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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  July 20, 2018 7:00am-8:16am EDT

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those stillis mng. round two. the russiansident maye coming to the u.s. what vladimir putin is saying abou his invitation to the white house. it's an invitation that caught a lot offf people guard, even the president's top intelligence official. a timeout has been called on the nfl's new nationa anthem policy. the news breaking overnht as the miami dolphins continue to face backlash for the threato made who ntheny jor work across several lines is about to begin. thatlu ides some stations closed f the next six weeks.> plus,he big bank refunding its customers millions of dolla. morning at 7. >> ♪and goodni mngorri f july 2.
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>> t.g.i.f. if'r ygouusowe a jboutt a live k outside, gorgeous beautiful that's where we are for our zip tri weeccol upchnk i minutes. >> first though a quick check of weather and traffic with mike and erin, they're both in the studio standing by. mike we'll start with you. >> holly our nice weather streak continues today. partly cloudpp skies, temperaturer 80's. things change tomorrow. weend looks little wet. tucker has yourta forecast des in a few minutes. erin. >> police activity impacting your commute in southeast as well as noreast. big adjustments for the red line staroing tomorw. the latest on that as well. >> thank erin and mike. le or overnigh rck a b trist boat capsized last night in missouri. >> it happened oak ae near tourist mecca of branson. this morning at least five ople are still missing. maureen is here with the latestevelopments. mo. >> good morning to you. questions about whether they had onjackets and if
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they could sifwim, just a tragedy al a day on the lake taking a ictrag tur a tour boat sinks leaving at least 11 people dead. emergency responders were called to table rock lake thursday when are a duck boat in branson, missouri capsized killing several passengers. when it happened, a powerful line of thunderstorms was moving through the area. the b was fighting strong winds and rough choppy waters just before t accident. officials believe weath was a factor. >> there was some heavy wd and it was having problems through the wind. >> a wnoness onther nearby vess says he saw several people in the water. >> a la an african-american lady actuall came from under the boat. we started pulling her up and i was yelling for people to get cpr, a gentleman i believe he was an emt started cpr. >> 31 people were on board when t amphibious boat sank. about a dozen drowned in the lake including children.
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several others were injured. >> of the several that were transported only one had serious. >> a handful of passengils are l missing. officials say there were life jackets on board. it's unclear if any of the passengers were wearing them. the boat was operated by ride the ducks branson. at the tye of the d incident, the company t hadwo duck boats out on the water. thether made it back safely >> divers searched the lak for victims until late in the aght wndlthis morning. on scent oon bealngiliso tnhe andround. back to you. >> thanks very much maureen. in the meantime tornadoes that tore through iowaav on yesterday he injured at leastth 17 people. is video of a twister hitting the town of altoona just northeast of des moines. some of the injured were inside a factory that was badly damaged by the sto. >> 7:03 is our time right now. breaking hews closer toome a man shot to death in the district. h now, thispened just before 4:00 a.m. the intersection
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of fourth street and adams street. police found a man lying on the sewalk. parts of fourth street northeast still blocked off near rhode island avenue. so, heads up if you takes you in thata. are >> to maryland now, police are searching for a suspect who shot a woman last nightko in ma park. officers say the pair met on a social media app. s hooting happened before 8:00 in the b avenue. victim expected to be okay. lock>> police inirginia needur o criticallyca critiy missing adult. aycepoli b neeeld miciralginia e with any information on her whereabouts. >> ♪ >> 7:04. waiting fe that l music jingle to queue us that of course it's friday and time
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for yet another zip trip. thiseorning we're liv in northern virginia inow an rich in history that sits right in the shenandoah valley. >> kevin, annie and tucker join us live from winchester where the fun is just getting started. good morning, crew. [cheers and applause] >> hey, good morning. >> goodning. >> you know, allison, you're right, the fun is jet been having fun already moving andgr. >> not only i have been having fun this morning i came out 's old town winchester is and just beautiful. > really gorgeous. i've never been here. >> the crowd herow-- i was shocked hany people were here this early. that was the coolest part about it. >> thank you so much ourer show. evyone knows every person. e sn was doing weather and w eone a was like i lovg people react. every day we're on television we look into a camera.- don't kn to s them physically the balloon man. >> he gave a light sabre.
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>> mavee g aittl lady bu this is buster bro adorable. >> that's so cute. >> so, beautiful winchester in the shenandoah valley. home to thousan of people, i think close tis30,000 call place home. just aonderful place to live. >> come down and see a us. we on the loudoun street mall. >>hat's right, on loudoun street mall. it's like a long shopping strip. >> it's beautiful. >> so much to explore. we can't wait to get to all of it but first let's get to weather. >> i'm going to do >> mght sabre. >> very interesting balloon. >> ts beenucinr this joke for the past 10 minutes butha it's still funny but yes. >> 72 now no washington. it's going to be beautiful day. our friday looks great. ouroteekend does n look great. looks wet both saturday and sunday. 65 this morning gaithersburg. and we are a veryle com 61 degrees out here in winchester this morningr all right, you satellite picture. couldn't be a nic morning. sun up just before 6:00
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beautifu skies to start your day. beautiful friday area wid beach to the mountains look gt with lies in the highs in thr 80's. i'll be back with the weekendg forecast c up. that's the latest in winchester. all kinds of fun this morning. please don't goer ae. >> come down and visit us. [cheers and applause] >> you have a beautiful fun crowd in winchester aki a en, what z trip. besttow unfortunately we have police activity still lingering. meese scenes delays.trobus mlh ouavrtenue and savannah street. plan ahead. northeast still dealing with a road closure 22 to 2400 block of fourth street northeast. so give yourself extrae. tim that's also slowing things down on rhode island avenue. 50 looks pretty good inb jnd and outboundt normal 66 westbound an earlier crtractor-traiash cleared that was before lee jackson highway. westbound side is quiet. eastbound side normal volume, about a 30 minute delay sudley
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road to the beltway. earlier crash did clear on the dulles toll roadra eastbound henoer l the inner loop normal volume as you come up from 267 to the legio bridge. otherwise, gw parkway is pretty quiet. 66 inside the beltway looking good and we're problem free right now 2 on. wide oisned. th crash just blocks the shoulder 95 sthbound after quantico. and right now metro rail lines are on time but this weekend some big service adjustments for the red line. coverage tm morning. fox5's anne cutler is out t there with very latt think thist they'reng hdistioann says it awt says,utjomani, r wuts t ahoseor den lrktsti ping 45 ni e
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whda. bys wentt and tandt ringush f hrsou. operate s ndtwncrumbeeling co metro's thdest outdoor station pbl. ctiof il66 takesre andnoalng t n
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lacoming up in on big reinend g thanat'tthe dhi wnod twieras. ag.
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yoeredkefar oiner h y brou. wmeerwi thi
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s greata w jtherhe t srovernom st72u you c wear in sololet s same c't weekend. over rain heloing to get cloudy arou satur the hb snoou020stinakes
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ff now. i'll mel 55 ok
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ng ms loudoun county,it eer tee, rrmccak hay drl al jld. e h stemees >> 7:19 is our time oigff on r enforcing its new a turame theyd
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diithdung the p it'larsew weeks. th ne ed ifag players didn't stand during the anthem while on the fieldtholr pdiicy f they wished. in reseponshe t a grievance challeng tin thporiutevce was also put on hold during the talks.en the two readn p ia reflect thet values of america and shared focus will remain on finding a solution to the anthem issue through mutual good faith tigation.tsli outside of earlier thursday, it w
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reported that the dolphins ised a team policy classifying anthem ptests under a large list of "conduct detrimental to the club and said violating thatolicy could lead up toe or both. now, this issueegan in 2016 when the 49ers then 49ersn quarterback kaepernick began protesting police brutality social injustice. demonstration spread tother players and teams and b critics y thee a a all slsastill apionet
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so wewinchesterirginiod'sn.a trise gorgeouflers. y. >>etunia plse d be. me>>he but ifhe ay'reot,ok up o twilet me h know. [lau ngolisten,ghte go ve fe w >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> so take a look at this. th cleveland browns football c reated a hilarious spoof ofhe office featuring tie rod asager,vias m. while the browns may the beeam thest l tst inthey have a sensef humor. [ laughter ] >> now that's funny. >> oh, my gosh. >> i love the office. the office is just so awkwardly funny. >> mbehe ty're spirit?eyeesrighg
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>> that's one way to start. team buildin ui ginig.e iv reandulles 65. bwi67. it's calm it's quiet. today will be mostly sunny and 'll get some more clouds second half of the day today. there's your planner. friday very enjoyle around here. temperatures getting up into t 80s thi afternoon. ekend doesook wet here's a look at rainfall look at that. maybe over an inch of rainea tomorrow getdy for wet one here in tuck has got more details on the weekend com up much that's weather. let's turn over to erin now for the jam cam. >> you know, it's 7:26 right n now. guoos, mike? take ak. >> no jam cam? eh>> iav ot you g lsee gigen tys.picalriday open. minor volume on 395 northbound from the beltway to edsall roadt bridge. someongestion 695 as usual. li slow down on the inner loop to 295. arlowker down 95 to ple
7:27 am
norlow down bwreeze. 66 minor delays. l267thndooks southbound very ri.n. next at 7:30, an expert on oipionage j th russian sanitting i d.c. jail a cell accused of usig sex,s ie straight iut. today's zipri pth te five must stops coming u.
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♪ live pictures from wincaster, virgini. we are indeed celebratingth
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ere's annie working hard down there. look at that taking pictures. everybody i i lovingt. i love seeing them and we love seeing you f you're in the areaing come on out. there.s down tucker is down there, of course. having a whole lot of fun on this fridayni morng. 7 :30, though, we do want to givehapdate on t tragic story out of missoi. at leach 1il1plen p aeore dead k boat capsized last night on seven people remain in the hospital thiseorning. five p are still missing. the boat was carrying 31 expectedin t. meanwhile, w and startling details keep coming out aut marina butina the russian woman acfpy he in thed w erwh things she was allegedly offering sex for a chance to get in with political groups that may be favorable to
7:31 am
russia. >> her methods reminiscent s ote with russian ying tls upiaican rha a spyge b. joining usad n variety and i think we know what we'reto lkta sghow.good me. >> thiseems old time i got to admit. is this i s in 1960. >> sometimes the old ways are the best ways. people keep using things that work or trying to use thing w thatork. >> right. >> yeah. >> and itorked but s had been made right a couple of years ago? >>eah. there were red flags. they were checking her back andy with a know, she is appearingn lot of places. >> right. >> she's, you know, an eye catcher, too. >> she is but i mean we see her. >> at the white house.
7:32 am
>> rick santorum, with wayne la with people of influence. so clearly she was good at what she did. so how do you -- how do it? >> how do you do it? well it's really interesting. >> how do you know who to targ target? hugh how do younow it's going wor with the right person? >> so is she really a enthusiast? i d gon'tun know fr sure but she's starting a gun rights oanization in russia very unusual. you know, minimal gun ownership there. so this catches the attention of nra going back and p forthosting people from the nra. nra has, you kno conservative ties. is anu to k become an influencer to meet people at nra meetings in this country and also a delegation from the nra did go to russia and was hosted by her group. so what a great way to, you know, meet e game?
7:33 am
py this i knoe there.. notd tfr daiohey a it? >> there's tryin wgh a whi chtrying to influence them,ht.t. there's a lotig of focus on, you know, russia i hyre ofhettnfngen oth uerci perg oake h manery could we turnol her? would she wke bith and ine russia back? >> this is we' ins living our cb and a whoyou.le, k >> yeah. >> there's a flip side of lefe, right. >>ho that's what we love to celebrate athe spy museum the t secret history of hit reach our 16th anniversary today.
7:34 am
>> happy anniversary. >> thank you very much. come a u sees down at farragut y today. mean that's what we get into, you know, what makes spies do what theyo? and why areheyg itn do? and she's just great story to tell. she'snt cesaptutsred sts. ate ve fspacy that we've been so focused on hacking and you know them ueeainllflncgin likeht >> and pretty young women, youow tt eels o with andflattering seems to really work and she definitely work here. she had to explore vulnera. do w hadli something to her grad proam o hacking. >> amanda, what happens to her
7:35 am
i think she could go to prison re..m-hmm >> wouldn't it have been more advantageous as holly mentioned to try and maybe try tipo fl al there's spies probay me we goiko >> absolutely. >> so why make this so public? wouldn't it be moradvantageous to try to flip her. >> they've been watching her for years. >> okay. >> so what's happened she was getting ready to me >> wtore shn harder to w thaatt's now. >> and real quickly i want -- i read this so much. like, the importance o keeping her and got letting her os easui din embassy. ea right down s h trroshte' fs just gone. >> wow. >> yot to choose your moment well. >> we got toet youo. i have to ask you and i'm not asking you t d be ap divhe ost e seeing with the president and the russian president right now, , is it surprising to you that to me it seems like there'swhatp
7:36 am
er>> well -- tsking from what you're donk about this friendship? what do y think about the friendship may i>> l. burying to manipulate putin ttan as so goot this stuff. they've always been more m,orbed in it tavn e us. u>>falwy oka d l ait'ttl like a ut there.o01uc oh. good morning. i m just enje i wnheeschinandirly
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librartg,nd it ihays t h g mste and we'll explore this library coming up in jushan our zip trip in winchester all wingsn ithihe weather, and give you the very latesaut. beful start, temps in the low 60s nlfs wlslyrnemo i the mid tpper 80s. 72 now i lookins this afternoon and dayti hhsig ison t promise it's going to be quiet as nice in fact we got a lot of rain in t fheecast tomorrow as weeavstlat wily we're going to have rain showe aow looks wet sn glyrd potinenti aal is
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ke afternoon. >> it had as a retail value of $220. go toetwe by t sports. a winner will be selected byra dndom. all entrants must be 18 or old complete rules and online entry available at.cdcoxom/ctest. > >>ack7: i45 dow on to tr ts rlteecastwe a welcome.he hdily directo bn jy
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>> thi. w thyhasnk 1105 years old as of august this year. >> you've got a big party i guess coming up. >> w weill my staff. no, we're not having a big event but we have summe rwe're goi rng to have a good t. we've got adult summer reading program going on. we have a lot of fun stuff happeng and always a celebration here at the handily brary. >> and you got a cool job and you get to work inla cool p. >> i do. >> talk to me about this beautifu building. >> this building is again 105 years old. it was purpose built as library. was not bui as a bank whi when they drive by. it is a bozarth binuyleang inhen contribute otherwise. >> we'll t houis ochtoryn t much this gentleman here mr. handily. actually came fromanliily who shad business dngs and he a dome.e area so heat built
7:47 am
i'm not sophisticate. >> that is a dome. >> wherehe t innpurom? desigignw look. they want the l it to be eye >> um-hmm. le and so heated dco yopen and then. thrah. not as regal but modern and oney invionat moneo mehis librarycrn ljethha . >> it is. e. htyng you teouee't ss heard strange
7:48 am
noises. >> i have just buildings creeks and groans because this is 10ye. yeah, they -- peopl have heard things. .> all right well, i'm only going to be here for a few hours and getting out of town. i d tune into that freaky stuff just in case. >> y're afraid of ghosts. >> you have a gift for allison and the rest of the team atx5 fo >>ll mye forme celebrate the 100 years anniversary of the of the libr it'seaut b honor your vis>>ha it. than you. it inful libraryav. town.roma ouuy syo 100 years here. >> i personally proyba yblea i'm sure the buildinge into the i
7:49 am
renot make it'l elee what happes than an inch of rain so make oud y then thehowers wy s gelakl keep it wet, monue g sel. lib le wincster. 'sanit a wait. kthou iay f yor the zipp. tri i love leaginrnbo a befutore 12e a cshgceneovchanllti my t quicky
7:50 am
cleared.ha third stree tunnel. we doav f hme the 11th street be toward the third street tunnel from the 14th fleet street bridge usual congestion there not the worst of considering buses.rteal with sometimese w that's fou street southeast fromh mn als i northeast 22 to 2lo0ck of fourth street closed. extra time needed toet new york avenue now dealing rigole b whit bladensburght resoad typicale outer loop delay growing 95 t ty preykera oim bhurmeha stae.s this weekend. any questions erin fox5 d.c. on twitter and talks one. about for now i wankt t winchester ois beautiful. i'me it and awayer down u oy at
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ehngftle the lig tsy zip older.isom.c/ctest b
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rie p d.c.ea. wh >>w atesie.ebtouwi fiv e,historice.ur hy aled the placeorofe hecaed homeret from . as she said in one of her sit rl
7:53 am
unique e forlimpsitibxhs seen re aretuna connects. with lego bricks coveredts a mu. the exhibit leaves pt get there before then. nu tee d,is coverer museum. kids were enjoy hours and hours worth of hands-on learning. pollination, use pulley systems to move apples and so much more. number two, georgewa ington's office museum. the littleog building was a militaryff september 1755 to december 1756 while fort loudoun was being
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built display includes some of washington's personal effects rveying equipment a scale model of the up to around outside the offices a statue of a pigonoring the first piece ofla pd which banned fro winchester per. a one, the loudounma in splash. full of unique and delicious eateriesshsop and andug h day. ig e must stops when you us,eack om t nge ised c uoryouwheoouincheste.
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it w 5 e. f to beat i fkov b medo m like,i'y gosh. do here. i love ya' >>e wov. [ applause ] >> all right. so we're going too talk t some more people but for now miken we'll send ito you. >> hey, guys looks likes fantastic time out there winchester. couldn't ask for better weather either althoughou could for saturday tomorrow because look at this o future cast. showgin rain t.ncimheetluhe
7:56 am
outedneay all featureotfoun clouds and the chance for those on again off again that's weather. erin take over on trakic. how does it out there? >> 7:56 right now. otpoth 3ro3 minuteel day beltw. inner loop jam just a touchs between annandale as you make your way up across the american legion bridge.police actity in . thisiv has been the biggest problem a morning.ll fourth street southeast closed from mlk to savannah street and then intheast, also n theainstosing a separatestationh andirectsiock rhode island avenu new y.ork wayheute1the:00, we'pllnandma m
7:57 am
[ laughterve m ] battengelius onnt osaving the
7:58 am
dermatologisended.t it's got to be tide.
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8:00 am
it 2, jo. coming from top r ianandrt. closed startg tomorrow fromine major repair work. they'll stay closed for 45 ds. that means noin betweenrtn andsn islaland atend the areasf o station.oscow >> respon
8:01 am
re fspordi russian president vladimirutin to visithe white thisousen voy thd today it's important to deal with t results of torhee jumpint into is always open to such proposals. no russian leader has visited the white house in nearly a decade. news of the invite came as asure president national security te that tragic news out of the state of missouri. at least 11 people includingen ch dead after a duck boat capsized last night on tableak rocke. just moments ago, officials announced that they're searching fordd anitional person bringing the total of missing to six. another seven remainhen hospital with io 31it tourists wed andas in aterehs s iinnveshis a> .
8:02 am
just two rer yea city's main stl reopen car bout ellicott qynsitc harous q startiostnoe with thed news tell usng done to make sure this doesn't happen again. i whi pk anding councilweinstein whoelcott furef
8:03 am
o trotav 218at w of rain t lypeea falls more often w andlearn hows e nebl sir a again? tghnderand . with the historic significance dan j charm of main trehery a tworth it.itys it 2's had 17 recorded floods in its history. it's build in an area that ishe prone to floodingre'shat n.o but the character and the people of this town are important.
8:04 am
this is very historical town. it will be 250 years old i 2022. weavest ps tendt n here. entrnuem pdousub to 35 here i m. we might haves at are transforma tiff we've talked about in the past. but this is a going to be town that's going beo h yerrs from now wn 500th anniversary they'll remember whathe ttte alleaty ma? >> well, we really have beenh talking wit businesses and the usesesses here to try to figurte that are open on the top of the be mblan h stoe o te wave've ber emergency out until july 30tht e
8:05 am
, t w that thesehthoug arei op comeble a ea gt,reatre restaurants are open. i encourage people toe. w canomo eopl p carefully. 25-mile an hour speed limit come sler goow through the fi y residentialou area,'ls ou drive through ellicott cy. think abo the people who live and work here r. >> allht. the street doeshis evening. soongratulations to you. isrl wd.h we ellicottllictity ci strong. k you, sir. >> thank you very much. pellicott city bestce in >> i love their tenacity. all right. it's friday. so you know what that means.tim. 0 us veow n underway.n a townboc
8:06 am
.ood morning ischonee! we are having the best ever. >> yees present for. >> okay. i dooun't y know what -- >> this is amazing by the way. >> you'l love this present. .ev, check this out hey, everybody -- [ cheers and applause ] >>his is paul. paul, sayngood m. >> good morning.he >> what's t inspiration behind the shirt that's e of a kind. >> there you goealize you misspelled kevin mccarthy, right? >> i just want s to makeure. i'm joking. i love that shirt. that's awesome. >> so sweet. >> how did you evede >> i've just made it yesterday. >> i saw i see what you did thel were going to be here it wen t-d made it. >> we really appre aciate you coming out. we're having a great morning and .>that needs to be framed.
8:07 am
>> yeah. i have to t fue ln but away.en having so muc >> it's absolutely stunningly beautiful so much historyas her. >> i waying earlier in our 6am hour, e day we're on the areainont that faces. you just don't know who is watching every day you meet yo show. everything about e pveryn oernv nlying idvsn leov loudoun aaz winchester. do the weaertith highs de're climbing tothroughday. the 60s here n winchester. 75 now in the city. 78n beautiful for yourriday f. upper 80s but we are
8:08 am
weekend. both saturday and sunday n look wet. so plan accordingly. trip to the library.he sev go tokeie mov. 88 and sunny this afternoon. detailng >> erin, we'll get you a shirt.. [ cheers and applause ] >> how did you kelw it left out tucker you're so generous, thank you. you guys look great out there. we were all just saying how much we love that shirt. we love annie yu. >> is really cool. >> al wasac saying we shouldh have one. >> right. >> i le that. >> we should give them out at zip trip. >> al the love. >> i didn't like that. tt's l aov good one. >> erin, i'll come up with one for you t. >> we can use the last name como or something. >> como get someove. [ laughter ] >> i don't know. i like>> that. i'm trying. i'm trying. >> you're doing a good[ job. ughter ] >> never mind. >> that thirt inspiredn a this since he's the of the group. >> no.
8:09 am
>> i don't have much traffic to talk about it's nice p toy on friday. we have a crash mov to the shoulder 66 eastbound before 123. outer loop by 650 new hampshire avenue we have a crash reported there. we'll collect in there next. onlyes 32 minut manassas into .eel b on 66 eastbound looking good on 28. problem free on the beltway. mattle blip of volumes you youre t on the inne st.rpfooourthll stitreet s soutd benee savannah northeast. that's 22 to 2400 blocks of fourth tr scloseeed etxtra time needede new yor akve vnuolume kenilwortl ooapd.ow he h brakn t.o 50o 295 jamsphat o cou want mau ureen? >> i don't know. a ferret. [ laughter ] >> she loves ferret. >>ov ier lree. m[ laughter ]. >> amazi >> they're appliable. >> caught me offug guard. [ laer ] f it'sriday, ya'll.
8:10 am
>> i know, right.y >> 8:10 onl on fox5 h this morninearing from the virginia man who had the cops called on him during a pick up basket game. >> we also retrieved the responding deputy's body camera footage which shows just what happened after a foul on the court turned into an assault ll. here's fox5's lindsay watts. ♪ >> reporter: it's not exactly an epic arena. >> started off as a normale. pik up >> reporter: but this week la fitness in sterling hosted the most talked about basketball game in loudoun county history. >> some people take the game aor little bite serious when you're playing pick up basketball. >> reporter: bra ton brace sell has played for year. >> played a little bite of basketball. first only time -- ♪s the >> reporter: -- the 65-foot forward had t five-zero called on him mid game.
8:11 am
we just got the body camera footage from the loudoun countyr shiff's office. braze sell ton says the guy who was guarding him decided to cald erfensive ly♪ just put my arm like this across his chest and i opened up and just fell back. >> he w hente down. >> he went down. >> reporte he gave the play by y >> t i did was maketo a a basketball play like this. th's all i dboid.ut that, that's part of basketball., >> braydonou didn't do. admit what you d a. >> that's i did. >> reporter: what about the g replay? >> yuys have security cameras in there? n no>>o, r neplay.ot>> i therre de f call. basketball bleep. >>eporter: they decided to settle outside of court. >> door a incident? >> rep ater: peoplell across the country are talking about this story. a guy at the gym got video of the aftermath of what happene een viewed countless
8:12 am
times.>> hardest foul in america, bro. lehave you ever been cald forskf who called the copas no stranger. he played b wit m'sti >>anever been any issue whatever. report roar weso never know what was in his head. >> why? >> aft everything braze sell ton says no harm to, foul, no grudge. a >> you got little bit more upset because it m basicallynt we were about to win the game. so -- really was just that?k it >> it washaustt. i don't think it was anything more than that. he's a good guy. thanks liver lindsay. >> turnt er cheek right there there. >> right. because the cops --indsay watts reporting. guy who called theheriff's ofti scell hasn't talked about this, and we don't know if he's returned to the gym since that day. we know bac w tkugh, fis right?e sell ton say he h n problem
8:13 am
playing whit again. turn theerth cheek o indeed. just don't touch. >> right. >> okay. exactly. 8: coming up a timeas beencalled o. t.e n newsl bmi weakoex the
8:14 am
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♪ hey, welcome back, everybody. we are coming to you live from winchester, virginia. a p beautifullace. so rich in history. soany friendly people, in fact i ran intig a couplht now. we've got our super star of the dayiss riley thurman along with dad jesse thurman and they made winchester home about five years ago or longer and yhe've been with department for five years. miss riley, good morning to you. doli you reaze you are our super star of the day y per adorablend i underst antingan vendergarten this fall which is ry kindergarten. u're?yo >> yes. tell us about your school. >> my school, um, when in kindergarten, to switch to englishnd spanisheacherreiffe-nt - day --e
8:17 am
ling an english teacher and the w witle t tha s >>eah. whatords know? >> i k.w yo youu share a coue?pl >> queso. >> jeez, yeah. do you like cheese. yeh. you've been wit the department for five y years. es. why is winchester so special to you all? >> just a great place to raise a family. it's a safe city and it's somewhere she can go to school and have spanish program and learn a lot. >> that's wonderful. you've been with the department. your wife mommy is a 911 dispatcher. so that's pretty cool. >> yes, ma'am. that's where we met. >> livin and serving the community where you are raising riley, we you lookingost forward to this school year? >> um, i have been really wanting to go to kindergarten because i read a story with
8:18 am
kinderga teacher and met them the same day. >> you've already met your teachers. that's neat. you know some of the little ones look forward to using their new school mys. have you gone school supply not yet.yet >> not yet. >> we have to get new stuff. >> and also have you ever to si? >> no. >> so guess what? i've got a ttle surprise for you. are you ready? okay. hold on one second. . thank yoveryrize mure tickets to sixe you fgs gor fauy new school yo can go to six fngs iet g >> you can say take your little ndrothe a bit of a car ride but >> graciosou. yd you'll enj >> dine
8:19 am
ha>> child heiv te dayrom otstncere. whatreou up? all behind. i'm at the flash pad just downro the from you.nnie run into these two lovely ladies who watch fox5 of day. >> we love tucker! >> once upon a find. whatn' i did tell about this segment you have thr rough the splash pad with me at the end. >> anying for tucker barnes. >> that's so sweet. here we go. >> you are vywe >> absolutely. who is allhi thinned ongsbell winchester. >> i work on wide range of >> you are all things winchester. >> you name ievt er arts bannert things coming up tonight to the can't miss here in winchester. >> we actually have 35 restaurants within four block walkingreaazing 60 boutiqs and we also have
8:20 am
events every month of the year major events. over 60 days of events so we a have great classic movie seri, great famil movie our frit li series in the summer. i've heard the apple blossom festival.ned. wngchries bterlebrates ourryce veittrio parties pasrat'st' i the one secret spot need to in winchester? this splash pad is a secret ae yot of p don't know about it funon summer's day lyngreal mall. there aren't a lot of places any more you can rax enjoy. it's beautiful. >> thank you very muc me out and take a look and enjoy.t. >> all r thank you for joining me. information, ebsite.e >> enjoy otw old website and cas
8:21 am
they can find out about restaurants our sps and our historic museums and our attractions. there's so much year round in we want people t come and take a look. >> i lovel it. right. quick look at the forecast. sen dayorecast. sunny,pp 8ero i dete uriorate translation it's going to rain saturday andave showers around into early next week. american, thank for joining me. >> tha you very much, tucker. >> allison, i'm going to toss it back in to you. you rdy, let's go hit the splash pad. >> bye, have fun. >> continuing on, parts of fourth street ntheast are still closed near rhode island avenue where unfortunately a homicide investigation is underway. a man shot t to deathhere just before 4:0this morning at the intersection of fourth street and street. police found thatan on the sidewalk. policeginnia need your adult.ind ago critically they believe thatdult was abducted take a look at your screen. thiss 19-year-old meghanne
8:22 am
lo metzger she was last seen on tuesday in pam lyrg inia 80 miles away from believe. she made medication. contact many virginia her uteawhertigabotes. o founder john schnatter oversaw a culture where women wereo sexist acioehr.avco report, mail workers made p crude csment take action if necsaatryesn pendi. the nfl planning private pln in aue of the kneing no new ruleselatg extot t self weeks. the league announcing in may teams would b fined in players did not stand durin the or evenn the side lines. in response the players filed a grievancehe challengi policy earlier this month but that grievance has also been put on ho during the talks.
8:23 am
earlier yesterday it was reported that the dolphins issued a team picy that would suspend players for up to four games who did not stand for the anthem. big news from starbucks. ready ton its first evering store that impaired community right here in the nation's today and tal. more details ahead. . go, starbucks a lot more fun fromr winch trivia coming up at 8:30. >> aww. ♪ >>ww. ♪
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> welcome back beautiful friday morning here in d.c.tuch like the laseveral days starting with a lot of sunshine. notice the clouds down to south of a few of those will come across make today more of a partly cloudtl to par sunny afternoon. colainbout not too mucho veryice day still low humidity. 81 by 11:00 o'clock by 20 o'ock 8. by 5:00 o'clock, 86. maybe just a second ago weekendl deteriorate a bit. h here's what means. here's future cast. 8:00 a.m. tomorrow showing showers across.che d region watch as waves of heavy rain t to develop. right across the i-9 at noon tomorrow and j thenust continu continuing to pump from the south and from the east throughout thefternoon. so p on a wet saturday here. tucker has got the details on theest of the week ahead coming up in just few min nes. weeed to check traffic. erin como has that for you this morning. >> 8:27 friday morning. gw parkway southund a new crash before the memoria bridge so caution there.
8:27 am
erall arlingtonooking pretty good traffic wise. gw parkway southbound and northbound looking normal congestion on the keyoo bridge as welstlre as bridge.el t che outer loop ved to the shoulder and wee still have0 about 3 minute delay 95 to70 fox 2. we'll keep you moving on this friday morni time.n we'll be light back. ♪ ♪
8:28 am
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♪ o8: ok atn that scene. this is oh,
8:30 am
man, wish i >>ld b what i love about ziprips weng aienn. good morning to you guys es're having thet time out here today. [ cheers and applause ] >> please come down and see us. we're here in winchter. but now we're joined by very special guest the mayor of nchester john david smith s jir. >> i'm fine. good morning. welcome tote winchese. >> i know you're ready and yes'veor6. trivia bute wef thae >> andouav he leading force in the us about sw things thatouav >> well, one of the things that i started was theea hhy winchester initiative. it's getting people out,m,ercin,
8:31 am
and jus getting fresh air and, um, being healthy.s >> right behind u speaking of healthy a and fnd getting healthy you have a restaurant h. >> because the healthyti inve is that somethingtaurts you themselvg. healthier menu. >> a lot of our foods are organic and very heahy. preparel dishes and just really creative with all kinds of things. >> that's the thing about wihencst aeri a lot of reaust taknte thought in good care into their menu to make it as healthy as possible later on this morning we're going to be speaking to restaurant that to fork focus. >> yes. >> and also winchester, rgiain,n o of o ofne odie15 >> um-hmm. >> that's really nea ot>> wyeere you it's now time to put you to theest. how much you know. >> aesut. >> this is my favorite think.
8:32 am
>> it will be a fun time. >> i love putting people on the spot. here we go. first question, are you ready. >> yes. >> have you -- you've not seen these questions. f i>>aveot porid aimed winchester as her home and was born virginiaaterson hems andly. >> a virginia wolf, b, palsy klein, c, merit paterson or d, lorna paterson. >> should irite down. >> yes. >> write a, b, c or d down. >> people already here know the answer. a lot of people hoping you get this right. >> there you go. >> is it d. d enough for the mayor. and applause ] >> all right. mayor -- >> she was born in winchester in 1932ll she's ay buried just south of winchester. so it's obviously a very very amazing person. >> everyone herel will tl you about. ,evybodhat winchester
8:33 am
native claimed his expeditions had both the first to reach the south pole and south pole by a air. arrichd captain ryan joe oarcc my, hard. good says the stree name as i was coming up here. at people who are just tuning i ive s --thd his expeditions d .. 'sgeor washington's officeer museum c, john hanley high school or d, of the840 courthouse?
8:34 am
>> do you need the question repe idea. >> oh, man, i wish i can help you. >> wait a minute. wait a>> minute. where and winchester did corcoran gallery of artsts s ard collectioning world war ii. >> you h gleyot. winchestetefrom the area to w t winchester? now this is a really good one much listenm cl running loose in towning slationngubl is i so wow i. eorgas wtohing thiatnk it would be pigs. >> that's right. of over .400 against alla fre
8:35 am
competition. a, hank aaron, b, jackie h, man.n c, cy young or dol e serious. >> i'm not a i. >> you h.ave it.or five. >> f uni. hank>> t thank you vhaypare m y. i have found my fire department. tere and rescuech wines yourself.nce please introduce >> and rudy haven.le o>>t
8:36 am
lhytalk m to about your fire department. first of all, t first thing i noti d>>es,t' sir, our main benefactr and so tsc.yhehe heritage. ve it.h of you >> absolutely. to herstown marylandow fnd you y when i was looki yng for istsob j a t git
8:37 am
uysseo for fun? fun -- do ny>>have a calenda calendarr? n t doigpphtatus m winchuty foreo und ere isa there any winchester of big fires? a lot of the older communities and older cities have had fires that kind of, you know, burned the whole ciky down nothing l that in winchester in the past you know o. >> not during a15ly my n years.y how many people you guys sort of responsible for here iner winc? >> the community is dro20,000un people. influxes ding ces back down minute.
8:38 am
i want tok al>> y absolutely. d som wthernybody. that's my job obvio interviewing not my area of expertise. let's do weather we're looking beautiful, andsu y and bright withheaytime highs upper 80s. you guys ever get lightning fires? of respond tho tse. thate's always a concern. uppe 80 force y friday. i'll have the details on the weekend forecast but it locks doggie and wet saturyom ainnd u. erin, typically you talk to the firefighters. we miss you. i>> i willisell.ob wit ie. holding it down in half f hour.wo minutes in isn fy'ten t tswe a ide.iial bridge i bsinlo ockngim
8:39 am
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>> bk now 8:42. foundation created for the victims of the capital gazotte newsroom shog in annapolis raised nearly $700,000 so far. thousands of pple have donated to the capital gazette to fil cr e victim's f communy county also stabbed a scholarship fund in memory of e. starbucks is stepping it up innd keeping in everyone in mind. coffee giant gearing u to open a deaf friendly store right here starbucks made the announcement yesterday and says that -- and says that all bareri hasttasfl store. they'll also wearesl aprons whearing workers who sign will w a pin that reads i sign. existing starbucks locion at orcothyunstit nears will reopen gallon yu debt univeity. >> i love that idea. >> me, too. >> that's great. >> amazing.
8:43 am
a taste of winchester. >> plus tucker is coming up with a littltory lesson. our zip tri fun continues in winchester next. ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading iar
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and prices that thrill, marshalls is never boring and always sprising. (hn honking) ♪ lowok atowns when we go to visit. small relatively. >> me, too. allut tigo mnicker bo arouants tucoh m how eye
8:46 am
how i all theutdi feso stand arn >> it'sul to winchester. >> all right. >> we're having a ae mentasve mry eissnios got to ge. i. get youameum numh exhibes. natuiore connects art l individe the exhibits. nderstand the theme behind the museum. s,ev ier m iody?a >> theuseum tells thery sto so r everybody. histor is not your gig, come
8:47 am
see the gotde gar european andrn fineme a arts. we tell the valley's story a contemporary art exhibition opening tomorw and free gallery admissionomorrow as well as an ant cue little bit of everything. >> obviolyha ytou're v aalley ad about winchester. aduang college at haven't left. fell in love. winchester is the place capitala iargin there's nothing better than the shenandoah valle. the beauty is gorgeous. >> i g the sense you know the history of winchester and theen andoah valley back to the 1700's >> we're making history from patsy klein to lego in the gardens you are sander p standing on the spot where george washington was election to doisirstol pitalicouse of bue was more of a drkeher he f wirld
8:48 am
ot manager liquor aoles andt thv >> tshe rest is fo cy frm wiohen onlinee aee doy sard iss g itd ooovennrinear d a m.
8:49 am
lacelyour fist m >>e w >> ae havefast tre seusitceus j otf hisdwheusoen m cuba inspired lok
8:50 am
is so good we cbineh wit atte >> >> we have somegl se do ribs ev. e le a japan oons.os >> yes, we doe w sce ng servione ser ng for a yu. >>nn ask anyboiedy here that isr >> corn brndead a o ofne iedmste ig bedat p torimk,ny p the handmade bnon ind a make a nice. reuraieouee of you tave beenorsa
8:51 am
c. nso menryl hagatgart, the beach b d. >> wow. >> we also feature in our bloody mary here we make ouric. bloodya foo g dow thee're b nstreet for t reshatat.urant. e restaura l a tbout five blocks h of here atheos cowan and amhurst i would like to thank ouroday top. [ cheers and applause ]in s c sn >>ovrs houthern barbecue.
8:52 am
everything isou fm really impo,ht frtan wt goor down and n produce.we provide produce for r restaurants. weut t pheoil then we get it, weookllrom ich>g he's so thoughtful. he even brought little biscuits freshly made biscuits this thrning for erybody here in e and we'lld it be'll e and we'lld it be'll be right back--ack afterhis
8:53 am
in here getting it. i wish uan c s lucky will receir tickets to match chaauro winner seluaected by random drawingn e.
8:54 am
ext>>tory back off.g trning heidi klumhe- ghter hser weariticized forlettd heels. >> the people goto upset over her choice ho ler kids dress how they choose. column says her daughters aged ei ot and 14nly wear them for speciaoccasions and usually just for short pl eriod of t >> no pictures? >> that's it >> okay. >> huh. >> do you colum. >> this little penguin if i told iu this, fsked you what it was what you know. 's a l penguin chick, hello. >>it cute though. >> that penguin chick owes it's live to zookeepers in london. egg and> they found a penguin that had been accidentally cracked by its parents but tothk the'ssurtillpr alive inside. careyll removed bits of the shellundy
8:55 am
her toubat c is ps and rs hkas ten week. >> sher t storead b sun she posy manager of the storeack.meooay . >>ndou
8:56 am
oeb .tu>> d>>rideth b >> lffic. daks lasting through we t wep rve tkelir gday a
8:57 am
oh,d theth oer. >> hey, hey. ♪
8:58 am
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ed evein put t taking he getting hand down wit mhajor shout all fox5eanse take the.


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