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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  July 20, 2018 9:00am-9:49am EDT

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vladimirrussia now we're er ed evein put t taking he getting hand down wit mhajor shout all fox5eanse take the. acodng
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io 8it'l's nutrition fi tm th earondic dch0 ahoy! gotcha! nooooo.. noooooo... quick, the quicker picker upper! te between .bounty, the quicker pickercker upper.s 2x more absorbent ster o in ynlik it is time for the good day celebrity dish. i know someone that's definitely never going te b royal. nin braea season of the cro becauseown casion today.ixhe as you likely remember thomasmat
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minute due toll te between in ynlik tc crisis. now source is att sndacoalye gd enough reason a tot noid ire heblic'svo aose pageds hhoeatot s u m ims l t attention off those p were hoa cosmplete embarrassment to ghan andhe royal familyme". >> how she feels, she's urps hei igtv missed walkingng her the eive pfublicitytunt. so decide today to make yoam internet 100% azing.
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oesn'tprur at the>>hi timings o -ehaidn't bet >> didn't believe it onef pped. the pretu came out aim se h iresomes and hkeoue dayate, m improv wted rioelcned and don'fii't worry if you'ckreu >> reallrongalrely. we'll help you out with up to a $500 credit >> he's a low ha you tal ywl.noso bseayac. ninr in i is but f beye jussnoneelihetton. toward your early termination fee. ileam oay to van morrison lyt ive rden t r ge rosityitve. togetherlod ones today eshinsi tes tg he people p iee'e order to go at be 18 brown i'd girl. beyonce' wasn't feeling it even mom go go. look. it. is it going to show it rightou
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jay-z over in the cut. l>>right. having -- >> i ain't jamming. >> in fun way. it wasn' st's likik lee i don'ts for free. so yea >> which one? >> the one they j >> i have to see itus again.on >> davoing theing. >> bono, jay-z that's prey eavy hitted crowd. . >> she's laughing. >> i agree.all mom is the one -- >> paparazzi. i itik. ebody back and theyifackndou thy hais aning with, apparently thas years ago she helped her out by reiann ays on base tcko take the moneyhe s theno i cnuoy
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erckn'n wat l r eckerea iou y take from. eiu you bng ghh hilarious video clip revealing the wad of money in her a bm paying you y> mberdedutiful g car. back. all my loans off that is something yound my grandma taught me, never oweney. n haddish and hea s willrt along in the upcoming flick setter setol whi friday september 28th ne he did reference the gmoe t thismz >> let's it. doe
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>> 49ers quaarerbackopollo enjoyed the cove a prominent ano derated porn. decorated. >> she s's won awards. that is what tha. inalled i w cord.does fgo vear. f.iolndthme hostc hiftois. idmeeein ithg t onkeeli year, o? [ laughter ] >> kierr t mhey were together at this beverly hills arm in arm toasting with wine inth sghill che reatingit theo t ,e,ovfftf lgs oth of a black the drive off. so aoc l aotln por big deal.
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>> he's not married. >> no he's awnro porn sta if g to. who'inrts babusis wesits h it. >> people are just haters. hos >> exactly > >> owe no.t r ushou nkn heow i wcorenicte in upea lce he♪ni t >> tha gue yssha i wst? nearly $2 million. me heom rock wall fireplace, wor morning.eryma i wcoutan bro ther hyobeu're
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the ghbe m temhers brady >> d it have tt fl i uarwihet-rf vy tgohe 2understand w deeon
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kevin, what are younk y up. rs lre ta hk.owenchesomeirst tne n'metlay >> we have nester drive property 3,000, is have beenut ki pndes ort .3o $1particularly listed and are people com byg i tomorrowpl wooo
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hing out hovas i mous. o n'metlay pemean it's everything t >>efor w loctathaoticor n iheyn selln dierent p the. you have tons ofbo comingso tinases the buyer pool and then thethanerd pvetut oople tos all o. gtetiloreca zip r trip is takine walks through here real
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i'mm c issues i took i apogi mowze aetecpi the momen. 1500 square otfot and fl-end a men in thes that you could pysiblni guys wao la ae rt>>or who t i'm tossing it ba main thank you k he okay.etn t y men the main set in wchester or >> two mainere. h sets. got a lot of people working today. coming up later, mission impossible fallout s
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stspa facingo troubles.arf itooe e.aty m move.oboff me sur tay gn especiallyn wj rattle snake. c.nid. when i mak wineg headlines much that's next. ♪ he can dan to beat. >> dj, car got somethioung maybeol littleow,.
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here cera.mentth bro>> oh,.♪.
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to --t like it's hot is g it' the time. we didn't get a chance t hear utay denzel washington yrdeste coming up, a ltle bill later, allison seymour will join us live to explain why his life in the equalizer two is also a career first. >> first though knoo w sre,it w uyuyo♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> as, g ks. m
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let's get it s th with this anksgu ty. unlike glucosamine chondroitin, moin free ultra 2in1 is ically proven to improve joint comfort ithe fiwith continued use. emwa hoh plad samsoeme u beenea >> all right. welcome back. ofouee're i ourn zip trip explol thin f tucker tries it today. i'm in oects is t ihat right. >> incredible flying possibilities.di inc.>>
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>> t bo yr lt name. >> van lake ken. telhe owner >> who's is in charge, y are your wife. >> she's over treth be question. [ laughter ] >> you love. winchester, r upp the street. tlit>> teell us about some of te ut h w de'veadeheinof in >> well, like our nam t kp it te do you. f>> s iom ie i probably shouldtin' masualis >> a lot of b opleoes tht >> you're funny. >> they c and visit eat at tomheta g to museums andts walk in here strol
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in here i'llchm to juggle. >> you'll teach me to juggle es, i. . >> obv -- want to staiort with these graduate those. >> okay. >> what a tre weo going to jugge today. >> tse are practice juggling balls. y >> you can try ->>- how -- how often people kind of >> for everybody at home i have come back>> ooa.t >> so let's start with two. >> okay. >> start with two real quick. >> okay. got a minute. up, up. >> i got nhat. ot a circle. they'll cross in the air like a> x. onehe goes up other goes up. star game comre p [ laughter ] >> i stink. >> not at the sa time. >> okay. >>t.? one, two. w one, two. >> sort of without crossing your arms. m on of danci at. back to washington.>> it one -- i'm not doinghat. a wll around >> you did it. >> that was good. >> we graduate.o t great j. could hav bter t juggling more lthw n a planne flo bidentowe' wnaelor s. .n noticed an hsttwo in one yl
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12, one, twople..>> give. me the knives i'm ready for the knives. thas all youanu. t'sou.>> are you sure fuld b te y going to wrap up tucker >> when is ycaut sn you drewthan tk riyou very much. >> youig her the mainect thorofare. >> 111 north loudoun street. >> if youtor i out friendly. guysour play. >> thank v you. to 'll j tryjuggng.hi youobow w tonight playing thee're purcelville cannons. free admission night. starting at 7:00 o'clock at
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i'm wrapping it up. i don't know where to go. bridgeportield in our back tonnie and here. >> no. >> pom ce. >> i'll toss it back to you inside on. t>> tucker did you a. >> that' cthk aneo tnku yvemeyr >> really impressiveal.. >> nice job with those intimate kalsheckhe out and bac flying objects. >> ouneral.we you g that's pernt that weave>> o. okay. tmi that,y, mik >>ike,hy a youlushe.g. >>reouhero's nop boy. >> he sd i pick out this great story winchester i can't wait to go. he was real. excited >> now we know why. >> now we know why. [ laughter ] >> all right. let's do a little weathre cast. heyre got gorgeous da in d.c. today. sunshine mixg with a few clouds that's it. get outside enjoy y friday saturday maybe not ptnevr a yousuw. looking wet around the dc region off and rain showers or even steady rain during afternoon tomorrow. a planccordingly if you have outdoor plans y to murder aedo foren,s ne' a ink aboou.ig
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sunday will off more drier peris but still the chance for some showers and storms of the pop-up variety in the afternoon and then we stay unsettled all the way through next week. monday, tuesday, wednesday all the way n throught thursday at least ate this point look they're going to feature the chance forome showers in the d.c. region. pleasant degrees outside ight' is at winchestereolel n wellgrees right now. ndqu r ion you tino south starting to creep in our direction as we head into thers afternoon hou expect to see a few more clouds inhe sky but that's the t only concern to are wouyroy w..ay y r future them showers some ofto heavy around the d.c. lunch tims tomorrow and then there's your st not pleanast afternoon soggy heren d.c. ptiotenal ofaif
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.esteachew mel weekend. day our ven day again le'thserr iteetke week, guys. little soggy pattern settling into d.c. that's your weather forecastba. ck to you on the couch. or batinherar. >> thank you, mike. yodeur momma just didn't tellus. h is.akee tvelenlinicol.t nutob >> gre'rou yel hewo time-osche boys and girar wneinls club of ameri. >> so he knows the importance of having a positive impact o others. >> i did alay cnall the soldiers play pulitzer pze winning play anind awardng movie and all of that, and an
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actor by tidne nhey portamris c t ie tos 1981. said, haid, who are you? ihe said i'm denzel. >> he said, you're good. you're very good. ll aery.s at that meaas >> he's yourer in till nhe yst bout. reaching back and sharing whaor. >> i got special talent. >> yes, you do. >> just reminder you can catthch e equalizer two in theaters right now. so, yup, go check out denzel. >> waite a minut. we dot to hear the story. give us the 52nd version of the story. >> pelican bri ief story. was living in the crest wood apartments off 16th street and they were shooting the pelica >> yes. >> in my neighbor. >> yeah. >> so i went up. >> you stalk him. >> no. >> okay. what? >> i went u wp aaited to meet him. >> okay. all right. i did and he said he new somebody name allis kon aissed my hand.
9:29 am
i swore i would never wash it >> that was 30 years ago. [ laughter ] >> note to self. erokes>> y>>we is teytmier wcngi shake her left hd. >> go like this. >> yeah.a fist bl bp.k i. >> thank ys allison. would like to hearing my trainingay denzel. >> no. >> oh my gosh, no. >> i never heard it. >> you never heard it. >> you knowimre surpain r thetg the commercial break. >> thank you. [ lauger ] tragedy averted. [ laughter ] >> really? >> it's bad. >> here we go. >> you better be gad he said keepoid this? i'll better go ahead a safe bet washington has got another hit movie a four out of five. there you go. >> let's move on. this is amazing. mashe isrt, she's funny and black. in case you didn't know. >> she's life in thef coming up next insecure star
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aman tonda seae tiedls g over t. >> coming up next the white guy. ss to winchester ann whoieoin us ulivs a l aittle wiheth later. [ laughter ] >> ♪ living healthy is a balancing act. at's why i love light & fit greek non-fat yogurt. of protein and 80 calories. light & fit. do what fits you. of protein and 80 calories. withnew cheese cups's you can snack wherever, however, whyever. introducing cheese cups by the laughing cow. snaclike you.
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>> no. we'reetting along great. i'm not even sleeping with him. >> no oh,. >> i mean has the thought no.sed my mind, do i think about it a lot, duh. am i thinking about itightow no. yeah that's a clip from the season three trailerf hbo insecure which features our neck guest who smart funny and black. e's an actress, comedian, writer and producer who stars as tiffany dub the comedyoion -- hello, hel. what are doing. you're making y me nervous for .eal for real. about hilarious mamorrow night ablack tour to the kennedy cenr theval ttrin jtoeg l post, these thoug. em. pbl tyba is definitele slyie
9:34 am
say this. g tot andf o fac hit o >>h.ea interest b much also it em gseetlvesms of theck into veinkiry e ithboat'sdy true. you've gotten so much backlash, too, for speaking your mine. >> i mean that's the world. >> she's too loud. she's too opinionated b. >> theyned women at the stake. like this i-- true that comment t> wearing >> i get it. >> yeah. if are a visionary y or if you
9:35 am
are somebody who is questioning status quos like people are absolutely goi to be li don't likmean people questioy don't shake it up. >> do you think ye hav more license because you dodo comedy. es it give you more license to ke these observations that are sometimes really i painful? >> believef comedy you can useor to get to people .uch easier than you can use so it's a tool and i think whena people laughing they genuinely open themselves u so illy been able to usef. comedy to get into different audiences to get thi asoss that maybe are uncfortable people from social commentarto you know, stuff about jus how we -- how we individually deal with each other. r elationships, too. >> relationships. >> i love it. > is that what we're getting onu this toure on or is it a mash up. >> smart, funny and black is we black pop culture game show i
9:36 am
created t celebrate black td history black culture and black experience. we goto t ne ced a safe space also to be nghe able to talk about what's going ton ins country through the ar powarnseverhehi movie. snts african-american lense and using it -- using humor to do so i have two gueste come on play games. live band it's a whole experience. >> itecomes a many master black pert. >> yes. ho immersed and in in blackdo culture ou have to be. u a thesaurus what did you bows is. do i have to know w the shiggy is. the a audience is our third isead t h a i brac pert in the ioomt's just elli just about enjoying and celebrating and challging and critiquing and anyone can come. but if you are not black just know your. ? we're at the kennedyowysany center tonight.
9:37 am
then we launching july 30th through august 14ths. 10 c we sold out 16 of our 24 shows. e of so get tickets atr you smart -- scpl pen poukan wr bei onset inw >> i'm trying to do it girl. >> look a that information. tiyou're s insecure the latest elicteha wser amngat pit season. >> the show on the 21st has been sold out since march. >> don't even try it b. ut you can come to, you know, other cities. go to smart funny and >> watch this interview over and over again. it's lit. insecure y still having fun. happening. >> yeah, man. i'm doing what i love. i screamed thinking, oh, my god >>m living the dream did someone hear me this is embarrassing. i shouldnow that's just t that i'd hang out with because everything ya'll are doing o th mission. id>> you. ,snllhat t in -- ennynceay driving --irediider my girls from colike're god, now that i'm an old mom riding the bike like oaks, reliving vicariously. >> shh. >> no, no new york city. >> that'sai butrahe -- we have toisaue she . >> we're doing it ghd. you're so muc fun. >> thank you >> i will tell you, kzi anow, o >> you're one those people in my do the stunts. head she is my girlfriend we'll i train and i do the ln te w all hang have him moment mass and stuff. >> and as long as the order is
9:38 am
correct there won't be no interview i heard you ssay >>oblem.t ots -- i think i just ve tn he's also very funny. asked her out on a date. but tell me what else it's like to work with and under the >>amaove. we appatrecie tutelage of tom cruise? >> ihim ternky well f sorot saff back over o to with mye i you nt seen insecure on hbo1 of the best shows onv. >> is to back to winchesterve gotesr ni yin his reffmo helicoptermsf el h dg the street or sometng okayit brews and itpi, --'tnow assrger why in just a nd h.bue the owner ofrtese t a j car scene. gdend he goe g ifspeneuys whaudt is the ace position? >> really? >> we all go one, two,ee the sti istaurant righterin h te s own' worried abo ur breweries in the country not theutes scene oanf a car just here locally but in the does. >> i hearth t whatha he thisn country.s it>>horon brought in much.
9:39 am
whole time eve when he's ain g or when he's producing or the six in series, how role hes for us. >> we specialize we've got tiff much of the movie really is made he burgers purely for the fans? you know what i mean? you want the story burgers. we just brought a few ow youhi . to be goo you wanthed. cinema t to have gravy to be good. do you want the fan experience in watching this movie to be iike l you. good? >> i think -- i this sort >> thisioe i.s ofn an interview quite theha you broht big ie'chesot tg recently. and i think this its heess h m m fovies hes. nd h aimnd ownor f ride because i thi in the i call them twinkleine dee. they finish each other'ings a mall andastly we've got sentencend i think that's why they just continue. pretonngrewiotst why better becausee cares so much. o packsh.n not saying i dot care.
9:40 am
>> no, no. no. on a different level. >> on a different level. epplaustl.ngouorlso. awalki m >> ad ts. w ills m tt m o b tsd he's aro pducer much it's his baby. >> i'm also -- i'm a little bit jealous also in the greatest showman. tom cruise,nd. >> hugh jackman. >> i know. but then alsoid w there? >> a my gosh.u w >> squad goals with this one. >> listen we're so excited u.s. premiers this sunday at air and space museum > rso youht can go out, be out therheon t r see, tom will be there as well c>>e'o thanouciazame your time. you. >> lovely. >> mission imposhebleres next fr righte ithtefhesterccthy is outr
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zip trip. hey, kevin.e [ cheers and applaus ]>>y,y. guys doing? how isod the way,r .uto whaweme baker. organization the non-profitetan. talk about that aspect of your organization. >> we're owned by nw works and basically we giv individuals, um, some indivnuals opportunitea to l how to work in a restauran m andove on if they would like or if they sta with u
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9:43 am tomato type soup. ur oil make about 5 gallons of b that meery otherght. sum igt wou do. talk aboutweha w>> that's our most populryeino nd ase.tems salad is the other o ll
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yel stomtsnly on good s >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendyilliams show." ♪ now, here'sendy! ♪ [cheers and applause >> wendy: thankorou f watching. say hello toy m c audience.
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day at 10a. she imart, fnyn highun demand and and this morning shes amanda seals givesta lt. end's districtee comedy festival. >> in the celebrity dish why beyonce' saying no cameras, please. tiffany haddish has a message for kevin hart. plerta ates wch dating a pornr? ss,ri and win r virginia. >> let's do t i
9:52 am
ctoom >> yese 's bnafanee ee have been amazilng'l and awesom. >> chester. showsom s e >>.t-oh >>. >> yea[ cheers and applause ]h
9:53 am
understanoyjazz d uta charlesizzahis woo . weou m we're goi com ngom y>> gin t winery. do the w your birthday withal tkhe music and ome. come'll on. w ht.>> i hav ,>> katie. thank d. absotely beautiful dayn upper later tod take lt80 the seven dayayforecat he hereads
9:54 am
mofheiteken. co inupnt ain sunday i middleexw omgain we cdiou pa bd fs snnom a bin ent>>ldbo
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datth'rieity aigour sea
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ndor'vneed w aun btelyrybodyntel
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. ic.hankta y fast int> o new>gordlniesng ton
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e. ongeorig chchristopher plead guiltsto chargeontrib cld decberutg dehind aers elementahiry school anrtpocoac . according toin h lpens 20dke tor timef the there are also cases t the job t show up on d their staatitut even giving notice.
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bnd f her. gl.y,t onraam o cuth >> y. fr com y festival. >> quarterback jimmy garne.
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