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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  July 24, 2018 4:30am-4:43am EDT

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line delays cop frighten ongoing work. >> thank you both. 4 had:29 is the time right now. breaking news to get it. a deadly stabbing overnight friendship heights metro staixingts melanie alnwick live in che chase with the trying to figure out herehe heduled for a little after 5 a.m. and you can see thela escalators area here frpdship heights blocked off. forensic investigators arrive opening the scene we've soon aar couple herelier as well. investigation is happening as there and that's where wes understand thatas a m stabbed. sometime around 1 is 2:30s morning the station shouldbe cleare at that point. butua the last trailly arrives a littleefore midnight. so hards to say whether involved a passenger or eopleer this involved
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who perhaps gathering here at the station shortly after the closg. and those details still unclear that hour. but we can till, we didpoli noto bringing up you someone who .ometoe they wanted to talked o but he didalk off with a couple operhaps have a conversan there. ifngwe don't any suspect int information on the vicm here confirmed it was enoned andaligt know a whole lot more than that. e've seenpolice here andnds d eavestigative ada antranndpohete scene that is quartered off here. again, here it s 4:30 in the
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g rninwiand metrope snitaonti. p kwheeyeheanr e o that affects people arriving to the metro ation thningor. heights, nimelanwe alic "fox 5 news". apheime 4:3northegia laad.d re artne5900 so ferocious theyoraten and
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older children must bes aastedwh nd 7hersburg aetsrt sst and 7 6 quantico. toactivity so farevhis geninon a
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to tryo downtown d.c. kichtd western half of d.c. up throughfafax ana niorng .yesterday with the m sothere and pushingstur right up through virginug ahwe. t re the storms from tieho t sel ese couniesust about if you see, turn around don'troame.wn. checking the forecast and erin is back with traffic. >>:36 now and we can start you off with rail lines. metro service does 5 a.m.up a wi serce aeausd tned dliments t rellum. lked
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brookyln and rhode island stations closed betweenll. tsshomte . ail let you know ifysther onlle.p. same location as yesterday, nd, ckyo t ts loidin l>> snaays of round of change. tuermalane.3>> a round of change. tuermalane.3>> a 7 77 moment.
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, yes. >> comingpmorning" work on metroatns .ummerndar to
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>> police are searcg under eye suspect connected to ain.n polihece respond after midnightn suffering from stab wounds. details are lited as that investigation is ongoing. >>nvtigatg mtingon whyer they shot a man in silver spring. john carlos natara perez showed up adds exgirlfriend's house mozart drivendwith peres. peres thrdneeangtosa srm h hedim lighting som is in graveonditio. president trume are considear
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considering revoking of former l security officials.te ntial target for the president security clearance ban include formerbi former deputy fbi director andrew mccabe and michael haden. it's aimed as punishing po michael. ecounseled he wo rd will as democratic nominee. tuesday, july 24, how much . ys today and tomorrow room two big we have left in the weather department. we're getting ready for a eumid and what will from tim lel tos bit of heavy sh and thunderstorms aivity coming
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through the d.c. region kind of tuesday for you. here are weatherhead lines for today stormweather continues muc y liketerday and sunday. hit and miss. yes the sun shines through briefly from time to t sun needs to be replaced by showers and stormsfter t heav a possible wny dobecause of storms and bece wd allend ash floodg rihote flo watav ha for the entire region that ay todll dayw d 'sthatch rnd thursday and fhe are in the y ri rm, regn, 77p osiutls 7p 5annasnd of course the story is rainfall activity and right nown stern thac t bay, .evst aremond as well. and going tnn hrgh c waking to heavy shower activityt wesnnof aap
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portrdiotonswa of prince george coun around the buoy area waking to shower activity as iowens.ll of fairfax countyhe i 5 tow ping tr piery rain showers com lae astotoy you yornu afsetee moooisture cos coming out of the southeast clouds, sticky feeling and ther. chance to pop e of those avheshietr ow any time. thvemslle estd days here no ds. all right that's weather. erin is back with trafficking >> 4:48 now keeping eye on roads tel about you davidsonanshdrooville 50 wed
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ne d road.w volu enoug won'te th s morning. i4 had 50mpacted. road klorzed. you haveo detour around that reminder practice tn arur want l sps jane districts g. 4:49 is the time. their commute.atis areclosntils >> there's a new head of prince george county schools. doctor monday ache ceo yesterday. goldson prom todd have accountability system and
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money. dr. goldson replasrnce match well. >> first local case ofvepment he baltimore regionhestea s chans fo characte. y'll soon hchce twin a ofr toerican spacery break a live look outside. for nowhe things at t national.e look outside. for nowhe things at t national.e irb thaime. me.
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giantsi sale armstrongilf ne the auction checar. >> and medallion given every member ofpo from wright brotloher's plane a from whene f november. frisd fan horrt""w n dishn o be
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