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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Saturday  FOX  July 21, 2018 7:00am-8:25am EDT

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>> w washout. details on the timing of th rain and the impact on your weekend and wk week. remembering 10-year-old macri wilson wilsn. w tonight the community will come together to honor her life. on alert in the aacked in a busy neighborhood and now police are investiting i a recent string of sexual assaults are connected or not. tracng metro. major work across severalis li set to begin today. that includes some stations closed for the next six weeks. fox5 morning at 7:00 a.m. starts now. >> ♪ >> good morning. and welcome to fox5 morning on this deatayrd abo a.
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it looks like we're in for quite a bit o rain ove the course of this weekend. >> i see a lot of clouds in the ies.we are just waiting , soor the rain and let's check in with gar now for all the m details. goodning, gary. >> it looks like it's not going to be super nice weekend but s statoos c ishoo r e bitweraind and m it looks lel a a lot last week indy got decent soaking rain so this will be much neede rain. unfortunately there may be so much rain in some cases that there could be ait le bit of flash flooding. i think the potential for that really is goingo be later on is evening and into the late night hours o flash flood wah has been issued for d.c., the metro areas here and then down to the south, up to the north, too. extreme western areas. you're not in the flash flood
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doesn't mean ye not going outch. to get wet. just meanshe probably heaviest of the rain is going to be d.c. off to theast of us. this area of low pressures going to be tracking basicallyhe right bay, if you will, an kit willp most heavy rain from here off to the western areas are going to sthtaeyy're not. i think in some cases maybe one to 2 inches of rain back out to the west. we're talking three to ening and then starting tois taper off during the overnight 74 degrees right now here inloow coming in here. that's keeping o temperatures up along with theur clouds this morning on thede wpoints starting to move up. so, more available moisture for thism tracker beginning to e the showers move up from the south. a couple of showers just on f ern cy ovthe towarstdswe prince georgs toar
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ind thowen u staprting to t to saint mary's county down here andoule sthern area of low pressure tracking into the valmarp and o that doesn pretty much aea m washout for today. once i going to rain pretty much continuous until late this evening. 83 tomorw. little bit more sunshine. and rain tomorrow becomes thayderstorms so boths a chance for some more r about it when i come upstairs. tony. >> all right, gary, thankuc you very m turday morning.saetro this metro riders on the red line sure arey.o find a new way to >> tisha lewis joini us live at rhode island of a one of the stations that's shutting down.t' metro is starting their work de. here at theed at rhode island t
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will c iontinu aavenendue throu, september 3rd. that's labor day. if you take a over my righkt-oohand s lhoulder there a lot of signage talking about this closure,gain, it will continue through monday,septemb. they're closing t stations on thee, red rhode island avenue and also brooklan stations for aro5 dayject. again, there's lots of crews ouhere already getting stted. meo return to rhode island avenue station to complete necessary structural repair work. all of this began during fetrack. now, again, they say that the buses are replacinhe ts they doheave what tre describing as free local those shuttle buses a essentially taking ridersne to arest metro station that's up and running to their location. so, metro is not free, just to be clear, some of the shuttle ses services from rhode island aren'tnsre free.
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all ofhe again is t part of the necessary structural ir that metro has been talking about in recent months to repair the rhode i station. it is metro'sdsl reportedly oldest outdoor station. it was closed back in 2016 in an emergency when there was some concrete that fell from one of the structures here and so there's a lot of repai that need to be done. ere'plen oewfsn scene. can see there's also passengers that waiting for some shuttle buses to come and the crews running. you can hear the construction happening behind us. you can also see again, plenty of notice for metro riders. tisha lewis, fox5 local news. >> well, in the district a outraged and now some are calling out city leaders for not doingnoughte t children and the neighborhood from gun violence. this comes nearly a-yeaold makis
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shot and killedde ofut herayra community. d.c. patrol chief chaayl dickersonsked gunman who shot and kilslehedre' her.they say td evence from eectell prince george's county earlierod w an taking her ill mi hadorhe t dre her. i heard her mother's statement and her andn ts ward and that this district, it's heartbreaking for me to lose such a young precious life. >> aedigil is p for 70o honor te life makiy wilson. meanwhile a go fund me accoun girs besha setenp funeras
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in old town gathered for a bike ride tothsima awind kiltni. cuthoritiese s huspect asinin to tch man who sexually notulted a's t in lestalbuse c. dupt com isir yoprung ofeskretiretfry with i akiro ul reporte'tr: but nht just before
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says manran awy . anmip seal harassment can happenwareng i rpenitesr:epn o woman's door ablesaas to kick herimef b off d into an alley lee and raped heher. a wom an wassauxu as selyal morniju3t ohn
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happen to you or someone very close to you. >> reporting. we are still waiting tr heaod. t this sketch. loudounesnt couy say this man fd girl outsides the cascade library on whitfield place, then touch himself inappropriately and took off. the incident happened wedadnes on manng the lates jornkdl on one for women. what birth coleetr market becauf 's tot wired f
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onofeo tplhe on boardoiehi tim te investigats elieve mother nat i knblowe., how do you predict how big the storm is going to be. a lot of things we'll never hawe all the ansrs of wpened. >> the final four bodies that were unaccount for were foundesterday. liswoeanwhile an indiana n surck boat incident lost nine other vifae mid lyduth members. tia coleman and her13-year-old e only two people from her famivi t.o the indiana family wasn't e sued fated duck boat but a ticket tragic loss. >> now we turn to iowa wheressua disaster proclamation after thursday severe weather. 17 people were injured late that night after four counties were hit b at least five naalther. thrne totwisteadrs caused massie damail but it w take more time to determine their
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strength. tauthorities say hardest hit town was marshalltown. right now power companies are scrambling to replace utility poles and restore per t>> allo e maker of a permane contraceptive implant says the device will no longer be sold d from this device. the companayshe because of weak sales they'll bt stop selling it at the end of the year. hecouple months ago f t vi a whh includeaideedgce allergicn reactions and cases wherela thent punctured the uterus or shifted out ofha 16,000 u.s. women are suing bayer over this cede tvit there is lots of rain on the way. >> yeah,re is. goingew i think it'saj
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butlysica rha tt looked like two separate cells producing very,t tor very raree it tes a lot for one storm. andusg a t of energy from thehe atmosp. 74 degrees right now here i is g no we've had trist ighn place tonit. this wind coming in from the east and that's kept our temperes up just a littleurat
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bi e it's not too cool out there. but not going to warm upch mu today because of the clouds, the showers, the rain andg the winds comin from the ndsthe a northeast. pretty complicated setup going on here. for so my d we've been we've had hot dry conditions t and it looks like this pattern change isxto tng b produ ocing w pressure at the lower levels and we have an a la ofow pressure working up the coastt today and thas what's going to bring ushis rain and at times heavy rain later on this afternoon into the evening. now, forw, theroreaomor t of low pressure works offshore up the coast and away and we become more of an unstable thunderstorm environment for tomorrow. today rain. tomorrow the potential for some shors thunderstorms. here's the weekend forecast., yk
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akclweou me eventually over to s showers and some a,ere where we could g rain. tomorrow heavy rain potential with a thunderstorm. so i think tomorro could end up being aroblem if we get the thunderstorms over where we've already had the heavy rain. how much t rain? watch rain ar a heavy rain. over a six, 1hour riode cld pkig up three to 4-inchesf cld four plus in speaking i-95 off to the east, towards the bay and the anywherehore, between three and 4-inches of
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rain. back to the west, still w just not quite as heavy. there i think a general one t 3 inches of rain. here's the area of low pressure coming up the coast bringing u all the moisture with coming ie delmarva now and southern maryland, too. we have a couple of little light shows just moving across the western section -- i mean theastern section, pardon me, of d.c. right up i-95 but most of the rain nowow is d into southern maryland, the delmarva and back down towar norfolk and this continues to feed in and it will be feeding in. look ataihe forecast ofn today. noontime it starts moving across and between about five, 6, 7lock o'c a rain moving in. rain, again, will behifting offer to the e sast and we should start drying up a little bit overnight ton.htig da bit as the rainnes vomery unstae 's today,wm f w
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thunrsto aposs rs ibigleht. >> coming up this morning, fathers en't rea known for doing theirittle girls' hair, at least not very >> we give them credit. but a local woman wants to changehat stigma. she's hosting an event to teach dads to do their daughter's hair. we'll speak with her after the break. acht>> b k.♪ right now at kohl's
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>> ♪ >> all right. 7:22. tentimes dads get a bad rap when doing their daughter's hair. >> yes, theai pl sometimes might be lopsided the home isn't combed just ght or just looks whack. >> allca that. y dangerfield curated an event just for dads called dads can do it, too. >> that's fantastic. because youir see theal videosf dads trying to sort of prove that they can d it, so nowe you'rpowering them even more encouraging more dads to jump i and do it. >> i felt a need being that we ha two daughters and joy and i were talking about tritional roles in the home& and hair came up and i said how many times have you done our daughtai's h end says
7:23 am
he attempted twice one of which was out of state and zoey called me on face time crying f o instructions. >> >> we found the need for this even i which we enlisted asia blue salonwner and master stylist. she'll instruct our dads on this sunday. >> tomorrow. >> yeah, tomorrow. [lte oua by mom. i get it. >> yes. >> so, okay r-do we start. >> okay, so, we're just going to start with proper detangling so we'll start wit a brush. >> i was going to grab the wrong one. >> zoey are you nervous. >> she's very nervous. don't let her calm fool you. >> you're going to use a little product to make the hair a m littleore pliable. >> these are products you need. >> walk us through some of the products you think are g >> we definitely need edge control. every little girl needs edgecont
7:24 am
your those ends are neat an definitely helps dad,t helps mom, too, but it definitely helps dad to make it loo a little more finished. so, you need edge control. you need a moisturizer, something that's going to help you detangle so that baby girot is n uncomfortable. you know, we have a little tendered one. >> omright. >> or s hair that's a little bit more resistant so, that's very good, julian. >> yeah, it rl is. >> anything thatil wsoften the hair. once you --sm yooth it out with a brush and then you'll need hair ties. the dads will be - get- casey you want to say what the dads will be getting tomorrow. úsizeroducts that will go in their swag bags. sheas so gracious in getting thesem sponsorships different natural hair care lines. we're stressing the natural hair care not bng so intimidated by it andpp then equig them with styling techniques and -- you okay, julian. >> no. [laughter] their fullhave size products as well as a tool kit. so, they have the detangling
7:25 am
brush, what's this called out >> this is a bristle brush. >> h.a bristle they have the detangling comb and theom parting >> soft problems because i think men, we're used to, we do our hair and our son'sd hair ant's usually a pretty quic yprocess but doingour daughter's hair it's a lot more involved and sometimes we don't allow the appropriat amount of time think. >> i know. >> we make time for it.h. >> y >> moms make time for it, right. >> oh, boy. >> so dads can do it, too. >> dads can do tt,oo. >> i'just trying explain. >> tony,o follow up on that u what do yoar from fathers is it the most part? is ite time? is it they just feel nervous about the products. >> i know if i do her hair like as so as ieea lve her to sl like moms ll come o with combs and brushes from their purse and fix it 'caustreal, it will just be -- pony tails will be -- >>ere's a compromise.
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[lghter] >> oh, my gosh. >> tell us about the it'sorom all dads, uncles, father figures come out. utckets are $30. her a t weo davthe event bright link on our stain gra is on our -hich fli and you cana get the ticket fromhere. >>es. havenly twsft.o >> so, this defitel pr wedteowd to o. >> they'll be gen 10utminutes. >> yes. >> zoey are you happy with your look. >> feels comfortable. >> you didantastic ijob. >> amy hands were shaking but ade it wor [laughter] u did great. >> g idea. >> all right, thank you all refor joining us. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back.♪ >> ♪ what about him?
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at the mercedes-benz summer event. lease the glc300 r $429 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. allight >>here's eour warashilyngton lmonument. stil looking good. still looking good, yeah. goonument. [laughter] >> 7:29 now this morning.
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>> questions? c concerns? tony this morning. >> hey, now, i o sawne of our graphics yesterday indicated that we could get up to 4-inches of rain over the course of theeekend. >> oh, i think we could in some cases maybe 4-ihes of rainy bte tonight. >> wow, wow. >> that should befff to the east o us. >> right. >> not -- i don' ibelieve right here the city but eastern shore and then, you know -- >> and this comes in east to west, right. >> it really is kind of coming in kind of south. >> that's what i said, south. >> southeast to northwest. >> got you. >> it's basically how this any que annie. track today. >> no, now thathe we've got t directions down of the storm. basically i be a big rain cloud all over the d.c. region, right, a. ctme p >> exa, exactly. but most of the rain is east -95. >> yes. >> and then still a lot of rain west of i-95, just not quite as much as what we'ree going to have on th east
7:31 am
side. >> this is like meteorology talk that you would do at the bar, right,et gary? you g excited about ts. >> no, i do tricks. i do meteorol bical tricks at the so peoplein will buy me ks. >> you know what bar gary goes to, the isar. [laughter] >> weather joke. >> boom boom. >> keep them coming, tony. early and often. look, much needed rain. this is going to be a lot of d rain. oes look like the package of rain so to speak with this area of low pressure is a plentiful as it comes up from the southeast, the south and the southeast, it willg bra lot of rain. therefore, the weather service s issued a flash flood watch bdicating -- it's goinge later on today and into thes evening hourat the again, eas i-95, that'sally where i think we're going to have this three, maybe 4-inches of rain. some places could be a little bit more than that. localized, all right l. justalized places more than four. west of i-9 we're talking
7:32 am
one, 2-inches of rain out there before it comes across;, ast comes across sorry. 74 degrees right now here in town, annapolis 75. a lot of 70-degree plus readings this morning with the clouds andurhe moie levels increasing. that's kept these temperatures up during the overnights so we're beginning to see the rain come up. see how it's cing up from the south. it will come up from the sth and eventually start wrapping aback around to the west to the northwest. nthing too heavy this is just the beginnings of m it. there'sh more heavier rain down into north carolina. a few sho trs upthe north of us this morning. they were just on the western edge of d.c. igeo prince orge's county, now moving up to the north closer to baltimore. and agai hou ors we'll see more of this rainhat's in southern maryland now working up into extreme eastern places and then wrapping back over 95 off to the west. so, i should sayexver the nt couple of hours, iinyou have gs you really want to get done, get them done because after about 100 a.m. or so,
7:33 am
a lot of this moisture continues to creep on up so it's growing t get going to ger late morning into the afternooou and eveningrs. both days look we in som today definitely the heaviest in fills in by about 11:00a the a.m. or so, it's just goingst to with us all day long and throh the eveni hours. tomorrow will be warmer. we're going to have more of a southerly flow. a little bit more sunshine i think and that will help get temperatures into the low 's. but definitely both weekend days are going to be below normal. tomorrow we introduce n own some showers b thunderstorms back into the forecast. so, is is noontime. see by lunchtime how all this back out to west along i-81 still fairly dry but into the late afternoon and evening, rain will continue to wrap back out to the west and to the northwest and eventually the heavit of th comes in. i do believe that heavy window will be 4 o'c this
7:34 am
afternoon until about 8:00 or 9:00 this evenin you can see how it's all coming u all the oranges and the reds so very, veryeavy rain and then by about 10, 11 o'clock the low pressure is a moving to the nnd it starts to pull away from us. still a lot of heat. down here into texas, we're etmore sing into this period of unsettled weather for us. a trough oprlow reessu unsettler the next several days. a real quick look at yourseven-o kind of thowt every day on the seven-day forast there's chance for some showers or some thuhterstorms. >> al, thank metro riders on the red line might need to find some alternatives to g around town. major closures are starting today. >> that is right. and tisha lewis joining us live from the ode islandavenue,s that's shutting down.tisha. >> reporter: well, closure a means delays the best way to avoid delayss to plan
7:35 am
ahead. this is one of two stions that closed, the rhode island avenue androokland stations will be closed as metro undergoes aca major tal improvement project. you're taking a look live right now at crews that are on the scene. theyave been out here since early this morning ready t get started. this closure is going to las 45 days through september 3rd, labor day. inhe meantime shuttles is what riders should rely on. those shuttles are free and they will take riders to the nearest metro station that is up and running. there are somere other rail options available. t metro hashat information on their social media and also o ig to complete some necessary structural repair work that. began during safet again, the 45-day project is starting today. metro will return to rhode island avenue statn to
7:36 am
completes thi project. rhode island avenue here is the olde outdoort metro station thaists. back in6, 2 conc trete thehat fell fromn aerial structure among some other concerns and so this is a very important task for metro to tackle. now, if you take a look back out here live, you can see and alsome hear sof the commotion, but you can alsome se of the signs over my left shoulder informing riders of wt exact is taking place, talking about those free express shuttle buses, also letting riders know that the station is in fact closed and letting riders know that the buses will t replacerains. again, crews are out here. they will be out here for a the durand for the coming weeks. tisha lewis, fox5 local news. >>lso in the district, a northeast community is outraged and now some are caing out city leaders for not doing enough to protect
7:37 am
children and the neighborhood from gun violence. this comes nearly a weekft a 10-year-old makiyah wilson was shot and killed outside of her home in the clay terrace community. d.c. patrol chief chanel dickerson says they are still searching for the four masked gunmen who shot and kled wilson. dickerson says tedy collect key evidence fromg ticheh was found abandoned in prince george's county earlier this week. >> the men are responsible for r community on a summer day where she deserved and had the right to be out in her communitylaying and they opened fire with an illegal firearm taking her lif and the all the dreams that her family had for her. i heard hers mot statements and her mother's rol c and as the p in this ward and in this district, it's heartbreakingfo me to lose such a young prigious life. >> ail is planned for 7:00 tonight to honor the life of makiyah wilson. a go fund me account has bn
7:38 am
set up to r money to help with the littles girl' funeral costs. so far they've surpassed their goal of raising $10,000 and ve now raised more than $14,000. this.ntinuing coverage last night, community members in old town, alexandia,-gathereo honor brad jackson the businessman who worked at window universe on king street was killed a week ago. avotorities have a 34-year-old j he jackson's death. the suspect is due back i >> coming up this morning. >> get a dose of sunshine and tness expert lisa reed onourfi summer's hottest fitness are you ready for som exercising. >> yes, i am. >> you don't seem so i don't believe you. all right. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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caews mix it in the nutra and make milk for your coffee. sunflower seed butter and a nice spread. out with the pb and j in your lunch box, plant david. >> do you have to have this machine to do that. >> yes. >> can you dot with any other chopper. >> usually if you me the milk you would have to soak the nuts done that huge process and this does it all. >> yeah, i've nevereeen anything this. it's very different on the inside. just -- add water to it ait the nuts aerally that is it. it's amazing. for all the vegans out there put it on your chris it's fox5 d.c. 50 you get $50hee offernd free shipping but >> c www.nutra amazing. >> ready for a fitness fiesta. >> yeah, guacamole put oe
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♪ o.>> burberry the brand known for luxury fashion is being scorned for destroying around $37 million worth of goods over the last year. >> what. e goods were termed as "excessive sto" and they were burned through special haincinerators that ess the energy of the process and stockholders were wen't offered to the investors. private e practice ofoc destroying overstitems. $37 million worth of items. >> i never knew that. >> i w accident happened it up ascoopet >> whyend it to an prtlet or sell it at ahoh sel lr ms t ople w have at arice
7:50 am
>> private investors thought we should get that.dd it what's going on there. >> hi, gary. >> what's going on. >> how are you. >> good. so, rain, rain, rain. we>> yeah. >> and e talking all week, not just this weekend. a yeah, there's going to be chance of rain on and off all week btt oaunse thifhat t we'reo the seven day period. be >> okay. >> unless something changes w e can't see now, but with this area of pressure coming up the coast, it'sng going to bri a bundle of rain and w resome places maybe up to 4-inches of rain and that's into the evening and ding the ot period. so, a lot of rain in places today. clouds are filling in now. when the sunin wasg up this morning, there was a little bit of sunshine poking through but now i think we're etty muchcloung a gndoi that's y we're going to stay. we'll see a little bit of sunshine. t leon sdtown with somewers down there, 68 degrees. annas 75.poan ds
7:51 am
look, we don't wm up much today. uch 76 to 77 degrees for ao high temperature today. att we'll jusch tou rain comes , teures will probably drop back down into the low 70's before it's all said and done. double barre areaf low pressure here at the surface. we're concerned with this area of low pressure to the of us because it'sfr working up. it will stay right along the coast moving through the delmarva and then eventually kind of turn off to the eastd the northeast once it's provided a ton of rain for us, okay. so, showers farther tohe south and southwest. shers backest, st west virginia. but for us we'rarprimily rain. this mornino-it with us durg the afternoon hours, through thengveni dry out retoureonghcet moves farther up the coast, but for tomorrow, another area
7:52 am
of low pressure drops in from the west. th will give us the southerly flow. it will warmer tomorrow, little bit moreidrrow, ihink a r threat that we could end up wi thunderstorms as oosed to the rain today. so, here's one swirl down here. you see that? here's the other swirl uhere through ere midw overesth chicago, anoth low pressure that's developing over the outer banks now and th moisture. see this moisture feed? it goes way down to the south and it's tapping into someop al moisture. so that will aually enhance wthe rainfall that ill produce later on this so, everything's cominger to for the potential for the heavy rain. that's why the national weather service did issue a flash flood watch today for all d.c. surrounding areas and off to the east,th too. at will start at 11:00 and it will go through later on tonight oncehe rain moves through. so, we're already seeinra some in coming up into southern ndmarylaow. southern calvert count saint mary's county, partsy,f
7:53 am
extreme southeaern charlestown and then just a few showers dotting up along i-95. but again, this will all ntinue to move on in and look how much more rain is coming up from the south. this is the -- basically the noontick to about 7 o'c window. you can see the heaviest of the rain should stay east of i-95 but i stillen think that west of i-95 out towards our westernuburbs there coul be one, two, maybe inches of rain in spots. look at howuch rain i thinking.of basically east i-95, three to 4-inches of rain. could be a little bit more than tdt in localized spots then back out to the west, one to 3 inchesul of rain shod do it but again, that's a lot of rain. arts at about 11:00 this morning. and it will go until about 11:00 tonight. a is in place. tha thandny unsettled for the next -- well, for t next week.
7:54 am
>> hm. l r gary. my sump pump make sure it'sor wng. >> do you know how to check that. >> i learnedthe hdloaroded sevel yearsgo working. e've got to y>>of really exciting fox5. >> there is a lot going on at the station. and starting on monday night n.t bamot weinstein nicaraguarcolckc h lambert wish and debate pop culture. week nights at 7:00 p.m. right here on fox5 starting monday. >> we are expanding over on for plus, channel 20 to give you news when you want it. you already know we're a on 8 ot 9 p.m. as well on fox5u plus. yon count on fox5 to keep you in the know allhe tcleay. t wereal t lime.
7:55 am
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7:58 am
they're named petra as.ckzo tled pi climbing on any and everything. 8 all right petra alendpi s.clockck continues. don't go
7:59 am
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8:01 am
killed outside her home in northeast. he commuty wl tcoghmeto togtetniher to honor if a recent string of sexual assaults are connected. tracking metro. orkline beginom tod stations closed for thefox5 h cl.ou thaatesouni and thrghot
8:02 am
the day and into the evening hours. listen, this is much neededhe y rainra this week. bu thist is one to 2 inches of rain out west, maybe one to three in some spots an5 he twe're talkingd anywhere th tisimes where the heavie rain movesfst through. inse r orans littlerlo,
8:03 am
roy high s once c the rn et ofea, too. heailensre i 'llon n hck wavnu for pretty much everybody. starting to see some rain maryld eyou can see o tohe west a nhanced in terms ofall, temps today in the 70's, tomorowikwe l tomow
8:04 am
we'll have thunderorms so anse unled weekend. more details on this heavy rain potential late this afternoon coming up in jus a tbit. guys. hank you, gary. in addition to the rain, you want to be aware ofshat'etro if, you might need to find way to get around. there areaj. m rwi>>st' thae isoind j anivenun with all the details, rhode island of a one of the stations tha d singn.ttsha unds g inweeks.on >> reporter: that's right, annie impa rthede ling ctstations at nd whoknde isrheord herue closures that meanselays, delho ng you'll d want to plan ahead. right now it can be very crews are here on location to
8:05 am
wearing therhoan isl neon colored here is a lot of information about what's ahead. it all starts this morning, couing thrghy,ntonmeo planningit fesas.he shuginttle bus is free. you can see the siggever my left shoulder. the signage explains toer rsre o riders that the station isfact .
8:06 am
what's important to remember ue isav where we ahis aresld 2016, some pieceens of concrete came crumbling down. ent risk or were at risk so they want aidrom a ever happening again. ai metro urging riders to than ahead. a pti find a the latest on tisha lewis fox5ocal community s agtr.ed menesoighborhood from gun violence. this comeseaee nkrl-yr-old makih ot wn the asclay terrace community. d.c. patrol chief chanel dickerson says they're still searching for the fouand
8:07 am
masked gunmen shot and killed wilson. codickerson says they ected key evidence from the vehic theunmen what driving in which was that foundrbandoned ea this week. >> the men responsible formakiho r co a summer day where sh dveeser to be out in hl firearm taking life and all the dreams that her family had for. her her mother's statement and her mother's cries and asn th t pdistrict it's hrtbreaking r a yng io be set wil up to raiseey mon gis funeral costs. so far they have surpassed their goal of raising $10,000 and have rsed more than $14,000. meanwhile in alexandria last night community members in old town alexandria
8:08 am
businessn who wkedorks a aton window universe on king street llwas ki a week ago. authorities have a suspect in custody 34-year-old pankaj bhasiny but still do not have a's m ivdeh.spt >> r c i lateli at f night. at like 3 o'clock in themo grnin 11 o'clock at night when things are still opened, i blrodn't have a p say it was here thursday night ju wor bhenef a woman says a m assaulted her andawer sat ins a lot of traffic
8:09 am
een six incidents t last month. >> i know sexual harassment can happen anywhere but i is year inex tua kick him off h. foryce a womannto wa i able tof j24 newport place and 21st street between n and o, a woman was sexually assaulted by this man, seen running away just before 11:00 at 8:00 in the morning on june 13 aecyom w
8:10 am
footage. >> ink thahipp t anywhere but is surprising to know, you know, it can happen to you or lose to to you. reporter: think was therey cause. >> ♪ cause. >> ♪
8:11 am
8:12 am
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. your time now:13. here's a live look across the d.c. region. we have all kinds of shots for you but it is 73 degrees. if you are oeadedut right now you might want to grab an umbrella and if you're sitting at home rightht now you want to get those errands done before nooime. developing this morning, federal investigators a in missouri investigating what us boat to sink killing 17 people on board. vigils were held last night to remember lheives lost in the tragedy. onrsonhuday, hit bra out on the lake where two duck boats were taking a nighttime ad. and sank causing halfpsized people on board to die. at this time investigators believe mother nature iso
8:14 am
blame. >> storm comes through. you kw, how do you predict how bad that's going to come through, how big the storm is going to t be. a lot ofngs we'll never have all the answers of why that happened. b >> the final fourodies that were unaccounted for were found yesterday. meanwhilepo an indialis woman who survived the duck boat incident lost nine other family members. tia coleman and her 13ear-old nephew wer thepl only two peofrom her family to survive. the indiana family wasn't enn supposed to be ohe ill fated duck boat but axuicket p led to their tragic loss. iowa.take a look at the video. this is where the governor has issued a disaster proclamation after severe weather onur ay. 17 people were injured late that night after four counties were hit by at least five tornadoes, possibly more. thccording to the national weather service the twisters cause massive damage but it will take more time to determineheir strength and possibly the actual number of tornadoes. authorities say the hardest
8:15 am
hit town was marshalltown. power companiesre scrambling ceto repla utility poles and restore power to thousands of customers. >> ♪ >> another bombshell in the veinstigation surrounding president t's former l time lawyermp andru fixer michal cohen. fox news confirmed cohen about a taped a mmp tru potential payment. rudy giuliani confirms the recording exists but says the president never paid any money and therefore did nothing wrong. >> all right. it is:15 now. we latest on the rain that's headed our. looks like o the rain, it settles in 11:00 to noon, right around lunchtime it's going to be a wet afternoon and evening. some of it could beeavy. >> i know that there's some outdoor events going on, football camps and that ki. of t absolutely. >> h,>> oit will all be wiped o.
8:16 am
toak make contingency plans. >> dodge ball indoors. >> oh, my gosh, dodge ballor indo >> do they play dodge ball ky. >> i don't they do which makes me>> sad. ou can go places s likeders and pla that, yeah. >> sky zone, do all that stuff. >> but we used to play i at school in the gymnasium. i act like i'm liking dodge ball but i hated dodge ball. i was alasys they target. >> well -- >> but you got out quickly and you were able do go sitown and you didn't have to do a lot. >> that's true. that's one option. but i want to kind if stay >> sompetitive, youger. don't know that about annie but she'super duper competitive. i can't believe i just said super duper. winchester is 66. quantico is 74. hiwe pulled t out for you at's settled into theugh east and to the northeast.
8:17 am
couple of a tracking. one today and one tomorrow. that makes two areas of lown pressure o the map. louisville i 68. columbus 64. nothing toohi cool,ng too cold i should say out there but it definitely is unsettled and allf in.hi t so, here are the couple of areas of low pssure. now, the low pressure we're tdealing wioday is just south of us. thisill run up the coast through the t bay ahen eventually out to the northd anrtheast. tonig it tracks away things are going to get a little bit better o but aheadf it, it is bringing up a lot of moisture and that means a lot of rain for us. tomorrow we're going e nndot so. so, potential for heavy rain today and t couplhee of those thunderstorms tomorrow to get a little heavy rain a well. so, we're really going have to watch that and the potentialme fo flash flooding or some creek andnd stream a river flooding is certainly ay possibil as well.
8:18 am
so, you see the moistureco ming up from theheou sth way don into the tropics where it's tapping some of this moiste and that enhances its potential of bringing some heavy rain. looking at sr trsad sth rarin nia now and it will00 a.nh,ominl gettg stronger, thises t area gt stronger and as it moves in our i direction,t looks like it will becing produ a lot of hiin ening and into tonight.
8:19 am
by lateth shitas pulo trtev tae this evening. 76 or 77. eut most of the time today in the lower t>>'m loos.esabu wialll joihe
8:20 am
with real people.veer. isnelen. oneth
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your toilet is germ-ridden with mineral buildup. clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach is no match against limescale. wlt lysol power toilet bo cleaner has 10x more cleaning power against limescale. so switch to lysol. >> ♪ >> get ready. we're traveling to japan. igall r, the hta res at'uran new spot fairfax virginia.n i >> topulapese sle diners a one of a kind experience at the us is the right. >> moo. >> thank you fornofamiliar withe
8:23 am
restaurant tell us what it is u dyo and>>o y wes, of course. thank you for having u all. shr restaurant ss u- ique japanese cuisine itpular in japan. oty propetein, vegetableemranda cooking in front of right. >> and t rllydehe ia i to kind of simplify it forho aren'e ing pot. you have a center, some sort ofou thi can dip it in whether it's like ahocolate or a boiling water broth 's very similar t we ndo littfot different here. we cooking theike >> victoria is beginning now because it takes a little while to coop. it u s nge' what are you goi to make victoria. >> we're going to start with cooking the vegetthles because do take the lonstge our two
8:24 am
dipping sauces here aseav well. sae anthes areur o kind ofoy the condiments. >> e lreadyar earer withth the condiments that we have here. >> this is really like an experience because it takes time. he>> and the chef comes ts to e table, i mean, we'rehehe bubundhe an experience. >> exactly. s patmettreu y, havpse very hd
8:25 am
staff, you know, there that gointo walkou t sends.hing butypghically itakeut qckly it cooks. shabu-shabu means swish swish. you dip in. i got the plate of meat right here.
8:26 am
>> look at that.ery flavorful. >> that's thin. >> and all you go to the do is. >> is it ready to come out. >> it is ready to come out want towantu d.os top of resonit, dip theice and eat it the phieanutame ans our s>> di. signat sau >> kin with mce ri herd e. wra just ae bit of t pipg t. l t to take tha te ofri thayot meat. >> ist iter hot. >> mmm good. >> victori ia g anoth chopsticks. >> womething just for h tciiterally melyour >> actually whatts i want to do is do t newe t sw littl bit. reou yis swiocated>> re rig fairfaxht >> nutley street and 66th. >> open forner unch a alunch andr. >> yes. w
8:27 am
>> whoy can com le famy,idsmi>>erridl ar, kno g ofarty,es >>ything that's t's great.>> fantastic. thank you so much. >> i -- youaninacebdoota >> ihatyu. ew
8:28 am
opd am ew
8:29 am
opd ,hthat your business uis businessuntsbue ce priorityyou ♪ rigget dorm ready's with an extra 15off! bedding sets are just $50.99 get ready for ba-t ck o-at kohl's.
8:30 am
this areng ai rain.s totcng be rrs tomorrow.
8:31 am
cser to us, all indications are the area of l p lowitretlsseeur stru heavier asre wne yst tutnketwnldain. oste re w o
8:32 am
irectionsso well. t look at modeling. at 10:30,or showers f us. but as we progress into the late morninghe t afternoon, bys still weut comi tng right tnoe b this afternn e mae sou y aenoftnierngon, tsenes wiai us. r sttung be no risk of tor little conthicong
8:33 am
toofngf evto t dhe easts ofstsy still so o to the uineags wl w y as that low bitre pssur closer e th withs to ttimg nd upf twill comeodayndmbut re tbuote hremametro his aveoor
8:34 am
8:35 am
8:36 am
y tca tion sostar natredeews. g en cghmou to gun violence. eeis comes ayearl a-year-old kia shotndillehilnso outside of her
8:37 am
forysnd 7:00 tonighto ahead at 8 o'cck, tequila y so we'rehippin w on
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
isun it r.ightre getting an mri ypo b do --ce con weol do in..isn moder n raditional flavor from the>> eelle spo tryr la -ce
8:41 am
>> that's0 heav thane on the ace. hav w special additions madefr. sthey speal us. >> is tequila growi in popularity. afnt tezyr veui oth iro cothcepyay the tequiland. you fla termon w tmahide of the to is te
8:42 am
syrup esdem fro squeezed lime're we.o ear gri thwre going to scoop-->>sthat is. >> okay. >> it's right in seasono s
8:43 am
>> hydration before the tequilaites juice, a little has let'st that. >> i'll takehat of. >> like honey. >> like honey from agave mad fr. we call it the ps through a l a -- to roast it, charcoal and i roasted we squeeze it. after we squeeze, we get all very good.d >> and we get to enjoy it. >> is that it? >> almost done a little bit on this ice. >> there's a crowd gathering. more might need to make
8:44 am
drinks.come none here gary and . just havkentg tsa nui aland. party,going to take this withea -- tequi >> you this behind the pig for now. ca>> we j putust needshak teo >> t jthi watermelon juice, that's all. >> watermelon juice. thou a fan ofre or iat t at the restaurant for not tacky. >> no, no. >> do they thinkso places goou t owthey make fanciere extraal>> re od e sene oncy with and thes
8:45 am
da >> okay. >> we just close for christmas. >> that's pretty. >> it's instagramable. >> ice cold, too. >> thank you. >> oh, wow. >>ha tt's nketty. >> thank >> cheers sarah. >> cheers gary. >> aqua 301 it'sed nam the 12 most trendy in the world top otherods.f restaurants to go to and we have the tha area. >> there you go. thank you veryh. muc tequila day coming at you on over t 3oack. >>
8:46 am
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8:49 am
re terms what it, means is that peoefoome r ifng dheltfialthcu, emotional is of dear ones, it can be transitionerg sentould be. so have a lot ocafra adseg. as a contme toitac
8:50 am
i h aitpe'seer. because it els so been. meditati. how long es it take for almket >>on there isepacend then to guide the person through this very deep state including usingy just -- e alway in we are -- it'se
8:51 am
veryar hd f as human beings to stay in the mcet.omhaent pro is bring that that's a time of instant healing. are completely can calm in alignment and of course . have o theheir doctors hm, what happened? and one of theexplant wti emoenciosalne isith urwk peac sothe
8:52 am
>> as spazedszy a .you >> it's nothinger experienced. you work out. irks in the past. she comeeo tople's od sitffesffc spend a lot of time at theeicff the office d trying it. i thought it was reaikyeate gree timeor feeper discussion to get deep into this 'caus it's e >> ere can people f.ryve webine, my -- myo, sin site spiritual
8:53 am officers is in takoma park. anybody can benefit. te by.hee can stony re o, stilinneart?s rvouabt
8:54 am
ou yeah... please don't, i'm saving tho for later. ave worry about renters insurance.
8:55 am
ge o sthejulps wi gthom rn been doing it for ye kw gei. and see how easy homreers ine there is ar pai o a thing for
8:56 am
climng. their owner says they've thaned on his car more on they also climb on thear is inhr soetutrayes,ou're pbayightlyry roblyryin to ow e ty'reeat f eeou ed t >> toooi gatd leo come on along --as >> that wasour goat ice. wondered where that came ain lshksooowers ikfrom the so ho oranges and all the this wa updated,s st too, so it
8:57 am
ntuein ts o etothe eanast ohoa. the western shore, i-95, i think a to three. otginast totc hav t rivers, driveto, kso. don't leh t tdays. positive.piklwhasize the e that would be 30 tore 40-inches of snow. >> yes, it would be it would be quite a blizzard tony. >> all right, thanks for joining u
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
welcome to awesome planet, i'm philip cpeidoustcan u., tharound 40% of hurricanes that reach ed states hit une itstic musfl. over the years, these devastating storms have ravaged homes and neighborhoods resulting in losves,hu at the university of miami atmospscol o


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