also trending fro israel the israeli parliament passing a controversial it defines the country as a nation state of jewish people and promotes the develment ofalay iest downitint rab minority.s inn, new evacuations are under way promptingmewhile a trr operatortr- actor-trailer operator was tha wasea foundd investigatorsyielieng hvee bhe.
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day care workers didn't knowthe father arrived to pick upisnsid are being questioned.haperone crews testing for after a large steampipe explosion. inve people suffere minor on fox5 morningmsheras on nli spk a sanage.llscyuire to tua .
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>> ♪ >> there y go. that's a good way to ease on into friday morning. time. welcome back. sure glad you're with us as we start our weekend. take look at our top stories. tocehe s deadlyors a headed tourist boat atiden in missouri. , the d death toll standss are hospitalized. two in critical condition. at least five people are still missing. winds at the time of the accident were gusting u to 70 m. >> virginia state police have issued a criticayoris msi tnghen whose picture you see on your screen rightre the this iser megan m from pamplin virginia. eyeblond hair an 5-inch scar on her right arm.
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police believe she was abducted and is in danger. she may also be in need of medicaltttion. president trump invitingla russian presidentdimir putin to meet with him again this time at the white house. the invitation comingerust three days afthe two leaders met iefinland. the white meeting would reportedly happen in the fall. we also have more now on that breaking news that we told youbout at the top o the hour. deadly shooting in northeast d.c. oifox5's anne cutler just jns now with the latest. anne, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, this entirerea is shut d right now. this is still a very active rnoe. teported around 3:45. it was not because of shots fired but, actually, because of the victim found lying on the dewalk and that victim is still here right you can sees the detective are hererensics team as wel they've been taking photos.hi much of t area is shut down and closed off. we are on fourth street here.
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the victim's body is right on the corner of fourth and adams. and this isust off of rhode island. there's a bp gas station here. you have a child center here as well. and i've actually seen some of the officers go up to the king forom possibly sion,as surveillance video. a number ofinesses in this area may have so, right now police say they 5-foot 10 with a shortk male, haircut. we're going to kee a close eye on this and bring you the latest information as soon as but again, here on fourth street in northeast, there was nd victim aboutl send it back t. >> all right, anne, thank you for that. >> quarter pas the hour right now. looking live outside, still early, sun not upust yet but when itoi comes up it'sng to be another good one, right, >> yeanother beautiful sunris and another good day for your friy. but the bad news weekend is going to start turning unsettled. little bit of a pattern change
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going on and reall the bulk of the next seven days could be on the wetter side of things here in d.c. we'll talk about that in a moment.starting offestarting of. offnd to the north west nice and cool to start. gaithersburg at 61 as is frederick.e' winchester where w be in just another hour or so, 61 degrees. 65 for c64peper. or fredericksburg. rsatellite aadar nice and quiet across the entire region again expect sunshine through afternoon a fewe cloudsto the will start to pop p up. ressure scooting off to the north and east so more of a southern wind today. uch of humidity and again,to a just a few more clouds into the afternoon. other thanhat, highs mid to upper 80's, maybe oner two of us touch 90 degrees later today. but generally a good feeling day still with humidity on the low side ofng thi by julyds sta. 88 degrees this afternoon washington, 86 warnings 85 f m manassas. agore sun would get those temperatures a little higher. if you have outdo plans on saturday keep an eye on this. brand newf run o our weather model here.he 8:00 in morning, scattered
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showers mostly through virgint . look how iilds into a steady rain into the afternoon. eryour 1 o'clock houre in d.c. looks a little sgy. en that just sort of contin there's a storm system coming up the coastline here that's going to be throwing rain back inecurtion. into the evening hours, could still be som o bandsf heavy rain. so, agai right now saturday is not looking too great for us here in d.c. and parts ofn our reg could get a lot of rain out ofhis. now, if you saw us last hour, it was putting down 5-inches of rain here i here d.c. which d a little extreme. it's come down. inches for fredericksburg, almost thr for culpeper. there's no telling exactly who isoing to get these heavier amounts. thd is going to shift a over the next 24 hours here in d.c. t just be aware that at least somewhere there's a potential for a decent amount of rain tomorrow. so, if you have outdoor plans i'd think about moving them indoors for your saturday. day is nice, though. 88 degrees. go outside and have some fun. tomorrow clouds return, showers and even a steady in possible into the afternoon. sunny with a chance of those
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pop- storms in the afternoon. and then o clouds kind take over and scattered showers from thereon m wednesday, even into thursday next week look like thgy side. that cld weather.ou er hinoadsas yr how does it look. >> good. 5:18 unfortunately even thorih it'sdaory wtanikenge h a look a. it's involving a tractor-trailer. 66 westbound before lee jackson's blocking t. traffic is getting by jus fine. we tend to see lighter trends on the westbound sideny away but just keep in mind it's a tap of the brakes past that wita rubberneck delay. new crash in upperor mo as well. pennsylvania avenue northbound, inbound at itland parkway watch out that delay as you get toward the beltway. now we're also dealingith a police activity scene. this is the 2200ur stree directions. ion therca n fourthe tivi as ll street seastthet tweim be
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there. single tracking on the orange line right now between new carrollton ahend cve work could slows down. secondaries in the district asom fr0 stlha at now is what's hot n the web. >>isdom is back with the stories that you're engaging with the most this.orning on social m hey, whiz. >> good morning and first up the nfl playe association now taking their negotiations private when it comes to the agement on the nationalanthem p. now, this comes after news oke thursday when the miami dolphins announced that players could be suspended i they decide to protest on the, players could be suspended upes to four gam under the proper anthem conduct policy. it is still unclear how soon the dolphins might implement this policy. next up, a shutdown on abc's the view after host whoopi goldberg got into a
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heated exchange with fox news judg janine pirro. pirro suggested goldber goldber. goldberg said she's tired of wh gat's ooingn ending the inrview. next up, social media is in an uproar after news that british makeup artist pat mcgrath's mcgrath labs has reached an estimated vueli of $1on passing kyleigh jenner's kyleigh cosmetics. mcgrath launc instantlystor. cks thinks with bustyone in the coffee giant is gearing up to open a deaf friendly store where all baristas know amican sign language.
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starbucks made thehu announcementrsday. there will be a signing location in our area to serve the deaf community in d.c. near gallaudet university that location at sixth and h streets wl open sometime in october. that's what trending this morning. lback to you. >> ie it. thank you wisdom. 5:21 right now. coming up on fox5 morning esident tru auto import tariff proposal is leading to a war ofds. >> and buying gatorade that's going to get a m lote personal. >> heading to break rightli now, look at the commute along the beltway just north of the american legion bridge. again, it's 5:21. it's 71 degrees. we're back with more news, weather and traffic. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ if i never get off this ovland, tell my familye... saving peoplmoney on car insurance.
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wilsonoo bridg tlooks like trafg > hs tu o ati e of's businesurs t headlines. the coepartment isholdinmm tari. they comef as president trump proposes new 25 percent won isgtakdecehe>> den. baamic bmp'sll to jobs and upartn $4,500 a to the average sticker car.a new be h sur iy forum will uss andgtonel to private partnerships are howorkingog togevether. >> the department ofional ence homelity governt officials plan tomeaddrg theen cord. s.y, to a newvemi sll n the the cable
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yinn mstryore los also shows that 30 percent of the people asked said they had already opted out ofaid services in the past two years. 18 percent never subscribed. cord cutting was most prevalent among millennials. customized gatorade coming as soon as next month. you'll be able to hteto yrp a that you can choose online. >> gatorade je esaduring massive heat waves inhe surveyt5 en sayab u.s. career s they've gained more than 11 pounds due to work. m more likely thanen to say they -- women wore likan melthyo say they gained p eengrieges, h thibw65 dreeso
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lot of ourem speubtureakbss in r 60's this m.ning tl th continue for most of us to feel comfortable u
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oday.ait's dry today. sh wto eri for 5:26 right pennsylvania avenue it's on the northbound side at extra time nd there. westboundee sid jackson highway, actor-trailer crash blocking the shoulder. we have orange li delays out by c late clearing track work usg sileeng track continue. keacho it fox'll be back with y0 half hfur. beautil calm look at the white house right n. >> ♪ ld sweet
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y,tahert o the>yo d.c.ayomin rackwe utanatorayg8we 5l takehi a
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next. >> 5:30ime right now. we have some is th besere tinpo. oreftpe jne bust our anne cutler live on thesc en t details. good wowehit, anne. >> reporter: good morning. in're trying to get as muchrmato youic pole pretty tight lipped about this right now. 'sheret whae wound a right onivcea about an hourre wo sll vic stil is we h aretiatt 10the witt r e ue fwe act som syfiawcers ot
5:32 am
and, th as ththe gasga comme picks uin the fpafndc apickorup sohe, this could have an impacth ode landh tilog yout a g sd iack .e c m b right, ather ornk seven boa wn asaria urtots w wutyav
5:33 am
the -- off duty deputy wth on rid t and hel. oth tiden. alcifis therofstngor c 175 feet to the ground.>> it has sincet dfld togh e todallot00y.m.c main streett eopen t ho traffic and pedestrians. ve wward county offplanicia elsu orderon to e the state of
5:34 am
od killed one damagedoze buiings aused m oillionf dollarsan in gnia ntrevrnine second lashngas elr ghe cticallymissing adult. this isar-old megan 1 etzgerast seen on poieve she's pamplin virabout 8m ilince danger and may need medical attention. contact virginia state police. east cmu>> outrag nnow some are callityng out ciy r apoe deslmt tot sou p aaynll
5:35 am
atinn lio m deserve mor sti raw f ayt oes outde ny ow.
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that's kind of your planner y wt they d the pas ucloc 85 byt tw 2 o'clock. lookts f herecuturtee. lett'ip ahead to satut . be some heavy batches in there. so be aware ofor t yourigob sously from whatooeng f showers andle. for your day p on sunday, morrmg on sunday. more on eash weec neetdheck rai. orange l a longer single flashingights, that's theur
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unstbod se lecrash.ractor-traer fitrafc watceth for a recbernk side.iv tw oin the district. this one is theo 20 2 blocks of fourth street ast. osed b not haveh t detour arod un295 looking good5. on 39 big heads up for metro w commuters thiseekend. if you plan to take the redlineb udenlattettohat. anks3hereth ahatth
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fouring terrs t yea who didn't stand ri theng details ahead. fo at giant. rt(
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isth playersiami ciro donscoulhid ber games the es dpi announced pr>>esident trumpte invi russian president vladimir h white house decande. newsth oef surprise to a key curi mty tbeemeam.r mr. trump says heooks forward to a second meeting s that they can start of thehe, security for mor mdlid.
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reps say it will startng mkvi youit'sayrelyck sbergai but pou anopereith. why tricked. >> ♪
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>> ♪ bold meets sweet cold brew.
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around here to say themike thom? exception and that wasafternoon.
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few more clouds today in the ay sky. that's the only kior of exception to tgeous sunshine we've had the past few days but sll a very good oheday fre friday. tomorrow, saturday looks wet. aotod layou of icos showing almost a steady rain throughout the day tomorrow so plans,have outdo think about moving themy.ns iidl sed. d thderstorms in the afternoonrst hou. next week. tou still pleasant. d.c.,gahersburg 61,ti3. balmors than 15 minutes with tucker 6 tern3 degrees at this pleasant. llite and radaregio for g
5:47 am
into tomorrow. skies another gorgeousday. outdoor plans, you're fine for your friday. of lowur friday is finet saturu pressure comes uphe t coastline. depending on just how close it came will depend on whether or not it's ohowersr a steady rain around here and the bad e getting close to themodels coastline with it andant to make it a steady rain. sund upper level low pressure system sw mgs down across thewest and it t next fid today. d that's just going to keep th unsettled conditions in place here. so, here's your saturday. look at 1 o'clock on saturday on futurecast. showing bands of heavyroain acss the d.c. region. again, thanks to that s moving up the coastline. there's 5 o'clock tomorrow night. so, you see why i'm kind of stressing outdoor pens for them inside. better to move rain may continue before, the sunday things kind of scatter out a bit. howuch rain? models were aggressive early this morni. they showed 5-inches plus. now they're downn bit to inch and a half of rain but
5:48 am
still that's a lot for a one-day period. so, just plan on some rain for your saturday. let's move on to the seven-day forecast if my clicker wants to work, it doesn't. i'll show you the seven day which has a lot of rain on it in just a few minut erin how does traffic. toltway so gaside from that nee also dealing withs w crash. tthis is pennsylvania avenue. itland parkwin theund side of ramp tsulandarkway. so,ig i ho m detr. trtor-aileefore lee stund rubberneck delay and normal volume. police activity in the itmpacting the 22n ict to 2400 blocks of fourth street. they're closed for that. also i ouarndha t rig chtin oe g back .
5:49 am
big heads up metro. changes this willer brd.e beten ted rednd line seehut d and rhode island avenue stations will be closed betw nna-gallaudet debt and fort totten. bus services will be availa buses replace trains beten noma-gallaudet debt and fort totten. weeken adjustments on the orangere blue lineen and yellow. any questions at erin fox5 d.c.. th 5:49 is e time rightow. e backyard and for this week's fox beat free friday give away one l winner will receive singleets to city a session match in the city open tournament on friday august 23rd at 2:00 >> prize worth a retail valuegoo
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win. the prize is provided by lagardere sports. the winecrted by random alawing on. july 23rd l be 18 or older. complete rules and online entry are available at me could i go in the gas stationor him to get a cigar. he just drove off. i came outside and my caras mems ghtmi h caroman thought she 'sar wse. mato go on movie. aren't insur tas sady the manis. >> he let her drive so she drove him to the dve in. didn't even have any money. she actually paid their way to
5:51 am
get in the dve in just so co od kauly, there's a whole loh wron this story. anyway, memphis policere sted griffin at the drive r oviner. and griffin aba g sisters no more. [laughter] >> wow. okay. all right. howtbout this? cn camera in savannah georgia a waitress serves up a to a customer who groped her on the side. he probably didt expect that works cald truinskyi was her ailestedhtin j before being bailed out. the surveillance video round up on reddit this week on a forum called justice served. >>ou go, girl. wow. all right. and also caught on camera, this onelo fromda, a hwt foontdat when ting a
5:52 am
wh take tt shark. fishermen say to frustrate them because theyten . called >> i had no idea that groupersa. >> i was going to say the same thing. wh i went to florida last ti imetero aup gdispal of appet. bott feers a nowoupe hamburgers., stick to guess so. i'm going back to red mea and pork. that's amazing. all right. 75:52 is the time right n l. let's take aook at the stories you'remoing on social media with our realte news tracker. >> that means maureen is back. she's got a look a tllaho outbrk
5:53 am
linked to raw turkey has grown. eut o people hospitalized has expanded to 9thnesota illinois and tas have reporte the highest number of ecsetiss. outbreak to raw turkey in prs ouhite awthriarens likes t content in it the event in fan culture which mea they'll get get a glimpse of
5:54 am
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>> a dollar from mcdonald's. >>'sheourrehe the t>>ey, lthogue eatu aretormn le the day f thatlyalenot p accordi sctereshows andtorm aer audon f s,gh
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ou ttraffic. >> 5:56th right now. keeping our n,es rhe t heveanrollton ethn es now. red ramp to the outer loop side of the beltway it's tough blo .lemcan a cr the ramp to suitland parkway. caution there. and then also this crash still blocks the zebra stripes involving ail tractorer, 66 westbound by lee jackson highway. keep it to fox5. wel 'lhave continue. >> next at 6:00 workers are holdinall the these cds interviews and just plain not showing up to work on day one. what giv? es wvee' g ahead. >> and get a bite of this. lays potato ships arebout release some to new outlandish chip flavors including one that will actually do well i
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maryland, chesapeake bay crab spice. i would be all for trying that coenp whng >> a u6: ♪
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still misad and severale h o mr
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l midwest wns hitsse atosdi swethroug homesd to sleds r cars smashed and this morning more th,an a dozeneople metr ho mess. major work acrosseral ne is aeg less tthhan luetatidehe next sil twl ctrovsy or t nationtithon. fox5er 6:00 a.m. stts now 's fday>> if you're just thinakur w zip trip season


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