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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Saturday  FOX  November 3, 2018 7:00am-8:44am EDT

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z. >> ♪ >> this morning o n dex5adfoly, storms break onei, another missing and lots of damage left behindy severe ather and b a possible tornad tornado. football rape scandal. local highlchoo now facing rape charges for suected hazing incident. >>a cold case nearly 15 y after in connection with t. c and race to theh. finis as republican and democratic candidates get a final push on the campaign trail from president trump and former president obama. x5 mtartorsngni right now. >> ♪
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>> very good morning to n this saturday. i'm cori coffin. >> and i'm tony perkins. it is a wet starto the day. outside. very active night as far as the weather gouoe all about that shortly. things -- i think the showers are tapering off a little y window last night to get a little bit of th cool air in. gary i was so surprised at how loud the storms were.uh-huh. >> yes, that was an incredible. intense line that came through last evening and unfortunately , that's -- we don't get those ki severe thunderstorms when we should beet gng severe thunderstorms. a couple -- onena t iornto chars county, southern prince n'george's county. t think there was a tornado down there but they'll beooking at it, the weather service later on. a few lingering twes smohornin. of here.t's going to get out should brighten the skies especially this afternoon. it's going to be breezy. it's going to be chilly. temperatures keep dropping out there. 40's north and west. .t cooler air is a comingin
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52 degrees right now here in town. again, that's dropped the last le of hours a couple of degrees so we're still trending cooler as the cool air comes in. what we are left with this morning, showers coming on through. this is not heavy. there's nothing heavy this morning. t it is a moderate line off to the east of us. this is pushing through prince george's county into an arrundel county muc. annapolis you'll have a decent rain shower move through and this will get over the bay and the eastern shore. there's a potential forle a co more lingering showers this morning but it doe look like over the next few hours we're definitely trending dry. there's all the stormy weather with the front. what we're getting now is a littleit from the upper level st it will be a little snow,, too out in the higher elevations, not a lot but a little bit as that colder air is comg in. so, today chilly and breezy. high temperature today i think is mido upper 50's. it will never really feel like that even though technically when you're in the 50's
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rthere's nol wind chill with the breeze northwest 15er to 25. a nny and cool tomorrow 60 for tomorrow looks like a beautiful fall day and we get an extra hour ofleep tonight. the clocks are going to fall back. we'll have more details o this weekend weather coming u up. >> ♪ >> all r there was quite a bitda of ge last night in parts of e area due to the severe weather that weyad that gar was just mentioning. we're going t ybe telou all about that in just a little bit but as gary ntioned, there was a tornado warning in effect for some portions of marand. >> some people still unaccounted for morning. in fact reports of to a collapse at a tj max store and a partial building collapse at a amazon warehouse in baltimore killed one man as that wes who died at that partial building collapse at the amazon fulfillment center in southeast baltimore fire
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department responded to t area after 10:00 last nighton unresponsivender heavy amounts of debrisccording to spokesman chief romanfilark.t clark said tre officials searching for possible secondth person in wreckage. it's unclear, though, if debris.else was in that they added that thermal e imagingquipment was being used to determine if anyone was trapped inside. fire officials still not exactly sure of the cause of the partial collapse but it is thought to be blamed on that severe weather. fox5's tisha lewis is on the way to the scene. her as soon as shes there from and can bring us the very latest. >> meanwhile just a few miles away in baltimore county, laweatheted building damage was also reported. officials confirmed a total p of 40eople were displaced due to the roof collapse of two apartmt buildings in dundalk. in carroll county firefighters responde to a t tj mahe 1000 block of twin ych road
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in mount for report of some type of collse athe store. there were several reports of e area.ugh officials say that e storm damaged three mobile homes in the pheasant ridgeob mrmsile ald large damage to several bunesses and apartment complexes along mwithany treesn montgomery county, police have h school studentsocnr a room attak involving members of the junior v fsityalootbivdamascus players have now been arrested and charged with second degree ra nd ait's believed that this was some horrific of hazing. the alleged attack happenedn o wednesday which was halloween in the boys'ocker room right after dismissal. sources tell fox5 it involved a broomstick. >> this is still ay p new investigation and againeo, it
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involvple on both sides of a very tender age and we're going to let the investigators d the juvenile justice systemo its d part. >> fox5 requested with the principal of damascus high sch wl asell as the athletic director. the school skesman has >> ♪ rnre tg hein n a therema tal iny ce station that led to the death ofcols. the man charged in the deadly h. shamfouiyasic of 31 cous.nt dete fellow officer during the frantic response to the shooting. police say ford fired nearly killedho by police. ford's two younger brothers recorded the ambushhe on t cell phones. >> but for the actions of the ford bthers, all of the ford brothers jacai colson would
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be with us today.e although wel colley have prevailed in this proceeding, the fact is that we've all lost.ia everyone ated with this event has lost. lives, careers, peaces least 65 years in psorin sentenced. >> ♪hers are hurt after a shooting atn t, florida. police say gheunman is 40-year-old scott paul he shot six people a pistol whipped another after walking into theay. sthepect then shot a skilled himself. now, p the twoeople he killed before that have been 61-year-old dr. nancy van vessem and 21-year-old maura binkley. thether four victims are said to be in critical condition. >> we are learning more about
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the mterious deathswo f tairfaxf their bodies you'ec halud rnl rw york city last 22-year-old rotana farea and t tala farea. >> they had been staying in high end hotels where they carmads. a witness told police he saw e were imin aom .rvegereth late that afternoon. >> we also have sources that e detectives have developed ioom this investigat thursday far, statements mad that they would rather inflict harm on themselves and commit suicide than return tsaudia arabia. at this point in time, and we've already put a significant amount of resources in and we're n
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done until we are comfortableg wowith the office of the chief medicalxaminer, et cetera, but at this point ing time, every that we've seen thus far is pointing to other than a crime taking place but we're not ruling anything out. >> detectives bieve the women ma have applied for asylum in the united states after allegin that they were victims of abuse. >> d.c. police have made anre st in the 2004 cold case murder of kendra smith d.c. woman was gunned down nearle 15 years ago she sat in her car outde her southeast home. fox5's paul wagner has the story. >> i'm a little numb, a little bit in disbelief. overwhelmed. but my heart is smiling. >> reporter: debra evans bailey has been waiting since september 6th 2004 to say kendra's mas been relentless in her push for justice.the call with the news g from the detective yesterday while sth was o job at
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the federal reserve. >> and he w saide made an i said who? and heaiken. and i just screamed at the top of my lungs. >> reporter: tony aiken admitted he was in t car with kendra that night. the two had been dating but aiken claimed when shots began hitting thele v, he drove off aroupp the corner stoing in blocket of burbank . nine shell casings from a .22d caliber pistol in fsent of kendra's houut police now believe according to a court affidavit that was a coverup and kendra was shot point blank from inside t car from someone sitting in the driver's seat. e driver and no one else waswas inside the c >> detective fultz took all of thevidence into consideration. th that were put out that what may have occurred to cause the death of miss smith. he was able to look at all of
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thosetors again, relook at the evidence that already existed. >> reporr: a court affidavit says for years claim byvestigated several people that a manic named bubble eye did the shooting but in 2016, a key witness to that claim. recanted >> in my journey, god has actually used his flashlight to guide my way and he's been navigating it ever since i releas myself and allowed god do what he had to do and it has been a long time. >> reporter: d.c. police say the are no other suspects in the case. >> that was paul wagner reporting. aiken is charged with second degree murder while without bon. >> wh just days to go before the midterm election a whole lot of votes are already in due to early or absentee voting. in maryland, more than 660,000 people voteds early year. that's more than double the number of early voters in the last midterm election in 2014.
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it's a similar storyith absentee voting in virgia. in fairfax county, for example, more than 57,000 absentee ballots had been cast as of trsday. that's compared to under 29,000 in 2014. >> god, that's some great news there. >> yeah. >> now we're goi to head to fairfax coufy where one stories isn't coming from someone who wants your vote. >> it's coming from someone who wants to helpou vote. and as fox5's josh rosenthdo explains she's beeing it for a very long time. >> reporter: when rh hartman worked her very first election here in springfield a gallon of gas cost about 4 if somebody had toldou back in 1968 that 50 years later, you would beht sitting here talking to a reporter. >> reporte about all these r:aughter] electis that you'v worked what would you hav itold them. >> oh, say, no, that's unbelievable. >> reporter: she didn't want the job. her neighbor asked her to help out. she said yesy onl because she
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was lonely after movin from massachusetts. >> and i had ner moved in my life until i movedere and i tell you, i as one sorryperson. i used to call home and cry all the time. i'd call my mother on the phone and cry. >> rorter: but sometimes e says things happen for a reasonan i , you're coming up on electiumber 70. >> right. me. doesn't seem that many to >> reporter:tman became an award winning volunteer working elections at her local civic association and at fairfax hospital, too. you're very nonchalult about a drawer f of awards. [laughter] >>w. k and this is the last one that i justot. >> reporter: oh, another wa f. >> this isrom the county, now, this is fromh ravensfarm. >> reporter: that's right. at this point the awards come from all over and more importantly, so do the people. sure you are volunteering. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: giving you time for the greater gd of the country and yet you say that it's really you getting
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something out of it because of people. >> absolutely. absolutely. keep busy and be with people. >> reporter: that's the key to happiness. >> that's the key right there, yes. what do you have if you don't have people you know? ou could be a hermit. what fun wou that be? [laughter] >> josh rosenthal reporting. that's ano great -- youw, maybe it will inspire more people tuto go o and meet her. >> i hope so. that's great. good for her. >> of course much moreti elec coverage still ahead. the mesge president trumpand foe sending to voters on the campaign trail coming up. >> and did your commute through d.c. feel a little bit longer yesterday? we'll explain the reason behind the >> ♪ also gary has another look weather's stay with us. fox5 morning will be right >> ♪. announcer: the following will surprise you about barbara commsock:
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>> ♪ >> crazy. >> hey, it's 7:16. morning ass.r joining us this >> this is a great weekend because even though we've got a little bit of weather, even eif you'r not a big fan of it we get tourn our clocks back. >> i've been talking about this for almost all yea now, justio anticipat >> eight weeks. >> yeah, that's right. here's what's going on out there right now. the storms are out of here. >> ooh. >> the sun is already comin out. >> nice. >> i'm always hesitant in ts type of situati to declare the sunshine too early but it looks like it's breaking through prty quick here, so this is nice. so, we can anticipateood amounts of sunshine now today. the rai is moving on. there's still a few showers hoout there. i'll syou where coming up here in just aittle bit. 52 now for our temperature. colder back out to the north dsand west and are kicking up just a storm system is moving on. you ha this big area of low pressure, not just at the surface but it was an area of low pressure wayp in the atmosphere and it was very strong, too. that's why we had a line of
7:18 am
thunderstorms. listen, november t, november --u get temperatures up into the mid 70's, you know something is comingha and ts what happened yesterday afternoon and sterday evening. we got warm and then the showers came in and then the thunderstorms, too. ethey very loud, they were very raucous and in some cases they were very damagin chilly conditions coming in behind the front. high pressure is settling in. so, today we're cool. tomorrow we're cool minus the today we're gng the winds out of the, north gusting 15 t25 miles per hour. maybe a gust higher than that times today but for the mostt the wind will stay between about 15 w and 20n it's ms of the specifics on the weekend i think we're up to about 59 today. again, good amounts of sunshine ase progress into the afte coon. 60 andool tomorrow, not quite asy b and of course you get a little extra hour of sleep. look how quickly thengain is on now. showers already over into the hoeasternre, they're beginning tooncentrate now,
7:19 am
moving across i-95. still the upper level storm system has not moved out yesterday -- yet, so until it does, see this little pite of energy righ here, it can still come across and maybe produce a shower here or a swer there. but it looks like we're trending nicer. 57 at 11:00 a.m., 59 at 2 o'clk. 58 at 5:00. breezy all day. generally speaking in the upper 50's to the low 60's. definitely will tomorrow.his then we're unsettled again monday, tuesday. we could have more thunderstorms on tuesday as temperatures will jump up into the middle 70's. again, what? hm. and then we cool down a little it does look like next weekend will be quitey, c next weekend. >> is this an ominous warning for tuesday? [laughter] >> i don't know. but i'll take -- >> storms and warm. >> but i' take the temp.
7:20 am
isthanks gary. relief is on the way for neighbors in silver spring have been losing sleep due toonstruction on the purple line. the maryland department of transportation has ordered purple line transit worrs to stop jackhammering between 9 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. what they were doing it between 9 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. >> thought it was to work because it was overnight. >> okay. they say this is a task to determine -- test to determine lywhat exact caused the noise complaints. workers are excavating the plymouth street tunnel to bill maryland's light rail purple line between downtown bethesda ean new carrolton metro station. >> i said overnight. underground. they thought nobody was going to hear it. >> wrong. >> some commuters may have noticed ang majore in their drive yesterday through parts of the district. several traffic signalsy around the yard had along with signals in high volume areas of ward seven and eight. that retiming is to give pedestrians more time to cross the busy intersections. this is all part of the
7:21 am
mayor's visini zerotiative to eliminate traffic deaths. >> all right. an unlikely collaboration coming up. the croc's shoes designed by a raer are selling out. even madonna requested a pair. >> do you wear crocs? >> no. >> i don't either. plus, inhe trouble with law actor alec baldwin for assault. t the fightt all started over a parking spot. yup, that's right. that's ahead in what's trending. >> ♪ the tempur-pedic is now morebed in amerrejuvenating,better. more pressure-folieving than ever bere. experience the superr sleep of tempur-pedi and save up to $500 on selset adjustable mattress . visit to find your exclusive retailer today. , i'm abigail spanbe and i approvrg
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but instead, he voted to increase it why? brat wenwashington, taking hundreds of thousands from big drug companies, wall street banks, and other corporate special interests and voting to give his big corporate donorsea big taks,ge making the nexneration pay. dave brat went washington, hand all we got was bill.
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i wonder what age ey say, that is.tain age yo.
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simply ageless foundation with olay. tones, hydrates, and reduces the look of inkles. from covergirl. >> ♪ >> welcome back. time to take a look at there stories that y engaging with the most ts morning on socialaz media. >> sarier is back with a look at what's trending this morning. hey, sarah. >> hi, you t a pair of crocs. >> i don't think i could paul pl them off. arrestedaldw following a dispute over a parking spot. the cident happened sterday in manhattan and ndpolice say that baldwi a 49-year-old man got into verbal dispute that escalated in physical altercation. the 60-year-old actor was arrested aea wassed a few hours later. he will now have to appear in court on >> hm.
7:25 am
so, he was trying toown play this whole thing that it didn't happen talking about air. before we were comin he tweeted yesterday thishi wholeng was kind of fabricated. >> was it fake news is that what he was saying? >> didn't use those terms but essentially said now in this era whe everyone happened to you and play it up for entertainment unfortunately for alec baldwin it's been a long history of -- >> yeah. >> yes. somebody is going to have a video of it somewhere. >> absolutely, i'm sure. >> elton john's hit your sonme could beco literally your song. the popular tune was handwrten -- with handwritten lyric is auctioneoff by bernie topin. the original note is the first and only draft of romantic ballad estimated to sell for over $100,000. the item's bidding day is set fore november 19th a auction house -- atin a auction house new york city.
7:26 am
>>so wonder if just that manuscripting is it the rights to it. >> no, no, no, won't b the rights. >> you know. >> just the handwritten lyrics. >> i'li'll bet it goes for way more than a hundred thousand. >> real. >> it was. his first big >> and it's the osnlof attentior whatd o twierhe because it's something many o us have experienced as well. emma keen showing offer the receipt she got from c that she says measured 5 feet 8-inches long. >> hm, hm, hm. >> she says she got it afte buying only three items at cvs following her tweet a lot of people have been sharing their own cvs receipt photos with complaints the store's wasting paper. otheue that they actually do use the coupons that are attachedo t the receipt. what do you think. >> i have a picture on m phone right nowf a cvs receipt becauset -- i
7:27 am
thought this was something that happened like 10 years ago. >> oh, no. >> i remember fi years ago they did away with this but i get them, too. >> well, at one point they did say they were going to fix it and scale back. i think they' gone back to -- it's crazy. >> it is crazy but then i do find there longer they a you're like all right i'm going to try to use these coupons. i'mhat person that i like sift through them. i'm going get a dollar off my shavers. >> it works for you. >> saving a dlar. >> it works. [laughter] >> thanks, sarah. >> an unlikely collaboration turned into a bit of a mey making machine. he a pair of crocs designed by rapperav post maloe sold out. they are called the clog crocs. they go for '60 dollars. covered in malone's baby devil face motif. theollaboration started after the rapper tweetedou can tell a lot about a man by the gibiton his crocs. he later said he lov his
7:28 am
crocs he wears them evewhere from the bar to the streetss. >> stay with coming up we've got more on thatroreaking news f overnight after severe weather turns deadly. >> plus, gary is back with a look at today's weather andee workk preview. stay with us. fox5 morning will be right back. >> ♪ le, wood, and stone, come to the nationwide low-price leader: floor and decor. t the prices arehe lowest you will find. w not only de find lots of options, but we were like, oh my gosh, it's so affordable. it's affordable no matter what your budget.t i saved a loof money at floor and decor. t, we came in under budgeway ub it's reallyest pricing. you're getting an incredible product for an amazing pricet why wouldn'u want to save money and make your house look great? t i lovesave money. who doesn't like to save money? floor and decor. you have see it to believe what's so spect jacksonville, north carolina?
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i'm jennifer wexton, and i approve this message. seen barbara comsto's fake ad? jennifer wexton backed a deal leading to massive tolls on 66. nonsense. jennifer wexton fought t tolls on 66. and let's call this plan what it is, the way that it's been rolled out. it's highway robbery. there's alhealthcare. barbara comstock voted to sabotage the healthcare market,ng premiums up to 64%. barbara trumpstock -- everything that's wrong in washington. >> ♪ >> good morning,acverybody. welcomek. 7:30 is your time.ooh, look at s right now. >> yeah. >> ke a periwinklelue.
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>> nice. it almost -- well, yeah, okay, it's very blue. he gary. [laughter] >> everybody stand up s straight. i'll up straight.. >> >> say cheesen for morga codey. >> that's right. hi, morgan. >> morgan codey is one of our viewers he like take pictures and tweet them. >> let's give him a different pose now. >> all t.>> okay. >> and go. >> thank you, morgan. >> this is the second he went to refill his coffee cup. >> he msed the whole thing. >> we do time. from time to exclusively for morgan ande then h never --e >>tches like every show.. >> absolu he's our number one fan. i think so, right. >> uh-huh. >> a few lingering showers outf there. most these are moving on. so, we've been showing already as the s is coming up this morning, we've been showing that the skies arecl starting to r. at least we're there. we'll see some of this morning i sunshine which always nice but there's still a chance forar there. agn, most of this is moving on off to the east. it's moving ony quickly,
7:32 am
o. frederick, you're 50. hagerstown 49. martinsburg is 47. not all too cold o theut ts isrr anst omodastyf morning were in e iner 50's aren't th and the log replacing that really mild warm even air mass that we had yesterday. so, showers are moving on. these were nothing this morning like what we had last night with that severe line moving through. it w some damage up in mount airy. there was potentially a little damage down into charles t unty with wmay have been a littleth tornado. didn't -- i don't think anybody saw one but there may ha been some damage reported down there. there has been a little bit of dama reported down there but a lot of what we ended up with yesterday straight line winds, 40, 50, 60 miles per hour sweeping on across. again, when you'rem that war in november, you know something's coming. later os this afternoon here' the deal. definitely a gusty wind. winds will be northwest atou ab15 to 25er pil.
7:33 am
and occasional gusts higher thanhat this afternoon. but we shou endp with good amounts of sunshine this d afternoon. on't think completely sunny but i think pretty good amounts of sunshine as we d out. this drier air is coming in so it's really going to take away all of our shower activity. that probably is gone. the rk of rain is probably gone by 9 o'clock this morning. here's yr seven-day quick. take a peek. i'll show it again in a few guys. >> ♪ >> lots of damage overnight as that severe weather in our region turns deadly. this morning one person is dead, another missing and lotse of d left behind after those heavy rain storms. >> reports of a possibley ad as gary just againstd and some type of collapse at a tj max store plus a partial building collapse at a amazon warehouse in baltimore killed one man. tisha lewis is liven baltimore city with the very latest. a. >> reporter: and just
7:34 am
moments ago we learned that ac pally twoeople have been killed here at this amazoner fulfillment centn southeast baltimorig take a look over mht shoulder. you can see the damage left behind.ed the building is e. there are flashingth lights. e are recovery crews on site, seral as they go through this building and see if there e any additional victims. again, h fox5as learned just people ago that two have died at this amazon fulfillment distribthion center in soust baltimore. it's located on t0 550 block of holibard here in baltimore sog thinch rain,t likemearrived thunder and lightning struck this particular area. if you take a look to our left, you can see there's debris and that's just the start of it. there's debris, there's downed trees, there's a lot of debris and just really a mess o
7:35 am
here in this area herenbaltimor. now, fire crews are on scene trying to txactly putogether expetly what hapd. weo know that, excuse me, according to a resident, excuse me, according to a resident in e area, he says that he was sitting on his porch when he heard something fall. so, again, that's the building right there. there's a lot of the building that is exposed and we have th fire chief joining uson right now l the air. you're live on fox5, chief. thank you for joining us. >> sure. >> it's been a rough morning. tell us exactly how you were hale t determine that there t eedgh btn whetwn we onedertl he ntohe t unfortunately, hsuccumbed to was injuries and isea decseepd.e s missing, so throughout the night our meers on thecene were basically searching for that person.
7:36 am
roughly about an hou ago, we found that individual buried under a lot of rubble that you see in thero bund here. >> reporter: tell us what happens now. i koow that theks like people are -- looks like s but what we w thetre's no other victims throughout this r building. eporter: who was here at the time of this severe weather event. >> when you say who was here, i don't -- >> reporter: how many>> employees. that we do not know at this time. we do not know how many employees. this is a very large facility. so, weo not know. as well asote do n know if they're going to beg operate or not. >> t reporter: damage is very significant. do you have any indication that it was a tornado? i know we're hearing that ity possibly have been a tornado in your experience. >> well, we don't know butve r, you're looking at a basically has collapsed.
7:37 am
it's a lot of concrete. does takeomething very powerful to bring them down for the most part but we can'tir conf that there was a tornado or any type of weather siation that caused this. >> reporter: all right, t chhank you so much for joininmo us this ing. again, h youearing from the baltimore fire chief about what hdpeneer h distratibution d fulfillment center here in southeast baltimore. two people areea confirmedd after the overnight weather event. you can see the wall is exposed here andight now it's a cleanup that is under waynd hopefully no additional victims. back to you. >> that's a tou situati >> yes, it is. we'll get more informati about it as the morning progitsses. stay wh us. we will be right back. >> ♪ thmostat. keep it set at 68 degrees for heating when you are home
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>>welcome back. marylandrsity of maryland funding as parof theallout around the scandal invving the footb program. the school's accreditation is now under review. the death of football player jordan mcnair has prompted the middle states comssion on higher education to review the university's accreditation status. that could affect financial aid for students and other considerations. the decion comes just daysaftere chairmanf the board firing of
7:41 am
football coach d.j.nk durkin. >> i thit's really unfair to the students number one because we, when we chose to go to the school, we trusted them with everything. we were really excited. we were working our hardest to geig the academics r and everything and the fact that this school could lose its credibility is something that is not fair to the studentsd anould be looked over by the presiden and figured out before it starts affecting other dskind a my friends depend on financial aid, so if the lack of credibility and it m jie wits toh be able to come here every day, then that's not really fair to anybody. >> the commission says a decion will be made public later t month. >> the supreme court has agreed to hear the case on state property in suburban maryland vlates the first amendment. the monuments t horon george's
7:42 am
county. it stood since that c sits at a busy intersection in aa residentsican sued to remove the cross in 2014. they they're offended by what is anseme of christianity. .>>s making history he tthe guard's learship is now there arebout 5,000 members o and 20 perf the force is female. many say the changes mark a new eran the state for women and theit military. 's exciting because we have different perspectives than our male counterparts. we're all mothers so coming from that perspecve, that is something thates really ti us >> right now the maryland national guard is the only national guard with anfe all-le leadership team. >> coming upn a honor for a montgomery county teacher and fox5's cameras were rolling to capture the
7:43 am
>> plus, d.c. united's season en in heartbreak but they have one major reason to feelur optimistic about thee. fox5's exclusive sitdown with soccer star wayne rooney still ahead. gary. >> hey, all those thunderstorms are ou of here. lingering shower but it's going to g better. we'llou talk to ybout this weekend forecast. ay with us.minst up. >> ♪ dave brat said he d vote to reduce thdeficit. i'm abigail spanberger, and i approve this message. but instead, he votedo increase it9 by $trillion. why? brat went washington, takifr hundreds of thousands om big drug companies, wall street banks,e takiand other corp thousands om bispecial interests and voting to give his big corporate donors
7:44 am
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7:46 am
>> we're back. welcome. look at it, renee running the tower camera can tell you right now. shsmove around tries to find the best morning. skies are clearing real quick too. the rain is moving on. this is a good sign. at least we know we don'tome hae becaused i dulles, 49 for manassas, fredericksbur you're dde tgrs.o culpeer 47. there this morning theot out wind is kicking up a little bit. it's going to.on c chilly air coming in from the north and west, big area of low presse, strong area low surface and aloft that's moved through it's brought the cd fron and the colder air is coming in today, northwesterly winds 15 to 25, maybe some gusts high than that. gorgeous for tomorrow. high pssure at the surface. least for day, okay. so,oy enj- well, today's not bad. i mn, it's a little breezy.
7:47 am
tomorrow is gorh.ous thoug enjoy it because as we g into monday and tuesday of next week, we're going tend to up with some showers and a more unsettled pattern coming back into the forecast, o so tomorrow definitely looks nice. here's the way we're thinking. 59 for a high today. we're in the low 50's now and with the northwesterly winds bringing in the cooler air, we're going to struggle to back up into the upper 50's. little cooler tomorrow. sunshine, cool, not quite as windy, quite as bllezy, temperat be right around 60 degrees or so. showers this morning are movingn and as they're moving on, all the d air is coming into the wes and that's allowing the sunshine to come out and come here, see how it's just weakening evd an dissipating. that's the las piece of energy from the upper level storm system. other storm system coming from the central pins will begin to affect us as w start tting into late tomorrow night and monday. today's planner looks like this.
7:48 am
it's going to be breezy all day but sunshine, too 57, 59 at 2 o'clock. 58 degrees or so at 5 o'clock. and here's your seven-day forecast. and where we're going the next uple days, upper 50's, low, okay and then we're warmer;, we start getting warmer on a monday, 63nd more unsettled, too. another day in the0's. 74 degrees on tuesday. of course get out and vote. shouldn't be that bad on tuesday but i think there's the potential for some thunderstorms tuesday afternoon into tuesday evening the l way itks right now. 66 nicer onsd way, 59 on thursday. next weekend, the way it looks right now, next weekendtos go be pretty, pretty chilly. >> all right. don't let the rain stop you from voting. >> no. >> not at all. >> that right. >> how about this ancient discovery at george washington's mount vernon estate. a groupf ohio high school ye0-arldip found this
7:49 am
long 3-inches wide. or p o a native ndamerican tool kit thousa of yearsgo. the artifact one of more than 50,000 artifacts found on t mount vernon estate. >> goes to brian craig. [cheers and applause] >> very good. teacher in montgomery county received a huge national honor yesterday. brian quinn from silver spring maryland is the winner of a $25,000at milken educ award. quinn is fourth grade math teacher at east silver spring elementary school. 70 percent of his students meet grade level standards. >> every day is new. it's exciting. you can't beat it. i mean, the days where you're thinking this is the greatest job, you come in one day and you're like why am i doing this, the next day you you come back. a little girl was crying, that's just great. thve you nuts some kids but you still lovevery one
7:50 am
them. it's>> amazing. what a great attitude. love it. brian is one of 40 honorees this yeare is the only milken award winner from maryland. >> and he's honest. he says listen every day is not amazing. >> right. >> some days are tough. >> yeah. you me in you d it and love it. >> unfo srteaunatelny. d.c. united will not advance in the playoffs. >> b they owe it to their star playe w-- thele team -- for turning iround. fox5 goes one-on-one with wayne rooney. that's coming up next. >> ♪ >> ♪ i was a navy doctor, so i'm used to getting to work early. now i have a general practice, ts with a lot of patien who are counting on me. many of them wry about p ts with a lot of patien president trumtaking who away protectionsme. for pre-existing conditions. could lose reproductive health car it's why i'm glad i have a friend named ben.
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7:53 am
for the drug companies and the political bosses. i'm considered the most independent senator in wasngton. d i'm joe manchin, i approve this message. >> harder breaki end to the season for d.c. united. they lost to columbus crew in a penalty kick shootout. he almost saved the team. he was actually the one who forced the gameen intoalty kicks when he tied the game at two in regulation. tough loss but it was a really gat season. >> it a great season absolutely.t the defea officially marks the end of captain w rooney's first year with d.c. ayited. x5's hol mrisatventew tor clu eo talk about the remarkable reversal with the team and
7:54 am
putting down roots in his new hometown. yne rooney s d.cet. united's net and mostighly antipated acquisition. >> i like d.c. let's get to >> ♪ >>july 18, during d.c audi field number nine makes debut with one estion onin everyone'sd. how much of a difference can one man later. >> wayne rooney deliver. >> we have our answer. >> yes, he can. >> oh, it's roothy. >> rooney thehe i something ande seeing it. >> you have been sofo exciting r this city. i think is fairo say you've exceeded expectations have you surprised yourself at here?uccess that you found >> yeah, been.
7:55 am
thefantastic. >> and the other players have been fantastic.but rooney has bn phenomenal. in 20 appearances, 12 goals, oven aists. yso greater than his play on thepi tch -- >> by the captain. that inbelievable effort. >> -- is his humilouy. when y came here d.c. united was struggling. they are in the cellar. now, they art the team tha nobody wants toatavements how much o is you? >> of course i have an impact in helping in scoring goals and creating goals but without the team, without my be putting one up. and ay believes the key to standing out is fitting in. wayne, you are one of the best players in the history of there premie league.
7:56 am
so, how do you come here and be just one of the guys? >> this is my team, though. outside of my familyheo ty're md that's how we have to treat it. >> is it true you joined the fantasy football league in the lockeroo >> yeah, i joned. i didn't know uch obviously about it. >> how are you doing? >> i'm not dng good. [laughter] >> but you're havin a good time. >> yeah. >>lso havg g aood time, wayne's family. what does your family like about d.c. >> it's a nice pla we live in a nice area and the kids aret settled school. >> wayne, his w and their four boys have particularly enjoyed justegular, someing his thing superstar dom across the pond never aords. >> a lot easier to do here than back home and i think that benefits the kids me.or thingsis mothee hr family, frid
7:57 am
greenwich meantime. id t>> do play fifa. >> yeah, the time difference makes it a bitcu diffi. my friends obviously we play time, so it's a bit difficult to get on becauseig obviously that'ht in the middle of picking the koms up s wchilooll. have to juggle for at least the next two years the leeedth of united. yes! >> during which this striker believeshey can and they will do it for the district. >> gift gratefully received. >> he is so low key for being such an p excitingyer. >> yes. and i had to google h accent because i couldn'the figure out what t deal was with him. >> it's kind of mixed, liverpool, irish influence. glad he's here. stay with us. much more is coming up during the next hour. fo morning continues a 8:00. >> ♪ ♪
7:58 am
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8:00 am
fox5, dangerous storms. breaking overnight one person is dead, another is missi and much damage left behind after severe weather and a possible tornado. deadly shooting. yoga studio a kills two
8:01 am
before shooting himself. r footape scandal. local high school players now facing rape charges f a suspected hazing incident. we have the disturbing details. e and it's a rac to the finish as republican and democratic candidates get a final push on the campaign sitrail fromdent trump and former president obama. fox5 morning at 8:00 starts right now. >> goo morning and welcome to i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm cori coffin. a live look outside at 8:01. i have just saved myfr coffee spilling so i feel pretty lucky this morning. >> pretty gd. >> look at the beautiful fall colors. i feelike we're lucky for getting that, too. >> finally seeing some. that's great. sgary mcgrady i in the weather center with an update on what we can expect to see today, hey gary. >> colder temperatures t obviously yesterdahe 70's, today we're only going to be in the 50's, maybe 60,or
8:02 am
61 degrees fome of you. i think i pushed that too early. let's see if i g cano back real quick. now we're just going in reverse. here's temperatures. 46 gaithersburg. i want to show you d.c. we've continued to drop a little bit. now we're down to 51 degrs,ee 4. showers areov ming here. this looks to be it because we're starting to get some sunshine. terms of how much rain we had yesterday with the between about a half an inch for some spots, up to close to 2- aches. juse obviously doppler estimate. stormit reports, u.s. cap picked up a 43 miles an hour adwind gust. we've home pockets of damage across the region,ly offi not a report of a tornado anything down in orcharles county or southern prince george's cou and one more storm report, this is up in mount airy. so thunderstorm w damage there. i don't want to say a tornado. i'm not sure if there going to send out a damage team to look at that u in mount airy. i think t.j. maxx was -- the
8:03 am
t.j. maxxir in mounty was damaged there, so we'll seehe where t send their damage teams to if there's anything potentiallyelated to a tornado, okay. that's howhe they decidether it was a tornado or not. chilly and breezy today. 59 f a high. 60 tomorrow. not as gusty. plenty of sunshine'l tomorrow. we have some sunshine today, j too. i thinkust tomorrow we're going to have a lot and the clocks will fall back. we all get an extra hour of p sleenight. won't that be have more ft details in just a bit. bright noack upstairs. >> ♪ >> a right, we want to tell you more about what gary was talking about there, the damage that occurred overnight and last night as seve weather in our region actually turned deadly. this morni two people are dead, that's uated information, two people are dead, ts of damage lefthi nd after heavy rain storms. >> that's a oough for us this morning with everything thg we're still t to cover and trying to getinore rmation about. reports of a tornado in carroll county led to a
8:04 am
collapse at a t.j. maxx store there. paial building a collapse at an amazon warehouse in baltimore where those two pele were killed and that's where we find fox5's tisha lewis in baltimore city there with the very latest. good morning,>> tisha. reporter: good morning, everyone. those newls cometing frai dom the baltimore fire department. found dead inside this amazon tidistribu fulfillment center here in southeaste. balt you can see that part of the building is exposed. the fire department is here, also there are several police officers here and we are td that there are search and rescue crews on site. they are going through this determineo try to if there are any additional victims. so far it does no appear that there are, but i can tel you about that second deceased vict that was discovered. we're tolde was discovered -- oeer sh discovered about an hour ago. now, when we arrived on scene, i was surprised to see so much debris and so many downed intrees.
8:05 am
fact, if you take a look to my right, here you can see brans th area here in southeast imbaltloore bigger,om sngethi rain, thunder. again, this happened during the severe weather event. we're here in baltimore. we did have a chance to speak with the baltimore fire chief here's what he had to say. when we last nig were here on the scene we actually retrieved a gentleman we transported him to thesp ital. elunfortunat he succumbed to his injuries and is deceased. we did get reports that there was another person missing so throughout the night our members on the scene were basically searc fngor that person. roughly about an hour ago, we found that individual buried under a lot of the rubble that
8:06 am
dou see in the backgro here. >> reporter: and back out here live it's unclear how many people werenside this distribution and a fulfillment centerthe time of this u can see hours latere that therre several firefighters here on there are also the american red cross is here, also first respders are here, medics are here just in case. ultimately we' hoping that no additionalictims are discovered, but the crews are out heooking to make sure eat n is missed. back to you. >> all right. thank you,> tisha. now just a few miles away in bmore county, weather related buildi damage was also reported. officials confirmed a total of 40 people were displaced due to the roof collapse of two apartment buildings in dundalk. meanwhile in carll county firefighters responded to a t.j. mx in block of twin arch road in mount airy just after:00 last night for report of some type of collapse at theer store. e were several reports of a tornado that passed through
8:07 am
e area, again not cfirmed. officials say the storm damagedhree mobile homes in the pheasant ridge mobile home park. the severe storms caused largege dama a tlong with do you understandowned trees. >> policee charged two damascus high school. and charged with second degree rape and attempted second deee rape of four teammates. it's believed this was some sort of horrific form of hazing. the alleged attack happened on wednesday halloween in the boys' locker room after dismissafo sources tel it involveda brooms. >> this is still a pretty new investigation. and again, it involids people on both s of a very tender age and we're goingheo let t
8:08 am
investigators and the juvenile justice system do its part. >> now, we haveeached out to the school as well as the athletic director for the school and the school district. we have -- they have declined point.ews at this >> ♪ >> new details this morning in ttheal for the man chargedhe in 2016 attack on a prince george's county police station thated to the death o undercoveretective jacai colson. the man charged in the deadly ambush has been found guilty of second degree murder. a grand jury found michael ford guilty of 31iv counts. dee colson was mistakenly shot and killed by a fellow officer during the shooting.esponse to the policeord fired nearly two dozen shots at the police killed by police.d to be ford's two younger brothers recorded the ambush on their cell phones. >> but for the actions of the rd brothers, all of the ford brothers, jacai colson would be with us todayal
8:09 am
ough welectively have prevailed in this procehaing, the fact is t we've all lost. ev associated with this event has lost. lives, careers, peace of mind. >> ford faces ar least 65 s in prison when he's sentenced. >> ♪ >> breaking overnight, two people are dead, four others are hurt after a shootingga at a hassee, in tal florid police say the gunman is 40-year-old scott paul ierle. they say he shot six people anip pisped another after walking into the studio yesterday. the suspect shot and killed the two killed haven identified as 61-year-old dr. nancy van vessem and 21-year-old maur binkley. connection between suspecta and victims. four others are said to be in critical condition. >> we are lourning mort the mysterious deaths of two sisters from saudia arabia who live in fairfax county.
8:10 am
their bodies were found bound and floating in theudson river in new york city last week. -year-old tala farea wereand16 found with their feet and wastes tide together. the sisters had been in the u.s. for twore to th years. credit card records indicate they arrived in new york two months ago and had been staying inigh end hotels where they maxed out their credit cards. a witness told police he saw the women in a park on thern ing of october 24th praying together. their bodies wereve disd later that afternoon. >> we also have soues that the detectives have developedti r, statements made that they would rathernflict harm on icthemselves and commit sue than return toaudia arabia. at this point in time, a we've alrea a put significant amourecentf notre done until we are comfortable working with the office of the chief mecal examiner, et cetera, but at this point in
8:11 am
time, everythingha t we've seen thus far is pointing to other than a crime taking place. w butre not ruling anything >> detectives believe the women may have applied for after alleging that they were victims of abuse. >> d.c. police have me an arrest in a 14-year-old cold case. in4 the murder case of kendra smith. the.c. woman was gunned down she sat in her car outside her southeast home. fox5's paul wagner has the story. >> i'm ae littl numb, a little bit in disbelief, overwhelmed t m heart is smiling. >> reporter: debra evans bailey has been waiting since september 6th 2004 to say those words kendra's has been relentless in her push for justice. the call with the news coming from the detective yesterdn while she w the job at the federal reserve.
8:12 am
>> and heaid, we made an o arrestn kendra's case and i said who? nd he said tony aiken. and i just screamed at the top of my lungs. >> reporter: tony aiken admitted he was in the car with kendra that night. the two had been dating. w but aiken claimedn shots began hitting the vehicle, he drove off ound the corner, stopping in the 4 block of burbank street. when police arrived, theyin foune shell casings from a .22 caliber pistol in futnt of kendra's hou police now believe according to a coverup kendra m insiderofr ssoi tony aiken told police he was the driver and no one else was inside the. car >> detective fultzkce all of the evidennto there ifferent theories dnsideration. that were put out that what ccmay have ored to cause the death of m smith. he was able to look at all of
8:13 am
thosers f, again relook atnc that already >> repor a court affidavit says for years police investigated a claimra by sevel people that a manic named bubble eye did the mwas that claim2016, a key y and he's been navigating it ever since i released myself and allowed god to do what he had to do and it has been a long time. >> reporter: d.c. police say ther are no other suspects in the case. >> paul wagner reporting there. aiken is charg with second degree murder while armed. he's being heldou witht bond. neighbors in silver spring fnally getting relief the loud construction that's been keeping them up at night. more election coverage still ahead. the message president trump and former president obama are sending to voterons . longcoer yeste we'll
8:14 am
explain the reason behind the slowdown., plus gary has another look at todathser. stay with us. fox5 morng will be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ fast, reliable intern is crucial. does it every go down? s. can't do my job. business grinds to halt. our gig-speed network ds not only downl files up to 20 times faster, we go beyond fast with 4g backup for complete reliability. so if the unexpected happens... (snaps fingers) u you stayp and running. we lost wer... but not to that. i want that. (laughing) get fast, reliable internet and add tv and voice for a low price. call now. comcast business. beyond fast. giat kohl's!t joy... with an extra 20% off! give jammiesel give flann for the family... and soft, cozy throws - just $23.99!
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8:16 am
>> welcome back. 8:16 is our time this morning. update weather. with another hey, so, tomorrow lots of foheto yeah. >> that's right, ilkg ingo forgi redskinst about the
8:17 am
tomorrow. >> what time >> oc1 k. >> 1 o'clock. >> who are they playing. playing the >> we'll have the redskins forecast ominp. but lots ofolcounng s to. did you go to theast -- all. >> we're finally seeing a little bit of color. it hasn't been the greatest of seasons for color, i will admit that and -- but we're getting a little bit now and then of course a the leaves will start to fall eventually. how about a beautifulreic. toda. some of those leaves 59 for a high wir than that even though technically youon't have a wind chill factor in the 5 tomorrow is great. grea fatex, too,co for a high t. 1 o'clock start temperature tomorrow will be in the low 's for the tailgating.n'te40
8:18 am
with the sunshine it should be real nice. temperatures out there rht w let's check it out. annapolis is 53. leonardtown is 4 now. frederick little b of we were 53, now we're down to, too. yore now down to 43. the rain is out of here and ity of th n soweon the rain is shutting off.'re eawel witinh gusty winds today. watch out for that. winds will beor nthabstouwet a15 to 25 miles . we could have ausmat ybae 59 degrees. so not will the leaves will bey o bnllowing off the trs and they'll be blowing around all over the place,ing b outut and i out strong. chilly wind on these northwesterly winds behind the low pressure. a leittl
8:19 am
tomorrow is going to be so, so. nice very fall day, okay. some u 50's and lower 60's again tomorrow. plenty of sunshine., a little chill in the air but by the time we get to sday, yet another storm system is moving mor wa hshe rning moving on out.y. we n'rny m showers upper level loessure system is starting to break down a little bit and scoot to the north ande rtheas we're alreadyo th t seeing the t storm system ting shape b out to the west. start to move in as we get to monday and tuesday. if it rains on tuesday and itloe potential of some thunderstorms, it's not going to rain all day so excuses not to get out and vote, okay. mostly sunny on wednesday, a little cooler, 66. beautil the way i looks right now on thursday, 59. arts coming in friday.stem it's that season, right, just every few gays weet another little chance of rain coming on across. >> seems like it's been like
8:20 am
that for months now. >> welcome to d.c. >> huyeah. >> uh- >> all right. >> meanwhile sise noise relief n the way for neighbors in silver spring who have been losing sleep due to tion on thcotre mucyleand p depd 6 and test torsstop jac tkhammn determine what exactly caused the no e complaints.apparently it couly be the jackhammering. workers are excar 58in 58ing -- excavating. the metro station is scheduled to open i2. 202 >> bigystery. commuters may have noticed a change through parts of the district. several traff signals aund navy hard in that area have retimed along w signals in the high volume areas of ward seven and eight. retiming g wive pedestrians more time to cross those busy intersections. this is all part of the
8:21 am
mayor's vision zero initiative >> all right we'll tell you about an unlikely collaboration coming up. i n't know, rappers do a lotth of different things e days. >> yeah, yeah. >> we'll tell you about some croc shoesne dd by a rapper. even madonna requested a pair. >> what celebrities put their names on p tple starto love no matter what it is. in trouble with the law, actor alec baldwies arrted for assault. the violent altercation that started over apo parkingt. that's ahead in what's ending. >> ♪ >> ♪ for alp- qy flchitoooose floor & dec. they're incredible in the design center. i tell them what my vision is, and i'll come out of there with a real plan.
8:22 am
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8:24 am
>> ♪ >> all right. it's 8:24. time to take loo the stories that you are media. >> the oneshe you care about. >> sara frazier back a look at what is trending. to bes honest it's the we care about, too. >> actor alec bawin arres and charged with assault and harassment aollowing a dispute parking spot. the incident happened yesterday in s a 49-year-old man g intintool acts
8:25 am
arrested aren't wa and wd rel a few hours later. don'think it will.nrt c surovist >> i don't think it affects being hyped up for entertainment value, he didn't jo h s inter youre song could literally b rstt70 f draballelbiing sy i for
8:26 am
auction's yor is feeling inside, i'm not on t ofhose who can e>>ily hide ♪ you're really good. y vuc yike alyoia you cg. >> u can thro a punch l's move n o. >> all the good parts bee sething many of us have experienced as well. emma keen is showing off the receipt she got from cvs that she says measured 5 feet 8-inches long. >> uh-huh hm.
8:27 am
>> she says she got it after buying only three items following her tweet a lot oav peope been sharing their own rvseipt photos with complaints the store wasting paper. others argue they actually do use the coupon tt haar thee cou. ning.eyit'sap >> they should. >>atedeikaos mucporet' >> thank you >>r of desck cudol sned igs
8:28 am
oem release moreeet demand. >> good stuff. stay with us. we'll be nnouncer: the following will surprise you about barbara comstock:
8:29 am
8:30 am
overturned ahe state s announcer: that's right. comvoted topports taking awahoe 6 times, miting wom jennifer wexton: endors s by the washington phe'll protect a woman's right to choose. jennifer wton for congress. independence usa pac is responsi >>on >>
8:31 am
g. break. inlow it out . >> [laughter] >> no, no, no, no we want t keep those ratings. >> you don't know about this perkins shawn yancy gty hits. >> oh, yes. >> duringia commerc breaks when was great. >> we would do duets. >> i miss those days. >> shawn is something special. she's really -- shawn yancy ised ibly talented singer. >> she's a star. >> she is, too. >> 8:30 is yimre. geive aoougd..t weather.>> >> we just had a fun. i love it. so muc b talented. >> she is >>y reezlchil watching wink, wink, 20 bucks. i'llet i g mn it
8:32 am
leonardtown is 48. cross over to the eastern shore stevensville is 52. rain is moving on so we're getting a lot better. what rain did we have yesterday, some places got a half an inch, other places approachin 2-inc of rain and those heavy downpours with thunderstorms moving through, very, very gusty, too, a lot of wd reports, 43 miles per hour wind reported at the us capitol. a tf damage so i wouldnorth of lysu aspe brethect t upo 5inys v inggorgeous fallor 60 degrees. and we getck the clocks baonight which means moreth ones today a great ys. >> and about that damage overnight we've been talking about, that severe weather
8:33 am
turnngge're now finding out two people haveer died, damd after those heavyrm rains. >> there were reports of a possible tornado in carroll county and some typ of collapse at a axj. mxal parti bg collapse at an amazon b warehouse inaltimore killed two people. fox5's tisha lewis is live ein baltimore city wit very latest. tisha. >> reporter: and that new ition wemanforning fro the baltimor fire this amazon distro annt fulfi center. the building isxposed. there are wires. the structure is damaged.his h d iss ute.aiagn, oou ago.f
8:34 am
to speak with the firehi tef mhis had to say., >> wel last night when we were here on the sceneeev actually retri aan spalit into thetl gemho his injuries and is reports that there was another person missing, so roughout the night, ours meon the scene were basicallyng forrc s that person. roughly about an hour ago, we found th individual buried under a lot of rubble that you >> reporter: and back out here live, the search inntues. ausrc in case alongcere w ohutite. h tornado struck this area, but it sure looks like this is
8:35 am
much more than rainightning southeast baltimore. back to you. le>>samag away in baltimore unty. ro people displaced after the apartment buildings in dualk. in carroll county firefighters responding t a t.j. maxx in the 1000n ch roadlo in mount airy. some type of collapse in t store hpehane just after 8:00 last a tornado that passed through the area, again unconfirmed until authorities can get out there and get into the daylight hours just kind ofas hree mobe caeveral s thunderstorms buildings and apartment complexes along wit dned eejuspe wer shooting at a yoga
8:36 am
tallahassee florida. police say theun gman scott paue shot sixplr the sdioeorday. the two people killed have been identified 61-year-old dr. nancy van vessem and 21-year-old maura binkley. pect and ther four victi are critical condition >> ♪ >> the man charged with killing 11 people in the ghpittsburynagogue shooting has pleaded not guilty. 46-year-old robertowers faces 44 counts of federal hate crimes, murder, obstructing t ofsix others iludr
8:37 am
ele build on the extraordinary prosperityt we've unleashed. >> this tuesday might be the most important election of o hepo[c serans d that but this te it's actually true. >> whether we let the radical democrats take control of congress and take a giant wralkingl to our economy finish as republican and democratic candidates get a final pushormer president back rallies in y states yesterday. mrobama was
8:38 am
sights to indiana and west virginia. president trump has been very confident throughout the campaign. it sounds like the potential for democrats to take control of the house has crossed hiseedt o gain 23 seats to win aority. and president trump speculated about t whathat could look like. >> ile ey'rggo bineo fighting, , e w ridiculous, frankly. it will be bad for our country. thmocrats and it could happen, coapdpen. we're doing very well. and we'reoing really well in the senate. t could happen. and, you know what you do, my whe life, you know what i say, don't worry about it. i'll just figure it out. does that make sense? i'll out.figure it while republicans haveideen focusing theterm messaging on immigration the economy and jobs, former aesprreen trying to emphasize their record on healthcare.n >> whewas president
8:39 am
republicans voted more than a dozen times to get rid of protections for people with preexisting conditions. last year they fell one vote short, one vote. wif they this tuesday they'llinally succeed. if they o keep control congress, u better bievealthcar. >>t tenhatwa tsesteherday in florida. he followed that up with a campaign stop in georgia. the democraticominee for governor stacy abrams. he was campaigning for her. abrams is in a close race with brian kemp. president trump will campaign for kemletomorrow. >> ceities are joining the campaign trail as well. here at hom comedian dave chappelle and actress rosario ewsontexpec jealous. the trio will headline a get out the vote rally in montgomery county today. that rally kicks off in wheaton, maryland. >> football scandal fallout.
8:40 am
university of maryland's accreditation now under revi u. coming the impact it could have going forward. >> and the marylandna natio guard is a force to be wrec to e why their leadership team is making history. >> ♪ >> ♪ the fact is, there over ninety-six
8:41 am
hundred roads named "park" in the u.s it's america's most polarree . if you're on park street in reno, nevada, the high winds of the washoe zephyr could damage your siding. wisconsin, where ice dams could cause water damage. but no matter what park you live of 10,000 localstate agents knows yours. now that you know thtruth, are you in good hands?
8:42 am
enno b6.ense. know thtruth, jennifer wexton fought the tolls on 66. and at is d enol there's also healthcare robbery. rbe barbara cotock voted to sabot hiagkieng pr. barbara trumpstock -- everything that's wrong in washington. >> w accreditation is
8:43 am
now under review. th prompted the ddle stesommiion everything.his>> e reayll hardest to get the academics right and everything aren' and the fact ts ,o if foofftsirhe t to the studp
8:44 am
deamnson in prince ge'rgseo county. >> theheatnarel guadyl minang hm n female. there are00embe 20 percent of tn in exciting perspectives
8:45 am
than our malert counterpa we're all mothers ight aon bds conats to all them. >> the yot or aut eey one choice may cd? youe unshe st n, iitteh u eeke it a lks lweike i it'oeoi gt i t
8:46 am
e modoouee n ind yre r stwiless maybe not. maybu yocan trust that during your fantasy draft, or... you could just trust duracell.
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or... thdelicious.i-wheat. but it's more than that. 10 lays etof cr yourru daync ih, mountains,oa or wh- fire... ...we've got your breakfast right re. is your breakfast built for big days? yeany hidasas ld weekend. next storm systesmeg mondayo anr three days we'll fasically have a chaor rn. wateethks or t so. 40's and 50's thisor j mus.nit g little bit. off to the north and westre temperatures anhe t still a lf 30's up to the too o
8:49 am
north of us.p farthe intos it' 20's. coast by tuesdaygh.dato over tot tnd ot'fs what causes thetyt 1 o'clock. if y gou'r w go
8:50 am
ay eezy all d tgheret's gpehi seven-dasy forecasthe tre'sso evmeen.od.-datur
8:51 am
afr that we60 t off next looks y even cold. 'voue teachermo in e, nam. >> brian quinn. [cheers and applause] >> all right. a teachern montgomery county received a huge is brian quinn. he's from silver spring maryland. he i winner t os wafo aurrdth gh teacher at east silver spring it's exciting. you can't beat it. you're thinking this is the greatest b youome you're like why am i doing this thene iayxt'm d dirlnghe kids am aasm i mean theyri stive love
8:52 am
every one of them. it's amang. ocole.his one is so hot it hasls only. we'll tell you what's in it next. >> ♪ the washington post endorses jennifer wexton fongcongress... sayiarbara comstock's "promise has turned to dust."
8:53 am
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dave brat said he'd voci to reduce the defit. i'm abigail spanberger, and i approve this message. but instead, he voted to inease itil by $1.9 tron. why? brat went washington,igf, wall street banks, and other corporatspecial s and voting to give his big corporate donors big tax brks, and all we got was the bill.
8:55 am
>> ♪ e gthexome b antioxidants which is a larevger etrtion of the coffee's healthbm hing hot roadside grillrlin aongt ch lediaspecin theson is something geral manager and heavenly. warm bubbly hot chocolate the season is that nice cinnamon. we're presenting decadent trle x hot chocote. >> there's two -- 3x's in x.
8:56 am
the aged branrstcofi x the spiy >>i thght rg going to say a double shond >> a then the third x is going to come from c thenac infused house marshmallows that we make. >> oh, wow. >> okay. >> adult mushrooms -- marshmallows. [laughter] ou ie cas y >> it's notuadruple x, it's [laughter] >> so how do you make this? we got theub chocolate bbling up. >> so,he easiest way to make it is to simmer your milk with cinnamon, vanilla beaoney sugar. hnsand i gave you guys some yostructionskau f >> so you simmer that. at the same time you're going elt down your baker's chocolate. >> okay. >> and then basically you're combining the ingredients. >> is there a trick -- i am a -- i'm big on cookingan chocolate in way i can and i alwaysave trouble with it kind ofeld, right, it'sticky. is there a trick to keeping it s
8:57 am
>> yit is. best chocolate is to use a double boiler method. use a round pot boil water underneath it. melt down and you want to get it totally melted before yot to your simmering idu milk. >> are thesdeee guyeadys s rom samples ov hererdyot s >> on top. >> griyaus.tenkr] t aiarnghilis toisn. gre h'causy >> yeah. >> and you'reat a n. good. >> my god -- >> so combing the parking lot and lsu wng doi a huge shrimp boil today. the game t dangerously strong. h >>s yeah, it's pretty strong. >> thanks for joining us. we appreciate i
8:58 am
>> go for it. >> have a great morning,ev erybody. >> bye. >>reat saturday. >> thaet' hsot h >> ♪ give joy, get joy... at kohl's! with an extra 20% off! give jammies give fnnel for the family... and soft, cozy throws - just $23.99!at plus - only ohl's - you get kohl's cash to spend later!... e the more you give, theu get! give joy, get joy -
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