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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  August 17, 2019 6:00pm-6:58pm EDT

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>> [silence]. >> thas .it >>ounded a little clanky. t make it? >> right off the club. didn't lose his turn, curtis. >> he hasn't played his best either. pabright future.ight ar a great attitude. if heout. which't losn dok likely now, 's had a great week. >> quite oka oy paldr. have beat both otherli semi finats. it's tough out here at pinehu every part of. second shots when you miss them. great chip
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that was a surprise right there. >> it's a hard golf course with the speed of the greens and the ln'ar as these, wopet as crockett, texas. all week spades long.the fans the round o64, he was 4own after 10 hes to th forrester and clawed his way back winning 11, 12, 13, 14, .nd 18 al64.
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of the u.s. miateur. rno so, it's been aoy for us up inca the bst booth to watch and listen to his attitude all weeklong around the golf course. >> this is wherete paynewart made a 30 footer to hang in >> boy, oh boy. >> [applauding].
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st and a conceded biie. augenstein's fir of the semi finals after 15 straight pars. vanderbilt into the chpiamonipsh2. stdy play. >>rschee a and >>ogletree, augenstein. two amerians into this championship match.en and augein was impressive. william holcomb was enjoyable to wah all week long. a great championship. he is w downth michael. >> thanks. i am with will. what a week.
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you have shown what you embody about this game is fun. we all fell in love wi you. it was just great entertainment. talk to us about it. >> i don't remember. i am just blessed. blessed to play the game. >> [voice breaking].re blessed . at did you learn abo yourself this week? >> i don't kn. [voice breaking]. i just learned that i can play at the highest level, i guess. fortunate to live in arica and play golf and have family and friends and be on the llage. >> you look at this medal hanginground your neck in a lickle bit and home at sam houston state you can tell stories with friends about what this week has been like. what will that medal represent for you?
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>> hmmm, just enjoying the game. having fun. i had a great time. i had fun up until the end. my caddy ge me a bad read. going left.t i don't know he was thinking. [laughing]. i will just tell them can do it. players that are not ranked the highest in the world. that work hard and that's of a ride.nt's just been a hell it's fun ai am so blessed. > we have beenblessed to watch you compete. you came up against a tough competitor in john augustein. he is with curtis strange. >> he play a wonderful match. he was flawless. that putt i missed on 14 was just that was the turning point. needed to make something happen. the best short game besides --
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mi just kidding. i was was by.tter toda all of the best to him. hope hewins. >> thank you very much. over to curtis with john. >> thanks, michael. i am here with john. congratulations. you didn't have your best stuff tee to green today but your short game was really yterrifi? >>h. i didn't think i drove it too bad. i hit someice tee shots. a coupleot so good ones, but that's golf out it's tough to hit a lot of fairways. my iron play was not as gooda it has been the last few days and my wedge play. we had a few bad numbers right between and tried to hit the harder one it and it floated in the wind . >> is that pinehurst and the difficult of the greens that makes the in betwee shots tough? >> absolutely. when you want to hitt shot of. you are taking the spin off of it. with the greens being so firm
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where the flag are cut, you need all of the spin you can get. a lot of the time we were trying to hit the hardest shot andpe holly it lands where we want it to and keeps thepin to up there. >> what was s your goalrting thas week? >> tke the walker cup team and win the u.s. amateur. >> there you go.a you will h chance to do that. e more match. joyed watching youplay. >> thanks, curtis. >> oh!tein was solid today. >> the u.s. amateur introduces us to plaers and faces we might not otherwise know. and william holcomb is someone we will remember from pinehurst number 2. gets a hug from his wife gracie. married august fifth, 5 in 2017. he said when he feelsressure on the golf course he thinks about h walking down the aisle
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we will remember the lines he gave us all week including tose last with michael. it was great stuff. that our championship match. augenstein the polished senior at vanderbilt gets andy ogletree in his 4th u.s. amateur. fox sports coverage of the u.s. amateur championship is presented by rolex. and is sponsored b american press. by lexus and by titleist the number 1 ball in golf. we thank you for watching coverage of the usga championships on fox presented by rolex. you can join us tomorrowor the championship match of the 119h a
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resort country club. fox 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. on pinehurst number 2. coming up next, o fox, your local listings as we say good-byeo two names. a teenager who never trailed until today and a youngan from a small town in texas. ois was a lot fun to watch. two left att. pineh the championship tomorrow morning.
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plus. it started with emergency officials responding to a brush fire in maryland and then became an investigation after police found charred human remains at the scene. we have the details. and a warning tonight. if you have smart devices in your home, how expts say it cou scammers. your news starts right now. we begin tonight with that weather alert. someso i up across the region bringing a amreat ofinds haagil d. >> and we're not only dealing with storm with thi extreme heat and humidity, the distrt has activated its heat emergency plan. for residen seeking relief.le dc rec summers, public libraries and senior wellness centers all open to the public. >> gwen tolbart in the weather center right now and gn this heat just getted started at this point. >> you'r absolutely right. we're in for heat wave number --
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we're talking about it b wille the seventh time we've hadav heate for this season for dc so it will be hot stickyhu and mid especially as we get into the we. radar composite, things have calmed down since earlier today but still a few storms have popped up, several severe thunderstorm warengs throughout th earlier part of this evening, fos, and right now most of the action t well to south, as you can see to thehe ast of the i95 corridor, one little storm there near colonial bchnd a of me int to ta bit. a fair amount of lightning associedhe t bhat a is starting to move its way out all dyingme wn heating that's at least a good thing for us, 88 degrees right now in the nation's capitol, mainly cloudy skies b at the heat indices feels like it's 93ta a loodekee at temperatures elsewhere, w 85e'r annapolis, 8altimore, 91 at frederick and 90 at hagerstown, 77 ad fredburg, but here's what it feels like.
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it feels like a hot 96 at manassas, 103 at91 westminster, at martinsburg and 92 at hagerstown. so 76 degrees forer your night dying offut the heat is going ly nowhere. more detai little later. lauren. montgomery county police still looking for information about a newborn babyouirl f in a wooded area of silver spring. this happened last night around 5:00 p.m. in the0,000 block o 10 bfrook drive. she was found aft a man going for a walk hrd her crying. medical personnel says the baby was born a few hours before sheo was und. she was taken to the hospital.e is in stable condition. >> meanwhile laurel police say two of their officers helped deliver a i babyide of a car ay night.he officer san willis was on trol when a driver flagged him down before 8:00 o'clock on he told willis his life was inb r and asked for a sirened
6:15 pm
escort to the hospital but another officer said there wasn't time and they delivered the baby right then and th me. bothher and child are doing well. >>o a chance t make your gameow shreams come true. the producers ad family are here in town withiouditdcns hundreds to the marriott marquis. and we have the inside scoop.ll producering us they're looking fo personality. fox5's tisha lewis reports. >> reporter: s lurday morning thine was already around the corner inside the marriott marquis for families dreing about family feud fame. >> i just want a chance to be with my family and do what we do ontv. >> we do watch family feu we just love to have fun and we're going to wi well, we've got to audition first, butokay. >> reporter: at least four family mbers were needed to audition, six i even better. many came color coordinated and ready to wowproducers. this is the show's first time hosting auditions in the nation's capitol and as you can
6:16 pm
see the response was overwhelming. in fa mark, where you from. >> hagerstown marylandd. >> why are you here >> my wife, she likes family tefeud and shed to come outiv and git a shot. >> we got00 e-mails for this cann, we families which is unfortunate so we have too pickwe go through and based on what they send us, sometimes they send us pictures and videos, sometimes a compelling story. >> reporter: long time famil feud co-executive producer says aside from tv stardom she says most look forward to meeting comedic host steve. harvey >> we're looking for people whou have n, steve can have fun with anybody,o eight t he's having a good time you know w i mean. we're sure she'llin f it right here. some of t other stories we're following. prince george's county police investing a suspicious death ins bo
6:17 pm
responded to a brush fire along mill branch road when they put out e flames, they found burnt human remains. unclear how long the remains were there.op an aut will be conducted to >>termine how th person died. e are investing the murder of a young man inse of a row house re oneningle ton terracee rerted h gunshots there. when the officeners wt nd they 18 year old damion callery deain stigators say it appeared callery confronted a gunman in his backyard who then shot him. dc police say they helped the fbi arrest another sexg traf suspect in the nationwide operation independence day sting. on iday, 20 year old sadie bacaas charged with sex trafficking and obstruction of justice. police say baca worked with others to recruit and transport adults for commercial sex. prince george's county officialsay they found a body this morning outside of the wal-mart on branch avenue in clinton maryland. that discovery arod 9:00 a.m. in the store's parkinglot.
6:18 pm
authorities say they don't suspect foul play. ocean city police say five peop are injured after a roller coaster accident at the jolly roger amusement park. it happened friday night aroundm 8:20. police say one of the roller coaster cars failed to stop as heit was pulling into loading area, struck theer rear of anoth car that was loaded with rs passenge no word on which roller coaster it was, buveryone is expected to b okay. maryland's gover will not support an increase in taxes to pay for a bigca etion spending plan. larryai hogan sd the plan would mean billions in tax hikes for citizens, includg percent increase in property taxes. he said he planned to propose $2 billion in new spending for construction instead. the mass shootings in el paso and dayton this month have brought renewed attention to gun ntrol and mentalhealth. over the past few months, arlington county has been working on a plan to create a speclized court program to address people with mentales
6:19 pm
illnbut advocates mentally ill says the county does not consult with them alnd arlington's plan is moving too fast and wouldn't help enough people. meanwhile dayton's mayor has been assigned 24 hour security after publicly fightingt ith prestrump earlier this month. the dayton daily news isin reg that it reviewed dozens of hateful and abusive messages directe at mayor nan whaley.ed nine people kill 27 injured after a gun manpened fire in a popular nighttime area in daytonthe president called a ne conferench she called a uc prodt. she responded by calling trump a bully and coward. >> forhose who have smart devices at home. you should never ask them to p look up ane annual or call a business. >> then from your coffee to body aze gone too far? we are picec almostim at that te and we have
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♪ again fanning out across hong kong as pro democracyprotesters again take to the streets. thee protests began last june
6:23 pm
government withdraw al that e would allowus spected criminals to be dorted to china for proper hcooks. the billas been shelved but protesters still want the issue to be resolved. >> we still want to use our method, which is peaceful, to tell the govnment that we want them to withdraw the bill, extradition bill. >> thousands of teachers joined today's protest.they're urging boycott the startf class next month. meantime china's threatening to crack down on the protests. moving closer to the br and are practicing crowd control exercises. >> a floridaan is facing charges after an argument with his girlfriend got pretty messy, deputies says he asked his girlfriend to talk to him at an ting sight. when she showed up and refused to answer a question, he allegedly usent a fro loader to dump dirt all over her car. now to make matters a worse, you can see here, the windows
6:24 pm
were down. so it i gotide. thankfully no one was hurt, 20 year old hunter mills was arrested and charged with felony criminal mischief. >>aty perry under fire after a second person accuses her of alleged sexual misconduct. a russian tver pre saying he approached her while intoxicated saying perry attpted to kiss her without consent. the accuser fought prompting perry to stop. this comes after the ta entertainer's cor in her ee accused her of exposing his privates at a part >> kevin hart is forbesighest pastandup comedian kicking jerry seinfeld of that top spot. st year hart earned $59 million fm a said yum tore a net flick special a sponsor ships. this is not the first time hed topp the list. he was also ranked the highest paid back in16 20 >> they seem pretty smart. devices like alexa and google home often answer questions for
6:25 pm
us. but a new report say those voice assisted devices have some the betteriness bureau say people should not ask them to look up a pho number orall a business for you because you can getscammed. theur bu says the digital assistce may dial numbers that have been created by scammers,y and the often have trouble distinguishing phoney numbers from real ones. >> good to know. big news here folks, pumpkin spice season, it's upon us. but has pumpkin spice gone too bumbling will be availle a week earlier this year starting august 27th. kind of like schoolike they keep pushing it up. >> i can't believe i'm weighing in but no. >> i know. i'm going to get to this take a look at your screen other retailers als looking to piggyback on the tre. who are medical did an april fool's day promo with pumpkin spice spam this week it was announced the joke isn the consumer, the pumpkin spice sm
6:26 pm
walt mart starting in ely and at september. >> all right. i can't say forure whether it's going to sell in biger numbs or whether it's just a story that gets them mentioned, gets them shared on social media, but it's the state of marketing today. >> when spa a is flavored pumpkin spice, t it's goneoo far. >> all right. fox5 looked into otherin p spice products that you can get your hands on, and everything from er into nuts, kit cats, petshampoo, even body lotion. >> we looked io that was a big investigation.el i'll t you what the other day i took a sip of my husband's beer and i'm like what is that? he got pumpkin spiced bee already. >> in august? it's too hot for that. i initily tho the pumpkin spice fab was like the thing
6:27 pm
ever, and spam, which it's related to you can put spices on ham and that's not weird. >> thame doesn't bother hat nto spam. hat i'm >> fox5 will investigate. >> t dc region already has rental cars, rental bikes, rental scooters, now the first ever fleet of rentable mopeds streets. avigate busy >> and you got one. >> that's right. >> a moving tribute to american's veterans, details on the first ever underwater memorial.y pretty cool. hegwen. >> hi there. the heat is on and the oy thing you're going to want u spicedp with your pumpkin is going to bece and plenty of we have a he wave as that warm dir moves towards ourrection, i'll have the details on when afr the break. stay with us. alright, so this is how it's gonnag o down.
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adminors in anne arundel county andansidpoenlitst a plan that would help curb the aused byf pollution boating in maryland waters. the plans asks the state of maryland to designate 13 creeks ldves and rivers across theit cu require that boaters in these zones discharge waste water only at private or public pumpout facilities. >> off the coast of clearwater, florida divers can visit the first underwater war memoal. the circle of heroes memorial
6:31 pm
containse 12 life-siz status representing men and women from all branches of the aed forces. an oceanography professor came up with the idea to honor mbers and provide a iverapeutic de for disabled vets. 12 more status wil be >> that is interesting. >> really neat. wow. very coolidea. >> well, it is hot. >> we canye all agree on that. f >> water to k cool off in a or something. oo i sndr hot. >> yeah, really even want totn' d go outside to swim. >> there's some nice water there by the capitol wheel ladies and i'm sure it's really pretty comforting down there if you're down by theec water bause it has been a hot, sticky and humid weekend. get what notoing anywhere eyes to the skies on a few storms. this kind of ptern ilated pop-up storms happening all weei is to continue into next week as well.os so almt every single day we're nce.g to have a chame days t
6:32 pm
higher others. todayha wne had garden variety pop-up storme her a few a thunderstorm warnings earlier. right now not loietenha opputg down to the south and as well up to the north. so that's a least a good thing. highs today, look at these above the seasonal average.ea 92 agan national, and at bwi thurgood marshal, 93 degrees at dulles for a high. and right now it's hot out in dc and at dulles. the same atst wier, 87 at baltimore, 91 at frederick and 93 at westmin er thishour, 90 degrees atwn hagers, 89 at cumberland, and 9 at culpeper. sopo those dewints, they're up there.e they'rnging in the 60s and 70the s. and so it feels like,k loo at this. the feel-like, 88 at quantic a81 manassas, 94 degrees at annapolis. look, 103 in westminsr. this is just the beginning of some really, really hot, sticky
6:33 pm
days we're toing to have deal with. if you're getti your saturda night on on the town tonight, it ttwill be pre pleasant out there. s'll look at the s finally dying down, they'll be out ofth picture and temperatures t it will be hot, sticky and ug. humid. stay hydrated, i'll have the fllorecast a little later. along with end bikes a scooters, represental mopeds are now available on dc streets, the city has launched pilot program and a company called revel rolled their vehicles out yesterday. i tested one o t earlierhis ngo lie, i was a maybe petrified at etlfirst, bu this is actually a lot of fun.ns within 48 they are going live on friday. this is the co-founder, paul, and h has been showing me what they'rall about. >> if you look at anyajor city in the us right now,gestion and traffic is such a major problem and we really wanted to prove a solution that can come to a city without subsidies,
6:34 pm
without infrastructure and provide a fleet taking car trips off th road. >> i'm sitking atle scared right now. >> i oaced for the b seat because've never driven a moped before and it's daunting. therere instructions but they offer a free training class. >> we teach you how to ride, teach you about the app, give you general safety tips. >> this isn't scary, i like it. >> it' relaxing. >> reporter: these are coidered motor vehicles, they have license plates and are insured. some have raised safet conscious. john with triple-a mid atlantic would prefer usersd be req to go through regulated training. >> you're more likely to be killed riding a moped or motorcle than riding in the car. sometimes as many t as 16o 23 percent more. >> we take safety and responsibility that comes wich putting vehs on the road so whent comes to screening heuslmets, p providing free lessons, i mean, 999 percent ourid res without
6:35 pm
incident. >> users must be or older, revel requires riding andg parkinn the street only, no sidewalks, and helmets are a must. >>hat if i'm grimed out to use a helmet somebody else uses. of our full-time operation staff cleans them every two or three days, ande provide hair nets, so if you're uncomfortab you can use a hair net as well. such a fun way to get around, connects you toor your nehoods and communities like no other way of transit really can. >> okay, youk s fhndicnd cute o >> fun and interesting in a but i thoughts was important iess. to show c if you want toommute and you want to wear a dress you can do , jusuc tk worked. maybe not a pencil skirt. it cost $19 to install the app that you use to use the mow pets. >> 19 just to install it? >> jt to get at this time one time, and then ery time youo to ride, it's $ to unlock the
6:36 pm
mopeand $0.25 a minute. so it can add up i sure. >> it could but if i just a ten minute little -- >> i have to tell fuu,yon. i would be completely scared to drive that thing. i would take the class that they offer and even then i don't know if i would feel comfortable. i mean i feel like you have to have driidn one before ore a motorcycle or something, because it is he a big thing. you know. >> all right. >> i'm going to have to try it myself. ge m g how often do youching change yo underwear? what a new study reveals. >> sounds like a veryqu persona tion for the newscast. >> i but e's a new study out revealing a lot about american's hygiene habits, plus the shocking confession one ofwn ou very co-workers made on air. >> i'm not sure i want to seeth at. plus weight watchers app for kids >> whoa. >> a company calls it a nutrition plan to develop ti healthy ng habits but you can imagine not everybo grease. >> not so sure about that one. also, have you ever cried at
6:37 pm
work >> no. >> if the answer is yes. >> a newdy says you're notom alone. e on. >> makes me sad. those details straight ahead. don't go anywhere. ♪
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wi t rising stress inhe modern world, a good night's sleep is nearly extinct. however, there's hope on the horizon. every day, ikea is designing sleep sanctuaries to save our sleep.
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♪ ngetti a healthy eating or setting kids up for eating disorders? reviews are mixed about whether weight watchers n app for children and teens will do me r. fox's linda schdt has the story. >> i think it's very have those type ofhings especiall now with obesityer at a vy high rate. >> i think it's goodecause they're more aware. >> i think it's aid good ea. i just don't think that kids should be too concerned withng counti the actual calories as pposedee to sg what it's they're eating. >> reporter: not everyone is oni both weight watcher's ne app called kurbo for kids and
6:40 pm
teens, a nutrition plan to delve >> we can call anything a healtn . >> reporter: heather believes f these types o apps and programs can actually create eating disord ts. >> guilt and shame that comes along with potentially overeating or even restricting those foods and then overeatinge them, psychological aspects can really set somebody up for having disorder relationship with food and their body f a long time to come. >> reporter: so the app color cos the food for the kids. you have green wch stands for fruits and vegetables whi should be eating.s yellow, stand for foods they should limit likepa sta. and then you have the red coding, which stands for sugary drinks and ndy. child psychologist is concerned children will obsess over the foods they eat. i>> i thinkt could have a ychological impact. denotes bad to people, stop, in
6:41 pm
bad, anyg ty, has a negative connotation to it and i think that's a real problem when it comes to kids. >> reporter: weight watchers issued a statement saying kurbo focusesn behavior change for healthy eing and activity, notle dieting or cal counting. studies shows that behavior based weight management programs do not cause eating disorders. linda schmidt, fox5 news. this is a sad one. a new study finds eight out of ten people admit to crying at work. company monster polle 3,000 people. it found 45 percent of respondents said they have cried at work because ofse their or co-workers. 19 percent said they've criedl for perso issues. experts say crying at work is a sign of a toxic environment. >> if you are worried about having bad body odor there's maybe a new option for you. a c clothingpany developed a body suit cled s two. the fabric contains healthy
6:42 pm
bacteria that reduces body odor. sweat ds not cause bad body odor, bacteria does and the company says the good bacteria will fight the bad. the bacteria is strategically placed -- this sods so gross. strategically placed in the suits where you areel most lik to sweat. >> people are becoming more aware of sustainability and the environment. they're concerned about the foo they'r eating and the cosmetics they'rn putting o their skin but less iswn about the toxic chemicalslon our cing. so in time i think people will become more aware of wellness clothing. t >> developers sayhey hope to use the technology to design sports wear. >> all right. grab your bacteria suit. um new nrs suggest underwear on a daily bakis. speang of bacteria. underwear company tommy john surveyed 1,000eople and found 45 percent wear the same uppedies two days or longer, 13
6:43 pm
percent say they wear the same pair for a we can or more. the survey also found men were two and a half times more likely to wear trwir unr for more than a day. this l wikasit or not and one of the hosts a made rather shocking confession. >> the underwear i have on right now i've had maybe two or three days actually. >> oh, myosh. dominique, we need you. >> we nee to talk dominique. it's fine. >> dominique, we need jesust now. >> you need another dip in the holy water. >> this is why i breathe through my mouth when i'm on the set with tim. >> well, the alcohol smell again. but if iha don't sweatt much, it doesn't bother me. >> d i you taket off. >> i take them off. m>> and then put t back on. >> i don't wearthny ain wg nsle> t' t ghaoing toju look at him the same again.y. i'm sorr uh-uh.h. >> does he shower between these -- that's what i don't >> i don't know. why? do you not have enough underwtr? it doesn't cost tha much money. we're going to suy himome.
6:44 pm
i'm going to give him a bag of underwear next time he comes. add a few more to the wardrobe, you don't need to worry about it. >> just for youtim. >> if you live in maryland,e e of the 8,000 people who need real drivers license. they're being recalled what you need to know coming up next. >> plus some real life police drama for a popular fortnite are becomingargets of gamers swatting. details stight ahead. ♪ tails straight ahead. ♪ [music playing] (vo) this is matt and rachel. and this is the few minutes they have until naptime is over. this is rachel depositing a check thout leaving the house. (rachel) [whispers] have you seen my debit card? (matt) [whispers] no. (vo) this is rachel turni her debit card. (matngffrst) [whispe babe. (vo) and back on again. this is your right here, right now bank. this is wells fargo.
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y3g2yy y1jny ♪ time is up for thousands of ryland drivers who need new real id licenses. the stateas recalled 8,000 driv't's licenses that comply with the new federal law. affected drivers need to bringa security cards and other paperwork to the mva to get a proper those dri who get pulled over and don't have one will lose their license. just two weeksago, kyle giersdorf $13 million in the fortnite championship. last weekend he was home live streaming hisam fortnite when armed police officers showed up to his house. turns out he was the victi of swatting where police are cled out for a phoney crime. it's already happened to several other top game sometimes randomly, sometimes b a rival player looking for threvenge. kfully one of the officers
6:48 pm
ved in theeighborhood and recognized kyle so the situation was quickly deafused and no one was hurt in th kincidents. >> wew he been going up but with the recent decli in people going to disney world parks, the company's coming out with new discounted tickets. they're called m etsid m forday up after 12:00 p.m. the p new tickerisre the starare deal magic ticts will be available for yu through december 15th. past.acations could soon be a i more than 40 percent of americans say they can't afford ayto get aw that's according to a new from bank rate. people say t possibility of affording a vacation today is researchers found debt was the biggest reason forut this, it's not just the cost of travelling that's hurtings, wa it's also leisure activities including concerts, going to the movies and eating> my dad has a vacation home that he rents out and he just told me last night thathahe
6:49 pm
company t rents it for him said that he'sctually going to do really well tars ye people have been trying tooc stayal because people aren't traveling. >> because n they're going aste resting. have you heard of instagram flipping? t' apparently is a new way to make money and get more followers. we have the details coming up. plus a new spin on an school tradition, how a father got to grill his daughter's date withouhaving to o the door. we'll have details straight ahead. what's worse, sleeping i a hot rental or not being able to post any of your fabulous pictures. coming up e results of of a study tha show whether people would rather go without air conditioning or without wifi while on vacatio gwen >> you're going to need air condit mning this week lete tell you because the heat is on. across our temperatures on the rise and it's goingo be aarm and humid night. i've got that forecast comin up outer the break so make sure y stay with us.♪
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wifi or air conditioning? which would you rather do without on a summe vacation? most people would rather go without ac. get out of town. researchers found three in four gople said havin internet while on their trip is crucial. the study says it takes the average american less thano 30 behindask for wifi when they arrive at their vacation destination. they found the only thing worse than not havinginternet access is lost luggage. >> that is bad. although i didn't have air conditioning once on a beach vacation and it was horrible. never again. >> you've got to do away with the wifi, enjoy the vacation, don't touch your phone. >> post your pictures when you get back from the trip. >> yeah. right? >> easier said thanso done for people. >> what can i say? >> gwen, it is certainly notor time f no ac out there in t dc region. >> absolute we're headelyd for a heat wave ladies, i'm telling you. the challenge is going to be to stay cool as we move into the around heres
6:53 pm
because the heat is on for sure. the overnighthours, and sunday is going to be a little bit more sunshine filled than todaysowas if that's what you're looking w forward to thahat you'll get. humidity is sticking around, not unwanted house guest going anywhere and into next we weppreressiv ae heat. so g ready for that also. as far as satellite radar is concerned, very, very much improved from earlier. we had some storms that kicked up, actuall in hartford county they hadrees that came down and anne arundel reported one-inch hailormsm fro several severe thunderstorm warnings over many parts of our area, these are moving to the southeast but now you cangs see theally quite improved and i don't ancipate much more happening as we get into tonight all once we start to lose thel likewest o the i-270. ghs today into the low 90s at all threeteeratures, some five degrees above the seaso l averagright now 88 in the city,
6:54 pm
same at dulles, a hot 90 at rshahis we've go3 9 westminster, 90 edat erick, annapolis at 85 while baltimore's at 87, and 84 deat quantico, manassas at 89 degrees. dew points? they're you will there. look at this0snto the low and the 60s. this is what we don't want to see but this is going to get worse once we get into the next few days orso. like if you're stepping outside, feels like 9 at dulles, 96 at manassas, 94 in the city andoo annapolik at westminsr, 103 degrees and 95 aedt erick. hot, sticky and humid. we're dealing with a pretty strong ridge of high pressure. this isn't going to start to break down until we get into maybe about tueay or so, and bit of a break.ll start to see a so hot, sticky andhahumid, ce of an isolated storm wore popping up each and every day tpretty much for the mosart except monday on myeven-day forecast tomorrow, same story. although theikelihood tomorrow is a little less so we're going
6:55 pm
to keep our fingers crossed we don'ap see too muchpening like we had today.wi futurecast sho a few showers a few more by the time we get to four. oh:. here but then it's out of the picture by the time we get to 00 7:00 o'clock in the evening. so humidity --his heat is just too dangerous. heading to the beach, 85 degrees, will be nice at ocean city with the ocean tempera about 70 degrees. the heat is on by monday, 97
6:56 pm
degrs, a 96 by tunday. the forecast, tuesday, wednesday, thursday tomorrow's going to be a day we start, the heat wave the seventh of the seon. you can track all this on the fox5 weather app, download it. it'sy absolutel free with real time radar. anne. flipping houses a 23 year old is upping the anti by instagram accounts. users are buying instagram pages, growing the following then reselling the pages at a higher price for profit. he made it a full-time gig raki. but we should note buyingnd selling accounts actuallol ates instagram's terms of use. >> breaking the rules. >> uh-huh. a man in massachusetts could not be home to send his daughter grace off on her first date s he had to get creative. interrogate his daughter's date
6:57 pm
and he caught the young man off-guard. >> hello? >> hi how yo >> i'm good who's this? i'm jared. >> hello jared, this is pedro, >> oh.s goodo talk toyou. >> just make sure you treat her correctly because that's mty daughter. >> you don't have to worry, sir. >> all right. all right. i've got a good picture of you.l aughter]. >> geez. grace's date promised to have her home by 11:00. the dad said 10:30's fine. story.ent to see the movie toy they don't look that young. that dad is not messing ound. >> adorable. i>>f ll reay was toy story whent he asked film. >> oh. that's what they said. >> allght. think i buy that one. well, hot out there, yes. >> hot out there you might want to find yoursel a movie theater r conditioned and cool and youd can get a nice icy drink.
6:58 pm
you'll need it. the heat is on. >> jven usr on fox5 plus. the nhts continues there r now. honey, this gig-speed instrnet is ridiculousl. we are seriously keeping up with the joneses. keeping up with theord's. w keeping uph the garcia's. the romeros. patels.-w the wahh-th wolanske's. right. no one is going to have internet like this.
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[captioning made pble by warner bros. domestic television distribution] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accurarg. visit ncicap.o >> today on "tmz" -- harvey: ok, miley cyrus has confirmein song what we have e problem she had, she says, that led to her split with liam. ♪ don't want the whiskey and pills ♪ harvey: she felt he was drinking and taking pills and he says it's b.s. >> wasn't he doing that before he got married? >> you do pick habits when you're married. hackett? >> coping hackett. >> tailer swift had a party for her v.m.a. nominations. shead obviously h a tock tail or two. >>t's fun to see people whonk never get drunk. >> seeing a sober person in a group oridrunk fends is


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