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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  July 20, 2018 10:00pm-10:25pm EDT

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frustration. ays after a t murdered in thed. tonight, dc police responding right here o pln, the search in in the strinct, but tonight, r wein uncover a stringf o this summer. and 17 i deadn a duck boat investigation continues. the news at 10:00 starts right aren't doing enouitla a terrace community. they killed young makiyah wilson and neighbors say they're holding pice and the mayor only that. like i see bleepnen the ws. i see it on the tv
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i never in my life that i th tftha me. mytabe b cyan her life. she want to wanted to do some f to she would pay attention in a manner no other may wouyld hoea me one more time il'l right and you have the opportunity now and you're notg geit right. >> i want justice for my ba, that's it. that's it. ni>> toght, the search for that juice continues along with the search for the four gunman wanted in ma die a's death. >> whdc us responding to the concerns. thanks for joining us you give
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progress. weesrogr pe fortatel i uerstd tt the an'tcounmm reveal every step ofheear that we may the investigation, but the men d women of mpd is working case. ah's olve >> chief, we know that ie of this week we recovered the vehicle out in prie george's county maryland. that vehicle wasar jacked on july the 1st. so we have recoveredvidence of that viclehe aa a t we're hel find the ppeople responsiblein for makiyah's murder. mayor is committedse to removing illegal irearms from the dc streets. she supports mpd's strategies. we're out in the community to remove illegalfirearms.
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the men responsible for makiyah's murder drove into her e deserved and had theday where beut r in herto cmunity playing and they opened fireire ife and allin the dreamshehemil. i heard h er mother's stateme dl mother'sries and as hiefthe i ts ward p his it'sd in hard breaki me f to such a rlo.toorl pefdi ire te, the vlencin tt community. >> we're out in mmy.orhes commi after tma wkienh'ts oun the community w dbhit have
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tchp cheniommu tragedy and oth vernment agencies. to that community, but we canns me speak on a lwncer inexthebestd a . vigthieve thh.atdingplay
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c p >>haterrace. >>aswe h ea calrms
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long in ek in for the >> shawn this stormll suteysanm callumte headed our way for tomorro emondrnwe're going to heavy ine beautiful friday a gorgeous up tomorrow morning unfortunatidely ea right n in ts
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dnd own s ode bikes thr ough t norhi evanjacksn'sonienri frsedsg street. theyure h bere ougn the door to
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buness week since brad jackson was murred inside the business. friends say jackson alwsouldn't him.thetter way to honor made their way to window universen king street. they rode a along witn emptyh bike wit his picture on the front forhe aaniltlle.he a r.haed in crime. ja suspect ensl
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tonight evanhis oupu ltydo sayun this man folloa touched himself inappropriately and took off. the incident happened wednes if you recognize this da ly.dou was walking in the parki lot. investigating. we have an update on those
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members of a through, how buig be, a lot of things we'll new england have answer. >> 31 people on board that duck boat. tfox5thtrin of pas grab their ls m sla cesfloods. we're back aft tshier re>>
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ngou bretireee>>ursday nights. >> i dnnywhow knoew but i wasn' that kenn his areedy ssaulted hefor deoflngeic keendoreo io an alle.
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on a june as24nex asal asul cloe >>orrespond orreonycohed c sen >> a woman is main un happednethe h3
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av koar peen.infor the man who shot her. an convicted of thatening to murder howard unsiivertuty sdent sentenced to 32 mths in prison. he used hisomputer c on line pr murder african americans at howard. he'll als have toward university for expenses incurren ding. >> a very welcome sight inci. main street rrser ihoseac bk destructive floods in may. y allen kittleman joined us ts still tryingo attack thet of the problem. oo >> r the character of the up tos important. will be 250 years old in 2022. we had the first passenger
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trains right wre i'm standing. tremendous businesses here, tremdous public here. we are goingo continue tore life hen ellicott city. >> the county executive says h believes it is worth it to rebuild. >> all right. i wasingry the outside. youcauys tn't g o>>wn - che f or theelse? 'm ting >> nit, i c tu lly swig.orng no
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missouri ye coalanersli will strengthen bring us rain bh sunday. storm nrumbe ondne going to br raintf amounal throughout the day tomorrow moves northward after saturday, liys out of of our way sat st sunday butor ferhead.igsve t amp up rindghtp the delmarva 9:00 a.m.. throughout the rest of the day gets as far
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west as m dc baltimore area, i think the c off w besulles a midway to 66 to i 81 it is a sharp cutoff of who sees the heavy rain and who doesn'do b,ut dc southern maryland t wll ahe tbeacs, you could seet as rounds of haiou expected thruratday night. oves out, we getth m nice break on tyternoon as the mihu lue sat furday looks like a washout.wi s oteffermp theur ocean,rarme s thunderstorms in the forecast. i'll have look at your compleor seven-decast with has more chanceses of owser in coming unew charges in the us specceded gunman of thee capita gazett resident shtrooump'ngs former lawyer recorded him saying abo putlayboy playmate.
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welcome banmans. has ot including o a wpons charges. he's alreaedrgha dy ctmws anettd murder charge for the a otsphra. forme ymat mim had ahorn s a farm with the pret ers ago. fox's cork reports. kev re azed raid o m mever hnas tora
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mrmp tru new york times in the big. scheme of ings it's exicalny pres umed effort by t lhe mr.wh
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washington following yesterday's sll a bzu cement, the white house plans toashington sometime this a dision that drew a predictably mixed reaction onpi tol hill. with california democrat nancy emwe hour meeting sackses with putin negotiations united ovethat bnd about a way to repair a broken relationsh. robe has sides wkeord of rco wp
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alread in iationals. shadividualsharged hb illodon use,n isocl st re a >> plus a dog fighting for his
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life. >> plus a dog fighting for his life. we'll (sound of fo ep(sstound of car door openin) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting)
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♪ (sound of footst) (sound of car doorpening)
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(car door closes) (sound of engine starting) a case of animal cruelty ma ashirma igi tneerrier to dea. tonight that man is behindpos. >> howard county police say 24 year olderoantm with assault and also destruction of property. ttle boo and nearly killed him oghe fheegod's oueation. >> t
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emergeiv annavete -ri- rincwe , disembowh elimhey can and he ult addiopted too soy there's aendi as far as the maorn,as wa i was ra on a ys.d and not initially e
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plusce. a>> first evan lambert has mor an alexandria businessman killed today. man andja cckhan's murdt thosou tori teari
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ngcaitli in. >> evan, a bea evening out t r wnoe're talkingut ar one storm system n we t'llhe deal with that sundta for most of to the east.he that t means it is not beach day, we'll s just mor metro stops.h miantwo dc o. 'llwe you head out tomorrow morning. >> psch ahatoy b has m 'lter thpln brea eak kn bowor
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>> and baskllba coach wasnrison ons wi additional times. he hadtahtcton c heights. police found child porn on his devices. that case involved nea y 60 kids>> as is a or asious predator and we are be a child. e victims out there. the we iremages of kits onn't i
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sha>>ll bitchr bishop carled physicaodle mccarrick is facing sex abuse. a man lntg loudoun cou virginia filed charges earlier this wewhen they both lived in new je no comment froo who police believe was 19 yearl pamplin virginia about0 miles away from richmond. and charged him wur aitstrodaz seda virginia. an car is rwoisman' eed medicae
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some some of the andil headsh c. befouee.oof yad out trning. >> pluors aor family v tur aatigmare oinve medication headqua ck after the. muteuay r toin c
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findnnate t fox5ren g
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shut down happening this weekend. aromewedvenu anllbrookland.d coy'll need to shut down work for a whopping 45 e dy wil be might remember
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sol they'll also beoing trackwell. an fox5 local news. secon ce hanctwfor faomily. a majorle stone. >> some peo de e'tonn ve for r ei mealfines ith the be ri.
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t's do it. this sumr,dddeme as- anz n ew summer event. lease the glc300rced-b.
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now, i dos a busy, busy.
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oyou al twao dthis. iy. i. no, no. i insist.yss ontime. alright. wi zelle it gether. brooks and herm, aam p d
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il di a omas, n just stanotdard ged. >> i feel can't wait until high sclyhool oma.>>s f h gran she saysis she tho iug t wjust diploma. t >> v ery fupli whicft s igs iry h t heekend, not of t y.geouets dril mild, aime i probably wake tomorrow morning and look outside. ki s avyes rain horo aug breaks remewain f buminti
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72at ihour. e the midwest, active tor for
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portions ofna the tennessee valleytorm trying t will trooday because we havehi to deal witfirst, off the carolinas moving dew north tomorrow and the second storm behind it. right now it'sd o kinfof heavy g. teaso pouringhe to i 8 mouaid chrarou f b ra fcounty, and along 95. areas along 95 andt will beas favore edor
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hera tin muar. a washout saturdaye ien omuchess organized, widel skeeted re jtndea buus baynd this is on theerrd o of it's less, hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester, even dulles, gaithersburg, dc down 95, bches i think will eelilst nor'easter this would be it. aravy rain coming off the ocean ythwi aoo c budge
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out of the lday,ittl fire t ihet n ndew sunysry derw, inhet week. nrefi. s once again under you allowing a mother onrdoa b and t
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newcaarnakda las tdol flight c chronically illause i tried to called the disabilities le as we do prior to every flight. theyave to take medicationsut, rdoang us b thetof flight. united has since apologized and issued statement in part, wend ed the ticket for the flight as a will and reached out to our partners at express jet whora oped the flight and our team in newark ht coulde doal zwn. ierview that peoplerb deny the hau en if they're wrong. he later apologid saying
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rtdn'tantwh deny the facebook aa aitmeydi and quite frankly an obligation now to really wrap their minds h arodunedzuckerber one week after facebook confirmed it would allow info wars, a sight t traffics in conspira theories to remain on the platform. ta canans w nut az physcianet cweanen th.
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social media ben a l toddler boy and the
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'sitb iagain. b g,ng cture arndhe y. p.m weenek expa overn fox plus nel g t ws u alreadyee the news alt eight, also at you can count on you in the knowllme boecbrk. era ntea yrsan mend astronauts onecn
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we tff g raiils on the t wet
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